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									               Foods to Increase Sperm Count - Which Food is Right for You

A man is labeled with low sperm count when he has his sperms under 20 million a milliliter of
semen. The sperms are the ones that make a woman pregnant i.e. a man is fertile if he has more
than 20 mn sperm in one ml of semen. However, there are plenty of vices to avoid to keep
sperms healthy and within normal limits. The factors such as liquor and cigarettes may decrease
the sperms and hence to be avoided.

It might amaze people that there are many foods to increase sperm count. Simply put, sperm
count oftentimes can be boosted by eating particular foods. Such foods are likely to boost body's
production of testosterone and hence the semen.

There are a number of foods that may increase fertility in men who are trying to get a woman
pregnant. Each has particular nutrients known to help the body produce more sperm.
Popular examples include oysters, because their high level of zinc increases testosterone and
semen production; clams and liver, both of which contain good amounts of vitamin B-12; whole
grains, legumes and leafy green vegetables, known for their vitamin E content; and vitamin C-
rich foods such as oranges and limes.

Getting adequate nutrition not only ensures your body's health, it helps with its processes,
including sperm production. Between 20 million and 100 million sperm per milliliter of semen is
considered normal, with volumes below 20 million per milliliter believed to cause infertility
issues. Foods those are rich in nutrients such as vitamin B-12, ascorbic acid (vitamin C) and
vitamin E are the vitamins that the body requires to function expeditiously, leading to adequate
number of sperms in semen.

While making a modification in the regular diet and to include particular foods, men must also
restrict eating fatty foods, junk foods, canned/packed foods and foods with preservatives. Taking
multivitamin supplements might also work--vitamin B-12, vitamin C, Vitamin E and zinc, are
more essential. In any case, to increase sperm count, one must stop smoking and avoid alcohol in
any form. Regular exercises and avoiding heavy saunas and hot tubs that can increase the
testicles' temperature and reduce the sperm quality and quantity is better.

Foods to increase sperm count also include raw sunflower seeds and pumpkin seeds. Researchers
also favor that these foods have shown to boost male libido and also to enhance the male sex
hormones. It is advised that a man suffering from a low sperm count should consume 1/4th cup
of raw sunflower or pumpkin seeds on daily basis as food to increase sperm count naturally.Also,
eating a diet including the whole and unprocessed foods to increase sperm count is very
beneficial and hence advised by sexologists. The best foods to increase sperm count and also to
achieve the best health include whole grains, legumes, vegetables, fresh fruit juice, dry fruits,
nuts, and seeds.
According to Ayurveda, foods to increase sperm count include Shatavari, Indian gooseberry
(amalaki), onions, garlic, lady finger, bottle gourd, brinjal etc. They all possess properties to
increase the shukra dhatu (the semen) naturally.

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