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  … it’s about Time
                                                 DECEMBER 2011
                                                                                              Inside this Issue
                     A Season for giving…Thanks                                          1.   Giving Thanks
                     This is the time of year when many of us look back on the past      2.   Providing Transportation
                     year and begin planning for the one ahead. During this time of      3.   Member Spotlight
                     reflection we often choose to recognize those people in our lives   4.   Sponsor Spotlight
                     who have made the journey so meaningful and rich.                   5.   November Statistics

                     I would like to take this opportunity to recognize those people
                     who serve on the Community Connections Advisory Group—many from the very beginning.

                               Caron Chance, Jimmie Oneal,
                          Larry Trotter, Nance Reed, Susan Payne
These Members have dedicated hours of their time and talents towards building Community Connections.
Without their insight, ideas, feedback, and enthusiasm, we would not have reached the level of success we have.

These are people who don’t care much for recognition, spotlights, or praise for their accomplishments. Yet each of
them serve our community in so many ways. They are business owners, service workers, organizers, coordinators,
and visionaries. They all believe we live in an amazing place and by working together we can create a community
where everyone is valued, needs are met, and gifts are shared.

It is an honor and a joy to be surrounded by those with such a positive vision for life. Special people who choose to
see the glass as ‘full to the brim’ and running over with possibilities. Please join me in letting each of them know
they are greatly appreciated for ‘connecting our community’!
The gift that keeps on giving… Please consider giving a ‘gift membership’ to someone you
would like to recognize this season. During the entire month of December, we will send personal-
ized gift cards to anyone you would like to purchase a $20.00 membership for. You may also donate
your personal time credits along with your gift membership. This is a great way to say ‘Thank You’
to a special someone who has touched your life this year.

Your gift membership will allow another person to experience the joy of being valued for their own
skills and knowledge and give them unlimited access to nearly 400 different services from other
members for an entire year! That’s something no other gift card can do.
                                                               CONSIDERING PROVIDING TRANSPORTATION?
                                        Last month we mailed out forms to everyone who listed ‘transportation’ as one
                                        of their services…many of you have already returned the form and submitted a
                                        copy of your Drivers License and Proof of Insurance—thank you! We now have
                                        several ‘approved drivers’ and hope to have several more as documents are
                                        Unfortunately, there are several myths and misunderstandings that make some
                                        people afraid to offer transportation to others for fear of being ‘liable’ in the
                                        case of an accident. In an effort to reduce some of those fears, we talked with
Member, Richard Stockton who is a local State Farm Insurance Agent to get answers to some of your questions.

We learned that the state of California requires ALL drivers to carry auto liability insurance. Liability insurance is
coverage for Bodily Injury and Property Damage to others. This means coverage could extend to care for your
passengers or someone else in the event you injure them while driving and you are the cause of the accident or injury!
There is no deductible with a liability claim. Liability insurance does not provide coverage for you or your family
members or for your auto. You need to purchase other optional auto insurance coverage’s to cover your auto.

Some people thought you had to have a special ‘waiver’ or some signed ‘release form’ before they could transport other
people in their car. This is not true… as long as you are volunteering to drive another person and are in no way making a
profit or transporting them for business purposes, they may be covered by your liability insurance—even if they don’t
carry insurance themselves. It is okay to accept donations for gas money—but not to ‘get paid’ for transporting.

One big caution—Insurance doesn’t cover everything and there are always policy limits. It is important to make sure that
you have a policy that provides adequate coverage for your situation. You should talk with your insurance agent to be
sure you have the right kind and the right amount of insurance. And remember, insurance companies and their policy
coverage’s are not the same. So it is difficult for us to give you specific policy information. We highly recommend that
you check with your insurance company to review your coverage prior to volunteering to be a driver.

There are a few other areas of responsibility you should take into consideration as well. Be sure your vehicle is in good
working order and has received proper maintenance before offering to transport anyone. You should have good tires
that are properly inflated, properly working seat belts for every passenger, and of course, obey all traffic laws. You
should also be sure your vehicle is clean and free of pet hair and other possible irritants (cigarette smoke) before
transporting passengers.

As with all Community Connections services, Members volunteer their time and they respond to requests when they are
available. We want both Members who are requesting transportation and those providing it as a service, to be
comfortable with the exchange. Please take time to talk to each other in advance and come to an agreement about gas
money and other concerns up front. Unfortunately, no one can guarantee everyone’s safety in all circumstances.
Conducting background checks, requiring copies of Driver’s Licenses and Proof of Insurance, and encouraging Members
to carry proper liability insurance and have good vehicle maintenance is a start.

So do not let the fear of an auto accident or other auto liability issues keep you from volunteering your time and your
auto to be a driver for someone else. The possibility of causing an auto accident and injuring someone else is why we are
all required to have auto liability insurance. The protection is there to help protect you and others.

                COMMUNITY CONNECTIONS                                            COMING SOON...We are in the process of
          ’s about Time                                           printing membership cards for all Members! Not
                                                                                 only will this be great as an ID card, but we hope
                    MEMBERSHIP CARD                                              someday soon it will reap valuable rewards in the
                   __________________                                            form of discounts and special promotions!
                                    Member Name
 ______________________                                        _______________   Please watch the Daily Announcements for more
 Community                                                     Member Since
            Plumas Rural Services                              ______________
 Serving People Strengthening Families, Building Communities   Card #
                              MEMBER SPOTLIGHT
                                 SANDRA LEE
                   I was born and raised in Quincy and now enjoy
                   reminiscing about those early years on Face-
                   book’s Quincy Peeps.

Where ever I’ve lived, Sacramento, Reno, Seattle, or Fallon, NV, I
always spent at least one week during the summer at Buck’s Lake to
smell the pines.

In the spring of 2006, something told me it was time to come “home”. The Sporting Inn B&B was
looking for a Manager and the door was opened for me to make the move. What a fun job that
was for five years meeting the guests and preparing them an old-fashioned country breakfast.

My hobby is buying and selling antiques and collectibles. Now I’m the owner of Village Antiques
on Lawrence Street where I’m able to spend my time doing what I like to do; buying, selling and
taking items in on consignment. Every day that I’m in the store is a fun day. I enjoy visiting with
the local customers and hearing the stories the tourists have to tell. Two associates bring their own
merchandise to the store and each work one day a week. For December, we are featuring unique,
affordable gifts and fresh evergreen arrangements. Our hours are 10 – 3 Tuesday through Sunday,
closed on Mondays.

Having worked as an Administrative Assistant for 30 years, I miss the opportunity to type reports,
create a data base for mass mailings, or prepare legal documents such as a Simple Will or Power of
Attorney, which are the skills I offer to Community Connections. Another service I can provide is
helping people sell items by listing them on eBay or Craig’s List, creating a flyer for local bulletin
boards or posting at Village Antiques, if it is an antique or collectible.

In my free time, you will find me on an adventure with friends to an historical site usually within
the Plumas National Forest. Locating a pioneer cemetery, scouting out the Beckwourth Trail
markers, exploring an old mine site, or hiking to an abandoned lookout at 7,200 feet are my
favorite destinations.

Serving as a Trustee for the Plumas County Museum and helping others through Community
Connections allows me to be involved in the community that means so much to me.

Favorite quotes:” So many dirt roads, so little time!” And to help me through these senior years by
myself, I often quote FDR who said, “The only thing I have to fear is fear itself.”

               You can never get a re-creation of community and heal our
                society without giving the citizens a sense of belonging.
                                     - Patch Adams
                                 SPONSOR SPOTLIGHT
                              “Those who can, do. Those who can do more, volunteer.”

                    There are more than 100 men and women members of the Plumas District
                   Hospital Volunteers who support the goal of raising funds for the benefit of
Plumas District Hospital and its patients—many of them are also Community Connections members.
Most live in the hospital district which extends from Sloat to Belden. They meet on the first
Thursday of each month from September to June for a luncheon. Founded in 1978, the Volunteers
have donated equipment to the hospital valued at more than $395,894.

One of the most successful fundraising efforts is the Bargain Boutique thrift shop which is located at
293 Lawrence Street in Quincy. It is open Monday through Friday from 11:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. and
on the second Saturday of each month. The store is staffed entirely by volunteers who work two-
hour shifts. All of the funds raised go to support the local hospital.

Of course, they always accept donations (which are tax deductible) and are constantly stocking new
donated merchandise. You can get an early bird look at some of the new items by visiting them on
Facebook and, on the last day of the month, almost everything in the store is on sale at 50% off to
make room for more goodies.

In addition to the thrift store, the Volunteers participate in a variety of other activities that support
the hospital and the community, including: an annual scholarship to a local student who is pursuing
a career in healthcare; the Lifeline medical alert service that provides subscribers with the security
of immediate response if they need help; and every February, they collect new donated teddy bears
to give to the hospital’s youngest patients.

Twice a year, Plumas District Hospital puts on a health fair. Volunteers staff the event and provide
cookies to patients. The Volunteers also participate in an annual Wellness fair and blood drive. All of
the Volunteers are trained by the PDH Human Resources Director to assist wherever needed.

There are a great variety of opportunities to support this vital volunteer group and to participate in
the support of our local hospital. Watch for service opportunities in the
Daily Announcements.
            COMMUNITY CONNECTIONS Sponsors
We are very thankful for the participation of our Sponsors. They each offer a variety of unique
opportunities to participate in community activities and events while receiving the support and
dedication from our Members.

We would like to welcome the California Highway Patrol and PAWS as new
program Sponsors this month and thank the Indian Valley Chamber of
Commerce and the PDH Volunteers Bargain Boutique for providing service

If you know someone who is providing volunteer services to one of our
program Sponsors, please encourage them to become a Member and begin
earning time credits!

To see a complete list of our 30 Sponsors and past Spotlights, please visit our website at

                        MEMBERS/SPONSORS BY COMMUNITY

    CHESTER/LAKE ALMANOR 8               CROMBERG/SLOAT 4                   GRAEAGLE/BLAIRSDEN 14
    INDIAN VALLEY 46                    MEADOW VALLEY 11                   PORTOLA/CLIO 11
    QUINCY 149                          TWAIN/BELDEN 2

    SPONSORS = 30           MEMBERS = 215                  TOTAL MEMBERSHIP = 245

                                               NOVEMBER                SINCE JULY 1st 2011
    SERVICE REQUESTS                                 43                       251
    SERVICE EXCHANGES                               114                       620
    HOURS EXCHANGED                                 442                     2435.50

              COMMUNITY CONNECTIONS...It’s about Time
                                            a service of

                               PLUMAS RURAL SERVICES
                Serving People, Strengthening Families, Building Communities
                                 586 Jackson Street, Quincy, CA 95971
                                530-283-3611 ext. *818 or 1-800-284-3340
                              Leslie Wall, Program Coordinator

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