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									     How Istanbul Apartments Can Raise
               Your Profits
Istanbul has continued its economic growth even
as some of the developed nations around the
globe continue to be troubled with economic
crises. The Gross Domestic Product in the last five
years has averaged at seven point five percent
per annum. In addition the continued economic
developed has improved the affluence of the
population making Istanbul real estate for sale
properties in high demand. Even as the city
witnesses numerous developers constructing
new properties, the demand for excellent
properties continue to be higher than the supply.

Several large companies like Bosch, Shell, and Vodafone have presence in Turkey. Istanbul is also
home to world renowned corporations like the US car manufacturing company Ford. These
companies bring prestige and status to the city while also increasing the number of business visitors
to this destination. This in turn increases the demand for suitable staying options of a high quality
and for commercial premises. Moreover, the city also has a large number of tourists who visit every
year because of the rich cultural heritage associated with Istanbul. All these factors drive the demand
for apartments in Istanbul.

Millions of people arrive at the Istanbul International airport, which is one the busiest in the entire
country. In addition, the city has been awarded the prestigious Capital of Culture Award in 2010,
which has been boosted view of the city being rich in cultural heritage. Moreover, a larger portion of
the total population is young that boosts the robust economic growth of this city. Turkey is one of
the quickest economies to have overcome the economic recession especially when compared with
many other European countries. These positive factors have been important for
PriceWaterhouseCoopers offering Istanbul the rating of being the first city for development. All these
factors have played an important role in the increase in the demand for Istanbul flats for sale.

The city has since large price corrections since the 2005 boom with the prices for Istanbul apartments
being very low. The growing mortgage industry provides an easy option for investors to exit their
investments, which reduces their risk exposure. The local young population and the increase in the
number of talented single workers moving into the city have increased the demand for rental
properties. This provides real estate investors an excellent opportunity to increase the income
earned on their investments, which has been an instrumental factor in driving the demand for
appropriate properties. The rental prices in the city have increased over the last few years and this
trend is expected to continue over the future.

The various factors mentioned above are increasing the number of visitors to this city every year
providing investors the chance to earn higher returns. Many Istanbul flats investors offer their
apartments for short term vacation rentals to the tourists. Investors are advised to be prudent in the
choice for location while searching for investment properties. A large number of builders are
developing different types of apartments to match the different budgets of the investors. You should
take assistance of a local knowledgeable person who can help you find the most appropriate
property, which yields fairly decent returns on the investments.

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