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November 2005

                                                          GBC Votes to Discontinue
                                                                                     A Newsletter for Mercer University Faculty, Staff, Students & Friends

Thanking Our Military
     As faculty, staff and students gather with their
families and friends to celebrate Thanksgiving this       Funding to the University
month, the University wants to express its thanks to
                                                              At its annual meeting this month, the Georgia Baptist Convention (GBC) voted to
those members of the Mercer family who are
                                                          disengage from Mercer University. The delegates have to approve the motion again at
currently serving or have served the nation through
their military service.                                   the 2006 meeting for the vote to become a formal action.
     Sgt. 1st Class Allan Pitchford, the University’s         “I am very disappointed by this action,” said President R. Kirby Godsey. “Mercer
liaison to the Army ROTC program, is developing           represents the very best of Baptist higher education. The University is educating
ways to express support and gratitude to those            students to become better citizens, to discern more clearly the difference between truth
Mercer alumni and faculty currently on active duty.       and error, and to sharpen their capacity to make discriminating moral choices. This was
Along with the University Alumni Office, he hopes to      what the founding fathers envisioned when they established Mercer, and this is what
coordinate a Military Alumni Reception during             the University is today.”
Homecoming activities in February 2006.                       There was no vote to escrow Mercer’s funds; therefore, the University’s current
     He has also launched Operation Visibility.           operating budget remains unchanged. The administration anticipates working with the
Purchasing six Mercer flags, he has forwarded them        current Baptist leadership to develop a plan that will allow the funding to the University
to AROTC alumni currently serving on active duty.         to be reduced over a period of years. The University receives $3.5 million a year from
These flags are now carried by Mercer AROTC alum-         the GBC Cooperative Program, which is used exclusively for scholarships to Baptist
ni – one in Korea and three in Iraq – with another on     students.
its way to Ft. Hood, Texas, which has the highest
                                                              In an e-mail to the University community after the vote, President Godsey
concentration of stateside Mercer military alumni.
                                                          addressed some of the concerns of students, faculty and staff. He stated that students
The sixth is flown on the campus flagpole on the
                                                          will not receive a larger-than-usual tuition increase next year and that the administration
Macon campus as a symbol of support and a
reminder to all of their sacrifice.                       will protect the scholarships of current students. While a process to identify potential
     Another initiative of the department is Kittie’s     savings will begin across the University, he added that academic programs will not be
Corner. Through the efforts of the cadet staff and the    affected.
departmental secretary, Kittie Wheelus, donated               President Godsey stated that every effort would be made to protect Mercer’s
soccer balls, sports equipment and toys are boxed         employees, and vacant positions will be reviewed before they are filled.
and sent to active duty Mercer alumni stationed               If the proposal to disengage is affirmed at next year’s GBC annual meeting, Mercer
overseas, who then pass the items along to youth          will join a list of other Baptist universities across the nation that have severed ties with
organizations, schools, hospitals and orphanages          their state Baptist conventions. Among those are Wake Forest University, Furman
within their area of operations. Magazines, books         University, University of Richmond, Stetson University and, most recently, Belmont
and other specially requested items are sent to be        University.
distributed to the soldiers under their command.
     “We recruit the best students for our program
and teach them to understand the values of duty,
honor, country, and to set a moral standard as
military officers and as Mercerians, in everything
they do,” Pitchford, a 24-year veteran of the United
                                                          Prestigious Scientific Research
States Army, noted. “This program produces officers
who are willing to take the moral high ground.”
                                                          Society Comes To Campus
                                                              Mercer now has a chapter of Sigma Xi,
                                                          one of the most prestigious honor societies of
                                                          scientists and engineers. On Oct. 24, Dr.
                                                          Richard L. Meyer, the national treasurer of
                                                          Sigma Xi, officially installed the University’s
                                                          chapter, which is the first in Central Georgia. It
                                                          will serve as a chapter for not only Mercer, but
                                                          also other academic institutions in the area.
                                                              “This is a substantial achievement for the
                                                          University because it recognizes that our
                                                          faculty and students are producing high-level
                                                          research,” said Dr. Horace Fleming,
                                                          executive vice president and provost.
                                                              The scientific research society is a
From Korea to Afghanistan to the storm-ravaged                                                                 Richard Meyer, treasurer for the Sigma Xi
                                                          diverse, chapter-based organization dedicated        Scientific Research Society, and Mercer University
streets of New Orleans, Mercerians are still              to the advancement of science and
answering this nation's call to duty. Pictured is Capt.                                                        President R. Kirby Godsey hold the charter for
John Newman, BBA '99, currently serving in Iraq.
                                                          engineering through programs and services.           Mercer’s Sigma Xi chapter signed by the members
                                                                                                               of the Mercer chapter at the installation ceremony
                                                                                     continued on page 4       on Oct. 24.

1                                                                                                                                               News@Mercer
N ov e m b e r 2 0 0 5                                                            A Newsletter for Mercer University Faculty, Staff, Students & Friends

                                                       Andrews Classroom Dedicated
    News@Mercer                                            The University dedicated a state-of-
                                                       the-art classroom in honor of longtime
                                                       Economics Professor Charles H.
R. Kirby Godsey
President & CEO                                        Andrews on Oct. 25. The large
                                                       classroom, located in Stetson Hall,
Horace W. Fleming                                      features some of the latest teaching and
Executive Vice President and Provost                   presentation technology as well as
Emily P. Myers                                         photographs and memorabilia of his
Senior Vice President for University Advancement,      teaching career.
University Admissions and External Affairs                 Andrews, who will be retiring at the
Thomas G. Estes
                                                       end of spring semester, has taught
Senior Vice President for Finance                      economics at Mercer for 32 years. He
                                                       was the founding dean of the business
Richard N. Goddard                                                                                    Economics Professor Charles Andrews, second from
                                                       school, a position he held for 10 years        left, was honored with a classroom in his name
Senior Vice President for Administration
                                                       before returning to the classroom full-time during a dedication ceremony. Marking the occasion
Richard V. Swindle                                     in 1988.                                       were, left to right, Andrews’ wife, Lorraine; Andrews;
Senior Vice President – Atlanta                            Mercer alumnus Robert Goddard III          Bob Goddard (CLA ’77), Kathleen Goddard;
                                                                                                      President R. Kirby Godsey and Business Dean
                                                       and his wife, Kathleen, gave the gift to       Roger Tutterow.
November 2005                                          name the room in Andrews’ honor.
                                                       Goddard, CLA ’77, who is chairman and CEO of Goddard Investment Group and serves
News@Mercer is published monthly by the                as chairman of the board for Post Properties, spoke about his profound respect for his
Office of University Advancement. Comments or
questions should be
                                                       former economics professor.
directed to:                                               “I think the world of Charlie Andrews, and he has meant a lot to me through the
                                                       years, not just as a [teacher], but also as a friend,” Goddard said.
University Relations & Marketing
Mercer University
1400 Coleman Ave.
Macon, GA 31207
(478) 301-4037
                                                       Woodruff House Open for Holidays
                                                           Mercer will host its annual Holiday Open House at the Woodruff House Tuesday-
(800) 837-2911                                         Thursday, Nov. 29-Dec. 1, 6-8 p.m. nightly. The Woodruff House, one of Macon’s grand
                                                       antebellum homes, is located at 988 Bond St., adjacent to the University’s Walter F.
Judith T. Lunsford                                     George School of Law.
                                                           For the past decade, residents and visitors alike have made this holiday event a
Richard L. Cameron                                     family tradition. Each year, the rooms throughout the Greek Revival mansion are
Production Editor                                      adorned with new decorations and themes, making the annual tour an exciting event for
                                                       all – even the most frequent guest. Visitors follow an illuminated path to the front door
Nancy R. Fullbright
Managing Editor                                        where they will be greeted by deans and alumni of Mercer University.
                                                           The Holiday Open House features a 12-foot Christmas tree trimmed with more than
Denise Cook                                            500 hand-painted eggs, performances by students from Mercer's Music Department,
Nancy R. Fullbright                                    and holiday cookies and punch for all guests.
Mark Vanderhoek
Contributors                                               The holiday event is free and open to the public. For more information, contact
                                                       Emily Turner at (478) 301-5675.
Matthew Smith

Visit our Web site at                                           Engineering’s 20th Anniversary
Mercer University is an equal educational and
                                                         Includes Groundbreaking
employment opportunity institution.
                                                             On Oct. 20, Mercer officially broke
                                                         ground on the new Science and
    Founded in 1833, Mercer is a 7,300-student,          Engineering Building, which will house
comprehensive, private university offering               the physics department of the College
undergraduate, graduate and professional degrees
through the College of Liberal Arts, the Eugene W.       of Liberal Arts, as well as School of
Stetson School of Business and Economics, the Tift       Engineering facilities. Helping in the
College of Education, the School of Engineering, the     effort were: (right to left) Micheal
Walter F. George School of Law, the School of            Hatcher, director of engineering at
Medicine, the Southern School of Pharmacy, the
James and Carolyn McAfee School of Theology,             Warner Robins Air Logistics Center;
Georgia Baptist College of Nursing and College of        Richard C. Fallis, dean of the College
Continuing and Professional Studies. Mercer has          of Liberal Arts; United States Rep. Jim
campuses in Macon and Atlanta, as well as three
regional academic centers, and operates the Mercer
                                                         Marshall, Georgia; M. Dayne Aldridge,
Engineering Research Center (MERC) in Warner             dean of the School of Engineering; Elizabeth Embury; president of Tau Beta Pi, the
Robins and the Mercer University Press in Macon.         engineering honor society; Donald LaTorre, president of the National Engineering
For 16 consecutive years, U.S. News & World              Advisory Board; and Mercer President and CEO R. Kirby Godsey.
Report magazine has ranked Mercer among the
leading colleges and universities in the South.

2                                                                                                                                           News@Mercer
 A Newsletter for Mercer University Faculty, Staff, Students & Friends                                                                   November 2005

Mercer Press Honors Authors                                                                       Recognizing President’s
    Twenty-four national and regional authors, including the popular host of CNN Headline
                                                                                                    Club Life Members
News’ legal analysis program, Nancy Grace, were featured at the 16th annual Mercer
                                                                                                     Drs. Rollin and Mary Ann Armour were honored
University Press Authors Luncheon on Nov. 12. Richard (Doc) and Helen Schneider of
                                                                                                  as Life Members of the President’s Club at the
Atlanta were co-chairs of the host committee. Author Robert L. Steed served as master of
                                                                                                  annual event held Oct. 28. Dr. Rollin Armour, former
                                                                                                  dean of the College of Liberal Arts, retired in 1998 as
    Six of the authors spoke at the luncheon: Nancy Grace, author of Objection! How
High-Priced Attorneys, Celebrity Defendants and a 24/7 Media Have Hijacked Our                    a professor in the Department of Christianity. Dr.
Criminal Justice System; James Rollins, author of Map of Bones, the tale of ex-Special            Mary Ann Armour retired from Mercer in 1998 as
Forces soldiers searching for bones of the biblical Magi stolen from a German cathedral;          associate professor and co-director of the master's
William R. Scaife and William H. Bragg, co-authors of Joe Brown’s Pets: The Georgia               program in family therapy, which she founded at
Militia, 1982-1865, a definitive history of the Georgia Militia during the Civil War; Steven      Mercer in 1983. Established in 1964, President’s
Watts, author of The People’s Tycoon: Henry Ford and the American Century, an                     Club members provide the nucleus of support for the
insightful biography on one of the nation's industrial pioneers; and Karen Spears                 University. Over the years, this select group has
Zacharias, author of Hero Mama, a memoir of what happened to her family in the                    supplied nearly three-fourths of the gifts Mercer has
aftermath of her father's death in Vietnam.                                                       received from individuals for annual support.
    Other authors who signed books at the event included:
           • Eugene S. Asher, Legends: Georgians Who Lived Impossible Dreams
           • Jackie K. Cooper, Halfway Home
           • Carmen Agra Deedy, The Yellow Star
           • R. Kirby Godsey, The Courage Factor and Centering Our Souls
           • Frank Turner Hollon, The Point of Fracture
           • Joshilyn Jackson, Gods in Alabama
           • N. Brent Kennedy and Robyn Vaughan Kennedy, The Melungeons: The
             Resurrection of a Proud People
           • Karen Moderow, Back Roads Home
           • Scott Peacock, The Gift of Southern Cooking
           • Steve Penley, Penley 2nd Edition
           • William Rawlings, The Tate Revenge
           • Tina Michelle Samuels, A Georgia Native Plant Guide
           • Walter B. Shurden, Not an Easy Journey
           • John H. Stone, Music from Apartment 8
           • Diane Thomas, The Year the Music Changed
           • Jaclyn Weldon White, Bestest: The Biography of Peyton Anderson Jr.
           • Philip Lee Williams, A Distant Flame

     A member of the prestigious Association of American University Presses, Mercer University Press (MUP) has released more than 1,100
titles during its 26 years of operation. Books published by the Press are generally in the areas of Southern history and culture, philosophy and

Tutterow Kicks Off Executive Forum;
Chambliss, Isakson Speak in December
    Roger C. Tutterow, dean of the Eugene W. Stetson School of Business and
Economics, opened the 26th season of the Executive Forum. The nationally-
recognized economist spoke on Oct. 25 at Idle Hour Country Club in Macon
and on Nov. 1 at The Ritz-Carlton – Buckhead in Atlanta.
    Tutterow offered an upbeat view of the nation’s economy and said that the
signs were pointing to continued growth despite the shocks that the economy
suffered in the wake of the recent hurricanes. He forecasted that the economy
will continue to grow at a steady pace in 2006.
    The next speakers for the Executive Forum will be Georgia’s United States
Senators, who will offer “A View from Washington.” On Monday, Dec. 5, the
Honorable Saxby Chambliss will give a lunch presentation at the University
Center. On Friday, Dec. 9, the Honorable Johnny Isakson will give a lunch
presentation at the Gwinnett Center in Duluth, which is being sponsored by Jim
Cowart, Inc.
                                                                                  Senator Johnny Isakson              Senator Saxby Chambliss

For more information, contact Sheree Collins at (478) 301-2724 or

 News@Mercer                                                                                                                                                3
 November 2005                                                                     A Newsletter for Mercer University Faculty, Staff, Students & Friends

International Visitors Explore Partnership
Opportunities with Schools, Colleges
    This fall, Mercer has been busy welcoming several groups of             the United States
international visitors to both the Macon and Atlanta campuses.              as part of an ini-
    In October, visitors from Kurobe, Japan – including five                tiative of the
physicians and administrators and one resident from Kurobe City             Open World
Hospital – visited Macon in what was described as an important              Program,
bridge between two medical systems and cultures for the exchange            sponsored by the
of ideas, information on systems of care and medical knowledge.             National Peace
The international visitors from Macon’s sister city visited both the        Foundation in
Medical Center of Central Georgia and the School of Medicine. The           Washington,
medical resident will be the first in a series of four residents who will   D.C., and
spend time in Macon over the next several months. During the past           Clemson
two years, physicians from Macon have traveled to Kurobe to teach           University in
resident physicians and students at Kurobe City Hospital.                   Clemson, S.C.
    According to Dr. Robert Hash, coordinator of international              The delegation
programs for the School of Medicine, “The flow of information will          from Russia was
help us, and them, evaluate the ways we provide care and seek               here to interface Dr. Horace W. Fleming, executive vice president and provost
improvements in what we do and how we do it.”                               with and study        at Mercer University, chats with visitors from Kurobe, Japan,
                                                                                                  who recently visited Mercer and the Medical Center of
    Georgia Baptist College of Nursing also welcomed international          education and         Central Georgia.
visitors in October. Officials from Wyzsza Szkoa Humanistyczno –            treatment
Ekonomiczna (WSHE) University in Lodz, Poland, were at Mercer to            programs in the field of addiction counseling.
discuss options for establishing a relationship between the two uni-             After tour stops in Washington, D.C. and at Clemson University,
versities, in conjunction with each of the institutions’ nursing schools.   the delegation came to Mercer’s Atlanta campus where they met
The visit was arranged by Timothy R. Stack, president and CEO of            with Dr. Tom Kail, dean of the College of Continuing and
Piedmont Healthcare, a partner with Mercer in its Center for Health         Professional Studies, and the faculty of the Community Counseling
and Learning.                                                               Program and Criminal Justice Program. Dr. David Lane, community
    “As part of our partnership efforts with Piedmont Healthcare            counseling program coordinator, made a presentation to the group
System, the College of Nursing was delighted to meet with the               on substance abuse counselor training, and Dr. Billy Slaton, Criminal
visitors from Poland. It was informative to learn about the nursing         Justice Program coordinator, took the delegation on a tour of the
education system in Poland,” said Dr. Susan Gunby, dean of                  Clayton Day Reporting Center, a substance abuse treatment
Georgia Baptist College of Nursing.                                         program operated by the State of Georgia Department of
    The Department of Counseling and Human Sciences in the                  Corrections as an alternative to incarceration.
College of Continuing and Professional Studies hosted last month 10              “It was an extraordinary day and presents wonderful collaboration
delegates from Ivanovo State University in Russia, who were visiting        possibilities for Mercer and Ivanovo State,” said Lane.

Sigma Xi, continued
Sigma Xi programs address major issues regarding science and                professor of pharmaceutical sciences; Michael Jann, professor and
society, such as improving science education, fostering integrity in        chairman of clinical and administrative services; James G. Strom,
science, promoting the public’s understanding of science and building       associate professor of pharmaceutical sciences;
a global network of researchers. Nearly 200 Sigma Xi members have               School of Medicine - Dona Harris, associate dean for faculty
received the Nobel Prize.                                                   development;
    Membership in the society is by nomination. Those individuals,              School of Engineering - M. Dayne Aldridge, dean and Kaolin
who have shown potential as researchers, are invited to join as             Chair of Engineering; Robert I. Gray, professor emeritus of
associate members, and full membership is conferred upon those              biomedical engineering; Hodge E. Jenkins, assistant professor of
who have demonstrated noteworthy achievements in research.                  mechanical and industrial engineering;
Students can be inducted as associate members.                                  College of Continuing and Professional Studies - Priscilla R.
    Mercer faculty members tapped as charter members were:                  Danheiser, professor of psychology and assistant to the executive
    College of Liberal Arts - D. Scott Davis, professor of chemistry        vice president and provost.
and associate executive vice president and vice provost; Jeffrey K.             The Sigma Xi membership brings more than prestige and
Denny, assistant professor of mathematics; Gregory P. Domin,                recognition to its members and the University. It also offers a number
associate professor of political science; Curtis D. Herink, professor       of benefits through grants, programs and educational opportunities.
of mathematics; Dale E. Moore, associate professor of chemistry and             Mercer graduate and undergraduate students from all disciplines
associate dean; John C. Wright, professor of psychology; Carolyn            of science and engineering will have access to grants-in-aid for
A. Yackel, assistant professor of mathematics;                              research. Special funds will support grants in the areas of
    Southern School of Pharmacy - H. W. “Ted” Matthews, dean                ophthalmology and astronomy. The University can receive a grant for
and vice president for the Health Sciences; Ajay K. Banga,                  developing education programs.
professor and chairman of pharmaceutical sciences and co-director               Other benefits include access to an international expertise
of the Center for Drug Delivery Research; Stephen J. Cutler,                database that networks researchers, ethics resources, and a Web
associate professor of pharmaceutical sciences; Fred Farris,                site for minority scientists.
professor of pharmaceutical sciences; George Ray Green, assistant

 4                                                                                                                                             News@Mercer
 A Newsletter for Mercer University Faculty, Staff, Students & Friends                                                                            November 2005

New Faculty and Staff
Atlanta Campus                                                                       Osmus, senior web developer, Tift College of Education; Kristi H.
Michael D. Curley, visiting professor, Stetson School of Business                    Riley, senior secretary, Technical Communications; DeLaine W.
and Economics; Ronald D. Holmes, police officer, Mercer Police;                      Samples, systems accountant, Accounting; Anna W. Sandison,
Aja R. Reece, associate director of admissions, Georgia Baptist                      marketing coordinator, University Advancement; Natalie L. Shaw,
College of Nursing.                                                                  administrative secretary, Counseling and Psychological Services;
                                                                                     Bryan C. Sheffield, police officer, Mercer Police; Michiko Smith,
Macon Campus                                                                         administrative secretary, Academic Advising; Janet Vanbibber,
                                                                                     library assistant, Jack Tarver Library; Nicole L. Word, teacher
April T. Albert, accounting clerk, Medical Library; Delonne S.
                                                                                     certification coordinator, Tift College of Education.
Bostick; administrative secretary, Art; Sharon L. Colquitt,
coordinator, Mercer One; Frances E. Copeland, library assistant,
Medical Library; Lashunda D. Dennis, assistant registrar, Registrar’s                Regional Academic Centers and Other Mercer Locations
Office; Renee J. Garris, academic program support specialist,                        Brian E. Cogsdil, engineering assistant, MERC; Evelene H.
College of Liberal Arts; Monique Guyinn, research coordinator,                       Johnson, senior secretary, Henry County Regional Academic
School of Medicine; Ann I. Krampl, instructor, Medical Library;                      Center; Christopher D. Short, business development representative,
Rhonda Mathews, registrar specialist, School of Medicine; Jeffrey                    MERC.

University Notables – Accomplishments for Faculty and Staff
College of Liberal Arts                                   Tenn., Nov. 2-4. Both students presented their        Linda Edwards, professor, was once again
                                                          research. Hyatt’s presentation was entitled           asked to teach at the Persuasion Institute
Dr. Nathan Cook, assistant professor of music,            “Speciation of Arsenic III and V by Ion               sponsored by the Administrative Office of the
had his performance aired on CBC Radio One                Chromatography Inductively-Coupled Plasma             U.S. Courts. This year’s Institute was held in
in Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada, Oct.                Optical Emission Spectrometry.” Walters’s             Philadelphia, Pa., Sept. 23-25. Edwards taught
30. The program consisted of works recorded in            presentation was entitled “Determination of           advanced strategies for working with facts and
May 2005 at a concert in St. John’s,                      Toxic Substances and Heavy Metals in Mexican          reviewing writing samples of the conference
Newfoundland, where Cook was a guest artist               Candy by Gas-Chromatography Mass                      participants. The Institute is planned each year
with the Quintessential Vocal Ensemble. He                Spectrometry, Ion Chromatography, and                 by Professor Tony Amsterdam of New York
performed the Prelude, Allemande and                      Inductively Coupled Plasma Optical Emission           University School of Law, and the faculty
Courante from J.S. Bach’s fourth suite for                Spectrometry.”                                        includes national legal experts as well as
unaccompanied cello and Jocelyn Morlock’s                                                                       experts from the areas of psychology and
“Exaudi,” a piece for solo cello and chamber              Dr. John E. Simons, associate professor of            literature. Also, the dean and faculty at Pace
choir.                                                    music, presented a lecture entitled “Worship in       University asked Edwards to review their Legal
                                                          the New Century” to the Middle Georgia                Writing Program and write a recommendation
Dr. John Marson Dunaway, professor of                     chapter of the American Guild of Organists. The       for the program’s future. Edwards visited Pace
French and interdisciplinary studies, and                 lecture was followed by a lively period of            Oct. 9-11, and completed her recommendations
director of Mercer Commons, represented                   discussion. In addition, he hosted a meal in the      by Nov. 1.
Mercer at two conferences sponsored by the                President’s Dining Room of the University
Lilly Endowment: The Lilly Fellows Program                Center for the members of the Georgia Baptist         David Hricik, professor, was appointed to chair
national conference at the College of the Holy            Church Music Conference, and gave a                   the Ethics and Professionalism Committee of
Cross in Worcester, Mass., Sept. 30-Oct. 2, and           presentation entitled “The Townsend Institute         the American Intellectual Property Law
Lilly’s national student conference for Programs          and Mercer University’s Role in Preparing             Association. He gave a presentation on “Ethical
for the Theological Exploration of Vocation               Musical Artists for Ministry.”                        Issues that Arise From Combining Prosecution
(PTEV) institutions in Indianapolis, Oct. 13-15.                                                                with Litigation” at the Plenary Session of the
Three undergraduates also represented Mercer              Dr. Beth Stewart, professor of art, read a paper      American Intellectual Property Law Association
at the PTEV conference: Mark Fleenor, Meghan              at the annual Southeastern College Art                Annual Meeting in Washington, D.C., Oct. 29.
Lasseter and Jennifer Murray. Dunaway gave a              Conference held this year in Little Rock, Ark.,       In addition, his article, “To Whom it May
talk entitled “The Things That Are Caesar’s and           Oct. 26-28. The title of the paper was “The           Concern: Using Disclaimers to Avoid
the Need for Roots” for the Mercer political              Artist as Narcissus: Mirrors and Reflection in        Disqualification by Receipt of Unsolicited E-mail
science department’s annual lecture series,               Ancient Greek Art.”                                   from Prospective Clients,” was published in The
Oct. 12. He was the guest speaker at the                                                                        Professional Lawyer (October 2005). Hricik was
weekly worship service at Emmanuel Church in                                                                    also quoted in the ABA’s e-Journal in an article
Macon, Oct. 30.                                           Walter F. George School of Law                        by Geri L. Dreiling entitled “Don’t Buy this Ad:
                                                                                                                Missouri to Require Disclaimer Telling Potential
Dr. Thomas J. Glennon, Reg Murphy Professor               Dick Creswell, professor, has been active in          Clients to Look Deeper.”
of Leadership, was a presenter at the Georgia             two middle Georgia conservation organizations.
Conference on Service and Volunteerism. The               He serves as a founding trustee of the                Jim Fleissner, professor, who returned in July
title of his presentation was “The Ethic of               Ocmulgee Land Trust, a nonprofit corporation          to the law school from a leave of absence spent
Service.”                                                 that acquires and manages conservation                in government service, continues to serve the
                                                          easements to promote the preservation of              U.S. Department of Justice under a special
Dr. Randall D. Peters, professor and chairman             environmentally valuable or sensitive resources,      appointment. He is serving as deputy to Special
of the department of physics, published an                as well as recreational, agricultural, historic and   Counsel Patrick Fitzgerald and was part of the
article titled “Powerful Software for FFT                 cultural resources in the Ocmulgee River              team of federal prosecutors who secured the
Pedagogy” online at                                       watershed. He serves as chair of the Legal            indictment of the Chief of Staff to the Vice                 Committee for the Central Georgia Rivers              President, I. Lewis “Scooter” Libby for perjury,
                                                          Partnership, comprised of landowners, local           obstruction of justice and making false state-
Dr. Arthur Salido, assistant professor of                 communities and other conservation partners           ments during the investigation into the leaking
chemistry, took two students, Darren Hyatt                organized to protect priority resource areas          of the identity of CIA official Valerie Plame. He
(junior, business) and Chris Walters (senior,             within the corridors of the Ocmulgee, Oconee          was in Washington, D.C., for the return of the
engineering) to the Southeast Regional Meeting            and Altamaha Rivers.                                  indictment and the public announcement.
of the American Chemical Society in Memphis,                                                                    Fleissner had earlier served as lead counsel for
                                                                                                                                               continued on page 6
 News@Mercer                                                                                                                                                   5
 November 2005                                                                     A Newsletter for Mercer University Faculty, Staff, Students & Friends

University Notables, continued
the Office of Special Counsel in the litigation     medicine, recently co-authored an article with     department.
concerning subpoenas issued to reporters            Dr. Rodney Young on the methods that family
Judith Miller of the New York Times, Matthew        physicians provide anticipatory guidance to        Drs. Kerry Coburn and Ed Lauterbach,
Cooper of Time and Tim Russert of NBC. He           children. The article can be found in the          professors of psychiatry, co-authored “The
successfully argued the appeals of Miller and       September-October 2005 issue of the Journal        Value of Quantitative Electroencephalography
Cooper before the U.S. Court of Appeals for the     of the American Board of Family Practice.          in Clinical Psychiatry” in the Journal of
District of Columbia and filed the government’s                                                        Neuropsychiatry and Clinical Neurosciences (in
brief in opposition to certiorari in the Supreme    Dr. Lee Bowen, director of the Marriage and        press).
Court. He has served as Deputy Special              Family Therapy (MFT) Program, has been
Counsel since January 2004.                         selected to receive the Centennial Laureate        Dr. Monique Davis-Smith, assistant professor
                                                    Award from the College of Human Sciences at        of family medicine, has been selected for the
                                                    Florida State University. This award is            Grants Generating Project (GGP). She is the
Southern School of Pharmacy                         presented to alumni in recognition of continued    third person in this department to have obtained
                                                    and sustained contributions to improving the       this honor. Begun in the 1995-1996 academic
Dr. Ajay K. Banga, professor, received a            health and development of individuals, families    year through the efforts of the North American
$35,400 grant from Tranvanti Pharma, for            and communities. The award was presented at        Primary Care Research Group Committee on
“Delivery of Sumariptan Succinate by                the Centennial Gala Awards ceremony at             Building Research Capacity, the GGP seeks to
Iontophoresis.” Banga published “Therapeutic        Florida State University in Tallahassee, Fla.,     equip family medicine researchers with the
Peptides and Proteins: Formulation, Processing      Oct. 27.                                           skills they need to successfully develop and
and Delivery Systems,” Second Edition, Taylor                                                          submit grants for research funding. Once
& Francis, and “Iontophoretic Topical and           Drs. Joel Brende, Melton Strozier, David           learned, these skills continue to help generate
Transdermal Drug Delivery” in Drug Delivery         Parish and Robert Vogel, published                 new funds for family medicine research and
Companies Report, Autumn/Winter 2005,               an article titled “The Development of a Model      training, year after year.
PharmaVentures.                                     Behavioral Medicine Clinic” in the fall 2005
                                                    edition of the Annals of Behavioral Science in     Dr. Edwin W. Grimsley, professor of internal
Dr. Katie Holloway, clinical assistant professor,   Medical Education.                                 medicine, was appointed as program director
made an internal medicine grand rounds                                                                 for the Mercer University School of Medicine
presentation entitled “Drug Interactions:           Dr. Joel Brende, retired professor and chair of    Internal Medicine Residency Program at the
Mechanisms and Management” at Atlanta               psychiatry and behavioral sciences, recently       Medical Center of Central Georgia, effective
Medical Center, Oct. 31. Holloway also              published two books on post-traumatic stress       Sept. 1.
presented a poster entitled “Establishment of       disorder, and has a training manual for
Heparin-Induced Thrombocytopenia (HIT)              counselor education in press. He and his wife,     Jane Faulk Hardee, instructor of marriage and
Treatment Guidelines within a Large Teaching        Jackie, will live in Mexico.                       family therapy, was named assistant director of
Institution” at the American College of Clinical                                                       the MFT program.
Pharmacy Annual Meeting in San Francisco,           Jane Bridges, clinical campus librarian at
Calif., Oct. 24.                                    Memorial Health University Medical Center in       Dr. Dona L. Harris, professor of family
                                                    Savannah, has been selected as a member of         medicine, received the highest award given by
Dr. Michael W. Jann, professor, and Dr. Ajay        the 2005-2006 class of the Leadership Fellows      the Society of Teachers of Family Medicine at
Banga, professor, received a $44,480 grant for      Program, funded by the National Library of         their 2005 annual meeting. She received the
the “Evaluation of Enhanced Permeation of           Medicine and the Association of Academic           Recognition Award for her outstanding service
Acyclovir Cream by Application of Ultrasound        Health Sciences Libraries. The selection           to family medicine education in accordance with
Device Versus Iontophoresis Using Cutaneous         process was very competitive due to the high       the highest aims and principles. In particular, it
Microdialysis” from GlaxoSmithKline.                quality of the candidates, and selection is        was noted that she has advanced family
                                                    recognition of a substantial record of             medicine as a discipline through her
Dr. Richard A Jackson, professor, and Dr.           accomplishment. The program will combine           contributions in education, research, and
Karla T. Foster, clinical assistant professor,      leadership development training with personal      advocacy. Harris was also inducted to Mercer’s
received a $27,000 grant for “The Development       interactions and practical experiences. The        Charter Chapter of Sigma Xi, the scientific
of Manuals for Pharmacy Owners to Transfer          2005-2006 participants will meet for the first     research society.
Ownership and Potential Owners to Purchase          time in November at the Association of
or Establish a Pharmacy” from the National          American Medical Colleges Annual Meeting in        Dr. Alice House, assistant professor of family
Association of Community Pharmacists.               Washington, D.C.                                   medicine, presented a lecture at the 57th
                                                                                                       Annual Scientific Assembly on the topic of
                                                    Dr. Rachel Brown, professor of psychiatry, Dr.     “Adolescents and STDs,” Nov. 11.
School of Medicine                                  Matthew Orr, assistant professor of psychiatry,
                                                    Dr. Melton Strozier, associate professor of        Jan LaBeause, director, Medical Library and
Drs. John M. Boltri, Monique Davis-Smith            psychiatry, Martha Fennell, instructor of family   Peyton T. Anderson Learning Resources
and J. Paul Seale, professors of family             services, Dr. Lee Bowen, director of the MFT       Center, was invited to give her presentation
medicine, recently presented two posters at the     Program, and Dr. Sandra Shoemaker,                 “SHHH. Your Image is Showing: Hollywood
33rd International Meeting of the North             professor of psychiatry, received a grant from     Looks at Librarians” at several recent meetings
American Primary Care Research Group. The           the Georgia Cancer Coalition Assistant. This       in New England: the Joint Meeting of New
first poster concerned their work on diabetes       grant facilitates the development of the Medical   Jersey State Library and New Jersey Library
prevention. The second poster concerned early       Family Therapy Program of the MFT program.         Association; Joint Meeting of Princeton/Trenton
diagnosis, treatment and prevention of              Nichole Childs, a pediatric oncology family        and New Jersey Chapters of the Special
alcoholism.                                         therapy fellow, began work in the MFT program      Libraries Association; and the 2005 Joint
                                                    and with the Children’s Hospital of the Medical    Annual Meeting of the New York/New Jersey
Drs. John M. Boltri, Ike S. Okosun, J. Paul         Center of Central Georgia, August 2005.            and Upstate New York and Ontario Chapters of
Seale, and Sylvia Shellenberger, professors                                                            the Medical Library Association. She was also
of family medicine, have had an article             Dr. Rachel Brown, professor of psychiatry, was     invited to speak at the School of
accepted for publication in the Biomed Central      appointed co-chair for the American Academy        Communication, Information & Library Studies,
Family Practice, an open access online journal.     of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry committee       at Rutgers University. LaBeause also present-
The article is entitled “Effects of Screening and   on adoption and foster care.                       ed “Our Image Through the Eyes of the Image-
Brief Intervention Training on Resident and                                                            Makers – The Entertainment Industry Looks at
Faculty Alcohol Intervention Behaviours: A          Dr. W. Grady Carter III, assistant professor of    Health Science Libraries and Librarians” at the
Pre- Post-Intervention Assessment.” Former          psychiatry, received Board Certification in        Annual Meeting of the Southern Chapter of the
research analyst Barbara Barton assisted with       Psychosomatic Medicine (Consultation Liaison       Medical Library Association in San Juan, Puerto
the article.                                        Psychiatry) by the American Board of               Rico, Oct. 22.
                                                    Psychiatry and Neurology. Carter was also
Dr. John M. Boltri, professor of family             named medical director for the psychiatry          Dr. Ed Lauterbach, professor of psychiatry,
                                                                                                                               continued on page 7
 6                                                                                                                                       News@Mercer
 A Newsletter for Mercer University Faculty, Staff, Students & Friends                                                                         November 2005

University Notables, continued
published two journal articles: “Arciniegas DB,           Conference in Kansas City, Oct. 21. He was          Assessment,” appear in Frontiers: An
Lauterbach EC, and Discussant Panel: The                  recognized for 25 years of distinguished            Interdisciplinary Journal of Study Abroad, a
Differential Diagnosis Of Pseudobulbar Affect             service.                                            refereed journal for which Harvard, Rutgers and
(PBA). Distinguishing PBA Among Disorders Of                                                                  Yale are among the sponsoring institutions.
Mood And Affect. Roundtable Monograph                     Dr. Brian W. Tobin, professor and chair,
Supplement to CNS Spectrums” (2005), and                  Division of Basic Medical Sciences, will serve
“EC: The Neuropsychiatry Of Parkinson’s                   as Scientific Program Chair for the 47th annual     Tift College of Education
Disease” in Minerva Medica (2005). Lauterbach             meeting of the American College of Nutrition.
has presented 14 invited lectures on                      The meeting, to be held Oct. 5-8, 2006, will        Dr. Linda Adams, associate professor of
neuropsychiatry for medical schools and                   feature the theme “Nutrition in Preventive          education, was honored as Georgia’s Early
conferences in the fall of 2005.                          Medicine and Chronic Disease Management.” A         Childhood Education Trainer of the Year at the
                                                          program including pre-eminent basic sciences        annual conference of the Georgia Association
Dr. Sonia Miles, associate professor of                   and clinical keynote speakers is planned for this   on Young Children at the Gwinnett Civic and
psychiatry, was awarded a grant for her study,            international meeting in Reno, Nev.                 Cultural Center, Oct. 7-8.
“The Effect of the Practice of Breathing
Relaxation Technique on the Blood Pressure of             Dr. Alan Williams, associate professor of           Dr. Mary Kay Bacallao, associate professor of
Pregnant Adolescents.”                                    psychiatry, participated in a community lecture     education, Dr. William O. Lacefield, associate
                                                          series on “Emotional Health” for Coliseum           professor of mathematics education, and
Roxanne Nelson, assistant director for public             Hospital and Northside Hospital.                    several teacher education students presented
services, Medical Library and Peyton T.                                                                       “Assessing Young Learners’ Mathematical
Anderson Learning Resources Center, along                                                                     Knowledge through the Meaningful Use of
with colleagues Nancy Van De Water, Miriam                School of Engineering                               Children’s Literature,” at the annual conference
Hudgins, Lee McCarley, Rita Smith and Jan                                                                     of the Georgia Council of Teachers of
LaBeause, presented a poster, “Rejuvenating               Dr. Joan A. Burtner, assistant professor of         Mathematics, held at Rock Eagle Conference
the Bibliography: Creating an Online Medical              industrial engineering, wrote two articles that     Center near Eatonton, Ga., Oct. 20-22.
School Publications Database,” at the Annual              were published in the October 2005 issue of the     Bacallao and Lacefield also presented “Using
Meeting of the Southern Chapter of the Medical            Annals of Research on Engineering Education:        Science Concepts to Teach Mathematical
Library Association in San Juan, Puerto Rico,             “Reflections on the Influence of Non-Cognitive      Problem Solving” at the same conference.
Oct. 22.                                                  Factors on Engineering School Persistence”          Bacallao and Lacefield presented “Problem
                                                          and “Structured Summary: The Use of                 Solving with Excel: Interactive Applications of
Dr. Matthew Orr, assistant professor of                   Discriminant Analysis to Investigate the            Real-World Mathematics,” at the annual
psychiatry, co-authored an article titled “Toward         Influence of Non-Cognitive Factors on               Southern Regional Conference of the National
a standard of care for ADHD: Implications for             Engineering School Persistence.”                    Council of Teachers of Mathematics held in
Marriage and Family Therapists” in Journal of                                                                 Birmingham, Ala., Oct. 20-22.
Marital and Family Therapy.
                                                          Eugene W. Stetson School of                         Dr. William O. Lacefield, associate professor of
                                                                                                              mathematics education, is working with
Dr. J. Paul Seale, professor of family medicine,          Business and Economics                              Harcourt School Publishers to correlate
presented a co-authored poster at the North                                                                   elementary school mathematics textbooks to
American Primary Care Research annual                     Dr. Reza Jalili, assistant professor of             the Georgia Performance Standards, Georgia’s
meeting in Quebec, Canada, October. The title             economics and accounting, has a paper titled        newly approved curriculum.
of the poster was “Cross-Cultural Comparisons             “Fiscal and Monetary Policies under Zero
of Associations between Binge Drinking and                Interest Rate Regime” accepted for publication      Dr. Lacefield, associate professor of
Alcohol-related Problems.” The setting for the            in the March 2006 issue of The Journal of           mathematics education, and Dr. Linda Adams,
study took place in New Zealand, Spain,                   American Academy of Business.                       associate professor of education, shared
Venezuela and the United States. The                                                                          information on “Using Children’s Literature to
presentation concluded that “despite differences          John Miller, assistant professor of quantitative    Teach Young Children Math Skills in a Fun
in societal drinking patterns, frequency of binge         methods, presented a paper entitled “A Model        Way,” at the annual conference of the Georgia
drinking is a useful predictor of alcohol                 to Illustrate Sensitivity Analysis in Linear        Association on Young Children at the Gwinnett
problems, even in cultures where binge drinking           Programming” at the Mountain Plains                 Civic and Cultural Center, Oct. 7-8.
is less prevalent.”                                       Management Conference in October.
                                                                                                              Dr. Randall Spaid, assistant professor of
Dr. Samuel D. Shillcutt, professor of                     Dr. William “Skip” Mounts, associate dean           science and secondary education, presented a
psychiatry, gave a grand rounds presentation              and professor of economics, has a paper             session entitled, “Taking the Science Fair
on psychopharmacology at Bryan State                      appearing as the lead article in the journal,       Global and Virtual: Crossing Geopolitical and
Hospital, Columbia, S.C.                                  Economics of Governance. The article is             Geographical Borders” at the annual meeting of
                                                          entitled “Budget Regimes and Internal               the Southeast Association for Science Teacher
Rita Smith, outreach and education                        Governance: Considerations for the                  Education (SASTE) in Athens, Ga. Spaid was
coordinator, and Lee McCarley, assistant                  Sustainability of Fiscal Policy.”                   elected to serve as SASTE president during
director for resources management, Medical                                                                    2006, and will host the next annual meeting on
Library and Peyton T. Anderson Learning                   Dr. Faye Sisk, associate professor of               the Macon campus. Spaid also presented a
Resources Center, presented “Primary Care                 management on the Atlanta campus, presented         workshop for teachers participating in the Near
Physicians Keeping Up with Medical Advances”              “Sarbanes-Oxley: From Spillover to Waterfall” to    East South Asia Council of Oversea Schools
at the Joint Annual Meeting of the Georgia                the Voluntary Hospitals of America’s (VHA)          “Virtual Science Fair” at the NESA
Rural Health Association and the Georgia                  Compliance Officers in Atlanta, Sept. 29. The       Administrator’s Conference in Cairo, Egypt.
Association for Primary Health Care at Jekyll             presentation centered on the response and           More than 185 teams of students in seven
Island, Ga., Oct. 3. Smith also presented “The            situation facing not-for-profit health care         diplomatic schools in the Middle East will
Health Information in Georgia Survey:                     organizations following passage of the              conduct science fair projects during January
Identifying the Information Needs and Habits of           Sarbanes-Oxley legislation that is intended to      and February with telementors from 60 colleges
Health Professionals, Librarians, and the                 strengthen corporate governance and                 and universities in the United States. The best
General Public” at the Annual Meeting of the              accountability in the for-profit sector. The VHA    projects from each school will compete
Southern Chapter of the Medical Library                   is a national organization representing 3,600       “virtually” with digital media and interactions
Association in San Juan, Puerto Rico, Oct. 23.            not-for-profit hospitals.                           using Blackboard™. Spaid also presented a
                                                                                                              two-session institute for NESA administrators
Dr. Melton Strozier, associate professor of               Dr. Spero C. Peppas, professor of international     entitled, “The Disconnect: What Digital-Native
psychiatry, was honored at a Presidential                 business on the Atlanta campus, had his article,    Students Need in Order to Learn” and
Reception at the American Association for                 “Business Study Abroad Tours for Non-               showcased digital storytelling projects by
Marriage and Family Therapy Annual                        Traditional Students: An Outcomes                   Mercer students.
                                                                                                                                        continued on page 8
 News@Mercer                                                                                                                                                7
 November 2005                                                                      A Newsletter for Mercer University Faculty, Staff, Students & Friends

University Notables, continued
Georgia Baptist College of Nursing                  elements of the Scott Peterson case, and            State University, University of Georgia and
                                                    focused on the role circumstantial evidence         Mercer. Members will share best practices and
Dr. Helen Hodges, professor, is currently           played in securing Peterson’s conviction. The       information on new technology, as well as
implementing a grant from North Fulton Senior       lecture was sponsored by the William Fielding       collaborate on future events, such as
Services by establishing and coordinating lower     Department of Sociology and Alpha Kappa             networking and professional development
extremity assessment and foot care services for     Delta, Mercer’s Chapter of the International        seminars.
independent senior citizens in Roswell and          Sociology Honor Society.
Alpharetta, Ga., senior centers. Grant                                                                  Anne Page Mosby, public services librarian,
implementation includes monthly assessment,                                                             and Judith Brook, associate dean of university
teaching, intervention and referrals as             Staff and Administration                            libraries of Swilley Library, Atlanta campus,
indicated. Additionally, Hodges teaches those                                                           presented a paper titled “Devils and Goddesses
who accompany her, including senior-level           Jeremy Baham, associate dean of students,           in the Library: Reflections on Leadership, Team
nursing students and other RNs. Hodges is a         and Dominique Johnson, Upward Bound                 Building, Staff Development, and Success,” at
member and trainer with the Atlanta Foot Care       evaluator, attended the Servant Leadership          the Georgia Council of Media Organizations
Coalition, a multidisciplinary subcommittee of      Conference at Wesleyan College. The event           2005 Conference in Columbus, Ga., Oct. 13.
the Pro Health for Seniors Task Force of the        was sponsored by Wesleyan College Center for
Office on Aging of the Atlanta Regional             Community Engagement and Service, Center            Matthew Underwood, director of the Office of
Commission.                                         for Servant Leadership, Georgia Servant             Student Employment, was awarded the Jim
                                                    Leadership Alliance and Starbucks, and              Campbell Rookie of the Year Award by the
Brenda Rowe, associate professor, and Ann           featured keynote speakers Margaret Wheatley,        National Student Employment Association
Keeley, assistant professor, were delegates to      Ed.D., and Susan Komives, Ed.D.                     (NSEA) at the association’s 30th annual
the Georgia Nurses’ Association Annual                                                                  conference. Underwood was also elected to a
meeting in Columbus, Ga., Oct. 20-21.               Susan G. Broome, associate director for             second term on NSEA’s board of directors, and
                                                    technical services at Tarver Library and            will serve as vice-president for external affairs.
                                                    assistant professor in the Division of Library
College of Continuing and                           Services, has received an award of merit from
                                                    the Association of Librarians and Archivists at     Mercer University Press
Professional Studies                                Baptist Institutions.
                                                                                                        Dr. Marc A. Jolley, director of Mercer
Dr. Thomas E. Kail, dean of the College of          Claire Dyes, dean of students, Cecil B. Day         University Press, recently published his book
Continuing and Professional Studies, made a         Campus, participated in a panel presentation on     Safe at Home: A Memoir of God, Baseball, and
presentation to employees of Ashland                “What Schools Can Do About Academic                 Family. This work is an addition to Mercer
Distribution, Oct. 6. The presentation was          Misconduct: Exploring Honor Codes, Modified         University Press’s ongoing series, Sports and
entitled “Critical Thinking: A Personal and         Honor Codes, and Academic Integrity Policies”       Religion, which explores the academic study of
Professional Advantage.”                            at The Center for Academic Integrity                the connection of religion and sports, and was
                                                    International Conference held on the campus of      chosen for addition to the series by the editor,
Dr. David Lane, associate professor, Dr. Billy      Virginia Tech University, Oct. 20-23. Schools       Joseph L. Price.
Slaton, assistant professor, Dr. Kevin Wickes,      represented on the panel were the United
associate professor, and Dr. Art Williams,          States Military Academy, Drury University and
associate professor, represented the                Quinnipiac University, as well as Georgia           Mercer Engineering
department of counseling and human sciences         Baptist College of Nursing.
at a meeting hosted by the department that                                                              Research Center
involved faculty and other academics from           Dr. W. Jeffrey Henderson, licensed
Ivanovo State University, Ivanovo, Russia, to                                                           Col. (USAF-Ret.) Chris Short joined the
                                                    psychologist and director of Counseling and         Mercer Engineering Research Center staff as a
discuss substance abuse treatment, education        Psychological Services (CAPS), chaired a
and counseling. The meeting, held on Mercer’s                                                           business development technical representative.
                                                    panel presentation titled “The Interface of         Following his distinguished career as a fighter
Atlanta campus, was part of an initiative of the    Campus Ministry and University Counseling
Open World Program sponsored by the                                                                     pilot in the F-15 Eagles and as a test pilot in a
                                                    Centers” at the 56th Annual Association of          variety of aircraft, including the F-22 Raptor,
National Peace Foundation in Washington,            University and College Counseling Center
D.C., and by Clemson University. Lane,                                                                  Short will be responsible for developing MERC
                                                    Directors Annual Conference in Minneapolis,         business opportunities in the Florida panhandle
coordinator of the community counseling             Minn., Oct. 21-25. Henderson also recently
program, made a presentation to the group on                                                            area.
                                                    accompanied Mercer Peer Educators Leslie
substance abuse counselor training and Slaton,      Lester, Alicia Crampton, Lauren Hinkle, Katy
coordinator of the criminal justice program, took                                                       Christine Singletary has joined the Mercer
                                                    Maher and Sara Sadler to the Youth and Young        Engineering Research Center Operations
the group on a tour of the Clayton Day              Adult Highway Safety Conference at Callaway
Reporting Center operated by the Georgia                                                                Directorate as a project administrator in the
                                                    Gardens, Oct. 15-16.                                area of finance. Singletary and her family
Department of Corrections.
                                                                                                        recently relocated to the Warner Robins area
                                                    Betsy Johnson, director of career services,         from Perry, Fla., where she was previously
Charles Weston, assistant professor,                Atlanta, is a founding member of the Alumni
presented the third in his lecture series on “The                                                       employed by the State of Florida Department of
                                                    Career Consortium. The Consortium is currently      Elder Affairs for the past 10 years.
Trials of The Century” in the McCorkle Music        comprised of career service professionals who
Building, Oct. 20. Weston reviewed all of the       serve alumni at Georgia Tech, Emory, Georgia

 8                                                                                                                                         News@Mercer

                                                                                                                                         FIRST CLASS
                                                                                                                                         U.S. POSTAGE

         1400 Coleman Avenue                                                                                                              PAID
         Macon, Georgia 31207                                                                                                             MACON, GA.
                                                                                                                                         PERMIT NO. 13

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