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					          Conscience and the Physician
          The First Annual General Meeting of The Canadian
          Federation of Catholic Physicians’ Societies (CFCPS)
                   Under the Auspices of the Archbishop of Ottawa
                     Most Reverend Terrence Prendergast S.J
  Friday May 8th, 2009
  5-7 pm       Registration
  7 pm         Welcome
  7:15 pm:     Dr. John Haas
               “Conscience. What is it and how it works.”
  8 pm         Reception

  Saturday May 9th, 2009
  8 am         Mass
  9 am         Breakfast
  9:30 am      Douglas Farrow “Doctors without borders.
               Excising the Conscience, Emasculating Medicine”
  10:45        Break
  11:00        Concurrent Workshops:
               Family Practice, Geriatrics, Pediatrics, Medical
  12:15        Lunch
  1:30 pm      Dr. Francois Pouliot
               “Conscience and Cooperation”
  2:45 pm      Break
  3:00 pm      Concurrent Workshops (as above)
  4 pm         Dr. Jose Pereira
               “Euthanasia: The European Experience and
               Implications for Palliative Care in Canada”
  6:00 pm      Dinner, Speaker His Excellency,
               Archbishop T. Prendergast                        REGISTRATION    IN
  Sunday May    10th   , 2009                               The cost of $325 includes
  8:30 am      Federation Meeting                           registration, meals, and
  9:45 am      “Humanae Vitae at 40+”, Dr. Maria Kraw
                                                            refreshments. $200 for
  11:00 am     Mass: Archbishop Prendergast,
               Archbishops Chapel in Notre Dame,            residents/students. Limited
  12:00 pm     Lunch and Adjournment                        space. For details contact Dr.
                                                            John Gay (613) 729-2247 or by                           email at

 CFCPS. Quebec, Montreal, Ottawa, Kingston, Toronto, Hamilton, London, Vancouver
CFCPS. Quebec, Montreal, Ottawa, Kingston, Toronto, Hamilton, London, Vancouver
         Dr. John Haas, President of The National Catholic Bioethics Center,
         named by Pope Benedict XVI to serve as an Ordinary Member of the
         Pontifical Academy for Life (PAV). Dr. Haas received his Ph.D. in
         Moral Theology from The Catholic University of America and his S.T.L.
         in Moral Theology from the University of Fribourg, Switzerland.

         Douglas Farrow is associate professor of Christian Thought at McGill
         University, where he teaches theology and ethics and works also on
         religion and public policy issues. He is the author or editor of several
         books, including Ascension and Ecclesia, Recognizing Religion in a
         Secular Society, and Nation of Bastards.

         After obtaining his M.D. from Laval University Medical School, Dr.
         Pouliot joined the Order of Preachers (Blackfriars) and became a Priest of
         the Roman Catholic Church. Dr. Pouliot is the chair of the Research
         Ethics Committee at the Centre hospitalier affilié universitaire de Québec,
         is a clinical ethics adviser (with a strong emphasis on end-of-life issues)
         and lecturer for medical residents at Laval University. Books and articles
         published in theology and ethics, among them: Éthique et conflit d'intérets
         in 2000.

         Dr. Maria Kraw is a staff endocrinologist at St. Michael's Hospital in
         Toronto, Canada. After finishing her fellowship in Endocrinology she
         completed a Women's Health Fellowship and a Masters in Public Health
         Sciences with a focus on Medical Education and Women's Health. She is
         the Bioethics coordinator for the Postgraduate Endocrine Training
         Program and an Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Medicine, University
         of Toronto. She has spoken to audiences in North America and Europe
         on selected topics in reproductive endocrinology and bioethics

CFCPS. Quebec, Montreal, Ottawa, Kingston, Toronto, Hamilton, London, Vancouver
         Dr. José Pereira is the Head and Full Professor of the Division of
         Palliative Care at the University of Ottawa and Medical Chief of the
         Palliative Care programs at Bruyère Continuing Care and The Ottawa
         Hospital in Ottawa, Canada. Dr. Pereira has published widely in
         international peer reviewed journals and text books. Dr. Pereira has
         received several awards and recognitions over the years for his
         contributions to project development and teaching and research in
         palliative care, most notably the Canadian Hospice and Palliative Care
         Association’s Award of Excellence and the Queen’s Golden Jubilee
         Medal, awarded by the Governor General of Canada in 2002.

    Workshop Presenters
         Geriatrics: Dr. Jose Morais and Dr. Tim Lau
         Pediatrics: Dr. Heather McDonnell
         Family Medicine: Dr. David McCann, Dr. Rene Leiva, Dr. Catherine
         Medical Education: Dr. Sheila Harding

    Conference Rates
         Residence Inn and Courtyard Marriott Ottawa.
         613-241-1000. The password is CAT for the discounted CFCPS
         conference room rate.

    Conference Location
         Elizabeth Bruyere Hospital
         43 Rue Bruyère, Ottawa, ON K1N 5C8
         (613) 562-6262

    Notre Dame Cathedral Basilica of Ottawa.
         The Archbishop’s chapel is in the lower level.
         56 Guigues, Ottawa ON, K1N 5H5.

CFCPS. Quebec, Montreal, Ottawa, Kingston, Toronto, Hamilton, London, Vancouver

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