What I Learned from Smashing Pumpkins

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					February 10th, 2013                                                                                      Published by: Sandy Neumann

What I Learned from
Smashing Pumpkins
  An unexpected discovery about belief and smashing

Despite all my rage…
Words to one of my favorite high school ‘rebellion’ songs
still applies today, more than 16 years later. (Did I just say
16 years??) Deep down I never grew out of my tendency to
question “the authorities” in life. Not so much the governing
bodies, but what people consider to be the norm.

                                                                    (memories of me & my shadow)
Why does this apply today? Because I discovered a secret..

You know, people used to find it strange that a super quiet,
super sweet, studious high school girl would listen to an angry
alternative rock band led by a devilish-looking guy like Billy
Corgan. (Coincidentally, he’s case-in-point that I’ll explain
later.) But I wasn’t embracing the philosophy of the Smashing
Pumpkins—I am the polar opposite of what they represent–
they just wrote some words that resonated with me once. And
their music just rocked. Imagine being a teen who at 16 gets
her first taste of freedom with a set of car keys and little blue
dodge shadow to call her very own. My best friend and I hit the
road every chance we got, driving just for the sake of driving,
and all the while singing at the top of our lungs these lyrics:
                                                                    Can you believe I had a high school guidance counselor that
  “Despite all my rage I am still just a rat in a cage!”            discouraged me from applying to a top-rated university? (that
I couldn’t wait to grow up and get out on my own…like the           woman should be fired.) She told me things like “don’t waste
world was my playground. I innocently believed that I could         your money on the application fee” and argued that “no one
be anything I wanted to be. Arrogant or naïve? Maybe—but            from this school has ever gotten into a school like that” and
how many people know that when you have crazy belief in             “it’s too far away, you won’t like it.” She insisted that I apply
something it changes your behavior?                                 to several other “safe” local colleges to make sure that I had
                                                                    options when this one didn’t pan out.

February 10th, 2013                                                                                       Published by: Sandy Neumann

Wanna get me fired up? Give me a good idea, then tell me
that it can’t be done. I believed that I was destined for greater     Nonetheless, when you’ve tried and failed enough times you
things and I didn’t care about any evidence to the contrary. I        finally become coachable. So even when my mentor says
was accepted…with a scholarship and I was the first one in my         “listen to the Inner Circle audio coaching everyday” and I think
family to go to college.                                              it sounds phony or silly or too easy, I do it anyway. Of course,
                                                                      he was right and it only took 7 days before I was completely
                                                                      sold on the idea. Because after about seven days of listening to
Don’t you love a good ‘zero-to-hero’ story?? (pumpkins pun
intended.)                                                            his Inner Circle audio every single day I started producing in
                                                                      my business. Now that’s something my logical mind can truly
                                                                      “believe” in.
The secret I learned, all these years later, is about belief. Well,
actually it’s about the lies. You see, plans go well for a while
                                                                      Perhaps that’s what is missing for Billy Corgan. The reason he
until life happens. You get off track or you get knocked down
                                                                      “no longer has the drive and hunger that he did in his twenties”
a few times you end up trading that hard-core take-on-the-
                                                                      according to music review site Antiquiet. He doesn’t have the
world ambition for a safe option that is easier to believe with
                                                                      belief that he could make it alone, as the one-man-band he now
each passing year. Enter Lie #1: There is a safe and easy
                                                                      is. Instead of breaking out and unleashing his own identity, he
way. (Anyone who’s done the corporate grind or experienced
                                                                      is hiding safely behind the Smashing Pumpkins’ name and rep.
a layoff just short of retirement knows this.) You can be
                                                                      So sad that the man whose words inspired me to break out of
successful at a corporate job, but it won’t come without hard
                                                                      my cage is trapped inside his own.
work and some gutsy moves.

What’s the real reason people give up on their dreams? I
think it’s because something new enters the equation—some
unexpected challenge–and their minds can no longer imagine
a solution that makes sense. But that’s just it! That’s where
the magic happens for someone who has guts! Sometimes we
have to take an action that doesn’t make sense BEFORE we get
all the details. Sometimes we don’t have all the facts to satisfy
our mind’s need to “believe in it” when we are just one step
away, one coincidence, one connection away, from achieving
it. Sometimes the first step is up to us—and the details will

My mentor often shares the quote: “Argue for your limitations,
and sure enough they’re yours.” Now I’m not part of the “if you
can dream it you can become it” psychology. I’m here to tell you
that dreams will get you nothing more than a way to pass the
hours at night if you don’t put plans into massive action. (Give
yourself some credit! Your mind is not that easy to fool.) You
can repeat affirmations into your mirror every morning that
you are 20 pounds thinner, but I assure you that the weight
will not fall off until you put the exercise video into the DVD
player, push play, and shed some sweat 30 days in a row.

There is no weight-loss pill for life or business. But you won’t
keep going if your mind bails on you. If you can’t convince
yourself to believe something—if your mind doesn’t believe
you–what’s the answer? Listen to someone you can believe.
Listen to someone who has achieved something unthinkable.
And do what they do. For example, I am a business owner and
entrepreneur. So my dream is to own a business that works for
me (instead of vice versa) on 100% complete autopilot, even
when I don’t show up to the office, and even while I’m off
traveling the world or laying on a tropical beach somewhere.
So who do I listen to? Someone who’s already doing that
exact same thing! Especially if what he teaches makes sense.
If anything, it makes so much sense that it sounds too easy to

Description: A surprising discovery about belief and smashing pumpkins.