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									         New specials and Offers for Valentine day from NY Laser
Be “Sweet” to Yourself This Valentine’s Day! Treat Yourself to a More Beautiful You with New
                  York Laser Aesthetics’ New and Innovative Technology!

Manhasset, NY, February 09, 2013 - Valentine’s Day is around the corner, and whether you find
yourself attached or single, New York Laser & Aesthetics in Manhasset, NY would like to
remind you to show yourself some “love!” New York Laser & Aesthetics is proud to announce an
array of new, top of the line, FDA-approved laser technology for your every need! They are
committed to using the newest, safest, most effective technology available on clients to achieve
visible and long-lasting results. Treat yourself to smooth, hairless skin with the medical-grade
Epicare Aesthetic Laser System; a more even skin tone, less wrinkles and sagging skin with an
expert chemical peel; sun and age spot removal with the innovative Q-Clear Yag Laser, or even
healthy, fungus-free nails with the brand new Q-Clear Foot Laser!

Impress yourself and your valentine with your new, more beautiful self--look and feel your best as
you celebrate the day with a romantic dinner or go dancing out on the town! Show off smooth,
hair-free legs in a beautiful dress and healthy toenails in a pair of sexy heels. Winter is the
perfect time to have a skin procedure done, or to begin a laser hair removal regimen because skin
heals faster when it is not exposed to the sun too intensely. Your look will be complete by
springtime or summertime—just in time for t-shirts, shorts, bathing suits and flip flops weather!

New York Laser & Aesthetics is Long Island’s leading laser hair removal and skin treatment
clinic, located in the Americana Manhasset shopping center. Their clinic is convenient to Great
Neck, Port Washington, Syosset, Jericho, Garden City, and Oyster Bay. Their caring, experienced
staff is New York State licensed, insured and bonded. New York Laser & Aesthetics’ clinic is
discreet, private, and clean, and their clients’ comfort and satisfaction is of utmost concern. They
strive to offer convenient hours, and are open Saturdays.

The staff of New York Laser & Aesthetics invites you to experience laser hair removal with our
cutting edge Zimmer Cooling System, which continuously blasts cold air at the skin area being
treated, to minimize any irritation to surrounding skin tissue. You can feel free to cozy up to your
valentine through those long winter nights with perfectly smooth, fuzz-free skin, thanks to this
exciting breakthrough technology! New York Laser & Aesthetics is proud to provide laser hair
removal services on a multitude of body areas, ranging from the arms, legs, chest, stomach,
underarms, neck, sideburns, upper lip, chin, back, and bikini area. Men and women save time
getting ready for work without having to shave every morning, and save money over time by not
having to make expensive waxing and plucking appointments at a salon. Laser hair removal is
also popular with professional and recreational athletes, such as runners, cyclists, swimmers and

The Q-Clear Yag Laser is another new and advanced piece of technology that New York Laser &
Aesthetics is excited to introduce to clients. Want to show off a new younger, more glamorous
“you” to your valentine, or simply remove a pesky birthmark that’s always bothered you? The Q-
Clear Yag Laser, the same technology used in tattoo removal, is used to lighten and remove the
pigment from spots on the skin. New York Laser & Aesthetics offers Q-Clear Yag Laser
treatments for permanent sun spot, age spot, liver spot, freckles and café au lait spot removal.
This innovative technology is very safe and extremely effective. Pain is minimal, and spots can be
lightened in as little as two twenty-minute sessions. The laser does not harm the surrounding
skin at all. The number of sessions is determined by the size, color, and location of one’s spots.
Clients are finally freed from having to wear thick makeup to cover up their spots, or from risking
skin scarring and hyper- or hypopigmentation as a result of unsuccessful treatments such as cryo-

New York Laser & Aesthetics is excited to help clients conquer unsightly toenail fungus with
their brand new Q-Clear Foot Laser. This breakthrough procedure has only recently been made
available to the public, after years of research. The laser “zaps” the fungus and new clear, shiny
nail growth is visible within four to five months. Treatment is safe, painless and fast, and has
been proven effective at permanently eliminating fungus from fingernails and toenails. The
procedure will not cause any adverse damage to nails or one’s mobility. If you are embarrassed of
your feet, New York Laser & Aesthetics can help give you your confidence back!

New York Laser & Aesthetics stands behind their services and is proud to offer special package
deals, including an initial six-treatment laser hair removal package with a “lifetime guarantee”
afterwards of any additional treatments at 50% off for life! Whether it’s laser hair removal, age
spot removal, toenail fungus removal or any other skin needs you have, New York Laser &
Aesthetics will be happy to help you achieve your skin goals.

Need a great gift idea for Valentine’s Day? How about a gift certificate to New York Laser &
Aesthetics in Manhasset, NY—what could be better than treating your valentine to confidence,
youth, peace of mind and convenience? Please contact New York Laser & Aesthetics for a free
consultation and to find out about any current and upcoming promotions. They can be reached at
(516) 627-7777, or contact them through their website at, or on their
Facebook page. Have a wonderful Valentine’s Day!

Ofra Grinbaum
New York Laser Aesthetics
Americana at Manhasset
2110 Northern Blvd. (Suite. 202)
Manhasset, NY 11030


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