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					Management Task Force

    W3C Face To Face
     Deliverables Proposed from
            January F2F
• Deliver
   – Proposal for base manageability requirements (All)
      • Web Service (50% progress)
      • Web Service Execution Environment
      • Discovery Agency
   – Management primer (Mark,Igor) - started
   – Reviewable draft of manageability requirements (All)
   – Glossary terms (All)
• Do we need an ongoing charter to address
  additional architectural elements as they are
  defined? (Yes)
Management Task Force Agenda
• MTF Submissions
  – Manageability for Web service Endpoint
  – Glossary terms
• MTF Previous Submissions
  – Lifecycle, discuss consensus development
  – Concepts and Relationships, discuss inclusion
• MTF Charter
       A few words on Detail
• This is appropriately detailed description of
  manageability property of Web services.
  – Not specification – is a description of what is
    required to attain a property
  – Cannot stand independent of the Web Services
    Architecture document
  – WSA cannot be defined without addressing the
    manageability properties
  Manageability of Web Service
• WSA Requirement AC018
• Scope of document
• Concepts
  – in addition to previous submission
• Management Capabilities for all elements
• Manageability Requirements for Web
  Service Endpoints
        Glossary Submission
• General Management Definitions
• Management Application Definitions
• Terms used in the “Manageability of Web
  Service Endpoints” Submission
Chartering the Management Task
• This isn’t short work and we can’t be ‘finished’
  before the WS Architecture is finished.
• There is set of ongoing work for MTF:
   – Management of WSA Primer
   – Address manageability of other WSA Elements
      • Existing: Service? Service Provider? SEE? Discovery
      • Possible future: Intermediary? Proxy?
   – Revising Current MTF submissions based on feedback
     from industry and other standards bodies
          MTF Charter Proposal
The Management Task Force will will provide the architecture,
  description, and requirements for the manageability property
  for existing and new WSA elements. This task force will
  also create a primer that demonstrates the defined
  manageability properties. All drafts will be submitted to the
  Web Services Architecture Working Group for
  consideration, consensus development, and inclusion into
  the Web Services Architecture specification.

The task force will report to the working group during
  conference calls and face to face meetings. Email exchanges
  will be done through the task force public mailing list.
     Participants and Meetings
Participants (new members welcome)
    •   IBM – Heather Kreger
    •   Computer Associates – Igor Sedukhin
    •   HP – Zulah Eckert, Yin Leng Husband
    •   Thomson – Hao He
    •   Talking Blocks – Mark Potts
    •   W3C - David Booth

    Regular Calls are Wednesdays 4-5:30 pm EST
    1-877-811-9717, pc 291677
    *international number is available

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