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Undergraduate - Perth Bible College by liuhongmeiyes


 Overseas Students
     CRICOS Provider Code
                                                  thinking servants
                                                         of integrity
                                        Full Time Campus Education
                                        Part Time Campus Education
             …thinking service…                  Distance Education

We commit ourselves to                           offering
THINK deeply about Christ,                         Advanced Diplomas
                                                    Bachelor Degrees
his Word and the world,                            Graduate Diplomas
and to SERVE him                                    *Masters Degrees
                                                    *Doctoral Degrees
with integrity, courage,
                                        *through the Sydney College of Divinity
conviction and love.

                                              Perth Bible College
                                                       exists to…

  develop people of integrity
  who can serve and equip others
  in Australia and around the world …

                                             …so together
                                  they can reach the world
                                              for CHRIST.
    “ My              CONTENTS
       at      PERTH BIBLE COLLEGE
                 1. W ELCOME
Perth Bible      2. INTRODUCTION
  College        3. OUR STRENGTHS

     has       COURSES
                 4. OVERVIEW
enabled me       5. DIPLOMA
  to know        6. ADVANCED DIPLOMA
                 7. BACHELOR DEGREE
    God,         8. POST GRADUATE COURSES
                 9. MINISTRY OPTIONS
  live for
    God,       ADMISSIONS
                 10. ENTRY REQUIREMENTS
     and         11. ACADEMIC REQUIREMENTS
                 12. ENGLISH REQUIREMENTS
    serve         A. APPLICATION FORM
    God          13. APPLICATION PROCEDURE
                 14. ACCEPTANCE
    more         15. SPIRITUAL/FINANCIAL
effectively”   STUDENT LIFE
                 16. STUDY
                 17. MINISTRY
                 18. SUPPORT
                 19. ACADEMIC CALENDAR
                  20. FEE STRUCTURE
                  21. FEE PAYMENT
                 22. FACILITIES
                 23. STAFF
                 24. CORE VALUES
                 25. GENERAL INFORMATION
                 26. LIVING HERE
                 27. FLOWCHART OF COURSES

                    Updated: 23 August 2012
 1                                                               Welcome
We are excited that you are considering studying at Perth Bible College (PBC).
Studying for Christian Ministry is challenging and rewarding. Giving your life to
the service of others is a calling to follow Christ. We at PBC are thrilled when
anyone chooses to pursue this path in life. And because we know you have not
taken the decision of Bible College lightly, we want to say at the outset that we
commit ourselves to the development of each student - both in their progress
spiritually and also academically.
The College has a reputation for successfully blending practical career orientated
ministry skills, accredited academic theological studies, and life transforming
aspects into all of its courses. This is a balance which we believe each student
needs in order to be most effective in their future ministry and service for Christ.
At the core of our commitment to you is our belief that all ministry involves
relationships, communication, Biblical knowledge, an understanding of the
people we are serving, and a personal desire to reflect Christ into any given
situation. To this end all our courses not only provide a deep Biblical
understanding but also the necessary skills to communicate, relate well and to
understand culture. Also, one of our top priorities is to provide people not just
with knowledge but with transferable skills as they go into ministry, making each
graduate immediately effective. Further, the College experience at PBC provides
a loving and supporting community in which we encourage one another to move
forward to be more like Christ.
I look forward to seeing you at PBC and pray that God clearly encourages you as
you seek to follow him.
In His Hands
David Smith - PRINCIPAL

                                                   “As a past prospective
                                                    student...I considered
                                                   heaps of colleges, but
                                                   only PBC provided the
                                                    balance I was looking
 2                                                         Introduction
The College
Perth Bible College (PBC), established in 1928, is an interdenominational
evangelical Bible College which maintains a fine tradition of training men and
women for ministry. Perth Bible College has had several homes over the years.
Early premises were rented in and around Mt. Lawley. In September 1934, the
College moved into buildings on its own land in Joondanna. From February 1951
until July 1986, it was located at Mt. Lawley, and since then has been at the
current Karrinyup campus. The current campus has outstanding facilities,
including excellent accommodation on site.
Perth Bible College is a participating member of the South Pacific Association of
Bible Colleges. This has the advantage that all PBC courses are internationally
recognised by evangelical and para-church agencies, guaranteeing further
career opportunities for students. All of the College’s courses are fully
government accredited and are also registered (CRICOS provider code -
00986G) to receive overseas students.

Theological Position
At PBC we hold to and teach the evangelical understanding of the Christian faith
(in line with the general articles of the Christian faith), and the full and final
authority of the Bible as the revealed Word of God, inspired by the Spirit of God,
and completely trustworthy. This provides a foundation from which students are
equipped to critically evaluate current theological trends, thus enabling them to
be relevant and effective servants of God in today’s world.
With its practical training, sound theological basis and academic excellence, it is
no wonder that students graduating from PBC are serving the Lord effectively in
many churches and countries across the world. You can too!

                                                         “Joining PBC has
                                                            helped me to
                                                          discover all that
                                                         God intends me to
                         PBC Campus
 3                                                         Our Strengths
At Perth Bible College, as well as nurturing students for their own growth and
ministry, we empower and equip them with the tools and skills to train and
develop others in their faith and ministry. Embedded in our training are the
following three core components that we believe are essential in preparing our
students for a life of serving Christ.

Encounter (Knowing God): We aim at providing students with the opportunity
to come to encounter the living God through worship, prayer, College life, and
through having a solid understanding of his revelation to us in Scripture.
Students will also be taught to interpret God’s Word faithfully and theologically.
Embody (Reflecting Christ): PBC
provides constant opportunities for the
training to impact the students’ lives, so
that they are not only informed but
transformed to reflect more of Christ’s                         ENCOUNTER
character. This occurs through the course                          (Knowing God)
content, the College community life and
practical involvement in church ministry.
Engage (Serving with Love): We prepare
students for a Biblical ministry. This               EMBODY                        ENGAGE
enables them to view people with eyes of            (Reflecting Christ)       (Serving with Love)
faith, to offer themselves in authentic
relationship and service, to understand the
reality of this world, and to engage the
world with God’s love. Students are
equipped to be effective communicators of
God’s truth in many contexts and given the
relevant practical skills for a life of ministry.

                                                                  “Yes college
                                                               changes you, but
                                                               not only you. You
                                                               are also given the
                                                                 tools to affect
                                                               others in love for
  4                                          Courses - Overview

 Higher Education Courses (CRICOS Provider Code 00986G)
 Perth Bible College is an approved overseas provider. As an Overseas student
 these courses can only be studied full-time (ie. 4 standard units each semester)
 or externally.
 Diploma of Ministry (1 Year) (CRICOS code 061404G)
 The Diploma of Ministry is equivalent to one year of full-time study at Degree
 level. The Diploma was designed with a specific balance of units that is intended
 to develop the foundational Biblical knowledge, ministry skills and character of
 the students so they are ready to serve in the area God has called them.
 Advanced Diploma in Christian Ministry (3 Years) (CRICOS code 051855G)
 This Advanced Diploma is structured to provide students with the necessary
 practical skills and a solid Biblical grounding so they are equipped to lead a life
 of Christian service. Students can focus their study in any of the 6 specialisation
 areas offered. The course is equal to 2 years of the 3 year degree.
 Bachelor of Ministry Degree (3 Years) (CRICOS code 051857F)
 This Degree reflects the core intention of PBC. It provides a rich academic and
 practically integrated program that equips students for a lifetime of ministry and
 enables them to be an effective trainer of others. Students can tailor their training
 through focusing their study in any of the 6 specialisation areas offered.
 Post Graduate Courses - Accredited by Sydney College of Divinity offered
 by PBC as a Campus of Emmaus Bible College.
           Graduate Certificate in Arts   Graduate Diploma of Arts
           Master of Arts                 Master of Divinity
                           Master of Theology
           Also providing pathways to Masters Research and Doctoral awards.

Diploma       1 Year       READY ...for Life
Advanced      3 Years          SET ...for Service

Bachelor      3 Years               Go ...for God

Post Graduate Courses
 5                                           Diploma of Ministry
Diploma of Ministry
The Diploma of Ministry is equivalent to 1 year (30 weeks) of full-time study at
Degree level. The training is designed to provide you with a solid Biblical
foundation and practical personal and ministry skills. The course has a solid
Biblical core with the flexibility of choosing specialised practical subjects so that
you can be effectively equipped to serve God in a specific area where God may
be leading you. The Diploma of Ministry is ideal as a gap year plan, as a year out
for personal growth, or for those seeking to be involved in ministry. Your tailored
course will include some of the following subjects:
        New Testament Introduction
        Old Testament Introduction
        Interpreting the Bible (Hermeneutics)
        Introduction to Theology
        Personal Change
        Christian Communication
        Introduction to Counselling
        & Specialisation subjects in either
                 Pastoral, Counselling, Creative, Youth, Missions or Christian
Youth Worker
Group Leader
Pastoral Carer
Mission Worker
Ministry Leader

                                                         “Take a Year -
                                                             make a
  5                          Diploma of Ministry - English
Diploma of Ministry - with English Option
The Diploma of Ministry is also an attractive option for those students whose
English skills need to be extended prior to undertaking further study in English.
Students who enrol in the Diploma with this purpose in mind will gain a
foundational knowledge and skill base for ministry in English, as well as being
prepared for more rigorous ministry training in English in the future. Students
with a minimum IELTS score of 5.0 will be allowed entry to the course and will
take the following Ministry in English subjects:
          Old Testament Survey                     New Testament Survey
          Academic English                         Critical Thinking
          Theological English                      Theology in English
          Understanding the Bible                  Ministry Communication Skills

                                               While this course is designed to prepare
                                                students for further advanced ministry
                                                 training in English, the course can be
Ready                                                 taken as a stand alone course for
                                                        foundational ministry in English.
for life...
                                                 Upon the successful completion of this
Take a year to truly encounter God,              course students will be given 6 months
and experience community in a way
                                                (4 subjects) credit towards the Bachelor
that impacts you for life, develop deep
and rich faith foundations, and
                                                         of Ministry Degree or 9 months
encourages you to embody Christ.               (6 subjects) credit towards an Advanced

for service...
Take a year to be challenged and equipped for
a life time of meaningful and effective service,
being set for the journey that God has for you.
                                                           “They even took time
Go                                                          to help me with my
for God...                                                  English and learning
Take a year to see people with eyes of faith, to                    skills”
offer yourself in authentic relationships, to
understand the reality of this world, and to engage
the world with Christ’s love.
    6             Adv. Diploma of Christian Ministry
Advanced Diploma of Christian Ministry (3 Years)
This three year course is designed for students who wish for more than just a
foundational knowledge of the Bible, and who desire to be involved in Christian
service at some level. Together with a thorough grounding in the Scriptures and
a basic knowledge of theology, this course also equips students to be effective
workers within the local church or other Christian ministries. Students may
specialise in one of six ministry streams, so you are...Set for Service.

By the completion of the Advanced Diploma students will:
       demonstrate a sound knowledge and understanding of; the Bible, basic
        theology, the mission of the church, interpersonal relationships, team work,
        as well as Christian perspectives on key contemporary social issues.
       have developed godly attitudes and values which reflect a desire for people
        oriented service, the necessity of depending on God and the Bible,
        consistency in personal Christian growth and ministry, a positive attitude
        towards authority, ministry and servanthood.
       have acquired ministry skills and tools in various fields such as preaching,
        discipleship, evangelism, creative ministries, pastoral counselling, youth
        work, and cross cultural ministry.

Youth Leader
Ministry Leader
Associate Pastor
Cross Cultural Leader

Advanced Diploma        Subjects
1st Year                Personal Change, Intro to New Testament , Intro to Old Testament, Intro to Theology,
                        Christian Communication, Interpreting the Bible.

2nd Year                Acts, Christ & the Holy Spirit, Intro to Pastoral Counselling,
                        Genesis, Preaching, Specialisation units.

3rd Year                Church History, Romans, Isaiah, Church & its Mission & Ministry,
                        Evangelism, Specialisation and Field work units.
    7                            Bachelor of Ministry Degree
3 Year Bachelor of Ministry Degree
The accredited three year Bachelor of Ministry Degree has been carefully
designed to offer students a solid Biblical foundation as well as the flexibility for
students to tailor their studies to meet their own particular fields of interest.
Students may specialise in one of six ministry streams, namely:
            Pastoral Ministry
            Pastoral Counselling
            Youth Ministry
            Creative Ministry
            Cross-Cultural Ministry
            Christian Education

Students are also able to choose from a number of electives covering a wide
range of interests including Hebrew and Greek. This Degree is perfect for those
who wish to go on and do post-graduate studies.
By the completion of the Professional Degree students will:
       demonstrate a sound knowledge and understanding of the Bible, advanced
        and practical theology, the mission of the church, theory of Christian
        ministry, interpersonal relationships and team work, methods for equipping
        others for ministry, as well as Christian perspectives on key contemporary
        social and theological issues, being able to effectively communicate these in
        a range of settings.
       have developed godly attitudes and values which reflect a desire for people
        oriented service, the necessity of depending on God and the Bible,
        consistency in personal Christian growth and ministry, a positive attitude
        towards authority, ministry and servanthood, a commitment to a life of
        Christian service, and an openness to address contemporary theological and
        social issues.

Bachelor Degree Subjects

1st Year            Personal Change, Intro. to New Testament , Intro. to Old Testament, Intro to Theology,
                    ChristianCommunication, Interpreting the Bible.

2nd Year            Acts, Christ & the Holy Spirit, Intro to Pastoral Counselling,
                    Genesis, Preaching, Specialisation units.

3rd Year            Church History, Romans, Isaiah, Church & its Mission & Ministry,
    7                         Bachelor of Ministry Degree
       have acquired extensive ministry skills and tools in various fields such as
        leadership, preaching and teaching, pastoral care, discipleship, evangelism,
        pastoral counselling, creative ministries, youth ministry, and cross cultural
Career Options
The Bachelor of Ministry programme is recommended for students seeking to
pursue a professional career in Christian Ministry (ie. pastor or minister), and
also for those wishing to undertake further academic studies. This Degree is
recommended for all students who wish to develop their theological and ministry
skills to their maximum potential.
Preacher                                        Professional
Youth Pastor
Creative Director
Pastoral Counsellor

                                                               “My utmost for
                                                                his highest...”
 8             Postgraduate Courses - Overview

Postgraduate Coursework Courses
Emmaus teaches the following SCD postgraduate coursework awards at the
Perth Bible College campus. All courses are accredited and CRICOS approved.

Graduate Diploma of Arts (GradDipArts - 1 Year) (CRICOS NO:XXXXX)
This Graduate Diploma is designed to enable students who already have a
Bachelor Degree in another field to study at postgraduate level and gain a solid
theological and practical foundation for Christian service. Equivalent to 1 year of
the Master of Divinity course.

Master of Arts (MA - 1.5 Years) (CRICOS NO:XXXXX)
The Master of Arts course is designed for those who hold a tertiary qualification
in a theological discipline, who wish to pursue a graduate qualification in
theology, and who are seeking skills in theological studies to enhance their
professional work. Equivalent to 18 months of the Master of Divinity course.

Master of Divinity (MDiv - 3 Years) (CRICOS NO:XXXXX)
A graduate entry program for students with a previous non-theological degree
seeking to undertake their initial theological studies. It is a comprehensive
degree leading to Christian Ministry or graduate research study in theology at the
highest level.

Master of Theology (MTh - 1.5 years) (CRICOS NO:XXXXX)
An advanced graduate program in theology and related disciplines for
candidates with a prior three year theological degree and who seek to further
specialise in theological studies or pursue research in the future.
Pathways: Also providing pathways to Masters Research and Doctoral awards.
(See our Postgraduate Prospectus for further details on postgraduate courses)

Postgraduate Coursework Awards
Graduate    1 Year
Master of   1.5 Years

Master of   3 Years

Master of   1.5 Years
9                                                         Ministry Options
    Pastoral Ministry
    Students specialising in Pastoral Ministry are those who seek to become
    full-time pastors in a local church, or trainers of others for ministry. This
    specialisation will enable the student to develop a framework for pastoral
    ministry and be equipped to take on the many tasks required to lead and
    grow a local church.
    Pastoral Ministry   Subjects
    2nd Year            Pastoral Ministry, Leading a Local Church.

    3rd Year            Pastoral Counselling in the Church, Advanced Preaching, Field Work .

    Youth Ministry
    This specialisation is for the energetic, the brave and the crazy, those who
    have a heart for today’s youth. This stream is designed to provide you with
    an understanding of the opportunities, needs and difficulties in youth work.
    But more than that, you will be equipped with practical skills to help you
    blow young people’s minds, as you introduce them to the love of Christ,
    through action and relationship.
    Youth Ministry      Subjects
    2nd Year            Evangelism, Introduction to Youth Work.

    3rd Year            Leading a Youth Ministry, Pastoral Counselling with Youth, Field Work .

    Students who specialise in the Cross-Cultural stream will be equipped to
    serve the Lord in a variety of cross-cultural situations. PBC has a proud
    record of training and sending men and women to many countries around
    the world. This stream is for the courageous, those who believe God is
    calling them to a life of adventure with Him.
    Missions            Subjects
    2nd Year            Introduction to Missions, Christianity & World Religions.

    3rd Year            The Local Church & World Mission, Cultural Anthropology, Field Work.

    Pastoral Counselling
    The Pastoral Counselling stream strongly emphasises developing a
    Biblical framework for thinking through deeper more intimate relationships
    between people and between people and their God. Students are involved
    in practical group work for the acquisition of skills and experience, while
    pursuing the character required to be a giver of wise counsel.
9                                                         Ministry Options
    Counselling         Subjects
    2nd Year            Introduction to Pastoral Counselling, Pastoral Counselling Process

    3rd Year            Pastoral Counselling in Context, Marriage and Family, Field Work.

    Creative Ministries
    Choosing the Creative Ministries stream will lead you to explore new and
    varied methods of communicating the gospel creatively, visually and
    effectively. The hands on emphasis of this course coupled with
    professional and academic training will suit students desiring to serve God
    through creative means.

    Creative Ministry   Subjects
    2nd Year            Intro to Video Techniques, Advanced Video Techniques

    3rd Year            Any other 2 specialisation subjects, Field Work.

    Christian Education
    Choosing the Christian Education stream will equip you to be involved in
    the teaching and training of others in a number of contexts, including
    schools, churches, and cross-cultural mission work. In many contexts
    there is a large need for people to be able to effectively train others, this
    specialisation is designed to equip students to meet that need. This
    stream also trains people to be approved as religious education teachers.
    Christian Education Subjects
    2nd Year             Teaching & training Adults, Christian Education

    3rd Year             Any other 2 specialisation subjects, Field Work.

                                                                     you to tailor your
                                                                      studies to meet
                                                                        your specific
10             Admissions—Entry Requirements
General Requirements
To be considered for entry to Perth Bible College as a student you must meet the
following requirements which are standard for all overseas students seeking to
study in Australia:
         Be 18 or over and be applying for full-time study.
         Be academically qualified for entry into the course.
         Have an adequate standard of English.
         Have enough money to cover all expenses during your entire stay in
          Australia, including return air fares, and living costs.
         Be genuinely seeking temporary entry for study purposes only.
         Be of good health.
         Be sponsored/supported by your local church (a PBC requirement)

Financial Requirements
To be eligible to come you must be able to show that you have enough money to
pay the cost of your education, return fares and living costs in Australia for the
total period of your course. When you apply, you must sign a declaration that
you or your Parent or Guardian have the money to pay these costs. If you come
to Australia and you cannot pay the costs or support yourself, you may be
required to leave the country.
Health Requirements
Students need to be in good health. Most overseas students must have a
medical test and X-ray examination. The Australian Diplomatic Mission in your
country will advise you regarding these. While you are a student in Australia you
will be required to take out medical insurance under the Australian Government’s
Medicare Scheme (single student, $214.50, family $429 per 6 months).

                                                         “An experience of
                                                           a life time…”
11 Admissions-Academic Requirements
Academic Requirements
    Diploma of Ministry or Advanced Diploma in Christian Ministry:
         To enter the Diploma of Ministry or the Advanced Diploma of Christian
         Ministry, a student must have completed year 12 in the Australian
         Secondary School System or equivalent (details to be submitted with
         application). Candidates who do not otherwise qualify for admission
         and who have attained the age of 21 years may be provisionally
         admitted as mature age students. Full admission shall be confirmed
         once the student has satisfactorily completed the first year.
    Bachelor of Ministry Degree:
         Every candidate for the Bachelor of Ministry Degree must be qualified
         for admission to an Australian University, or have other acceptable post
         -secondary qualifications. Mature age students can qualify for
         admission by obtaining a satisfactory grade in both the Essay and
         Multiple Choice of the “Special Tertiary Admissions Test” conducted by
         the Tertiary Institutions Service Centre Inc..

Recognition of Prior Learning
In some cases students may already have qualifications which can be given
credit toward the completion of the course they wish to take. In these cases
“Advanced Standing” in recognition of the prior learning will be given. A
notification, in writing, showing the impact of this on course duration, and the
units to be completed in order to graduate will be given upon request.

                                                            “Their courses
                                                           are recognised all
12         Admissions—English Requirements
English Requirements
The Australian Government requires incoming students to demonstrate their
proficiency in English before a student visa will be granted. Unless you
completed your secondary education in English, in a country where English is
the first language, you will need to complete the following test:
        IELTS (International English Language Testing System) at the Australian
        Diplomatic Mission or the Australian Education Centre.
The applicant should ask the testing authority to mail the test results directly to:
The Dean of Students, Perth Bible College. The following standards have been
set as the English language requirements for Perth Bible College courses:
                 Advanced Diploma
                        IELTS Band Score:                   5.5
                        IELTS Band Score:                   6.0*
                        IELTS Band Score:                   6.0
                 Graduate Diploma
                        IELTS Band Score:                   6.5

*Minimum entry of 5.0 will be granted where the students undertake the Ministry
in English subjects (section 5). The normal entry to this course for full credit
toward the Degree is IELTS 6.0)

Equal Opportunity
PBC does not discriminate in the admission and access to its programmes and
activities on the basis of handicap, age, sex, race, colour, national or ethnic
origin. We look forward to meeting you!

                                                            “The out of hours
                                                                 help was
A     Perth Bible College-Application Form
    CRICOS Provider Code: 00986G

                                    APPLICATION FOR ADMISSION
              Please complete this application form and include the required attachments and send to:

                                   Perth Bible College          P: (08) 9243 2000
                                   1 College Court              F: (08) 9243 2050
                                   Karrinyup WA 6018            E:
                                   Austrlaia                    W:

     Personal Details                                              Personal Details (continued)
                                                                  1. Are you of Aboriginal and / or Torres Strait Islander
    Family Name: ______________________________________           origin?
                                                                                           No        Yes, Aboriginal
    First Name:_________________ Preferred: ______________
                                                                                                     Yes, Torres Strait
    Second Name: ______________________________________
                                                                  2. Country of Birth: __________________________________
    Marital Status:
                                                                     If born overseas, year of arrival:___________________
        Married*             Single           Other
                                                                     Citizenship: _____________________________________
    *Previous Family name: ______________________________             Please provide original or certified copy of
                                                                             Birth Certificate or Passport.
    Date of Birth: _______________________________________
                                                                  3. If you are not an Australian citizen, are you a Permanent
    Gender:                         Female               Male     Australian Resident?
                                                                                           No                   Yes
    Home phone: (h) ____________________________________             If Yes, you must provide evidence of Residency.

    Work phone: (w) ____________________________________          4. Are you on an overseas student visa?       No       Yes

    Mobile: ____________________________________________
                                                                       Do you need Medical Cover?        No       Yes
    Fax: (h) ___________________ (w) ____________________
                                                                  5. Do you speak a language other than English at home:
    Email: _____________________________________________
                                                                                            No                 Yes
    Term Address: ______________________________________
                                                                      If Yes, which language? ___________________________
    __________________________ Postcode: _______________          6. Do you have a disability, impairment or long term medical
                                                                  condition which may affect your studies?
    Postal Address: _____________________________________                                   No                Yes
    ___________________________Postcode:_______________               If Yes, please indicate.

    Permanent Home Address: ____________________________                   Hearing          Learning           Mobility
    __________________________________________________                     Vision           Medical            Other_________

    __________________________ Postcode: _______________              Would you like to receive advice on support services,
                                                                      equipment and facilities which may assist you?
                                                                                            No                 Yes
A       Perth Bible College-Application Form
    7. Please indicate which course you are seeking admission into:      If an Overseas student -

                                                                         Country of Studies: __________________________________
           Diploma of Ministry (Cricos: 061404G)
                                                                         Language of Studies: _________________________________
           Adv. Diploma of Christian Ministry (Cricos:051855G)

                                                                         13. Tertiary Level (or other relevant studies)
           Bachelor of Ministry Degree (Cricos: 061405G)                   Please include copies of academic transcripts

                                                                         Institution 1: ___________________________________
    8. Have you previously studied at PBC?
                                                                         Course Name: _______________________________________
                                   No                    Yes
                                                                         Year award granted: _________
    If Yes, when? ______________________________________
                                                                         If incomplete, year withdrew: ___________
                                                                         If incomplete, indicate proportion completed:
    9. When do you wish to begin study?                                  __________________________________________________
    (eg Semester 1, 2011) _______________________________
                                                                         Institution 2: ___________________________________

                                                                         Course Name: _______________________________________
    Course Admission
                                                                         Year award granted: _________
    10. On what basis are you seeking admission?
                                                                         If incomplete, year withdrew: ___________
           Higher School Certificate or equivalent *copy of transcript
                                                                         If incomplete, indicate proportion completed:
           Secondary Education*, TAFE or equivalent*copy of transcript
           Higher Education Course* (eg. Degree) *copy of transcript
                                                                         14. Are you currently studying elsewhere?
           Professional Qualification*      evidence required
                                                                                                     No               Yes

           Mature age *     copy of passport or birth certificate
                                                                              If Yes, complete the following:
           Special entry * evidence required
                                                                         Institution: _________________________________________
    11. Are you intending to study:
                                                                         Course Name: _______________________________________
                                   Part-time              Full-time
                                                                                                     Part–time       Full-time

                                                                         15. What was your Parent/Guardian’s highest educational
    Previous Education                                                   attainment?
    12. Secondary Level                                                  Male Attainment:____________________________________
     Please include copy of academic record or award

    School attended: ___________________________________                 Female Attainment:__________________________________

    State: ___________________ Postcode: _______________                 English Proficiency
                                                                         16. Is English your first language?         No          Yes
    Year 12 completed:             No                    Yes
                                                                         (If English is not your first language, you may be required to
    Year that you left school: ______________________                    complete an IELTS test)

    UAI / TER / OP Score : ______________________________
                                                                         17. Details of English Language Test Completed:
    Name of the town/suburb where you lived in your last year
     of secondary school:
    Town/Suburb ___________________ Postcode: ________                   Test Date: _______________ Test Score: ________________

                                                                                 Please include a copy of the Test Results
A        Perth Bible College-Application Form
    Credit for Previous Study                                          Next of Kin
                                                                       24. Name of Next of Kin:
    18. Would you like to apply for credit for previous study?
                                No                Yes
                                                                       Address of Next of Kin: _______________________________
    If Yes - include transcript of previous study.

    Financial Information
    Tuition fees are required before each semester
    19. How do you generally plan to pay for your study?               Phone: _____________________________________________

                                                                       Marketing Information
            Credit Card – Mastercard Visa
                                                                       25. Why have you chosen to study with Perth Bible College?
            Bank Transfer
           Fee Help – A loan provided by the Government to
    Australian citizens only. This can be used for all or part of
    your fees.
                                                                       26. How did you discover Perth Bible College?
    20. Have you used HECS/FEE-HELP before?             No       Yes

         If yes provide your CHESSN number:_________________               Web                    Student           Staff

                                                                           Exhibition etc.        Church            Advertising
    Church Information
    21. Church Attending: _______________________________

         Church Address: _________________________________
         Period of Attendance: _____________________________
                                                                       27. Do you want to apply to use our accommodation?
         Church Involvement: _____________________________
                                                                                                                        No        Yes
    Reference Information (3 required)                                 (Complete separate Accommodation Application form)
    22. Name of Pastor/Leader:___________________________

    Address of Pastor/Leader:_____________________________             Application Checklist
                                                                              Birth Certificate or Passport
                                                                              3 Passport size photographs
    Name of Church: ____________________________________

    Phone:_____________________________________________                       Evidence of residency (if required)

    Email: _____________________________________________                      Academic Transcripts – secondary and / or tertiary

    23. Referees 2&3:                                                         Fee Help Application (if applying for Fee Help)
    Address:_____________________________________                            References (Pastor/Church Leader and 2 others)
                                                                              IELTS (If required)
    Name:_______________________________________                             Other: _______________________________________
A       Perth Bible College-Application Form
     Payments, Withdrawal & Refunds
    Students must pay their semester fees in full as indicated (at 19) prior to the commencement of each semester. Students may
    withdraw from courses without academic penalty only if notice of withdrawal is submitted in writing to the Registrar by 4.00 pm
    on the Census Date applicable to the subject in question. If withdrawal occurs up to 4.00 pm on the Census date the tuition fee
    will be refunded but a withdrawal penalty will be charged to the student and is payable immediately. Beyond this time, tuition
    fees will not be refunded. See the Perth Bible College Refund Policy for further details.
    I understand and accept the Payment, Withdrawal and Refund arrangements of Perth Bible College.

     Signature: ____________________________________ Date: ______ /______ / _______
     Privacy Legislation
    Perth Bible College requires the information requested of you in this form in order to provide you with education services and to
    cater for particular student’s needs. If you do not provide all the relevant information, we may not be able to provide such
    services and to assess your academic progress.
    Please also note that Perth Bible College may provide your personal information and sensitive information to third parties (eg
    educational institutions such as universities, colleges and accreditation bodies and Australian government bodies such as
    DEEWR, Centrelink and the Department of Immigration and Citizenship, Tuition Assurance Scheme, ESOS Assurance Fund
    Manager) in order to provide you with education services and assess your academic progress or suitability.
    You can request access to your health and personal information by contacting the Privacy Officer.
    I understand and accept the privacy legislation.

     Signature: ____________________________________ Date: ______ /______ / _______

    I agree with the PBC Statement of Faith. I undertake to give the utmost attention to my studies, and to carry out such duties
    as are allotted me, to live for others at all times, and to abide by the College guidelines and policies at all times. I wish to be
    considered for entry into the program that I have nominated. I declare that the information that I have provided herein is
    true and accurate to the best of my knowledge.

     Signature: ____________________________________ Date: ______ /______ / _______

     Date App. Rec’d:                           Request for Info                                         Acknowledgement Letter
                            Incomplete:                                             Complete:       
      _____________                             Date Sent: ________________                              Date Sent: _______________

     Ref’s Requested Date: _____________ Ref’s Rec’d Date: _____________              OK to Process (Sign): ___________________

     Approved Course:         ____________________________________________________
     Basis for Admission:     ____________________________________________________

     Dean of Students / Faculty Advisor:                                   Principle / Academic Dean:
     Sign.: ______________________ Date: _______________                   Sign.: _____________________ Date: ______________

     Credit Application:      Y / N
     Credit Offered: _________________ EFTSL _____________________ Used: _________________ EFTSL
     Date: _________________________ Sign.: ___________________________
     VET based credit:                                                   HEP based credit:
     Field of Study: __________________________________                  Name of Inst.
     Level of Award: __________________________________                  ________________________________________________
     Provider Type: __________________________________                   ________________________________________________

     Formal Acceptance Letter           Fee-Help Form                                     Paradigm Entry:
     Date Sent: ________________        N/A or Date Rec’d: ___________________            Date: ____________________

     PBC Student No:                            Paradigm No:                                   CHESSN No:
13        Admissions - Application Procedure
Applications to study full-time can be received at any time up to the beginning of
the relevant semester. The first semester begins in February and the second in
July (see Academic Calendar). Applications will be assessed in terms of a
student’s desire to please and serve God, their dedication to study and their
willingness to be taught.

Application Procedure
Your application must consist of the following:
     The application form (section A) with each question carefully and
      prayerfully answered.
     A page or two in your own handwriting, telling how you became a
      Christian, and why you believe that the Lord would have you train for
      Christian life and service at PBC.
     A non-refundable application fee. ($400).
     6 Months Medical Insurance fee. ($240 (single) $480 (family) (payable on
      arrival at PBC).
     3 recent passport photos of yourself.
     A copy of your passport showing your name, passport number and date of
      birth (and visa details if already in Australia).
     A copy of your “Certificate of attendance” (if already studying in Australia).
     Your church’s letter of sponsorship/support (see section 15)
     A medical certificate, outlining your present state of physical, emotional
      and mental health and commenting whether you are able to undertake full-
      time study.
     A copy of your birth certificate.
     A copy of your IELTS certificate.
When your application is complete, please mail it to: Dean of Students
                                                        Perth Bible College
                                                        1 College Court,
                  PERTH BIBLE
                                  COLLEGE               Karrinyup, WA, 6018

                                                         “Yes it was a big
                                                          decision, but I
                                                       applied and let God
                                                      take care of the rest.
                                                        I’m so glad I did!”
14                              Admissions - Acceptance
Acceptance Procedure
We recommend that, prior to sending us your application, you contact the
Australian Immigration authorities, find out how to apply for a student visa, and
determine what the specific visa requirements are and whether you can meet
When we receive your application the following steps will take place:
1 We will reply to you, informing you that we have received your application,
  your application fee, and we also outline all the relevant course information
  and costs.
2 We will write to the people you have listed as referees to obtain references.
3 When we have received the references, your application will be considered by
  the College Faculty. We will then immediately write and inform you of the
  decision of the Faculty. If accepted, we will send you a formal PBC “Letter of
  Offer” which you need to formally accept and return to us together with your
  first semester’s fees.
4 Upon receiving your acceptance of our offer and your fees you will be sent a
  “Confirmation of Acceptance” letter together with a document entitled
  “Overseas Student Confirmation of Enrolment”, which shows that we have
  notified the Australian authorities that you have been accepted by us.
5 You will then need to take the “Letter of Offer,” the “Confirmation of
  Acceptance” and the “Confirmation of Enrolment” advice form to the nearest
  Australian Diplomatic Mission to apply for your Student Visa, or apply on-line
  if this is possible. It could take up to 12 weeks to complete visa procedures,
  so you should arrange your study place well before the commencement of the
  academic semester. This begins in February for the first semester and in July
  for the second semester.

                                                           “PBC, gives you
                                                           the opportunity
                                                           to be your best
                                                              for God...”
15                 Admissions - Spiritual/Financial
Spiritual Requirements
People have different perceptions about what it means to come to Bible College.
Some feel that they are not good enough to mix with the more spiritual people
they expect to find at College. Others see Bible College as a way to escape from
the pressures of modern life or to find a quick and easy way to grow spiritually.
Of course, neither of these ideas is true. Perth Bible College trains ordinary
people for ministry. You need only know the love of the Lord and live in a
personal relationship with Him as your Saviour and Lord, and have a desire to be
trained for service in God’s kingdom.
Sponsorship Requirements
Applications from overseas students wishing to undertake training at Perth Bible
College should be supported by evidence of sponsorship from a Church in the
applicant’s home country. This sponsorship should take the form of a written
recommendation to the College and include the following details:
             Details regarding the applicant’s spiritual character.
             State that the student is suitable for the intended studies.
             Evidence that the applicant has a long-term commitment to
              Christian ministry and the local church.
             Indicate any financial support.

Students are able to apply for a student work contract. This enables students to
subsidise their fees in exchange for performing certain cleaning, library, or
maintenance duties around the campus.

                                                       “I thought only
                                                     special people could
                                                     come to PBC, but I
                                                      took the plunge...
                                                      and never looked
16                                          Student Life - Study
Work Load
Higher Education Studies: The curriculum is designed to ensure that a fair
balance is achieved between the study loads of the various subjects. In order to
ensure this each subject is broken up into contact hours, that is - the time
students spend in class. A standard load for a full-time student is 12 contact
hours (4x3hr subjects) per semester. Students must undertake at least 9 contact
hours a week to maintain full-time status. For each contact hour students are
expected to do a minimum of 1.5 hours - Advanced Diploma or 2 hours -
Diploma and Degree Courses, or 2.5 hours - Graduate Diploma, extra for
research, assignments, revision and reading.
Community Involvement: As part of our commitment to community life and
formation all full-time students are also required to be involved in College
activities such as College retreats, College duties, devotions and chapel times,
ministry presentations and growth groups.

Various forms of teaching methods are used by the college staff. Students are,
however, expected to come to class fully prepared in order to facilitate classroom
interaction. Staff members are always available for consultation on study
matters. To provide students with assistance and guidance in matters relating to
their personal life and development, their studies, and their future direction, each
student is also allocated a staff member as their “Faculty Adviser”.

                                                         “For sure it’s hard
                                                            work, but the
                                                             rewards are
                                                           definitely worth
17                                      Student Life - Ministry
Ministry Development
Each student will no doubt desire to become further involved in Christian
ministry, so we have included, as part of the courses at College, specific
assessment components which are designed to develop the practical and
spiritual ministry skills of all students. Each student is involved in leading
devotions, participating in community time and contributing to student ministry
The Advanced Diploma and the Bachelor of Ministry Degree includes a field
work component. This component increases from year to year. Firstly to make
this component a success we require each student to be actively and regularly
involved in the activities of a local church and be accountable to the leadership
of the church they attend. They should over time develop a close relationship
with their church Pastor/Elders/Leaders so they are exposed to the ministries of
the church.
They should, over time, develop a close relationship with their church Pastor/
Elders/Leaders so they are exposed to the ministries of the church.
As the student progresses through their studies they will be increasingly required
to move from being an attendee to a ministry participant, ministry servant, and
eventually a ministry leader. This development will occur as each student seeks
to develop their gifts and ministry passion with their faculty adviser and their
In the final year of studies, to further improve each students ministry ability, each
student will undertake a Supervised Field Work Project. This gives the student
the opportunity to put the learning into practice, and develop the necessary skills
for future ministry, being ready to…GO ...for God

                                                                “When I
                                                           graduated I didn’t
                                                           just know what to
                                                           do, I had already
                                                              done a lot of
                                                            practical work...”
18                                     Student Life - Support
Pastoral Support
All students at Perth Bible College receive pastoral care. The College employs a
chaplain who is available to assist all students with pastoral care matters. Each
student is also allocated a Faculty Adviser to assist and guide you through your
course and to provide pastoral care to you and your family.
Each student also belongs to a Growth Group, the members of which provide
pastoral care to one another, as well as get involved in College life as a team.
The Student Council also seeks to ensure the welfare of each of the students.
The Student Council are responsible for College activities and resolution of
student difficulties and conflict. They also act as a mediator between students
and staff if required. Several of the staff live on the campus and are generally
available most of the time to assist students adjust to College life and its
The College year commences with an Orientation day. During this time students
are introduced to each other, the College and the course. A special time in this
programme is reserved for issues directly related to overseas students.
Study Skills
The College offers a study skills course which all new students are encouraged
to take to assist in their academic study.
Student Support Contact
If you need assistance in any of these areas, or in adjusting or understanding
College life please contact our Dean of Students.

                                                          “They cared as
                                                          much about me
                                                         as they did about
                                                           my studies...”
19            Student Life - Academic Calendar

Academic Calendar
PBC’s academic year consists of two 15 week semesters, comprised of 1 study
week, 1 exam week, and 13 weeks of lectures. The College year commences in
February and concludes in early December. Each semester has a two week mid-
semester break, with a four week vacation break in between the two semesters,
in July. These breaks coincide with school holidays in Western Australia. There
is also a student retreat held in first semester each year. Most subjects and
College activities are held on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday, leaving the rest
of the week for study, family time or part-time work.

Important Dates 2012
       Orientation Day                 Mon Feb 20
       Semester 1 Commences            Tues Feb 21
       Census Date                     Fri Mar 23
       Mid Year Break                  Fri June 22 - Mon July 30
       Semester 2 Commences            Tues July 31
       Census Date                     Fri Aug 24
       Graduation                      Sat Dec 8

Important Dates 2013
       Orientation Day                 Mon Feb 18
       Semester 1 Commences            Tues Feb 19
       Census Date                     Fri Mar 22
       Mid Year Break                  Fri June 21 - Mon July 29
       Semester 2 Commences            Tues July 30
       Census Date                     Fri Aug 23
       Graduation                      Sat Dec 7

                                                        “Take the time to
                                                         do what really
20                                        Finances - Fee Structure
2012 Student Fee Structure *
Fees Per Standard Unit                                     Full        Per Semester
       Adv. Diploma of Christian Ministry                 $1200          $4800
       Diploma of Ministry                                $1350          $5400
       Bachelor of Ministry Degree                        $1350          $5400
          Semester Enrolment Fee                                            $200
          (The Board has kept fee increases low and waived the enrolment fee for 2012 to assist
          overseas students with the cost of the high Australian dollar).
          Full time Student Facility Fee                  $80 per semester
          Part time Student Facility Fee                  $40 per semester
The above fees are for a standard subject. The standard semester load is 4
subjects. Fees include library usage, but do not include textbooks etc. The
spouse of a full-time student receives a 50% discount on their course fees.

Work Contracts: Students are able to apply for a student work contract. This
enables students to subsidise their fees by performing certain cleaning, library,
or maintenance duties around the campus. For a full-time student taking 4 units,
typically this would help subsidise their fees by around $180 per unit.

Accommodation Costs - Full-Time Students (2012 rates)
     1 Bedroom Unit:               $195/week (includes gas)
     2 Bedroom Unit:               $220/week (includes gas)
     3 Bedroom Unit:               $245/week (includes gas)
     Single Student:               $115/week (includes electricity & gas)
     Rental Bond:                  Two weeks rent
          (Ask for an Accommodation Application form to apply)
There is no government assistance for overseas students and Perth Bible College currently does not
have scholarships for overseas students.
* The following year’s fees will be released in October

                                                                           “At PBC
                                                                        the benefits far
                                                                      the investment...”
21                                       Finances - Fee Payments
Student Fees
You must remain enrolled with PBC for the entire first semester, and your first
semester’s fees must be paid in full prior to commencement of the semester.
For following semesters fees must be paid in full prior to the commencement of
each semester. Accommodation costs can be paid on a fortnightly in advance
basis, via our direct debit facility. Add 2.5% for Credit Card payments.

For students on an international student visa, the following is the College’s policy
regarding the refunding of fees for overseas students:
1.      No refund for the application fee paid will be given.
2.      If a student’s application for a student visa is unsuccessful, a full refund of any tuition fees
        paid in advance will be granted.
3.      When an overseas student withdraws from their course, the following refunds will apply:
                  Any time before the semester commences, a full refund of any tuition fees paid in
                   advance will be granted;
                  After the semester commences and during the first four weeks of the semester,
                   50% of the semesters fee will be refunded; and
                  After the fourth week of the semester, no refund will be granted of the semester
4.      If Perth Bible College withdraws its offer to provide a program to a student, fails to provide a
        program offered, or is terminated as a Higher Education provider (before or after the
        commencement of the semester), the provider default provisions of the ESOS Act 2000 will
5.      If Perth Bible College withdraws a student from a program because the student has seriously
        breached the international student visa conditions or rules of Perth Bible College after the
        commencement of the semester, no refund will be granted for that semester’s fees.
This agreement does not remove the right to take further action under Australia’s Consumer
Protection Laws.
All applications for refunds need to be made in writing to the Administration
Officer of the College.

                                                                          “Take a Year -
                                                                               make a
22                                                College Facilities
Perth Bible College is situated on the corner of Karrinyup Road and Marmion
Avenue, Karrinyup, Perth. It is easily accessible by train, bus and car. The
campus is surrounded by beautifully landscaped gardens and provides an
attractive, spacious and functional educational complex, as well as excellent
residential facilities for students and staff.

The College provides accommodation for both married and single students, in
one, two or three bedroom units. All units can be rented furnished, including a
washing machine, refrigerator, cooking facilities, beds, lounge furniture, built-in
wardrobes and study desk. Students, however, need to provide their own
bedding and personal items.

The College provides refreshments at morning tea, as well as lunch three times
a week, for all students. Lunches are served in our College dining room and
provide an ideal opportunity for students and staff to mix together informally.
Students are required to be involved once a week in the preparation of meals,
and the cleaning afterwards.

The College has a study room where students can avail themselves of
computers for word-processing. The College provides a wireless internet service
and all library computers are also connected to the internet and are available for
students to use. Students also have the opportunity to use audio-visual
equipment and data projectors for presentations and training sessions.

College Facilities                                    Accommodation Units
22                                                College Facilities
The library is well stocked with well over 25,000 books and is constantly being
expanded. Here students will find all the required material - and more - for in-
depth study and research on all topics covered in the syllabus.
A wide range of periodicals and journals (over 120) keep students abreast of all
the latest theological developments, Biblical research, and creative concepts for
communicating the gospel more effectively. Many journals are now available to
library members on-line.
The library also contains a large reference section which incorporates Bible
commentaries, Bible versions, concordances, dictionaries, encyclopaedias,
maps and other study aids.
Included within the College grounds are facilities for tennis, basketball, volleyball,
table-tennis and a large oval for various other recreational activities. A student
common room with vending machines and coffee making facilities provides a
further place for students to relax.
The College is located next to a public golf course and is only 2 minutes drive
from Perth’s excellent beaches and the Karrinyup shopping centre (over 140
Many lasting friendships are created at PBC. These relationships prove
invaluable in later life as a source of encouragement and also provide an ideal
reference for discussing practical and spiritual issues which face students in real
life ministry.

    Tennis Court                                                   Library
23                                                  College Staff
                     Mr David Smith                     Mr Adam Niven
                     (BBus, BMin, MA Th)                (BMin)
                     Principal                          Dean of Studies

                     David has experience in            Adam completed his
                     business and has worked            degree specialising in
                     as a Church Pastor in the          pastoral ministry and
                     area of teaching and               creative media. He heads
                     leadership training before         up our creative and
                     coming to PBC. He is the           external studies
                     College Principal and a            departments, allowing
                     lecturer. David comes to           students to access our
                     PBC from Tasmania with             training in various formats
                     his wife and three children.       and locations.

                     Dr Andre van Oudtshoorn
                                                        Mr Brett Muhlhan
                     (BA, BD, Dip Th, DTh)
                                                        (BMin, MTh, ThD (cand))
                     Academic Dean
                                                        Post Graduate
                     Previously Andre has
                     served as a Church pastor
                                                        Brett and his wife and family
                     and as a TV director. Andre
                                                        have been involved in a
                     is Senior lecturer in
                                                        number of aspects of
                     Theology and Creative
                                                        pastoral ministry. His
                     Studies. Originally from
                                                        experience as pastor,
                     South Africa he has lectured
                                                        chaplain, and lecturer have
                     in many lands and seeks to
                                                        developed a passion for a
                     place Christ as the central
                                                        theology that drives the
                     focus in all he teaches and
                                                        church’s mission and
                                                        proclamation to the world.

                     Mr Basie van Rooyen                Mrs Lois Sandow
                     (BA (Th), BA (Hons) BD)            Receptionist
                     Lecturer/ Property
                     Manager                            Lois has worked in
                                                        Christian Education, and
                     Basie and his wife Hanlie          as a private music
                     have extensive ministry            teacher. She works as
                     and pastoral experience.           receptionist and secretary
                     He has a background in             at the college. Her kind
                     Hebrew and Old                     smile and friendliness
                     Testament studies in which         ensure you always feel
                     he lectures. Basie also            welcome.
                     manages our College
                     facilities and our distance
                     education resources.

                     Mrs Gillian Dixon                  Mr Ken Vawser
                     (DipMin)                           (CPA)
                     Dean of Students                   Admin Officer

                     Gillian with husband               Ken has worked in the
                     Jeremy and their 5 children        government, industry and
                     have been involved in              for many church and
                     pastoral and chaplaincy            Christian organisations in
                     work in many contexts for          the field of Accounting and
                     over 20 years. Gillian has         Administration. Ken now
                     taken up the Dean of               cares for the finances of
                     Students role having a             the College.
                     passion to see people live
                     authentic lives before God
                     in whatever context they
                     are called to serve.

     “We commit ourselves to you as you seek to serve our Lord.”
23                                                                College Staff
                     Dr Garth Eichhorn                                      Mrs Anne van Oudtshoorn
                     (Dip (Pas.Std), Dip RE,                                (BA (Eng), PG Dip (Ed), PG
                     DMin)                                                  Dip (Trans), Hons (Ling))
                     Lecturer                                               Lecturer

                     Garth has worked as a                                  Anne is a qualified English
                     church pastor for over 30                              teacher and currently senior
                     years. He has a particular                             teacher at Carey Baptist
                     involvement with urban                                 College. Anne also has
                     mission in which he also                               been involved in Pastoral
                     completed his doctorate.                               ministry with her husband
                     Garth has planted churches                             Andre for many years. Anne
                     and developed several                                  heads our English assistance
                     urban mission projects.                                program for international
                     Garth is also Chairman of                              students.
                     the PBC board.

                     Dr David Michie                                        Mrs Judy Smith
                     (BA, B c, MA, DTh)                                     Librarian
                                                                            Judy is a gifted musician,
                     David is the director of                               the wife of David and the
                     Journeylines Counselling &                             mother of Daniel, Aidan and
                     Training Services and has                              Kaila. Judy, who previously
                     over 20 years of counselling                           worked for Australia Post, is
                     experience. He has been a                              a passionate book lover and
                     lecturer for PBC for many                              now works as the College
                     years and has a desire for                             Librarian.
                     people to know, explore and
                     live the realness of Jesus in
                     all of life.

                     Mr Nick van Oudtshoorn                                 Mrs Lloyd Porter
                     (B CM (Hons), MDiv)                                    (B.App.Sc, Dip.Th, MA)
                     Systems Administrator                                  Lecturer

                     Nick has a background in
                     systems administration. As                             Lloyd served as the field
                     well as serving us in the IT                           leader for Operation
                     sphere he is also pastoring                            Mobilisation’s work in Russia
                     a church. Nick works for us                            for 15 years. Lloyd and his
                     part time to ensure all that                           wife Katherine are currently
                     our IT services are                                    the WA State directors for
                     functioning and improving.                             OM and are involved in
                                                                            mobilising churches for
                                                                            world mission. Lloyd now
                                                                            brings these years of
                                                                            experience into the missions

                     Mr Geoff Wager
                     (Cert. Teach, BDiv, BSc)

                     Geoff and his family worked
                     as missionaries for many
                     years in Indonesia. He has
                     continued his passion for
                     mission in the form of
                     lecturing in many places
                     over the years. Geoff also
                     has a depth of knowledge in
                     church history and lectures
                     with international students
                     who are seeking to improve
                     their English.                  Miss Charmaine Roper        Mrs Sarah Park
                                                        Office Assistant         Office Assistant

     “PBC has changed, but its investment in students hasn’t...”
24                                                   College Core Values
We are Evangelical
           We believe in the urgent need to reach our broken world with the gospel of Jesus Christ and
           to train men and women to be effective servants for God.
We are Interdenominational
           We teach people to think through issues by providing foundational knowledge, tools and
           skills so that they can approach practical ministry with a well developed framework for
           leading various forms of ministry rather than prescribing one approach to ministry.
We are Ministry Oriented
           Our studies contain a high academic level of education, and we are committed to maintaining
           this high standard as an important foundation for practical ministry. However, all our studies
           will also have a “How does this apply to my Christian, church and world situation?” focus as
           well as contain the practical skills necessary to be effective in ministry.
We are Servants of God’s Word
           We understand that as humans we need to adopt a posture of humility before the final
           authority of the revelation of God. We allow God’s Word to constantly confront us, placing our
           ideas and practices before Him to be shaped and moulded for his glory.
We are Communication Focussed
           In any form of ministry communication skills are paramount. The effectiveness of ministry will
           depend not so much on the knowledge of the message but on how the message is
           communicated in a relevant and clear way. All of our studies incorporate the need to be able
           to communicate well that which is being learned.
We are Community Centred
           We believe that community is a primary means for personal transformation as well as
           foundational for healthy church ministry. To facilitate this, part of our training includes
           students experiencing and being part of a transforming community at College.
We are Kingdom Trainers
           Rather than only training the individual, we desire to give students tools so they can develop
           others as well as themselves. Each graduate should be able to not only effectively impact the
           world in which they minister, but train others to also impact their world for Christ.
We believe in:
1. One God, eternally existent in three persons, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.
2. Our Lord Jesus Christ, God manifest in the flesh, His virgin birth, His sinless human life, His divine
   miracles, His vicarious and atoning death, His bodily resurrection, His ascension, His mediatorial
   work, and His Personal return in power and glory.
3. The salvation of lost and sinful humanity
   through the shed blood of the Lord Jesus
   Christ by faith, apart from works, and
   regeneration by the Holy Spirit.
4. The Holy Spirit, by whose indwelling the
   believer is enabled to live a holy life, to
   witness and work for the Lord Jesus Christ.
5. The Unity of the Spirit of all true believers, the
   Church, the Body of Christ.
6. The Resurrection of both the saved and the
   lost; those who are saved to the resurrection
   of life; those who are lost to the resurrection
   of damnation.
7. The Holy Scriptures as originally given by
   God, divinely inspired, infallible, entirely
   trustworthy; and the supreme authority in all
   matters of faith and conduct.
25                           Perth - General Information
About Australia
From the Pacific breakers in the east, to where the Indian Ocean rolls in 3600
kilometres to the west, Australia is a land of stark beauty and fascinating
contrasts, whose major cities huddled close by the continent’s coastline are
characterised by their easy-going manner and open air lifestyles.
About Perth
Perth is Australia’s fourth largest city, with a population of some 1.5 million
people. It is the capital of the State of Western Australia and lies on the banks of
the Swan River. Perth has the sophistication of a big city, with fine shops,
restaurants, and sporting and cultural facilities, yet it also offers a clean, safe,
and friendly environment to live in. Perth is a beautiful well-planned city, with
magnificent waterways, golden sand, surfing and swimming beaches along the
coast, and an extremely pleasant all year round Mediterranean like climate.
On the far west coast of Australia, Perth is one of the world’s most liveable cities.
Unmarred by smog or pollution and with an average of eight hours of sunshine
every day, it is home base for the West’s enormous mineral and energy projects.
For sailing, swimming, snorkelling or just soaking up the sun, there are few
places on earth like Perth. From overseas Perth can be reached by regular
international air services. And from the rest of Australia by domestic flights or by
bus or train.
Perth’s hottest month is February with an average maximum temperature of 30C
and a minimum of 19C. The coolest month is July having an average maximum
of 18C and minimum of 9C. Perth has a perfect climate for outdoor activities and
living much of the year. For more information on living in Perth see these

                                                        “A perfect place for
                                                         study, family, and
                                                          to enjoy life and
26                                              Perth - Living Here
Living at Perth Bible College provides you with the convenience of having a large
shopping centre (over 140 shops), excellent public beaches, a golf course, and
access to public transport, all within easy walking distance from your front door.
Living on site will give you the added advantage of having a fully furnished unit at
a relatively low cost, complete with gas and electricity already connected, and a
safe environment and play area for children.
Perth is a multicultural city and has a variety of stores which cater for people
from many different countries. There are also a number of excellent markets
located throughout the city.
The college has 18 self contained units for student accommodation. A single
student living on campus should be able to manage on around $1500 per month.
A family living on campus at PBC could manage to live on around $2000-$2500
per month. These figures would include general living costs, and exclude course
costs, books etc, schooling of children, and do not allow for extras like running a
vehicle. Children are required to attend school from year 1. Obviously costs vary
for each individual situation (for Immigration finance requirements visit http:// While holding a student visa you are
permitted to work up to 20 hours a week during semester time and full-time
during the holidays to supplement your income.
Public schooling is close by, with the primary school only being a short walk
away from the College. All children from the age of 6 must be enrolled in a
primary school. Secondary school begins at age 12 or 13. All children enrolled at
a government or non-government (private) school will be required to pay full
school fees. Currently the yearly government schooling costs are as follows:
Kindergarten $3000, Primary (prep & year 1 to year 7) $5600, Secondary
(years 8-10) $6500, Secondary (years11 - 12) $7500.
To live in Perth is to have all the advantages of city life without feeling like you
are in a large city.

27                                                        Flowchart of Courses

                                         Year 12

                              No                         Yes

                       Mature Age
                                                     Eligible for

      No                                                                                Yes
                                         Yes No
                                   Advanced Diploma of
                                                                                              Prior Degree
                                    Christian Ministry
                                         3 years


                                                    Diploma of Ministry
        Bachelor of                                       1 Year
       Ministry Degree
           3 Years


                                                                                                 Graduate Certificate in Arts
                                                                                                         6 Months
                                                     Master of Divinity                           Graduate Diploma of Arts
                                                         3 Years                                           1 Year
     Master of Theology
       12-18 Months                                                                                     Master of Arts

                                                                                                         18 Months
           Completed                                                                                         Completed

      Master of Theology                                                                               Master of Arts
     (Honours) Research                                                                              (Honours) Research
          1-2 Years                                                                                      1-2 Years
                          *                                                                                                  *
           Completed                                                                                         Completed

     Doctor of Theology                              Doctor of Ministry                             Doctor of Philosophy

                          *                                                *                                             *

                                           * These are SCD Awards

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