Leaks _ News From Anonymous by BrianCharles


									Leaks & News From Anonymous

    Federal Reserve Confirms Hack Led To Data Leak
    Anonymous Posts Over 4000 U.S. Bank Executive Credentials
    Wells Fargo is foreclosing on my property and I have been paying every single one of my
     monthly payments. All they have to do to get my property is file a notice of default wait
     90 days then announce a sale date. If I want to defend myself I have to hire attorneys that
     I can not afford or lose my property. What recourse do I have? I have written to Kamala
     Harris but all I get is finger pointing at different agencies, such as Office of the
     comptroller, Consumer Financial and no response.
    Tweets for Fri, 01 Feb 2013
    So when is everyone grouping together again to form another nonviolent protest? After
     this recent tax increase and groceries going up, something needs to be done about those
     employed in Congress. We can't keep letting them run things the way they are now. So
     what is being planned?
    What are we/you doing about this Congress? Do you understand the Republicans are now
     threatening to shut down this government over the debt limit? Why aren't we louder?
    Explain to me how a person that makes a lot of money keeps me from my potential
     earning power.
    50,000 Accounts leaked from Pympy.com
    Voice Announcement from Anonymous on Wednesday Jan 30th 10:08 AM
    1337day mirror sites hacked by Injector & Sec4ever
    Database leaked from Network of Chamber of Commerce
    700,000 Accounts leaked for Project Sun Rise – Heart of Africa
    PostNet Hacked, 11,099 Credentials Leaked for #ProjectSunRise
    Hacktivists Target US Justice Department In Swartz Protest
    DhooL.com Hacked, 15,274 Credentials leaked
    Meacham Tool & Hardware hacked, personal order details leaked
    Tweets for Sun, 27 Jan 2013
    Rex Mundi Claims to have sold Buy Way Data
    1337day hacked by Injector & Sec4ever
    French Network of Chamber of Commerce Hacked
    Rex Mundi Claims to of sold Buy Way Data
   Anonymous Hackers Target US Agency Site
   United States Sentencing Commission Hacked By Anonymous for #OpLastResort
   Tweets for Thu, 24 Jan 2013
   MIT Exposed Hosting Child Porn Guides
   The Public whip hacked, 90,000 Credentials Leaked
   35+ further Australian sites hacked by Mr. Domoz
   Official Renault Argentina Hacked, 37,000 Account Credentials Leaked
   Vigilant Pro Private Security Services Hacked, Defaced
   Over 9000! Credentials leaked from Mobilephonetrace.com
   Rex Mundi attempts to get Buy Way to pay EUR 20,000 to prevent data leak
   britam defence hacked, confidential documents leaked, site offline
   Trinity Broadcasting Network Hacked, Affiliate Credentials Leaked
   Official Microsoft Europe Tango Down Claim by @AnonSquadNo035
   Tunisian-Canadian Chamber of commerce Hacked, Credentials Leaked
   The Extortionist, Drake International Leak Data Insight
   53,303 User Credentials Leaked from ezycoupons
   Has MEGA Failed Already, Exposed, Site Unstable and Twitter hacked!
   10 Sites hacked by Libero for #OpStopPollution
   20,000 Credentials leaked from Proximus Security Customer Support Site
   Australian based Baby Care Advice web site hacked, Credentials leaked
   Chinese embassy Information site defaced
   Official Angels Camp “City of Angels” Hacked, Defaced
   IC Publications Website AfricaAsia.com hacked, Credentials Leaked
   Coins and Canada Hacked, Credentials leaked for #OpLeak
   1.7GB Documents leaked from Special State Protection Service of Azerbaijan
   #OpEgypt Still in operation taking down government sites
   Australian based wordpress sites hacked and defaced
   35+ Israeli & 115 Other Sites hacked by @AnonGhost_
   45 Sites hacked with message for Anonymous Squad No.035
   Anonymous Announce #OpAngel, Phase II
   Avast Reseller, Help-pcs.com hacked by @TheCrowsCrew
   80 India sites hacked by Pakistani hacker
   SIIA, Software & Information Industry Association Hacked
   Preview Of RED, The Movie About Turkish Hacker Collective Red Hackers
   Forensic Experts India Hacked, Credentials leaked
   Harvard Hacked Again by @D35m0nd142
   Anonymous Releases JSTOR Documents In Aaron Swartz Memoriam
   Internet Crime Complaint Center Offline, Game Over Claims Tango Down
   Full 40,000 Accounts leaked from WOMVegas
   Sri Lanka Media Centre For National Security Hacked, Pathetic Security Exposed
   McGraw-Hill Construction Hacked, 10,000 Credentials Leaked
   AU PM Julia Gillard Announces Cyber Security and Safety Program, bCyberWise
   Australian Government Domain Ownership Fail
   Voice Announcement from Anonymous on Tuesday Jan 15th 03:45 PM
   In Wake of Activist's Death, Anonymous Hacks MIT Website
   Anonymous Hacks MIT Websites After Aaron Swartz's Death
   Tweets for Sun, 13 Jan 2013
   The @VandaTheGod Connection to @lulzpirate
   NaziGods Outed and Exposed or Not
   What is #OpSlaughterHouse by Game Over
   Police Store, PoliceOne.com hacked, for #OpSlaughterHouse
   Okara Police Hacked, personal details leaked for #OpSlaughterHouse
   Hackers Get Community Service For Michael Jackson Raid
   Online Game Miestukarai.lt Hacked & 24,000 Leaked
   Exposed Vulnerabilities on Sony Servers by @XTnR3v0LT
   WOM Vegas breached & 40,000 Account credentials obtained
   Atlanta Performs hacked, thousands of accounts leaked
   Anonymous Wants DDoS Attacks Recognized As Speech
   Tranzeo Wireless Technologies Hacked, 40,000 Credentials Leaked
   Panasonic Czech Republic and Slovakia Hacked, Defaced & Data Leaked
   Jefferson County Sheriff Taken offline
   20,000 Credentials Leaked from Association of Irish Festival Events
   51 Sites Defaced, PSF.gov.pk Hacked & data leaked
   22 Israeli sites hacked and defaced
   29 Romanian Sites hacked on a shared hosting
   claim only: Anonymous Hacked, Data leaked from Anonops.com by @ThisIsGame0ver
   DHS, Study in the States Hacked & Data Leaked By @OfficialNull
   Huge leak of Intel from German Chamber of Commerce, AHK.de
   Tweets for Thu, 03 Jan 2013
   34 Pakistan Sites Defaced By Afghan Cyber Army
   NASA Database Hacked By @D35m0nd142
   49,869 Voter Personal Details leaked from Steubenville City
   34 Australian, 28 Uganda Sites Hacked & Defaced
   Media Giant FOX Breached by @ThisIsGame0ver
   Official WWF China Hacked, 80,000 Accounts Leaked
   CHEM Trust Hacked and Defaced by @SatanSec
   Anonymous: 'Expect Us 2013'
   1,000 Myanmar Sites Hacked & Defaced
   365 Thai Sites Hacked & Defaced By Cyb3rTr0n
   Spree of hacked & defaced sites by @officialHmei7
   Tutu Foundation UK Hacked, Defaced by @SatanSec
   Yemen Customs Portal Hacked, 622 staff and ser Credentials Leaked
   Turkish Education Websites Attacked By Red Hackers For NYE 2013
   Arabic News site Durar Shamiya Hacked, 50,000 Accounts Leaked
   Gay dating site, ManTrackr hacked, 6,000 member details exposed
   Airport.ch hacked again, 8,000 member details leaked
   Anonymous Release 2013 Join US Video
   Email And News Provider Rediff Hacked, Data Leaked & More To Come
   Data Defence Hacked & Defaced Again, Where is the Security!
   Argentina Ministry of Defense Hacked, Documents leaked & Site Defaced
   Hacker Operations (OPS) of 2012
   22 Sri Lanka Government sites & Joomla webdesign site hacked
   Bangladeshi National University Hacked, Thousands of Credentials Leaked
   Anonymous set to attack Westboro baptist church tonite
   Eletronorte, Power Plants of Northern Brazil Hacked, Data Leaked
   Tweets for Thu, 27 Dec 2012
   Raj Musicals Hacked, 12,000 user credentials leaked
   Mobile Technology Company Zensis hacked, thousand of client details leaked
   Hacker Claims 20,000 sites breached in data center attack
   Renault Bulgaria Hacked, Defaced & Accounts Leaked
   Verizon 3M Data Leak, Who, When & Why
   Spread Your News Via @YourAnonNews new IRC on voxanon.org #YAN
   Anti Obama site hacked, defaced and data leaked
   90,000+ Accounts leaked from ihya.org by @th3inf1d3l
   Cyber Attacks Continue On Israel
   Official website of The Crown Prince, Kuwait, Hacked For Xmas
   #OpPedoHunt taking effect, twitter accounts closed down for child porn
   HP China breached and hacked, data leaked by Maxney
   Insight into the HP China Data Leak
   Islamic Network Hacked, 17,000 User Credentials Leaked
   National examination council (NECO) of Nigeria Hacked
   UC San Diego Hacked, Data leaked By Grey-Security @gsec_
   Government sites hacked for Project Mayhem
   3 million Verizon FiOS Customer Credentials Obtained In Breach
   Middle East Stock Market Site HAcked For Project Mayhem
   Biggest web design Company Hacked by Nigerian Cyber army Squad.22
   End of the world Data Leaked By Game Over
   FLINT IT, Latest victim of @SatanSec Joke Defaces
   Panda Security Greece Hacked, Defaced by Turkish Ajan Hacker Group
   Updates on CIA terrorist document leaks
   eBuyer Hacked, Knocked offline by @ThisIsGame0ver
   CIA Laptop hacked, terrorist, CIA docs leaked & DHS XSS
   Anonymous Hacks Westboro Baptist Church Over Sandy Hook Protests
   Attacks on WBC Spokesman @DearShirley Continue
   2012: Looking Back At The Major Hacks, Leaks And Data Breaches
   @DearShirley Hacked By UGNazi
   Israel Audio & Music Technology Magazine Hacked, thousands of accounts leaked for
   2 further sites + Electoral Reform Twitter hacked by @SatanSec
   How The UK Cops Sniffed Out AnonOps Admin Nerdo
   Gulf Coast Academy Breached, Data Leaked For #OpLiberation
   INOVx Solutions Hacked, Data leaked by UGNAZI
   10 Security Stories That Shaped 2012
   A Statement from .c0mrade
   Government Agency IT Solutions Contractor Aquilent Hacked in #ProjectWhiteFox
   Two more joke defaces by @SatanSec
   Who got breached in #ProjectWhiteFox 1.6 million Account leak
   Panasonic, Usa.gov, Google and Facebook Claims by @OsamaTheGod
   Gov Contractor Drum Cussac Offline After #ProjectWhiteFox Data Leak
   1.6 Million Accounts/Credentials Leaked For #ProjectWhiteFox
   IT Security Service Provider Data Defence Hacked
   30 Sites taken down for #OpEgypt
   #OpIsrael Attack Updates 20+ further sites hacked
   100 Sites defaced by @UGBrazil
   300 Indian sites defaced by Pakistani hackers
   40+ Israel & 40 Government Sites Hacked by @Teamr00t
   Leaked “confidential” PDF documents from private ITU meeting
   Barrett Brown Faces New Charges Related To The Stratfor Attack
   100+ Sites hacked and defaced by Anonymous Pakistan
   Anonymous Cyber Assault on Israel still continues
   Tooting South Medical Centre Hacked With Fake Warning Message
   Student Convicted Over Anonymous Cyber-Attacks
   Tweets for Tue, 04 Dec 2012
   Syria Industrial Bank Still Defaced Days After Attack
   #OpIsrael Still Attacking, Leaking Data & Taking Down Sites
   wcites Israel hacked for OpIsrael, 20,000 accounts leaked
   Update on Acer India Hack & Data Leak
   #OpSyria What is it and Why is it being done
   GetOnDown.com Hacked, Thousands of Personal details and credit cards leaked
   Anonymous Operation BBC #OpBBC
   150 Sites Hacked By Bangladesh Cyber Army
   Acer India Hacked, 20,000 User Credentails leaked
   300 Sites hacked by Anonymous Pakistan
   Syrian Government Sites Hacked For #OpSyria
   Global Hacking Network Declares Internet War On Syria
   Pepsi Philippines Hacked, Defaced and Data Leaked
   135 Sites breached as #OpLeak pushes on
   Anonymous Set Sights on Censorship Giant Canipre
   Ministry Of Public Work In Bahia
   United Nations Ecuador Subdomains Hacked, Defaced
   Tweets for Wed, 28 Nov 2012
   Thai Travel Center Hacked, 1400 user credentials leaked
   Anonymous Takes Down Texan RFID-Tracking School
   Anonymous Claims Stratfor Hacking Trial Is Partial, Unfair
   Colombian Military websites hacked, accounts leaked
   Columbian Military websites hacked, accounts leaked
   Anonymous Hacker Behind Stratfor Attack Faces Life In Prison
   MeTV Hacked, Affiliates credentials leaked
   Syria Virtual University Hacked, Student Logins leaked
   Dreamhost Breached, Server & client information leaked
   Hannibal account leak proven as false
   Anonymous Activists Allegedly Cost Paypal £3.5m
   VeriFi CCTV & VŠB-Technical University, Data Leaked
   Biotectix hacked, defaced for #OpBigBrother
   Egging Anon
   Tweets for Wed, 21 Nov 2012
   Egging Israel
   Narkop Hacked, 36,000 user details + complete database leaked
   1,000,000 Accounts Leaked By Hannibal in retaliation for #OpIsrael
   Israeli Microsoft sites, MSN, Skype, Live all hacked and defaced
   Palestine ISP PALNET Hacked, client account and payment details leaked
   Israel Student Association Hacked, 3,281 Accounts Leaked
   myWoWArmory Hacked, 2,772 Accounts Leaked
   Animal Legal Defense Fund Hacked, 4000 users personal details leaked
   Further 13,000 Israeli emails and clear text passwords leaked
   100,000 credentials leaked from Fuel Up to Play 60
   Unity Coalition for Israel Hacked, 12,000 usernames & emails leaked
   Anonymous all out assault for #OpIsrael leaves sites hacked, defaced and leaked
   Uganda Government attacked by @DoktorBass
   Town of Bertioga hacked, 6000+ clear text account credentials leaked
   Jerusalem College of Engineering hacked by @VenomSec
   Anonymous Release Official #OpIsrael Video
   100+ Sites hacked for #OpIsrael after day 2
   Anonymous Attacks Israeli Websites Over Gaza Bombings
   UNSW Canberra Hacked, Over 20,000 Staff and Student Logins Leaked
   LG Site Developers, BravoPhone make “Legal” threats to ozdc.net
   OpIsrael ReInitiated by Anonymous hacktivist
   Adobe Hacked, Yahoo Next Hacker Claims
   Tweets for Wed, 14 Nov 2012
   Did Hackers Uncover Petraeus' Saucy Affair Webmails Before FBI?
   English Defence League Hacked, Defaced By ZHC
   xL3gi0n hackers take Brazil Government into sights for cyber crime laws
   KIA, Toyota, Azerbaijan Airlines, Pizza hut attacked for #OpLeak
   Amazon UK Hacked, 600+ credentials leaked by @DARWINARE
   UGNAZI Hacker Cosmo Banned From Internet for 6 years
   LG’s False Request Content Take Down
   LG Hungary, Korea Hacked, Accounts Leaked
   Tweets for Wed, 07 Nov 2012
   Epic FAIL: Anonymous Didn't Actually Hack PayPal
   Confirmation from TwiningsUSA About recent data breach
   The Asian Banker & 48 Other sites hacked, data leaked
   Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Weather.gov Hacked for #5Nov
   Telecom Italy Hacked by Anonymous for #5Nov
   Ecuador Military and Government and other sites Defaced For #5Nov
   Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe Hacked, #5Nov
   It took me 2 years to find a job (with a degree). I can’t...
   UK: Ministry of defence hacked, 3,400+ Credentials leaked
   Anonymous Hacks NBC And Lady Gaga
   PayPal, Symantec Hacked By Anonymous
   Imageshack, Symantec hacked & ZPanel 0 day by HTP ( Hack The Planet )
   LG Smart World Hacked 11,316 Accounts Leaked
   Anonymous Release Antisec Teaser For #5Nov
   Australian sites Attacked as #5Nov is kicked off by Anonymous
   60,000+ accounts leaked from hacked sites under #5Nov
   30+ Colombian Government Sites Attacked in Shared Hosting Failure
   Basic Analyst into #ProjectBlackStar Leaked Russian Data
   Anonymous Leak VMware ESX Server Kernel
   Tabasco Hoy Website hacked, 7000+ user credentials leaked
   Attack on russia leaves 60+ sites hacked, thousands of accounts leaked
   National Health Institute attacked again, 4000+ user credentails leaked
   Tweets for Wed, 31 Oct 2012
   hackers hit new low, National Cancer Institute attacked by hackers
   Hurricane Sandy Response
   Anonymous Warns Of Attack On Facebook And Zynga
   Anonymous Takes Aim At Zynga
   Ford Motor Company Hacked By NullCrew
   Twinings Tea Company hacked, 1,600+ consumer credentials leaked
   Kildare Shoes and Accessories hacked, 2,316 User accounts leaked
   US Government hacked by NullCrew, Thousands of administrator credentials leaked
   Red Cross Thailand Hacked, Defaced, Administration Accounts Leaked
   Choices.edu hacked 8,000+ accounts leaked
   Preview of Upcoming leak from @Officialnull
   The Birth of Occupy Goldman Sachs
   Tweets for Wed, 24 Oct 2012
   Tweets for Thu, 25 Oct 2012
   Movement Monday October 22nd 2012 Minutes
   Voice Announcement from Anonymous on Tuesday Oct 23rd 03:58 PM
   Tweets for Mon, 22 Oct 2012
   Official Thailand Mcdonalds Hacked, User Credentials Leaked By Maxney
   1st Class Media Hacked, Client Credentials Leaked by @r0gu3An0n
   Peru (.PE) domain service hacked, 96,000 credentials leaked
   Billabong hacked, threats of mass data leaks from @GoatseSec
   Statement from Punto.pe about recent breach that effects 90,000 clients details
   Anonymous Takes Down HSBC With Denial Of Service
   I am 26 years old. I have a 2 year old daughter and 4 step...
   After enrolling in a honors program at a private college, my...
   I am Jacob Gourley age 19 and recently graduated from high...
   There are a lot of us that are too sick to act or too poor to...
   Tweets for Wed, 17 Oct 2012
   Movement Monday Meeting Minutes
   Tweets for Tue, 16 Oct 2012
   Second LulzSec Member Pleads Guilty To Sony Hack
   Oprah Winfrey Under attack by @GoatseSec
   7 Bulgarian Sites Breached, 5000+ accounts leaked by DoktorBass
   Tweets for Fri, 12 Oct 2012
   Pepsi Hungary hacked, 50,000+ user credentials leaked
   Tweets for Wed, 10 Oct 2012
   Tweets for Sun, 07 Oct 2012
   Voice Announcement from Anonymous on Sunday Oct 7th 02:59 PM
   Telecom Giant Orange Hacked, Data leaked by #NullCrew
   200+ Sites attacked by c0delist
   Tweets for Fri, 05 Oct 2012
   Tweets for Tue, 02 Oct 2012
   Tweets for Wed, 03 Oct 2012
   Hackers Leak 120,000 Student Records In Raid On World's Top Universities
   100+ Education hacked, thousands of accounts leaked by @TeamGhostShell
   Upcoming Actions and Movement-Building Meeting 10/1/12
   Tweets for Mon, 01 Oct 2012
   I am a female mechanical engineering student. I’m so good...
   hello-hello Language learning website hacked, 38,000 user credentails leaked
   Tweets for Sat, 29 Sep 2012
   Afghan Islamic Press website hacked, weak passwords exposed by @VenomSec
   Replacement of current Accounting/Finance team
   Tweets for Wed, 26 Sep 2012
   China's Internet Wunderkind In The Dock Over Alleged Fraud
   Anonymous Hack Hands WikiLeaks Two Million Syrian Emails
   Fluid Structure, Leadership Keep Anonymous' Threat Alive
   Hacktivists Lift Emails, Passwords From Oil Biz In Support Of Greenpeace
   Anonymous Hits Australia
   Australian Government Hacked, Unacceptable Security Exposed
   AAPT Likely Victim Of Anonymous Leak
   Anonymous Releases Sample Of Australian Telco's Data
   The Asymmetry Implicit In Data Retention
   French Firm Stupidly Trademarks Anonymous Logo
   Anonymous Hackers Identify Charity Attacker
   Alleged Anon Arrested For Planning Gov DDoS Attacks
   The Policy That Helped Anonymous Hack AAPT
   Demonoid Takedown Prompts Attacks By Anonymous
   Anonymous Stalking Australian Spooks
   Anonymous Takes Down UK Government Sites Over Assange
   LulzSec Sneak Sabu Buys Six More Months Of Freedom
   Global TrapWire, INDECT Protest Planned October 20th
   British Minister Likens Anonymous To Fascists And Racists
   1 MILLION Accounts Leaked In Megahack On Banks, Websites
   Second Accused LulzSec Hacker Arrested In Sony Breach
   Philips Databases Pillaged And Leaked Second Time In A Month
   Hackers Claim Sony Mobile Scalps
   Anonymous Shuts Down Swedish Gov Sites In Support Of Assange
   Anonymous Doxes Cambodia After Pirate Bay Arrest
   AntiSec Leaks Feds Credit Cards After Barrett Brown Cuffed
   Voice Announcement from Anonymous on Wednesday Sep 26th 11:28 AM
   Voice Announcement from Anonymous on Monday Sep 24th 01:50 PM
   Voice Announcement from Anonymous on Sunday Sep 23rd 06:03 PM
   Voice Announcement from Anonymous on Sunday Sep 23rd 11:05 AM
   Voice Announcement from Anonymous on Sunday Sep 23rd 11:24 AM
   Voice Announcement from Anonymous on Sunday Sep 23rd 01:50 PM
   ASUS Italy Hacked, site defaced, Thousands of client details leaked
   Australian Attorney General Websites attacked for #OpFreeAssange
   Australian Company pays 3k Ransom to hackers
   1440+ Sites taken offline by h4x0r HuSsY (VOBHH)
   Cambridge still being attacked by NullCrew
   Torrent site RevTT Hacked, 50k User Account Credentials Leaked
   #N6 Discussion
   Voice Announcement from Anonymous on Tuesday Sep 18th 06:30 PM
   Voice Announcement from Anonymous on Tuesday Sep 18th 06:38 PM
   Voice Announcement from Anonymous on Tuesday Sep 18th 06:55 PM
   Stand United Proposal
   Cambridge University Under attack for #OpFreeAssange
   Lince Toyota Hacked 5,632 Personal Details Leaked
   Tweets for Mon, 17 Sep 2012
   Voice Announcement from Anonymous on Monday Sep 17th 12:01 PM
   Collage of the mainland hacked, data leaked by @_s0lar_
   Shared Hosting Fail, 1169 Sites Defaced by BCA
   Tweets for Sat, 15 Sep 2012
   Tweets for Sun, 16 Sep 2012
   Voice Announcement from Anonymous on Sunday Sep 16th 07:17 PM
   Voice Announcement from Anonymous on Sunday Sep 16th 09:28 PM
   Voice Announcement from Anonymous on Sunday Sep 16th 09:34 PM
   America’s Draft Cybersecurity Executive Order LEAKED
   The Tallinn Manual on the International Law Applicable to Cyber Warfare
   Leaked Pentagon Documents Show planning of Naval bases
   Hacking VS Extortion, Hacker attempts to extort websites
   I am a 30 year old Software Engineer with vast experience in...
   Tweets for Fri, 14 Sep 2012
   GoDaddy: Service Outage Was Our Fault, Not Hacking
   GoDaddy Goes Down Hard; Anonymous Hacker Claims Responsibility
   h4x0r HuSsY vs INDISHELL hacker for on going cyber war
   Voice Announcement from Anonymous on Sunday Sep 9th 05:15 PM
   Voice Announcement from Anonymous on Sunday Sep 9th 07:32 PM
   NYCGA MINUTES 9/8/12
   Voice Announcement from Anonymous on Sunday Sep 9th 04:15 PM
   Domino’s India hacked, 37,000 user details leaked
   I am the 99% Occupywallst.org
   NYCGA MINUTES 9/1/12
   Tweets for Fri, 07 Sep 2012
   OWS Accounting Transparency
   #S15 Direct Democracy & The Tools of Process of #NYCGA
   Wandering NYC Zuccottis DNC Rescue
   Pakistani Forums Hacked. Data leaked by @0x00x00
   SMS Dakia & ITChowk Hacked, Data leaked by @0x00x00
   500+ Indian Sites Hacked by Voice Of Black Hat Hackers
   89 Jewish And Christian Sites Hacked By Sizzling Soul
   National Library of Naples Hacked, Data Leaked by #Anonymous
   Hacker Steals 250,000USD From Bitcoin Exchange BitFloor
   Voice Announcement from Anonymous on Thursday Sep 6th 03:30 PM
   Voice Announcement from Anonymous on Wednesday Sep 5th 03:47 PM
   Official Siemens Taiwan Hacked, Defaced and Data Leaked
   61 Israeli Sites hacked by BD Grey Hat Hackers
   Voice Announcement from Anonymous on Tuesday Sep 4th 07:12 PM
   Voice Announcement from Anonymous on Tuesday Sep 4th 03:03 PM
   FBI Says AntiSec Hackers Lied About List of iPhone ID Numbers
   Occupy the Pipeline Funding Request
   #NYCGA Occupy Info WG Budget Proposal
   Hackers Claim FBI Has List of 12 Million iPhone and iPad ID Numbers
   City of Newark Web site Hacked, 3000+ Accounts leaked by @0x00x00
   MI5 and SIS Sites Taken down by @0x00x00
   Sony Mobile Hacked, Data Leaked by #NullCrew
   Cyber threats 2012 by Utah Government List #NullCrew
   Two Israeli Sites Hacked by @gsec_ for #OpFreePalestine
   SOCA, Cambodia National Bank & US Courts Attacked for #OpFreeAssange
   Cambodian Government Sites Attacked for #OpTPB2
   National Bank Limited & Standard Chartered Banks hacked by @0x00x00
   Voice Announcement from Anonymous on Friday Aug 31st 11:09 PM
   CBC Hacked By NullCrew
   Voice Announcement from Anonymous on Friday Aug 31st 12:09 PM
   Voice Announcement from Anonymous on Friday Aug 31st 11:01 AM
   Siemens and Fujitsu General Hacked, Data leaked for #OpColtan
   Russian Auto Company Hacked, Data Leaked
   Philips Advanced hacked for #OpColtan
   Voice Announcement from Anonymous on Thursday Aug 30th 12:16 PM
   Blizzard Hack by Anonymous Data Analysis
   Police.uk Hacked, Data and Accounts Leaked for #OpFreeAssange
   Philips hacked, Loads of data leaked by #Anonymous
   Analysis into Philips data leak by #Anonymous
   Ukrainian #Blizzard community hacked 19,000+ Accounts Leaked By #Anonymous
   Voice Announcement from Anonymous on Wednesday Aug 29th 10:02 PM
   Voice Announcement from Anonymous on Wednesday Aug 29th 10:09 PM
   Phillips hacked, Loads of data leaked by #Anonymous
   Further sites attacked for #OpFreeAssange
   Voice Announcement from Anonymous on Monday Aug 27th 12:44 PM
   Voice Announcement from Anonymous on Monday Aug 27th 12:46 PM
   Voice Announcement from Anonymous on Monday Aug 27th 01:13 PM
   Voice Announcement from Anonymous on Monday Aug 27th 02:17 PM
   GlobalCerts hacked, data leaked by #Anonymous
   Update, Further information from Massive leak by @TeamGhostShell
   AVX Corporation Hacked, 2900+ Accounts leaked by #Anonymous for
   CryptoParty Australia, Join in and learn the importance of security
   British MP Peter Hain’s website defaced by #Anonymous for #OpFreeAssange
   CIA, MIT, Governments, businesses, 100+ sites hacked & accounts leaked
   Establishing of Quorum for holding #NYCGA
   Tweets for Fri, 24 Aug 2012
   Financial & Accounting
   Wall Street South & Occupy DNC Solidarity Statement
   Niroo Research Institute Hacked, Offline, Data leaked
   DoktorBass packs up and leaves the anonymous scene
   Jackie Robinson Foundation Hacked, Accounts leaked
   Fired from @WholeFoods because they needed time off for surgery....
   Australia: Access Group Solutions Hacked, Data leaked by #DoktorBass
   Anonymous Plays Robin Hood With Stolen Credit Cards
   News about the website!
   Hackers Post Mostly Inconsequential Twitter Account Data Online
   10 Faroe Islands Sites Hacked, Data leaked for #OpHarpoon by #DoktorBass
   Demonoid Domain Sale Banned Over Legal Issues
   Anonymous Hackers Target Ukraine
   OWS Archives Status Update
   End Spending Freeze
   www.anonymo.tk
   Uganda Government Under Attack By Anonymous for Anti-LGBT
   80+ Australian websites hacked, defaced in less than 48hrs
   80+ Sites Hacked, Defaced by rEd X from 3xp1r3 Cyber Army
   Australia: Access Group Solutions Hacked, Data leaked by #DoktorBass
   Torrent Site ScanBits.org Hacked, 9000 Accounts Leaked
   Mitchell Rangers Soccer Club Hacked, Defaced, Restored
   New Zealand Developer & Hosting WebMate Hacked, Defaced
   Time Line of Attacks from Operation Australia (#OpAustralia)
   Tasmania Police Site + 8 Others Attacked for #OpAustralia by Anonymous
   Official Australian honda news site hacked
   AFP issues hacking warning after ASIO attack
   Suzuki, JEEP, Fiat hacked, defaced by Over-X & Invectus
   Voice Announcement from Anonymous on Friday Aug 10th 02:27 PM
   Voice Announcement from Anonymous on Friday Aug 10th 02:30 PM
   Italy: Taranto municipality website hacked and defaced for #OpItaly
   Tehran Water Company Hacked again, taken offline by yourikan
   Australian Institute of Business Brokers Hacked For #OpAustralia
   DSD & ASIO Websites Attacked by Anonymous for #OpAustralia
   Indian Railway Sites Attacked By Pak Cyber Pyrates
   Voice Announcement from Anonymous on Monday Aug 6th 03:19 PM
   Australian Fishing Trade Association (AFTA) Hacked, 900 Accounts Leaked By
   200+ More Sites Defaced By VOBHH
   Australian & New Zealand Based Sites Hacked, Data Leaked
   I got part of a programming degree before the bottom fell out of...
   I am a 56-year-old woman. I worked for Lockheed Martin for 35 years. I was laid-off just
    3.5 years...
   Where do the 1%/99% come from.
   I’m on an internship for school. I’m not getting...
   WikiLeaks Prank Targets New York Times
   180,000 Records Leaked from AAPT
   Further 268MB of data leaked from AAPT
   Anonymous Australia Release Video To Explain AAPT Leak
   Another 300K Details Leaked From AAPT
   Anonymous Australian to leak 40gb from AAPT
   Anonymous Australia Leak Partial Data From AAPT for #OpAustralia
   Occupy Union Square Encampment & Trinity Sleeps Solidarity Statement
   Disability Caucus #OccupyGracieMansion Solidarity Statement
   Using Open Spaces Model to Discuss Consensus Dialogue Methods
   Tweets for Wed, 25 Jul 2012
   Toronto Homestay Search Hacked, 14,000 Accounts Leaked
   Tehran Water Company Hacked, Defaced by Youkin
   Uganda, kaabong District website hacked, accounts leaked by #DoktorBass
   I am a 24 year old college graduate. I have a B.A. in English....
   Another australian government website hacked and defaced by @Op_Australia
   Cam4Bucks Hacked, Source Leaked By @lulz_much_lulz
   Webroot website vulnerable to XSS attack by @MR_Boter of NetBashers
   london2012rentals.com Hacked, 5000 Accounts Leaked by 5NiP3R
   Community Assembly, 7/7/2012
   Community Assembly, 7/14/2012
   67,000 Accounts Leaked From Cichlids Forums by @SirLeakAlot
   Big Dance 2012 Hacked, 7k Accounts Leaked by 5NiP3R
   Further 285 Indian Sites hacked and Defaced By HCRACK2
   A show of Remorse over for hacking Womens Land Link Africa
   UK: ISP Netcom Hacked, Data Leaked after refused help by #NullCrew
   Womens Land Link Africa Hacked, 50,000 Accounts Leaked By #DoktorBass
   Skype Source Code Leaked
   50,000 Accounts Leaked From ITWallStreet.com by @MidasBank
   20,000 Clear Text Account Details Leaked From The Himalayan Times By
   I am the 99%
   I am 25 and newly married. My life is not horrible but I am...
   Asus store hacked, administration credentials leaked by NullCrew
   Palm Springs Police Officer Association Hacked By @gsec_
   Turkish Police Informant Files Leaked By Red Hack
   Sun Shine Coast Website Hacked and Defaced by Anonymous for #OpAustralia
   860+ Sites Defaced By 3CA, 3xp1r3 Cyber Army
   Bitcoinica breach done by leaked source code results In 40,000+ being stolen
   Android Forums Breached, 1,000,000+ User Account Details At Risk
   Oil Giants Shell, BP and others hacked and data leaked by @le4ky
   216 Sites hacked & defaced by Pakistani hacker hcrack2
   Nvidia shuts down forums after suspicious activity
   Formspring Also victim to hackers leaking data after being hacked via dev site
   300+ Pakistani Sites Hacked and Defaced By Pr4th4m & Jaguar
   what is the reason behind occupying world street? answer me as soon as possible
   How can I help
   what do you expect the future to be like?
   How has this blog or other social networking sites helped the occupy movement grow
    and develop?
   I am a 29 year old male who is raising my one year old daughter...
   I am looking for a yard sign to support our thoughts help others.
   Community Meeting Minutes 7/7/2012
   450k Emails and Passwords leaked from Yahoo Voice by d33ds
   League of Nations Health Organization Hacked, Data Leaked by NullCrew
   Tweets for Wed, 11 Jul 2012
   Personal Attacks Lead to roatpkz.com database being hacked and leaked by
   Tweets for Sat, 07 Jul 2012
   66 Chinese and Iranian based sites hacked and defaced by poltergeisth4cker
   Netbashers return attacking Israeli sites for Anti-Zionism
   6GB Emails from Companies world wide leaked after Sykes and trend micro attack
    by .c0mrade
   Well known musician sites under attack by anonymous hacktivist
   300,000 Personal Details Leaked, 38 Sites Hacked For #ProjectDragonFly
   451 Indian Sites hacked by Pakistani Hackers (VOBHH)
   Oak Creek Ranch School Hacked, Defaced For #OpLiberation by Anonymous
   Tweets for Sun, 01 Jul 2012
   Anti Virus Giant Trendmicro & Sykes Hacked, Hundreds of Emails Dumped By
   Sites not fixed 5 days after being hacked by k9 Network Cyber Army
   Bangkok Cell Towers Exploited By .c0mrade
   I’m not asking for a handout or for sympathy. But I am...
   Comcast Hacked Again, Data leaked by @Zer0Pwn for #WikiBoatWednesday
   AT&T VOIP Service Hacked, Data leaked for # ikiBoat ednesday by @Zer0Pwn
   Timeline: .c0mrade aka @OfficialComrade Spree of Hacking, Exploits & Data Leaks
   BlackMarket Credit Card Selling website Hacked & Exposed By @Hex000101
   Panda security Hacked, Data leaked By LulzSecMx
   700 Sites Hacked, Defaced By 3CA – 3xp1r3 Cyber Army
   UGNAZI Leader @JoshTheGod and 23 Others Arrested For Credit Card Fraud
   OIL Giant Exxon Mobil Hacked, Data Leaked By @Le4ky
   More Uganda based sites and KKK Attacked by @TheWikiBoat
   Mexico / Spain Telecommunication Network Hacked, 84,000 Accounts Leaked .c0mrade
   San Jose State University Hacked, Data Leaked by @RuneGoldTrim
   Uganda Sites Attacked, Defaced By GSec
   Australian Federal Police Issue Warnings to 6 Youths Over Cyber Activity
   is the movement slowing down? how come its not being talked about as much as last year?
   Tweets for Sun, 24 Jun 2012
   253 Indian Based Sites Hacked For Attacks On Pakistani Sites
   Host Gator Hacked, Data leaked By Digital Corruption
   AT&T Hacked,Data Leaked By Digital Corruption
   Navy, DHS, ua.edu Hacked, Data leaked by Digital Corruption
   Digital Corruption Expose NASA files
   Kuwait Banking System Hacked, Exploited, 3k Credit Cards Leaked By .c0mrade
   Dispatch Radio for Buses/Ground Vehicles Exploited By .c0mrade
   Hi, I’m Anna and I’m young, because I’m only...
   Cashier Systems Exploited By .c0mrade
   Time line of attacks by @le4ky
   UK’s biggest private security company G4S Hacked, Data Leaked by @le4ky
   how successful has the protest been so far
     e are all the 99%. Don’t shame yourself about your...
   What does the 99% mean?
   How do older people with kids get involved in the movement? I feel I need to speak out,
    but being a stay at home mom limits my mobility.
   50 Sites Hacked, defaced by jincorn
   Albanian Hacker’s Terrorist go on small defacing spree on Serbian based sites
   8 XXX Domains hacked and defaced by ECA 3xp1r3 Cyber Army
   Fiamma Tricolore Hacked, 5000+ Emails Leaked By Anonymous for #OpBlitzkrieg
   School of Bhagavad Gita Hacked By @AnonTeenUSA
   AmericanNaziParty.com & KKK.com under ddos attacks by #Anonymous
   Pakistani server hacked, 100+ sites left defaced by silent hacker
   Pakistan Web host Winshosting blog defaced by Indishell
      iki Boat Adds Another Target, Glen Core To Today’s Attacks, Press Release Added
   .c0mrade warns of massive exploits across many sectors that expose millions of people
   92 Bangladeshi Sites Taken Offline for #OpRohingya
   Tweets for Tue, 19 Jun 2012
   17 Hungarian websites hacked and defaced for #opblitzkrieg
   Federal Accounts Leaked As Preview for upcoming leak by @le4ky
   Tweets for Mon, 18 Jun 2012
   @Hex00010 turns tables and makes threats to start releasing SCADA Exploits
   Comcast hacked, data leaked by @Zer0Pwn
   UGNAZI Prank Call To Sixflags
   Comcast Hometown Network Hacked, Defaced, Dataleaked by #UGNAZI @UG
   CoBank & CitiBank Internal Access By .c0mrade
   Six Flags Entertainment Corporation Hacked By @UG #UGNAZI
   Bulgarian Sites Hacked, Accounts Leaked By Anonymous Australia
   Hospital Management Systems Breached, By @OfficialComrade .c0mrade
   Further information Leaked from the Major Airlines Hack by .c0mrade
   Karachi Gymkhana Club Pakistan defaced by silent-hack3r from indishell
   3 American Government Websites has Been Hacked By Latin Hack Team
   Tweets for Fri, 15 Jun 2012
   Bolivian Sites Hacked, Accounts Leaked By Anonymous Australia
   2 More Australian websites hacked and user data leaked
   Polish Military Medical Center Hacked, All Databases And Users Personal Details
    Leaked By @BZyklon
   Voice Announcement from Anonymous on Friday Jun 15th 10:42 AM
   DIRECTV hacked, data and accounts leaked by @TeamIntricate
   Google got Hacked. MarkMonitor Sucks. #UGNazi
   Tweets for Wed, 13 Jun 2012
   Tweets for Thu, 14 Jun 2012
   Bosniaks.net & postaplus.com.sy hacked, 1400 Accounts leaked by Anonymous
   .c0mrade Claims Exploits on Major Airline Systems
   150,000 Accounts Leaked From CustomCoD By @GoogleSWE
   (USCIS) US imagination Services Hacked, Database Leaked by @SwaggSec
   Motorcycle Industry Jobs Hacked, 6,948 Accounts Leaked by Black Tiger Security
   MTV Asia Twitter Account Hacked
   Freedom4Travel Hacked, 340 accounts leaked by 3xp1r3 cyber army
   National Bank Of Cambodia Hacked, Cleartext Passwords Used!
   50 Bangladeshi Sites hacked by (ICP) Indian Cyber Pirates
   Australia: Atomic Search Hacked, Database leaked by @spexsec
   .c0mrade and @Reckz0r Quits the blackhat hacking scene?
   The Rugby Football League Hacked, 1100+ Accounts Leaked By XPerf3cti0n
   Large amount of claimed Passports and Visas leaked by @SpexSec
   3 Somalian Sites Hacked By Anonymous Australia, #DoktorBass
   We now support multi language!
   16 further Government sites hacked by @TeamGhostShell,
   Bhutan & Italian Government Hacked by @LulzSec_GT
   India: KSRM College of Engineering Hacked, Data Leaked By @D1str4ct1on
   Tax Administration Jamaica Hacked By @s3rverexe
   Staff list leaked from Turkish Army by RedHack
   Tweets for Mon, 11 Jun 2012
   FoxNews Channel – Internally Hacked – @Hex00010
   FBI Hunting .c0mrade for Tennessee Personal Information Leak After 911 Call
   caisse-police.com (Police Credit Union) hacked and defaced by Anonymous for
   Chemmin Corporation Hacked And Data Leaked By @AnonTeenUSA
   OpenVPN Hacked and Defaced By HcJ
   Louisiana Government Site Hacked, Data Leaked By @Zer0Pwn
   Social Action Secretariat Hacked, Accounts Leaked By @TeamGhostShell
   SEPRELAD Hacked, Data Leaked By @TeamGhostShell
   High Commission of India Hacked,Data Leaked By @TeamGhostShell
   Malicious Security Joins The Anonymous Cause
   TweetGif Hacked, 10,000 Twitter Account Leaked By Anonymous
   German Football Team, VfR Aalen, Hacked & Data Leaked By @nrtnz
   City Of San Marzano, Italy, Hacked, Defaced & 7 Government Sites Data Leaked By
   Anonymous Creates Pastebin Rival To Combat Censorship
   Anonymous Takes The Kremlin Offline In Putin Protest
   SwaggSec Claims China Telecom Data Breach
   Udinese.it hacked and data leaked by @nrtnz
   Channel V India Hack, Data & Accounts Leaked By @d35m0nd142
   FURORE – Fraternity of NSG Hacked, User Accounts Leaked
   State of California, ca.gov hacked and data leaked by @MrSecurity2
   Faculty Experts, University of Arkansas Hacked, Personal Information Leaked By
   2500 Iranian Servers Hacked, 30k Accounts Leaked By @Reckz0r
   weather.gov hacked and data leaked again by @codeinesec
   11 Well known Sites Hacked By @Zer0Pwn
   Useless Junk Network Hacked, Data leaked By @s3rverexe
   Faculty Experts, University of Arkansas Hacked, Personal Information Leaked By
   Utah Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admission Officers Hacked By
   U.S. Land and Home Hacked & 179 User Personal Details Leaked
   Our New Site Setup
   Anonymous - Operation V (Nov. 5th 2012)
   New DoS tool lets a single PC bring down an Apache server
   Sky's block of the PirateBay further increases interest in Pirate Party UK
   F1 Hacked Again By Anonymous, 3000 Accounts and Personal Information leaked
   #Op ThemePark
   Anonymous - June 9th 2012 - Europe-wide action against ACTA [english spot]
   Gallery
   magnotta video online!
   How do we protest a college in St. Petersburg that sells and encourages a 4 yr degree
    program in radiology which required a 2.75 g.p.a. and I hold a 3.50 now going into the
    last semester, switched up their requirement to 3.75 Disqualifing me from entering the
    degree program. Obama's generous student loan and grant program put me 30,000 U.S.D.
    in debt. The college does not want to facilitate the increased demand in fear there would
    be empty classrooms after the new regieme.
   I AM THE 99% AND SO ARE YOU http://occupywallst.org
   I would be interrested in some of the results of the discussions about alternatives to our
    current social system/governemnt during the genreal assemblies, any links to summaries
    would be fascinating!
   New video later today
   I know I’m just a kid, but I have no future, and it freaks...
   The chrome box
   Tweets for Wed, 30 May 2012
   This is the sign I made today, and plan to stand at a busy...
   Tweets for Fri, 25 May 2012
   Tweets for Wed, 23 May 2012
   Tweets for Mon, 21 May 2012
   Tweets for Tue, 15 May 2012
   Hackers Post Mostly Inconsequential Twitter Account Data Online
   Occupy Tabs from Hamden CT
   Tweets for Tue, 01 May 2012
   My partner has no health insurance, and they keep cutting hours...
   I earn 1700$ a month after taxes. Half my income is from working 15 hours a week as a
   I got my first job mowing lawns when I was 13. I went to work...
   Voice Announcement from Anonymous on Thursday Apr 26th 06:42 AM
   It is rare that we post something other than the photos, but...
   I am a Chinese American. I’ve been in the US for 30 years now. I...
   I’ve been living in the US for 30 years, working in a restaurant...
   I am a greencard carrying Chinese person with a family of four....
   I am an old, retired overseas Chinese person that has always...
   FUREE (Brooklyn, NY) 99% Spring story
   I am the 99%. occupywallst.org My name is Olivia. I...
   Voice Announcement from Anonymous on Saturday Apr 7th 09:41 AM
   Voice Announcement from Anonymous on Saturday Apr 7th 09:46 AM
   End of a era, CWN is closed
   Tweets for Mon, 02 Apr 2012
   Article V Constitutional Amendment Convention
   even though, I am still the 99%
   Anonymous #OpBloodDonation
   PBS Hacked and Loads of Data leaked by Anonymous
   orionshunter continues to hack Indian sites, 16 sites defaced
   400 Websites Defaced with Message for China by @AnonymousChina
   Hax Radio Shut Down and Seized by (ICE) Homeland Security Investigations
   Occupy National Gathering Proposal
   Proposal from Vision and Goals
   No Dollar Left Behind 2
   Voters Registration Drive Discussion
   militarysingles.com hacked and large amount of data leaked
   Independent Election Commission of Afghanistan Hacked by @AnonOpsRomania
   Venezuela Government Under Attack From Various Hackers
   ducatindia.com and 14 other sites hacked and accounts leaked by stennis1
   3,423 Australian based Credit Cards Leaked
   Proposal to take part in the June 24 NYC Gay Pride parade
   Move the NYCGA from Liberty Plaza (backup: 60 Wall) to Union Square
   Tweets for Tue, 27 Mar 2012
   I CAN”T FIND MY FUTURE. I looked in college. I found...
   NYCGA Minutes 3/24/2012
   NYCGA Minutes 3/27/2012
   I am a 21 year-old student from Finland. It makes me sad to hear...
   Proposal to end Spokes and the GA
   No Dollar Left Behind Discussion
   Tweets for Mon, 26 Mar 2012
   Turkish Police Site Hacked By Red Hack
   Tweets for Sat, 24 Mar 2012
   3/24: No Dollar Left Behind
   Union Square General Assembly affinity group
   Proposal for Printing May Day Poster
   700 Sites Hacked for #OpFreedomPalestine
   CSDN hacker arrested and charged
   2011 Sees 855 hacking incidents, 174 million compromised records, Verizon Yearly
   WarDriving, Coming to a Queensland street near you!!!
   Northrop Grumman (SSES) contract dump
   Months ago, I wrote something for this site about my...
   I’m a 26 year old college educated woman whose luxuries...
   Tweets for Thu, 22 Mar 2012
   Tweets for Wed, 21 Mar 2012
   Mazda Malaysia Hacked and Defaced
   I am a 31-year-old college graduate with K+ in student loan...
   LulzSec Returns? lol come on main media wake up!!!
   Teboho Masoleng Sentenced to 15years for cyber crimes
   Anonymous Launch #Operation Imperva
   peruanosonline.com hacked and massive account leak
   NYCGA Minutes 3/20/2012
   Tweets for Tue, 20 Mar 2012
   Reaffirmation of a Principle of Solidarity
   Voice Announcement from Anonymous on Monday Mar 19th 09:27 PM
   Accounting Discussion
   Formation of the Occupy Bank Working Group
   Formation of the Meeting of the Minds WG
   Formation of the Revolutionary Games Working Group
   Tweets for Sat, 17 Mar 2012
   Tweets for Sun, 18 Mar 2012
   161 India based sites hacked, deface and taken offline by PCP hackers for
   10,000+ Accounts leaked from Adult Insider Network
   Emergency Proposal for General Assembly: Sign letter calling for investigation into
    abuses by NYPD of the civil liberties of Muslims.
   Message from Bangladesh Cyber Army for People of Bangladesh and India
   150 Sites Hacked for Palestine by Aceh Cyber Team
   200+ Sites hacked by PCP in retaliation attack
   Fox, Sony, WarnerBros, CBS Hacked And Accounts Leaked By @ur0b0r0x
   Tweets for Thu, 15 Mar 2012
   Christian Teen Forums Hacked And Accounts Leaked
   Tweets for Tue, 13 Mar 2012
   Tweets for Wed, 14 Mar 2012
   Proposal to end spokes and the GA
   NYCGA Minutes 3/15/2012
   Jimmi3 Bon3s - #OccupyWallStreet
   Red Cross Sri Lanka Hacked And Defaced By Over-X
   irandefence.net hacked and 2800+ accounts leaked
   14 Arrested as part of a alleged £1m Phishing scam
   34 more india sites hacked and defaced by Bangladesh Cyber Army
   Proposal For the General Assembly of Occupy Wall Street to endorse the Everything for
    Everyone Festival planned in Seattle, Washington
   To Begin Spokes Council Meetings With a Commitment to Collectively Confront
    Aggressive or Disruptive Violations of Our Community Agreements by Remaining
    Absolutely Silent
   Chinese Websites Hacked And Defaced By Poltergeisth4cker for Operation free
   Nepal Government hacked and leaked by n4m3Le55 Crew for censorship
   Israeli Airforce secret Data Leaked for recent air attacks by 0xOmar
   Our Reply to Readers about the claim IAF leak by 0xOmar
   3000+ Accounts leaked from Cricket Website Cricfire.com
   Another Mass Deface by Bangladeshi Grey Hat Hackers.
   300 Sites hacked and defaced by THA
   Islamic Nasheed Bank Hacked, 2600+ Accounts leaked by xdev @b4lc4nh4c
   NYC Operational Spokes Council 03/12/2012
   Proposal For An OWS Fundraiser Benefit Show And Overturning The Budget Freeze To
    Allocate Money To Finance The OWS Fundraiser Benefit Show~
   Spaces working group proposal
   Tweets for Mon, 12 Mar 2012
   Establishment of the Queer OWS Working Group
   Endorsement of A24 – Occupy the Justice Department
   MayDay Discussion
   Exclusion Principle
   Formation of Meeting of the Minds Working Group
   OWS Newsletter Project
   Tweets for Sat, 10 Mar 2012
   Constitutional Amendment
   A1 Action
   3/10/2012: Protest against Monsanto ruling on Monday
   3/10/2012: Request for tent for Occupy Milwaukee
   3/10/2012: 1%ers for Romney (or Obama)” rally
   Symantec Admit Recent Anonymous Leak is Authentic
   27 Sites Hacked By Eagle HaXor n PakH3X0r
   athenscountygovernment.com hacked by anonymous in the name of #FFF
   150+ Sites hacked for #OpFreePalestine
   40+ Sites hacked by Sbkiller from Cyb3rs3c Crew
   28+ indian sites hacked by orionshunter of BBHH
   European Atomic Data site Hacked by @AnonOpsRomania
   1135 Credit Cards Hacked By AaDil Rana (J0e R00t)
   A Further 390+ Sites Hacked & Defaced For #OpFreePalestine
   Proposal to form ‘Liberate Liberty Pl.’ orking Group
   Tweets for Thu, 08 Mar 2012
   NYCGA Minutes 3/8/2012
   Anonymous in the news, is it what they want?
   Message from Anonymous to the U.S Government regarding #OWS
   Anonymous Press Release About Attacking Turkish PM’s Network
   #Anonymous and #OpKONY2012 Explained
   Anonymous Announce Operation Bahrain #OpBahrain
   www.PakCyberHeroes.Net Hacked By ZemKing
   Anonymous hack Police Equipment Supplier New York Iron Works for #FFF
   Proposal of suggestions for improving Transparency and Fundraising methodologies for
   Proposal to move the rest of OWS FUND into the BAIL FUND..
   Proposal to reply to letter of solidarity from pelican bay and corcoran prisoners
   Tweets for Tue, 06 Mar 2012
   Tweets for Wed, 07 Mar 2012
   Proposal to have a conversation about transportation alternatives
   Proposal to discuss a practical suggestion to complement Deescalation
    methodology/discussion of tactics, vis-a-vis Principles of Solidarity.
   Panda Security Claims Leaked Data was Fake Emails and Non Valid Accounts
   Anonymous Leak Symantec Norton AntiVirus 2006 in the name of #FreeHammond
   RedHackers Leak Heaps Of Police Details
   Turkish Police station hacked and Accounts leaked
   Panda Security Hacked, Defaced by #Anonymous
   NYC Operational Spokes Council 03/05/2012
   I.C.E. Breaker” (April 14th) National Day of Action
   Philippines Road Board Accounts Leaked By Lulzr00t
   Tweets for Mon, 05 Mar 2012
   Not Lulzing Anymore: Five Hackers Charged in U.S., U.K. and Ireland
   Ex Employee Hacked and Defaced Crezone Technologies
   Microsoft Bosnia Hacked and Defaced By Turkey Cyber Army
   Lulzr00t Hacks Fort Lauderdale International Airport
   1300+ Sites hacked by Vicky-Cyber
   Anonymous Declaration of the Independence of CyberSpace
   I am the former lead singer of a 60’s band THE CHAMBERS...
   Creation of the Meeting of the Minds Working Group
   occupyKISS Kickstarter Endorsement
   Logo Proposal
   Occupalooza/Occupicnic Work Group
   2700+ Saudi based Accounts leaked
   Adult Site Digital Play Ground Hacked, Defaced and Data Leaked by @Th3Consortium
   European Union Hacked By Abluka.Org
   Amazon, MacDonald’s, almart Coupon ebsites Targeted By Indian Cyber Hunters
   Peru Police Infomation Site Hacked
   I am an 18 year old working political science/art student. I...
   Tweets for Sat, 03 Mar 2012
   Automotive Giant Subaru, Suzuki, FORD, Toyota Ssangyong Hacked and Defaced
   Mozilla DenMark Hacked and defaced by Sbkiller
   Indian courier sites devilered a defacements by Bangladeshi Black Hat Hackers
   Electronic’s Giant Epson hacked and data leaked by #Anonymous Hacker
   Republic of Trinidad and Tobago Ministry of Finance Hacked And Data Leaked
   Panama Film Website Hacked and Accounts Dumped For ACTA
   800 sites hacked and defaced by Pak Cyber Pyrtes for #opFreedomPalestine
   Pentagon, Mexican Presidents and University’s Hacked By Yei zeta
   225 sites hacked by @SiberAjan
   3/3/2012: Creation of discussion space / format in General Assemblies (on a weekly basis)
   Space Agency Websites Exposed As Vulnerable to XSS Attacks
   3/3/2012: Amendments to the Statement of Autonomy from Owen
   Request for Solidarity with The Line
   Distribution of Technology Lebanon Hacked By @Chriss10011
   1,355 Indian websites Hacked by hax.r00t n saadi Pakistani hackers
   More Sites Hacked and Defaced for #FreeTibet
   Voice Announcement from Anonymous on Thursday Mar 1st 09:59 PM
   Proposal for Tsampa Revolution Non-Violent Solidarity Statement
   Tweets for Thu, 01 Mar 2012
   Spokes Council Budget Drafting
   Chinese Government hacked and data leaked for #OpChina by @ActiSec
   RedHackers Hack Police Net And Ankara Police Directorate
   More Sites and Servers hacked and defaced by Saadi n Hax.r00t
   Loyalist Certification Services Exams site hacked and Accounts leaked
   mypakistan.com.pk hacked and accounts leaked by xdev @b4lc4nh4ck
   1400+ Steam User Accounts Leaked
   NYC Operational Spokes Council 02/29/2012 (Summary)
   Proposal for Spokes Council Budget Drafting
   Proposal for Achievement G.A.s
   Voice Announcement from Anonymous on Thursday Mar 1st 01:43 PM
   Proposal to fund #OccupyAIPAC delegation
   Tweets for Wed, 29 Feb 2012
   U.N Food And Agricultural Organization Defaced
   Universal Music Sweden Hacked by @anon_4freedom for ACTA
   Proposal to form Meeting of the Minds Working Group
   Be sure to visit our friends over at NuclearCoffee
   Power and Resources
   Proposal to Discuss Resources in OWS
   NYCGA Minutes 2/28/2012
   Tweets for Tue, 28 Feb 2012
   12,000 Accounts Leaked from Polish website Vista.pl
   236,351 Accounts From Polish Forum Gram24
   Anonymous TV
   Tweets for Mon, 27 Feb 2012
   Hackers Anonymous
   150+ More Sites and Servers hacked and defaced by Hax.r00t
   Bank Of Israel Hacked by Mauritania Hacker team
   NYCGA Minutes 2/23/2012
   Voice Announcement from Anonymous on Monday Feb 27th 11:06 AM
   Indian Bareilly City Information server Hacked by BBHH for BSF killings
   Proposal to participate in a Nationwide UnitedGA on March 17th
   Malaysia Yellow Pages WebSite Hacked and Data Leaked by eMP3R0r TEAM
   1749 French based Sites Defaced by CwGhost.
   WikiLeaks Publishes 5 Million STRATFOR eMails
   Lebanese Ministry of Economy and Trade Hacked by Mad HackerZ Team
   Federal Action Regionalists Defaced By MetalSoft Team for FailRoot
   i am 22 years old. i am currently in college and have a ,000...
   Ban Robert (Town Planning, etc) from Spokes Council Meetings
   Tweets for Sat, 25 Feb 2012
   United Nations in Serbia Hacked And Redirect to Facebook by Anonymous Serbia
   Server Hacked And Defaced and Message for Team Nuts By Hax.r00t and Saadi
   A further 512 websites hacked and defaced by HaX.R00T
   Two India Based Sites Hacked And Accounts Leaked
   United Nations Armenia Defaced by Turkey Cyber Army
   FarmPlantFinder.com Hacked and Client Details Leaked
   26 sites hacked and defaced by Vicky-cyber
   70+ indian sites hacked by orionshunter of BBHH
   Dump Of English and Belgium Based Websites hacked and data leaked
   Couple of defaced sites by Mad Hackerz Team
   Tweets for Thu, 23 Feb 2012
   AntiSec Hacks Ohio InfraGard
   United Church of God Hacked By @NULLSECTEAM
   A Further 23 Sites Defaced For Free Tibet by Anonymous Hackers
   Ontario Association Of Chiefs Of Police Hacked By Anonymous for #OpPiggyBank
   Proposal to Spend Remaining NYCGA Funds Exclusively on Actions
   Tweets for Wed, 22 Feb 2012
   Aljazeera University Hacked By @s3erverexe for #OpSyria
   M17 Postal Service Solidarity Action
   Official Statement from Aura Information Security About the Recent Media Claims
   PR: NIST Establishes National Cybersecurity Center of Excellence
   Brazilian Society of Energy Planning Hacked
   Two middle schools attacked in pointless hacks
   Anonymous Intercept Emails To Police About Recent #OpPiggyBank Hack and Release
   Bangladeshi hacker takes down 6 sites in the name of #OpIndia
   ION Media Networks Hacked and Data Leaked By @TualiHax0R
   IAS100 Hacked and 30,000+ of Accounts leaked by Bangladeshi Cyber Army
   Venezuelan Public Defender and two other sites hacked by Hacker Claus
   Indian Navy Officer private details leaked by Bangladeshi black hat hackers
   Metrocard Budget
   Vision Statement
   Occupy Caravan Action Endorsement
   alamkermanshah.ir hacked and data leaked by @s3rverexe for #OpIran
   MYSQL, NERO, US Miliatary Exposed as vulnerable by @D35m0nd142
   University of Central Florida Hacked by @b4lc4nh4ck
   Lebanese Yellow Pages Website hacked
   NEW FEATURE: Revision History
   Tweets for Mon, 20 Feb 2012
   Tweets for Tue, 21 Feb 2012
   La Nacion NewsPaper website hacked and data leaked by @alsa7rx
   #OpIran Engineering Website farapayeh.ir hacked, rooted, defaced and data leaked by
   300 Israeli Sites Hacked And Defaced by Turkish Hackers
   Sony under attack again, Australia Sony VAIO website hacked and defaced by VViP
   Industrial Federation of Santa Fe Hacked
   CBI, Central Bureau Of Investigations India taken offline by Bangladeshi Cyber Army
   6000+ You Porn Accounts leaked
   Los Angeles Police Canine Association Hacked and Lots Of data leaked and police
    exposed by @CabinCr3w
   15,000 Hacked Israeli Email Accounts by Mauritania Hacker team
   Voice Announcement from Anonymous on Tuesday Feb 21st 11:51 AM
   Interview: With 13yo hacker @s3rverexe who hacked UFC and other high profile sites
   Tabasco State Government, Mexico Hacked and Data Leaked
   Discuss Process & Content Issues facing Vision&Goal WG.
   Proposal to establish a grievance council
   Vision & Goals presentation & point-by-point consensus
   Proposal for the NYCGA requesting that they participate in a Nationwide GA on the 17th
    of every month, beginning on March 17th.
   Chinese Police, Panjin City Public Security Bureau Exposed as Vulnerable by
   I’m a 57 yr. old Latina woman. Born and raised in...
   Tweets for Sun, 19 Feb 2012
   Tweets for Sat, 18 Feb 2012
   Yamaha Commercial Audio Systems Hacked and Accounts leaked by @muldaria48
   El Salvador Ministry of Education Hacked and Admin Accounts Leaked
   NYC General Assembly 2/18/2012 (Minutes)
   The ICT Specific Council hacked and data leaked by @s3rverexe for #OpBahrain
   University of Washington hacked by xdev @b4lc4nh4ck
   Tongcheng Environmental Protection Agency (tchjbh.gov.cn) Hacked and taken offline
    for #OpSyria by @s3rverexe
   Mass defacing by @unknown_br
   NYC Operational Spokes Council 2/15/2012
   Visions and Goals Listening Session
   Petroleum Giants Castrol and BP Australia Hacked and Defaced
   Interview: With the 15yo hacker who hacked 5 Australian Government sites and Harvard
   LA Business Connect Hacked, Exposed, Data leaked and taken offline by #Anonymous
   Streetfightversand.de hacked and 1100+ Accounts leaked by @OpBlitzkrieg
   Maurizio Paniz hacked and defaced by anonymous in the name of #operationitaly
   45 Chinese websites hacked and defaced for free tibet by #anonymous
   w3schools.in hacked and data leaked by NORTON-Z
   ceasarshop.nl hacked and large amount of accounts leaked by xdev @b4lc4nh4ck
   2/18/2012: Proposal for M17 Action from Housing
   Tweets for Thu, 16 Feb 2012
   2/18/2012: Anti-Oppression Breakout Discussion
   FTC Confirms Anonymous hack with facebook statement
   5 australian Government websites hacked and warned for part of #OpStopACTA
   String of attacks by @Anon_4Freedom
   islamicfinder.org and culturecrossing.net hacked by AlienZ and a message to anonymous
   Bangladesh Cyber Army Send out Message to Indian Government
   Harvard university hacked and emails leaked by 15yo hacker
   Chinese CPU maker Loongson hacked and data leaked by @muldaria48
   Bishop’s Stortford Town Council Hacked and Data leaked by @codeinesec
   High Commission of India, Singapore hacked, “critical data leaked” by Bangladesh
    Cyber Army
   FTC Hacked, Defaced and data leaked by #Anonymous in the name of #antisec
   TeamGreyHat Hacked and defaced with message by 3xp1r3 Cyber Army
   I want to get my M.S. in Counseling. I am being forced to turn...
   Space Proposal
   Proposal for bike coalition working group
   Vision & Goals teach-in and listening session
   Visions and Goals Statement consensus request
   bsnl.co.in taken offline again by BBHH, Bangladesh black hat hackers.
   Spokes Council 02_15_2012
   More sites hacked and defaced by Saadi n Hax.r00t and pinoycyberarmy.com under
   Message to Anonymous and small interview with Exotz in response to Anonyops.com
    hack and deface
   Livetweets without leaving the site!
   Proposal to Improve the General Assembly
   Tweets for Wed, 15 Feb 2012
   Spokes Council Meeting Protocols Proposal
   Thai Government hacked and defaced by Saadi n Hax.r00t
   Anonymous gets hacked, Anonyops.com hacked and defaced?
   NASDAQ website taken offline by hackers
   Federal Reserve Vulnerable to hackers
   Hacker Fail Root Arrested and Computers Seized
   Anonymous leak 2x teaser military file in the name of #antisec
   NYC Spokes Council 02/13/2012
   Tweets for Tue, 14 Feb 2012
   8000+ Accounts leaked from the Chinese Government Trade website by
   Partial data leaked by @AnonOpsRomania that expose Romanian Spies
   The Enterprise Cyber Security & Information Assurance Summit
   Combined Systems ebServers Defaced and iped (RM’D) by Anonymous
   National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Hacked and data leaked by
   Electronics Giant Philips hacked, defaced and lots of data leaked
   300,000+ Accounts and details leaked from Israeli Ministry of Construction and Housing
   Tweets for Mon, 13 Feb 2012
   Vision & Goals 2/14 GA presentation
   Constitutional Court of Chile hacked and accounts leaked by SECTOR404cl
   Anonymous threat to Expose Romanian Spying Agencies Coverups Very Soon
   turkish information technologies and communications authority hacked and lots of data
   Nasa Hacked and Data Leaked after they didnt take it serious
   gossipgirl.tv hacked and defaced and 2400+ accounts leaked by @alsa7rx
   DubStep.net Exposed to SQLi by @V0iD_Hacker
   National Library of Venezuela hacked and data leaked by sector404CL
   myheadlinez.com hacked and 190+ accounts leaked
   NYCGA Minutes 2/11/12
   T-mobile Hacked Again and Data leaked with more to come from @Chriss10011
   Tweets for Sat, 11 Feb 2012
   You've brought your stories to the Internet. Now bring them to film.
   Tweets for Sat, 28 Jan 2012
   Tweets for Mon, 30 Jan 2012
   Tweets for Tue, 31 Jan 2012
   Tweets for Wed, 01 Feb 2012
   Tweets for Thu, 02 Feb 2012
   Tweets for Sat, 04 Feb 2012
   Tweets for Mon, 06 Feb 2012
   Tweets for Tue, 07 Feb 2012
   Tweets for Wed, 08 Feb 2012
   Tweets for Thu, 09 Feb 2012
   CAMIMEX, Mexican Chamber of Mines Hacked And 700mb+ of data leaked by
   Nepal Police hacked and defaced
   Possible iTunes Breach–Accounts Hacked
   Mass Deface See’s 100+ ebsites taken offline by Anonymous due to SOPA
   Electoral Institute and Citizen Participation of Tabasco Email Leak From Anonymous,
   900+ Xbox Accounts leaked
   map.mods-r-us.net data dumped after administration denied help from @Herxode
   2/10/2012: OWS endorsement of Resist the RNC!
   2/11/2012: Call for OWS Mass Action Against Suppression of the Occupy Movement
    (Travis M.)
   2/11/2012: OWS – Finance Transparency from Accountability & Transparency and GA
    working groups
   Anonymous Sends a warning to the Israeli Government
   Toyota Peru Hacked and defaced
   I am a sophomore in college- and I’m already ,000 in...
   Proposal to Have a Community-Wide Meeting and Dialogue
   Proposal for the formation of the OWS Transportation Operations Working Group
   100+ Websites hacked and defaced by Bangladesh Cyber Army
   Nigeria National Assembly Hacked by Anonymous #OpNigeria
   Trading corporation of bangladesh hacked and defaced by Saadi and Hax.r00t
   United Nations, UN.org Hacked and data dumped Again
   NYCGA Minutes 2/7/2012
   2/9/2012: Formation of Bike Coalition Working Group
   2/8/2012: Proposal to Create a Budget Process for Spokes Council
   02/09/2012: Principles of Solidarity Amendement
   Voice Announcement from Matt Lepacek on Wednesday Feb 8th 09:10 PM
   Proposal to start a zeitgeist working group within OWS.
   macforbeginners.com hacked and data leaked by xdev @ b4lc4nh4ck
   TeaMp0isoN Hacks Syrian Military Accounts
   Couple of Sites hacked and defaced by Saadi and Hax.r00t
   Economic Development Association Scotland Hacked and Data Leaked by Epoch
   Insight into the Foxconn.com Data Leak
   #OpFreePalestine Leaked Credit Cards by Neon Seven, ZCompany Hacking Crew
   Fiat India Hacked and Defaced by ZCompany Hacking Crew
   I’m a 24 y/o single mom & full time student. I receive...
   I am 26 with a BA in Communication that put me 30k in debt. I...
   NYC Operational Spokes Council 02/06/2012 (Minutes)
   2/9/2012: Formation of Fundraising Working Group
   Catch up post, what has been happening in the hacker world
   5000+ Power-blog.com User accounts leaked
   4,940 Accounts leaked from media.devilscafe.in
   Nigerian Government attacked and data leaked by TeaMp0isoN in #OpNigeria
   Super Bowl Website hacked and massive amount of data leaked by Anonymous
   Massive data leak from foxconn.com by @SwaggSec
   OCCUPALOOZA AUGUST 18, 2012 Proposal to the General Assembly of Occupy
    Wall Street
   Proposal to the General Assembly of Occupy Wall Street Tuesday February 7, 2012
   Anarchism Caucus Formation Proposal
   Proposal in support of May Day 2012
   Proposal for Solidarity with Occupy Oakland
   I have high-functioning autism, and I completed college. I also...
   I’m an American Citizen. I pay taxes. I’m a stay...
   Proposal for OWS Legal Support And Commissary Funds For Detained Comrades
   NYC General Assembly 2/4/2012 (Minutes)
   NYC Operational Spokes Council 1/30/2012 (Minutes)
   NYCGA Minutes 2/4/2012
   In 2009 at the age of 25 I was diagnosed with rheumatoid...
   2/4/2012: A Call for Mass Action Against the Suppression of the Occupy Movement
   2/4/2012: Funding Request from Heather H.
   I am a 19 years old male. I can paint, draw, write, play guitar,...
   I am 31 years old. I served a year in Iraq as an infantryman....
   Accountability Proposal
   Handicap Accessible Space – GA
   Handicap Accessible Space – Spokes Council
   Defining “Operations” Groups for the Spokes Council
   Spokes Council Minutes 01/30/2012
   i am an art student in debt.trying to prove i can make ittrying...
   Proposal for NOW DC – Occupy Power!
   Group reading of an excerpt from Emma Goldman
   GA Meeting Times & Locations
   Democracy in Spokes Council
   International omen’s Day Event
   Bring the GA Indoors
   Spokes Council Budgeting
   HAHAHAHAHAHA just giving you guys some LULZ for the day!
   Voice Announcement from Constance Bartusis (Connie) on Sunday Jan 29th 10:50 AM
   NYCGA Minutes 01/28/2012
   1/28/2012: Occupy the Roads
   Universal Music Portugal hacked and accounts leaked
   1/28/2012: An Accountability Proposal To Hold OWS Members to OWS Standards of
   Occupy, but don't be a Dumb Ass
   1/28/2012: Fundraising Hub, aka “FUNHUB” orking Group Formation
   1/28/2012: Banning an Individual (Nan) from General Assembly (from Town Planning)
   1/28/2012: Support for a joint declaration between the assemblies of Moscow and New
    York from the Anti-War Working Group
   Suzuki Deutschland Hacked and Data leaked by @anon_4freedom
   Brno Airport Web Site hacked and Data leaked by @anon_4freedom
   My Father is a retired firefighter. He has $$$$$$ in medical...
   BMW Motorcycle Owners of America Hacked And thousands of Accounts Leaked By
    xdev @b4lc4nh4ck
   1/31/2012: Request for Liberty Square General Assembly to ban an individual (Nan)
    (from Edward H.)
   just10time.com hacked and thousands of accounts leaked by @psykonx of NetBashers
   NineWinds FTP Server hacked by @psykonx of NetBashers
   WikiSpaces hacked and data leaked by @psykonx of Netbashers
   Aussie Grindr Hacker mite be spared any further legal troubles
   Anonymous Sets Target for UFC’s Dana hite
   Indishell hackers defaced 50+ pakistan websites for republic day
   400+ Sites hacked and defaced for Black Day in Kashmir by ZCompany Hacking Crew
   UFC Website hacked and defaced by anonymous after Dana white starts trouble #OpUFC
   NYCGA Minutes 1/26/2012
   Horia Hulubei National Institute of Physics and Nuclear Engineering Hacked and Loads
    of Data By Anonymous
   34,000 Accounts leaked from xboxliveclans.com by @alsa7rx
   IDF, Israel Defence Force Attack Iran Websites in Middle East Cyber War
   I am 19 years old and I can’t find a job. If I had a penny...
   I am a middle-aged man working three part-time jobs that pay...
   NYCGA 1/24/2012 Minutes
   Spokes Council Minutes 01/25/20012
   New documentary posted soon
   1177 Sites Hacked by Bangladesh Cyber Army
   sellpal.co.uk hacked and 9000+ Accounts leaked by @b4lc4nh4ck
   100+ hacked sites by Pak Cyber Combat Squad Cr3w
   Formation of Occupy Your Workplace Working Group
   Spokes Council Minutes January 23, 2012
   Groups Policy Implementation
   1/25/2012: Housing Budget Proposal
   Creation of the Global Justice Working Group
   Discussion of Vision Statement
   Statement about Liberty Square
   gente.com.ar hacked and 509 accounts dumped
   Senate Of Michigan Hacked By Anonymous
   Hackers Attack Israeli “Sheba” and “Assuta” Hospitals
   2 more large data dumps and 27 sites hacked by STK
   Small Amount of facebook accounts leaked by alsa7r
   Claimed Secret Documents from Iran Leaked By Hannibal
   170.000 Israeli webmasters Leaked by 0xOmar
   Massive dump of data from AlienZ
   Commercial Bank of Ethiopia. hacked by SEPO
   I am 19 years old and married to a hard-working military man. I...
   Harvard hacked and dataleaked by @b4lc4nh4ck
   Ghana Prudential Bank Ltd, hacked by SEPO
   UT Bank Ghana hacked by SEPO
   National Diamond Company of Angola ENDIAMA, hacked by SEPO
   MPAA Directly & Publicly Threatens Politicians Who Aren't Corrupt Enough To Stay
   I am 19 years old. I graduated from high school with almost a...
   Anonymous hacks into the FTC online security site, warns of more protest action
   U.S. government’s ‘online security’ website taken down by Anonymous
   TV3 Ghana hacked and data leaked by SEPO
   SG-SSB Ltd hacked and data leaked Hacked by SEPO
   Regional Maritime University Ghana hacked by SEPO
   Uploading two new videos in a bit
   And another one bites the dust!
   websoftdownload.com Hacked and 2,242 Accounts leaked by @alsa7rx
   45 More Sites Hacked And Heaps of Accounts Leaked by STK, Dump Part 1
   45 More Sites Hacked And Heaps of Accounts Leaked by STK, Information
   45 More Sites Hacked And Heaps of Accounts Leaked by STK, Dump Part 2
   45 More Sites Hacked And Heaps of Accounts Leaked by STK, Dump Part 4
   45 More Sites Hacked And Heaps of Accounts Leaked by STK, Dump Part 3
   More hackers leak “Israeli” Accounts in middle east cyber war
   45 More Sites Hacked And Heaps of Accounts Leaked by STK, Dump Part 5
   3,000 “Saudi’s” Details leaked by 0xOmar
   Message to Israel from AlienZ about the cyberwar
   Saudi Arabia’s King Saud University Database Hacked and 800+ Leaked
   I am 20. I earned a culinary degree. I had to move back home...
   Anonymous just tOok down CBS. And others.
   Some Results from Hannibals 100,000 Email Leak, So Many Fakes
   facepunch.com hacked and 160 accounts leaked
   justinbieberweb.com hacked and data leaked
   e-teacherdiploma.com hacked and accounts leaked by AlienZ
   universalmusic.com.br hacked and defaced for megaupload shutdown
   500 Arabic Email Accounts Leaked by DFnilov
   rpghry.cz hacked and 5000 Accounts leaked
   900+ “Arabs” Emails Leaked by XRAM
   sexyono.com hacked and thousands of accounts leaked
   100,000 “Arab” Email Accounts Leaked by Hannibal
   When I was 17, I was ejected from a car. I suffered 3 brain...
   Going out of town.
   My mom was diagnosed with kidney disease 2 years ago. ...
   Anonymous Fails, Once Again, to Make Its Point
   Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement
   Hacking Backlash As Top 'Piracy' Site Shut Down
   Aaron Barr, Cybersecurity Analyst Who Was Hacked By Anonymous And Infiltrated
    Occupy Wall Street, Gets Fired
   New mega upload web address
   Demand Progress: U.S. responded to blackout protest with the middle finger
   Online protest makes US Congress put web piracy bill on hold
   Botswana Stock market website hacked by SEPO
   This Week In Palestine hacked and 4000 Accounts leaked by AlienZ
   World war web
   Dump Of Accounts from codecity.ir by Anonymous 972
   Ghana Stock Exchange Hacked and Data Leaked by @anon_4freedom
   2000 Saudi Credit Cards Dumped by WhiteBishop
   Thousands of Dumped Email Accounts
   Megaupload Sued, DOJ, RIAA, MPAA, WMG, Websites Taken Down By Anonymous -
    January 19, 2012
   Girl Silenced the World - Pollution
   Grooveshark Fights a Copyright Lawsuit by Chasing After Anonymous Commenters
   Julian Assange on Anonymous
   VirDiKO.com hacked and accounts leaked by @muldaria48
   The Hackers Army Official Website Hacked And Defaced by HaX.R00T
   Council of Jewish Institutions of France Hacked, 13,000 Accounts Leaked by FCA
   3000+ Accounts From unknown Source
   sciencespo.fr Hacked and Accounts leaked by FCA
   Dubuweb.com hacked and accounts leaked by D35M0ND142
   Boycott Israeli Defacement on moshiach.com
   More Israeli Personal Details leaked, more threats made
   LebanonI.com Yellow Pages Hacked And database destroyed by AlienZ
   Two Schools hacked and information leaked by Anonymous
   NYC General Assembly 1/17/2012 (Summary)
   Grooveshark Fights a Copyright Lawsuit By Chasing After Anonymous Commenters
   Hannibal Leaks More Accounts And Makes More Threats
   Nuclear Group Join Hannibal in Attacks, leaks 4800 Arabian Credit Cards
   Union of Arab Banks hacked and more threats made
   I have a friend who as problems at home. His parents are...
   I am a high school student. In the past two years my dad has...
   NYC Operational Spokes Council 01/16/2012 (Summary)
   Hannibal Release’s More Accounts, makes more threats to Arabs
   0xOmar’s Data leaks spark more attacks, powersoccer.ca hacked by AlienZ
   GFI SandBox 4.0
   360 more websites defaced for #OpFreePalestine by DevilzSec
   Phished Accounts From Various Sources
   OpFreePalestine Still Attacking Sites, BNSL India’s Biggest Telecom Hacked
   Dissolution of Spokes Council
   Update About GAME.co.uk hack and data leak, Game says nothing happened
   21000 Accounts dumped from videogamesplus.ca by @b4lc4nh4ck
   At the age of 22, the most I’ve made per hour is .50. I...
   Anonymous on CTV
   Backtrack 5
   Occupy Earth Day Global Month of Action
   20 More Hacked Sites by STK
   oksportsandfitness.com Database leaked
   Nepal Telecommunications Authority hacked again by @D35M0ND142
   Some Random Account Dumps
   60+ Sites Hacked for #OpFreePalestine By PCCS
   STRATFOR Email Teaser Expose’s threats
   ISP 012, blames storage systems malfunctions for ISP downtime
   Raw Questions and Answers With Hannibal and Insight to Leaks
   #ZionOps Claims 0xOmar’s Forum Downtime
   Just a reminder
   NYC General Assembly 1/15/2012 (Summary)
   Breakout Discussion
   Break Out Discussion
   Nigerian Army’s ebsite Hacked And Defaced By @NaijaCyberHack
   Massive Amount of Hacked Sites by STK, Part 4
   Pakistan Horticulture Development Website hacked and Accounts Leaked By
   0xOmar planning to make Jihadist Hackers group
   CNN Inside Anonymous
   300+ Hacked And Defaced Website for Ops Freedom Palestine
   Funds Focus DDos Results in Possible Court Case Against Melbourne IT
   More Facebook/Emails Dumped By Hannibal and threats to “Arab” Country’s
   Israeli Banking System Downed By attackers
   I am 48 years of hope hoping for hope that things will...
   I work full time and so does my husband. e can’t afford...
   NYC General Assembly 01/15/2012
   1/16/12: Reduce Spokes Council Meetings
   1/17/12: Reduce GA Meetings
   David Morgan Hacked 24000+ Accounts Leaked by @p0keu
   Massive Amount of Hacked Sites by STK, Part 2
   Massive Amount of Hacked Sites by STK, Part 1
   Nightmare Joins 0xOmar for Attacks on Tel Aviv Stock Exchange and Israel Airline
   Massive Amount of Hacked Sites by STK, Part 3
   Dump of xbox Accounts
   Catalyst Gaming Hacked and 2000+ Accounts Dumped
   4chan having issues
   T Mobile Hacked and Accounts Leaked
   J.D. Nero: Untouchable, The SOPA Song
   Zone Technologies Hacked And Accounts Dumped
   Update from 0xOmar, The Saudi hacker who attacked Israel
   Message to Danny Ayalon from 0xOmar
   0xOmar Makes Threats to Pastebin.com
   30,000,000 Emails Accounts hacked by Hannibal Part 1
   30,000,000 Emails Accounts hacked by Hannibal Part 3
   30,000,000 Emails Accounts hacked by Hannibal Part 2
   20,000 Facebooks, Hacked and Leaked By Hannibal
   I have a rare condition and there is no cure because research...
   Game Hacked and Accounts leaked
   Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency Hit by Virus
   Credit Card Dumps
   Computer Virus takes out towns payroll computer
   City College has had virus infection since 1999
   Chinese hackers Going After Smart Card Details
   1/15/2012: Formation of Transportation Working Group
   NYC Operational Spokes Council 1/13/2012 (Summary)
   1/15/2012: Break Out Discussion
   Asus Websites hacked
   Symantec source code leaked by Yama Tough for James Gross vs Symantec Lawsuit
   More dumped Accounts by LulzOps
   Accounts dumped from orion.si
   1/14: Movement Building Road Trip
   1/14: Anarchist Education Working Group
   1/14/2012: Spending Freeze
   1/14/2012: Censure Affirmation
   1/15/2012: Occupy House Parties
   1/14/12: Break Out Discussion
   1/14/2012: Formation of GRISP Working Group
   1/13/2012: Housing request for MetroCard budget
   1/13/2012: Archives Budget
   1/13: Budget for Spokes Location
   Leaked DHS PDF Shows List of Media Sites they Monitor
   I am 24 years-old… and I am one of the very lucky ones....
   NYC General Assembly 1/12/2012 (Summary)
   1/14/2012: Breakout discussions on the New York Nuclear Disarmament and Arms
    Reduction Declaration
   1/14/2012: Formation of OCCUPY CO-OPS & CONDOS Working Group
   Anonymous OpFreePalestine Datadump Part 3
   Hacker that stole over ,000 from Indian Business Arrested and held
   Coordinators’ Meeting Minutes 1/11/12
   1/12/2012: Park Slope Methodist Working Group Formation
   1/12/2012: Joint declaration with Moscow on nuclear disarmament and arms reduction
   1/12/2012: Formation of Mobile Occupation (MORPH) Working Group and budget
   NYC Operational Spokes Council 1/11/2012 (Summary)
   DHS is watching you
   Cancao Nova hacked and Accounts Dumped
   Dump of fileden 3500+ Accounts
   EMAXX Hacked By @TehMaskz
   Dump of Accounts by @LulzOps
   1/12/2012: Break Out Discussion
   Are More SCADA Systems Vulnerable to attacks?
   futureexpert.co.uk hacked and accounts dumped
   www.firsteschool.com database leaked by Adolus Team
   Islamic Network hacked and small amount of accounts dumped
   Email leakage exposed
   Anonymous Attack Israeli websites in light of OpFreePalestine
   urdugalaxy.com hacked, accounts dumped
   www-lemuse-info leaked with full exposure
   STRATFOR Back Online with a Clear Message to Anonymous – “You have not won”
   ANZ Bank fails and shuts down online service
   Israeli SCADA Systems Hacked by Anonymous
   NYC General Assembly 1/10/2012 (Summary)
   Coordinators Meeting Minutes 1/9/2012
   United beauty hacked and 5000+ accounts dumped by @p0keu
   NYC Operational Spokes Council 1/9/2012 (Summary)
   1/10/2012: Break Out Discussion
   I’m 26 years old. I’m a journalist, writer and...
   I am 19 years old, I’ve lived in poverty my entire life....
   NYC General Assembly Minutes 1/7/2012
   WoW-Gold.de hacked by Anonymous in #OpGoldenCoin
   101 Sites Defaced and threats of data leaks by Zhc in Operation 1m Vs NATO
   NYCGA 1/7/2012 (Summary)
   NYCGA 1/8/2012 (Summary)
   18yo Israeli Man, Arrested and held for using stolen credit cards from 0xOmar
   Xbox Live, How Secure is your Account
   I am at a public university studying to be a preschool teacher....
   Turkish hackers Warn Of Cyber War
   FBI: Third International Conference on Cyber Security
   1/8/2012: Boots of Solidarity
   1/8/2012: Buy-Out Buy-In
   1/8/2012: Break Out Discussion
   1/9/2012: Stop Stop & Frisk Budget for Button Printing
   1/8/2012: Blocks Protocol at General Assembly
   Web Site Maintenance Notice
   Cyber Defense Strategies Expert James Ryan to Speak at U.S. DoD Cyber Crime
   Big List Of Accounts And Defacement From Various Hacked Sites
   Israel to Treat Hackers Like Terrorist
   I am: A single mom of ONE child. I make a grand total of SIX...
   I volunteer my time in positions I would ultimately like to get...
   We are the 99%. What about our future?
   i am a 100% disabled vet. i live in turkey because i can’t...
   1/8/2012: Bail and Camp Funding for Occupy Tampa
   SRA International Awarded Million Single-Award Contract from National Institutes of
   New Phishing Stats Reveal Criminals Targeted Travel and Credit Card Brands during
   0xOmar Sends Out A Taunt Message to the Israeli Authorities
   Random Account dumps
   Sony Pictures hacked again by Anonymous
   Coordinators Meeting Minutes 1/4/2012
   One of the Sony hacker’s, @S3rver_exe has been hacked
   Israeli Server Hacks, More Attacks to Come. Another 11k CC’s Released
   STRATFOR Emails Hijacked After Anonymous Leak
   I’ve been a medical transcriptionist since 1976. ...
   my teeth are rotting and falling out piece by piece. a very...
   « Ik wil ECHT werken ! Na 10 jaar studie ben ik...
   I am 25 years old and have ,000 in debt for my education at a...
   Housing Working Group Budget
   NYCGA 1/5/2012 (Summary)
   Tech Ops Working Group Budget for Phone Services, Hosting Reimbursement,
    Infrastructure & Operating Costs, and Livestreaming in HD
   Dump of WoW Accounts
   Brazil Ministry of Environment Hacked By Anonymous, #OpAmaZonaSave 1.0
   Sony Pictures Hacked By Anonymous, #OpSony
   I know you said this we must show our faces, but this is not...
   I have now been trying to find a full time job with in my...
   Spending Freeze
   Liaisons and Advocacy Working Group
   NYC Operational Spokes Council 1/4/2012 (Summary)
   Facebook’s 2012 Hacker Cup, 15 Days To Go
   I am part of the 99%, my parents are also the 99%. I lost my...
   NYCGA Minutes 1/1/2012
   NYC General Assembly Minutes 1/3/2012
   Stop Stop & Frisk Budget
   Proposal for Blocks Protocol at General Assembly
   Nigerian Government’s Information Technology Development Agency Hosting Phishing
   OpEurope In Effect by Anonymous
   File-Sharing Recognized as Official Religion in Sweden
   Proposal for 1/4: Medical
   NYC General Assembly 1/3/2012 (Summary)
   Credit Rating Agencies Hacked By #WallRoad
   Japan Plans to Fight Cyber Security with Virus
   GROUP-XP Warns of more Israel Information Leaks
   STRATFOR, “still in the process of securing our website” After Anonymous Hack
   Comfort Weekly Budget
   1/5: OWS Transparency and Accountability Act
   NYC Operational Spokes Council 1/2/2012 (Summary)
   Saudi Hackers Attack Israel Servers
   Back in 1995, Information Technology jobs were the jobs of the...
   I sat on the sidelines for too many years Thinking that my vote...
   Proposal for 1/5: Testing Block Validity
   1/3: J17 Occupy Congress Solidarity
   1/3: Occupy the NH Primary
   1/3: Resolution to End Corporate Personhood
   Removal of 99 Declaration from NYCGA.net
   Hackers said to put their own satellites in space
   NYCGA 1/1/2012 (Summary)
   How Scary Was the Internet in 2011?
   More dumped Email Accounts
   fresh dump of phished accounts
   1/1: Resolution to End Corporate Personhood
   NYCGA 12/31/2011 (Summary)
   How Scary Was The Internet in 2011?
   1/1: Spokes Council Ethics
   1/1: Occupied State of the Union
   Funding for Metrocards
   Open Letter to All Hackers, Haters and Followers
   CSLEA and NY Police Chief Mail and DB Dumped By Anonymous
   #OpHiroshima Delivers Massive Dump of Dox’s and Data
   Huge 6700+ Dump of Mail Accounts
   lilupophilupop.com SQL injection infects over 1,000,000 pages
   Dump of phished accounts
   NYC Operational Spokes Council 12/30/2011 (Summary)
   Proposal for 1/1: Testing Block Validity
   1/1: J17 Occupy Congress Solidarity
   1/3: Funding for Left Forum Panel
   1/1: Occupy the NH Primary
   12/31: Resolution to End Corporate Personhood
   Dump of accounts from turnintocash.com
   Proposal for 12/31: Auditing Accounting
   Proposal for 12/31: Facilitation Ethics
   Proposal for 12/31: Occupied State of the Union
   Proposal for 12/31: Spokes Council Ethics
   Proposal for 12/31: Antiwar Working Group
   Telstra site fails AGAIAN to secure customer details
   Possible 17,900,617 Care2 User Accounts Breached
   United flyer finds dozens of passengers’ info online
   People To Follow from 2011
   ZCompany Hacking Crew Deface Spree Aimed At NATO
   Pak Cyber Combat Squad Aim’s Defacements at NATO
   Dump of accounts from Phishing
   Zeus infected Emails Target’s Military In Recent Email Scam
   DDoS Can Bring Rail Networks To Standstill Via phone Signals
   Ministry of Trade Republic of Indonesia Hacked and Dumped by @CabinCr3w
   I’m only 15 years old. Sometimes my family can’t...
   OpLatinoamerica In Effect, 3 Government Sites Hacked And Defaced
   268 Sites hacked and defaced by HaX.R00T in on going cyberwar
   Spokes Council Assembly
   NYCGA 12/29/2011 (Summary)
   2x Commercial Israel based websites hacked and data leaked
   DestructiveSec’s “Personal Piggy BANK” of 3000 cc details
   860,000 Accounts Leaked from Anonymous STRATFOR Hack
   Occupy Newark
   Religious Support
   CIA.gov and Nasa.gov Vulnerable to XSS, hacked by D35M0ND142
   GNP Lawmaker gets summoned over political hacking
   Hacker defrauds MNC of Rs 6 lakh (,178)
   Pakistan Human Development Foundation hacked and defaced
   2000+ Facebook accounts dumped
   Thousands of Dump Accounts From This Month
   #OpFreePalestine first attack, 4 Colombian Government websites
   STRATFOR Provide one year of CSID’s coverage to Anonymous Hack Victims
   Proposal for 12/29: GA Quorum
   Proposal for 12/29: NYE Deposit Budget
   Proposal for 12/29: Occupy Dartmouth Tent
   Proposal for 12/29: Funds for Occupy Oakland
   Voice Announcement from Anonymous on Wednesday Dec 28th 08:05 PM
   Proposal for 12/29: Medical Research
   NYC Operational Spokes Council 12/28/2011 (Summary)
   Bail Fund
   Proposal for Thursday 12/29 General Assembly: OWS Activist Legal Working Group
   Upcoming Proposals
   Proposal for Thursday 12/29 General Assembly: Occupy Cleveland
   Proposal Listing Improvements
   Voice Announcement from Matt Lepacek on Wednesday Dec 28th 04:16 PM
   Kuwait Government wants twitter users that “slander” or effect the community
   #OpFreePalestine Press Release, Video and Torrent
   New York City Public Advocate Downplay Massive Data Leak
   NYCGA 12/27/2011 (Summary)
   Special Forces Information Leaked from Anonymous STRATFOR Attack
   2700+ Accounts leaked from Promo Web
   12/27: The VOTER Plan
   Stratfor Hack Damage Report: 50,000 Credit Cards, 44,000 Passwords
   Met Police Shut Down 2000 Sites For Games Fraud
   STRATFOR Hack Making World Governments Speak Out
   Voice Announcement from Anonymous on Tuesday Dec 27th 09:19 AM
   12/29: The VOTER Plan
   Oakland Eviction Relief Funding
   Occupy Christmas Proposal
   Occupy Central Park
   Announcement – Conference in Brasil #CPBR5
   biclopsgames.com accounts leaked
   2000+ dumped email accounts
   Another CPPS leak
   Karma Films Hacked and accounts leaked
   LulzXmas Donations by @DestructiveSec
   40 Million User details leaked from tianya.cn
   Hackers Steal Data of Millions of Chinese Net Users
   STRATFOR and Texas laws, where do they stand now
   Proposal for Tuesday 12/27 General Assembly: Yuri Cantor
   Proposal for 12/27: J17 Occupy Congress Solidarity
   Voice Announcement from Anonymous on Monday Dec 26th 07:17 PM
   Proposal for 12/27: Bail Fund Account
   Indian Stock Exchange Site, Hacked 2nd time in 24 hours by @DestructiveSec
   Anonymous leak 30,000 more cc Details From STRATFOR
   I am 26 years old. I live with my parents. I have a BS in...
   Anonymous Plays Robin Hood With Stolen Credit Cards
   Voice Announcement from Anonymous on Sunday Dec 25th 07:42 PM
   Voice Announcement from Anonymous on Sunday Dec 25th 10:26 PM
   Voice Announcement from Anonymous on Sunday Dec 25th 11:14 PM
   NYCGA 12/25/2011 (Summary)
   Intelligence Firm Gets Hacked, Maybe by Anonymous
   Anonymous Hackers Donate To Various Places with STRATFORS Hacked Information
   Another huge amount of stolen CC from STRATFOR dumped by Anonymous
   Stratfor’s privacy policy, “Your information is stored in limited access server”
   Indian Stock market Website hacked, defaced and dataleaked by @DestructiveSec
   STRATFOR Hires “leading identity theft protection and monitoring service”
   13,000 More cc Details From STRATFOR Leaked By Anonymous
   Do NOT Trust Godaddys Anti-SOPA Statement
   Couple more GOV Sites hacked and admin logins leaked
   20,000 Taishin Int’l Bank clients’ data leaked
   Anonymous take down Copseek.com
   Huge dump, 3000+ of Emails from phishing
   Zuliano Institute for Technological Research Hacked
   960+ Email logins dumped by Indian Cyber Pirates
   500 more Sites defaced by SA3D HaCk3D
   Six government website login details dumped by N3O
   Ukraine Police and 600+ Websites Hacked and Defaced by Kosova Hackers Security
   NYCGA 12/24/2011 (Summary)
   Proposal for Sunday 12/25 General Assembly: Metrocards
   People over Profit.
   I am a high school senior filled with apprehension and fear of...
   I worry about work, I worry about pension, I worry about school,...
   I know I’m only 16 but I’m worried! I worry about my future. I’m...
   I am 20 yrs old. I come from 3 generations of poverty. My family...
   And I’m one of the lucky ones…21 year old college...
   I’m 22. After looking for only 4 months, I found a job which I...
   Proposal for Saturday 12/24 General Assembly: To Remove the 99% Declaration from
   Proposal for Saturday 12/24 General Assembly: Global Protest March – Jonathan
   Proposal for Saturday 12/24 General Assembly: To Prohibit Working Groups from
    Meeting during GA and Spokes Council
   Apple Stores WIFI pwnt by 14yo, video
   Godaddy pulls slick move and withdraws support for SOPA,
   New York City Public Advocate hacked and database dumped by anonymous
   NYCGA 12/22/2011 Summary
   Proposal for Saturday 12/24 General Assembly: Direct Action Un-Settling Occupation &
   Proposal for 12/23 Spokes Council: OWS Fabric Arts Budget (Emergency)
   We will be moving our domain soon
   Dump of Accounts from campus100
   ranchomirageca.gov hacked and admin info leaked
   Couple more government attacks by D157UR83D crew
   Edinburgh City Council debt advice data hacked
   4 more government sites hacked
   trionworlds.com release’s notification that many accounts breahed
   OpHiroshima Original Press Release
   SOPA is proving to show who u can trust
   DARPA to start checking your email for threats
   Melbournet IT fails to uphold security of its customers
   I am 21 years old. I worked at a large financial institution for...
   Let’s give 99% chance to our children! I’m the 99%
   33 years 66 reasons to shout We are the 99% (Belgium supports...
   I’m tired, I feel sick and revolted by this society of...
   I stand with the 99%, but I pity the 1%. Because one day they...
   Voice Announcement from Anonymous on Thursday Dec 22nd 03:35 PM
   im just as tired as everyone else. there is a global epidemic...
   i am from greece..as you might know my country is occupied by...
   Proposal for Saturday 12/24 General Assembly: Volunteer Services
   Vermont.gov & LE Hacked by #Phsy
   Proposal for Thursday 12/22 General Assembly: O477//UNW//HRR
   Proposal for Thursday 12/22 General Assembly: Medical
   Voice Announcement from Anonymous on Wednesday Dec 21st 03:48 PM
   Proposal for Thursday 12/22 General Assembly: Direct Action
   Voice Announcement from Anonymous on Wednesday Dec 21st 03:50 PM
   Proposal for Thursday 12/22 General Assembly: Facilitation
   Two firms join NATO to help with cyber security
   Anonymous Sweden Expose Wanted Animal Abuser
   Vodafone gets warning over breach
   I am 39 y/o, a married, father of two teenagers. I have a solid...
   NYCGA 12/20/2011 (Summary)
   Butler Schein Animal Health’s system stored credit card details
   Iran moves websites to guard against cyber attacks
   China Hackers Said To Hit U.S. Chamber
   Proposal for Tuesday 12/20 General Assembly: Gabriel – Religious Life Support
   Voice Announcement from Anonymous on Tuesday Dec 20th 04:38 PM
   First EU-report on Maritime Cyber Security
   More Government website logins dumped
   Open Letter to K. Rudd Urges Him To Protect Assange
   Personal Cyberwar takes out 70 sites
   1500 Sites defaced by Team Grey Hat
   TheHosting ME hacked and Server Information and Accounts Dumped
   Small dump of personal accounts
   Couple of account dumps
   AnonymousMedia chat room (IRC)
   Proposal for Thursday 12/22: Accounting
   NYC Operational Spokes Council 12/20/2011 (Summary)
   Proposal for Thursday 12/22 General Assembly: Proposal from Yoni
   Proposal for Thursday 12/22 General Assembly: Common Sense Proposal
   Voice Announcement from Trish on Tuesday Dec 20th 02:56 AM
   Proposal for Thursday 12/22 General Assembly: Labor Outreach
   Voice Announcement from Matt Lepacek on Tuesday Dec 20th 03:22 AM
   Voice Announcement from Matt Lepacek on Tuesday Dec 20th 03:26 AM
   Voice Announcement from Robert Segal on Monday Dec 19th 03:45 PM
   Proposal for 12/20: Mobile Screen Printing Labs
   Voice Announcement from 4 on Monday Dec 19th 04:14 PM
   Proposal for 12/20: Working Groups–Hey, ho’s Still Around?
   Proposal for 12/20: Laundry Debt
   Proposal for 12/20: DA Budget
   Voice Announcement from Trish on Monday Dec 19th 05:13 PM
   Proposal for 12/20: Occupy Christmas Proposal
   dump of paypal accounts
   S. Korea Bumps up Cyber Security watch in wake of Kim Jong-il death
   Merry Xmas From Cyber War News
   Spring will come, and we will return. Happy Holidaze from Occupy...
   NYCGA 12/18/2011 (Summary)
   David Cecil gets half the hacking charges dropped
   Captured American Spy admits working for DARPA, CIA and others
   I am a 27 year old Iraq war veteran. I volunteered to go to Iraq...
   I am 24 years old. I have lived in the U.S. since I was 10. I am...
   Proposal for Sunday, 12/18, General Assembly: Buy-Out Buy-In
   Proposal for Sunday, 12/18, General Assembly: Occupy Harlem
   Proposal for Sunday, 12/18, General Assembly: Movement for Justice in El Barrio
   International Checkout took 23days to notify customers of data breach
   FBI dox document surfaced
   9000 Accounts leaked from Italian Minister for Public Administration and Innovation
   2000 Spanish Society of Hospital Pharmacy User Accounts Leaked
   300 webalain.ch accounts leaked
   Submit why you are the 99%
   Proposal for Sunday, 12/18, General Assembly: Budget for Yonkers Housing Site
   Proposal for Sunday, 12/18, General Assembly: Proposal to move GA indoors on a trial
   Proposal for 12.18 General Assembly: Budget for OWS Christmas Toy Drives in El
    Barrio and the Bronx (Haywood)
   #LulzXmas the modern day robin hood, takes control and gives gifts out
   Sarah, Hilary, Obama, and many others taken down again by OpBlackout
   200,000 Restaurant Depot clients affected by hack, 16days to notify clients
   I’m so happy to know we’re in this together....
   I am 27 yrs old. I have a Bachelors of Social work and have...
   I also wrote about our experience at the Oakland, CA general...
   Hello. My name is M. I am a freshman in college. My dream is to...
   I live in Central Wisconsin. Last week, within two days of each...
   I’ve been trying to reason with the machine, within my...
   Proposal for Saturday, 12/17, General Assembly:Jobs for All – Demands Working Group
   Proposal for Saturday, 12/17, General Assembly: Constitution Working Group
   Proposal for Saturday, 12/17, General Assembly: Movement Building – Removal of 99%
   Proposal for Saturday, 12/17, General Assembly: Occupy Farms Formation and Budget
   Proposal for Saturday, 12/17, General Assembly: O S participation in the “Second
    Seminar of Reflection and Analysis—Planet Earth: Anti-systemic Movements”
   Proposal for Saturday, 12/17, General Assembly: Occupy Olympia Solidarity Social
    Forum Request (Danny K.)
   Proposal for Saturday, 12/17, General Assembly: Housing
   Proposal for Saturday 12/17 General Assembly: International Petition – Leo
   Proposal for Saturday 12/17 General Assembly: D6 Action Proposal
   Voice Announcement from Anonymous on Friday Dec 16th 04:31 AM
   Voice Announcement from Matt Lepacek on Friday Dec 16th 05:39 AM
   2.8k Accounts dumped from portalmercosur.com
   Square Enix servers hacked, 1.8 million users affected
   Enterprise Cyber Security & Information Assurance Podcast
   Drone taken down by GPS attack
   CA Attorney General Forms New Cyber-Crime Unit
   eBay merchants shahizanhashim, Allowed Google to index customer information
   Australian newspaper raided over hacking claims
   big dump of Government website logins
   Dump of accounts from biclopsgames.com
   China tightens micro blogging rules, how will they control it
   Voice Announcement from Matt Lepacek on Thursday Dec 15th 10:31 PM
   Proposal for Saturday 12/17 General Assembly: Jehan Semper
   Proposal for Monday 12/19 Spokes Council: Political Action Working Group
   Proposal for Thursday 12/15 General Assembly: Ronny Nunez
   Proposal for Thursday 12/15 General Assembly: Housing Group
   Proposal for Thursday 12/15 General Assembly: Movement Building
   Proposal for Thursday 12/15 General Assembly: Minutes
   Proposal for Saturday 12/17 General Assembly: Anne Rettenberg
   Proposal for Friday 12/16 Spokes Council: Town Planning
   Proposal for Thursday 12/15 General Assembly: Organization Working Group
   Voice Announcement from Matt Lepacek on Wednesday Dec 14th 05:11 PM
   Voice Announcement from Matt Lepacek on Wednesday Dec 14th 05:14 PM
   Voice Announcement from Matt Lepacek on Wednesday Dec 14th 05:20 PM
   Voice Announcement from Matt Lepacek on Wednesday Dec 14th 05:24 PM
   Proposal for Thursday 12/15 General Assembly: OWS Medics
   Proposal for Thursday 12/15 General Assembly: Comfort
   Pleasure Beach Theme park hacked and 7,000 user accounts leak
   bunch of server details leaked
   Members in Action hacked
   small dump of accounts
   Romanian CEC Bank blocks 17,000 cards
   Yahoo Awarded 0M, but court cant promise they will see it
   Whitehat Facebook hacker pleads guilty
   Federal Security Practitioners Admit: e’re Not Prepared to Meet Continuous
    Monitoring Deadline
   Voice Announcement from 4 on Tuesday Dec 13th 10:16 PM
   Voice Announcement from 4 on Tuesday Dec 13th 10:18 PM
   Specialforces.com hacked, Agents accounts details leaked by @Abhaxas
   Saudi held for hacking IT firm’s server
   15k Accounts from Se7ensins.com
   Proposal for Tuesday 12/13 General Assembly: Constitution Working Group
   Anonymous hacker arrested and bail on 10k bond, faces 15years for LOIC attack
   Proposal for Tuesday 12/13 General Assembly: Direct Action Painter’s Guild
   Voice Announcement from Matt Lepacek at Monday Dec 12th 04:06 PM
   Proposal for Tuesday 12/13 General Assembly: Visions & Goals Discussion
   Proposal for Tuesday 12/13 General Assembly: Free Literature Table
   Proposal for Tuesday 12/13 General Assembly: Direct Action
   Proposal for Tuesday 12/13 General Assembly: Occupy Farms
   Proposal for Tuesday 12/13 General Assembly: Zapatista Invitation
   Proposal for Tuesday 12/13 General Assembly: Movement for Justice in El Barrio
   Proposal for Thursday 12/15 General Assembly: Visions & Goals Discussion
   Random dump of accounts
   saintsite.com accounts dumped
   Massive amount of ANTI-LGBT accounts leaked by anonymous
   Obama wants drone back, Iran says perhaps they gave it to us
   G2 Secure Staff hacked and massive amount of Accounts and information leaked
   Anonymous’ LulzXmas, a year of Anonymous
   NYC Operational Spokes Council Minutes 12/9/2011
   Voice Announcement from 4 at Monday Dec 12th 07:51 AM
   NYCGA 12/10/2011 (Summary)
   20,000 CPPS Testville accounts leaked
   Florida Family Association hacked and warned by Anonymous
   Julia Gillard takes control of Australia’s cyber security
   Voice Announcement from Jake at Monday Dec 12th 12:35 AM
   Voice Announcement from jakejake at Monday Dec 12th 12:51 AM
   CEO Strategist hacked and 6000 Accounts dumped
   C.L.E.A.R Hacked and massive amount of data leaked by @exphin1ty
   Proposal for Tuesday 12/13 General Assembly: Library
   Four Romanians charged with hacking 150 Subway shops
   MyGames hacked and database leaked
   Proposal for Sunday 12/11 General Assembly: Justice for Private Danny Chen March &
    Press Release
   Proposal for Sunday 12/11 General Assembly: Constitution Working Group 7 Petition
   Proposal for Sunday 12/11 General Assembly: OWS Holiday Bazaar
   I’m 44 Y.O. and was diagnosed HIV+ in 2006. My medication...
   My job that only pays me ,000/year REQUIRES a college degree...
   I am a college graduate that spent the last several years...
   I grew up in a single parent home in a basement apartment. The...
   I am a 34 yr old unemployed health care worker. I lost my job at...
   I have been working at the same corporate job for 14 years. I...
   Proposal for Saturday 12/10 General Assembly: Clear Cocoons from Mark
   Thousands of facebook accounts phished and leaked
   Jumpers Junction, hacked and customer credit cards used
   The stupidity of web developers
   Proposal for Saturday12/10 General Assembly: Wikileaks Truck Working Group – OWS
    funding & trip to Fort Meade, MD for Bradley Manning trial vigil &march, Dec. 16th &
    17th, 2011.
   Proposal for Saturday 12/10 General Assembly: Housing Budget for Weekly Metro
   Proposal for Saturday 12/10 General Assembly: Politics & Electoral Reform – People
    Before Parties: Recommendations for Electoral Reform
   Proposal for Saturday 12/10 General Assembly: Formation of Houseless Working Group
    & Caucus
   Proposal for Sunday 12/11 General Assembly: Strong Women Rules
   Proposal for Sunday 12/11 General Assembly: Occupy Farms & Budget
   Proposal for Saturday 12/10 General Assembly: Think Tank – Formation of Mobile
    Think Tanks & Budget
   Proposal for Saturday 12/10 General Assembly: Kitchen Funding for Dec. 9th – 16th
   Proposal for Saturday 12/10 General Assembly: Budget Proposal – Room Rental for
    Racial Justice Workshop
   Napsu.fi Confirms and alerts its users to breach and leak of 16,000+ accounts
   HP sued over exploitable printers
   Indian National Congress hacked, Sonia Gandhi’s profile defaced
   6 Arrested in M Phishing scam
   Bathinda city and baran district Police websites defaced XtReMiSt
   Australian, Railcorp sells customers personal information at auctions
   Iran Cyber attack downed US drone
   Proposal for Saturday 12/10 General Assembly: Chris – End Congressional Insider
    Trading Statement
   NYCGA 12/8/2011 (Summary)
   Draft Proposal for Saturday 12/10 General Assembly: Medical Clinic Budget
   Draft Proposal for Sunday 12/11 General Assembly: WOW Training in Self-Defense &
    Anti-Oppression Response Techniques
   Huge amount of email accounts from past 24hrs
   Australian Telcom Giant, Telstra investigated over data breach
   Camden New Journal investigation on Camden Council’s website starts probe
   People Before Parties: Recommendations for Electoral Reform
   Draft Proposal for Saturday 12/10 General Assembly: OccupyOakland West Coast Port
    Shutdown Assembly
   Proposal Roundup
   NYC Operational Spokes Council 12/7/2011 (Summary)
   Draft Proposal for Thursday 12/8 General Assembly: Mobile Occupation
   Draft Proposal for Thursday 12/8 General Assembly: Occupied Farms
   David Cecil, pleads guilty to 2 of 48 charges, faces 10years jail
   UNICEF Ireland hacked and defaced
   Former Hacker Charlie Miller, Now Working with DoD on Cyber Security
   Dump of accounts from 18eighty.com
   NYCGA Minutes 12/6/2011
   Voice Announcement from Anonymous at Tuesday Dec 6th 09:13 PM
   Draft Proposal for Saturday 12/9 General Assembly: Politics and Electoral Reform
   NYCGA 12/6/2011 (Summary)
   Adding Groups to NYCGA.net
   ENPI Information and Communication hacked
   GstarCAD hacked and accounts leaked
   RSA Shuts Down More Than 500,000 Cyber Attacks Across 185 Countries
   Few days of email dumps
   Dump of accounts from orangemusicstore.com.do
   Yamaha Factory Racing website hacked and user accounts dumped
   Dump of accounts from Hip Hop Instrumentals
   MySQL.com hacked by D35M0ND142
   I am an artist. I am 57 years old. I am broke and in debt. ...
   I am 25 yrs. old. I have lived in the USA for 22 yrs. I was born...
   I work brutal hours for a wealthy misanthrope to support my...
   Can the Spam
   NYC Operational Spokes Council 12/5/2011 (Summary)
   Draft Proposal for Tuesday 12/6 General Assembly: Mission Statement Addition
   Breakout Discussion for General Assembly 12/6: Visions & Goals
   Breakout Discussion for General Assembly 12/8: Visions & Goals
   NYCGA 12/4/2011 (Summary)
   Voice Announcement from Matt Lepacek at Sunday Dec 4th 10:49 PM
   Break-Out Group Discussion for Sunday 12/4 General Assembly: Visions & Goals
   Draft Proposal for Sun. 12/4 General Assembly: OWS Constitution Working Group
   Draft Proposal for Sunday 12/4 General Assembly: Finance
   Voice Announcement from Anonymous at 12/03/2011 19:22:33
   Draft Proposal for Sunday 12/4 General Assembly: Tech
   Draft Proposal for Sunday 12/4 General Assembly: Support
   NYCGA 12/3/2011 (Summary)
   Voice Announcement from Matt Lepacek at 12/03/2011 19:30:58
   Draft Proposal for Sunday 12/4 General Assembly: Sean
   Draft Proposal for Sunday 12/4 General Assembly: Occupy 477 Budget
   Draft Proposal for Sunday 12/4 General Assembly: Occupy Farms
   Break-Out Group Discussion for Sunday 12/4 General Assembly: Alternative Banking
   NYCGA 12/1/2011 (Summary)
   NYC Operational Spokes Council 12/2/2011 (Summary)
   NYC Operational Spokes Council Minutes 12/2/2011
   Draft Proposal for Sat. 12/3 General Assembly: OWS Constitution Working Group
   Small dump of accounts
   Ricardo Granda, 50, charged with breach of computer security
   Message to United Nations from TeaMp0isoN
   New Feature: Search!
   Draft Proposal for Sat. 12/3 General Assembly: Eric (emergency proposal)
   Draft Proposal for Sat. 12/3 General Assembly: Housing budget for churches
   Draft Proposal for Sat. 12/3 General Assembly: Direct Democracy
   GA/Spokes Featured Events
   Group Emails Now Work
   NYC Operational Spokes Council Minutes 11/30/2011—Summary
   NYCGA Minutes 12/1/2011
   Dump of accounts by @_V4ND
   dump of random accounts
   United Nations Exposed as liars by TeaMp0isoN
   Dump of 3000 accounts from Portalmercosur.com by V!ruZ
   Draft Proposal for Thursday 12/1 General Assembly: Gilbert
   Draft Proposal for Saturday 12/3 General Assembly: OWS Volunteer Services Proposal
   Draft Proposal for Saturday 12/3 General Assembly: Tech Ops Budget & Training Day
   Norwich Airport, UK, hacked and data leaked
   Dump of accounts from donmilaninapoli.gov.it
   International Friends corporate hacked and accounts dumped
   NYC Operational Spokes Council Minutes 11/30/2011
   Break-Out Discussion for Thursday 12/1 General Assembly: Alternative Banking
   Draft Proposal for Thursday 12/1 General Assembly: Direct Action
   Draft Proposal for Thursday 12/1 General Assembly: Doug
   Dump of personal details and accounts
   Draft Proposal for Thursday 12/1 General Assembly: Screen Printer’s Guild
   Draft Proposal for Thursday 12/1 General Assembly: Arts & Culture
   Plans to Restructure Groups
   dump of accounts from songsfever.net
   Austrian Embassy hacked by @SwichSmoke
   Ukraine Nod32 website defaced
   Kaspersky Costa Rica Website defaced
   1000+ accounts from Ekatra Books dumped by @AnonymousSynn
   NYCGA Minutes 11/29/2011
   Another dump, Facebook accounts from phishing scams
   Part 3 and 4 of vaguscosmetics.net database dump by @ItsKahuna
   Bishop McDevitt Catholic High School administrator accounts leaked
   Dump of hacked servers logins
   Dump of accounts from itimarconi.gov.it
   Dump of accounts from evidalia.es
   thereadersweb.com and www.parks.it Member Database Hacked and dumped
   Dump of accounts from Guatemala Congress by @xDarkSton3x
   dump of random email accounts
   big dump of accounts from macromatic.com and relayspec.com
   I’m a full time college student who has just declare a...
   Fessler, P. (2011, September 15). Making it in the U.S.: More...
   I was almost debt-free when I was struck by a major medical...
   I am 22 years old and go to school full time so that one day I...
   Draft Proposal for Thursday 12/1 General Assembly: Legal
   Draft Proposal for Tuesday 11/29 General Assembly: Chris
   Draft Proposal for Tuesday 11/29 General Assembly: Town Planning / Housing Ad Hoc
   Draft Proposal for Tuesday 11/29 General Assembly: Mobile Information Network
   11/28/2011 Operational Spokes Council Minutes
   Draft Proposal for Tuesday 11/29 General Assembly: Legal
   Draft Proposal for Tuesday 11/29 General Assembly: Direct Action
   Draft Proposal for Tuesday 11/29 General Assembly: Trish
   UN hacked and information leaked by TriCk, from TeaMp0isoN
   dump of accounts from humormillnews.com
   Hundreds of Facebook phished and dumped by Cru3l Int3ntion
   Draft Proposal for Tuesday 11/29 General Assembly: Gilbert and Chris
   Draft Proposal for Tuesday 11/29 General Assembly: Temporary Relief
   sncc-psp.com defaced and email list dumped by @LulzSecPortugal
   My father has been the sole financial supporter of my family for...
   Fell on hard times and asked Wells Fargo for a loan mod. After...
   I am 22 years old. I am a full time college student who works...
   I am 18, and attend Boston University. I live with my mom, dad,...
   I’m 62 years old woman, Educated, Talented, Successfully...
   Who are the 99%? All of us who were told that if we worked hard...
   Draft Proposal for Tuesday 11/29 General Assembly: Medical
   NYCGA Minutes 11/27/2011
   Hyderbad Alumni Association of IIIT data dumped by Pakistonix HaXor
   Vagus Cosmetics Patient Database leaked by @KahunaHackz
   huge dump of payment records and information from carbajalrealty.com
   Huge amount of facebook account hacked by Cr@zy 3xpl0!t
   Draft proposal for Sunday 11/27 General Assembly: Buy Out Buy In
   NYCGA Minutes 11/26/2011
   Draft proposal for Sunday 11/27 General Assembly: AMSA Healthcare for the 99%
   Australian Government website defaced by Anonymous
   dump of accounts from play-online.bzh.be
   Dump of accounts from nike-free-run.us by anonymous dominicana
   NYCGA Minutes 11/23/2011
   cwn site updates and news nov2011
   Data of 13 million South Korean online game subscribers hacked
   I am the 99%! I am the mother of a beautiful 10 year old girl....
   People who get knocked down in this economy can’t get back...
   I have been silently watching a revolution unfold. Reading the...
   I am 42 years old, with a graduate degree. I am one of the lucky...
   11/25/2011 Operational Spokes Council Minutes
   dump of email accounts
   I am a 27 year old college student who is unemployed. I do not...
   My name is Abby. I am a highschool student, turning 18 in seven...
   I am 22 years old. My husband busts his ass every day at work...
   I owe over 100,000.00 in student loans. All I wanted was to...
   I am 26 years old. I have worked at the same job since I was 17....
   occupywallst.org I don’t mind paying my fair share to...
   I am a 26 year old female in NH. I hold a BA degree in...
   29 years old & unemployed since right before Christmas 2010...
   on Saturday. I am married with one child. Husband is a master...
   I have what I need. I do not want for shelter, food, or medical...
   United States authorities Arrest four Filipino hackers
   Data theft results in court battle
   Sudan Airways mailbox database leaked by @SdCyber
   Critical Assets is Among First to Receive Funding for Security Projects Under DARPA’s
    Cyber Fast Track Program
   Lese majeste warning for Facebook
   Thai Government cracking down on all types of cyber crimes
   UK govt to announce new cyber security strategy
   Yahoo takes Delhi home ministrys to the high courts
   NYCGA Minutes 11/24/2011
   Draft Proposal for Saturday 11/26 General Assembly: Volunteer Services Office Supplies
   Milton Keynes arrested for News of the world hacks
   NYC Operational Spokes Council Minutes 11/23/2011
   Job-seeking Hungarian pleads guilty to hacking
   Degrading cyber images to be illegal in SA
   Quick Find: Minutes & Livetweet Links
   Three TeleCommunication Systems Cyber Security Experts Appointed to Federal
    Communications Commission Working Groups
   Dump of Accounts from various sources
   I grew up so full of wonder and excitement as to the amazing...
   B suit filed against Sutter Health over data breach
   I am: a college professor. a mom of two. a former small-business...
   I am 15 years old. I have been homeless. My single mom has a job...
   I have Crohn’s Disease and rely on Social Security...
   We are the 99%
   I own a home. I have a steady income. I am a Veteran. I was...
   I am 23 and a college graduate. I have a great job doing what I...
   Incase the text is too small: I am an Illustration major junior...
   I know I have friends/family who don’t get the 99%...
   NYC Operational Spokes Council 11/21/2011
   AT&T claims of hack attempt
   Fairly big dump of accounts from globeclassroom.ca
   Kansas Hospital Alerts Patients to Online Security Breach
   Bunch of defaced sites by @FailRooT
   Microsoft denies xbox Live security breach
   61yo sentenced to 20 years jail for cyber crimes
   CHOGM nations unite for battle on cybercrime
   Mischievous techies cause embarrassment to IGIA
   McAfee Threats Report: Third Quarter 2011
   Press Release: Virus Attacks on Computer
   Draft Proposal for Tuesday 11/22 General Assembly: Inter-Occupation Communication
    and S.I.S.
   NYCGA Minutes 11/20/2011
   Dump of accounts from Drummusic.tv
   ManTech Awarded Million Task Order to Provide Cyber Defense Support to the U.S. Air
   Draft Proposal for Tuesday 11/22 General Assembly: from White Hat
   My name is Guillermo. The economic crisis has personally...
   The reason I was motivated to join the Occupy Wall Street...
   Name: Juana Garcia, from Guerrero, Mexico. I came here looking...
   My name is Gladys Puglla. I’m part of the 99% because my...
   It isn’t fair, the rich people don’t have to pay...
   I’m 26 years old. I’ve worked since I was 16. I have...
   I live with my mother, a holocaust survivor and my dead...
   I am 31. My husband is 34 and has cancer. We were both in...
   I am a vet who cant find a entry level job. I had to move back...
   I believed in working for nonprofits to make the world better....
   Draft Proposal for Tuesday 11/22 General Assembly: Get Shit Done (GSD)
   Draft Proposal for Tue 11/22 General Assembly
   Draft Proposal for Tue 11/22 General Assembly: Tech Ops
   Dump of accounts from sfbaysss.net
   Whats going with cyberwarnews.info
   Just another dump of emails
   4000+ Accounts dumped by @Herxode
   Another Dump of email accounts
   Draft Proposal for 11.20 General Assembly: OWS Housing Prject from Wooloo
   Draft Proposal for Tuesday 11/22 General Assembly: Movement for Justice in El Barrio
   I am 66 years old, and don’t plan to retire, ever. I am...
   “I’m 32. A mentally-ill single father on permanent...
   I am a JOB CREATOR.I went to private schools, learned...
   I am a mother with 4 kids, we are lucky, my husband has a job,...
   I have worked my entire life, I am not lazy, I am not asking for...
      hat’s the point of playing by the rules?
   I am 32 yrs old. My parents should be retired at their age of 74...
   NYCGA Minutes 11.17.2011
   Draft Proposal for Saturday 11/19/2011 General Assembly: Visions & Goals Working
    Group statement
   Draft Proposal for Saturday 11/19/2011 General Assembly: Emergency Proposal from
    Movement Building – Friendly Amendment, Egypt Election Delegation
   Draft Proposal for Sunday 11/20/2011 General Assembly: Mobile Occupation East Coast
    Solidarity Tour & Budget
   Draft Proposal for 11/19 General Assembly: Inter-Occupation Communication Working
    Group, a subgroup of Movement Building WG
   Draft Proposal for 11/19 General Assembly: Emergency proposal regarding Spokes
   Draft proposal for 11/19 General Assembly: Emergency proposal for implementation of
    GA quorum
   Draft Proposal for Sunday 11/20/2011 General Assembly: Regarding GA schedule &
    meeting space
   Draft Proposal for Sunday 11/20 General Assembly: Arts and Culture poster project &
    budget request
   I was a part of the establishment, prostituting myself to the...
   I am 50 years old and appreciate my good fortune in starting my...
   November 15, 2011 Today is my mother’s 54th birthday. I wish I...
   I am here for everybody, or rather the 99% that have been taken...
   I am a 19-year old, first generation college student, who comes...
   I graduated from one of the country’s top universities with my...
   I am 20 yrs old, married, and 2 sons (ages 1 and 2) I’m in...
   I am a different kind of 99%-er. If it weren’t for my premature...
   I’m only 16, but I know I’ll have problems when...
   NYC Operational Spokes Council Minutes 11/16/2011
   NYCGA Minutes 11.15.2011
   Education websites under SQLi attacks by @d4op
   Fuck FBi friday preview leak has interesting emails
   I am the 99%, and I will be occupying Wall Street tomorrow.
   Over k in debt in just medical bills alone. k in student...
   I am 22 years old with over k in debt, I had to drop out of...
   I am 17 years old. My Parents have 30K in credit card debt. All...
   I am a college student in the UK. In 2011 I spent 3 months in...
   I am a 19 year old college student.I rely on Gov’t grants...
   I am a college student. I will graduate in less than 18 months....
   I am 20 years old and a General Manager of a pizza chain. I work...
   I’m 28 years old. I have a good job, health insurance, no...
   Trustwave SpiderLabs to Present at IRISSCERT Cyber Crime Conference
   United States Telecommunications Training Institute Launches New Online Learning
    Community Based on Enterprise Open-Source Platform
   BreakingPoint Cyber Range Solution Used by U.S. European Command to Train Cyber
    Warriors, Harden Network Defenses and Validate Lawful Intercept Systems
   Department of Homeland Security Selects Online Trust Alliance to Provide Training to
    Government Employees in Support of the National Cybersecurity Initiative
   ManTech Completes Acquisition of Worldwide Information Network Systems
   12k user accounts leaked from NetCar.fi
   DOJ wants to prosecute cyber criminal activity under racketeering law
   Dump of email accounts
   Join us tomorrow as we http://occupywallst.org/ find your local...
   Is Apple Evil?
   Extension Denied
   I operate a computer repair service, locally. I am a mere sole...
   I am 24yrs old. Full blooded Navajo. Raised in my cultural...
   I work 3 jobs- I am not lazy.I stand for what I believe in- I am...
   I am a survivor of child abuse. I am living with post traumatic...
   I was an illegal alien living in the USA for almost 10 years...
   I am 32 years old, and I didn’t finish college because I...
   I am a member of the 99%
   I am a student in my last year of college, about to complete a...
   I am 30 years old. I am hearing impaired. I work full time...
   When both of my parents got laid off, they lost our house...
   OWS Occupies The Guardian Op-Ed Page
   Re-Occupation Plans
   I have severe General Anxiety Disorder, and major depression...
   52-year old woman with a modest home who is able to pay my...
   There is not a day that goes by that I don’t think about...
   Another Mexican Government Congress hacked – canaldelcongreso.gob.mx
   Another big dump of accounts from Sec404 & Mexican hackers
   Dump of data from another Mexican Congress – Sinaloa State Congress
   200+ French based email accounts dumped
   Ministry Of Economy, Mexico hacked by SEC404
   CyberPatriot Welcomes MIT Lincoln Laboratory as New Sponsor
   Census Bureau Opens Research Laboratory in Atlanta
   Virginia Commonwealth University Breach results in data of 170k people leaked
   Got Bachelor’s Degree 3.5 GPA Got Master’s Degree...
   I’m paycheck to paycheck and 30 years old. I never thought...
   21. Graduating with BA this December. Law school in Fall 2012. I...
   I’m 26, with a steady job and minimal debt. Every month I...
   I’m 31 years old. I have a master’s degree from a...
   I am 21 years old, and had to leave my job + put school on hold...
   I am a struggling college student. I have less money in my bank...
   ** I am a 28 year old black and white lesbian college student...
   I am a 47 year old single parent of 5 kids ranging in age from...
   I have 0,000 (and rising) in student loan debt. Growing up,...
   Anonymous tv!
   NYCGA Minutes 11/12/2011
   Draft Proposal for Tuesday 11/15 General Assembly: Movement for Justice in El Barrio
   Unit of Transparency and Access to Public Information website hacked
   National Commission of Physical Culture and Sport hacked and accounts leaked
   Communique from Cairo Re: Egypt Trip
   Dump of Accounts from Congress of Sonora
   2 more government dumps by metalsoft team
   Anonymous Message to Toronto
   Get informed about Trademark decisions being made
   Draft proposal for General Assembly on Sunday 11.13.11: Principles of Solidarity
   I am 21 years old. When I graduated in 2008, I was: In the top...
   I don’t understand. I did everything right. 26 years...
   I live in a tiny apartment w/my bf and 2 cats. Rent is 1/4 my...
   I am blessed with two jobs (7 days/70 hours) picking up trash...
   I just want to work & provide a good life for my child....
   I am 21 years old, come from a middle class family. I am sick...
   Duqu Virus More Serious Threat Than Previously Thought
   video of steam servers getting DoS by @TehWongZ
   Dump of information by INJ3CT0R
   I AM LUCKY. My parents worked hard in life to provide me with...
   RENT: 0/mo. STUDENT LOANS: 0/mo. CAR PAYMENT:...
   - I am lucky to have a full time job (where the CEO makes nearly...
   I smile because I know, the power of the people is much stronger...
   occupywallst.org reclaimuc.blogspot.com
   Instead of saving money for my wedding in February, I’m...
   I could go on for days about my problems, but the fact of the...
   I am a high school teacher. I have a bachelor’s and a...
   I am one of the lucky ones.. I fought for my country, had...
   I have depression, borderline personality disorder, and an...
   Draft Proposal for Saturday 11/12 General Assembly: Alternative economies Worker
    COOP proposal
   Draft Proposal for Saturday 11/12 General Assembly: Finance
   Draft Proposal for Saturday 11/12 General Assembly: Inclusion of song in the General
   Draft Proposal for Saturday 11/12 General Assembly: Things We Love
   Draft Proposal for Saturday 11/12 General Assembly: Labor Outreach Working Group
   Computer virus hits NZ ambulances
   Duqu Authors Sprinkle Humor in Dangerous Code
   Steam hit by hackers
   US committed to developing positive ties with China
   UCLA Department of Psychology hacked by INJ3CT0R
   Latest antiSec video calls for more hacks on governments
   I am a 24 year old full-time student and part-time employee for...
   I went to Graduate school because my BA proved useless in an...
   Thank you for the great work you people are doing. I’ll...
   I am a junior in college and am already ,000 in debt. I...
   My mother is a cancer survivor but due to...
   Restoring the site!
   Anonymousmedia.org Site issues
   NYCGA Minutes 11/10/2011
   Statement of Autonomy Online
   Dump of accounts from mAPPn.com by @IGetRoot
   I consider myself one of the lucky ones in that I have a job...
   I’m 49 yrs old and have worked all my life. I contracted...
   He: Is 40 years old. Has a seizure disorder due tot he Dilantin...
   I’m 33 years old.- I gave up all hope- I have no...
   from germany
   31 and “uninsurable” thanks to depression and...
   I am 32 years old and am married and live in Michigan, one of...
   I am a PhD student with ,000 in debt and no guarantee of a...
   I am 22 years old and studying to get my Master’s in...
   I am 16 years old and have been sick as long as I can remember....
   Operational Spokes Council 11/9/2011
   Coordinators Minutes 11/9/2011
   I am a freshman at the University at Albany. I have no health...
   I am a 23 year old Husband and Step Father. For the past 5 years...
   Ever since I lost my job in April of 2010 I have been severely...
   I’m not poor, and I’m not homeless, but i hate the...
   Graduated high school at 16 to become a working class American,...
   I am an 18 year-old college freshman. My schooling costs me...
   Stand up. Stand your ground.
   I have 3 mental disorders and no way to pay for treatment. The...
   My family was lucky (and smart). When the banks called in a loan...
   - I am 25. - For my 26th birthday, I will lose my insurance.-...
   Draft Proposal for Tuesday 11/15 General Assembly (advance notice): Occupy Within
   Draft Proposal for Thursday 11/10 General Assembly: Occupy the Holidays
   Draft Proposal for Thursday 11/10: Principles of Solidarity
   New Look and Feel
   New Feature: Group Email Subscriptions
   Draft Proposal for Thursday 11/10 General Assembly: Fire Safety
   Draft Proposal for Thursday 11/10 General Assembly: Movement Building
   Draft Proposal for Thursday 11/10 General Assembly: Archives
   Lockheed Martin opens branch at No 53 Wentworth Avenue in Kingston
   I am fortunate enough to have a job. After paying crèche fees...
   I’m 27 years-old with a 3 year-old son. I work 2 jobs and...
   I am 18 years old. 3rd child of 4 to start college in 5 years....
   I am a Political Science major. I was accepted to a prestigious...
   I’m 26 years old, and have a masters degree. I work in my...
   Operational Spokes Council 11/7/2011
   Draft Proposal for Thursday 11/10 General Assembly: Call to Action
   Leader in Energy Security Joins Critical Assets Executive Team
   Yeah, I DO feel “entitled” to healthy food, safe...
   I am the 99 percent.
   I AM THE 99% #OWS #OO #OccupyWallStreet #OccupyOakland...
   I am the 99 percent. occupywallst.org
   I make ,000 per month! I employ people and produce! I want...
   We are lucky! We have a healthy family. I have a good union job...
   I am a fairly privileged college student who luckily...
   I also wanted to go to a top university, which I did, but that...
   It’s not about entitlement, it’s about ethics.
   We are ,000 in debt. I am disabled. We live check to check in...
   Operation Payback: Message to RIAA
   Occupy Privacy: UmeNow Launches Anti-Tracking Campaign
   DOD, Industry Address ‘Intense Challenge’ of Cyber Security
   Dump of accounts from beachvolley.se
   scamming email account dumpers are surfacing – 50k french accounts dumped
   Draft Proposal for Thursday 11/10 General Assembly: Direct Action
   Anonymous Occupy The Planet
   What is Anonymous? What is "The Plan"?
   American Spring? 'Occupy Wall Street just the beginning'
   Day 12 - 9/28/11 Daily Recap
   Occupy Wall Street Protests
   60k Accounts dumped from OhMedia by TeamSwasTika
   khadraglass.com hacked and accounts dumped by INJ3CT0R
   ChaoticSec dumps lahore high court database
   ~Charnoble~
   My father lost his job. My mom still had her but, our house...
   OccupyWallSt.org Occupytogether.org
   Do not feel alone. Just know that through this, we bond as...
   Draft Proposal for Tuesday 11/8 General Assembly: Screen Printing Guild
   First Spokes Council Meeting 7:30PM today @ Murray Bergtraum HS (411 Pearl Street)
   Draft Proposal for Tuesday 11/8 General Assembly: Occupy Edmonton
   Coordinators Meeting Minutes 11/7/2011
   Dump of accounts from Webhostingpad.com
   thousands of accounts and some xbox accounts dumped
   Dump of accounts from rshun.hu
   Small dump of accounts from Chihuahua Congress website by @FailRooT
   Massive Amount of accounts dumped from adidas.com
   2000 email accounts dumped by SEN
   premierleaguepool.co.uk Accounts dumped by SEN
   I am a 38 yr old father of seven. I have been unemployed for...
   I am married with 2 kids -My rent is paid -My utilities are...
   My father was a lawyer for 35 years. Now he builds furniture. He...
   I just want to buy vegetables without chemicals. Walmart...
   My single mother worked for YEARS so i could get an education....
   I am a 24 year old disabled college dropout. I could not afford...
   I <3 the 99%
   I have a Magna Cum Laude BA, and not even the grocery store will...
   I am not enslaved by my student loans like so many others. My...
   I have K in student loan debt. My payments are 20% of my...
   FBI busts alleged Anonymous hackers
   A message from Anonymous to YOU!
   Anonymous-Black-Flags
   Beware .7m OZ Skype Scam
   The Black Hole Project hacked by V3L0C1TY
   nano.stanford.edu database leaked by ChaoticSec
   NYU-Poly Will Open Cyber Security Awareness Week Events
   Is funding our criminal justice system “socialism”...
   I am 23 years old, a senior in college and ,000 in debt from...
   In debt, depressed, angry and disillusioned.
   I am 25 yrs old and months away from a master’s degree. My...
   Coordinators Meeting 11/5/2011 (report backs only)
   Coordinators Meeting Minutes 11/6/2011
   Break-Out Group Discussions for Sunday 11/6 General Assembly: Demands
   Between the ages 1-18, I moved 8 times. My mother could barely...
   ”..while the truncheon may be used in lieu of...
   graduated college: may 2010 debt: ,000 Jobs in US: none Mom...
   I have lived two months without gas in my home. I have eaten...
   My husband and I both went to college like we were...
   How many young graphic designers will lose their passion all...
   We have it better off than most. My husband and I can afford to...
   21 y.o. college dropout, now working 12hr nightshifts and taking...
   I am the 99%. I matter.
   I’m doing this for my father…My father has...
   Occupy Vancouver camp unsafe, must end: mayor
   NYPD Gone Wild: Drones vs Occupy Wall Street?
   Occupy Wall Street: Police brutality, media blackout
   Occupy Wall Street -- America's own Arab Spring?
   How to connect to AnonOps IRC
   ANonOps Respond To Sony LawSuit
   Proposal Instructions
   Draft Proposal for Sunday 11/6 General Assembly: Archives
   Draft Proposal for Sunday 11/6 General Assembly: Environmental Solidarity
   Break-Out Group Discussions for Sunday 11/6 General Assembly: Theoretical-Praxis
   Draft Proposal for Sunday 11/6 General Assembly: Shipping, Inventory and Storage
   My wife and I attended university and have Masters degrees. We...
   “I’ll be two in February. My mom and Dad are still...
   My children have always paid their bills, now they are loosing...
   I’m 37 and haven’t been able to get an advertising...
   I’m very lucky. I have a job, a family, a home, food on...
   I am 28 years old, disabled,lost my job because I became...
   I am 26 years old and a MSW student with two sick parents. I am...
   I’m a Stanford graduate and high school valedictorian. I...
   occupywallst.org In Grad school to become a public librarian....
   occupywallst.org I worked two part-time jobs to put myself...
   Break-Out Group Discussions for Saturday 11/5 General Assembly: Demands
   Anonymous OperationPaypal
   A message from Anonymous to Wall street, New York and the protestors.
   Hello Wall Street - We Are Anonymous
   Draft Proposal for Saturday 11/5 General Assembly: Movement Building
   I am a hard working 20 year old I go to school full time and...
   After being unemployed for two years I was fortunate enough to...
   I am a lucky one. My husband has a good secure job and good...
   I’m one of the lucky ones. I left the US for Australia 6...
   40-something, college grad, worked hard for years, laid off amid...
   Did you see me in any of my six hats as a park ranger on...
   First Spokes Council – 7pm @ 60 Wall st
   i am 20yrs old unemployed and 15k in debt with school loans i am...
   A year ago my father had worked for the same company for over 20...
   I am 19 years old and work full time at McDonalds. I had cancer...
   middle class no more
   Despite chronic illness, I have always been a hard worker. Ten...
   I work in City Hall next door to the Occupied park in Houston. I...
   My husband and I have 200$ at the beginning of each month for...
   I am 24 years old and am ,000 in debt from getting a college...
   My name is Katherine. The mistakes I’ve made are in the...
   I am the 99 percent!
   Ron Paul Message to Occupy Wall Street- LETS END THE FED!
   Occupy Wall Street Continues
   NYCGA Minutes 11/2/2011
   Press Statement from Barret Brown on #OpCartel
   Yet another pointless account dump, hundreds dumped from www.jjs2.com
   I am also waiting for my court date to see whether or not I will...
   We barely make it from paycheck to paycheck. We have a daughter...
   I’ve felt powerless for many years, watching my country...
   I am a luck few that was able to make through the health care...
   Anonymous-Operation-Fullerton - YouTube.flv
   Anonymous-A-Message-To-The-FBI
   Message-from-Anonymous--Operation-Tennessee
   Rose State College Cyber Security Sleuths Offer Facebook Security Tips
   Peru government websites defaced by Challenges-HackerS
   Senetas at Government Security Conferences – Australia & UK -Says Security Should be
    Treated Like Quality and Safety
   ozgame.com.au hacked and defaced by The GreaT TeAm
   bayareaconnection.net defaced
   First joint EU-US cyber security exercise conducted today, 3rd Nov. 2011
   I am an unemployed US Army veteran. I “donate” my...
   I’m 17, and my Dad has cancer. e lost our home, and I...
   When can we choose? I am the 99
   I’m the oldest of 3 children of a single, unemployed...
   I am the 99%. My dad got colon cancer at age 53. He was a...
   I am 22 years old. I have a good job but no insurance. I have a...
   I am a 36 year old veterinary technician with 20+ years of...
   I am a 19 year old Junior College student. Who dreams of...
   I am eleven years old and i always thought i wanted to grow up...
   I’m one of the “lucky” ones. I’ve been...
   New York Observer Exclusive Occupy Wall Street Unaired Fox Footage
   Unions Join Occupy Wall St.
   Occupy Wall St. Continues
   NYCGA Minutes 11/1/2011
   Coordinators meeting minutes 11/2/2011
   Draft Proposal for Thursday 11/3 General Assembly: Open Source
   Draft Proposal for Thursday 11/3 General Assembly: Herbalists Working Group
   Draft Proposal for Thursday 11/3 General Assembly: Internet
   Draft Proposal for Thursday 11/3 General Assembly: Direct Action / Arts and Culture
   #OpDarknet Official and Last Release
   Accounts dumped from hiphopinstrumental.net
   I have multiple health problems. No job, yet can’t get...
   I am 19 years old. My boyfriend and I have been homeless since...
   I am a college student who graduates in May! In 2009 I was...
   i have lost over ,000 a year income due to the recession. we...
   I chose my dog.
   I am 38 years old. It will take me almost 30 years to pay off my...
   Can’t afford to heat the house… my pet fish froze to...
   I am 22. I have a B.A. I work for a non-profit newspaper. I...
   I am a first semester college student, and I have no idea where...
   I am one of the lucky ones, because my parents are still doing...
   Break-out Group Discussion for Thursday 11/3 General Assembly: Principles of
    Solidarity Consolidation
   Draft Proposal for Thursday 11/3 General Assembly: Movement for Justice in El Barrio
    and Outreach Working Group
   Facing Real-World Violence, Anonymous Backs Down From Drug Cartel
   Anonymous - AnonOps IRC Network HowTo
   Information About Anonymous/Anonops Hacking PSN
   Anonymous say It is time to WAKE UP to all People
   draft Proposal for Tuesday 11/1 General Assembly: Internet
   “I am a stay at home mom of two beautiful little girls,...
   Broke College Professor teaching students college is not their...
   When will they realize they are just screwing us over?
   Worked hard all my life and diligently paid my taxes. Now in...
   I now know that I am not alone.
   PASSED Proposal for Tuesday 11/1 General Assembly: Internet
   NYCGA Minutes 10/30/2011
   Coordinator’s minutes 11/1
   Finance Transparency Statement
   10/31 Coordinators Meeting Minutes
   www.comitet.ru accounts leaked by @DeleteSec
   www.plusline.org hacked database by @DeleteSec
   Nitro hack steals R&D and defense secrets
   dump of steam accounts
   More random dumped accounts by @DeleteSec
   A low act of hacking and dumping accounts, kidneytimes.com database dumped
   PS-Don’t lose hope. Don’t lose faith. Keep praying....
   I’m 22, working full-time, struggling to pay rent and buy...
   I’m 21, with a college degree, hoping to go to law...
   Even though I had a baby at 19, I did everything I was supposed...
   I am a college graduate, and I went to college to follow my...
   My 66 year old father still works 6 days every week in a labor...
   i am the 99%. we are the 99%. i will spend my time helping...
   I am one the 99 percent, I am lucky to have a job. However this...
   United we stand.
   I make ,000 a year. I have almost ,000 in medical debt...
   The NYCGA-True Hollywood Story: The 99Declaration Group, an Exposé
   Draft Proposal for Tuesday 11/1 General Assembly: Internet
   Scary New Message from Anonymous!
   Message-From-Anonymous-FBI-Arrests
   Anonymous Occupy Wall Street Call to Action
   Occupy Wall Street - San Francisco - Sept. 29th, 2011
   Keith Olbermann calls out Media Blackout on 'Occupy Wall Street' Protest
   Occupy WallStreet EXPOSED.
   fair big dump of random accounts
   dump of accounts from pokingblondes.com
   Nations discuss cyber security
   Cybrix Group Wages Battle For Security In Neutral Switzerland
   i live with a daily anxiety about money and the future. i work...
   I am 31, with a bachelor’s from Pepperdine University. I...
   “I am a single mother living at home. I dropped out of...
   Don’t lose hope!!!
   33, Single mother. Can’t afford daycare. Monthly income:...
   I am a mom and a teacher who is pissed off that companies with...
   NYCGA Minutes 10/28/2011
   Infrax shown as a Key Industry Player for Smart Grid Security
   fairly big dump of accounts from hi5ads.com 3xp1r3 cyber army
   banglatv.ca accounts database dumped by xp1r3 cyber army
   More email dumps from various sources
   Penguin Elite Hacked DataBase by ScreamDevz
   I am a divorced single mother of 3. My oldest who is 19, can’t...
   I’m an 18 year old college freshman. My parents cannot...
   I am a Firefighter/medic. I’m 27 years olf and work at an ...
   I am 24 years old. I have a college degree that makes me...
   My mother was born into a Catholic family, number 6 of 11 kids....
   When I was nine years old, my unemployed parents gave me money...
   We are LUCKY! My husband is in the Navy, but with all the...
   It bothers me more than anything else to have to watch my...
   I am a 20 year old college student trying to better myself and...
   I’m 14 years old. People always tell me to follow my...
   The live tv section of this site!
   Beast 1333 Presents: "ANONYMOUS" Templars of Hip Hop
   Anonymous-Hacks-NATO NEW!!!!!
   Message from Anonymous AntiSec Vanguard Defence Industries Leaked
   Only the Feed You Need
   Since 2009, I have attempted suicide 3 times. After each...
   Fight back, never give up.
   I’m a 20 year old guy who’s lived in: Bakersfield,...
   My father was fired from the job he held for *41* years for...
   If I’m supposed to work hard, pay my own way, take...
   I am a 20 year old working 35+ hrs a week and live from paycheck...
   i am 22, living in a trailer in exchange for labor, at the mercy...
   We are some of the lucky 99% and yet we live in constant fear...
   This year my Grandma lost her job contract and my Grandpa had an...
   I am one of the lucky ones: I have a stable job w/ health...
   Cutting Education spending is the dumbest. idea. ever.
   I am 30 years old with 3k in student loans, with an Associate...
   How many people do you expect will keep this protest peaceful if...
   occupywallst.org
   My family makes over 0,000 a year and we want to pay our fair...
   Don’t you DARE try to tell me I’m where I’m at because I’m lazy...
   I’m a 50 year old father urging his young adult children...
   I am a lucky one. I have enough money to eat 3 of 4 weeks of the...
   I’m 29, I have 2 Bachelors degrees and a highly...
   Occupy Wall St. women arrested for asking not to be manhandled by police.
   Anti-Semitism at Occupy Wall Street Protest [CLEAN VERSION]
   MSNBC: Occupy Wall Street
   Dump of accounts by @FailProtect
   Spanish Solidarity Saturday, Dominican Republic police hacked by Anonymous
   2500+ Emails dumped by team Squirmybeast
   Chaos Computer Club analyzes new German government spyware
   China takes down online drug ring, 12000 arrested
   China link found to virus targeting diplomatic offices
   Web Werks becomes major victim of the Duqu Virus
   AnonOps - Message to sony - New Enforcements
   Anonymous' Transmission - The Hacker's Manifesto 2.0
   AnonOps Founder Pinned as Lulzsec Member?
   Draft Proposal for Sun 10/30: Internet & Finance
   Draft Proposal for Sunday 10/30 GA: Political and Electoral Reform
   I’ve been living in rented rooms since 2004, the year I...
   Also, after over 5 years in the workforce, not counting my...
   Draft Proposal for Sat 10/29: Internet, Legal, & Finance
   Draft Proposal for Sunday 10/30 GA: Screen Printing Guild
   Operation fox hunt NOv 5th
   All this after living with a wonderful woman who also struggled...
   I am 22 and nearly ,000 in debt from credit cards for...
   scared for the future…
   I am a grad student. I am on my way to obtaining 3 degrees and...
   I am 21 years old. I am currently ,000 in student debt and...
   Society says:“The only way to succeed is to go to...
   I don’t want my dad to work 80 hours a week, getting up at...
      hen I grew up I wanted to be a “Dinosaur Trainer.”...
   I am 28 years old, divorced. I luckily have a job but am...
   Anonymous - Occupy Wall Street
   ANONYMOUS OCCUPY WORLD 15th October 2011 #globalrevolution
    #worldrevolution (make viral)
   Message from Anonymous: Facebook will fall Nov 5, 2011
   Anonymous Occupy The Planet. Speech from Anonymous. Here we Go!
   El Paso County Community College hacked, defaced and data dumped by
   Bunch of Emails dumped by SEN
   Draft Proposal for Sun 10/30: Demands Working Group
   I am 25 years old and the oldest in my family. My parents...
   I am the single mother of one child with no outside financial...
   The financial and oil companies are doing great, but we still...
   I’ve been working steadily for over 10 years and have...
   The Battle to occupy Los Angeles
   I cashed in my 401K in the 1990’s to help put myself...
   I am 32. I work 55 hours a week and make less than 2000 a...
   I love America. I only want the best for my country, and the...
   Aloha, I am a 33yo mother of two. I was kicked off welfare...
   I’m 59 years old and took early retirement from a job that...
   St. Lawrence University’s Occupy Colleges event
   I am well educated. I am a social worker. I cannot make ends...
   I adjunct for 3 colleges. No benefits, no retirement. My husband...
   I’m lucky. I can make 2.50 an hour and a few grocery...
   I’m 25 with 4 kids living on one income that doesn’t...
   Nobody Can Predict The Moment Of Revolution ( Occupy Wall Street )
   Occupy Everything: 'US protests have explosive potential'
   Noam Chomsky on Occupy Boston 9/30/2011
   'Occupy Wall Street' Growing More Organized
   Bunch of defaced sites by @ColdHackers
   A friendly announcement from the Food Working Group
   Draft Proposal for Fri 10/28: Internet, Legal, & Finance
   I am 20 years old with k+ in student loans with 2 years...
   I am a 20 year old college student at a private liberal arts...
   My first full-time job laid me off, and I did not qualify for...
   I am the youngest in a family of 6 with 3 sisters im 3 months...
   ,000 worth of education ,000 of college debt Work the same...
   I am 17 years old and just one year ago, my mother lost her...
   Conversely, I am college educated, gainfully employed, and still...
   My Dad worked at the same company (Blue Cross Blue Shield) for...
   I am a college professor in her late 20’s. I make just...
   I am a non-profit lobbyist working on anti-poverty policies. I...
   NYCGA Minutes 10/26/2011
   ManTech to Acquire Worldwide Information Network Systems, Inc for 90m
   @_f0rsaken of team poison releases list of hackable US police websites
   China suspect in US satellite interference – i call bullshit
   Former U.S. Cyber Security Czar Richard Clarke Calls Out China as Major Source of
    Cyber Security Hacking, Espionage
   Fox news wanting people to pay 40% more for their channel.
   Anonymous - About DDoS attacks on Wikileaks
   Draft Proposal for Fri 10/28 General Assembly: Structure
   If your job, health, childcare, or other obligations prevent you...
   IM 25 non-college Grad I’ve only had one job back in...
   If our world is like this now…..what will it be like for...
   Herman Cain says, “Don’t Blame all Street! If...
   My pension is in shambles due to the greed of a CEO; I planned...
   i drive 150 miles to a job where i have asked four times for a...
   I ANT TO ORK AND LIVE. “Life, Liberty and the pursuit...
   I am a teacher with two master’s degrees. My paycheck...
   I am 28 years old. I have an undiagnosed, debilitating,...
     orking hard and Going without….1. Husband works 2 jobs, I...
   Anonymous--Operation-Onslaught-July-30th-2011
   Hello Wall Street ! We Are Anonymous . Expect Us.
   Anonymous Netherlands recruit now - YouTube.flv
   Operation Invade Wall Street - A Message to the Media
   Occupy Wall Street Police Abuse
   Occupy Wall Street
   Occupy Wall Street 9 20 2011 The "Occupation" is LEGAL
   What We Saw at the Occupy Wall Street Protest
   Draft Proposal for Thursday 10/27 General Assembly: Public Relations
   Past GA Proposals
   Draft Proposal for Thursday 10/27 General Assembly: Community Relations
   Draft Proposal for Thursday 10/27 General Assembly: Sustainability
   Draft Proposal for Thursday 10/26 General Assembly: Public Relations
   Right now, we’re in Toronto looking at apartments and...
   …we all agree that the US has to get its fiscal house in...
   It’s sad day when I have to choose to live tied down to...
   22 Y/O-Seattle, WA. Struggling to live in Section 8...
   Graduate Degree, High School Diploma Pay
   My mom was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2010. My family was...
   NYCGA Minutes 10/24/2011
   NYCGA Minutes 10/25/2011
   Occupy Intelligence Agency is no more
   Dump of accounts from awurval.se
   Dump of accounts from nationmultimedia.com by @_V4ND
   Anonymous The Bankers Are The Problem
   I’ve had an indirect, right inguinal hernia for almost 4...
   I am a 24 year old college graduate. I had to go to the only...
   I am a 24 year old Credentialed history teacher in the Sate of...
   I am 31, married with a six month old son. I had a home birth...
   My 4-person family earns about k per year (4 times the...
   I got 2 college degrees. I am now over thousand dollars in...
   The American Dream has become the American Nightmare. I am the...
   I am so luck to still have a job. I feel so fortunate to have...
   For those of us who cannot join you on all St., don’t let...
   Occupy Wall Street - NYPD Gone Wild - Attacking Protesters With Motor Bikes
   Message From ANONOPS (Anonymous branch) Regarding Credit Card Theft Of Sony
   Anonymous - Breaking down the system
   Anonymous - Occupy Wall Street - Sep17 (Spread & reupload for Anonops)
   Draft Proposal for Wednesday 10/26 General Assembly: Shipping/Inventory/Storage
   “Twinkle” is the new “Like”
   My husband served in the military and I raised two boys, the...
   No pell grants, only unsubsidized/subsidized/parent loans. 4.0...
   I work 60-80 hour weeks. Liz works 50+ hour weeks. We are always...
   I’m a 16 year old kid from Canada. I want to study...
   The Future 99% #TheStruggle
   I am 19years old. I have a moderate case of Tourette’s...
   As a child I survived years of sexual abuse. In adolescence I...
   we started off great, then economic crash, plus job losses, and...
   Eight New York policemen charged in gun smuggling ring
   Newsflash: Renegade brokers and members of NYPD march with Occupy Wall Street!
   Google admits it would give your data up to the feds 93 times out of 100
   BREAKING: Oakland Police Use Rubber Bullets, Flash Grenades, And Smoke Bombs
    To Evict Occupy Oakland
   Direct Action WG Minutes 10/24/2011
   Working Group Coordination Meeting Minutes 10/25/2011
   Anonymous - Operation Greenout
   Anonymous-The-Bankers-Are-The-Problem
   Occupy What Street?
   Anonymous - #OccupyWallstreet - Day5
   Anonymous: Operation BART
   OCCUPY Your City
   Occupy Wall Street Brooklyn Bridge - Day 15
   NYPD Police Pepper Spray Occupy Wall Street Protesters (Anthony Balogna)
   I am 27 years old and have worked since I was 14. My husband and...
   I was forced to dropout of college halfway through because I...
   NYCGA Minutes 10/23/2011
   Are Poisonous Drummers Endangering #OccupyWallStreet Movement?
   Coordination Meeting Minutes 10/24/2011
   T34MP0NY kathmandu.gov.np Costume Party
   Alan Grayson on Occupy Wall Street
   anonops.'s bot php.bot.script
   I AM THE 99%!!! =(
   I am an IT professional. I’ve worked in Corporate America...
   Every payday it comes down to what MUST get paid or get shut...
   14 Alleged Anonymous Members Arrested OLD!!
   Message from Anonymous Operation S 978
   Message from Anonymous FBI Arrests. - YouTube mirror
   Anonymous - #OccupyWallStreet - Call to Action
   NYCGA Minutes 10/21/2011
   Fairly big dump of random accounts by @_f0rsaken
   dump of accounts from cepefodes.org.pe
   My Mommy is an unemployed Social Worker. My Daddy is a school...
   I am a 47-yr old professional, who, after years of mandatory...
   I am 48. I live with crippling chronic pain. Because I am...
   When will a politician stand up for us?? When will ONE of them...
   We are cold. We are hungry. We are poor. We are sick. We are...
   I am a 22 year old student studying woodworking and cabinetry. I...
   I am a 58 yr. old Bricklayer and have been unemployed for 3...
   Our children are the 99%…
   I am 25 years old. My child will be 4 years old in November. We...
   For most of my adult life, I have dreamt of being a father. I...
   Microsoft's YouTube channel hacked?
   Minutes From 10/22/ Coordinators Meeting
   Solving Conflicts: in Code 6 PM, in Group Dynamics 9 PM
   Xbox Live Accounts dumped by @DestructiveSec
   Idiots who keep starting stupid operations
   DeFazio on Occupy Wall Street and the future of this country
   Occupy Wall Street (FULL) Interview with Chris Hedges Part 1
   Police Arrest Occupy Wall Street Protesters on the Brooklyn Bridge - October 1, 2011
   'Anarchy' in America: Occupy Wall Street spreads nationwide
   A MESSAGE - LET US ALL UNITE - AnonOps - What is the plan
   Message from Anonymous: Operation Orlando
   Anonymous The Bankers Are The Problem.RP
   Announcing: Subscribe to Events!
   1000+ accounts dumped from One Hit Play by Diablo
   I am 23yo. I married young because my parents couldn’t...
   My life
   Unfortunately, I had no free sheet of paper.
   I am a 24-year-old science major at Temple University. My EFC is...
   I am a 26 yo woman. I am a veteran of the USAF. I am the mother...
   The “3 years” part meaning that once I’m 26...
   I am a full time student with full time loans! I work 40 hours a...
   I am the 99%
   I’m 21, Single mom, Full-time student since my high school...
   Occupy Atlanta Silences Civil Rights Hero John Lewis!
   ANTISEC anonymous anonops ATTACK THE EVIL EMPIRE .
   Anonymous - #OccupyWallstreet - Day15 - Brooklyn Brigde 700+ Arrested
   A message from Anonymous to the 99%
   ANONYMOUS - message to the mainstream media (CNN)
   Anonymous - Operation Fullerton #OpFullerton
   Dear 1%: My father served in Desert Storm. When he died this...
   I’ve worked in the games industry for over 20 years and...
   I am a 26 year old man, i have a 2 year old son. I have worked...
   I went to school out of state full-time last fall. My dream was...
   I overdrew from my credit card today just to get to work. I had...
   My child deserves a better future than what is about to be given...
   NYCGA 10/20/2011
   My American Reality (Not Dream)
   Underwater Overwhelmed
   -i came back to school to finish my degree because i...
   I am 23 years old and an aspiring vocalist. I’m too...
   I live in Australia…*My student loans from our government...
   “I became a sex worker in part because I was caring for my...
   21, I get by fortunately, Most of my friends are homeless, or...
   I am 5 weeks old. My daddy works three jobs so that my mommy can...
   I am 24. I waited 2 yrs. to go back to school because I could...
   Since Kindergarten I’ve been asked what I want to be when...
   Occupy Houston FED! The People Will Not be Silenced
   -anonymous- OCCUPY THE FED
   Fox News LIARS Visit Occupy Wall Street 10/09/11
   Obama Supporters "Occupy" DC
   Occupy Wall Street Protest Enters Second Week; 80 Arrested at Peaceful March
   Police Turn Violent At Occupy Seattle Protest!
   We are united in our suffering.Zero hour approaches, and we all...
   My great-grandfather kept the family farm intact during the...
   Im only 20. Im on my 3rd year of college and already I owe more...
   I support Occupy Wall Street! Never give up. We are the 99%.
   I’m 25 years old, college educated, and just make ends...
   In 2007, my wife and I both worked good jobs. We are both...
   My school is in ruins. There are holes in the wall, vandalism in...
   You aren’t the only one suffering…
   If we don’t go to college and get AT LEAST one degree, we...
      ell, I am a 25year old, who comes from a “wealthy”...
   NYCGA Minutes 10/19/2011
   How To Make Forums Work for Your Group
   My name is Ben and I am 30 years old. I made my credit mistakes...
   I have an anxiety disorder. I can’t get prescription...
   Catholic diocese discriminate first Then the Banks...
   I graduated college with a B.S. I worked a great job for a few...
   I have more than ,000 in student debt. In July 2011 I was...
   My CRUSHED American Dream
   I miss my father in law every day. My mother in law no longer...
   #changethinking #WESHALLOVERCOME
   This is the richest country in the world, (despite the lies they...
   I am married with 3 children. We cannot afford daycare so I stay...
   our quick jot of our thoughts on anon ops 9 17 2011
   A message from Anonymous to the 99%.
   Anonymous Message #AnoNY- The Hackers Manifesto
   Mark Duggan killed by anonymous cop with illegal bullet Met. impunity
   Anonymous - The Bankers Are The Problem
   Occupy Wall Street: Too Big to Ignore
   Michael Moore @ Occupy Wall Street
   Occupy Wall Street Protest Hits Seattle!
   Occupy Wall Street hits the world stage
   NYCGA Minutes 10/15/2011
   NYCGA Minutes 10/16/2011
   NYCGA Minutes 10/18/2011
   Arts and Culture WG 10/18/2011
   NO budgets cuts in public education, public health and the...
   I have a 3 year degree and have been almost 3 years unemployed. ...
   I have no where to turn…can’t afford this living on...
   22 yrs old. Single. No children (unlike majority of my...
   Thank you for staying your course. Here I am in (no-where USA)...
   1%, look at your children. Look at your friend’s...
   I have over ,000 in student loan debt. I have no job, despite...
   53yo and I wish I could be with you in NY! My heart is. Keep...
   I’m only 17
   My family moved to this country 15 years ago. We have been below...
   I am 20 years old. I am a first generation college student. My...
   I have worked since I was 16. Summers and during the school...
   20 and can’t go to college. Had my future planned out. I...
   Proof the 1% lies
   I am a teacher. You are able to read, write, do arithmetic and...
   Small Business for #occupywallstreet
   I have covered up my face in this photo because being poor,...
   I dream of a time when we can all have a voice in our own future...
   Please support Occupy Wall Street!
   I am the 99%
   The Urban Movement Tour 2011 in Philly | Bboy Powermove RECAP by YAK FILMS |
    Philadelphia, PA
   Anonymous: The Bankers Are The Problem
   Immortal Technique: Occupy Wall St. is America's Awakening
   Video: Police arrest Occupy Wall Street protester for sleeping outside
   The Container Game
   Announcing: Events System Live!
   Announcing: Like Button has arrived!
   Site Migration and Downtime Tonight!
   Anonymous | AnonOps
   Message To Anonymous From L
   Anonymous | Message to AnonOps and WITP
   anonops call to action.flv
   Anonymous - Operation AntiSec [Mirror]
   I’m 63. Lost my job helping women with reproductive rights...
   I am 73 years old. I am tired of the greedy government being...
   I’m pretty sure I’m the 99% too.
   24. Laid off in 2008. Physical deformity. Diagnosed with...
   I am a 67 year old disabled woman living on social security. Do...
   My name is Robin. I am a married mother of 3 and caregiver to my...
   NYCGA Minutes 10/16
   Mediation WG Minutes 10/16
   WG Coordination Meeting Minutes 10/17/2011- Morning
   NYCGA Minutes 10/17/2011
   Working Group Coordination Minutes 10/17/2011- Evening
   Facilitation WG Minutes- 10/17/2011
   I am the 99%. We can do this together.
   It’s hard being a lifelong activist (mostly women and glbt...
   I am the 99%….
   After two years and three months of unemployment, I finally have...
   I lost my job on August 26th. My employer refused to let me take...
   Tired and mad as hell. Sick of choosing between rent and food....
   I have an English degree that costs more to pay back than a job...
   I Am a college Freshman scared I’m wasting my time on an...
   I am 35 years old. I have a BA and attended grad school until I...
   My father works 120 hours a week to support a family of 5....
   Occupy Wall Street Protester Wants College Paid For Because That's What He Wants
   A message from Anonymous to the 99% WE ARE THE ONES WE HAVE BEEN
   Anonymous: Operation BART
   My Choice - Birds Singing-Romance Anon-Ballade Adeline-Edelweiss plus Birds in
   Anonymous - #OccupyWallstreet - Day15 - 13year old got arrested
   Anonymous WARNING to NYPD
   TEA PARTY Invades OCCUPY DC- (explicit)
   Anonymous: Occupy The Planet
   'Occupy Wall Street' - Maced Wall Street protester speaks out [29 September, 2011]
   Occupy Wall Street Anthem | "Finally Here" by The Roaring FT. Ari Herstand
   LIVE Occupy all Street • Brooklyn Bridge Arrests ON BBC NE S GETS CUTOFF
   Anonymous-Operation-Greenout
   NYCGA Consensus Meeting Template
      e just got paid today…25 dollars to last us 2 more weeks.
   I am 40 years old, work full time, and am going back to school...
   I have been looking for regular work for over TWO YEARS. I...
   21. K debt in student loans. 2 years until my bachelors in...
   24 years old community college student (applying for transfer...
   My parents are both teachers. They go to work every day to...
   My family was able to save enough for me to go to a state...
   I am 25 years old. Very lucky to have a college degree and no...
   I am one of the lucky ones. I have a BFA and had a job right out...
   I AM 21 AND MY HUSBAND IS 24! OUR SON IS 1 1/2 … MY...
   Arts and Culture Minutes 10/14/2011
   AC Task Force Minutes 10/14/2011
   Arts and Culture Minutes 10/16/2011
   WG Coordination Meeting Minutes 10/17/2011
   Occupy Wall Street Protest Now On Every Continent Except Antarctica!
   Anonymous - #OccupyWallstreet - A Message To Wall Street
   Occupy Film @Liberty Plaza & Meerkat Media Produce Consensus Video
   I graduated High School. I went to college. I got my certificate...
   My parents came to this country for — what else? — a...
   You don’t need to be in financial trouble to the 99%!...
   First in my family to go to college. Built a wonderful...
   I work three jobs, none of which provide us with health...
   (As a journalist I have to remain objective, so I am hiding my...
   My mother has advanced Parkinson’s Disease. I am an only...
   I want an education, but because I’m not part of the...
   I served my country for 5 years (U.S. Military); I have a...
   Today marks 10 months unemployed. I have no job, no healthcare,...
   'Occupy Wall Street': Russia Today -- Police Brutality, Arrests, MSM blackout.
   The Zeitgeist Movement - Radio - Oct 5th '11 Host: Peter Joseph "Occupy Wall St"
   A message from anonymous to the American Autumn #connect_occupy_reboot
   Anonymous Operation Britain October-15th-2011
   CrossTalk on Occupy Wall Street: The 99%
   Anonymous-Military-Meltdown-(Op-ANTISEC)
   BE ANONYMOUS ! declare, War on the system ! JOINING THE RESISTANCE YOU
    ARE !_(480p).mp4
   Occupy Film @Liberty Plaza & Meetkat Media Produce Consensus Video
   10,000+ FaceBook account’s hacked by @TeamSwaStika
   I am an artist. I can also consider myself an entrepreneur, but...
   I am a young college student fortunate enough not to have...
   I am an orphan. Abandoned at a young age only to be adopted by...
   While Occupying, FORM A UNION!
   I am a public service employee and a union member. I work in a...
   I’m 28 years old. It’s supposed to be the prime of...
   This will be us 100% if we do not change now… our planet...
   I’m certainly not asking for any kind of handout....
   21 years old. College grad, in grad school. Piled in debt,...
   General Assembly 9pm – extra location [update]
   Venezuela National Graduate Advisory Council hacked and accounts dumped by
   Infragard Atlanta, Accounts dumped
   Netaji Subhash Engineering College user database leaked
   Chinese Government under attack from Barbaros-DZ defacements
   Indian Team Emerge as Regional Champions of the Global Cyberlympics Competition
    held at GITEX, Dubai
   16,000+ defaced websites by SA3D HaCk3D
   General Dynamics Awarded Information Assurance and Cyber Security Contract by
    Defense Intelligence Agency
   huge dump of accounts
   iCPPS Database Leak by p0xy
   World Miss Photogenic hacked and accounts dumped
   Brooklyn Bridge video: Police arrest Occupy Wall Street protesters
   COINTELPRO Pushing The Anonymous Hacking Attempt Hard!.avi
   Occupy Wall Street Protest "This Isn't A Joke! Media Would Be Well Advised To Take
    This Seriously"
   I’m eighteen, unemployed, and I can’t afford to go...
   I am 41. At 25, I suffered a head injury. I now have cognitive...
   I am worry about my family. My dad is getting sick with cancer,...
   50,000 in Student loan debt (2 degrees), > (less than)...
   I am an American Veteran. I am a senior in college. My American...
   17 years old. Parents cant support so I live with my...
   I am a 42 year old single mother of 3 kids. I have no health...
   Bank of America will STILL call me if my mortgage check is not...
   this would have been hand written But the Myclonus Dystonia...
      E ERE TOLD E COULD BE ANYTHING HEN E GRE                          UP.   E’RE...
   Occupy Boston: Police beat war veterans, 100 arrested
   MSNBC on NYPD Police Brutality during Occupy Wall Street Lawrence O'donnell with
    "The Last Word"
   What Are We Capable Of - THIS IS ANONYMOUS!
   Occupy Wall Street Victory!
   Anonymous - Operation BART Protest
   Anonymous - The Bankers Are The Problem
   Message from Anonymous: Turkish Censorship
   General Assembly 9pm – extra location
   And they’re still there orrying every day as more and...
   My dad also took out a home equity loan, which he couldn’t...
   Fat Cats in Crossfire: Occupy Wall St. aims for all streets
   Anon Paparazzi White Blue Bronze Sunglasses
   Main Stream Media:'Occupy Wall St.' Arrests
   AnonOps Communications ALERT! Your attention is needed about Occupy
   I graduated from one of the best universities in the US. I am...
   I am 24 I am one of the “lucky” ones I have a Union...
   “ e declare: That we will make a collective network of all...
   Your stories make me cry because I know. 23 year old single...
   I stand with the 99%
   SN: My parents work day in and day out, struggling to run a...
   Before I got laid off in 2009 I made ,000 a year. I have a...
   I went to a private college for 1 year. I LOVED it there. I had...
   This is in response to Erick Erickson and his pointless blog: I...
   I have been poor most of my life. I survived a traumatic...
   Site Pushes Anonymous Reviews of Coworkers
   Your Web Browser Just Told Everyone You Visited a Porn Site
   Amazon: It Was Our Hardware, Not Hackers, That Brought Us Down
   Google Ordered to Identify YouTube Stalker
   Classified Provider Becomes BFFs with Facebook
   A Message From Anonymous To The American Autumn
   Anonymous - #OpSyria - RevoluSec
   Anonymous (2011) International Trailer - HD Movie
   Anonymous Occupy The Planet. Speech from Anonymous. Here we Go!
   I was told that if I went to college and worked hard, life would...
   I am a 19 yr old “student” who can’t afford to...
   I am a 29 year old “Highly Qualified”, dedicated,...
   “Inequality is the source of all revolutions; no...
   I feel so lucky to have a full time job and an ability to pay...
   I graduated with a 3.8 GPA and ,000 in student loan debt. I...
   I felt this needed to be said.A lot of people are missing the...
   “But those who desire to be rich fall into...
   The 99% are all around you. Even the ones who don’t...
   Photo
     The Social Web's Big New Theme for 2011: Multiple Identities for Everyone!
     Police in the U.K. Arrest Five in "Anonymous" Web Attacks
     Amazon Says It's "All Hands On Deck" As Cloud Troubles Enter Day Two
     Sony Blames PlayStation Outage on "External Intrusion"
     Sony Implicates Anonymous in Attack; Group Denies Involvement
     Anonymous Claims It Took No Credit Card Numbers From Sony
     Exclusive: Sony Considers Offering Reward to Help Catch Hackers
     Spain Arrests 3 in Hacker Crackdown
     Turkey Arrests 32 Alleged Members of Anonymous, Days After Arrests in Spain
     LulzSec And Anonymous Team Up to Hack Governments and Banks
     Test


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