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11-F-0113_Republican_Governors_Association by BrianCharles


									*              *               *               *                                                                                                                     *                  *                   *                 *

                                                                                                                                                                  ,.., ,.
                                                                                                                January 28, 2003 :                 2m3      r ~

                                                                                                                                                            r     -. -. . ·
                                                                                                                                                                                  . '   0 .
                                                                                                                                                                                        C:. •
                                                                                                                                                                                                I ' ;j
                                                                                                                                                                                                -, I

                           The Honorable Donald Rumsfeld
                           U.S. Department ofDefense
                           The Pentagon
                           Room 3E880
                           Washington, DC 20301

                           Dear Secretary Rumsfeld,

                                 I invite you to join our fellow Republican colleagues and myself at the 91h Annual
                           Republican Governors Association "America's Majority Celebration: Winning for
                           America" on Monday, February 24,2003 in Washington, DC.

                                   This year's event is a gala reception, not a traditional sit-down dinner at the
                           National Building Museum. AJI 26 Republican Governors incJuding myself would greatly
                           appreciate your attendance to make certain this event is a success. It is traditionally our
                           biggest event of the year.

                                 Please have your staff complete the attached f01m and fax it to Robyn Knecht at the
                          RGA (202) 662-4924. If you have any questions, please contact me or Robyn at (202) 662-
                          4151 or e-mail her at                                        '

                                 Thank you in advance for your support of the Republican Governors. I look
                          forward to seeing you on February 24,2003.


                                                                                                               Governor BilJ Owens
                                                                                                               RGA Chairman
                                                                                                               State of Colorado

HEPL'Ili.I C A ;\ (;0\'EH:-. O R ~ ASSOC IAT ION   * )))   ! I "' ~I l!H J, :\ \\'. S L IT E 700   *   W~SH l ~ G TO~ . I)(   20004   * (202 ) M 2- 492 0   PHO:"E     * (201) 662·4924             fA X 1t W\\'1\ . H G .~ .Ol! (,

*              *               *               *                  *                 *                  *              *         o11
                                                                                    l'wd far by the Rcpuhhwn Gm·er nor.< A.<mnat1
                                                                                                                                      *            *                  *                 *                    *                 *
                                  REPLY FORM

                               9'b ANNUAL RGA
              WINNING FOR AMERICA"
                      MONDAY, FEBRUARY 24, 2003
                         6:00P.M.- 8:00P.M.

                     NATIONAL BUILDING MUSEUM
                                  401 F Street, NW
                                Washington, DC 2000 1

_ _ _ Yes, pleaSe reserve my place at the "America's Majority Celebration: Winning
     for America" on February 24. 2003.

              _ _ Please reserve a space for my spouse/guest.

              Spouse/Guest N a m e : - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

_ _ _ UnfortunateJy, I cannot attend the ''America's Majority Celebration: Winning
     for America" on February 24, 2003.

Please compJete your office contact information below:
N~E:    _________________________________________________

TITLE: _________________________________________________

OFFICE: ________________________________________________

PHONE: ______________________ FAX: _____________________

OFflCECONTACT: ________________________________________
E-MAJL: _______________________________________

Please fax the reply fonn to Robyn Knecht at (202) 662-4924, no later than Wednesdav,
February 12, 2003. If you have any questions, please contact Robyn at (202) 662-4151
      5:00 PM - 5:30 PM

      6:00 PM - 6:45 PM


       6:00 PM - 6:45 PM

           c._ ~ J
      6:ooPM - 8:ooPM
         55 5 Eleventh Street . Northwest . Suite 700 . Washington, DC . 2ooo,J. ·+----~-------

                                    REPUBLICAN GovERNORS ASsociATION
                                                                    L ~ .... 'l
                                                                                  .. 1·   . / ':
                                                                                                    ; .i   ,...,.   ., '\
                                                                                                           •··. ·   !, ·_)

                                             June 17, 2004

The Honorable Donald Rumsfeld
U.S. Department ofDefense
The Pentagon
Room 3E880
Washington, DC 20301

Dear Secretary Rumsfeld,

       As Chairman of the Republican Governors Association, I invite you to attend the
"RGA Convention Experience," August 29 through September 2, 2004, in New York
City, New York. Enclosed is a copy of the RGA schedule of events for the week.

        I know that you will have many obligations during this time, but I hope you will
be able to join the Republican Governors at one of our events during the week.

        The RGA will be contacting your office to review the schedule and check your
availability. In the meantime, if you have any questions, please contact the RGA
Executive Director, Ed Tobin at (202) 662-4151.


                                             Bob Taft
                                             Governor of Ohio
                                             RGA Chairman

                                                                             OSD 09639-04

                                                                                              p    202 662 4920
                                                                                              F    202. 662. 492.4
                    PAID FOR BY THE REPUBLICAN GOVERNORS ASSOCIATION                          E
                                                                          ORS AssOCIATION
                                                         2004 Republican Convention Experience

                                             RGA SCHEDULE OF EVENTS*
                                                                    (as of61/012004)

                     Sunday. August. 29
                     5:00p.m. -7:00p.m.               "Martinis in Manhattan" Reception
                                                      Location:     The New York Palace Hotel
                                                                    455 Madison Avenue
                                                                    New York, NY

                      Momtav,-x-ugust J(J - -                                     - - - - -- ·- - -· - - - - -----1                 I

                      5:00p.m. - 7:00p.m.             "A New YorkNoche " Reception
                                                      Location:   Noche in Times Square
                                                                  1604 Broadway (48th & 49th Cross Streets)
                                                                  New York, NY

                      Tuesday, August 31
                      12:00 p.m. -2:00p.m.            Governors, First Spouses and Chiefs of Staff Luncheon
                                                      Location:     The Central Park Boathouse
                                                                    East Side between 74th & 75th Streets
                                                                    New York, NY

                     Wednesday, September 1
                     2:30p.m.- 5:00p.m.               "A Brooklyn State ofMind "
      _..,,~u.,,.    ._                               Location:     The River Cafe and Fulton Ferry Landing
 ··. .~ ~ ....... ·~                                                Brooklyn, NY
.·· -~
         ~ ·-
   ..··   ~- -· Thursday, September 2
                      5:00p.m.                        "RGA Rocks the Planet in Times Square " Party
                                                      Location:    Planet Hollywood in Times Square
                                                                   1540 Broadway, 45th & Broadway
                                                                   New York, NY

                              times of the events may change slightly. A final schedule ofevents will be released closer to
                                       National Convention.

                                            PAID FOR BY THE REPUBLICAN GOVERNORS ASSOCIATION
                                                          555 11th Street, Northwest . Suite 700 . \'hshington, D C . 20004   RGA
                                       REPUBLICAN GoVERNORS AssociATION

                                                   January 15,2008

        The Honorable Robert Gates
        U.S. Department of Defense
        1000 Defense·Penatagon
        Arlington, VA 20301

        Dear Secretary Gates, .
        On behalf of the Republican Governors of the United States, I invite you be our guest at the 14
        annual gala, "A Celebration ofAmerica 's.Leaders" in Washington, DC on Monday, February 25,

        I am expecting all 21 of my colleagues to be in attendance for this gala along with special guest
        President George W. Bush. This is the RGA's largest event and wil1 help give us the resources to
        compete in 11 gubernatorial races this year.

        A successfuJ event will also help us prepare for the 2010 elections. The govemoJStin office that
        year will be instrumental in determining the make up of Congress for the next decade.
        Republicans could easily see a swing of 26 seats just by electing 7 new governors in key states
        before 2010.

        The gala will be held at the National Building Museum (401 F Street, NW) from 5:30p.m. to 8:00

        To RSVP please fill out the attached reply form, or contact Angela Meyers at (202) 662-4141 or

        I look forward to seeing you on February 25, 2008.


                                               Governor Rick Perry
                                               State ofTexas
                                               RGA Chairman

RGA "1747 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW, Suite 250 "Washington, DC 2ooo6 • (202) 662-4920 ph "(202) 662-4924jax "
                             Paid for by the Republiccm Governors Association.
                 2008 "A Celebration ofAmerica's Leaders~'
_ _ Yes, I will attend the RGA's "A Celebrlllion ofAmerica's Leaders" as a guest of the RGA. ·

       Tickets will be available for pick up under each guest's last name:
       Monday, February 25tJa                   3:00 p.m.- 8:00 p.m. Will Call Hours
       Event begins at 5:30 p.m.
       National Building Museum, 401 F Street, NW, Washington, D.C.
       Please use the G Street Entrance                 **Dress for the event: Business attire

                      Soecial Guest: President George W. Bush
                      Governor Mark Sanford, (SC), '.A Celebration ofAmerica's Leaders" Chainnan
                      Governor Rick Perry, (TX), RGA Chainnan
                      Governor Matt Blunt, (MO), RGA Vice Chairman

                      Invited Guests:                                                "
                               RepubJican Governors of the United States
                               United States Cabinet and Administration Officials
                               U.S. RepubJican Members of the Senate
                               U.S. RepubJican Members of the House

Spous~Guest:.   ___________________________________________________

Contact Information:



PHONE                          FAX                                       E-MAIL
Questions:    Kiley Herring            202-662-4145/

RSVP: Please fax this form to:         FAX: 202-662-4924
                                       Republican Governon Association
                                       1747 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW, Suite 250
                                       Washington, DC 20006
                               Paid for by the Republican Governort Association.
CHAIRMAN                                                                                         VICE CHAIRMAN
Go"crnor M.itt Romne.y                                                                        Gove.mor Sonny Perdue
Commo~~Malth of Ma.uatlnmtts                                                                          Stt1tt f!f Georgia

                               REPUBUCAN GovERNORS AssOCIATION

                                                     January 20,2006

The Honorable Donald Rumsfeld
U.S. Department ofDefense
1000 Defense Penatagon
Arlington, VA 20301                                                                                        , __,
                                                                                                                           . r~
Dear Secretary Rumsfeld,

       On behalf of the Republican Governors of the United States, I invite you to att~
the 12th Annual "America's Majority Celebration: A Tribute to Presidential Leaders!£/p"
in Washington, DC on Monday, February 27,2006.                                       ~: .
                                                                                                       N              ,- ~
                                                                                                        .. .         .-..,il l
    . 1 am expec~ing a1127 of my colleague~ t? be in attendance for this gala along~ ~:F.'
spec1al guest, Prestdent George W. Bush. Thts ts the RGA's largest event and helps      · .- -
determine the level of participation we will play in the 36 gubernatorial races we face
over the next year.

       To RSVP please fiJl out the attached reply form, or contact Lindsay Sweetin at
(202) 662-4150 or at

         I look forward to seeing you on February 27, 2006.


Mitt Romney
Governor of Massachusetts
RGA Chairman

                                                                                         OSD 02202-06
 1747 Penosyh•;~nia Ave., NW Suite 250 Washington, DC 20006 . 202 662 4140 . Fax 202 662 4924 . WW\
                                                                             REPLY FORM

                                                                        Monday, February 27, 2006
                                                                          6:00 p.m. - 8:00 p.m.

                                                                                                    ,. ! llllllllliiih
D          Yes, please reserve my place at the "A¢~'i'!c~~~Majofity Celebration:
           A Tribute to Presidential Leadership'{l~n,Pebni~ 27,2006.
                                                                                            -illh...,, / I· .
                                                                                           • 1!
                                      ___ Please reserve a tlcK(tlP.rm'JI spouse/guest.
                                                                                 .-"'!'lilt- \ 1.,,.-
                                                     ~ \ 'll'nl .
                                      Spouse/Guest Nau~ 1.....___;,o'•,~-_-~---------------
                                                                         '          ~~ •      }I'
 0         Unfortunately, I ~~tattenq ?H~ "America's Majority Celebration:
           A Tribute to ~~~~,tita~(ltlership" on February 27, 2006.        "'
                                                    -r           !ik'        .
Please complete you~iq~nHt~~,information below:
                                        ·                 ~    I i \l   •1

                                     .·Iii'!''!               ~~ ltV
NAME:                                        ~, hilH!. ·
                     '               . lti         '•
TIT~,.&.         tu                           l;
     !f      ~           :   f
                                 I           I.
     t1                          -LiJI~

  <("i ~ i
           l                     - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
          "ill! ,,:·
PHONE: ______________________ FAX: ______________________

OFFICE C O N T A C T : - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
E-MAIL: ___________________________________________

Please fax the reply form to Lindsay Sweetin at (202) 662-4925, no later than Thursday,
February 23, 2006. If you have questions, please contact Lindsay at (202) 662-4150 or
                    Paid for by the Republican Governors Association
                                                   Jtmerica~~ {jefe6ra£ion,.·
                                     ~~tial 9/~w--<~
                                    0 Yes, I will support the RGA and participate in "America's
                                            Majority Celebration: A Presidential Tribute to Leadership"
                                            at lhe following level:

   Q (//uu'rnuuv Individuals ur PAC.v ll'ho conrril111te $100.000 I corporarions who colltrihute
     $250,000 for the ''America's Majority Celebration: A Presidential Tribute to Leadership"

   0 6o--G'~Corporations who contribute $/OO.OOOjor the "America's Majoriry
     Celebration: A Presidential Tribute to Leadership "

   Cl tf'@ 6'/ur.irnuub ltldivif/lwts, fACs or corpomJion.r who l'q"'tri/JUle $50.!).00 Ja.t;zh: . ·-.·
    · "Ameriea's M~jority, C~·:t~b'i-arioi1: A Presidential Tr_ibuteri/Leaikts."hip'' ·          ,
                                                                                            ·. · _ .,-: ·

    0   ·(/)~·~};~-;M}~:~~~~--~iwc~n~~~b~te $2;,~for :r~; :'Ame;~~{slf~j(J~;:·.. . : ·_.: : .- _
        Celel»:atwn: A Pr~sUlenlial-.Trifiil~ -t(J Leodersh1p                                   .. _                  , -. --- · ;,_ _ :.-                                                   . >- ·- :· ·;:-                                   :- ·:-_.--
                                                            .. '                                                               .!                               .                                           I .             -'::~~ ~~;             ' If       .

    0~ &omniltree·:·iniJfvld~is f!r p~C_~, $Js;obb.t~;;:W<ILioris>~~;;-itihrri~~ ~: -. : ·

·· . ~::z;:.~::,~·~7t~tr::::~:/~~tzz~;:~~g.;; ,·';•· .
        Jorthe - "America·s. _Majo_rii)· ,~le'b;atiQfi:APresidenfil;liT(iiJUfi io.'Leadershifr'' i- ·_::. ··.: ·:;; :
         -   •   •• • . .   •   •   •   -   ...   ·:~.: .     ...   ·-            •   -   •          ;·   •••••   #   • • • •· . - • • • • • •       :    -:        •          •                      •   : ·.·   ~-    "'.      •   :.    :   •    •     :

 - c{V~ ETtC¥k:tf14i;~(rickets- are -~~.~~lt!bi~j~,. purc~fl.~efo,.- $J,OOO[~r.}~- . _ _ . _ -' ·
            "Americ:a'iMa/oriff. C~librwi~-: A P~si4emia1Tr.ibut~·io Ut~dt!~sl;ip~ .
  .-.:. -..--.               :     . .  ..             -- _.    - -           -
                                                                                                                                                                                           ::.;__ • ·. .-: · · .-_ ·_: ·
                                                                                                                                                                                   :. ;   ·'· -,_ : •:- ~-.                 :-~      ··-:. -
                                                                                                                                                                                             .( .
                                                                                                                                                 ~       ....
. . N;une                                                                                                                                                                                    : .~          .: . ...: : .. . ::
        '' ·- ..
                                                                                              •."   ..
                                                                                                                                                                        .     .. - --. " .. . ~           .·
   Organization ...                                                                                                                                                                       ' ·.,·...... ' ·. ...-_:·-:··: .
                                                                                                                                                                                                 .. . :·· .· (                ..     ~

                                                                                                                                                                                        ~ ·.. ' ·:.·. . . ·. ·_ .
                                                                                                            .·                                                           •:   ~-    •                                          ", •:,. I       ;•

  ·Address ·                                                                                                                                                                              - . :·:'·                                       :; :: .·
                                                                                                                                                                                                                       •,      -         .
                                                                                                                                                                                                                              . .' :;.. .. -.·

                                                                                                                                                                                        . i ; ;,
                                                                                                                                                                    -·                          ·..
                                                                                                                                                                                               ' •,
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  ... ·:-.
   qty                                                                                                                                                                                                     .,
                                                                                                                                                                                                       · --·,_ -.· ·

                                                                                                                                                                              - ...
                                                                                                                                                                              ,                     '.

                                                                                                                                      ~;   .·. .
                                                                                                                                                                                                                   . ·:.                       ·.f.
   Home_Phone                                                                     · - W.ork Pl)qile
                                                                         -~; --;:_ hj\?/"-:.':·; :·~-,

                 Please see reverse to pay -by credit card and complete impOrtant
Please complete the following to purchase tickets by credit card.
Please charge my personal/corporate (circle one):
0 Visa       0 MasterCard      0 American Express          0 Discover


Account Number                                           Expiration Date

Name as it appears on card

Authorized Signature

Election law requires us to report the following •.



Contributions or gifts to the RGA are not deductible as charitable contributions
for federal income tax purposes. President aush is not soliciting funds outside the,
limits and prohibitions offederal campaign finance law. There is no stittutory limit
on the amount a corporation, individual or PAC may contribute to the RGA.        ·
Contributions may be corporate, PAC or personaL
Contributions wiU not be used in connection with at!Y federal election and
contributions from foreign nationals are prohibited. Contributions to the RGA
may be used in one of the RGA's affiliated state PAC's.
Paid for by theRepublican Governors Association.
                                             Republican Governors Association
 12'h Annual "America's Majority Celebration: A Presidential Tribute to Leadership"
                                                  Monday, February 27,2006

                                             CURRENT RGA MEMBERS
                        For current members of the RGA the following tickets are offered:

  STATESMAN                   $250,000 (corporate) I $100,000 (PAC/individual) membership level
     •  Four (4) tickets to the "America's Majority Celebration: A Presidential Tribute to Leadership"
        • Four (4) tickets to the Chairmen's Reception & Photo-Opportunity with special VIP guest (2clicks)•
     • Two (2) tickets to a private dinner hosted by the Republican Governors on Saturday,
        February 25, 2006
     • Two (2) tickets to a private breakfast hosted by the Republican Governors on Monday,
        February 27, 2006

  CABINET                     $100,000 (corporate) membership level
     •  Four (4) tickets to the "America's Majority Celebration: A Presidential Tribute to Leadership"
        • Two {2) tickets lo the Chainnen's Reception & Photo-Opportunity with special VIP guest (1 click)"'
     • Two (2) tickets to a privale dinner hosted by the RepubJican Governors on Saturday,
        February 25, 2006
     • Two (2) lickets to a private breakfast hosted by the Republican Governors on Monday,
       .February 27, 2006

  BOARD                       $50,000 (corporate/PAC/individual) membership level
     •     Four (4) tickets to the "America's Majority Celebration: A Presidential Tribute to Leadership"
     •     Two (2) tickets to a private breakfast hosted by the Republican Governors on Monday,
           February 27, 2006

  COUNCIL                     $25,000 (corporate) I $15,000 (PAC/individual) membership level
     •     Two (2) tickets to the "America's Majority Celebration: A Presidential Tribute to Leadership"

  INDIVIDUAL COUNCIL                               $25,000 (individual) membership level
     •     Two (2) tickets to the "America's Majority Celebration: A Presidential Tribute to Leadership"

  FORUM                       $10,000 (individual) membership level
     •     Two (2) tickets to the "America's Majority Celebration: A Presidential Tribute to Leadership"

  CLUB                        $10,000 (corporate) I $5,000 (PAC/individual) membership level
     •     Two (2) tickets to the "America's Majority Celebration: A Presidential Tribute to Leadership"

         If you have any questions, please contact RGA Finance at: (202) 662-4920 I
                   Margaret Parker             202-662-4162
                   Elizabeth Verrill           202-662-4149
                   Angela Danhof               202-662-4141

 * Please note that photographs will be sent upon receipt of contribution to RGA.
Republican Governors Association • P.O. Box 27250 • Washington, DC 200()6 • (202) 662-4920 phone • (202) 662-4924 fax •
        Contributions or gifts to the RGA are not deductible as charitable contributions for federal income tax purposes. Prel;ident Bush
    is not soliciting funds ouL~ide the limits and prohibitions of fedend campaign finance lnw. There is no statutory limit on the amount
    a corporation, individual or PAC may conlribllle to \he RGA. Contributions may be corp<>r3te, PAC or pe:rsonal. Contribution• win
      not be used in connection with any federal election and contributions from foreign nationals arc prohibited. Contributions to the
               RGA may be used in one of the RGA's affiliated state PAC's. Paid for by the Republican Governors Association.
               : ::~~~ - ·
                                               +;at     .
                                                f1f«tryb,ild .
                                                   Ma_            .   ··
. :.               V.ICe.. •. .
       ·            .~J&.um             .           -   ~
           America's Mi:Jjorili C~lebralron:
               A Pre:Sidentiaf.1nbuu           ~is sippi
              ro l.eadership Chairman
                      Missouri                 flJ""""·~.&~uv''
                                                · N:~braslca
                     Alabama                   .~&/kiWI,
                                                   'f:lcvllda ·
              ,'J'I'fUth gc ~fku.hvUMlu;
                 .~ ,Y(/i~:luzbee

                    [JIJ;Jt CJwu,s.
                    . Conni:ctlcut
                                                        - - - - -------- · -

                                                                                                             - -- - - - --                              ----                                                   -----                      --                                  -                 ---
                                                                                      To GUARANTEE THE SUCCESS OF THE 2006 "AME-RICA' S MA JORITY CELCI::H·{A T ION: A PRF SIDl.NTIAL TRIE:lUTE TO
                                                                                   LEADERSHIP," THE. RGA REQUESTS TH£ ACTIVE PARTICIPAriON OF INDIVIDUALS/PACs/CORPORATIONS TO SERVE: A S
                                                                                       PART Of THE L E ADERSH IP COMMITTEE. THE LEVELS Of THE U:.ADL:RSH I P COMMI"IT E E Afo(E Dt:.SCRIBED BELOW.
                                                                               -             ----                                                                                                        ---        -                                                                  -- - -- -- - -
           m~e- Mepubficmt, §Ooe/'IUJM,Jtr&aciation--
                                                                                                                                   6h.a.irnuu"                                                                                                     [JJ¢'ul-'/.. (?lu.u/vrum·
                                                                                   lndiddunJo; ''' PA.C, whu t:tmtribultt SIQO,()IJU J nJrpnnllions u lu• ( nnrrihJJlf' 1150,(1(1}                                                                lruUvr,ltlc ll'h•• r,uurih~trr S25JI'
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Jis                       .){J
                                         cuui                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      1-'rc:.w:Jc·,,,, .. l Tnhuw '" Lis;J,r~:,;; , ··
                                                                                      fo' tM      ' ' AIItl'rico'J   Majoruy Crl,ohnuUm: A frrsiJ etJiitlf Tribut~ UJ U c.u lc.· rrlul'.                          Jctr tht ''Am,·rica:'f M ,;joriry Cddtr,I/IPU." A

                      ._~"fH,~·nAH•vf!ao {i36uiL·                                     • TeD (I OJ tlobu to tho "..,_;a·, Mojurily Cdebruion: A Preaidontiol Tribule
                                                                                        ., Leadcnhip"
                                                                                                                                                                                                                 • Four (4) cickro IU 11>: "America'> Majo<icy Celebnlion: A Pnssideatii!l Tribulc
                                                                                                                                                                                                                   10 l..<adclsltip"
                   • .o{m<rica d- .fflj¥vri{'/' 6ekbuft&t.·                           • Si~ (6) lickell lo tbe CIWnoen'a R<a:plioo .ll'b.Jto.Opporwnicy wim •pttiol VIP                                                               0
                                                                                                                                                                                                                 • 1\ooQ (2) tiW:I:I 1 • priYOJc l>n:UI'151 t.o.t.c:d by the Republic on GoTen»r> oo
                                                                                        '""" C l<lk:uJ•                                                                                                            tolooday. l'cbta>ry 21.2006
                .. ·t .ri'J'<!Ni:Untiol .%~ill! m-_f.;~i/J                            • Four (4) li<k<lllv a prinlc dinner- by tbe R<publiclll1 Govemon og                                                       • "America's Majo<il)l CdebraUoo: A Pmidential1'ribuk 10 L<odo.nltip"
                                                                                        S.wday, February 2!1. 2006                                                                                                 pro&nm recognitioo • a Dq>uly awrm.n
                                                                                      • Four (4) 1i<kca ro • privaJe b<Wfur hosud by die R<publicm G""""""""                                                     • ~ r<"' lodlvlclual Govemon COODCil M.-mb=hip- ~ocll&di•& !he 2006
                                                                                        MONloy. Februuy 27, 2006                                                                                                                      'ries and 2006 ROA Annual CMftreTK:c
                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Govanor.s Fonun S4..
                    /JooerttOf' v ffltt PJlom/1~·                                     • "AIIl<:rica'a Majo<i<y C<l<brOIIOO: A Tribuk IU Lelldmbip"
                                                                                        program rzcog.aiboa .., a ClWnoiut
                               .(/(£(. f ('/lu.r/muut
                                                                                      • O.e year Swe.wan Memberlbip - ln<;loding ille 2006 Pri"'l• DiruJu scru:., tile                                          fndH·ir!1w l\ o • 1",11 ·.\ w it,. tti•W"'ihcat: $ / 5.1J(I(I ,1\ 1:rJ'''r,,lit•l• • .. lu· ( 1•:-i• l!\::< '5~ .: !i' 1
                                                                                       o.,......,,.  N>rum Seri"" IU1d the Rq10ll:ll Reu-le E11<nll< and 2006 ROA                                                 fpr Jil t· -.~1 '1<"• t( , , · \ ,~1-.ij.Jil'\ CC'it•flr,;r;,u, ,, J',,-,,;,-,,.-j,n f ,·lfH!C h t.ct•rh'• \ ·'•1;·
                   tlooernO('" J(m1:!J· _Cjl../'lfite.·                                 Aonuol Coofereno.:e
                                                                                                                                                                                                                 • 1\rto (l) rickcB to the '"Amcri,o's Mojority Celetnlioo: A Pt.::sid¢nlial Tribute
                        9'1,(.(.{ '/fee 6Jwirmw•
                                                                                                                                                                                                                   ID Lcodenbip"
                                                                                                                                                                                                                 • ..Arnef'ica'JO. Ma__ion)' Cdcbn&ian; A Pm,ideatial Tribute 10 Leadtrship''
                                                                                                                      C'''l't"tlfJfll'\ ~,IJ,,,,~,,,rihult' :\/iJf J.f)(J{)                                        pr'OIJ"'l1l rccugn.ilioa u a Hou Comminee rntmbc:
                     t?ol'dw~ fhwite J/oll to • /fucml                                J(.n   !he" ·· \o;t,•r•• 11 ·_, M.-,Jari(! Crl!!hruftll.'t. .~ Pul ltinllrul l11hl!t"    1-1   Lt'iodt'l.l;,,p ·
                                                                                                                                                                                                                 • One ye:u: Govemon Cour•:il Mcrobeohip -lncluduo& 1l>e 2006 Govcrnon
                                                                                      • Eighl (8J tickm 10 <he """""""'"• Mojori<y Cclcbnrioo: A Presidential Tnl>ute                                               forum     Sen~     l.Od 2006 ROA Annual Confer~n.ce
                               tile l.!!th .,{mutai                                     10 l.ead<nhip"
                   , ImbY'c4.:.t.,,.:/fpjtH't,o/ 6'de!H'atinlk'                       • four (4) lickeu ro the Chairmen'• Reception& Pboto-Opponunity with
                                                                                        opecial VIP SUO" (2 clicks)•
                                                                                                                                                                                                                 bld::·ulu,t!.\ ,,, I'AC.~ •. 1v     tllll.'t iiNift" ~)OliO I t , •.-,•:••t•::u:;' ,,·: .• , f ·Jflt"
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Ji•,:·l \(f•.c:.'' ·
                ~..{ .e' .%:6ute ~~- '{1-.rul.e.rwlup
                                                                                      • Two (2) ti.ckets ro a priv.ue dinner haYed by lbc Republic:~~n G.nanon o•                                                 J,., JJ.r   ·A,h, •ir·,, ·, JIJ~_:•,.rih r ··lt•hrori,•JI: \ /):1 ,i,lnJ!I!~I f, .J.,o.~ tu I ..,,,j, · ,:,-._:··
                                                                                       Saturday. roe~nuary 2!1, 2006
                                                                                      • Two (2) tidtm 10 a prinl< breakfast ho.rod by lbc Republican ao..mon oo                                                  • 1Wo (2) ticket\ 10 lhe "America's Majorily Celebnliuo: A Pmid<ntial l'ributo
                         w~~tJuea                                                       Mooday. Fcbnwry 27, 2006                                                                                                   ID Ludenbip"
                                                                                                                                                                                                                 • "America'• Ma,oriry CelebRtiou; A Presitkotial Tribulc to l.eader.tbip"
                                                                                      • "Amtrica'• 1olajorizy Colcbntioo: A Pn:.i<leoti:ol Tribul• •~ Lcadenbip"
                                 ~                                                      proenm n:cogoition u a. Co-Oiajm\an                                                                                        p~VFall\ n:cognition ..s a Spoosor
                                                                                                                                                                                                                 • Orte you Go.....,.. Club Membr:nllip- Including the 2006 RGA
                                                                                      • Oat yr:;ifl Govr:;mun C8bi.Dd Mcmbcn:hip- lnc:lud&n& the l0()6 Gtrvemors Forum
                                                                                        Se<i"' and Rqionollloundbblo EY<nl> ud 2006 RGA Annvoo! Coufo.:te<~ec                                                      A.,...! eonr.......

                           6:<JOp-.m.        -   fi':(}(J   p.m.                                                             'f.1:ce. (/lwirnum                                                                                latl:'~·id;;ol :ic-kt'l•:tre ;.rl cuf,,hft· :(,; l't: .. lt~l\t' Jt-r 1.-.·:"'f.
                                                                                                    lnJh·itluuh. I}AC:.1 "' r'o ! JOVI'U/t(UI' tdw 'ftllt l ilmrr· 550.c.X}(J
                     jfondtfY. E!ibtuv.y 2 7. .wo6'                                   j ot' the- ~ Ame'l'tt'd ••• Muj(mr') (, ·lt'{IIIJritlfl ;. \ f'll'.'ii,J,•II,hrf TrYI,urt- rt: U•udrJ.•hi,•, ··             jcwlhr ·'.\mt'licu\ :lfui''J'II) Ct-lrl:r:~lfwi 1 l·' n· o:id,•,ufalli dlflol" ;,. l_tt:fi,., ,;,!il ·

                                                                                      • four (4) tit:tcu 10 the "AAnericA's Majority Colobntiora: A Ptaideotial Tribule
                       ,/t'lti.Wmd fiJ,ultfVw-~11_.=,,                                  ID J..ealcnbjp"

                               4W EF..fb.ut., .A~/l                                   • no.oo (2) tickeu 10 lbc Cltaitm:a'• Rtooptlon & Phot~ni<y w1 speciAl VIP
     ·.:                      <flkzslu/{9hH1;        0 . {/.                          •,....., (2) ticlo:<• IU • pri\'lle brul:fMI booted by <he R<publican C.ovemcn on
                                                                                        M.>Aday, Felxuary 27. 2006
 I                                                                                    • "America'• Majorily Celebnlioo: A l'l<sitlelllioll'ributo 1<J Leadu<hip" prosr:un
                                                                                        rccoa,n.ition at a VICe Oainnan
                                                                                      • Orte yeor Go""""" Boord Member<l>ip - ltlclllding lbo 2006 Govawn Fonom
                                                                                        Scrico .ad 2006 RGA Anooar Confen:""'
John G. Rowland
Governor of Connecticut
                                                                                     August 27, 2002
RGA Chairman

Bill Owens
Governor of Colorado
RGA Vice Chamnan

                  The Honorable Donald Rumsfeld
                  U.S. Department ofDefense
                  The Pentagon
                  Room 3E880                                                                    2ffi2 SEP -6 p;; 12= 23
                  Washington, DC 20301

                  Dear Secretary Rumsfeld,

                         I am pleased to announce that the Republican Governors Association fall
                  event, "An Evening With President George W Bush" is Thursday, September 19,
                  2002 at the National Building Museum (401 F Street, NW) in Washington, DC
                  from 5:30p.m. -8:00p.m.

                              I know this is a busy time of year, but yom participation will ensure the
                  success of this event, help us meet our financial goals and make a difference in the
                  % gubernatc:ia~ ral~e~ this fall. I have invited all RGA corporate and individual
                  n ·.;..:r. 1':'GC :!'. F: nberr frc:n around the country; I know they are very excited to meet

                         F1ea::;F-. .::·~~~1~. ~c~ ~ the nttached reply fonn and fax it back to the RGA at 202/
                  863-8659. If yo-:.: h<t':::: P.D)· questions, please contact Robyn Knecht at 202/863-
                  8557 or by emaii a~ ::.U"

                          I thank you for ym~· SUH )rt of the Republican Governors Association. Your
                  participation guarantecf. thf. ~ver. :'s success. I look forward to seeing you at the


                                                                                     John G. Rowland
                                                                                     Governor of Cmmecticut
                                                                                     RGA Chairman

                                                          Republican Governors Association
                                                                                                                 Ul4398 · /02
                 310 First Street. SE   *   Washington, D.C. 20003    *
                                                                      Tel: 202-863-8587         * Fax: 202-863-8659 *
                                                     Paid for by the Republrcan Governors Association.
                             Republican Governors Association

                       REPLY FORM
          "An Evening with President George W. Bush"
[ ] YES, I will attend "An Evening with President George W. Bush,"
    Thursday, September 19,2002, at the National Building Museum, 401 F St. NW,
    Washington, DC from 5:30PM to 8:00PM.

     [ ] Please reserve a space for my :;pouse - - - - - - - - - - -

[ ] Unfortunately, I cannct r..rter.a, bu·~ members of my staff will join you. The following people
    from my staff will atten~ ;.i. ~. Cfrief of Staff, Policy Director, etc.):

           NAME                                                       TITLE

Staff C o n t a c t : - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


Phone: --------------------F~:------------------

      Please fax back the form to Robyn Knecht at 202/863-8659. If you have
      questions, please contact Robyn at 202/863-8557 or rknerht@rnchq org.

      Republican Governors Association* 310 First St., SE *Washington, DC 20003
               PH: (202) 863-8587 * FAX: (202) 863-8659 *
                   Paid for by the Republican Govenwrs Association.

                                                       ~    .~~

                                                       :: ...,

                                                       ,.    .,

                                                                    -· -

          RepublJcan Governors A»OCJauon
  310 First Street, SE   * Wash•ngloo, D.C. 20003
202- 86 3-8~87   * Fax 202-863-8659 * www
  Paid for by the Republican Coverno·s AsStX'fQ(IOII
                                    '·       . .

   John G. Rowland                      Bill Owens
 Governor of Connecticut            Governor of Colorado
       Chairman                        Vice Chairman

                                     George E. Pataki
     Jane Dee Hull
   Governor ofArizonct              Govemor of New York
                                                             ~ "!   ! ~

                                                             ·< r·~
                                                               ·                       THE REPUBLICAN GOVERNORS
    Mike Huckabee                      John Hoeven
  Governor of.(lrkunsas           Governor of North Dakota                                              OF THE

       Jeb Bush                            Bob Taft .~·· .
   Governor of Florida                  Governor oj 0~
                                                                                           UNITED STATES OF AMERICA
    Dirk Kempthorne                   Frank. Keati~                                           CORDIALLY INVITE YOU
    Govemor of ldnho               Gvvemoi "?Jf Oklahbma
                                                 .    :,.J
                                                             ;.:    :~
                                          ·;:_   .;   N      ~.

    George H. Ryan                  - Mark S.~hweik~t        :; :;_                                   TO SHARE IN
   Governor of Illinois           Go-vernor~ Pennsilvania
                                                             .., ...-·
                                    ...·· -       ~
      Bill Graves
   Governor of Kansas
                                   •-     l
                                    -:::Li~olrt Almond
                                  Gavernor of Rhode Island
                                                                                           ._,>6/i· g~,e/u/lp       ~d

      Mike Foster           .,.        BiU Jankluw                                    fY>P&J/rk/t,t ;§;o~ Gpp( $~bJ£
  Governor of l..ouisilma         Governor vf South DakVIa

      Jane Swin                       Don Sundquist                                       THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 19, 2002
Governor of Massachusens           Governor of Tennesue

     John Engler                          Rick Perry                                      NATIONAL B UILDING MUSEUM
  Governor of Michigan                  Governor of Texas
                                                                                            40 1 F STREET, NORTHWEST
     Judy Martz                      Michael 0. Leavitt
  Governor of Montana                 Governor of Utah
                                                                                                 WASHINGTON,     D.C.
     Mike Johanns                    Sctitt McCaUum                                               "
  Governor of Nebraska             Governor of Wisconsin

     Kenny Guion                       Jim Geringer
   Govenwr of Nevada                Governor of Wyoming

    Gary E. Johnson
 Governor of New Mexico                                                    R.S.V.P.                                     EVENING RECEPTION
                                                                           SUSAN NELSON   202-863-8587                     B USINESS ATTIRE
                                                                           CAITI.IN MACKJNTOSH  202-863-8505
                                     REPUBLICAN                                        GoVERNons AssociATION                                        zmz FEB 27 t.::                   7= LJ3

                                                                                                  January 22, 2002

The Honorable Donald Rumsfeld
U S Department of Defense                                                                                                    Secreta1y ... J Defense
                                                                                                                      II~~~~ II~ ~lllllll~lll,lll ~II IIIII~~ 1111
The Pentagon
Washmgton, DC 20301
Dear Secretary Rumsfeld,
                                                                            1                             •                                                  m
       l mv1te you to JOin our fellow Repubhcan colleagues and myself at the 8 Annual
Republican Governors Assoc1at1op "Amerzca 's Ma;orzty Celebtatwn- A Salute to Amerzca 's
Leaders" on Monday, February ~5, 2002

        Th1s year's format will beld1fferent Instead of a s1t down dmner, we wdl host a Gala
ReceptiOn With food stations representmg our Governors' home states, entertainment and a
great venue for guests to mmgle Vt'lth all of the Repubhcan Governors We are ant1c1patmg
over 1,200 of our RGA members to attend              -         .
                                                                             \                        -       .   -   .               .
        Th1s •s the smgle most 1mportant event for the RGA·.m 2002 All 27 Republican
                                 I           -     - •
Governors would greatly apprec1ate your attendance to make certam th1s event 1s a success
The receptiOn IS from 6 00 p m !to 8 00 p m at the Mamott Wardman Park Hotel (2660
Woodley Road, NW) m Washmgtpn, DC In conJunction w1th ~he recept1on, the Governor's
wlll host a pnvate recephon from 6 00 p m to 6 45 p m, wh•ch you are mVJted to attend

      Please have your staff
                                        the attached form and fax 1t to Robyn Knecht at the
RGA (202) 863-8659 If you hare any quesbons, please feel free to contact me dtrectly or
Robyn at (202) 863-8557 ore-mall her at 1knecht@mchg org
                                                                      . I
       I you for your support or the Repubhcdn Governors Your partiCipallon Will
guarantee our success 1 look forward to seemg you on February 25, 2002


                                                                                                      ' ~~;~{.,.~,, ,.,,,;
                                     ,       ,                  ...
                                                                                                 '·                                                                   .,.,.
                ·' ' ,,                                                                   I I
                                                                                                                 . •:.•:1\) ·":'~, ••
                                                                                                        f;~; ·,\ ,- (•                                                     ~
       - ' ,,             \ 'r
                          ,· 'II
                                 0       -   . , , , .. •

                                         ~ ,J,,:~ ~·~·- •1
                                                            cr _.~

                                                                      •• ......~       •c•

                                                                                       .'1 "
                                                                                          -l     -Jqhn.G Ro;-y~and, I
                                                                                                  Governor of Connecticut
                                                                                                                                          Tol_. (     • 10.: · , .-


                                                                                                                                                                      ,.       j •,

t•                               ,~t,            r.w :.,.,                             ,, .. ,    RGA Chairman

     310   FIRST STRUT, SoUTMF.AST' • WASHINGTON,                              DC 20003 • (202) 863-8587 • FAX (202) 863-8659
                                                            Paid for trY the Republican Govemoi"S Assoelabon
                                                                                                                                                       U03!504 /02
                         R.EPuBuDf GoVERNORS AssociATION
                                  MONDAY, FEBRUARY 25. 2002
                                6:00 P.M. -GALA RECEPTION
                             MARRIOIT WARDMAN PARK HOTEL
                              2660 WOODLEY PARK ROAD. NW
                                     ~WASHINGTON. D.C.

                                         \       REPLYFORM

_ _ _ Yes, please reserve my place at the "America'6 Majority Celebration-A
     Salute to America's uaders" on February 25. 2002

                   ___ Please          re~rve a space for my spouse/guest             "

                   Spouse/guest naml

_ _ _ Unfortunately, I cannot luend the "America's Majority Celebration -A
     Salute to America's Learers" on February 25. 2002

Please complete your office contact mformat1on below


        PHONE: _________~----------------------------

        CHIEF OF STAFF=---;--------------------------

        COMMENTS: __________________________________

Please have a member of your staff~ fax the reply form to Robyn Knecht at (202) 863-8659,
no later than Friday, February 8, ~002 If you should have any quesuons. please don't
hesJtate to call Robyn at (202) 863-8557 Thank you'

  310   FIRST   Snw:T,   SoVTHEAST • WASHINC'f()N, DC 20003 • (202) 863-8587 • FAX (202) 863-~9
                                 Paid for by the Republican Governors Association
                                                                                  '   ,, ~-:
                                                                                        .· .
                                                                                               ,. ::.:
                                                                                                         : :.
                                                                       SEC: ~[                   :·
                                                                                 T/-: . · ...- : _ ~ -. ---r.

                                                                       zmz JtJJ 31                   r1         ·~:   22


                                                  November 29, 2001

Dear Republican Colleague:

      Enclosed please find a copy of the 2000-2001 Republican Governors Association
Chairman's Report. The report details Republican governors' achievements of the past

         Working with President George W. Bush, his administration and our coJJeagues in
Congress, Republican governors played active roles in the national debates over tax
relief, energy policy and historic education reform. Throughout the year, governors have
been key advocates for the principles of limited government, lower taxes and reform that
mark the Bush presidency.

        As the tragic events of September 11 dramaticalJy changed our national focus,
governors have made clear their commitment to working with President Bush, homeland
security director Tom Ridge and all public officials to provide for the safety and defense
of America. As we go forward in this uncharted territory, Republican governors pledge
our continued support and assistance on these and other matters affecting our nation's

        Once again, thanks for taking a few minutes to review the RGA annual report-
as well as your continued assistance in the days, weeks and months ahead as we work
together to promote America' s agenda.

       With warmest regards, I am


                                                  John G. Rowland
                                                  Governor of Connecticut
                                                  RGA Chairman


 3 10 FIRST STREET. S OUlliEAST • W ASHINGTON. D.C . 20003 • (202)86 3-858 7 • FAX (202 ) 8 63-8659
                              Paid for by the Republican Governors Association
 )10 ftll\5Ullrt,   5ou(hnJo~

  W.Junglon. DC 10001


                                uo~ 83~~, 0 ~ ·~ j

                Jan~ Dee Hull, Am.ona
               Mtkc Huckabc~. Arbnsa.s
                  Bill Ow~ns, Colorado
           John G. Rowland, Connecticut
                    J~b Bush, Florida
               Dirk Kempthorne, ld~o
                George H. Ryan, lllmois
                    Bill Gr:aves, !Unsas
                 Mi~ Foster,

               Jane Swift, M=achusws
                 John Engler, Michigan
                 Judy Marn. Montana
                Mike Johanns, Nebraska
                 Kenny Guinn, Nevada
         Donald T. DtFrancesc.o, New Jc=y (Acting)
              Gary Johnson, New Mextco
              George E. Pataki, New York
             John Hoev~n. Norrh Dakota
                      Bob Taft, Ohio
               Frank Keating, Oklahoma
            Mark Sch-iker, Pennsylvania
            Linc.oln Almond, Rhode Island
          Wilham J. Janklow, South Dakota
               Don Sundquist, Tennessee
                     Rick Perry,
                    Mi~ Leavitt, Urah
                  Jim Gilmon:, Virginia
              Scott McCallum, Wisconsin
                Jim Gennger, Wyoming
                                                                                                                              JOHN G. ROWLAND
                                         Chairman's Message                                                                      CONNECfiCUT

                                         For the first time m the history of the Republian Governors
                                         Association, our chairmanship changed hands thre< times in less than
                                         one year. It has be<n a tumultuous year for Amenca- and for the RGA
                                         - bur through it oil, present and former Republican governors luve
                                         stepped into virolleadcrship roles, from the White House to our state-

REPUBUCAN GOVERNORS ASSOOATION           It all began with the crucio.l presidcnrio.l election of 2000, when, after
          LEADERSHIP                     weeks of uncxrtaJnty and se<mtn&Jy endless rc<:ounring and court action,
                                         Governor George W. Bush was inaugurated as president of the
   Governor John G. Rowland, Ch•irman    United States. Republic:on gov.:rnors played a a:ntral role in that long
                                         and difficult period, lending their support and voio:s to the Bush cam-
                                         paign. On many days, the nerwork and cable broadcasts on the election
   Governor John G . Rowland, Chairman
          Governor John Engler                                                                                                           Tf;t
                                                                                                                      Prtndm t-tkct GtO W Bush
          Gov.:rnor Jim Gilmore                                                                                       horud I 9 GOP govrmorr at
         Governor Kenny Guinn                                                                                         hu Ttxar ranch on january 6
       Governor D~rk Kempthorne                                                                                       Ht:rt, Bush II run wtth (/rom
          Governor Bill Owens                                                                                         kji) Govrmon }tm Gtlmort
         Governor George Patak.                                                                                       (VA}, john Engkr (Ml}, Tom
            Governor Bob Taft                                                                                         Ridgt: (PA) and }ant: Du Hull
                                                                                                                      (AZ). (/'IJ"' """"' •fAl'trt'uu
controversy, as well as the columns in daily and weekly n<=Ws publica-
tions, were dominated by comments by GOP governors, who often                                                                                           RGA Charrman john Row/4nd,
brought a much-needed dose of common sense and fairness to the                                                                                          fomdur and frunds gath"
debate. In rhe end, our constitutional system prevailed, and the will of                                                                                at thr Stau Armory to ro.y
the voters was sustained.                                                                                                                               good-byr to tht Connrrticut
                                                                                                                                                        ArmJ N.uumal Guards=n
Prc:sident Bwh moved swiftly ro as:sc:mble a government -    and once                                                                                   Tht soldzns will spmd about
again, he turned to Republican governors.                                                                                                               nmt months 011 ovt ntas duty.

Governor Tommy G. Thompson of Wisconsin, the "father of modern
welfare reform." was rapped to serve as Secretary of Health and Human
Services in the Bwh Cabinet.

Governor Christie Whitman of New Jersey, whose outsrandmg le.ader-
ship brought an economic boom to her home stare, stepped up ro
become director of the Cabinet-level Environmental Protection Agency.
                                                                            Like the rest of Amenca, I was also proud of the leadership displayed by
Governor Paul Cdluccr of Massachwcru 1oined the admm1marion as              our president. Hrs fellow Republican governors had long known whar
Amencis ambassador to Canada.                                               kmd of man George W. Bush is; now, the world recognizes his courage
                                                                            and calm and determination.
President Bwh turned to a former GOP governor, former Senator John
Ashcroft of Missouri, as his new auorney general.                           Following the September 11 attacks, Pres1 denr Bush asked Tom Ridge to
                                                                            resign as governor of Pennsylvania (and as RGA chairman) to accept the
He also asked RGA Chairman Governor Jim Gilmore ofVirgm1a-                  newly created position of Director of Homeland Security. As the fourth
decred at last year's annual confetence - to become chatrman of the         former GOP governor to assume Cabinet-level duric:s in the Bwh
Republtcan Nanonal Committee. Governor Gilmore handed over rhe              administration, Governor Ridge IS in the bc:sr of company for the d iffi-
RGA chrurmanship to Governor Tom Ridg~ of Pennsylvanta                      cult task ahead of us.

Tragically, for= beyond our control brought terror ro Amenca.               As the newly mstalled RGA chatrman, I am proud to assume lea.dersh1p
Governor R.rdgc was among the Republican chief executives who               of an organization that has produced far more than Its share of outstand-
responded to terrO!ISt acts on our soil - m Pennsylvanra's case, the        ing American But most of all- as an American - I am grati-
crash of one of the hijacked aircraft. Acro.s our nanon, governors of       fied to be part of an organization that celebrates so many of the bc:st
borh panics, and of independent afliltarion, "'t as1de past poliucal bat-   thmgs about our country .. . especially our free and open consrirurional
tles to organize and rush aid ro rhe stricken communities and to ensure     form of government that allows rhe people to decide our goals and our
the safery of thcir own res1denrs.                                          desriny.
In the wake of September II, parusan politics took a holiday - but                0! 11nJ.S be it ever, when f= men shall stand
democracy did not, and that IS as it should be. The RGA continued to               Berwcen rheor loved homes and the war's desolation!
play an active role m the oiT-yar gubernatorial elections in Virginia and          Blesr with victory and peace, may the heaven-rescued land
New Jersey.                                                                        PraJ.SC the power thot hath made and preserved us a nation.
                                                                                   Then conquer we must, when our cause it is just,
At the same time, your RGA continued to represent "America's Majority"             And this be our motto- "In God Is Our Trust":
- the kpubUcan governors who lead a substantial majority of our                    And the sw-spangled banner in triumph shall wave
states and the people who decred them.                                             O'er the land of the free and the home of the brave.

Under Chairmen Gilmore and Ridge, and continuing during my time as             Sincerely,                  J
RGA ch:urman, the RGA hosted a series of most successful events, from
the January celebra1ion of the inauguration of President Bush through
this RGA annual meetmg in November. RGA members played vital and
active roles in the national debates over tax relief, energy policy and edu-
cation reform, helping the Bush admini..rranon win important VIctories
for working families. By vir rue of the active roles pia}""' by outsunding     Chairman
GOP governors in advancing policy initiatives, we w.:re able to play a
greater pan chan ev<r before in sening America's agencb.

These are votal and hiStoric ma([ers that were not made moot when ter-
rorist altacks of September II shifted 1he nation's focus. If Ameroca faced                                                                      RCA Chairman john G.
economic challenges after the anacks, imagine how serious our troubles                                                                           Rowland (CT, anur) sptaks
would have been W1thoul the 1ax cuts enacted by Congress and modeled                                                                             btfort mtroducmg Viet
on so many tax reforms promoted by Republocan governors throughout                                                                               Prtsztkns RochflTd B. Chent:y
the 1990s. With trouble once again in the Middle East, consider how                                                                              dumrg tht RGA sfoil premitr
essential a sdf-suffictent nanonal energy pol!cy such as the one supported                                                                       t l'tnt m Washmgton, D.C, on
by President Bush and the RCA is roclay. With renew.:d threats from                                                                              Ocrobtr 25. Pzcrured fro m kft
abroad, the revitalization of our nauonal defense capabilities has become                                                                        to rzghr· Go•· rnors Scott
even more central to our natoonal doscussion- and our nauonal well-                                                                              McCallum (WI), Don
being.                                                                                                                                           S11ndqurst (TN), Frank &atmg
                                                                                                                                                 (OK). ]ant Swift (MAJ.
It was an astonishing and historic year for Amenca and for the RGA. I                                                                            Lmcoln Almond (RI) and Brl/
bdoeve it fining that l conclude this message with the words of the final                                                                         Gravts (KS)
stanza of our "!tional anthem - a stanza nor often sung on rhe past, but
most applicable 10 1he times in which we love.                                                                                                                                    ..,

                                    The RGA: A Year of Change                                                    Americans, rhey shared our national pride when rhar battle ended in a
                                                                                                                 fair and orderly manner.

                                    and Challenge                                                                On January 20, Republican governors were agam from and center as one
                                                                                                                 of rheir own- fonnor Governor George W Bush ofTexas - took the
                                    lr was a year rhar began wirh rhe longest presidential decuon rn             oarh of office as prestdent of rhe Unired Stares.
                                    American history - and ended with great tragedy.
                                                                                                                 The Bush adminisuauon brought to Washington many of the values
                                    Through n all, Republican governors played central roles. During the         and goals that had long been associated with Republican governors, the
                                    cuended recounting of rhe prestdential ballots m Florida that followed       most mnovauve force in American politics during the 1990s. The presi-
                                    rhe 2000 decrion, Republican governors were frequent - and credtble          dent proposed t.aJ< cuts like those that had invigorated economies m stare
                                    - ~pokespersons on behalf of the Bush campaign and the rule of law. As       after state led by GOP governors. He put forth sweepmg learning-based
                                    chief st2tc executives, they were able ro spcalt wtth passion and au<bonry   education reforms that mirrored those supponed and enacred by his fd-
                                    abour election bws. As Republicans, they stood firmly for adh<rence to       low Republican governors. H is faith-based rnitiauves ro JOin government
                                    Florida law and agalilSt efforts ro manipulate and change the vote. As       and the faith communiry in good works had been field-tested in Texas                             I(OW
                                                                                                                 and other stares- again under the enlighr<ned leadership of                  shfn#              af~z
                                                                                                                                                                                                                F ·
                                                                                                                 Republican governors. Wtth the enthusiastic and vocal suppon of
                                                                                                                                                                                              p~ud ofthtfoml"
                                                                                                                 Republican governors, President Bush also proposed measures to
                                                                                                                 Slrengthen Med icare and to cr:~li- a S<:nStble nau onal energy policy to
                                                                                                                                                                                               -:- and cunint .,.-
Nrw York Gowrnor Grorgr E                                                                                        reduce our nation's dependence on fore•gn oil                                Ripubbcan govemors
Pa111k1 (/rji}. Umud NatiOns                                                                                                                                                                   ·who arr wor/Ung
Srrr<II11J•-Gmrral Koji Anna11                                                                                   Republican governors were also pan of the Bush ream in Washmgron on a        with th~ irrsidmt to
and Nrw York City Mayor                                                                                          daily basis. Governors Tommy G. Thompson (WJ) and Christie Whltman              provitk for IJUr
Rudolph Gruham Jurvry thr                                                                                        (NJ) jomed rhe Bush Cabinet, as d!d formCJ Missouri Governor Jobn
domagr nrar thr World Trruk                                                                                                                                                                   homeland drfow~ on
                                                                                                                 Ashcroft and, later, Governor Tom Ridge (PA). Governor Paul CeUucci of
Ctl1ttT JJtt fAPIW.b WD& PhtJltX)                                                                                Massachusen:s was named America's amba>sador ro Canada - rhe first
                                                                                                                                                                                                   all fronts. •
                                                                                                                 ambasso.dor named to serve m the new admmisnauon.
                                                                                                                                                                                               - c_,.,, Jd> s...h <FLJ
                                                                                                                 (To replace them , outstanding Republican lieutenant governors have
                                                                                                                 stepped up ro serve as chief execu tives: Scott McCallum ofWisconsm,
                                                                                                                 Jane Swift of MassachusettS and, finally - Mark Schweiker of
                                                                                                                 Pennsylvania. In New Jersey, the state Scnare pres1denr - Donald T.
                                                                                                                 DiFrancesco- became acting governor. In each one of these cases,
                                                                                                                 these outstanding men and women have already served the citiu:ns of
                                                                                                                 theu scares with disnnction.)
                                             Throughout the year, GOP governors were frequently quoted in the
                                             media in support of Bush administr.nion initiatives, espee~ally when                                                                                         MaJsarhuuttJ Govrrnor Jan<
                                             Congress passed the pre>ident's $1.35 wllion tax cut- a Republican                                                                                           Swtft gr<tts NatwTUJ/ Guard
                                             idea that had proved so effective in state after state. As America entert:d                                                                                  IToops ar rh• Oru A~r
                                             the fall, the prt:>ident's approval rating was strong, Americans were receiv-                                                                                National Gllllrd 8aJ' on
                                 :_)~ ' ::   ing the first down payment on the Bush tax cuts, and other administra-                                                                                       Cap• Cod on Octobn 4
                                {.~;;        tion programs were advancing in Congrt:ss.

·t~~~~~                                      Republican governors who had led successful education reform efforts in
                                             their own scates wert: strong and effective proponents of the president's
:-:~..;u~~· .                                national school "'form plan. This was the president's No. I dom<Stic

· ;;;m,mitk for '                            priority. Shortly bc:fort: the inauguration, a group of governors met with
                                             President Bush to set prioritia, and after the education bill passed both
 :.Rrpublican:chiif                          houses of Congress, Governors John G. Rowland (Cll, Tom Ridge (PAl
  ~cutiues m work                            and M1ke Huckabee (AR) jomed President Bush and Secretary of
 togtthtr informing                          Education Rod Paige at a White House ceremony in callmg for SWift
                                             action on the conference report.
 . public policy for
                                                                                                                             Post-September 11 ...
    our rtaus. I am
                                             At breakout scss1ons at the Na<ional Governors Association winter and
       proud of                              summer meetings, and at regional Governors' Forum events throughout             In the wake of the terrorist attacks on our nation, Republican Governors
th~ oUtstanding luork                        the year, the governors were highly visible in their support for the Bush       George E. Pataki (NY), Jim Gilmore (yA) and Tom Ridge (PA) stepped
   the organization                          agenda. Spealting with one votce, the governors earned major media cov-         forward in states that had b«n directly affected by the attacks to provide
  cantinrus IQ do on                         etage whenever and wherever they spoke out, since thetr own experiences         calm, firm and reassuring leadenhip. In other stares, GOP governors
     behalfofour                             in the sutts had helped c=te that agenda m the first place. The RGA             n::sponded wirh hdp and acrion. A!l the terrorist threat unfolded - first
                                             communications staff wo~ closely With the Republican Nauonal                    in the need to strengthen a.irpott serurity, and 12tet as bioterrorisr
    gtwtr110n and                            Commina: to c:nsur( maJumum media coverage of these events , 1nduding           assaults emerged in widely scattered locations - Republican governors
       citium.             JJ
                                             satellite feeds back to each governor's home siate.                             wert: again at the forefronr of rhc national response. They moved to
                                                                                                                             activate National Guard units, mobilize: sute health and law enforce-
-    CIO'I"CCDDt   )uti Gtlmorr (VA),        There wen: staff changes at RGA as welL In May, Susan Nelson became             ment agencia and = r e their residents. They also joined their fellow
    Clw"""' of the Rq>ublkon
      N.a.uonal Commm~                       RGA finance d11~tor to lead a vigorous fund-r.tising effott in preparanon       Amencans in offering support ro Pre.ident Bush as he assembled and
                                             for the 2001 -2002 elections. The year ended with the return of Clinton         led an international cnalirion to pursue, neutralize and hold accountable
                                             Key as execurive director, who had previously served under three RGA            rerroris[s.
                                             chaHmen. Our commumc.ations, poljcy and corporate m~mlxr services
                                             staffi remained intact with the goal of improving the effectiveness of the      As the year drew   to   a dramanc close, Americans were united as never
                                             organization for our governors and members                                      before.      "'
                                            -:;;tr~~                -RGA in 2001                                                                                                                                            rruors Fmuk Krttt1ng (QK,
                                                                                                                                                                                                                         >~ghr) 11nd ]rb
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Flush rFL)
                                            r-he :FOI:...epub Ia can G ~vernors Assocration had thr~ chairmen during this                                                                                                trrtdird nt t1 congrrHJOn(t!
                                            epocn ~1 year. as ne»ced on the Chairman's Message Normally, so many                                                                                                         subconmnllrc bcm wg on
                                            chan~~s          in such a brief period ofame would cause uncertaonty and disar-                                                                                             rcnorwn and homtlrmd Jtcllrl f)'
                                            r~y      ira. a n y e>rganiz..a. ~ion . Such was not the case with rhc RGA. We conun-                                                                                        az Nw • )'orl· Czty H111f on
     "~Jmowthat                             OJ4ed c~ char-.: a clear path dunng an otherwise unsc11led year, thanks to                                                                                                   Ocwbrr 29
education must play a                       o ~ tst:ao.. ..-.dang sraff s~ pport and the hands-on leadership of our chaormen.
  cmmzl role in the
    deftnse ofour                           R..CA           mem        ben co....., cinue to be a source of major strengrh for our organi-
                                            u;;a. ~ io r:a.    and     a. key pa. n IJf our pasr and future successes.
 nation. Our schools
   mwt product the                          ~ern ~crship                    has i lrlOCreascd sognificantly, comribuung to an overall rev-
prople who have the                         e..-.ue a         r~c:reasc      of o-v-er 10 percent on rhc past year.
   math, scimet and
 mgmunng skills to
   kup our deftnm
strong. Our childrm                                                                                                                          The RGA's popular forum events conunued to advance Republican
  need to understand                                                                                                                         ideas. Governors' Forums held on Colorado, California, New York and
                                                                                                                                             Michigan drew heavy medoa coverage as Republican governors spoke our
    our !Jtstory, our
                                                                                                                                             in support of PrtsJdenr Bush's agenda of lower taxes and real education
   Const:tution, our                                                                                                                         reform. Our OJSuicr of Columbia Issues Forums brought the deba~e on
   virnm as a people                                                                                                                         these and other issues home to Washington, whee< a closely dJVtded
 and as 11 ntttion. To                                                                                                                       Congress listened to the expenences of Republrcan governors who had
  know A merictt :s to                                                                                                                       succeeded wnh many of the same ideas on state after state. The an nual
 /oiJ(' her. To 1tJ IJ(' her                                                                                                                 Amenca's Majonry Dinner on February cdebraoed ohe onauguration of
                                                                                                                                             our new presodent. And throughout the year, GOP governor> continued
       is to wttnl to
                                                                                                                                             to act as informed, aurhoritative advocates for rhe principles of lomited
       defend her."                                                                                                                          government. lower taxes and reform that mark the Bush prtsodency.
-   loi'I'VUn()l   ,r.lm   [u~;,kr   (MI)
          rm (ku.hcriJ                                                                                                                       The RGA launched a National Fonance Comminee, an onnovative pro-
                                            .F-Ietn. = Pr..-chrn was n frund ro thr Bu.rh family aud the Rrpubltc11n P11rry for              gram designed to reach out to business leaders who share our common
                                            ~cn~c.-.s            ..E-:f~re. /,,. rs puturrd wt!h thm-Govmzor Grorgr \17 Bu.rh (TX) 11111     domesu c agenda goals: lower taxes, balanced budgets, less government,
                                            ..I"\.4. D        A 7.old-r.sou .nur Cc11trr D11mn· m }unr 1999 m Hou.rton                  fewer regulations, and returning power back to the peopl<. The new pro-
gram concluded the year with a special <Vemng with Vice President
Richard B. Cheney in Washington, D.C., 1n lore October. Combmed
                                                                             The 2001-2002 Political Outlook
wl[h ocher acrive fund· rauing throughout the year, the National Finance
Committee hdped the RGA raise nearly $1 mtllion 10 support our candi-        Two stares -   Virginia and New Jersey -   elected governors in 200 I.
dates and causes.
                                                                             In Virginia, popular Republican incumben1 Jim Gilmore was rerm-limil-
The RGA suffered a trag1c death in the family at midyear when we lost        ed. GOP candid.arc Mark Earley, 1he incumbent attorney general, faced
Heinz Prechrer of Michigan, who had served as RGA finance chairman           a wealrhy, self-financed Democranc opponent. The central ISsue was
m 1995-96, and whose leadecshtp had made the RGA a major fund-rais-          taxes- Earley wanted to con1inuc Governor Gilmore's tax reduwon
mg force m American politics. We continue 10 owe a deb1 of gratiwde          programs, while his opponent 100k a traditional Democratic stand
to Ron Kaufman, our nanonal finance chairman, for h15 dedica1ion and         against 1ax curs and in f.ovor of larger, more c:xpensive government.
lirelc:ss work on behalf of the org;aniza1ion.
                                                                             In New Jersey, Republican Stare Senate President Donald T. DiFrancesco
As tn past yea,., our 200 I Governors' Forum progroms dKW strong             became acring governor when Governor Christie Whitman accepted
anendance and heavy media coverage. The Governors' Forum programs
bnng together a number of RGA governors to discuss key issues at Inca-
nons outside ofWashmgmn ... bringing the issues ro the people.

Our Colorado Forum in Denver and Aspen <Lscwscd state trends in                                                                                       Bm SchtU!dlrr (cmw ). the
rechnology and ways the states can address policy to the new challenges                                                                                GOP nomwu for govf'nJoJ of
of technology. In California, RGA governors addressed energy policies                                                                                 Nf'wjrnry ;omSGovernorJ
and the loomtng price cr~Sis in gasoline, as well as the conrenrious issue                                                                            john Hoevm (ND!. Mtke
of health-care policy. The Cal1fornia Forum spanned rwo days, moving                                                                                   Hut!rnbre (A R). }oh11 Engll'T
from Los Angeles 10 San Jose, where discusston also addressed the usc of                                                                              (MI. hou) nnd Tom Rrdg, (PA!
technology in educauon. At Mackinac Island in Michigan, GOP gover-                                                                                    at a C:ovt>rnors' Forum fl.'
nors tadclcd Medicaid policy and public finance issues of concern to the                                                                              Mrclngnn
stare. The RGA had also planned a fall Forum in Houston, bur it was
canceled fullowmg the September II attacks.

In addition, RGA introduced Washington, D.C., Issues Forwn <Venrs,
where RGA members host discussion groups on "hot topics" of the
moment, reachmg our to opinion makers in the nauon's capital with the
st:~re pe"pective. Our ongoing b reakfast series for RG A members and the
Washington sr.a.lf of our governors also encourages a lively exchange-
one that is emulated in RGA <Vents fcaruring our governors throughout
the country.
                                                                                                             Repubhcam are ehgible to seek re-election. Given the near-panty split
 PrmdmJ Gtorgt W Bush mtt~'                                                                                  between the parues in both houses of Congress. it is clear that 2002 w1ll
 wuh Rrpubltcnn Mark L. Earlq                                                                                be a compctmve election yc:ar.
 on july 26 at Jhr Wlmr Houst
 Prmdmt Bush prarstd Eark;•s                                                                                 On October 25, the RGA hosted a major kickoff event for the 2002
focus on rhr conrmutd phasr-our                                                                              election cycle. This "Evening W11h President George W. Bush" drew
 of Jht unpopular car tax.                                                                                   some 1,250 members and supponers to Washmgron and cxcccd<:d the
                                                                                                             fund-raising goal of $1 million. While Prcoidcnt Bush was unable to

                                                                                                                               GOVERNORS' SEATS UP IN 2002

                                  Pres1dent Bush's offer to become eM new chief of the Environmental
                                  Protection Agency in Washington. Acting Governor DiFrancesco did nor
                                  seek dcction to a full term, and former Jersey Clty Mayor Bret Schundler
                                  emerged as the Republican nominee.

                                  While the RGA work<:<! to suppon these two outstanding gubernatorial
                                  candidates, we rerained a dc:ar focus on the 2002 election cycle, when
                                  the voters of 36 states w!ll deer governors. Of those, 23 are currently
                                  hdd by Republicans, with nine of our incumbents term-limited and md-
                                  igible to run for re-dcction. In Illinois, GOP incumbent Governor                                                                 •   GOP up ;, 2IJQ2   liJindeponclont up In 2002
                                  George H. Ryan has announc<:d that he will not seck a second term. In                                                             •   Dom up., 2IJQ2    0 Not up In 2002
                                  addition, lOur Democratic i-  ncumbents and one indepcndenr are also
                                  term-hmitcd. Seven incumbent Democrats, one independenr and 14
                                                                                                               mher stat<> where gubcrnatonal seats are either opc:n or held by
Via Prmdmt Rtchard 8                                                                                           Dem<>Cr.lts or lndepc:ndents, mong Republican candidates are emerging.
Chmq at thr RGA foil prrmur
rvtnt tn WaJhingto71, D C, on                                                                                  Your Republican Governors Association is ready and eager to play a
Octobrr 25. lAP Wuu!W,,{J pJ,q,.,)                                                                             antral role in thes<: cont<>ts.

                                                                                                               On the organizational front, Team 1000, our new gnssroots effort, has
                                                                                                               enrolled some 1,000 new RGA members and supponers. The RGA Web
                                                                                                               sire has been redesigned ro provide ""en more: information to the public
                                                                                                               and members of the media, and to anracr new members. O ur enhanced
                                                                                                               Web-based c-matl system alloW1 us to disseminare information, indud-
                                                                                                               mg our RGA daily news summary, bimonchly nCMicrrers, rallcing poinrs
                                                                                                               and impon.ant briefing materials, with only a few keystrokes. The Web
                                                                                                               site con tams many state-of-the-an learures designed to improve dlicien-
                                                                                                               cy and communications.

                                                                                                                                                                                          Fonn~r  Luuttnam Govtrnor
                                     attend due to pressing.dunes (which we fully understood), Vice
                                                                                                                                                                                          Marx Schwrtkrr ealw thr oath
                                     Pre;ident Dick Cheney took  rus place and updated those m attendance
                                                                                                                                                                                          ofoffiu to succud Tom Rtdgc
                                     on the ongoing nauonal crisis. Earlier on that date, more: than a dozen                                                                              as govtrnor OfPtnru_y/vama on
                                     GOP governors gathered in Washington for the Team 1000 Fall
                                                                                                                                                                                          October 5.
                                     National I..eadersh ip Meeung, which also drew key figures from the
                                     admmiStration. Those governors later met with President Bush ar the
                                     White House for an up-to-the-minute briefing on national sccunry and
                                     homeland defense issues.

                                     The RGA is already in high gear preparing for our nc:xt dection year,
                                     which will decide who will control America's statehouses during the lim
                                     decade of the new cenrury. Many of our outstanding Repubhcan gover-
                                     nors first decred m the "Class of 1994" are ending their second terms
                                     and must leave offia:. A number of equally outstanding governors ekct-
                                     ed in 1998 are already ao:;rivdy planning rc-ekctton campaigns, and in
                                                                                                        In Oklahoma, Governor Keating, who"' srarc cxperiencro rhc
                            Republican Governors                                                        las! major domestic ttrrorist arrack m 1995, mobtltzcd National
                                                                                                        Guard resources 10 rush blood to New York on Scpttmbcr II. As
                            Respond to September 11                                                     the only governor who panicipat<:d in an earlier national exercise on
                                                                                                        tht threat of biotcrronsm, Governor Keating also emerged as a
                                                                                                        national spokesman on this imponant ISSUe.
                               "Grtat tragtdy has come to us, and we a" meeting If with
                             the best that is in our country. with courage and concern for              In New Jersey, Acting Governor Donald DiFranc=o created an
"The tmYJrists th~ght        others. . . . This u what our enemies hau and haw attacked.                Office of Rerovcry and Victim Assistance to help thousands of f.unt-
                                                                                                        lies touched by the New York attacks
    to divitk us by                          And this is why Wt will p"vail. "
atfiJclting our 1J711bois                                                                               In Michigan, Governor John Engl<r disparchcd N•tional Guard and
   - but thry only                                  - Prwdcru Gcocgc W BU>h
                                                                                                        low enforcement ...,ts to ugh ten border security with Can•d•.
 our spirit. ... America     In New York, Governor George E. Parakt srepped forward as a leader
                                                                                                        In Texas, Governor Rick Perry cstablish<:d a state Task Forcc on
      is a land of           and umter of hiS people in the wake of the worst of the terrorisr          Homeland Security to examine border and coastline sccurity tssues.
   many difftrmus.           attacks. He coordinated fund-r.using effons for thc victims, mobthzed
 Tht tarori.rts thought      stare resources and refused to bow to terror, an nouncing that New
                             Y would rebound and recover. Public suppon for the governor                                                                                         V~rguua Gozxrnor Jrm Gzlmor<
 those diffirrnces ~t
                             soared.                                                                                                                                               A,
                                                                                                                                                                                 (V kfi) anti U.S Sma1o11
   opportunities they                                                                                                                                                           j ohn ~rnrr (ant<r) and
     could ccploit.          In Virginia, Governor )tm Gilmore rush<:d srate resources to thc Site of                                                                            Gro rgr Alim call for lhr
    Thry could not           the Pentagon attack. He also launched a special task force to coordi-                                                                              " opmrng of Rragan Nn11onnl
comp"hmd how thou            nar~ and jnspirc economic recovc:ry.                                                                                                               Arrporl afitr thr Srpumbrr I I
  diff=nas could be                                                                                                                                                             l~ITOTISt artac/tr.

our grtatm strmgths. "       In Pennsylvania, Governor Tom Ridgc oYI:rsaw thc sratc responsc to
                             the airline crash in hts state, then stepped forward to acccpt President
     - RGA Ch.mman           Bush's request that he stiVC as the nation's ncw Director of H omdand
   Joho G Row!.od <  en      Sccunty. lieutcnanr Governor Mark Schwcikor, who was sworn in on
       1ln Octobc1 12        Ocrobcr 5, qmckly appoinr<:d a governor's task force on security.

                             In Connccticut, Govcmor John G . Rowland enhanced airporr secunty
                             and implemented a statcwtde hdp line for the families of many
                             Connecticut residcnt.s who were victims of the Ncw York arrack.
                         In Florid.. Governor Jeb Bush created Operation Paycheck to assist
                         state residenrs left jobless by economtc problems stemming from the

                         In Oruo, Governor Bob Taft stepped up security me•sures at six
                         major commercial Ohio airportS and then flew from Cleveland m
                         Columbus on Oaober 5 to bolster public confidence in air trans-
                         porrarion. "We arc r<>pondmg to President Bush's call to restore con-
                         fidence in commerctal air transportation and prorecr the people of
                         our state, • Taft said.

                         The Nevada Homeland Secunty Commission, crcar<d two years ago
                         by Governor Kenny Guinn, 1s neanng completion of a three-year
  '1t may be tasy        matcgtc plan The plan wtll qualify Nevada for additional federal
                         domcnic terrorism funding and adduional anti-terrorism funds to
to destroy stul and
                         help sme and loa.! agenctes purchase equipment, and pl•n and tram
   glass. but it!        tn preparanon for potential attacks.
impossibk to dem-oy
  tht htarts oftht       Utah Governor Mike uavirt, Wyoming Governor J•m Geringer and
 Ammcan ptopk. •         Idaho Governor Dirk K.empthome held prayer services at rheir 5tate
                         capitols to comfort their cirizcns.
  -lllmou ~roor
    G<o'!;< H Ryan       Arkansas' Mike Huckabee and Governors Mike Foster (LA) and Bill
                         Janklow (SO) visited blood donation centers and mosques to express
                         support for Arab-Arnencan and Islamic communiues. "Rehgious free-
                         dom is the foundauon of our democracy," satd Foster.

                      Across America, Republican governors joined their peers in other parries,   On j.tnuary• 20. 200!, Gtorgt W Bush wtU sworn m tU tht 43rd Prmdmt ofthr Umtrd 5Mus. Flag.• '"'" '
                      President Bush and the American people m affirming the nauon's              draptd o•u the U 5 Capito!for thr tnauguratroll Tht U 5 flag rrmttms tt symbol ofhopr nnd fru dorn
                      strength and m supporting homeland security effons.                         throughout tht world.

                                                                                                        W,.   .,u/d blu w uffor a spmal thanlu to Milu Brau ofOir"'homa who IHu grrznow/y •ntl txpm/y •msud
                                                                                                                    the RGA wllh stvOal pro;ero throughout the y<IU. lflrl..dtrft. tht 2001 annual report

   1963-66                     GoYernor Robert Smylie, Idaho
   1966-67                     Governor John A. love, Colorado
   1967-68                     GoV<mor John H. Chaf~. Rhode Island
   1968 - 70                   GoYernor Ronald W. Ragan. Californoa
   1970-71                     Governor Louie B. Nunn, Kenrucky
   1971 - 72                   Governor Wdh:~m G. Milliken, MKhtgon
   1972 - 73                   Governor Linwood Holton, Vu:gmia
   1973-74                     Governor Winfidd Dunn, Tenness<r
   1974-75                     Governor CluJStopher S. Bond, MiS50urt
   1975- 76                    Governor Arch A Moon:, Wc:sf Varg:tma
   1976 -77                                     .
                               Governor Robcn F Benne11, !Wtw
   1977-78                     Governor Robert D. R.y, Iowa
   1978 -79                    GoYen10r Ous R. Bowen,
   1979- 80                    Governor Rtchard A Snelling, Vermont
   1980-81                     Governor John Dalton. Vu'glnia
   1981-82                     GoYemor James R. 1hompson, Illinois
   1982- 83                    Governor Rtcl=d D. Orr, lndtaru
   1983-84                     Governor VJCtor G. Auyeh, Oregon
   1984-85                     Governor Dicit 1hombur&h. Pennsylvania
   1985-86                     Governor John Sununu, New Hampshire
   1986-87                     Governor Thomas H. Kcan. Ntw Jmcy
   1987 - 88                   Govenwr Michael N. C...le, Delawar<
   1988-89                     Governor Mike Hayden, Kans:u
   1989-90                     Governor John Ashcrofr, M1ssouri
   1990-91                     Gov<mor Corroll A. Campbdl, South Carolina
   1991 - 92                   Governor Tommy G. Thompson, Wiscoruin
   1992-93                     Governor Gcorgr V Voinovich, Otuo
   1993-94                     Governot John R. McKernan. Maine
   1994-95                     Governor Michael 0. Leavin, Utah
   1995-96                     Governor John Engler, Michigan
   1996-97                     Governor Teuy E. Bransrad, Iowa
    1997-98                    Governor Davtd M. Basky, South Carolina
   1998-99                     Governor Frank Kcuing, Oklahoma
    1999-00                    Governor Ed Schafer, Nonb D2kou
   2000- OJ                    Governor J•m G1lmorc, Vnginaa ..
   2001                        Governor Tom Ridge, Pennsylvnta ·•

   • Appornted Ch.a.ann111 of the ~bhan NaoonaJ Commruet:
   •• Appotmed Director of the Office of Homeland Sccurny

                                                                                          :· .··.

                            .dVOW c4MERICA S of1AJORITY

                                                  January 31,2001

 The Honorable Donald RumsfeJd
 Secretary of Defense
 Department of Defense
 IOOC Defense
 The Pentagon
 Washington, DC 20301

 Dear Secretary Rumsfeld,

         I am writing to invite you to join our fellow Republican colleagues and myself at
 the 7th Annual Republican Governors Association "America's Majority Dinner." This
 year's dinner will be held on Monday, February 26,2001. We are anticipating over
 1,500 of our RGA members to attend and would appreciate your willingness to serve as a
 table host for the evening.

        This is the single most important event for the RGA in 2001, and aJ129
Republican Governors would greatly appreciate your attendance to make certain this
event is a success. The Dinner will be held at 6:15 p.m. at the National Building Museum
in Washington, D.C.

        I appreciate the help you have provided in the past for the Republican Governors,
and I look forward to seeing you on February 26th.


                                                 Tom Ridge
                                                 Governor of Pennsylvania
                                                 RGA Chairman

P. S. Please have your staffcomplete the attached reply form andfax it back to Katie
Root at the RGA (202) 863-8659. Ifyou have any questions, please feel free to contact
me directly or Katie Root at (202) 863-8587. Thank you.

                                                                             uQ2 Q7 6 llr / Q1
 310 FIRST S'JREET, SournEAST • WASHINGTON, D.C. 20003 • (202) 863-8587 • FAX (202) 863-8659
                         Paid for by the Republican Governors Association
                           REPUBLICAN GoVERNORS AssociATION
                                  dVOW c::lfMERICA'S .dl1AJORITY

                         7m ANNUAL RGA AMERICA'S MAJORITY DINNER

                                     MONDAY. FEBRUARY 26. 2001


                                               REPLY FORM
 _ _Yes, please reserve my place at the 2001 "America's Majority Dinner" on
    February 26th.

                ___.Please reserve a space for my spouse/guest.

                Spouse/guest name: - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

 _ _Unfortunately, I cannot attend the 2001 "America's Majority Dinner" on
     February 26th.

Please complete your office contact information below:








Please have a member of your staff fax this reply form to Katie Root at (202) 863-8659 no later than
Monday, February 12,2001. Thank you!

       310 FIRST 5TRE:ET, SoUTHEAST • WASHINGTON, D.C. 20003 • (202) 863-8587 • FAX (202) 863-8659
                                  Paid for by the Republican Governors AssoclaUon
                                                                                      c:: ~- - ~ -t= •:.: -   _
                                                                                   SEC.t: lA-;:' ._- : ~ - _.

                                                                               2JGI J.Ul -9           :,:i   !0: 02
                            REPUBLICAN GoVERNORS AssociATION
                                   dVOW .::::4MERICA S dWAJORITY                                        ,

                                                    January 4, 2001

The Honorable Donald Rumsfeld
Secretary-designate of Defense
Department of Defense
1000 Defense
The Pentagon
Washington, DC 20301

Dear Secretary-designate Rumsfeld,

         On Friday, January 19, 2001, the Republican Governors Association (RGA) will hold a luncheon
for our supporters at the JW Marriott in Washington, DC. This luncheon will give Republican Governors,
their staff, and members of the RGA from across the country, the opportunity to meet with Bush-Cheney
Administration members and discuss important issues and initiatives at the forefront of the nation.

        On behalf of the RGA, I would like to invite you to participate as a table host. I am certain
members would be delighted with the chance to visit with and hear about the Administration's plans for
America's future from our Administration Leaders themselves. Our luncheon is from 12:00 p.m.-
1:00 p.m. We would appreciate it ifyou would be able to stay for the entire luncheon, schedule

        I will have Cherisse Richmond with the RGA contact your office shortly to check your availability
on that date. Please feel free to have your staff contact me or Cherisse at 202/863-8523, should you have
any questions.

       I look forward to your positive response and your participation in our event.

                                              Governor of Virginia
                                              Chairman, Republican Governors Association

                                Paid for by the Republican Governors Assoctatlon                 uQQ3 51
        310 FlRsT STREET, SournEAST • WASHINGTON, D .C. 20003 • (202) 863-8587 • FAX (202) 863-8659
                                                                                                                      U~·1 /   Q!
                               REPUBLICAN GovERNORS AssociATION

                                                  January 22, 2007

      The Honorable Robert Gates
      U.S. Department of Defense
      1000 Defense Penatagon
      Arlington, VA 20301

      Dear Secretary Gates,

      On behalf of the Repub1ican Governors of the United States, I invite you be our guest at the 13th
      annual gala, '~Celebration ofAmerica's Leaders" in Washington, DC on Monday, February 26,

      I am expecting all2l of my colleagues to be in attendance for this gala along with special guest
      President George W. Bush. This is the RGA's largest event and helps detennine the level of
      participation we will play in the 14 gubernatorial mces we face in 2007 and 2008.

      The gala will be held at the National Building Museum (401 F Street, NW) from 5:30p.m. to 8:00

      Tu RSVP please fil1 out the attached reply form, or contact Lindsay Sweetin at (202) 662-4150 or
      ~wr.-~t~U(i)n;a ·'}L:.

      I Jo<.: forward~·-:.- seeing you on February 26, 2007.

                                                         ·1             ~
                                                   ~~'!'~. ...., -~1./v_
                                                  Sonny Perdue
                                                  Governor of Georgia
                                                  RGA Chai...-man

                                                                                                OSD 02023-07
                                                                                                217f2007 10.41 33 AM
1747 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW . Suite 250 . Washington, DC . 20006 . {202) 662 4140. Fax (202) 662 4924 .

                                            REPLY FORM
                                 13'h ANNUAL RGA GALA,
               '"'A Celebration ofAmerica's Leaders"
                                     Monday, February 26, 2007
                                       5:30p.m.- 8:00p.m.
                                     National Building Museum
                                              401 F Street, NW
                                            Washington, DC 20001

D      Yes, please reserve my place at the "A Celf!!J.rpddlr ofAinerica's Leaders" on
       February 26, 2007.                             - :::,•;;·,,-,,,!:·:!:,_

               ___ Please reserve a ticl_(et f(n:, y spobse/guest.
                                                    '':;!•i       :::-
                                   · .    _. .
               Spouse/Guest Name: ·_ _ _ _,..,.._.._- - - - - - - - - - - - -

 D     Unfortunately, I cannot attend the "A Celebration ofAmerica's Leaders" on
       February 26, 2007.    ..      ..~·

Please complete your contact information below:
                    .;;;:.       .
                     :,,     -
          . ... :, ·-~~~~------------------------------------
NAME: ________.+~ · ::\

TITLE: ______~~---------------------------------------

PHONE; _ _____________________ FAX: _____________________

OFFICE CONTACT: _______________________________________

Please fax the reply form to Lindsay Sweetin at (202) 662-4925, no later than Thursday,
February 22,2007. If you have questions, please contact Lindsay at (202) 662-4150 or

                   Paid for by the Republican Governors Association
             * 2007*


                                                •,.'1•, ',.. ., '
                                                    ..,,_, L•;
                                                                   ~   r   '

                                             ! •'            ~· N :

                                          l )' t l '

                                  .;:-: ~~ . :·:.
                                    .•1     ... ..
                                 ..                      .     :
                                 '!' :'.:.'· •.·.   ~


        Mon~'February 26, 2007
.. ~ -. :··: ;--.:· .·: - :. ··~-~ ·::: <:~~:~..                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       .·.
                                             : "i ·-··.'                        . :. ~- ·· ~·: ·:.:e::~:-;iF-:;::: · :~.--'_ :~·:·': :· · -i.. , -_:-_:. ·
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          ~..   ..
                                                                                                                           ., ..
                    ~- .   . ...
                                                ..     ~·       -

                                                                           .         ... . .
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               :•''· 4rC'\''

                                                                                     -<··'_., ' ~                                 'M;e         ·GJj{~ (#}~'· ~·                                                                                                                                                     i· - ,. ·· ..-::~ :· ···. · ·,·,."'
                                                       I'.,          ..
                                                        '            .

                           . ·.-

                                                     . .. ) ,
      .         ~ .~
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      ' ' .
                                                                                             . :.' ~- ·_   ..
                                                                                                                                  · "A-·CELE.BRATION OFAMERICA'St.Ei\DERS"                                                                                       CHAI~ '                                             -: ··,     :···> '·· -· ·.

.... . . . . .·. ,. . · · ·· ,.                                                                                            · ..                · ·· · .: .· · , ·~~,c • :; ···~ '
                                                                                                                                                          .                                                                                                                       . a"·t:::t;.;~ ·;,
          .-                             .. _._ ......_;,:                                      .:,;:;···. ~oa.:)li·r.Et.                                               . , .. · . .                                          ~,._·: 2: ~·---- J'~J.~~~-,-·· · .. .,:_

);;,:··.·. ' · ·..·.:·· ··;: ·.'~· ·.~~~·· ·...,. :. i. i"· _·: ~ · · :·-'~t!l ~:.t~··!
          · ::~·.-:·
~:~~- -·:·: -:~~.:_~- ::- ;·..                                       ·=
                                                                          ••   .,~
                                                                                          · ~~
                                                                                          .. ··,'. . •                       ...
                                                                                                                        : '. · ' : . :.   .'   •.
                                                                                                                                                           •   .'• ~   ·-:   -
                                                                                                                                                                                        ~:.- .!'
                                                                                                                                                                                                   ·.::_·,:_:-::.:· ··
                                                                                                                                                                                                   . ·..- .     .. .
                                                                                                                                                                                                                         i.   _- ,
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 . ~•

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        .y.,:,· ,:: :.-..:~--.':', ,
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        -:·     :.:.-.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 •. .
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       ",!' ,, ' ,
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           ! ,.;.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                ..         .- .
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     f>;,',~,:~; ~: ·. • /7 °: ,·.'~::'•!_:~ ~   o 0
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          .\:•. '.·~.·
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  ...                         ~   ·.

·~ ''::··: ·?: ..{·· ·/. · .· ~o~o-: $9HwAR~·NE.GG~.·- : ·~:·~ -~ - :_._',.· · .:.:·_;:___·...: _ · ;.:_:· .·;_.:.··_·~_: _.-.' :_-·..:,-_~·-_: " __::·;,,_;·_:_ ·._;·:_I _·~ :'_,"._-_\. ·:;~~~-- ~-!~·~ ·: ·~ .
                I                            :;. : •

                                                                                                                                                                  _                                                                         .•
                                                                                                  :· :~· . _·:.~~..~0~~ :< ;·\· - .: ··~,_                                                           . ---~-- ;. _ .•-)-. -. -                                      '._;·.r~:~r;s-~ : - -:.~-: .:-:
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           ~   . ::

                                                                                         - ·:·. _ •:Jol?I-. ~~~-"·; -·_ .·. ~:_.::-:;~/_:·: .........,: ,
                                                                                         . M.                                                               ·Jif'lG$_iJ.bN~r-<· :                                                                                                                                                                                     ·,·· :          -.
                                                                                                               ··-·         . .':> ·- ' ... .,_ ' ,:,· · ·~:):_J~~;m~~-; ;·-~:; .': ;, :.·:~{\''·_;~-~- ;·
                                                                                                                                                    ~--:~-~-- .                                                                                                                                                                                                        ' ..c',"'·
                                                                                                           .- .-                                                 . "'· ._, ·                                                  .,.~/ . '::-. Joii~: $o.ev£N,:'-: \·:·:.: ·: - . .:- ·
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             . ,                                                                                                                  .
                                                                                                                             FWIUDA                                                                                                   · .;             ~- NORTH, O~Ol'~-,                                                                    :.. .                   ·.'
                                                                                                           '   .'   ~                                                                                                                                              .
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     ..:~~ '-::.-. ··.~·i: ·..:-:;~-: ·:;.' .. '; :::-··· ··
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  ., .
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          ~ •• ··:\:.~                                ~
                                                                                               ; Ffi~Ix· P. CAMAc~o
                                                                                                                                                                                                                               ·,    ,·-.        • . '}         • '· • ·,     . :'--' -.-.;: ..:                              '4 • .         •    .
                                                            ..      ~:

                    ..... :·;:
                                   :~·-: .       ··.    ·. ·.
                                                .... ·-·.·

                                                                         ....                                                                                                                                                               DoNALD L~ .-CARctERl
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 .      .· : '                                 \,
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  -· ! .

                                                                                                                         :: .GUAM                                                                                                                                R D
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 . Ho. E ISLAND

                                                                                                      ERNIE FLETCHER
                                 *             *  *           *                         *              *
                          ;z~ ,C( c&;h~>A/f/l· z~/().(:11>
             1il ,;•umm•~~ the SllffUI of lito 2007 ~ ul<lnwtiMI •fArJUtric..'s L~atln." tbe
               RGA I'OIJfliiU tho t~ctiw pntir;p.dtm fl{ irrJi~iJ-h/PAOicorpor.ttriorr• to
                                urw "'pAf'f ~1 the LutiJ~JI CAm,itU<.
                     The 1.,.-ds of che Leadership Committc:e arc: described bel....

  /trJiviJJUJ. or PACt wlw <otrtrib,.u $100,000 I cvrpo..moJU who <ontri6Nu S250,00C
                        for 'JI UklmuioN ofArJUtric..'• lOIUhn"
'*     Ten (] 0) tickru to the "A Cdebr:nion of Amerids ~ders
1r     Six (6) ticket' to 1hr Chairmen's Reception & Phom-Opponuniry witfl •pedal \·1P
       guem (3 clicks)•
"*      Four (4) loa privat~ dinner hos[ed       hy the Republican Govt:rnors. on
       Somrd>y, February 24. 2007
 *     Four (4) tickets m a privare hreakfan honed by 1he Republican Governors on Monday.
       February 26, 2007
 * . A Celebr.uion of       Am~riec.$ Lead.~rs''
                                     pmgnm                   ~nitinn ~-~ :~
 * On< rtar Srate.mun :'v1tmber.hip- Including rhe 2007 Priv;ore Dinner ~cries. the
       Govt:rnors Forum Serie-s and the Rcgion-11 Roundtahl(:          Event:~;

        CA~r•tio•s .bo ro,tri/nlt~ $100,000 for '!4               c,teln'llti"" ofA"'~'*•~ u•rl,..."
* E.ighr {8) 1ickers w <h< "A Celebration of .~mericas leader>
*      Four (4) tickc« ro the Chairmen'• R..:cprion & Phoro-Opporlunir~· with <pedal VIP
       guesu (2 clicks)'
 *     Two l2) rick<" to a priv01e dinner hos1cd by the Republican Governors on Samrday,
       Feb1uary 24, :!007
-.. Two (2) rkko<s 10 a prin1e breakfa.<t h<Micd by the Republican Governo" on Mondav,
    February 26, 2007
't "A Celdmrion of America• ~ders prr>gram recogni<ion .,. a Co.Ch•ir
*      On~ year Governor.; Cabinet Membership- Including the 2007 Governor$. forum
       Series •nd 2007 RGA :\nnual Confcrcno<.

                                          VlCT: CHAIRMAN
                    J..J;,;Jru~lt, PACt •• "''7>o,..,tirnu ,J.o ronm/nl~ S50,00tJ      for
                                   '!4 ullbrt~tum ofAmmc•'• u.uler•»
't Four (41 1ickct.< ro 1he "A Cckhratioo of America's leaders·
~                                                             "
       Two (2) rickcu 10 rht Chairrn•n'• Reception I!.: Phoco-Opportwlil)• with special          VIP
       gue<M< (1 click)'
1c Two (2) 1ickets 10 a private breakfast hosted           by the Republican Go•<rnor. on Monda)'·
       Fd>rual')' 26. 2007
t : "A Celebration of Americas Leaders pr~ram rt~.:Ol!llirion "' a Vice Chair
* Q..., year C.o,..,rnon Board Membership- Including 1he 2007 Governor> Forum Series
       and 2007 RGA :\nnual Confercna.

                                        DEPfJTY CH:URMAN
         JnJMJIUlb whG       tolftri611t< $25.(}(}()   for 'Jol Clfe6,.,rirm ofA,mc•~ Leatltr~"
·I< Four i4) ticket> to the .._.. Cel<l>ration of .'\me1ic.1's Leaders'
Y,     Two (2) <i<k<<s m a priva.e hreakfa.<l hnored by the Rtpuhlican Governors on Mond•y.
       Fehruuv 26. 2007
-< "A Cdebrarion of America', Leodcn" protr•m recognition •• a Depu~· Chair
~      One yetr Individual Governors Council Membeuhip - lndudin~ 1hc 2007 Govr.rncm
       Forum Series 2nd 2007 RCA Annual Confcn:"nce.

                                         HO.<;T COM\1lTTl:]i.
      1"tli•idwJ. or PACt who et~rrtri/niu $15,000 I "''P""Miotrf whG <t>IUribu $25,000
                          for 'l4 ukbrt~dmt ofAmnictl• u•tln."
'0     Two (2) rick01• rn che "A Celebration of Amerids Leader''
"li    ":\   Cdehr;tion of Amcria's      Le.der~"   program recognition a.o; 3 C:ommiuec
* On< year Govemofl Council Mc:mbe.,hip -                   Including the 2007 Governors Forum
       Sc:riu and 2007 RC.A Ann u•l Conf.:rrnc:,.

      ltuli~Uiwtb ""PACt wb9 rorttriblllll $5,000 I <9rporv~titmS who corttn'b111:lJ $10,000
                              for '!4 Okbrrttiott ofAmwk•$ UMJ,.,"
'· 1\vo (2) lick<« m <he "A C.d<br.r.cion of Amcri<ll's l.raden;"
* . A Cdrbr.nion of America·~ L.c~dtrs'' pmgr.un recognlr~n 21~., Sponsor
       One )'""r Governors Club Memhcr<hip- Including che 1007 RG.o\ Annual Confercnco

                                        INDJVJ))Ci\L TfCKET.\
         /,Ji•i'-1 tidtlttfor 'l4 Cekbr,;,,. ofA,.mu$ f.IAJ,.,..'' 11~ 11Hilst6k
                            for P11rr1Hut •• $1,(}(}() /'" JW'W"
        Pk- rrou tb11t pbologN/'Iu wiJ/ IN _,, IIJH'" rw«ipt ofrtmm/nlrum to RGA.

                                ....-                                                                  ~·

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