Get Far Away From USA It’s Collapse Will Be Messy Globally_ Japan Will Be The First One To Fall This Is The Most Dangerous Time In The Human History We Are Heading Toward A Historic Global Financial Meltdown

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Get Far Away From USA It’s Collapse Will Be Messy Globally_ Japan Will Be The First One To Fall This Is The Most Dangerous Time In The Human History We Are Heading Toward A Historic Global Financial Meltdown Powered By Docstoc
					Get Far Away From USA It’s Collapse Will
Be Messy Globally, Japan Will Be The First
One To Fall This Is The Most Dangerous
Time In The Human History We Are
Heading Toward A Historic Global
Financial Meltdown!!
Tuesday, February 5, 2013 18:53

(Before It's News)

GOLD BANK RUN ACCELERATING: First Venezuela, Then Germany, The Netherlands, And
Now Switzerland Want Their Gold Back!!

The Start Of A Historic Global Financial Meltdown: US Economy Is Slipping Into Reverse,
Europe Goes Back Into Collapse Mode, And Hyperinflation Is Coming To Every “Developed”
Country Near You!!

World‟s central bankers at Davos warn cheap money‟s blowing a new
asset bubble. Dr. Doom, Marc Faber, “loves the high odds of a „big-time‟
market crash.” Another, Nouriel Roubini, says “prepare for a perfect
storm,” while Bond King Bill Gross sees a “credit supernova” dead ahead.

Yes, the Dow and S&P500 hit new highs. But the rally‟s hiding huge risks: “GDP turns negative
as U.S. economic recovery stalls,” screams one headline. Another hears a “Ticking Time

World‟s central bankers at Davos warn cheap money‟s blowing a new asset bubble. Dr. Doom,
Marc Faber, “loves the high odds of a „big-time‟ market crash.” Another, Nouriel Roubini, says
“prepare for a perfect storm,” while Bond King Bill Gross sees a “credit supernova” dead

Is This The Beginning Of A Horrifying Stock Market Crash In Europe?

Rally? Bubble? Crash? Global? Is the economy “peaking?” Are we on a long, slow-growth
downhill slide to a 1% GDP? Is our banking system infested with a soul-sickness virus? Is Adam
Smith‟s capitalist ideal turning against our markets and economy, accelerating the odds of
more brutal competitive wars over an ever-shrinking, low-margin profits pool?

    Dowd echoes Godin and Bogle. Dowd saw capitalism run amuck: For them “there‟s always
    room for a bigger house, bigger boat. If not, you‟re falling behind. It‟s an addiction. And
    Washington‟s done little to quell it.” And in a clear dig at Goldman‟s boss: “And as far as
    doing God‟s work: The bankers who took taxpayer money, pocketing obscene bonuses:
    They‟re the same greedy types Jesus threw out of the temple.”


    I hope everyone is preparing for whats to come.Food ,water, guns and ammo , just to name a
    few neccesities.During the the great depression it is rumored that millions of people starved
    to death in the US.

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   America‟s Most Shameful Act Yet

    America’s Most Shameful Act Yet
    Tuesday, February 5, 2013 17:53

    (Before It's News)

    by Andrew Hoffman
    Miles Franklin
    My job is to focus on the decline of America‟s economy and finances. However, these tragic
    trends are perfectly synchronized with the rapid decline of American culture - which each
    day, morphs us from social envy to outcast.

    When I consider how addicted the nation has become to video games, reality shows, texting,
    Twitter, gossip, and “FIGHT NIGHT”; I am DISGUSTED to no end. Few and far between are
    people interested in learning; improving the world; and exercising their minds and bodies.

    I do not purport my youth to represent the “good old days” – as EVERYONE does – but rather,
    recognize an ongoing American trend toward selfishness, sloth, and disrespect. Sadly, this
    cancer is spreading across all aspects of society – political, economic, and social.

    Continue Reading at…


    2013-02-05 17:49:53


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America’s Most Shameful Act Yet
Author : Andrew Hoffman
Published: February 5th, 2013


Read the Monday Afternoon Wrap-up for 2/4/2013 and the Tuesday Morning
Commentary for 2/5/2013

My job is to focus on the decline of America‟s economy and finances. However, these tragic
trends are perfectly synchronized with the rapid decline of American culture - which each day,
morphs us from social envy to outcast.

When I consider how addicted the nation has become to video games, reality shows, texting,
Twitter, gossip, and “FIGHT NIGHT”; I am DISGUSTED to no end. Few and far between are
people interested in learning; improving the world; and exercising their minds and bodies.

I do not purport my youth to represent the “good old days” – as EVERYONE does – but rather,
recognize an ongoing American trend toward selfishness, sloth, and disrespect. Sadly, this
cancer is spreading across all aspects of society – political, economic, and social.

However, NOTHING angers me more – and represents America‟s regression to uncivilized times
– than last week‟s cowardly decision to send American women into combat zones…

Defense Secretary Panetta to Lift Ban on Women in Combat

Mind you, my ire has NOTHING to do with women‟s abilities to handle such situations; as by
now, it‟s become obvious women can handle anything men can; in many cases, more so…

Jon Stewart Rips Criticism of Women Serving Combat Roles in Military

Instead, it speaks to America‟s “leading men” showing disdain for the world‟s oldest,
genetically-encoded instinct – to PROTECT its women. Trust me, I am as liberal as anyone alive
when it comes to social progress; and feel EQUALLY safe with women on the front lines as
men. However, I believe it is man‟s duty to shield women from harm‟s way; which sadly, the
U.S. government no longer respects.

At the height of the murderous U.S. incursion into Iraq five years ago, the Armed Forces were
literally mandating extended tours; under innocuously titled Stop-Loss provisions…

DOD data: More forced to stay in Army
At the time, the government feared the necessity of enacting a DRAFT; and thus, felt the
“collateral damage” of dead, injured, and traumatized “SOLDIERS” was “acceptable” in lieu of

Multiple combat tours linked to mental strain, disease

Today‟s military contingent in Iraq is significantly reduced; as now that that innocent nation has
been DESTROYED, American troops are no longer “needed”…

U.S. Withdrawal from Iraq: “In Terms of Destroying Iraq, It‟s „Mission Accomplished‟”

However, it‟s no secret most of those troops have been deployed to the Persian Gulf; no doubt, in
advance of an inevitable showdown with Iran, Israel, and perhaps, many others…

U.S. boosts its military presence in Persian Gulf

Thus, to believe this so-called “altruistic” act was done for ANY reason other than to increase
the number of “warm bodies” available to be SHOT is to be naïve beyond comprehension. In
other words, America‟s vicious government has now declared war on its women; happy to
sacrifice them in their quest to avoid instituting a future DRAFT.

Congrats women! Thanks to the “kindness” of your government; you, too, can get killed in vain.


Call Miles Franklin at 800-822-8080, and talk to one of our brokers. Through industry-
leading customer service and competitive pricing, we aim to EARN your business.

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Author: Andrew Hoffman
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   1.       Danny says:
       February 6, 2013 at 1:51 am

       “When I consider how addicted the nation has become to video games, reality shows,
       texting, Twitter, gossip, and “FIGHT NIGHT”; I am DISGUSTED to no end. Few and
       far between are people interested in learning; improving the world; and exercising their
       minds and bodies.”

       Amen to that brother!! I have such disdain for the majority of society these days because
       of the above mentioned facts. The past few years I‟ve been self-educating and learning
       about what true wealth is while paying down my debts. I began acquiring silver two and a
       half years ago while simultaneously learning about Austrian economics and sound
       money. I don‟t claim to be a financial expert, but I‟m a hell of a lot wiser financially than
       I used to be.

       I have no interest in playing video games, I absolutely DETEST “reality” t.v. and I rarely
       watch t.v. these days except for keeping tabs with the financials here and there to see
       what‟s going on with the markets. As for social networking… no thanks… no Twitter or
       Facebook page here.

       Sadly most people don‟t want to self-improve and/or only look for the easy way to do so
       such as fad diets/exercise scams… obsessed with meaningless celebrity gossip and sports
       trivia and making a quick easily made fiat financial gain only to spend it on worthless
       crap to maintain an image/illusion of wealth.

       Keep stack‟n… hold strong & go long…

       Danny (a.k.a. PitBull Pappa)


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Is This The Beginning Of A Horrifying Stock
Market Crash In Europe?
Monday, February 4, 2013 16:50

(Before It's News)
                                                Are we witnessing the start of a historic
financial meltdown in Europe? In recent days, two massive corruption scandals have greatly
shaken confidence in European financial markets. The first involves Spanish Prime Minister
Mariano Rajoy. It is being alleged that he has been receiving illegal cash payments, and the
calls for his resignation grow louder with each passing day. The second is a derivatives
scandal at the third largest bank in Italy. Allegedly, there were some very large unreported
derivatives deals that were supposed to help hide losses at the bank, but instead they
actually made the losses much larger. The investigation that is looking into this derivatives
scandal is starting to spread to other banks, and nobody is quite sure how far down the rabbit
hole this thing goes. But what everyone does agree on is that this derivatives scandal has
shaken up Italian politics, and the outcome of the upcoming election is now very uncertain.
Former Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi is rapidly rising in the polls, and the European
establishment is less than thrilled about that. Meanwhile, stock indexes all over Europe fell
rapidly on Monday, and even the Dow was down 129 points. So will all this blow over in a few
days, or is this the beginning of a full-blown stock market crash in Europe?

That is a very good question. Perhaps there would not be so much concern if the overall
European economy was doing well, but the truth is that the underlying economic
fundamentals in Europe have continued to get even worse. The unemployment rate in the
eurozone is at an all-time high, and the unemployment rates in both Greece and Spain are
now over 26 percent. Much of southern Europe is already in the midst of a full-blown
economic depression, so it really has been remarkable that the financial markets in Europe
have been able to hold up as well as they have so far.

But now all of that may be changing. Just check out what happened on Monday according to

National benchmark indexes declined in all of the 18 western European markets, except
Greece and Denmark. Italy‟s FTSE MIB Index (FTSEMIB) sank 4.5 percent, the most in six
months. Spain‟s IBEX 35 slid 3.8 percent for a sixth day of declines, the longest losing streak
in 10 months. France‟s CAC 40 plunged 3 percent for the biggest drop since April. The U.K.‟s
FTSE 100 dropped 1.6 percent and Germany‟s DAX lost 2.5 percent.

Unfortunately, what happened on Monday was just the continuation of a trend that started
last week. The following is from Zero Hedge…

The last four days have seen the biggest plunge in over six months with the IBEX (Spain -
5.7%) and Italy‟s MIB -6.7%. At the same time, Europe‟s seemingly invincible OMT-promise-
protected sovereign bond market has started to underwhelm. Italian bond spreads are 32bps
wider and Spain 28bps wider – the biggest increase in risk in two months.

European banks have been hit particularly hard during this recent downturn.

Just check out some of the huge declines that European banking stocks experienced on

UniCredit SpA: -8.3 percent

Commerzbank AG: -5.9 percent

Santander: -5.7 percent

Intesa Sanpaolo SpA: -5.4 percent

Credit Agricole SA: -5.4 percent

Société Générale SA: -4.8 percent

Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria SA: -4.7 percent

Those are huge moves for just a single day of trading. If we have a couple of more days like
that, everyone is going to be talking about a “stock market crash” in Europe.

Unfortunately, it does not appear that any solutions to the scandals that are shaking up
southern Europe right now will be forthcoming any time soon.

In Spain, it is increasingly looking like the Prime Minister may actually have to resign. A
recent CNN article explained what the scandal is all about…

Rajoy denied on Saturday allegations that he and other leaders of his conservative People‟s
Party had received secret cash payments from a fund operated by the party‟s former
treasurer. Rajoy said he would publish details of his personal wealth and income tax states on
the prime minister‟s website.
Of course politicians all over the world are accused of doing evil things all the time, but in
this instance it appears that there may be some solid evidence that Rajoy may not be able to
deny. The following comes from a Bloomberg report…

Newspaper El Pais last week published allegations of illegal cash payments, featuring extracts
from handwritten ledgers by the former People‟s Party Treasurer Luis Barcenas showing
payments to officials including Rajoy.

At this point, opinion polls are showing that even most of his own supporters do not believe

Polls show that 60pc of his own supporters do not believe the official explanation. A national
petition drive calling for his resignation has already collected almost 800,000 signatures.
Socialist opposition leader Alfredo Pérez Rubalcaba yesterday joined the chorus calling for Mr
Rajoy‟s head, saying the country had become “ungovernable”.

So definitely expect things in Spain to get worse before they get better.

Meanwhile, the derivatives scandal in Italy continues to get more “interesting”. Italy‟s third
largest bank is on the brink of collapse due to huge problems with derivatives contracts, and
that bank just happens to be closely linked with the Italian politician that is currently leading
in the polls…

The Italian scandal is related to Italy‟s third-biggest bank, Monte dei Paschi di Siena, which
has received two government bailouts and may yet have to be nationalized as its losses

The bank is closely associated to Italy‟s Democratic Party, whose leader, Pier Luigi Bersani, is
leading in the polls, though slipping from his highs as former prime minister Silvio Berlusconi
makes a late surge before the Feb. 25th general election. “The Monte [banking] scandals now
look like overwhelming the Italian election campaign and put [Mr.] Bersani and the
Democratic Party‟s victory at risk,” James Walston, political commentator at the American
University of Rome, said in his Monday blog.

The Monte scandal centres on allegedly unreported derivatives deals that were apparently
designed to hide losses and instead made the losses deeper. The bank, now under new
management, has admitted that the derivatives losses might total more than €700-million.

So who benefits from all of this? Well, it turns out that as a result of this scandal former
Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi is rapidly gaining more support. The following is from a recent
Telegraph article…
In Italy, ex-premier Silvio Berlusconi has upset the political landscape just three weeks before
elections, surging back into contention with vows to rip up “German-imposed” austerity
policies and cancel a hated property tax.

His Right-wing alliance has risen to 28pc in the polls, relishing a widening scandal at Banca
Monte dei Paschi that has embroiled the Italian left.

But even if none of these scandals had happened, it was inevitable that the gigantic debt
bubble in Europe would end up bursting at some point.

In fact, the entire globe is on the verge of a debt implosion. This was something that Bill
Gross of Pimco discussed in his February newsletter…

“So our credit-based financial markets and the economy it supports are levered, fragile
and increasingly entropic – it is running out of energy and time. When does money run out
of time? The countdown begins when investable assets pose too much risk for too little
return; when lenders desert credit markets for other alternatives such as cash or real

No debt bubble can expand indefinitely. At some point it can no longer hold itself together.

Europe is rapidly approaching that point, and so is the United States.

So how much time do we have left?

Feel free to share your thoughts on that question by posting a comment below…
    Michael Snyder is the publisher of The Economic Collapse Blog, The American Dream Blog and
    The Truth. You can follow him on Twitter right here.

    2013-02-04 16:45:07


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    A failure of the American System

    The Great Depression
    7 million Americans Starved To Death During The Great Depression
    Another online scandal has been gathering pace recently. Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, deleted an
    article by a Russian researcher, who wrote about the USA‟s losses in the Great Depression of 1932-
    1933. Indignant bloggers began to actively distribute the article on the Russian part of a popular blog
    service known as Livejournal. The above-mentioned article triggered a heated debate.

    The researcher touched upon quite a hot topic in the article – the estimation of the number of victims of
    the Great Depression in the USA. The material presented in the article apparently made Wikipedia‟s
    moderators delete the piece from the database of the online encyclopedia.

    The researcher, Boris Borisov, in his article titled “The American Famine” estimated the victims of
    the financial crisis in the US at over seven million people. The researcher also directly compared
    the US events of 1932-1933 with Holodomor, or Famine, in the USSR during 1932-1933.

    In the article, Borisov used the official data of the US Census Bureau. Having revised the number of the
    US population, birth and date rates, immigration and emigration, the researcher came to conclusion that
    the United States lost over seven million people during the famine of 1932-1933.

    “According to the US statistics, the US lost not less than 8 million 553 thousand people from 1931 to
    1940. Afterwards, population growth indices change twice instantly exactly between 1930-1931: the
    indices drop and stay on the same level for ten years. There can no explanation to this phenomenon
    found in the extensive text of the report by the US Department of Commerce “Statistical Abstract of the
    United States,” the author wrote.

    The researcher points out the movement of population at this point: “A lot more people left the country
    than arrived during the 1930s – the difference is estimated at 93,309 people, whereas 2.960,782 people
    arrived in the country a decade earlier. Well, let‟s correct the number of total demographic losses in the
    USA during the 1930s by 3,054 people.”

    Analyzing the period of the Great Depression in the USA, the author notes a remarkable similarity
    with events taking place in the USSR during the 1930s. He even introduced a new term for the
USA – defarming – an analogue to dispossession of wealthy farmers in the Soviet Union. “Few
people know about five million American farmers (about a million families) whom banks ousted
from them lands because of debts. The US government did not provide them with land, work,
social aid, pension – nothing,” the article says.

“Every sixth American farmer was affected by famine. People were forced to leave their homes
and go to nowhere without any money and any property. They found themselves in the middle of
nowhere enveloped in massive unemployment, famine and gangsterism.”

The then state of affairs in the US society can be seen in Peter Jackson‟s movie King Kong. The movie
starts with scenes of the Great Depression and tells the story of an actress who did not eat for three days
and tried to steal an apple from a street vendor. There is food in the city, but many people had no money
to buy it in unemployment-paralyzed New York. People starve in the streets against the background of
stores selling a variety of foodstuffs.

At the same time, the US government tried to get rid of redundant foodstuffs, which vendors could
not sell. Market rules were observed strictly: unsold goods should always be categorized as
redundant and they could not be given away to the poor because it could cause damage to
businesses. A variety of methods was used to destroy redundant food. They burnt crops,
drowned them in the ocean or plowed 10 million hectares of harvesting fields. “About 6.5 million
pigs were killed at that time,” the researcher wrote.

The consequences of those policies were predictable, the author of the article wrote. “Here is
what a child recollected about those years: “We changed our usual food for something for
available. We used to eat bush leaves instead of cabbage. We ate frogs too. My mother and my
older sister died during a year.” (Jack Griffin).”

So-called public works introduced by President Roosevelt became a salvation for a huge number of
jobless and landless Americans. However, the salvation was only a phantom, Boris Borisov wrote. The
works conducted under the aegis of the Public Works Administration and the Civil Works Administration
were about building channels, roads or bridges in remote, wild and dangerous territories. Up to 3.3 million
people were involved in those works at a time, whereas the total number of people amounted to 8.5
million, not to count prisoners.

“Conditions and death rate at those works are to be studied separately. A member of public works would
make $30, and pay $25 of taxes from this amount. So a person could make only $5 for a month of hard
work in malarial swamps.”

The conditions, under which people were working for food, could be compared to Stalin‟s GULAG camp.

“The Public Works Administration (PWA) bore a striking resemblance to GULAG. The PWA was
chaired by “American Beria,” the Secretary of Interior Affairs, Harold Ickes, who threw about two
million people into camps for the unemployed youth,” Borisov wrote. “Harold LeClair Ickes (1874–
1952) later interned USA’s ethnic Japanese in concentration camps. The first stage of the
operation took only 72 hours (1941-1942).

“In 1940, the US population was supposed to make up at least 141.856 million people upon the
preservation of previous demographic trends. As a matter of fact, the USA had the 131.409-strong
population in 1940, of which only 3.054 million can be explained with changes in migration dynamics.
Thus, 7.394,000 people simply do not exist as of 1940. There are no official arguments to explain the
phenomenon,” Boris Borisov wrote.

It is worthy of note that modern-day Russian patriotic historians reject methods of research based on the
general estimation of demographic losses. They believe that demographic processes are not linear and
depend on a number of factors. Such historians think that victims of communism estimations made on the
base of demographic research works by Stephan Kurt and Richard Pipes, which George Bush and Helen
Bonner announced at the opening of Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation in Washington, are

On the other hand, these methods are widely used in contemporary science of history. Ukrainian historian
Stanislav Kulchitsky used the method to calculate the number of victims of the Ukrainian Holodomor
(famine), which was subsequently officially recognized. Parliaments of eleven countries that recognized
Holodomor use those numbers in their research works. To crown it all, the US Congress and the
European Union also use Kulchitsky‟s numbers considering the problem.

A failure of the American System

The Hard Reality of American Health Disparities
Health disparities in the United States have been the subject of extensive critical scrutiny and analysis.
Multiple investigations have documented the consistent gap in all measures of mortality by race,
particularly between black and white Americans [1–5]. Researchers have also drawn attention to
substantial disparities in mortality and functional health status nationally and within race groups in relation
to income, social class, education, and community characteristics [6–16]. Inequalities in insurance
coverage, health-care access and utilization, and more recently in quality of care have also been
investigated [17–22]. The Department of Health and Human Services has launched its Initiative to
Eliminate Racial and Ethnic Disparities in Health, with programs focused on a number of diseases
including cardiovascular disease, HIV, and diabetes.

Life expectancy by race in the US in 2001 ranged from 86.7 for Asian females to 68.7 for black males, a
gap of 18 y. Analysis of life expectancy by county of residence and by the combination of race and county
of residence (referred to as “race-county” in this paper) demonstrates even larger disparities [23]. County-
level analysis of mortality for 1997–2001 (pooled over 5 y to increase sample size) demonstrates a 22.5-y
gap in life expectancy between males in southwest South Dakota and females in Stearns County,
Minnesota (see Dataset S1 for life expectancy by county). When race-county combinations are
considered, life expectancy disparities are dramatically larger. For example, Native American males in the
cluster of Bennet, Jackson, Mellette, Shannon, Todd, and Washabaugh Counties in South Dakota had a
life expectancy of 58 y in 1997–2001, compared to Asian females in Bergen County, New Jersey, with a
life expectancy of 91 y, a gap of 33 y (see also Figure 1). Mortality inequalities in subgroups within race-
counties, such as those defined based on socioeconomic status (SES), may be even larger. Because of
small sample size and the absence of individual-level linked data needed to study race-county-SES
combinations, it is currently not possible to study mortality patterns within race groups in small geographic
areas, or even states. The largest measurable gaps observed in the US to-date are those revealed by
examining the inequalities across race-county groups.
Analysis on Private Vs. Public Gov't

Theory: The Comparative Economics of Private and
Public Government Ownership
The defining characteristic of a private government ownership is that the expropriated resources and the
monopoly privilege of future expropriation are individually owned. The appropriated resources are added
to the ruler's private estate and treated as if it were part of it. Most importantly, as private owner of the
government estate, the ruler is entitled to pass his possessions onto his personal heir; he may sell, rent,
or give away part or all of his privileged estate and privately pocket the receipts from the sale or rental.

In contrast, with a publicly owned government the control over the government apparatus lies in the
hands of a trustee, or caretaker. The caretaker may use the apparatus to his personal advantage, but he
does not own it. He cannot sell government resources and privately pocket the receipts, nor can he pass
government possessions onto his personal heir. He owns the current use of government resources, but
not the capital value.

From these assumptions two central, interrelated predictions can be deduced: (1) A private government
owner will tend to have a systematically longer planning horizon, i.e., his degree of time preference will
be lower, and accordingly, his degree of economic exploitation will tend to be less than that of a
government caretaker; and (2), subject to a higher degree of exploitation of the nongovernmental public
will also be comparatively more present-oriented under a system of publicly-owned government than
under a regime of private government ownership.

        "Of all the unanswered questions of our time, perhaps the most important is: „What is Fascism?‟
        One of the social survey organizations in America recently asked this question of a hundred
        different people, and got answers ranging from „pure democracy‟ to „pure diabolism‟. In this
        country if you ask the average thinking person to define Fascism, he usually answers by pointing
        to the German and Italian régimes. But this is very unsatisfactory, because even the major
        Fascist states differ from one another a good deal in structure and ideology. As used, the word
        „Fascism‟ is almost entirely meaningless. . . I have heard it applied to farmers, shopkeepers,
        Social Credit, corporal punishment, fox-hunting, bull-fighting, the 1922 Committee, the 1941
        Committee, Kipling, Gandhi, Chiang Kai-Shek, homosexuality, Priestley's broadcasts, Youth
        Hostels, astrology, women, dogs and I do not know what else." - George Orwell

        "Fascism sees in the world not only those superficial, material aspects in which man appears as
        an individual, standing by himself, self-centered, subject to natural law, which instinctively urges
        him toward a life of selfish momentary pleasure; it sees not only the individual but the nation and
        the country; individuals and generations bound together by a moral law, with common traditions
        and a mission which suppressing the instinct for life closed in a brief circle of pleasure, builds up
        a higher life, founded on duty, a life free from the limitations of time and space, in which the
        individual, by self-sacrifice, the renunciation of self-interest, by death itself, can achieve that
        purely spiritual existence in which his value as a man consists. . . The Fascist conception of life is
        a religious one" - Benito Mussolini

        "Fascism is a bunch of guys with small penises or something idk" - Umberto Eco
Ezra Pound, noted fascist, poet and crazy man, wrote extensively in the inter-war years about a grand,
century spanning conspiracy by international elites to suppress, revise, and rewrite history as needed by
whatever power structure was in fashion at the time. In shape, it went like this: politicians needed
bankers' money to get elected so they persecuted those who spoke against capitalism, bankers needed
everyone with a pen to love them to preserve their egos so they paid scholars to write about how great
they were, and scholars needed money because jesus christ they majored in fucking classics man what
the fuck are you supposed to do with that shit. As an example, visible in the cantos, Ezra wrote that as
capitalism spun up, the parts of the bible and classic literature which speak against usury or violent
accumulation got stealthily edited out in order to keep things running smoothly. And while such historical
revisionism might be taken for granted as a tactic of the rich generally to us enlightened secular
humanists, we still only understand it in an extremely circumscribed way. Everyone knows that the
American media has been moving for decades against human kindness and empathy, for example, but
what if I were to tell you, in the strictest of confidence naturally, that for the past 90 years the entire
world‟s intellectual, cultural and political establishments have moved against fascism in the same way.

For almost a century fascism has been the subject of a smear job unseen in breadth or ferocity since the
black legend of Spain. Although we all, as enlightened internet intellectuals, naturally look down our
noses at the proles, people like your average American can still generally successfully identify things like
people working together and anti-capitalism with communism and corporate person-hood and THE
DEATH TAX with capitalism, showing a rudimentary understanding. But if they were asked to
characterize fascism they would inevitably come up with hates jazz / snappy uniforms / hated jews for
some reason? And most intellectuals, I imagine, would not be able to do much better - something about
blood and soil if they're smarter, something about Rush Limbaugh and the tea party if they're dumber.

The reasons for such ignorance are clear when looked for - today‟s world order is run by the victors of
world war 2, the single conflict which more than any other determined the fate of the modern world. The
great power-blocs of the planet, America and her flunkies and Russia and her ex-flunkies, look back to
world war 2 as the traumatic moment when they entered the world stage as liberators and heroes,
endowed with a cross-planet mission to spread the ideology that crushed fascism. And so the defeat of
the Axis passed from historic event to creation myth, the cataclysm that birthed the contemporary world
whole formed from Hitler‟s leg.

Fascism‟s defeat was utilized both positively (behold, the form of the conquering GI / Red Army!) and
negatively by both cold war camps for propaganda purposes. For nearly a century communist
intellectuals have looked to distort and savage fascism as the ideology of the condemned capitalist, a last
ditch effort to save the petty bourgeoisie from the ravening horde of poors destined to overtake them, thus
identifying capitalism cleanly with the war crimes and excesses of Nazism. And the West in equal
capacity has looked to identify fascism with the sort of state oppression and cultural drabness it saw in
communism, as well as the bad kind of racism (the kind against rich white people).

In other words, just as the American Left has been squeezed out in recent decades because there is a lot
of money and powerful people against it but no money or powerful people for it, so too has fascism
suffered. In geopolitical terms it is a dead ideology whose primary value is as a ghost for jews and
disaffected rich kids to conjure up whenever they want to remind people of how awful antisemitism is /
how much they hate George Bush, respectively. Thus no one who means anything has any incentive to
defend fascism, because it holds power only as a hobgoblin, and all recent fascist scholarship, while a
step forward in the sense that it‟s more intellectually solid than a picture of a happy looking teenage girl
fading into a picture of a bunch of emaciated skeleton guys behind barbed wire + a menacing a voice
over, retains this same basic negative aspect, seeking to illuminate fascism merely so that people can be
more discriminating and accurate when constructing analogies and slogans for their misspelled protest
signs. As such, to make the next step from accurate (anti-) fascist scholarship to actual pro-fascism, we
need a guy who has no money and means nothing to the academic establishment.

This guy.
Alright so everyone's mean to fascism, cool, but what is fascism, really? Fascism is the theology of action,
it is whatever is necessary, it is a book and a rifle, it is the cold hills outside of Madrid, it is the people‟s
state, and it is, above all, thought and action. It is the complete organization of society, the organic
unification of state and nation. It gives Rousseau‟s general will actual manifestation through the unity of
the nation, making the people spiritually, economically, racially and culturally one. In modern society,
which is to say Enlightenment society, civilization is atomized to the level of the individual, and then
further quarkified as every individual is demanded to keep each aspect of his existence distinct and
separate from each other. The modern man is political, but does not allow his religious or racial feelings
to influence his political side, and vice versa. He is obsessed with money, the sole object of value in the
modern world, but refrains from speaking outwardly of his earnings for fear of social alienation. He knows
he too must grow old and die one day, but pushes away his dying parents because his reflection in them
scares him.

In other words, the modern man exists primarily as a dismembered corpse.

Fascism builds upon Marxist economic analysis, following that capitalism is the most developed form of
slavery yet devised for the poor by the rich. But rather than accepting that all non-material things in the
world are the inventions of a millenia spanning bourgeoisie looking to give the poor reasons to hate each
other, fascists believe that race, religion, and culture can be used in a positive way, to unite the nation
against international capitalism, rather than all the workers of the world, in a phrase. Fascism treats
individual men wholly, as people who only achieve true person-hood when interpolated as citizens in a
greater body, a trans-generational unity of tradition.

Democracy, as today known, is antithetical to such an appreciation of the nature of man. In the modern
world certain issues cannot be resolved through voting, through representative democracy - how can the
super rich and the super poor be represented by the same man? By simple coincidence of geography
people of contrary interests are asked to vote in the same elections on the same laws, and the result is,
naturally, anarchy. Democracy, as formed by representative elections, is itself nonsense - how can a
pluralistic society have a single leader, a single set of laws, single representatives for diverse
communities? To avoid an endlessly recursive process of balkanization, which one can clearly see active
in modern politics, one would have to utilize such tricks of deception and propaganda to get anyone
elected or anything done that democracy must, out of necessity, undo itself in order to function.

We as Americans, I trust, are familiar with both such processes.

And to take things a step further, to kick in the door of this whole rotten Enlightenment house and bring it
down, we can easily see that the entire idea of the individual, with individual interests, is also nonsense.
Each and every man is produced by an environment long ago developed for him, and even if he were not
today bombarded on every side by such a noise of villainy and lies that he himself has no time to think, he
would still be circling the problems of life in grooves long since worn-out by society‟s earlier greats.

And how would individuals, should they ever exist, be capable of anything resembling comprehensible
political thought? Surely such a man, untrammeled by civilization, representing himself and himself alone,
would be incapable of civilized discourse, lacking any framework to place his discourse in or precedents
to draw upon. He would speak gibberish both literally and generally, a barbarian in the truest sense of the
world. Like Enkidu in the Epic of Gilgamesh before he is touched by the whore Shammat, or the darmok
episode of Star-Trek before Picard fights the invisible monster.

Italian fascist thinkers believed that they were all products of the Risorgimento and Giuseppe Mazzini, to
speak nothing of the trans-millennial Italian people, and as such owed their existence and person-hood in
large portion to the dead. They were able to recognize that they were transient, as humans, but lived in a
nation that was not - that Italy existed before them and would exist after them, and that it was to the dead
and the unborn that they owed their true loyalty, rather than some temporal demagogue. Fascism, then,
makes physical what is otherwise spiritual, it gives precedent to the culture, history, religion and race that,
in capitalism or communism, are crushed underfoot as immaterial distractions from the true meaning of
life: consumption.

And in doing away with voting, but building a system entirely upon and for the people, fascism attains a
level of popular rule impossible for either West or East. The Fascist leader is acclaimed by the crowd but
not elected by it, and in the same way that scientists can never quite measure something, so too does the
very act of measuring public sentiment by graph and chart demean and pervert it. Mussolini, Hitler,
Codreanu, and Jose Antonio were all the people‟s will made manifest, pure and singular expressions of a
will that would otherwise only be understood as a certain dip in a gallup poll. Fascism, as an ideology that
rejects the ballot box in favor of the rifle and cross, becomes the people greater than any organization
seen since man left the garden.

As an aside, Fascism initially was strictly a social mode of organization, Mussolini claiming that it could be
aligned with a heavily regulated and directed capitalist establishment to develop the nation. As time
progressed, however, Mussolini took more and more of Italy‟s capital and business under state control
until finally, in the North Italian Republic, he socialized all labor and did away with capitalism entirely. By
then the game was up of course and no one gave a shit, but still, you know, its the thought that counts.

Italian fascism then is the most pure and worthy of study amongst the several fascist-likes that sprung up
in Europe post war, owing to its solid theoretical framework and intellectual development, although Spain,
Romania, and naturally Germany will all be treated in the course of the thread. For now, suffice to say
that just as in the Aliens movies, how the Alien took on the characteristics of whatever animal it incubated
in, so too is each particular manifestation of fascism in history determined in form in large part by its
native society. Which really should be expected given that it, as an ideology, lends such great emphasis
to nationalism and patrimony. Anyway, let us now flesh out Italian fascism a bit:

A long time ago, in a world defined in the American consciousness by frilly wigs and wine coolers, WW1
happened. And amongst the casualty lists; the millions of dead young men, the industrial bases of the
world, and a couple of Kings, a whole world had died as well: a world of hope. Before the great war
republicanism seemed to work: the plight of the worker, while still awful, seemed to be generally
improving as socialism either crawled sideways into the halls of power, as in England, or got co-opted by
an otherwise disinterested elite, as in Germany. The middle classes generally grew ever more numerous
and prosperous, and the rich, while perhaps having to exchange Absolute Power for Near-Absolute
Power, were well compensated as everyday more expensive and complicated miracle machines were
developed thanks to the invention of Steam. Capitalism was alternatively peaceably developing the world
or peaceably exiting the world in favor of socialism, depending upon your net worth, but all of that
changed with WW1. With parliamentary democracy dead in a trench, an entire culture, an entire way of
thought died too, and Europe as such was left in the lurch between hyper-materialist American capitalism
and hyper-materialist Soviet communism.

We, as Americans who were politically conscious during the 2008 elections, can of course emphasize
with such a dramatic and unexpected destruction of all ones earthly Hopes.

Regardless, in 1919 the peoples of Europe, collectively realizing that they could never go back to
parlimentarianism, but at the same time refusing to step forward into the red, or alternatively red white
and blue future, were faced with an acute existentialist crisis. Elites of all stripes had lost their legitimacy:
politicians for starting the war, financiers for furnishing the means, and cultural leaders for having
endorsed war as a healthy outlet for young male aggression initially and then being unable to shift gears
into writing the epitaphs of a whole generation quick enough. A whole continent had lost its reason for
living, and to evoke contemporary American politics again, in response to these massed crises the
European middle classes collectively descended into self destructive madness. Stagnant, conservative
military dictatorships, open urban warfare between communists and proto-nazis, and dead German
women in the canals were the order of the day, and if you were Hemingway you started drinking, like, way
more than you ever had before. So It Goes.
But eventually, just as dawn follows day, out of the economic and political distress of the post war years a
far right revolution saved civilization. Fascism emerged as a potential third way, a system of thought
which rejected such diverse ideologies as talmudic capitalism and judeo bolshevism. A deviation of Italian
Marxism, as mentioned (most early fascist thinkers were ex-socialists, including Mussolini), Italian fascists
theorized that there were not only proletarian and bourgeois classes, but also proletarian and bourgeois
nations, wherein the nations with capital were able to oppress and exploit entire countries as they
pleased. Italy was one of these proletarian nations, at the turn of the 20th century being mostly agrarian,
illiterate, and being heir to a humiliating military history composed mostly, within the last hundred years or
so, of being smashed apart by Ethiopians. Not only was Italia too poor to resist the great powers, who
controlled its markets and curtailed its then in vogue impulse towards colonial expansion, but also so poor
that our friends the fascists reckoned that a proletarian revolution wouldn't have done any good, as Italy's
minuscule national bourgeoisie held such little wealth that any way you re-distributed it Italians would still
be poor as hell.

AS SUCH the time was ripe for a revolution that would not consume the nations energy, wealth and youth
in acrimonious civil war, as was then ravaging Russia, but rather a revolution that united all Italians as
one, into a unified whole which could resist financial, military, and cultural imperialism. A revolution which
would acknowledge the totality of human life by constructing a totalitarian system, whereby all aspects of
the nation, and the people, could be embodied and exemplified by all at once! A revolution which would
unite all Italians in purpose, drive, and spirit; that would make all Italians workers, all Italians soldiers, all
Italians scholars, and all Italians free! And so in 1922, the March on Rome put Benito Mussolini, tribune of
the people and father of the Italian nation, into power, and so fascism was born!

The American Dream

1. Who owns America?
1. ****WHO OWNS AMERICA?****

As you can see from this 46 second video, the top 10% of America own a huge amount of the wealth.
1% of the population controls roughly 47% of the net financial wealth.
19% of the population controls 44% of the net financial wealth.
The remaining 80% of the population controls 9% of the financial wealth!!
(Fun Fact: The bottom 20% of the population controls -1% (negative one percent!) of the financial wealth
(they are in debt).)
The upper-classes are often called the "owning classes" because they control the vast majority of
resources and capital.
They are also called the "owning classes" because they set the policies that govern our economic system.
They own (as you can see from the chart above) almost all the investment in businesses, and thus make
more and more money this way (the rich get richer) from corporations:
They use the money they make to influence decisionmaking and control the economic system. Like
They have a near-monopoly on all sources of power:
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