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									Clubs Training 2011
Club Administration
Mallory Drumm
Clubs Administrator

Karina Redick
Assistant Clubs Administrator

MUSC Room 215
905-525-9140 x21134

Office Hours 9:00am – 5:00pm
Congratulations on receiving MSU Club Status!

Applications for 2012-2013 will be due on Friday March 9, 2012.
  - Make sure you hold elections before then.
What does it mean to be a recognized MSU
     According to the Clubs Operating Policy 1.9.9

   Recognition as an “MSU Club” is a privilege based
    upon observance of certain procedures and
    acceptance of certain responsibilities. It follows that
    this privilege can be withdrawn if these procedures
    are neglected or responsibilities abrogated by the
    organization or group.
Responsibilities of an MSU club
   To maintain a positive image of not only your club
    but the MSU as well. Follow the Student Code of
   To maintain your club and run it to the best of your
    ability. Be aware of all policies that apply.
   As an exec, you are setting an example for all the
    general members of your club. Please be
    informed and responsible!!
   Always check the clubs website
   Always check mailboxes, emails, and keep
    lockers/offices clean
Privileges of being an MSU club
   Room Bookings
   Use of MSU bulletin boards
   Use of the MSU name
   Funding from the MSU and the Student Services
   Use of Compass Information to sell your tickets (at a
    reasonable rate of 3%)*, or advertise your event free of
   Have a mailbox/office/locker in ClubSpace
   Have risk management liability for events (as per policy)
   Advertise events on the MSU Page (listserv) in The
    Silhouette, and Public Service Announcements on
    CFMU-FM 93.3 free of charge
   Do billing and credit at the Underground
       *3% covers cost of staff labour, organization and administration re: ticket handling, counting and processing.
Who can be a club member?
       Membership in clubs shall be open to all MSU
    ◦      [Except where it jeopardizes the integrity of the club’s purpose,
          as determined by the Clubs Administrator in consultation with
          said club’s executive.]
       Non-MSU members (part-time or grad students, staff, community
    ◦     May hold club membership upon invitation of the club
    ◦     May not hold executive office, or any position which gives them
          the authority to expend MSU Club funds.

                   MSU membership = Full time (18 units+) Undergraduate student
   ClubSpace is located in MUSC Room 215 and is a
    general and positive space for ALL club members
    to meet in and discuss club business.

   Contact the Clubs Administrator to book out the
    general ClubSpace or either 215b, 215c for a
    club meeting.

   Daily bookings are posted in the Clubs Admin
    office window
                                  Always open, never closed
ClubSpace can be used for…
   Brief Club related meetings
   Preparations for events
   Special events and meetings (book with Clubs Admin)
   A meeting spot to gather before moving to a room or
   Studying
   Friendly chit-chat
   OR anything that adds to the inclusion of all students
    using the space
Club Office Space
9 offices x 3 clubs = 27 club office spaces

Office Space Application and Lottery process
      Applications Due: Friday September 23, 2011

   Office Hours Negotiated among groups sharing the space

Clubs without offices have priority
 Lockers will be assigned by the Assistant Clubs Admin. The size of
  locker will be given based on use and need described in your application
 Applications are Due: Friday September 23, 2011

                         Sign locker contract
                         $10 refundable lock deposit
                         Locks provided and managed by Clubs Admin
   Every club will receive a mailbox
   Assignments posted next to mail boxes and online
   Check your mail on a weekly basis
   Boxes are not secure (open area)
   Mailing Address:

              Your Club Name
              c/o MSU Clubs Administrator
              MUSC 215, McMaster University
              1280 Main Street West,
              Hamilton, Ontario L8S 4S4
Email Addresses
   Each club has a McMaster e-mail address
           Provides continuity

   Login at
       Login is the alias (part before @)
       Password: New clubs received password in summer.
                     Returning clubs use the same password as last year.
       Keep password secure!

   Only the McMaster email address are considered official
       Listed as contact email for club on MSU website
   All communications from the Clubs Admin will be through this
           Can be redirected but must log in at least once a month!

   Having problems? Contact Clubs Admin
    McMaster Students Union is a not-for profit organization
    ◦  Therefore so are clubs

    The MSU is not charitable, and neither are its clubs
    ◦  Charitable receipts are not available

    We must be Transparent and Accountable
    ◦  Clubs may be subject to audits by the MSU

   All transactions must be accounted for with receipt

   All money raised by the club must go to its programming or directed to a charity

   It’s important to manage all your bills and make timely payments

   Payments to establishments and companies are made through the club bank account.

    Clubs are responsible for all of their own finances. Any debt becomes the executive’s.
    ◦   Therefore it is in your best interest to be financially responsible

                        The MSU assumes no responsibility for financial debts incurred by a Club.
MSU Funding
    The MSU has funds directed to the support of club
    activities. Unfortunately, this funding is not unlimited.
    Therefore, this funding must be secondary to funds
    raised from membership fees, ticket sales,
    sponsorships, etc.

   New and probationary clubs: maximum $100
   All other clubs are considered on an individual basis

   Clubs must submit budget requests for the 2011-
    2012 academic year by ***September 28th ***.
    ◦   To be submitted electronically (.xsl file) saved with club name
Sample Budget Request Form
    Allocation of funds
   Clubs will be notified of their budget allocation in early-October
   Higher allocations are given to budgets that show:
         - larger and more expensive events
         - events/activities that generate greater exposure for your club, the MSU,
         and McMaster
         - collaborative events with other clubs
         - greater fundraising from other sources.
                 **Submitting a false budget to be allocated more funds will result in loss of all funding
Claiming Money
   Grants are paid out on a reimbursement basis only
    (no advances)

   To get reimbursed for an event clubs MUST submit:
       A completed claims form
       Attach all original receipts
                (store, items, paid)
       Proof the event has taken place

   Submission must be made by no later then Wed April
    19th 2012
       No claims can be made for salaries, monetary gifts, alcohol
        or miscellaneous items not recognized as necessity
       Receipts must match items from the original request
Claims Form- Sample
                                               MSU Club Claims Form
Club Name: _________________________
Club President: ______________________________          Signature: __________________________
Club Treasurer: _____________________________           Signature: __________________________
Date Submitted: _______________________
Bank & Account Number: ______________________________
Cheques for Clubs
   Clubs will hand in their receipts along with the claim form to the Club
    Administrator who then submits the request for reimbursement to the MSU
    Accounting office
   Cheque requests are submitted to accounting every 2 weeks (on
   Club reimbursements will only be made payable to the club’s name (not in
    an individual’s name)
       therefore they must be deposited into the club’s bank account
   Cheques are available for pickup in the accounting office (MUSC 201)
       the person picking up the cheque (executive of the club) will have to sign for the cheque
   Cheques are valid for 6 months only. After that they become stale-dated and
    are not re-issued.
   There are no direct deposits to club bank accounts
   The MSU’s financial year ends on April 30th, funds not claimed before that
    date will not be available the next year
Clubs Banking
   MSU Club banking done at CIBC in Westdale

   Non-personal chequing accounts
       Two signatures minimum

   New accounts or Change signing on existing accounts
       Fill out a form and include all signatures
       Submit to Clubs Admin for signature
       New Signing officers will take the completed form to the bank
           2 pieces of ID, one with photo (student card not valid)
MSU Accounting Office
   Located in MSU Main office (MUSC room 201)
   For work done at the Underground or for advertising
    placed in the Silhouette, you are able to set up a charge
       Charge Account Application available on the clubs website
   Clubs are responsible for paying their own accounts.
   All of these charge accounts must be paid in full by the
    end of each term. Clubs with outstanding balances will
    not be allowed to charge work in the following term or
    receive any reimbursement cheuqes while their account is
Special Project Funding
   For projects and events that promote clubs and the
    MSU to the public and are developed through the
    collaboration of several clubs

   Application form available online
    ◦   Must be submitted at minimum a month before event

    * Claim Special Projects Funding in the same way as clubs
                              funding *
Student Service Program Support Fund
   Funds allocated by the Student Service Committee for
    MSU club events.
   All MSU recognized clubs can apply.
   Activities to be funded must have significant
    educational/cultural value and be of interest and benefit
    to McMaster students/faculty/staff.
   All applications must be submitted in writing to the Office
    of the Associate Vice-President (Student Affairs) and Dean
    of Students by the advertised dates.
   Applications for events to be held in term 1 are due
    September 30th.
Event Planning
   Research
       Past, Goals, Needs…
   Design
       Creative, Theme, Audience
   Plan
       Time line, Budget, Manage Risks, Promote, 5Ws
   Coordinate
       Day of activities, Religious Holidays
   Evaluate
       Participants, volunteers, reflection, documentation
Space Bookings
   MUSC

   Conference Services

   University Club

   Health Sciences Centre, Wentworth House, & Institute of
    Applied Health Science

   ClubSpace

   Off-Campus
    MUSC –                 follow them on twitter @musc_mcmaster
   Booking Requests
       Must be done online at
       Privilege forms must be submitted BEFORE any booking requests are processed.
   Cancellations
       24 Hour Notice
   Catering
       All catering has to be provided by Paradise Catering (
   EOHSS Forms needed for the following
       Room 311, 313, 318
       CIBC Hall, Marketplace, MUSC/Mills Plaza, 3rd floor lounge and Terrace
   Club Tables
       Bake sale tables
   Meeting Rooms
   Special Event Rooms
   Charity Fridays
       First one to be held on Friday October 21st. Applications due October 7th by
Risk Management.
   Every event must have risk evaluated

   It is your responsibility as an event planner and as a
    Student Leader to evaluate all potential risk
       Student Code of Conduct

   Student Event Approval form must be submitted at
    LEAST 7 days prior to event/meeting

   Access this form online through the clubs website
Risk Management Forms
Online System
   Access the Risk Management Form online at


   Must send request email to Clubs Admin to receive PIN
       Email request must be sent from McMaster email address

   Paper forms can still be used if problems occur
 Planning for
Accessibility &
 A Checklist
                  Office of Human Rights & Equity
                          Services (HRES)
                     Presented by Raihanna Hirji-Khalfan,
                            Accessibility Specialist

                         September 13, 14 & 15, 2011
          About Office of Human Rights &
         Equity Services (HRES)

AGENDA    Accessibility & Inclusion

          Checklist

          HRES Contact Details
 About the Office
of Human Rights
& Equity Services
                 About HRES
HRES works with campus community members
to ensure that McMaster is a community where
all students, staff and faculty can learn, work
and live in an inclusive and barrier-free
environment that fosters equality, respect and
                    HRES Program Areas
•Human Rights Program

• Equity Services Program
    •Proactive Education

• Accessibility Program
    •Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (2005)
    •Coordination of University-wide accessibility initiatives
    •Accessibility Resources
Physical Integration

 Social Acceptance

The Checklist
 Planning for Accessibility & Inclusion
 Budget – forecast accessibility costs

 Scheduling – consult Faith and Spirituality Day
Calendar and provide sufficient notice of event

 Getting to Event– route is accessible

 Meeting Facility & Space – obstacle free
Planning for Accessibility & Inclusion
 Registration – identify needs i.e. dietary, prayer, scent-
free, disability etc.

 Signage – clear wording and design

 Advertising & Promotion – positive images, respectful
language, accessibility promotion

 Menu – variety of options
Planning for Accessibility & Inclusion
 Serving Alcohol – cognizant of personal/religious

 Activities – relevant to a diverse range of students

 Volunteers – available, identifiable, training,

 Evaluation – tips on how to improve
Office of Human Rights
   & Equity Services
      McMaster University
    Student Centre (MUSC)
    Second Floor, Room 212
   (905) 525-9140, Extension
Film Showing on Campus
   The MSU has two licenses! They are as follows:

   Films not found here i.e.. documentaries or independent
    films can only be shown with permission from the
    director or film/distribution company.

   A completed Film Event Form MUST be submitted with
    EOHSS forms.
Film Event Form
Booking a projector
   The Clubs Department now has a projector!

   Free of charge to rent

   Email the Clubs Administrator at

   First come First Serve Basis

   If the projector is not available you can always rent one
    from AvTek (
Advertising Your Club/Event
   Governed by MSU Operating Policy 2
   Include the MSU logo and the Club Poster Stamp on
    your promotional material
         Posted on the MSU website
   Must identify your club clearly
   Take all posters to the MSU Underground for approval.
    Posters must be in good taste (The Underground has a
    checklist which is used for each and every poster)
   Posters that violate the rules will be removed by the
    Poster and Advertising Committee (poster monkeys),
    and clubs can be fined.
MSU Operating Policy 2: Promo &
General Rules
       Promotional material can only be placed on bulletin boards
       Must have the MSU approval stamp from Underground
       No more than one poster on any public board
       Posters may be no larger than 11” x 17”
       All non event postings with no expiration date are valid for only
        two weeks after the date on which they are stamped
       Notices may NOT be posted more than two weeks prior to the
        event advertised. (This is also in effect for ticket sales)
       Posters may not be placed in whole or in part of other posters
Posting Club Posters
    Poster and Advertising Committee (PAC) AKA Poster
-   Form can be picked up at the main MSU office (MUSC 201)
-   Poster Monkeys will take 43 posters and post them around campus

    Posting in MUSC
-   Take 8 posters to MUSC 222 and MUSC admin will post them for you in
    glass cases.
-   Posters due every Friday before noon
-   Posters can not be placed anywhere else in MUSC
Posting in Residence Media Screens
   You are able to advertise events on digital screens in
    residence buildings!
       Create a digital file
       Fill out the media request form
       Take your digital poster (via USB) or email it to Underground
        along with your request form to be approved and they will
        send it off for you

   Takes two business days for your advertisement to appear
    on the screens

   Refer to clubs website for detailed information
Union Market Coffee Cup Advertising
   Now offering advertising options for Clubs
   Union Market will supply Clubs with 1300 of their coffee
    sleeves for clubs to attach their ADS to them
   Fee: $75 for 1300 sleeves
   OR you can provide Union Market with your
    advertisements and they will handle the labour for an
    additional $50 ($125 total)
   Will advertise one department/club per week
   Advertising Guide and Advertising Form can be found
   If interested, visit Union Market or e-mail: for more info
Other Forms of Advertising
   Clubs Events Calendar/Website
   Free ads in:
     MSU ListServ
     The Silhouette
     CFMU – Radio Promotions
     MSU Events calendar
   Compass, contact the Internal Coordinator at
   Daily News Calendar
   Paid advertising on campus through the Central
    Advertising Bureau
   MUSC table display
   Flyer distribution is not acceptable hand to hand.
Club Executive Council
   Governed by Operating Policy
   Composed of:
         Clubs Administrator (council chairman)
         5 Divisional Chairs:
             *Chair of Recreational Clubs
             Chair of Cultural Clubs
             Chair of Religious Clubs
             *Chair of Academic Clubs
             Chair of Social Issues Clubs
         2 SRA members
         1 MSU member at-large
         MSU Diversity Services Director
         MSU President (ex-officio)
Club Executive Council
   Council Responsibilities:
         Facilitating communication and cooperation between clubs
         Advising the clubs administrator on all areas of club operations
         Acting as a judicial body for clubs (ie. dealing with any sanctions to be
          applied to clubs)
   Divisional Chair Responsibilities
         Hold weekly office hours in MUSC 215a
         Chair periodic meetings of the club presidents in your division
         Distribute information to the clubs in your division
         Represent the clubs in your division
         Attend monthly CEC meetings

          Applications are available on the Clubs Website and are due
          Thursday September 22nd.
Mandate:           MSU Diversity Services aims to build and maintain a
campus that celebrates, advocates and ensures that the McMaster
campus is an inclusive and diverse community in areas including, but
not limited to, ethnicity and culture, faith and spirituality, gender,
ability/disability and sexual orientation.

 Director: Siobhan Stewart
 Office: Refectory B204A
 Phone:905-525-9140 x26603
What are we doing this year
 We run events that link to our five pillars which
    • Multiculturalism
    • Interfaith
    • Indigenous Affairs
    • Abilities
    • Gender & Equity
   What are we doing this year (2)
Some examples of events that we run if people are curious

   •Multiculturalism: Black history month, Indian film festival

   •Interfaith: World Religions Day & Try on a Spiritual Practice

   •Indigenous Affairs: Beehive collective and the Pow Wow

   •Abilities: Disabilities Awareness Day and the Soulfood fair

   •Gender & Equity: December 6th Memorial for Violence against Women and Pride
Who our Partners Are.

           And Many
How you can get your club involved!

•Night Market on October 11, 2011

•Become our Friend on FB: MSU Diversity

• follow us on Twitter: MSUDiversity and use the
Hashtag!  #MSUDiversity
   Clubs Admin will email emails once they are all
    in place. No personal emails will be used.
   MSU Clubs web site is your primary source of information,
    check there first.
   Please do not use acronyms

   When emailing, calling, or stopping by the office please
    introduce yourself “Hi, I’m Johnny President of the Jelly Bean
         with over 250 clubs it’s difficult to remember you all

   Clubs department now has twitter!
    Follow us @Msu_Clubs
   Useful Contacts
Compass Internal Coordinator
                                              Promotions and Advertising
905-525-9140 ext. 26021                         Coordinator
                                              905-525-9140 ext. 27202
Duncan Thompson: MSU Vice-President Finance
905-515-9140 ext. 24109                  MSU Office
Cindy Creemer: Accounts Payable/Payroll       905-525-9140 ext. 22003
905-525-9140 ext. 23254               
                                              MUSC Administration
Marn Lawton: Accounts Supervisor

905-525-9140 ext. 23253                       905-525-9140 ext. 22722            

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