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									 AllFusion® 2E
Product Update
William Hunt, Product Manager
     Computer Associates
       Columbus, Ohio
         Session 2A
Session Abstract
 A snapshot of the current state of AllFusion 2E,
  what we plan to deliver next and where we plan
  to go in the future with regards to iSeries market
  trends as well as current customer needs. This
  session will be delivered by CA AllFusion 2E
  product management.
Speaker Bio
 William Hunt has served as the
  Product Manager for AllFusion
  2E and AllFusion Plex since
 Previous experience as Release
  Manager and Build Manager,
  bringing a combination of
  marketing and development
 B.A. in
  Louisiana State University, 1987
Well, We Finally Made It Here!
 State and County Government
 Financial Institutions
 Insurance Solution Providers
 Healthcare Solution Providers
 Charitable Organizations
 Manufacturing and Distribution
 Food Distributors
 Retail Companies
 Independent Software Vendors
 Systems Integrators              It’s 2005….and look
 IT Service Providers
….to name a few!
                                       who uses 2E!
 Modernization and Trends
 AllFusion 2E Release Timeline
 AllFusion 2E r8.1 Highlights
 AllFusion 2E Going Forward
 CA and the AllFusion 2E Community
 Summary and Questions
Modernization and Trends
Application Development Market Needs
  The Need to Be Cost Effective
    - Integrating Applications as opposed to building from
    - IT Needs to Demonstrate Overall Business Value
  The Need to Be More Productive
    - Faster development with fewer developers
    - Reduce Overall Project Life Cycle Time
  The Need to Respond to Ongoing Changes
    - Simplified Maintenance
    - Rapid Adoption of New Technologies
Application Development Market Needs
  The Need to Modernize applications!
    - Provide a new graphical interface for applications
    - Integrate new technologies into AD efforts (i.e.
      WebSphere Application Server, J2EE)
    - Development of new applications for use
    - Adapt a large suite of programs….without having to
      rebuild those proven effective over the course of the last
      decade or so!
Future Development
 New interfaces
   - Web Browsers
 Adoption of Web Service, EJB components
 Streamlined toolsets
 Streamlined skill sets
   - How much Java, WebSphere, etc. training can
     organizations really afford?
2E Development under CA
 New interfaces
   - Web Option released in 2001
 Adoption of Web Service, EJB components
   - EJB Option released in 2003
 Streamlined toolsets and skill sets
   - Historically a selling point and proven benefit for
     AllFusion 2E
The iSeries Development Roadmap
  Current    Tools          UI          Architecture    Portability    Scalability

  5250      5250       5250      Web     Web             Web            Web

                                           Web            Web            Web
                                         Services       Services       Services

  RPG       RPG         RPG               RPG           Java            EJB

            Remote       Remote           Remote       iSeries Java   iSeries Java
  PDM       System       System           System
                                                          Tools          Tools
            Explorer     Explorer         Explorer

                       WebFacing        iSeries Web    iSeries Web    iSeries Web
                                           Tools          Tools          Tools

                        Host Access
                       Transformation                                 iSeries EJB,
                           Server                                      J2EE Tools
Our Goal with AllFusion 2E….
 Continue to provide our customers with
  powerful means to deliver applications for the
  eServer i5 platform
 Continue to provide our customers with options
  to modernize these applications
 Continue to provide customer-focused
  enhancements and high priority fixes to the
  base product
At the End of the 2E Day…
 AllFusion 2E:
   - Addresses The Need to Be Cost Effective
   - Addresses The Need to Be More Productive
   - Addresses The Need to Respond to Ongoing Changes
   - Addresses The Need to Modernize 5250 Applications
   - CA is committed to ongoing support of the AllFusion
     2E community
The Life and Times of 2E
The Brand Name Game
 1987 – Synon/2E launched into market
 1998 – COOL:2E 6.0 launched into market
 2001 – Jasmine Developer 2E 7.0+ launched into market
 2002 – Advantage 2E 8.0 launched into market
 2004 – AllFusion 2E r8.1 launched into market

                       AllFusion - The CA
                       brand for Life Cycle
                       Management products
  Release Timeline
2001                                 Jasmine Developer 2E 7.0+
                                        Web Option Launched

2002                                            Advantage 2E 8.0
                                           EJB Option Launched


2004                         AllFusion 2E r8.1

2005                                                     AllFusion 2E r8.1 SP1

2006 AllFusion 2E keeps going and going and going and going and going and going and go

2007 and going and going and going and going and going and going and going and going an
AllFusion 2E
r8.1 Overview
AllFusion 2E r8.1 – What’s New!
 • Numerous base tool enhancements
 • Support for Triggers
 • Java Proxy Web Services Consumption (with
   AllFusion Joe)
 • Enhanced EJB Option
 • Enhanced Web Option
 • DBCS Enabling
 • Release Compatibility for Translator
What are Triggers?
 A program automatically executed by the database
 Triggered by a database i/o operation
   - Create, read, update etc.
 Benefits:
   - Enforcing business rules regardless of application being
   - Simplifying maintenance
   - Improving performance of client/server applications
Triggers in 2E r8.1
• Single, shipped “Trigger Router” inserted into each
  database file
• Trigger Router calls generated Trigger Functions
• New TRGFUN function type
• Benefits:
   - No specialized trigger programming required
   - Simplified development and testing
   - Simplified deployment since only the Trigger Router
     needs to be inserted.
   - Trigger Router unaffected by changes to Trigger
2E r8.1 Tool Usability Enhancements
 V5R3 support
 F9=Parameters added to “Edit message function
 YDOCMDLFLD provides additional data
 F9=Create added to Edit Array
 Usage & reference display now includes User
  defined options.
2E r8.1 Tool Usability Enhancements
 Warning messages sent before license expiration
 Don’t generate null output fields
 Usages for a PHY ACP show *NONE usages
 Edit Action – Condition
   - * defaults to Base field
Customer Issues fixed
 More than 80 issues fixed for the base product and
  the Toolkit
 More than 80 issues fixed for the Web Option
 More than 30 issues fixed for the EJB Option
   - Release summary document available on
     SupportConnect lists and highlights all of these
2E r8.1 EJB Option Enhancements
• PRTFILs and EXCUSRPGMs can be wrappered as EJBs
   • Wrapper any i5/OS program as an EJB
• Usability improvements
   - Package statement generated automatically via AllFusion Joe
   - Easier to define multiple methods per EJB
• Performance improvements
   - iSeries Connection Pooling
• New AllFusion Joe 4.0 release supported
   • Latest Websphere, JBOSS version support
• Other EJB Option fixes and enhancements
2E r8.1 Web Services Creation
• Builds on EJB Option
• Deployment time options in AllFusion Joe
• Supports major J2EE application servers
   - Websphere, JBoss
2E r8.1 Web Services Consumption
3 Main Parts:
• Builds on AllFusion Joe Web Services consumption feature
• New YGENWSPXY command
   - Takes Java interfaces created by Joe
   - Creates i5/OS ILE program to call Web Service
• New WSPXY function type
   - Model definition acts as “proxy” to the web service
   - Enables call to web service from 2E Action Diagram
2E r8.1 Web Option
Improved 5250 web-enablement:
• Cascading style sheets
• Improved multi-language support
   - Includes option to externalize drop-down list literals
• More model-level integration
• Enhanced scripting capabilities
   - Extended syntax
• Many other fixes and enhancements
Beyond Version 8.1…..
• Ideas for future development:
   •   Removal of interactive requirement for Web Option
   •   Generation of JSP templates for EJB Option
   •   Java integration facilities
   •   Enhance array support
   •   Enhance SQL support
   •   Enhance PRTFIL/PRTOBJ support
   •   Let us know your thoughts and ideas…..
CA and the 2E Community
User Groups R Us
    Forum still out there for ongoing communication with
     the base!
    Forum used very successfully for alpha/beta
    E-mail announcements for product events
    EDGE North America at CA World 2005
 - Several User Groups Among Our
    Looking to more actively promote the events and
     meetings for these groups
Events and Promotions
 Customer road show events in North America
 Education Courses Updated
 CA World 2005
 COMMON in North America
 Web Seminars
 Newsletters
 Training Events
 Business Value Stories
Session Summary
Session Summary
 AllFusion 2E Drives On
  - Emphasis on continuing to provide our customers with
    the best tools possible to develop and maintain eServer
    i5-based applications
  - Emphasis on continuing to provide ways for our
    customers to modernize their systems
  - Emphasis on enhancements to the base tool based on
    customer input:

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