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					HOLY ROSARY PARISH, SEATTLE                                                                                                 Page 1

Our Parish Family                                                                                           REGULAR
Special Intentions                                                                                         MASS TIMES
November 26: Dinko Picinic, RIP
November 30: Nancy Reid, RIP                                                                                Saturdays:
                                                                                                     Communion Service at 8am
                                                                                                         Vigil Mass at 5pm
                                                                                                          Penance from
Donations were made to the                                                                           3:30pm-4:30pm or by appt
Fr. Mallahan Endowment fund in
and in honor of Donna Bajocich                Advent Giving Tree                                              Sundays:
                                              Our three Giving Trees are up and                      8am, 9:30am, 11:30am, 5pm
                                              filled with tags! Please take a tag
                                              and follow the directions on the                                Weekdays:
We remember those who have                    back. All gifts must be returned by                        7:45am in the Church
died, especially                              noon on December 16. Thank
Dominic Picinich                              you!                                                     Eucharistic Adoration:
                                                                                                       First Friday of the month
                                                                                                         from 8:30am to 4pm
Serving Overseas
Gregg Harrington (Iraq, 2nd tour), brother of Maureen Harrington                                     Check the bulletin periodically
Michael Ridgway (Afghanistan, 4th tour), husband of Sharon and father of Katie                          for special Mass times
Jake Ciesynski (Afghanistan), son of Jeanne & Mike Ciesynski                                                and Holy Days

                   We meet every 1st and 3rd Saturday morning from 9:30am to          Holy Rosary Tree Lot Festival
                   11am in Room 203 of the Parish Center. Those who are               November 30th from 6pm-9pm is our
                   suffering a significant loss due to the loss of a spouse,          1st Annual "Holiday Tree Festival." There
                   sibling, child, friend or other losses are welcome. The group      will be lots of fun activities for all ages,
                   is free and one does not need to be a parishioner of Holy          including a professional photographer to
                   Rosary to attend. If you are interested in attending a Grief       take your family holiday photo.
                   Support Group, please contact Virginia Radel.

                                                         Parish Calendar
  Monday, November 26, 2012                                             Thursday, November 29, 2012
  10:30am Funeral for Dominic Picinich in Church. Recep-                Simbang Gabi Practice in Church (3pm)
  tion to follow in School Hall.                                        BASE Spaghetti Dinner in School Hall (7pm)
  Finance in Rectory Basement (6:30pm)                                  RCIA in Reception Room (7pm)
  Adult Bible Study in Room 203 (7pm)                                   Al Anon in Room 203 (7pm)
  Tuesday, November 27, 2012                                            Friday, November 30, 2012
  Children's Choir practice - Chapel (3pm)                              Sprouts in Reception Rm (9am)
  Women's Night Out in Reception Room (6pm)                             Parent’s Club/Tree Lot Mtg in School Hall (6:30pm)
  Safe Environment Class in School Hall (6:30pm)                        Men's AA in Reception Room (7pm)
  Choir practice in Church (7pm)                                        Saturday, December 01, 2012
  Wednesday, November 28, 2012                                          Men's Group in Reception Room (7am)
  Women's Spirituality Grp in Rectory Bsmnt (6:15pm)                    Caring & Anointing Mass in Church (8am)
  Paul's Choir practice in Church (7pm)                                 Grief ministry in Room 203 (9:30am)
                                                                        Charismatic Prayer Group in Chapel (10:30am)
HOLY ROSARY PARISH, SEATTLE                                                                                       Page 2

                        Our New Monthly Parish Calendar
                        This is the first week that      at the advertising by the        reading the bulletin.
                        you will find a new pull-out     parishioners and others who
                        calendar of parish events        make it possible for us to       These comments are
                        and schedules for                provide this service for free.   inspired by an email that I
                        December. A number of            We would love for them           received from a parishioner
                        parishioners have asked for      and us to be allowed into        recently entitled: Are We
                        something like this and          your life just because we are    There Yet? It consisted of a
                        some have even brought us        part of the community we         series of pictures showing
                        samples from other parishes      live in together. Even if we     groups of people in a variety
                        around the US. This format       don’t get to your home in        of situations in everyday life
                        should be easier to read and     person we can simply come        from having coffee or
                        will provide the opportunity     in through our efforts to        dinner, a day at the beach,
                        to look through the month        inform you and make your         cheering your team, driving
                        ahead at a glance. It is         life better connected as a       in a car with others, on a
                        intended for your                member of this community.        date with a best friend
                        refrigerator door or for                                          where groups of people are
   “Lay your heart      wherever you keep                I know I have asked              standing or sitting
                        calendars on display in your     previously that you not          together—all on their
   before him with      home.                            bother with a bulletin before    phones texting! No
                                                         Mass but simply pick it up       conversation or interaction
     the good and       This introduces a new            on the way out.                  was happening: the sub-title
                        dimension to the reading as                                       over the pictures read: THE
                        well as taking or leaving a      In this Year of Faith please     DAY THAT ALBERT
          the bad.”                                      trade reading the bulletin for
                        parish bulletin. May I make                                       EINSTEIN FEARED
                        a new plea to everyone to        reading the readings before      MAY HAVE FINALLY
                        take the bulletin with you       Mass and thinking and            ARRIVED.
                        and not leave them in the        praying about them—even
                        pew after reading: I             considering what kind of         This piece is posted on our
                        especially ask that you not      homily you would give if         web site: check it out on the
                        leave a bulletin without a       you were to stand at the         Home Page side-bar!
                        calendar in the pew. A           pulpit. When coming to
                                                         church I think there are two     The Advent season is
                        group of very senior ladies                                       beginning: take a step into
                        in the parish go around after    things that are more helpful
                                                         and important than reading       greater active participation
                        the weekend clearing up the                                       in church: this Year of Faith
                        pews and they find bulletins     the bulletin in the church.
                                                                                          can enrich your life beyond
                        and other things stuck in the    One; cultivating community       your expectations. Join your
                        pew pockets. Most all of         by meeting and greeting          heart to everyone else’s in
                        them are at the grandmother      others who are also present.     making it happen.
                        stage of life and find it hard   You might take a turn at
                        to pass by a mess in the         being a greeter at the door.     BUY YOUR
                        pews.                                                             CHRISTMAS TREE
                                                         Two; developing your             FROM OUR LOT IN
                        We prepare the bulletin with     prayer relationship with         THE SCHOOL YARD:
                        the thought and intent that      God. Lay your heart before       IT IS A GREAT WAY TO
                        it will end up in your home      him with the good and the        CONTRIBUTE TO
                        and that you will take just a    bad.                             OUR COMMUNITY!
                        little time to read about the
                        events that make us a parish     Both these would pay             Fr John
                        and take even a cursory look     greater dividends in life than
Page 3                                                                 OUR LORD JESUS CHRIST, KING OF THE UNIVERSE

Parish Gifts …...Mary Simpson, Pastoral Assistant for Administration
                                                                  relief in the offering or
 Last week’s collection:                                          donate online at
                                                                  /Missions. Unless donors
   Fiscal Year to Date:                                           indicate otherwise, all donations
          477,154                                                 received by the Missions Office for
                                                                  Hurricane Sandy will be
          Budget:                                                 designated 75% for Catholic
          471,571                                                 Charities USA (Northeast
                                                                  coast) and 25% for Catholic
                                Christmas Trees: Are you          Relief Services (Caribbean).
                                ready to start decorating?
Thank you for your
                                The Holy Rosary School            Thank you Happy Hour:
generous response. The
                                Christmas Tree Lot opened         Last week on Friday evening
parish gave $1,420 in last
                                this weekend. We have             we hosted a “Happy Hour”
week’s Special Collection
                                beautiful trees and garlands,     to thank parish time/talent/
for Missions, which will go
                                great camaraderie, and you        treasure contributors. For
to the Daughters of Mary in
                                will know that your               those of you who were not
Uganda. There is no 2nd
                                purchase is helping benefit       able to join us, we want to
collection scheduled for this
                                our parish school and three       say thank you for all your
week. Next week we will
participate in the
                                West Seattle charities: West      gifts; but also, we should tell         Holy Rosary’s
                                Seattle Helpline, Hickman
Archdiocesan Special
                                House, and West Seattle
                                                                  you that you missed a great              next on-site
Collection for Catholic                                           party! In fact, many of the
Community Services.
                                Foodbank.                         guests said we should do              Safe Environment
                                                                  this more often. So, watch                 Training
                                Hurricane Sandy: Where            for future developments.
We are so pleased to advise
                                to Donate. Excerpts from          And, if you would like to                   will be:
you that parish families have
                                a message from                    help make it happen (e.g.,
stepped forward to sponsor
all three of the girls in
                                Archbishop Sartain: “As           wine and cheese after the                  Tuesday,
                                we see continually in the
Kenya for whom Fr.
                                media, the effects of the
                                                                  5:00), let us know.                     November 27
Dunstan had requested
assistance. If this type of
                                storm are far worse than any      Assistance available from               6:30pm in the
                                of us could have imagined.        Seattle Public Utilities:
program appeals to you, all
                                Our hearts and prayers go         SPU has asked us to help
                                                                                                           School Hall.
of our African ministry
                                out to the victims and their      spread the word that they
partners assure us they have
                                families in this time of          can offer help with utility
plenty of students needing
assistance, so just let us
                                struggle. . . The solidarity of   bills to income-qualified                For more
                                prayer and your financial
know. This summer, Tim
                                support will be a great
                                                                  customers for the next 18              information,
Law will once again lead a                                        months. For example, if
mission team to Kenya and
                                blessing to all the people        you’re a family of four,                  contact
                                impacted by Hurricane             making less than $4,819 a
Uganda to visit these
                                Sandy, both in the northeast      month, you may qualify for
                                                                                                         Melissa at the
missions and see firsthand
how our help is being used.
                                and in the Caribbean.” If         50% off your utility bills.            Parish Office
                                you would like to donate,         For more information, go to
                                you can include your gift, or             206-935-8353
                                marked for Hurricane Sandy        call 206-684-0268
HOLY ROSARY PARISH, SEATTLE                                                                                      Page 4

                        Adult Faith Formation …...JoAnn Tobin, Pastoral Assistant for Adult Faith Formation
                        Adult Faith                        attend to but others are just   in the divine presence. Our
                        Formation: Up until                distractions. We are very       redemption won through
                        recently I felt that I was still   fortunate that our Church       the life, ministry, death, and
                        back in August, or just            provides for a period of        resurrection of Jesus unites
                        wanted to be, but our rainy,       preparation for one of the      us all with one another and
                        blustery weather is                major feasts in the church      in union with Christ. Thus
                        reminding me that this is          year: the feast of the          all people are invited to
                        not so. This weekend we            Incarnation. I pray that        enter the kingdom of God,
                        are coming upon the last           everyone who picks up one       particularly the poor and
                        Sunday in the liturgical year      of these booklets will find     lowly.
                        – the Feast of Christ the          something spiritually
                        King – which means that            meaningful within. I            Jesus asks for a radical
                        the First Sunday of Advent         encourage you to give me        choice from his followers,
                        and the first Sunday of the        some feedback on the            to give everything in order
                        new liturgical year begins         booklets…some thoughts          to obtain the treasure of the
                        next weekend. By each of           that struck you. May you        kingdom. In the life of the
                        the doors of the church you        all have a blessed Advent       Church and the sacraments
                        will find a basket filled with     season. JMT                     we catch a glimpse of the
                        Advent booklets entitled                                           fullness of God’s reign. In
                        “Sacred Space.” I                  The Church Says: This           the blessed hope of
                        encourage you to take one          weekend we celebrate the        inheriting the kingdom we
                        and to find a few moments          Feast of Christ the King and    proclaim Christ as King and
                        of quiet time each day             the last Sunday of the          place our lives at the service
                        during the Advent season to        liturgical year. The theme      of his dominion. Christ
                        find some “sacred space”           of the kingdom of God           who reigns from the wood
                        and connect with the God           permeates the life and          of the cross is exalted and
                        who dwells within you. As          teaching of Jesus. This         we who are moved by grace
                        you well know, there are so        kingdom indicates the very      to surrender to his reign
                        many outside happenings            real dominion of God            anticipate the glory yet to be
                        that vie for our attention         among us and also is a          revealed. (1999, RCL)
                        and many you really need to        metaphor for eternity spent

                                                                                                 League of the
                        Valentine Dinner Planning Meeting                                        Sacred Heart
                        Holy Rosary Parish is hosting a Married Couples Vow
                                                                                           The League of the Sacred
                        Renewal Mass followed by Valentine Dinner and Dance                Heart always meets on the
                        on February 9, 2013. If you like planning celebration              first Friday of each month
                        events, please join the organizing committee meeting               from 2pm to 4pm. New
                        Wednesday, November 28 at 7pm in the Parish Center                 members are always
                        Reception Room. Bring your great ideas to make this an             welcome. The December
                        enjoyable evening for married couples of all ages.                 meeting on Friday,
                                                                                           December will include a
                        Need more information, contact:                                    Christmas Luncheon
                        Patrick Barredo:, or                beginning at noon. If you
                                                                                           have any questions, please
                        Duane Davis
                                                                                           contact Paula at 937-6530.
Page 5                                                       OUR LORD JESUS CHRIST, KING OF THE UNIVERSE

Holy Rosary Preschoolers Help the Hungry

While learning about the letter H, the Pre-K students
brainstormed the words HELP and HUNGRY. Their
discussion that followed led them to the idea of the First
Annual Pre-K Food Drive. They collected several large
boxes of food which they then placed on the shelves in the
St. Vincent de Paul food room. They were delighted to do
their part to "Help the Hungry" right here in our West
Seattle community.

                                                                                                 n Gym
                                                                                      nd   Laniga
                                                                               d behi

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