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					                                              Manuel L. Dennis III

     Phone                                                                             E-mail
 (504) 835-7656                   1705 Woods Dr.                         
                             Metairie, LA 70001-2748
                                                                                          Web site

Summary:             Professional Consulting, Analysis, and Design since 1991; Custom Programming since 1983
Objective:           Challenging Consulting and Programming Position working with .NET

Self-Employment History

2009-present         Contract Positions                                                            Consultant Programmer
                     Doing Business for XOCOMP, llc

2000-2006            Contract Positions                                                            Consultant Programmer
                     Doing Business for XOCOMP, llc

1993-2000            Contract Positions                                                            Consultant Contract
                     Doing Business as MD Enterprises                                              Programmer

                     Consulting and Contract Position Information Listed Below:

Summary:             Perform work for many firms using various .NET tools like: C#, Visual Basic.NET,
                     ASP.NET, ADO.NET, Access, XML, XML Web Services, LINQ
                     Additional Languages: Visual Basic 6, Pascal, Clipper, Visual Objects, Delphi, CGI Perl, C, Visual C++,
                     Borland C++, Visual Interdev, VBA, ASP, Real Basic
                     Technology: .NET Framework, WCF, WPF, Entity Framework, DirectX, GUI, AJAX, VBScript, DHTML,
                     HTML, XML, GXA, SOAP, Windows Forms, Web Services, OLE DB, WSDL, Windows API, Web Forms,
                     Smart Client Applications, Smart Device Applications, Console Applications, Microsoft Application Blocks
                     Application Frameworks: Visual Studio .NET, AppForge, DeKlarit, TierBuilder, XOTier, Infragistics .NET
                     Advantage, Component One Suite, RapTier, ORM.NET, LBLGen
                     Databases: SQL Server 2008, 2005, 2000 and 7, Clipper, FoxPro, dBase, Access, mySQL, MSDE, SQL
                     Server 7, Jasmine, Oracle 10i, XML
                     Automation and Interaction with: Access, Excel, Outlook, Word, Acrobat, PowerPoint, Word Perfect,
                     Microsoft Small Business Accounting, Quicken, Hummingbird Document Management
                     Modeling and Reporting using: SQL Reporting Services , Crystal Reports, R&R Report Writer, FrontPage,
                     UML and Visio, Expression Web, Expression Blend
                     Configuration Management using: MS Team, Subversion, CVS, Source Forge, Visual Source Safe, and
                     Develop applications and provide support for the following platforms: Windows Server2008, 2003, Windows
                     2000 Server, NT 4.0 Servers. Windows 7, Windows XP Pro, Windows 2000 Pro, Windows 98, Windows 95
                     and Windows 3.1x workstations, Pocket PC, Palm OS, Novell Netware
                     Web application development including XML web services and ASP.NET web
                     Applications, WS-Security, WS-Attachment
                     Windows Communication Foundation, Windows Presentation Foundation, Entity Framework

Management:          CIO of XOCOMP, Owner MD Enterprises, Continuous Systems

                                           Communications and Information Resources Inc,
                                           Computerland, Computer System Solutions, Parmet Consulting, Computer Applications
                                           Etc, Mercury Data Systems, Quality Data Systems, CompUSA, Kemtah Group, PC
               Computer/Software           Consultants, Software & Stuff, TankWare, KAM Systems, CommTech,,
                                           InfoMatters, Synergy Systems, System Management Technologies, DataStar, Protocol,
Industry                                   Peace of Mind Software, VanillaSoft, Creative Internet, AML Group, Agilogic Service Tech
Breakdown                                  Solutions

                                           US Army Corps of Engineers, Medical Center of Louisiana at New Orleans - Mental Health
               Government                  Services, New Orleans Mental Health Services, Department of Health and Hospitals -
                                           Office of Mental Health, Jefferson Parish Indigent Defender Board
                                              Manuel L. Dennis III

                                            World Color Retail, RACOM, Government Systems Inc, Southern Microfilm, Century
                Imaging/Printing            Graphics Corporation, RCR Graphics, Champion Graphics, ADD Inc. – News On Wheels

                                            E&H Insurance Services, Better Benefits Inc, National Life of Vermont, Lane & Associates,
                Insurance                   Gilsbar

                Investment/Banking          Hibernia National Bank, Howard Weil, Retriever, First National Bank of Commerce

                Engineering/Architecture    ArchLume, Jolly Consultants, Schlumberger, CNG, BASS Enterprises, CForce, PSI

                Legal                       Louisiana Attorney Disciplinary Board, Phelps Dunbar, LMW

                Accounting/Finance/Taxes    Stolf Accounting, Jim Fonte CPA, Metro Rediscount

                                            Reuters, Kroll Laboratory Specialists, DRI Media, Louisiana Smart Net Club, Advantage
                                            Nursing Services, , DA Exterminating, BUNGE, Mobil Oil, Spectrum Marketing Group,
                                            ECR, Bellsouth Mobility, Harmony Creek, Majoria Drugs,, Donovan Marine, TicketPro,
                                            PANAM, Bienvenu Brothers, Mardi Gras Productions, Harkins Florist, Conservation Force

                                            Louisiana CRS, NOPC Club, Windows Application Developers SIG, Visual Basic
                Clubs, Organizations        Learners Group, Scottish-Rite, Musicians Mutual Protective Union, Greater New Orleans
                                            .NET User Group

Employment History

Date              Company                  Work                                                                   Position

12/09-present     XOCOMP, llc              Self-Employed, performing consulting and contract software             Consultant Programmer
                                           development using .NET technology.

01/09-11/09       System Management        Performing software development                                        Consultant Programmer

01/07-1/09        Continuous Systems       Managing a software development team at City of New Orleans            Development Manager

5/06-12/06        Diamond Data Systems     Performing contract software development                               Consultant Programmer

4/00-7/00         Education America        Visual Basic and Windows NT Instruction                                Instructor

2000-05/06        XOCOMP, llc              Self-Employed, performing consulting and contract software             Consultant Programmer
                                           development using .NET technology.

1993-2000         MD Enterprises           Self-Employed, performing contract software development, dba MD        Consultant Programmer

1993 -1994        Dynomic                  Lead programmer for national long-distance communications reseller.    Lead Analyst

1991-1993         U.S. Army Corps of       Work closely with users to fulfill system needs and desires.           Programmer

1989-1997         U.S. Air Force,          Class Leader and Honor Graduate of class 890911 at Lowry AFB.          Aircraft Armament
                  Louisiana Air National   Bay Chief in 62 Squadron. Diagnose and repair aircraft armament        Systems Specialist (E-5)
                  Guard                    technology. Work with airman to perform mechanical and electrical
                                           function checks on weapons and maintain F-15 fighter aircraft
                                           weapons systems. Graduate of the 1 Airman Leadership School.
                                           Honorable Discharge May 1997.

1985-1990         Miscellaneous Work       Worked part-time and full time at Popeye's, House Works, Baskin        Part-time
                                           Robbins, and Wal-Mart to help myself through high school and
                                               Manuel L. Dennis III

Professional Training and Certifications
Date        Courses                                              Provider               Location
05/04       Microsoft TechEd 2004                                Microsoft              San Diego
04/04       Implementing Security in VB.NET                      Microsoft (MCP)        New Horizons Computer
                                                                                        Learning Center
06/03       Microsoft TechEd 2003                               Microsoft               Dallas
05/03       ASP.NET Web Builder                                 Fawcette                New Orleans
11/02       ASP.NET                                             Brainbench    
04/02       Microsoft TechEd 2002                               Microsoft               New Orleans
11/01       Web Builder                                         Fawcette                New Orleans
11/01       Microsoft DevDays                                   Microsoft               Boston
09/00       Visual Basic Insiders’ Technology Summit            Fawcette Technical      Orlando
09/00       Designing and Implementing Distributed Applications Microsoft (MCP)         New Horizons Computer
            with Microsoft VB6                                                          Learning Center
09/00       Brainbench VB6 Certified Programmer                 Brainbench    
04/00       Brainbench VB5 Certified Programmer                 Brainbench    
04/00       CA-World 2000                                       Computer Associates     New Orleans
07/99       CA-World '99 - Jasmine                              Computer Associates     New Orleans
07/99       CARE Conference                                     Computer Associates     New Orleans
06/99       Designing and Implementing Desktop Applications      Microsoft              New Horizons Computer
            with Microsoft VB 6                                                         Learning Center
05/99       International Certificate of Achievement in Visual   Waite Group Press
            Basic 5
10/98       SQL Server 7.0 Overview                              Microsoft              Productivity Point International
11/97       Microsoft Certified Professional - Visual Basic 4    Microsoft              New Horizons Computer
                                                                                        Learning Center
06/98       Microsoft TechEd                                     Microsoft              New Orleans
04/98       CA-World '98 - Jasmine                               Computer Associates    New Orleans
07/97       CA-World '97 - Technicon                             Computer Associates    New Orleans
08/96       CA-World '96 - Technicon                             Computer Associates    New Orleans
03/96       Asynchronous Transfer Mode Concepts                  3COM                   Alexandria
08/95       CA-World '95 - Technicon                             Computer Associates    New Orleans
07/94       CA-World '94 - Technicon                             Computer Associates    New Orleans
10/96       Advanced Microsoft Access 7.0                        New Horizons           Metairie
1992        Associates Degree in Aircraft Armament Systems       Community College of
                                                                 the Air Force
1992        USAF Airman Leadership School                        USAF                   Louisiana
1989        Technical Training in Aircraft Armament Systems      USAF                   Lowry AFB, CO

Classes and Training Courses Taught
Date            Courses                                          Provider            Location
08/03-09/03     Introduction to .NET, C#, ASP.NET                DataStar            Stennis Space Center
09/01-Present   Greater New Orleans .NET User Group              GNONUG              Metairie
05/00-07/00     Visual Basic and Windows NT 4 Server             Education America   Metairie
02/98-2003      Visual Basic Learner's Group                     NOPC - VBLG         Metairie
04/98           Introduction to Databases                        MD Enterprises      R1, New Orleans
03/98           Introduction to Word Processors                  MD Enterprises      R1, New Orleans
02/98           Introduction to Computer Software                MD Enterprises      R1, New Orleans
01/98           Introduction to Computer Hardware                MD Enterprises      R1, New Orleans
02/97           Introduction to the Internet                     MD Enterprises      Metairie
1996            Object Oriented Programming Concepts             MD Enterprises      SELH, Mandeville
1996            Database Construction Techniques                 MD Enterprises      SELH, Mandeville
11/95           Visual Basic Boot Camp                           MD Enterprises      ELSH/FFF, East Feliciana
1995            Advanced Clipper Programming                     MD Enterprises      SELH, Mandeville
03/93           Introduction to Clipper 5.x                      CIRCA               Metairie
10/92           Introduction to R&R Report Writer                CIRCA               Metairie
08/92           Clipper and X-Base Basics                        USACE               New Orleans
                                               Manuel L. Dennis III

Professional Organizations
Date                 Group                                                Title
2004-present         Linked In                                            Member
2003-present         International .NET Association                       Member
2001-present         Greater New Orleans .NET User Group                  Mentor/Founder
1998-present         Visual Basic Learners Group                          Mentor/Founder
2000-2001            Louisiana Tech Council                               Member
1999-2000            Linux Learners Group                                 Member
1996-2000            Windows Application Developers SIG                   Moderator
1994-present         New Orleans Personal Computer Club                   Member/Webmaster
1997-1999            New Orleans Tech Council                             Member
1997-1999            Giga Information Group                               ExpetNet Expert
1998-2000            MCSD Study Group                                     Member
1999-2000            Visual C++ Learners Group                            Moderator
1999-2001            Assembly Language Learners Group                     Moderator
1994                 OMH – Information Services Developers Group          Advisor
1994                 New Orleans Clipper User Group                       Vice President
1995                 Borland Developers Group                             Member
1994                 New Orleans BBS User Group                           Member
1993                 ACM – UNO Chapter                                    Member
1996                 NT SIG                                               Member
1997-2000            Advisory Board for Southeast College of Technology   Member
1999-2000            International Who’s Who of Information Technology    Member
1998                 IEEE Computer Society                                Affiliate
1998-2001            Microsoft Developer Network Members Helping          Member

Specialized University Coursework
Date           Course                                            Provider            Location
1993           Bachelors of Science in Computer Science          UNO                 UNO
1993           Minor in Psychology                               UNO                 UNO
1993           Database Design                                   UNO                 UNO
1992           C, Objective C, ADA                               UNO                 UNO
1992           UNIX and C programming                            UNO                 UNO
1991           ICON, Miranda                                     UNO                 UNO

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