SMS MArketing by hamaravision


									SMS Marketing
Use of text messaging has grown significantly for business. Businesses are turning to new technologies,
sms messaging (text messaging), collaboration apps and mobile communications. SMS text messaging
practical uses includes receipts of SMS for confirming delivery, and instant communication between a
client and service provider (e.g. investor and stock broker), and for sending alerts. Several colleges /
universities have implemented system of sending text alerts to students and faculties’ college alerts
(university alerts).
Applications are telematics, when two apps communicate with each other automatically. Staff
communications and incidents alerts are another use for B2B scenarios.
Businesses can use SMS for updates, mobile campaigns, reminder alerts, breaking news alerts, text for
info, text to email, text for contact, text to drive, mobile coupons, content and entertainment apps.
Mobile interaction can also be used for consumer to business interactions, such as media sms voting
(sms polls) and sms competitions (text to win) and for consumer-to-consumer interaction, for example
with chating, dating and mobile social networking

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