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(Continued from Page 1A)                indeed safe, despite the two         watts per kilogram for short                 (Continued from Page 1A)            Café (she loves Harley
potentially significant public          studies that Carlo calls “red        periods.                                     consistently brought added          Davidson motorcycles, though
health problem, should the use          flags.”                                The       American       Health            value to the Times readers,         she does not ride).
of these devices even slightly            “These are just pieces of a        Foundation used a different kind             especially the Spanish lan-           On Ellis Island she walked up
increase the risk of adverse            much larger picture, and the         of scientific tool known as case             guage market.                       364 steps to the top of the
health effects,” the FDA says.          larger picture continues to reaf-    control studies. In still-unpub-               He and his team of Spanish        Statute of Liberty, only to find
   In the last year, the number of      firm the fact that there are no      lished preliminary findings, the             language writers have, over the     that rain and clouds obscured
cell phone users in the United          adverse health effects from          researchers compared the cell                past five years, spearheaded        her view from the observation
States jumped by 10 million.            using cellular phones,” said Jo-     phone exposure of a group of                 growth of Spanish language          windows located in the statue’s
U.S. cell phone sales soared            Anne Basile, CTIA’s vice presi-      people with a particular health              coverage.                           crown. After taking the hike up,
over $37 billion in 1999, up $8         dent for external and industry       problem with another group of                  In 1995 Hernandez and his         she hiked back down the same
billion over the previous year          relations.                           people who did not have the                  staff developed El Tiempo (The      364 steps, a feat, both up and
and $12 billion over 1997.                Cell phones use microwave          condition.                                   Times) into both a daily and        down, she did not find to be too
   The Carlo studies showing a          signals to transmit human voice        One study compared the cell                Sunday supplement.                  much fun.
possible link between the               or data. Microwaves — a specif-      phone habits of 465 patients                   In 1998, Nuestro Tiempo (Our        Garza saw the Broadway
phones and illness have caught          ic category of radio waves —         newly diagnosed with brain can-              Times), a separately distributed    musical “Fosse,” and said she
the attention of Peter Angelos, a       also have other applications,        cer against a group of 422 non-              monthly tabloid paper, was          enjoyed Central Park, the sub-
prominent Baltimore attorney            the most common of which is to       cell phone users who did not                 founded and is delivered free of    way, cabs, food and people.
who has successfully litigated          cook food. The major difference      have the disease. They found                 charge     throughout      Webb       Hernandez will make his trip in
against the tobacco industry            between cell phones and              no association between overall
and asbestos manufacturers.                                                                                               County’s colonias and rural         April. He is planning to see the
                                        microwave ovens is the amount        brain cancer risk and cell phone             areas. This publication contains    Broadway show, “Kiss Me
Angelos is investigating possi-         of power that propels the signal.    usage.
ble legal action against the cel-                                                                                         information and news items in       Kate.”
                                        Cell phones use low power,             But when the researchers
lular phone industry but cau-                                                                                             both English and Spanish of           As a preface to the recogni-
                                        while ovens use high power.          looked at a specific type of brain
tions that more scientific                High levels of microwave radi-     cancer — known as neuronal                   special interest to residents of    tion, Hearst Newspapers wrote,
research is needed.                     ation are known to be danger-        tumors, which grow from the                  those areas.                        “We appreciate the importance
   The question of cell phone           ous. A microwave oven, for           periphery of the brain inward —                An important part of the award    of providing sales effectiveness
safety recently led Metrocall of        example, shoots a powerful           they found that 14 out of 34                 is a three-day all expense paid     to our advertisers as well as
Alexandria, Va., the nation’s           microwave signal, propelled by       patients with that kind of cancer            trip to Hearst headquarters in      bringing journalism of distinc-
third largest pager company             100 watts of power, at a piece of    were      cell   phone      users.           New York City (Manhattan) for       tion to our readers.
and a major seller of AT&T cel-         food and cooks it by heating its     Compared with the control                    themselves and a guest, where         “In a competitive and ever
lular phones, to warn its sales         water molecules.                     group, cell phone users had                  they receive recognition by         changing marketplace, the
staff that parents buying for a           The key question is whether        more than double the risk of                 George B. Irish, president of       major difference between sur-
child or young adult should con-        the low level of microwave radi-     developing the tumor.                        Hearst Newspapers.                  viving and thriving is the imagi-
sider a pager instead of a cell         ation used by a cell phone — a         However, in a somewhat para-                 Garza, who made her trip in       nation, dedication and determi-
phone “due to potential health          cell phone’s microwave signal is     doxical finding, the researchers             March, said her most memo-          nation of loyal colleagues.”
risks.”                                 propelled by about 0.6 watts of      found that the risk did not                  rable moment, aside from               (Staff writer Chuck Owen can
   The reason, said company             power — also can cause harm.         increase with the duration of cell           meeting with Hearst people and      be reached at 728-2564 or by
officials, is concern that younger        Past research has shown no         phone use, which they would                  receiving that recognition, was     e-mail                         at
people, whose bodies are still          firm link between microwaves         expect to occur with a carcino-              going to the Harley Davidson
developing, may be more sus-            and cancer, according to the         gen.
ceptible to damage from                 American Cancer Society.               Joshua Muscat, the lead
microwave radiation.
   “If an adult comes in with a
                                          “While some epidemiological
                                        studies suggest associations
                                                                             researcher on the study, called
                                                                             the findings “not a red flag, but a
                                                                                                                          Investigators say engineer saw bus
teenager and says, ‘I want to           with cancer, others do not, and      pale red flag.” He said that the
buy my kid a cell phone,’ we say                                                                                            CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (AP)           sped toward the railroad cross-
                                        experimental studies have not        link between phones and the
this is something that we want                                                                                            — Two crew members on a             ing, said Ken Suydam, investi-
                                        yet yielded reproducible evi-        rare brain tumor requires a larg-
to make you aware of,” said                                                                                               freight train say they watched in   gator in charge for the National
                                        dence of carcinogenic mecha-         er study of larger populations of
Michael Scanlon, a senior vice          nisms,” ACS said.                    people.                                      helpless horror as a school bus     Transportation Safety Board.
president at Metrocall.                   The cell phone’s radiation field     Muscat also cautioned that the             sped toward a crossing in the         “Both saw the bus approaching
   Carlo’s cell phone research          is concentrated at about three       long-term health effects of cell             seconds before it was struck by     at a rapid rate of speed and
project       —which      involved      to four inches around the anten-     phone radiation are unknown,                 the train’s locomotive, investi-    expressed concern to each other
dozens of scientists at universi-       na, near the user’s head.            adding that there is often a                 gators said Saturday.               as to whether the bus would stop,”
ties, hospitals and private labo-         And this is where the potential    decades-long latency period                    The accident Tuesday morn-        he said at a news conference.
ratories across the nation over a       problems lie.                        among certain types of cancers.              ing just north of the Georgia         However, investigators do not
five-year period — produced               Current FDA rules on cell          “To be prudent, surveillance is              state line killed three children.   yet know how fast the bus was
more than 40 studies.                   phone safety rely on a radiation     needed,” he said.                            Five others including the bus       traveling or if driver Rhonda
   While most of the research           measurement called the “specif-        Scientists from both research              driver were injured, and two        Cloer tried to stop, Suydam
showed cell phone use had               ic absorption rate” or SAR.          projects later briefed the FDA               children remained in critical       said. The manufacturer exam-
no effect on the human body,              Cell phones are allowed to         about their findings. The agency             condition Saturday.                 ined the bus’ anti-lock braking
Dr. Russell Owen, chief of the          emit a maximum SAR of 1.6            then ordered the new round of                  The engineer and conductor        system and reported it was
radiation-biology branch of             watts per kilogram as measured       safety investigation.                        on the CSX train said they          working properly, Suydam said.
the FDA’s Center for Devices            over one gram of body tissue.                                                     watched helplessly as the bus
and Radiological Health, said             However, the FDA now ques-
the two studies “raise some             tions whether that safety limit
interesting scientific ques-            fully protects consumers. The
tions but are no cause for              limit is focused entirely on pro-
alarm.”                                 tecting a user from phones that
   Much of the new safety               actually destroy cells by heating
research will be coordinated by         them, the “thermal” effect.
the FDA and the cell phone                This limit may not protect
industry represented by the             against      “any     non-thermal
Cellular Telecommunications             effects of chronic exposure,” the
Industry Association (CTIA).            agency said. DNA disintegration
The first study will follow-up the      is an example of a non-thermal
North Carolina research on              effect.
DNA breakdown linked to cell              The 1.6 watt SAR was set in
phone radiation.                        1996 from the previous limit of 8
   That is “a priority goal,” said      watts, following a recommenda-
Owen, because — if the find-            tion from the Institute of
ings are accurate — such                Electrical     and     Electronics
genetic damage could lead to            Engineers — a professional
cancer or other disorders.              association.
   The details of the new                 The 8-watt ceiling had been
research program won’t be               considered safe. But the group
released until later this year. It is   proposed reducing the ceiling,
unclear how long it will take to        which was first established in
complete. Meanwhile, the                1982 to govern two-way radios,
National Cancer Institute and           by a factor of five to ensure that
the World Health Organization           there would be no health effects
are conducting separate studies         caused by cell phone use.
on cell phone safety.                     Against this background, the
   Questions about cell phone           North Carolina researchers at
safety were first raised in 1993        Integrated Laboratory Systems
when a Florida man, David               were surprised to find cell dam-
Reynard, filed suit against NEC         age when tissue was exposed
Corp., a cell phone manufactur-         to radiation of 5 and 10-watts
er, claiming his wife Suzy’s fatal      per kilogram over a period of 24
brain cancer was caused by her          hours.
cell phone.                               Researchers found no prob-
   His suit and 12 other suits          lems when blood cells were
against cell phone manufactur-          exposed to radiation of 1 watt
ers have been dismissed for             per kilogram over a period of 24
lack of scientific proof, accord-       hours. They also found no dam-
ing to Angelos.                         age when blood cells were
   Public anxieties were further        exposed for three hours at 1,
heightened by the brain cancer          2.5, 5 and 10-watts per kilogram
deaths of two prominent busi-           of radiation.
ness executives in 1994 and               In other words, problems
1993, Michael Walsh, the chief          appeared when blood was
executive officer of Tenneco,           exposed to higher levels of radi-
and Reginald Lewis the CEO of           ation over longer periods of
TLC Beatrice. Both were cell            time.
phone users. At the time, their           What had previously been
illnesses sparked a sell off on         considered safe now appeared
Wall Street of wireless industry        to pose some risk. This led to
stocks.                                 the conclusion that no one knew
   As a result of public concern,       exactly what is a safe level of
the CTIA decided to fund the            radiation for human exposure.
$27 million research project              One of the authors of the
aimed at assuring consumers             study, Dr. Graham Hook, said
that cell phones are safe.              the results don’t necessarily
   The industry association             mean the phones are harmful if
argues that cell phones are             they operate below 5- and 10-

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  Brong says this type of weather is
not uncommon for this type of year.
  “There’s plenty of moisture in the
lower part of the atmosphere as
well as some instability,” Brong
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