; Social Media Marketing With Facebook Facebook VS Twitter
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Social Media Marketing With Facebook Facebook VS Twitter


Social Media Marketing With Facebook Facebook VS Twitter

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									Social Media Marketing With Facebook:
         Facebook VS Twitter
The two biggest social media websites currently are Facebook and Twitter. Both of them
have surpassed MySpace and Friendster and their registered users are exponentially

Both types of social media sites seem very similar on the surface since they allow people
to connect with one another. However, when you dig a little deeper into these two sites,
you will notice that both focus on diverse paths. You try to engage into both of them and
try to stay afloat by updating them constantly, but eventually you will most likely need to
select a side. One will be the central social media site while the other is just
accompanying or not used much. To know which one you want to use, you need to be
aware of what both of them can do.

Let's consider Facebook first. Facebook was theoretically built to be a website where
college students could connect to each other and it is similar to Friendster. But since it
was opened to the public, its status grew. It gradually adds things in such as games, fan
pages, likes and applications. To stay associated on Facebook, you need to either verify
people as your friends or "like" fan pages. Essentially, Facebook allows you unite to your
friends quickly.

You can place things like pictures, videos, links or notes and distribute them to all your
friends. When posting these types of things they are really like personal emails to them.
They are given the opportunity to read and reply to your post and you can also respond to
their pictures or posts as well. This communication helps to keep the connection between
you and your friends or fans in closer proximity. Facebook also lets the web crawler
index your pages. Items you choose to post on Facebook may in reality reach the first
page of the search results.

Twitter is different from Facebook. You cannot directly post pictures, links or videos.
What you post is a status update within the limitation of 140 words. It is pretty much like
group text messaging. Users can sign up for a Twitter account and then they start
twittering about their life, feelings or mood. They can also follow other people's tweet
and retweet it back. Because anyone can just browse through the tweets, Twitter is good
for getting the word out quick or to see what people are talking about. Unfortunately you
cannot develop close relationship with your followers unlike with Facebook.

When a tweet is good, it often gets said again by other people. Then you can also add a
tag onto it so you can search for the tweets easier. Marketers have used this method to
keep track what their competitors are up to or what the public wants. They also used the
tweet to help out with their viral marketing because the tweet gets spread out very fast.
But Twitter cannot use videos or picture inside their viral marketing, making it very
dependent on the word you use. Facebook allows you to use words, pictures and videos
in your viral marketing.

The finale is that you ought to build a business where you want to keep a secure
connection with your customer base by using Facebook. You can always use Twitter as
an extra media source to see what is on the public's mind.

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