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					Basic computer networking Question sets
1. Define Internet and Intranet. Differentiate between Circuit Switching and Packet Switching with necessary examples. 2. Explain about network edge and network core. Differentiate between connectionoriented and connectionless services. 3. What are the physical media you use in computer networking? 4. Write the different methods that you use to access networks/Internet. 5. Describe different application/upper layer protocols that you use in computer networking. 6. Differentiate between classful and classless addressing on the reference of IPV4. 7. Explain about subnetting in IPV4 with appropriate example of Class C subnetting. Write in brief about VLSM. 8. Explain about protocol stack on the reference of TCP/IP model with appropriate diagram. Differentiate between IPv4 and IPv6. 9. Write 15 protocols used in Computer Networking, their functions in one line and corresponding layer as per OSI Model. 10. What is the role of DHCP? Describe in detail about how a node obtain its ip address from DHCP server with DHCP messages. 11. What do you mean by NAT? Explain with appropriate example. 12. Explain about Routing in Internet. 13. Differentiate between RIPv1 and RIP v2. 14. Write about the routing protocols you are familiar with? Differentiate between Routing and Routed protocols. 15. What is routing? What are the internal configuration components of router? 16. Explain internal architecture of router. 17. Differentiate between Distance vector and Link state routing algorithms. 18. Explain in detail about web application, HTTP and HTTP messages. 19. Why you need proxy server in computer networks? Differentiate between persistent and non-persistent connection. 20. What is WWW? Explain about port number and socket interfaces. 21. What is virtual reality? What you know about VRML? 22. Define VoIP. What are the advantages of VoIP? 23. What do you know by Mobile IP? Define the terms Mobile Node, Home Agent, Foreign Agent and Care of Address in the context of Mobile IP. 24. Suppose you are using a laptop having Mobile IP and your home network is located in Kathmandu. If you visit to Sydney, how your mobile PC will exchange information with your friends without changing IP? Explain with appropriate diagram. 25. What is Internet Telephony? Differentiate between PSTN and VOIP. 26. What are the difference types of multimedia networking applications that you know? Write the challenges of multimedia on Internet. 27. Explain the real time interactive application protocols that you know. 28. Differentiate between RTP and RTCP. Explain about X.323. 29. What are the desirable properties of secure communication? Explain 30. What is symmetric key encryption? Describe about polyalphabetic encryption and DES. 31. What is encryption? Explain public key encryption with suitable example.

32. Why you need firewalls in computer networks? Explain about packet filtering firewalls. 33. What is the role of application gateway in network security? 34. Explain standard and extended access control lists with examples. 35. Define Cryptography. Explain Digital Signature with suitable example. 36. How XML is different from HTML? What are the different ways to display XML documents? 37. What is XML? Define the terms XML schema, XML DTD with appropriate examples. 38. What is XML Namespaces and why you need that? Explain with suitable examples. 39. How semantic web is different from general web? 40. What is semantic web? Draw a layer model for semantic web. 41. Explain RDF, RDF schema and metadata. 42. Write short notes. a. ADSL b. ICMP c. NAT d. IPV6 e. Proxy Server f. Video Conferencing g. SIP h. XSL & XSLT i. Ontology

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