Shoreline Community College Criminal Justice Advisory Committee

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					Shoreline Community College
Criminal Justice Advisory Committee
Date: October 20, 2005               Time: 2PM
Location: Room 5302

Industry Attendance
Steve Perry (SNOCOM), Chief David Stern Edmonds PD, Chief Dennis Peterson (Lake Forrest
Park PD), Chief Forrest Conover Bothell PD, A/C Al Compaan (Edmonds), Ted DeHart (WSP)

Faculty/Staff Attendance
Linda Forst, Gian Bruno

Welcome / Introduction
Introduction of guest: Ted DeHart with WSP recruitment section
    - Minutes are reviewed and approved

   - Cop Talk - Lee Libby was a featured guest on KRKO Radio in July
   - Emergency Dispatcher Program - cancelled because it wasn't filled
           o marketing Ideas are being discussed with the public information office
           o The program will be pushed back to the winter and go through the summer
           o Lee is meeting in November with the Workforce Advisory Committee to talk about
               boosting enrollment
   - Steve Perry - SnoCom does background and testing for its applicants –loses many
       applicants during the background. SCC’s program does discuss this issue with students.

Status of Online Development
    - Lee is creating a constitutional Law course for online

Enrollment Issues
   - The intro class is packed
   - Three classes were cancelled due to low enrollment including - an online course,
       Bullets and Badges
   - Emergency Dispatcher Program Status
   - Randy Tibs is on a list of 3 people to replace John Pirak as the Director of Pierce County
       Law Enforcement Support Services. Possible opening for E/D instructor (Randy Tibbs is

   - Kate Tierney was hired by SPD
   - Emily Schmitz was hired by SPD
   - Aaron Paston was hired w/ SPD and is the academy
   - Jenni Morrison will be starting with WSP in January
    -   Caleb Steele graduated from the Dept of Defense Police Academy and working at Home
        Port Everett. He is also headed to Glynco, Georgia to attend the Naval CIS Academy

Set date for Spring Meeting this was tabled w/ request to select a date and e-mail them in a
couple months.

Other Items
   - Internships and Hiring
           o LFP has not had any interns this year - has had a real success with Shoreline's
                intern program
           o Edmonds has not had any interns in a year as well - has four office openings
                available. State patrol has 52 openings effective next Spring
           o Edmonds has done away with their education requirements
           Instruction and /or guidance in interviewing and oral boards were suggested as a topic
           for our students. This is currently being done formally in the Police Operations class
           and informally in many others.

Meeting adjourned

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