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Content of Annual Report - Ning


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Annual Report 2009-2010

Annual Division Performance Reports

Division Name:      Latinos and Planning
Prepared by:        Vicky Carrasco
                   Chair, Latinos and Planning Division
Date:              Due Date: November 2010
                   Covers: October 1, 2009 – September 30, 2010

   Content of Annual Report
        Latinos and Planning Division 09-10 Report

   Major Accomplishments
   Work Plan
   Conference Sessions/ Educational Programming
   Annual Meetings
   Membership Outreach
   Financial Reports
   Division Council Meetings
   Policy Issues
Summary of Major Accomplishments
The Latinos and Planning Division has come a long way since 2005, when organization began to
mobilize a national network. This annual report covers APA’s annual fiscal period between
October 1, 2009 to September 30, 2010.
Major Accomplishments:

           Arizona Dialogos 2009 (Feb, June and October) and 2010 (April)
           Well attended New Orleans Conference Events, April 2010 (1 session, 1 Facilitated
        Discussion, Bus tour/lunch, Business Meeting)
           First LAP Scholarship distributed
           Continued growth and interest in division’s online social network (ning, forum
        discussion, events calendar) for members only (tempor

Latinos and Planning has become a gateway for talented Latino planners to take on leadership
roles within the planning field. Several of our members and leaders have been selected to be on
influential committees within the American Planning Association.

Most recently, one of our Division members, Mitch Silver became President Elect of APA. An LAP
member from Texas, Veronica Soto is the current President of the Texas APA Chapter. Another
member, Fernando Costa is in the PAB (Planning Accreditation Board) board. Our division’s
former Vice Chair, Irayda Ruiz, was elected in 2008 to become a member of the APA's Board of
Directors (Director-at-Large). In addition to them, Liz Delgado, Vicky Carrasco and Michele
Rodriguez have also served as members of APA’s Diversity Task Force.

In the past, Hector Solis, our Division’s former student representative, and Manny Munoz
received the APA Student Representatives Council Award for Outstanding Planning Student
Organization Award: Best Practices. Emmy Mendoza has also been a reciepient of APA award.

Three of our LaP members are active members and regional representatives of APA’s Young
Planners Group: Liz Delgado, Monica Villalobos, and Mario-Antonio Herrera.

Our members also learn about job and networking opportunities from around the United States.
Organizations that want to hire talented Latino planners send their job listings to the Division. In
our second full year as a division, we had a great presence at the 2008 APA National Conference
in Las Vegas, thanks largely to the leadership of Irayda Ruiz, our conference planner. Two by-
right sessions were held, and an additional third session organized by our members was selected
from the larger competitive APA pool. Each session was well attended (70-90 attendees). A bus
tour of several Latino neighborhoods in Las Vegas was also organized (more in Events session).
In Minneapolis, additional sessions and great events continues. In 2010, LAP's division events in
New Orleans reach new heights, with the addition of a facilitated discussion session, and one by-
right session attracting the most number of attendees in any of our previous sessions!!

A committee formed to provide funding for local initiatives that address the key issues facing
Latino communities, as defined in the National Agenda. Guidelines were approved for providing
money to organize local events, and in 2010, a online funding form was created to help members
apply for funds (and track progress).

Through our 100% Leadership effort – which builds the capacity of our leaders to help govern the
group – we expect to continue with successes, accomplishments in the coming year.
Annual Work Plan
Being Updated

Dates of distribution:
Fall 2007
Winter 2007/2008
Summer 2008
Spring 2009
Summer/Fall 2009
Spring 2010
Winter 2010/2011 (to be published in Jan)

The newsletters have provided an added value to members of the division by providing quarterly
reports of behind the scenes activity, along with activity within the APA that will is relevant to our
members. Members have also been able to submit articles about an event or project occurring in
their local jurisdiction/state and this has been a means of sharing ideas and prompting
discussion. Profiles of new members were also included in some newsletter. In addition, the
Summer 2008 newsletter provided members some nicely organized membership composition
data (pie graphs, tables) of geographic reprsentation and professional category.

With the new APA masthead, the division's newsletter has been able to evolve alongside it. We
have been able to expand the content in the newsletter and expect to further expand the design
and content this coming year.

The Division provides information and announcements to both our members and individuals
interested in the Division. Our website editor is Natalie DeLeon, and she ensures that our APA-
LaP website is periodically updated, with key content posted on the main page. We have posted,
for example, our most recent workplan.
Contact Person: Natalie de Leon

The listserv, donated by Rutgers University, continues to be one vehicle for communication
among division members, and the larger network of individuals interested in issues related to
planning in Latino communities. Members have posted job listings and shared resources about
planning resources in Spanish. There are currently about 300 Individuals registered on the
listserv. We have also had several requests by other Divisions on how we host and manage our
Contact Person: Leo Vazquez

Online Networking Website
Starting in June 2008, a leadership ad-hoc subcommittee consisting of Vicky Carrasco, Leo
Vazquez, Liz Delgado and Connery Cepeda have managed an online network (ning) for Division
members to connect and share resources. To join this online network, you must be a member of
the Division; monthly rosters from APA are used to confirm membership.

In August 2010, ning went from a free service to a fee-based one, with three pricing plans. The
ad-hoc subcommittee decided on the middle "Plus" plan for $199.95/year, which does not cap the
total number of network members and allows for greater customization.

Since launching the Division ning website on November 2008:
a. 80 Division members have signed up as of November 2010 (10 new members since the last
report on December 2009).
b. In response to an overwhelming number of requests for information on joining the ning
network, 60 memberships were approved on a trial basis in October 2010. Current membership is
at 140 (with temp membership for some)
c. 5 Groups have been created (Student Group, Young Planners Group, Environmental Group,
Certification Maintenance Group, and Executive Committee).
d. 34 discussion comments among the forum categories (News, Opportunities - Jobs &
Contracts, Opportunities - Grants & Awards, Division Resources, Member Expertise,
Uncategorized), along with several posted events on the calendar and personal messages on
member pages.
e. Since October 2009, 8 broadcast messages have been sent to all ning members informing
them of network updates.
f. Members of the APA Transportation Division and Sustainability Group have joined the
network to learn how our Division utilizes this tool, so that it may be applied to other Divisions.
g. (mentioned in last report) The ning network website was highlighted on APA's Interact
newsletter in October 2009 -
Contact Person: Connery Cepeda

Membership surveys
The most recent LaP membership survey was done in April 22, 2008, in anticipation of the 2008
APA Conference. We hope to develop another membership survey in 2011.

Conference Events (APA 2010 Conference in New Orleans)/ Educational Programming:
During APA’s 2010 annual conference, several events were organized by our conference
planner, Arianana Martinez and Irayda Ruiz, and others in the leadership.
(1 session, 1 Facilitated Discussion, Bus tour/lunch, Business Meeting)

One by-right Session, with GREAT turn out. The Latinos and Planning Division sponsored a
session on Planning for Street Food Vendors at APA's National Conference in New Orleans on
April 11, 2010.

Twitter me this: Taco Trucks and Cupcakes- Gentrification, Evolution or Something In
Between? There were more than 150 in attendance, making the largested ever turn out to
any LAP session, and the largest turnout in 2010, amongst ALL APA division sessions.

Tour and Lunch:
We had a great Tour organized by the local host committee, where almost 25 individuals jumped
on a bus and got a taste of diversity in action as we visited various sites in New Orleans. This
was followed by an excellent lunch, where several others joined us. This was the first time that
the event was CM approved, so we were able to offer AICP members credit. This was also the
first time that we received a full sponsorship! The Louisiana Housing Finance Agency gave us full
funding to cover the transporation and food costs for the event, thereby reducing the cost to our

In 2010, the objectives of the tour were to: Learn about the history of Latino culture in New
Orleans; Learn how new Latino communities are impacting New Orleans; Learn about
organizations serving Latino residents in New Orleans. Main locations visited were: Garden
District: O.C. Haley Community Garden; Downtown/Warehouse District: FallstaffApartments and
Easter New Orleans District: •Village-de-Jardin, •Willowbrookand •Walnut Square. It included a
visit to HALEYCOMMUNITYGARDENS(GARDENDISTRICT), Presentation by Latino Farmers
Coop. on the following:
Food security systems
Development of Human Capital
Social networks
Sustainable communities

LFHA partners discuss challenges to provide affordable urban housing appealing to Latinos.
Features of this project
Adaptive reuse of a Historic Landmark
8 Acre property
147 apts.
95% occupied
Open in 2008

Senior housing project, funded by LFHA.
$60 million
Senior Community Project
224 living units
Scheduled to open 2010…

Featured Affordable/ Mix income housing projects. Founded by LFHA
17 acre property
408 apts. 25 three story buildings
70% Occupied

Featured Affordable/ Mix income housing projects founded by LFHA
12 acre site, 209 units

Our main sponsors/partners were:
Louisiana Housing Finance Agency (funder)
Latino Farmers Coop
Puentes New Orleans

Annual Division Meeting (Minutes and Roster attached as Appendix III).
The Latinos and Planning Division Business Meeting was held on April 12, 2010 (evening). There
was a total of 14 participants. Participant input and discussion also helped in the creation of the
division’s workplan.

Joint Division Booth
A Joint Division Booth was held in New Orleans, 2010, to showcase the various divisions within
APA. We had material for the Latinos and Planning Division and several people came to explore
what our division was about and network.

In preparation of 2011 conference, Gabriela Juarez Martinez took the role of conference
organizer, to plan events and sessions.

Annual Meetings
<<Provide the Minutes of the Division’s business meeting(s) including a roster of those in
    [Add the minutes and attendance list to the end of this document as Appendix .]

At this early stage of the Division’s creation, all activities in which the Division embarks have the
intended effect of increasing and retaining membership. From the creation of the "Ning" site, , in which opportunities for active involvement and support to
all members through calendar of upcoming events to network with each other and meet new
people, and through conferences sessions and lunch/tour and divisions reception, the Division
efforts have been geared to getting new members and retain those that presently are. More
specifically, during the last year follow ups 1-on-1 invitations and calls were made to possible
members that were known by Latinos leadership, specially, those in positions of influence in the
profession, education and planning professional organization that could eventually result in
bringing in additional members and heightened participation.

The Division has had significant statistical growth since it’s creation as reflected in the Divisions
Performance Chart showing 19 members on Dec. 31/2006, to the most highest of 107 members.
This has happened as membership in other divisions as a whole has seen a drop during this
period. While difficult to recruit members during the present economic period due to possible cuts
in benefits and payment of membership, as well as positions, in cash strapped government
agencies and other planning organizations, there will continue to be renewed efforts to enlist new
members on a one-by-one personal contact basis. We believe that with harsh financial times, the
ability to increase membership has gotten harder. In late 2009, and throughout 2010,
membership has been between 107 to 98 to 94.

A Membership Committee is in the process of being established to guide membership recruitment
and retainment. This will help channelize and coordinate efforts more effectively and consistently.

The Latinos and Planning Network has about 300 members, NING has 140, while the Division
(which is made up of paying members) had nearly 100 members in 2010.

Our Division membership is composed of about ¼ who are AICP, ¼ who are students and
several more who are new professionals and just regular members. By region, more than 50% of
our members are based in California. However, we are working on targeting more regions,
including those with high Latino populations such as Texas, Florida, and other states. NEW: to
this effort, we are working with a GIS professional which by zip code has mapped our
membership, overlaying hispanic population by census track.

Past Events
October 2007
David Salazar, notes
Other CA event

February 2008
On February 15, 2008, the first Dialogo in Texas was held. This event was organized by one of
our Division’s leader, Cecilia Giusti. The event began with the welcoming comments from Texas
A&M University’s Interim Executive Vice President and Provost, both the Dean of the College of
Architecture and the Department head of their Urban Planning department, an APA
representative (sent by Bob Hunter), and Vicky from LaP Division. It was followed by attendee
particitpation and discussion and then with a superb keynote speaker, former mayor of San
Antonio Ed Garza, a planner, a Latino and elected official, with much experience in working with
Latino communities.

Cecilia Giusti, LaP local action network organizer, was main facilitator throughout the day, and
while various speakers set the stage at different points during the meeting, the participants’
discussion and input was important and more than evident during break-out sessions (based on
different themes) and as a large group. Participants were very motivated and there was
immediate discussion about having similar dialogos in other regions of the state.

Event process: had roundtable discussion based on themes (participant survey prior to meeting
defined themes/topics) including Education, Economics/Financing, Infrastructure
/Transportation/Mobility, Health, Social Issues, Building Capacity, Urban Environment/Urban
design, Land Use/Construction Codes, Styles, Standards, and Environmental, and then group
discussion addressing two LaP dialogo questions.

This dialogo served as a good model due to the support which came from University
departments, local juristicistion and local organizations.

An estimated 110 participants attended the Dialogo. Individuals traveled from Houston, San
Antonio, Austin Dallas, and other Texas communities. This Dialogo builds upon other Dialogos
that have taken place since October 2005, both in terms of lessons learned and experiences. A
formal report was recently released on January 2009.

March 2008
Convening for a Movimiento: La Comunidad--National Strategic Leadership Forum
On March 31, 2008, Leo Vazquez and Vicky Carrasco were invited to attend Convening for a
Movimiento: La Comunidad--National Strategic Leadership Forum which was organized by the
Hispanic Association of Contractors and Enterprises and Parnters for Livable Communities in
Philadelphia. They had the chance to participate in discussions on how Latino assets (art, culture,
and heritage) can be utilized as tools for community development. There is often a lack of
recognition nationally of the assets of the Latino community serving as catalysts for community
and economic change. The meetings goal was to advance this topic through the experiences and
outcomes from a diverse group of participants and formulate solutions to the challenges of why
this issue is not a more accepted facet of community development across the country.

October 2008
APA-Illinois State Conference
Our chair Vicky Carrasco received a request from the IL-APA Conference organizers who were
seeking a speaker to talk about emerging planning issues relevant to Latinos. Irayda Ruiz, who is
the former vice-chair of our Division and APA board member, accepted the invitation on behalf of
our division. Ruiz has been conducting a research study that involves new Latino communities in
Suburban Washington DC. Her presentation title at that conference was: Engaging Latinos in
Public Facilities Planning.

This opportunity was a good example of a partnership beween APA Divisons and State Chapter,
and we were glad to offer our Division’s expertise to address an issues of interest at the state

Other: Leo, NJ
Jan 2011 Will be selecting a nomination/election committee to oversee elections taking
place in early 2011

2010 Appointments

Interim Vice-Chair An decision was made to appoint Jason Saavedra as interim Vice Chair of
the Steering/Executive Committee (Summer 2010). The previous vice-chair, Michele Rodriguez,
was no longer able to continue with positiion

Student Representative
Jan 2010           An announcement was made to leadership to recommend Nathan Carley as
the new Student Representative, of the Steering/Executive Committee. The previous student
representative, Ricardo Aldama had graduated.

Financial Reports
The balance as of September 30, 2010 is $3,598.05.

         8.1 The LAP Division had modest expenditures for fiscal year 2010. The largest
expenditure was for the LAP New Orleans Tour in April at the National
         APA conference. However, this tour was also sponsored by the Louisiana Housing
Finance Agency (LHFA). The LHFA provided LAP
         with a $1,500 sponsorship check, which ultimately covered all costs for the tour. There
were no expenses this fiscal year for the LAP’s newsletter,
         resulting from the distribution of only digital copies. There were no other expenditures for
the LAP during FY10. Foreseeable expenses for FY11 include
         the newsletter, marketing materials, and dialogos. All expenditures are appropriate and
fitting with the Divisions Work Plan.

               8.2 Attached is the most recent fiscal year (October 1, 2009 to September 30,
        2010) Division Financial Report.

No Changes in Bylaws.

Divisions Council Meetings
Sept 2010 in DC: Vicky Carrasco attended as Chair
April 2010 in New Orleans : Vicky Carrasco attended as Chair
October 2009 in DC: Vicky Carrasco attended as steering committee representative (prior to first
official elections)

This is first year of having a formal executive committee. Executive committee and leadership had
conference calls throughout the year, and additional division leaders were invited and
encouraged to join the calls. This included individuals like the newsletter editor, regional
representatives, local organizers, committee members and conference planner.

With elections coming up, the current Executive Committee will continue to meet monthly, and
calls will also be held to include others in the leadership. Meeting minutes will also be posted on
Policy Issues
Describe how the Division has responded to requests for advice or assistance from the APA staff
on national policy matters relating to the Division’s particular sector of interest or expertise.
Describe any efforts the Division has undertaken in a leadership role on a policy issue.

The Division has helped APA achieve greater diversity in its national committees.

In late 2009, Vicky Carrasco was appointed in the Division's Council Policy Committee
In 2008, Michelle Rodriguez was involved in a committee to review and provide input for APA’s
Climate Change Policy Guide Document

Other than that occasion, we have not been asked by the national organization to respond to
specific issues related to Latinos and Planning, but would be happy to do so when given the

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