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									                 Panasonic Lumix FZ200 Digital Camera- PAL Version


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The Lumix FZ200 Digital Camera from Panasonic is Panasonic's latest digital compact
camera to offer an f/2.8 aperture across the full range of its zoom. And given that the full
range runs to 600mm (in 35mm format), that's saying something. The lens on the FZ200
is a 24x optical zoom lens that starts at the wide angle end as a 25mm and zooms all the
way to 600mm. This is an incredible range that encompasses all the focal lengths you
could ever need and it offers an f/2.8 aperture at all of those lengths. Normally, this is
something that only high end professional lenses offer, but with this Leica DC Vario-
Elmarit lens, you can have the speed and light collecting ability of an f/2.8 in an easy-to-
use, easy-to-hold compact camera. It's hard to understate the improvements your photos
will show, especially zoom close-ups, when you are shooting at f/2.8. The f/2.8 will
allow you to use faster shutter speeds at full zoom or lower light and get sharp, blur-free
images. Add to that, the Light Speed Auto Focus and 12 frames per second burst shooting
speed and you have no reason to ever miss a shot. Really.

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