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P.O. Box 55
Rossburn, MB
R0J 1V0
Home Phone (204) 859-2792
Cell Phone (204) 859-0265
Work Phone (204) 859-2891

     My goal is to help your church in whatever way possible. I plan to draw on the
     skills and abilities learned throughout my life to maximize my potential. I look
     forward to further develop my skills and abilities through my ministry here. I will
     strive to accomplish the highest standards of work and ministry that I am faced

    As a Youth Pastor and Praise and Worship leader, I was able to develop and hone
    my interpersonal skills. Working with youth and their parents and with people of
    different temperaments, I had to utilize these skills on a regular basis. I also have
    experience in managing escalated/irate customers. I have knowledge working
    with many different software programs, such as, Microsoft Word, Microsoft
    Woks, Excel and PowerPoint. I work well under pressure and under a deadline. I
    am a rapid learner and I am reliable. I am very attentive to detail and make sure
    tasks are done correctly and accurately.

2006-2010         B.A. Youth Ministries, Briercrest College Caronport, SK
1998-2001         Diploma of Biblical Studies, Latin American Bible Institute
                     San Antonio, TX
1993-1997         High School Diploma, Thomas C. Clark San Antonio, TX

March 2009     Pastor, Rossburn Alliance Church
Present        Rossburn, MB
           As the solo Pastor I have many responsibilities. I coordinate the Sunday
           morning praise and worship teams. I lead the adult Sunday School class. I
           am the secretary, administrator, vision caster, counselor, and pastor all
           wrapped up in one. I also minister once a month at the Rossburn Personal
           Care Home (Seniors home). I work with the High School and am involved
           with the community. I have learned a lot while being here. One thing in
           particular is that I am sure my gifting would be better used while
           ministering to youth. But, while I am here, I will do what God is asking.

Feb. 2005       Wal-Mart Associate; Overnight Reno., Garden Center/Seasonal,
Dec. 2005       Receiving Regina, SK
            While working at Wal-Mart, I have learned many things and I have also
            had the chance to put into practice the skills that I have learned over the
            years. As a part of the Overnight Renovation team, I had to perform many
            difficult tasks such as moving counters in a precise manner, organizing
            heavy objects and tearing down pre-existing structures. I had to work
            within a strict daily and weekly timeline. As a Garden Center Associate, I
            had the opportunity to put my people skills to action. I helped customers
            with loading their purchased items. I also helped answer their questions,
            concerns and complaints often handling escalated/irate customers. At the
            same time, I had to keep shelves stocked and the area looking “customer
            friendly”. In receiving, my tasks involved unloading one to two (closer to
            Christmas we sometimes had to unload three trucks) per night. As we
            unload the truck, we sort the merchandise onto their proper pallets. As
            pallets get full, we haul them to the sales floor and "spot" the merchandise
            onto the appropriate place (and if time permits, we stock the items).

Feb. 2002       Customer Service Rep., West Telemarketing San Antonio, TX
July 2002   At West, we were contracted out to Leap Communications and their
            subsidiary, Cricket Wireless. While working for Cricket, I learned how to
            multi-task while listening to my customers and helping them in any way I
            could. My tasks involved connecting, reconnecting or disconnecting
            cellular service, activating clients’ cell phones, troubleshooting, taking
            care of escalated calls, customer care and satisfaction.

Jan. 2002       Youth Pastor/Praise and Worship leader, Iglesia Olor Fragante
July 2002       San Antonio, TX
            As Youth Pastor at Olor Fragante, I was in charge of organizing and
            coordinating youth functions and events. As Praise and Worship leader, I
            was in charge of leading and coordinating practices and the music for
            Sunday morning and evening services. As Youth Pastor, I fine tuned my
            interpersonal and confrontational skills and learned to better utilize my
            time and resources. As Praise and Worship leader I learned to deal with
            many different people and their temperaments. I scheduled and lead
            practices and interviewed people for various musical positions.

Aug. 2001       Cashier, Golden Corral Restaurants Austin, TX
Dec. 2001   At Golden Corral, my main goal was to maintain customer satisfaction. I
            did this through listening to the customers and handling their complaints
            and/or requests in such a way as to make them happy and comfortable. It
            was always emphasized that the customer was always right and to do

             whatever we could to make them happy.

June 2001         Youth Pastor, New Harvest Assemblies of God Austin, TX
Dec. 2001    While at New Harvest, I started with 5-8 consistent youth. By the time I
             left, the group had grown to a strong and consistent 20-25 youth. My
             responsibilities included being the youth pastor, youth praise and worship
             leader, janitor/maintenance man and leader and coordinator of a boys
             group called Royal Rangers. I learned to juggle and maintain each of
             these responsibilities along with developing my interpersonal skills and
             confrontational skills. I also learned to coordinate and organize special
             events for the youth and the Royal Rangers.

June 1998        Security Guard, Initial Security Services San Antonio, TX
Aug. 1998    While at Initial, I was stationed at a local gated/private community. My
             responsibilities included, but were not limited to: surveying the area
             before, after and at hourly intervals during my shift, making sure that
             visitors were accounted for, and maintaining the gates in working order. I
             learned to be aware of my surroundings and to make note of all suspicious
             things I saw and report them to my supervisor.

Oct. 1997         Temporary Associate, Express Personnel Services San Antonio, TX
April 1998   While employed at Express Personnel Services, I learned to manufacture
             and test ice machines for various grocery/convenience stores. While doing
             this, I learned how to work under a precise timeline and under rigid
             standards. I was also employed at a chemical distribution company. With
             them I learned how to work as part of a team with other employees. This
             was critical do to the fact that we were handling various hazardous

Sep 2006      Youth Intern, Caronport Community Church Caronport, SK
June 2007 As the youth intern, my responsibilities included attending weekly
          planning meetings, forming relations with the youth and their parents,
          coordinating and planning a youth retreat, starting and overseeing the
          youth praise and worship bands, and developing a Bible-based youth
          series (4-6 sessions). While at CCC, I learned to be in an environment
          which was quite different than what I was used to. Although challenging,
          it was a great time of learning and growing as I worked with others to
          accomplish the same goal. Pastor Rick Klippenstein was the pastor during
          this time.

Aug 2003         Cell Group Leader/Praise and Worship leader/coordinator, Harvest

Dec 2004         City Church Regina, SK
             As a cell group leader I had the opportunity to work with a small group of
             youth of about ten to twelve. As a cell leader I was also under the
             supervision of the Youth Pastor (who was, at that time, Pastor Rod
             Donison). Some of my responsibilities included attending weekly planning
             and prayer meetings, preparing weekly Bible studies, and organizing cell
             group events. As the praise and worship leader/coordinator, I was in
             charge of weekly practices, assigning youth to different praise bands, and
             assessing prospective musicians based on maturity, skill, and personal
             relationship with Jesus.

June 2000        Youth Pastor Intern Albuquerque, NM
Aug 2000     In this church I was in charge of the youth ministry and I also helped with
             the praise and worship. Pastor Mark Pecina (who is now in Austin, TX at
             Faith Builders Worship Center) was over me. I started with a core group
             of about five and through outreach and building relationships, the youth
             ministry had grown to about twenty-five to thirty youth. I learned the
             skills necessary to build a youth group from the ground up.

Jan 1999         Class President, Choir President, L.A.B.I. San Antonio, TX
April 2001   As the class president and choir president, I learned how to manage my
             time, resources, and people in a way that edifies the Lord. I learned to deal
             with different personalities – some strong and others passive. I helped
             organize (with the help of our class sponsors) our class trip and organized
             and coordinated several fund raisers. As choir president I led praise and
             worship for the school on many occasions and I gained experience in
             speaking in front of large numbers of people. I learned how to work with
             pastors so that their expectations of our group would not fall short. I also
             learned how to delegate tasks and find people who were suitable for the
             tasks I had to assign. The people whom I served under are no longer at this

Aug 1995         Youth worker/Praise and Worship leader, Fortress Church
June 2001        San Antonio, TX
             During this time, I started off as a high school student leader. I was then
             placed in charge of praise and worship. I had many speaking opportunities
             during this time which helped me get the Word and put into terms that my
             peers could understand. I was also expected to attend the youth meetings
             and was accountable to my youth pastor. These years really helped me to
             grow in wisdom and knowledge of God’s Word and how it related to us as
             young people. I served as youth leader for the last four years of my stay at
             Fortress Church. During this time was when I started to develop some of
             my interpersonal skills and conflict management under the supervision of

my pastor. Pastor Dario Gonzalez was the Youth Pastor and Pastor Randy
Garcia was the Senior Pastor.


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