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									Everybody’s Getting Into the Love Game These Days

The love industry is booming and everyone wants a piece of it including Facebook. Who is next?

Moncton, Canada, February 09, 2013 --(PR.com)-- The hospitality industry is on the verge of a unique
makeover. Restaurants, bars, and nightclubs are breaking into the love industry, and leading that
transformation is St James' Gate (www.stjamesgatecanada.com) in Moncton, New Brunswick.

Everybody is getting into the love game these days. The dating industry has become a profitable growth
industry, attracting online giants like Facebook. Their recently announced “Graph Search” is now
competing with industry leaders like Match.com and eHarmony.

Like all profitable industries, the dating game attracts competition and is always looking to capitalize on
helping more people find lasting love. The questions is: can a small restaurant/bar compete with these
giants and if so, then how?

Any small business in the hospitality industry has is a local presence and already established access to
current clientele. Theresa Williams, CEO of Atwood Technology Inc. and provider of eMatchopolis
(www.eMatchopolis.com), an online dating technology, explains the advantage its clients (St James Gate)
have: “Singles don't go out to a restaurant or bar to be alone. They go out to network. The most successful
establishments make networking more efficient. Our technology helps these establishments to raise that
communication to the next level.

"If you spot someone interesting at your local hangout now, but you're too shy to strike up a conversation,
just take out your Smartphone. Look to see if that person is on the establishment's singles network. If he
or she is, just send a virtual flirt right there and then or later from the comfort of your home. This is an
advantage that solves a number of problems. First, there is no embarrassing walk- up to a stranger, and
secondly, if you do hit it off, you already have one thing in common-- where you both like to hang out."

No one likes closing time. The dancing and flow of beer stops. The cash register cashes out for another
night. The fun stops. Indeed, bar and restaurant owners want new avenues to build communities and stay
connected with their clientele online after hours. Enter eMatchopolis -- a unique platform that specially
designed to connect people with in-house offers, incentives, and let's face it, each other. After all,
everyone knows good company is important to a good night out.

When you incorporate eMatchopolis into the already active singles network happening at bars,
restaurants, and other establishments, you already have a location where conversations are flowing well
and admirers are doing just that - admiring. It's a natural step for users to go home, then go online, and
find that same good-looking person they brushed shoulders with earlier at the hangout without having to
stalk them on Facebook.

eMatchology is a win-win situation for the bar and restaurant scene. With only a small upfront fee for site
creation, business owners can connect to their clientele after hours and keep them aware of upcoming

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specials, promotions, and events.

When asked how he ended up in the love business, Kolin Barley and Troy Boudreau, the owners of St
James' Gate explained it this way: “It was over a year ago when we first sat down with Theresa and heard
her pitch. At the time we said, "This is too good, so what's the catch?' Then they revamped our website,
set up the dating site, and helped us with our social media marketing. Atwood made us feel like we were
in a real partnership, and not just our vendor. Our success and our clientele's success is a real priority with
Atwood and this has become a great marriage!”

“I knew when we first met to discuss this that it was the right match to get started,” says Williams. “Troy
and Kolin are leaders and visionaries in the industry and I can relate to that. They see the potential unlike
others who would rather wait to see what everyone else is doing first. It is business owners like Kolin and
Troy that challenge the status quo and who will find greater success in the long run!”

The dating industry is a growth industry that worth $1.5 Billion in North America. To learn more about
St. James' Gate please visit www.stjamesgatecanada.com. If you are interested starting an online dating
business please visit www.ematchopolis.com.

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