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					Tutors with Computers, LLC Goes Social

Tutors with Computers, a Texas-based SES provider, launches its social media platform.

Austin, TX, February 09, 2013 --( Tutors with Computers, LLC is proud to announce the
launch of its social media platform, which consists of Facebook, Twitter, and Blogger.

Tutors with Computers' social media initiative comes from a deep desire to make itself more transparent
to current and future students, parents, and administrators. While anyone who wants to learn more about
Tutors with Computers should first visit its company website,, the
company is aware that many people prefer to encounter companies in a more interactive way.

To this end, Tutors with Computers introduces the TWC Voice. The TWC Voice makes Tutors with
Computers open and accessible to everyone. Tutors with Computers places high value on reminding
viewers that it's not just an educational company; it's a collaboration of people who care about helping
children learn.

To keep up-to-date with company announcements, Tutors with Computers encourages everyone to check
its Twitter and Facebook pages. For a monthly update on how the company and its programs work,
presented in easy-to-digest language, Internet users can check the Tutors with Computer blog. For easy
access to all of these pages, Tutors with Computers encourages anyone to visit its social media landing
page at

While the TWC Voice is not yet equipped to deal with customer service questions particular to specific
students, Tutors with Computers invites anyone who is interested in the company to ask questions. Online
users can do this through the social pages or email the TWC Voice at All other questions can be answered by Tutors with Computers'
trained customer service representatives at 888.316.1903.

Using social media as a tool, Tutors with Computers hopes to continue developing its ongoing
relationship with users and future users to further its vision of a World Above Grade Level.

About Tutors with Computers, LLC

Tutors with Computers is a Supplemental Educational Services provider that focuses on teaching the
basic sub-skills of reading and math. Every year, Tutors with Computers raises the reading and math
scores of thousands of students in the state of Texas. Tutors with Computers' vision is a World Above
Grade Level.

For more information about Tutors with Computers, LLC, please visit us at our website:

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Description: Tutors with Computers, a Texas-based SES provider, launches its social media platform.