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									                             Want to Have Youthful Skin Like that of Madonna’s?

                             Isn’t it intriguing to see Madonna looking youthful in spite of her
                             age – which is 54 actually. What is more intriguing is that the
                             Material Girl only had a non-surgical facelift to look as stunning as
                             when she started her career. And if you have seen her perform in the
                             Super Bowl – it made such a huge buzz – you’ll want to know the
                             benefits of a facelift without going under the knife which is the
                             traditional way.

                            The secret of her youthful look is in fact not that of a confidential
                            matter. Anyone can have it, too. With technological innovations,
                            laser treatments are now used by doctors for their patients. You don’t
                            have to fret about getting that rather tightened look. Instead, the
                            treatments will absolutely make you look years younger. You will
get none of the nasty remarks you would likely hear from your friends as if you are someone else
after the treatment.

So how is this done? Good question. First, let’s get into the culprit that makes the skin grow
“old” as people age. Collagen is the one responsible for the skin to be firm and supple. Thus,
having dark spots, lines, wrinkles and sagging skin means your collagen is weakening. To treat
this, new collagen is produced with the help of a laser by drilling microscopic holes to dissipate
the damaged collagen of your skin. Over time, your skin is tightened. Laser facelift Albany
treatments don’t require you stay in the clinic for very long hours. For best results, you may need
to undergo a series of treatments, depending on the recommendation of your doctor. Generally, it
takes about 6 sessions to achieve wonderful results. After about 3 sessions, you will see the
effects of your laser treatment but you have to give yourself time to see the full benefits as the
collagen needs time to mature. Therefore, this is a gradual result and as time passes by after the
treatment, you will notice that you have shed off several years with the way your skin looks. This
goes the same for Neck Lift Albany as well.

The great deal here is that laser treatments are not as pricey as that of a surgical facelift. You can
shed off about more than 15 years off your years. You can opt to have laser treatments again
after about 5 years, as the effect of the treatment can last this long. Of course, you have to protect
your skin just as you would before. It is important that you stay out of the sun as much as
possible and wear sunscreen. Should you need to go out in the sun, then it is best that you apply
SPF 30 sunscreen. This is the best anti-aging regimen you can do on a regular basis.

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