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									                            Nano Information Technology

Nanosoft is proud to declare inauguration of training programs on PHP, ORACLE and
Asp.Net from March, 01, 2013.

Nanosoft is a leading Software and Web development firm in Bangladesh. We have
developed huge number of Govt. and Non- Govt. organization’s software and websites.

Now, we are planning to leave our FootPrint in the developing IT sector of Bangladesh.

We have employed best resources of the country in these training courses. "Taking part in
the current active projects and previous successful projects" will include extra expertise
through core experience of real project work in your career.

If you are interested, please book your schedule ASAP contacting us. Please contact us
before 20th February, 2013.

   1. PHP (Dynamic Websites Development Using PHP, MySQL, HTML,
      JavaScript and Joomla)

    To build Dynamic Websites Using PHP, MySQL, HTML, JavaScript and
Joomla, you should learn the core essentials of web development. Today, clients
want to own a website that talk to their own needs. To feed your client’s at best,
you must join our PHP course. Our course has the most updated features and
syllabus. Act now to get involved in the developer team. Please find the course
outline below.

                                 Course Outline
 PHP (Dynamic Website Development Using PHP, MySQL, HTML, JavaScript &

      HTML , XHTML Coding
      Difference between HTML & XHTML
      Create Menu DHTML
      Introduction to PHP / MySQL
      PHP Syntax & Constructs
      Apache Web Server
      PHP Built-in Functions
      Arrays & Data Types
      Forms Handling
      Handling Email with PHP
      Working with MySQL
                             Nano Information Technology

      Handling Databases with PHP
      Using JavaScript
      Using Dreamweaver
      Using Flash
      Web Page Deployment
      Web Server Security


      HTML Basic
           o HTML Elements
           o HTML Attributes
           o HTML Headings
           o HTML Paragraphs
           o HTML Formatting
           o HTML Styles
           o HTML Links
           o HTML Images
           o HTML Tables
           o HTML Lists
           o HTML Forms
      HTML Advance
           o HTML Layout
           o HTML Frames
           o HTML Fonts
           o HTML Entities
           o HTML Head
           o HTML Meta
           o HTML URLs
           o HTML Tag List
      XHTML
           o XHTML Introduction
           o XHTML Why
           o XHTML vs HTML
           o XHTML Syntax
           o XHTML DTD
           o XHTML HowTo
           o XHTML Validation
      Create Menu Using DHTML
      Using Dreamweaver

Overview of PHP

      Static vs. Dynamic Web Sites
      Dynamic Content from Databases
      Client-Side Scripting vs. Server-Side Scripting
      Apache web server installation & Configuration
      Configuring PHP.INI
                               Nano Information Technology

Basic Scripting and Looping Constructs

      PHP Scripting Fundamentals
      Print Statement
      Code Blocks
      Data Types
      Defining Constants and Variables
      Looping Constructs

           o    While
           o    Do… While
           o    For
           o    Exit & Break

Conditional Constructs

          True and False Expressions
          If, Else and Elseif
          Switch/Case Statement
          The ? (Ternary) Operator

PHP Functions

      Introduction to Functions
      Declaring Functions
      Scope
      Passing Arguments to Functions
      Local and Global Scope
      Passing Arguments to Functions by Value and Reference
      Returning Values from a Function

PHP Operators

      Logical Operators
      Relational Operators
      Bitwise Operators
      Other Operators

Arrays in PHP

      What are Arrays?
      Usage of Arrays in PHP
      Array Indexing
      Initializing Arrays
      Operating on Arrays
      Sorting Arrays
      One-Dimensional Arrays
      Multi-Dimensional Arrays
                              Nano Information Technology

      Associative Arrays
      Array Functions
      Forms and Arrays in Web Applications

Working with Databases and Forms

          Configuring PHP For Database Support
          Simple SQL Queries via PHP
          Populating Forms
          Retrieving Data from Forms

Configuring and Using MySQL

          Installing and Configuring MySQL
          Connecting to MySQL
          PHP Functions Specific to MySQL
          Executing SQL Calls
               o Select
               o Insert
               o Fetch
               o Update
               o Delete
          Using PHP MyAdmin to configure MySQL.

Introducing With JavaScript

      JS Basic

       o   JS Introduction
       o   JS How To
       o   JS Where To
       o   JS Statements
       o   JS Comments
       o   JS Variables
       o   JS Operators
       o   JS Comparisons
       o   JS If...Else
       o   JS Switch
       o   JS Popup Boxes
       o   JS Functions
       o   JS For Loop
       o   JS While Loop
       o   JS Break Loops

      Advance JavaScript

       o   JS Validation
       o   JS Image Maps
       o   JS Animation
                            Nano Information Technology

      Web Page Deployment
        Web Server Security

Introducing With Joomla

      Joomla Installation & Global Configuration
      Joomla Template Creation & Installation
      How to create Category, Section & Article in joomla
      How to create Contact us page in joomla
      How to link articles to the Joomla Menu
      How to create a Poll in Joomla 1.5
      How to add a hit counter in Joomla
      How to install extensions to your Joomla website
      How to change Joomla templates
      How to create a simple Joomla 1.5 template
      How to add a drop-down menu to Joomla 1.5
      How to secure your Joomla website
      How to optimize your Joomla website
      How to create a backup of Joomla 1.5
      How to upgrade Joomla 1.5 to the latest stable version
      How to upgrade from Joomla 1.0 to Joomla 1.5
      How to fix the most common Joomla 1.5 issues
      How to convert a static website to Joomla
      Customize Module, Component & Plug in Creation & Installation.

Final Project

      Dynamic Website Development using HTML, PHP, MySQL, JavaScript & Joomla.

Course fees: 12,000.00/=
Duration: 3 Months (12 weeks, 3 days/week, 2 hours/day, total 72 hours course)
Requirements: At least Graduation (any subject) or IT Diploma holder.
Nano Information Technology

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