Here is What to do After the Military. A Way to Make a Living by ColtonBridges


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									Here is what to do After the Military. A way to make
                      a Living

Adapt and Overcome to a New Life
Hey y’all so my active army friends are having trouble what to do after the military. I am in the Reserves
and we can’t depend on the military to make a living so I found ways that will help all of us enjoy life
after the military. Look, life after the military can sometimes be hard. For some you have to find support
for your family. Others are just to make a living. Adapt and overcome hooah. Well I adapted on a new
way to make income.

Now what you can do after the military or even part time while you’re in is what I do. I do internet
marketing. Listen, I do have online marketing information. Internet marketing and promotion helps to
reach countless people. Ask the commo guys, they use the internet all the time.

As technology advances so does the necessity for internet marketing and promotion. Online marketing
has information everywhere. I joined one because 200 bucks a month for the reserves doesn’t help
make a living. For the ones who have families think, y’all spend enough time away from them.

No One Gets Left Behind
Everyone who is determined to have a life after the military is committed enough to become successful.
I had an air force guy come to my house selling an organic cleaner. Ha I told him what I do and now he
been at home doing the same thing. As vets you deserve to have a life after the military not, go back to a
40 hour job away from your family.

I’ll prove it to you. I gathered some former military and spouses and we did a google hangout.

Click here for your proof, we are in this as a team.

Look, I took action and joined a viral online marketing network. I knew I put in my email and checked out
the video….It was free, I like free stuff… If you are serious to have a life after the military or as a reservist
then I know you are the type of person who will take action and watch the video.

Take Action Now!
 I joined and now I am working with other military in are Facebook group. We work together so we all
succeed. Guess what, No One Gets Left Behind! I live by that and so does my team. Veterans and current
military deserve a great life. I will not stand by and see us suffer; this is why I am telling you this.

We are connected within the viral online marketing network; commit yourself to have a great life after
the military and we will not leave you behind. We give you online marketing information so you can
succeed. I know because I would not be writing this if they didn’t teach me.

So what do you do after the military? Check out internet marketing and promotions or the viral online
marketing network I am in. Take action now and learn to do this and stay home and work. You deserve it
and your family deserves it. Here is the link; I will know who will take action for yourselves.

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