; Goals of Modern psychology
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Goals of Modern psychology


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									       Goals of Modern psychology

1-Description : how people think, feel and act in
  specific situation. Psychologists try to observe the
  behavior of interest, (collection of data)
2-Explanation : “ why and how” that behavior
  happened based on the different psychological
3-Predication: The ability to say in advance how
  someone is likely to act .

Contemporary fields of Specialization

1-Experimental psychology :
-Experimental psychologists frequently use
  animals rather than human as their
  experimental subjects .
• studies basic processes e.g. (hearing,
  perception, learning, and communication).

 2-Neuro- psychology:
• Focus on study how basic processes are
  controlled by nervous system, also use
Examples :
* to explain why memory sometimes declines
  in old age, (breakdown in the network of
  nerve cells that involves in remembering).
* Adults with history of hyperactivity had
  reduced activity in areas of the brain that
  control body movement and attention.
         Goals of Modern psychology…cont.

3-Personality psychology :
• Personality: (relatively stable style of
  thinking, acting, and responding
  emotionally of a person).
-Concerned individual differences in behavior

           Goals of Modern psychology…cont.

4-Social psychology:
• factors especially presence of other people,
  that affect personal response, thinking ,
  motivation and behavior in a given social
- Show that behavior that not just the results
  of personality traits.

5-Developmental psychology :
- describe and explain the systematic changes
   that occur in people throughout the life
• -How thinking , perception, memory,
   intelligence, language, problem solving,
   motivation, and social interaction change as
   people grow older .
             Goals of Modern psychology…cont.

6-Industrial and Organizational Psychology:
• -Concerns with all aspects of behavior that
  relate to the work place .
• -One aspect: How work can be made more
  satisfying and more productive.
• -A major issue facing industrial and
  organizational psychologists now is findings ways
  to help working women deal with stress of
  handling their dual responsibilities at home and at
             Goals of Modern psychology…cont.

7-Educational and school psychology:
• Specialize in analyzing and improving formal
* concerned with aspects of educational process as:
- Factors affect performance in the classroom?
- Importance of motivation?
- Using of reward and punishment .
 - Size of classroom &interaction between students
   and teachers
- Designing and administering tests of various kinds .
           Goals of Modern psychology…cont.

8-Clinical and counseling psychology :
*Deals with diagnosis and treatment of
  psychological disorder. (psychotherapy).

*Counseling helps normal people with milder
  problems of social and emotional
  adjustment like marriage and family life.

            Goals of Modern psychology…cont.

9-Health psychology :
- Deals with the relationship between
  personality and health .
• Believe that psychological factors as (stress,
  hostility, and depression) plays a role in
  onset and progress of many physical
  disorders like peptic ulcer, heart diseases .
• -Try to identify psychological strategies to
  cope with serious illness .                   10
            Goals of Modern psychology…cont.

10-Environmental psychology:
• -Focus on the relationship between people
  and their physical, social surroundings like
  air pollution, noise, overcrowdings,
  poverty, and natural disasters as
  earthquakes, volcanoes, and tornadoes etc.
• These environmental conditions lead to
  psychological distress especially if the poor
  person lives in civilization city.

           Goals of Modern psychology…cont.

11- Peace psychology:
• Study how war, especially nuclear war, can
  be avoided.
* focus on personality of war leaders,
  misconception in international conflicts, and
  negotiations and bargaining among political
* How people's fears and anxieties can be
  transformed into effective political action.
           Goals of Modern psychology…cont.

12- Forensic psychology:
• Concerned with the application of
  psychological methods to legal questions
  and issues.
* Assessment of some specific psycho-legal
  question as if the criminal has an mental
  illness as psychosis which make him
  unaccountable for his actions.
           Goals of Modern psychology…cont.

13- Sport psychology:
• Seeks to understand psychological/mental
  factors that affect performance .
• It deals with increasing performance by
  managing emotions and minimizing the
  psychological effects of injury.


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