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									A Time of Great Sorrow-Glynda Lomax

My people are in a state of waiting. You wait and watch for you know My judgments are coming
and will be upon you. Some of you have prepared as I have led you and others have not. You
will fare well as long as you have prepared your hearts.

A time of great sorrow approaches, My people. A time when none of you will be sure where to
turn or what to do. You must keep your mind and your eyes fixed on Me as it approaches and
encompasses you, for this is what is truly necessary.

My people will grieve as never before in this time, for the things that will be done to you and the
things you will see. Remember the joy of your salvation and it will succor you in these times, for
truly there will be little around you that will bring you joy.

I instruct you in these things now that you may tell your brothers and sisters, and that you may
remember them in the times coming, and survive them.

Endure until the end, My precious children, for I long to share eternity and all the glory of
heaven with you!

1 Peter 4:7: But the end of all things is at hand: be ye therefore sober, and watch unto prayer.

Isaiah 26:3: Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on thee: because he
trusteth in thee.

Matthew 24:7-8: For nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom: and there
shall be famines, and pestilences, and earthquakes, in divers places. 8 All these are the beginning
of sorrows.

Psalm 35:9: And my soul shall be joyful in the Lord: it shall rejoice in his salvation.

Matthew 24:13: But he that shall endure unto the end, the same shall be saved.

                                           Jan 17, 2013


Dear Steve,
My husband has had a recurring dream dozens of times over the last 30 years. But until your
recent radio broadcast with Tom Horn on Hagmann and Hagmann, talking about the coming
alien/demonic invasion, we didn’t fully grasp the meaning. Now we see that the Lord has been
showing him this fearsome event for decades, to prepare us for what is coming. Praise be to God!
He is so faithful!
Here is how the dream goes:
My husband is standing outside in the yard beside his grandmother’s house in WV. He looks up
into the sky. There, coming toward him en masse are these glittering triangular shaped aircraft.
Really pointy. Like arrowheads. Silvery and metallic. There are so many of them you can’t count
them, thousands, maybe into the tens of thousands. Uncountable. Sometimes in the dream it’s
broad daylight. Other times it’s late afternoon into dusk. When it’s broad daylight in the dream
the whole sky shimmers with these things, from the reflected light off them.
In every single one of these dreams my husband says the UFOs are bursting in from the
northwest. I don’t know what, if any, significance that detail has.
Sometimes my husband just sees the UFOs coming in. But other times, as he’s watching them,
suddenly from behind him, out of the southeast, come American military aircraft going out to
meet these entities, to engage them in battle. Then my husband stands there and watches the
ensuing dog fight.
Have you heard anything about how or if our military is going to face off with these invaders?
Again, Steve, it is only through your recent reporting with Tom Horn that my husband and I
finally understand the true prophetic nature of this awful dream. I am so grateful to our Lord for
this heads up, even if it is awful, as I would rather be horrified by the truth than comforted by a
Thank you, sir, for telling us the truth. The Lord bless you.

                                           Jan 18, 2013


I Do Not Honor It
By Glynda Linkous on Jan 21, 2013 12:29 pm

You are entering a difficult time, My people, but you need not fear if you are walking with Me.
Laws and governing forces are changing hands in ways you cannot even imagine behind the
scenes as well as in plain sight.

The consequences of some of these changes shall astound you in future times. It is as has been
foretold, when a country does not honor Me as God, I do not honor it as Mine. When I remove
My hand of blessing from a nation, the enemy gains access to its people as never before.

This is what you must prepare for. You prepare by knowing Me and My Word, for My Word is
your primary weapon. I stand ready to perform it on your behalf at all times, you need only speak
and claim its promises, for they are yours if you are truly Mine.

Are you truly Mine?
Psalm 127:1: Except the Lord build the house, they labour in vain that build it: except the Lord
keep the city, the watchman waketh but in vain.

Jeremiah 17:13: O Lord, the hope of Israel, all that forsake thee shall be ashamed, and they that
depart from me shall be written in the earth, because they have forsaken the Lord, the fountain of
living waters.

Isaiah 1:4: Ah sinful nation, a people laden with iniquity, a seed of evildoers, children that are
corrupters: they have forsaken the Lord, they have provoked the Holy One of Israel unto anger,
they are gone away backward.

                                           Jan 22, 2013


Just wanted to pass a dream I Had along to you, because I just read some of
the dreams and visions on your site.
Anyway, about a week ago I had a dream where for some reason I was in the
middle east, (which I've never been) and this middle eastern guy comes up
to me, mad because Im an American and hes blaming America for something and
as he's talking I notice over his shoulder a mushroom cloud go off and I
knew somehow it was in America and somehow knew it was Russia and they had
bombed North Dakota for some reason, dont know what it meant but dream 2,
I had years ago was that I was outside at night and I looked up and
hundreds of ufo's in formation were heading west. Dont know why or where
they were going, anyways. keep on doing radio shows, because we need it.

                                           Jan 24, 2013


I was hovering over the earth and saw a map of Asia. I've never done this in a dream before. As I
was going over the Korean peninsula, N. Korea suddenly turned BRIGHT RED, the color of
danger. I saw the borders of N. Korea vividly, and the inside turning very red, but contained
within the borders. I recognized that it was N. Korea since I saw the entire map of neighboring
countries - Japan, S. Korea, China. I had a feeling of imminent danger, dread, fear of something
bad - natural or man-made catastrophe.
I woke up and immediately told my wife and daughter so I wouldn't forget. I was focused more
on the N. Korea dream, so I did a search the next day 1/23 on N. Korea in the news. Links came
up on N. Korea's angry response to the UN sanctions, and that they will be mobilizing military,
as well as moving forward with nuclear testing. I hope that this will not go beyond any testing.Z

                                           Jan 24, 2013

Multitudes of parachutes in the sky coming down. The men were wearing dark uniforms.

My husband is an intercessor. It's not uncommon for him to be up at different hours of the night
at his "post" praying. He has been very "somber in spirit" for the past several days. Last night he
was up, very disturbed in spirit and had a quick vision:

In the vision, he was standing inside at the front door looking out through a small window on the
door (we don't have a window on our front door). He saw multitudes of parachutes in the sky
coming down. The men were wearing dark uniforms. Then he was outside. (we live rural) One
landed just a few yards away. My husband was drawn to the weapon he held; looked like an AR-
15 but about half the size. Even though the man was a few yards away, it was like he didn't see
my husband or our house at all, like we and our house were invisible to his eyes. End of vision.

My husband said that he didn't feel this would take place imminently, but is on the horizon.

This is so encouraging and confirming to us that God WILL PROTECT us and cloak us as we
stay hidden in Christ. If we do this:

Col 3:1-4 If then you were raised with Christ, seek those things which are above, where Christ is,
sitting at the right hand of God. 2 Set your mind on things above, not on things on the earth. 3
For you died, and your life is hidden with Christ in God. 4 When Christ who is our life appears,
then you also will appear with Him in glory.

Then He will do this:

Ps 17:8 Protect me like the pupil of your eye, hide me in the shadow of your wings
Ps 27:5 For he will conceal me in his shelter on the day of trouble, he will hide me in the folds of
his tent,
he will set me high on a rock.
Ps 64
1 Hear me, my God, as I voice my complaint;
protect my life from the threat of the enemy.
2 Hide me from the conspiracy of the wicked,
from the plots of evildoers.
3 They sharpen their tongues like swords
and aim cruel words like deadly arrows.
4 They shoot from ambush at the innocent;
they shoot suddenly, without fear.
5 They encourage each other in evil plans,
they talk about hiding their snares;
they say, “Who will see it?”
6 They plot injustice and say,
“We have devised a perfect plan!”
Surely the human mind and heart are cunning.
7 But God will shoot them with his arrows;
they will suddenly be struck down.
8 He will turn their own tongues against them
and bring them to ruin;
all who see them will shake their heads in scorn.
9 All people will fear;
they will proclaim the works of God
and ponder what he has done.
10 The righteous will rejoice in the Lord
and take refuge in him;
all the upright in heart will glory in him!

Thank you, Steve, for continuing the good fight of faith and beaming the Light on the hill for us
all! We continue to pray daily for you/family, Haagman's, Hawke, Horn, Greg, Wiles, and the
others not listed but we all know who they are. WE ARE LISTENING and HEARING.


                                          Jan 24, 2013



My husband and I listened to your show last night w/ the Hagmann's. While
you were talking I suddenly understood a dream I had a few weeks ago, right
around New Year's. In the dream I am walking down a very busy downtown
street, think NYC. As I was walking a very average, clean cut white male,
mid 30's, casually dressed walked by me. In the dream I heard the Lord
speak to me, "this man is not what he seems" I sensed and just knew he was
deeply evil although by appearances you would never think it. Again in the
dream I pass him again on the street, looking intently into his face as he
passes and this time I hear "he's not human".

I awoke and immediately told my husband about it and told him that I felt
the Lord warning us of this in the very near future although I had no idea
what "he" was, an alien? Demon? Then on your show I heard you talking
about the fallen angels who can take the shape of a man or woman and
instantly the dream came to mind and I just knew that's exactly what I had
seen. This is very rare for me to dream like this by the way.

Secondly, around this same time a few nights afterwards, I awoke in the
early morning hours and instantly upon opening my eyes I heard the Lord say
to me so clearly "As in the days of Noah" I actually answered the Lord
with "yes I know Lord, I've read your word" and then heard him so clear
again say two things. "no..AS IN, as in exactly" and also He said, which I
feel was a response to a question I had been praying about our preparations
and were we to continue to prep despite so much taunting and ridicule and
He said "they made fun of the prepper" (Noah!) It confirmed to me so
perfectly to keep going!

We have been eating up your site, it's such an encouragement.


                                          Jan 24, 2013


Hello Steve,

I am a regular here and have been for years. I am a Missionary in
Washington State. Anyway, lately since 2013 rolled out I have been having
visions.. In these visions there is a great storm that comes to our
country.. Although God kept me safe in this great storm the storm uncovered
a Ancient evil.. ancient buildings on beaches with ancient cities (not
literally there on our beaches but symbolic)

There was a GREAT sarcophagus.. it was about
30' tall 25' wide and between 80-100' long. It was covered in high relief
images and hieroglyphs in the style of Ancient Babylon and Egypt. When one
gazed on this colossal sarcophagus in your mind you saw the one who
inhabited the sarcophagus..It was some sort of false God or deity. The
Great Whore, Mystery Babylon. She had a golden crown like one of ancient
Egypt and wore a dress made out of a lion skin with the fur and
everything.. the paws of the lion on the dress came from behind her and
were at the sides of her lower breasts and sides of her hips.. a low cut
front was supported by griffon like eagle feet. It was as If I actually saw
this woman in real life.. she was swaying back and forth, jirating, just
staring and waiting.. Chaos follows her but after that God came and
brought his Kingdom people cried for the realized God was real and he was
coming back for his people!

Note: The woman deity her face.. looked almost exactly like the Egyptian
Pharaoh known as Akhenaten or Ay.. (I've been into Biblical Archaeology
for years and have even preached on it in church, so I noticed that right
away) The lion dress was quite amazing.. I thought it was ironic God
returns as a Lion not a lamb to do his Justice and the dress looked as if a
Lion was engulfing this Great Whore of Mystery Babylon from behind... The
theme of all this was something on the lines of, Ancient and Mysterious was
about to be uncovered, come back, show up, arriving soon etc.. It blew me
away, I could swear i actually saw this ancient evil woman..

Bond-servants in Christ/Missionary in Washington State,

                                         Jan 27, 2013


After feeling an intense downpour of God's peace and love and much prayertime...i asked god if i
could see an angel...i laughed as i said it and rolled my eyes and said..." Ok..maybe i'm not
supposed to ask for would you just show me whatever you will"
The dream:
I was driving downtown, it was very busy, traffic was felt like a big city like new
york or down by the riverwalk of new orleans...across the street i saw a strange individual
walking very close to traffic..he was handicapped and just awkward. I thought that it would be
pleasing to gom for me to help him off the street...i pulled over and rolled down my window and
yelled..." Do u need some help?" i was talking, he transformed into a tall gladiator like
being...he was beautiful and had huge muscles...i could see his arms bc the tunic top was semi
short sleeve-almost sleeveless with a was white with gold embroidery...i was in awe of
how beautiful he was and the love flowing from him towards me...i suddenly remembered my
prayer and thought.." are you an angel?" And i felt the thought leave me in a form of
communication...he started laughing and said back to me without speaking.." yes"...i was
thinking about how we just communicated without speaking...and he laughed again. " do u like
how we can communicate without talking?".. this being knew me and had for a long time as if he
got me and my personality...he held his finger up to me as if he would be back in a minute ...
At that time, i looked up into the sky..there were a lot of white things moving like thousands of
balloons...but they were lights the more i looked..they were hovering over a large group of
people reminded me of street parties right before the ball drops on new years...but
then i realized they were worshgpping them and i knew the lights were about to kill them...the
angel came back and set a dinner table before me and lit the candle, we were about to eat, i could
see the people in the background still...i looked up to the sky and there was a clock...and i knew
it was midnight...and then i woke up.
This was several nights before new years 2013

                                           Jan 30, 2013

Dream of Saints in Wilderness

Steve, I have followed you for Ten years and I appreciate everything you do and I pray for you
and your family and our fellow Watchman.

I had a dream early this morning 31 Jan 2012. I was with a large group of people who looked to
be dressed in israelite clothing from biblical times. We were in a desert region and surrounded by
a lot of rock structure. We were camped out and there were two watchman on either side of us
high up on the rocks looking out. I was telling someone, this is great because once the watchman
spot the enemy we will be a day or two ahead of them. A man who had a long beard and I
believe he was wearing a Talit or prayer shawl said " they cannot live out here like we can". ( I
believe he said this two different times). This man was clearly a leader among us. Meanwhile I
was talking to a group of Men that I was sitting with about the book on Enoch when the Men
became distracted. I then heard the warning from the watchman myself (possible shofar warning,
I can't realy remember the sound they made). Everyone started gathering the things that they
carried and started moving further into the wilderness.

Side note: There was at least one pregnant woman with us. I only saw enough belongings that
one could carry. The group of people felt like family.

Thanks J.G. USAF

                                           Feb 1, 2013

Have recently read the sightings of the falling stars. It brought to my
remembrance a night vision I received in 1995. Here is the gist of the
Winter 1995
A vision in the night. Me and my family are living in a trailer.(at the
time of vision we were living in a house) We are getting dressed up to go
somewhere. Apparently some place that requires you to dress better than
everyday work clothes. The front door to the trailer is open. It seems to
be spring or maybe fall, the weather is in mid 60s and it is evening. The
sky is clear and you can see stars beyond numbers. I get up from in front
of the make-up mirror (weird since I do not own one) and head out to the
deck. I am drawn to look. A feeling of foreboding is upon me. As I look up
at the sky, the stars begin to move out of place. Switching with other
stars. Then they stop and begin to descend upon the earth. Not fall as if
it were an asteroid or meteors, but slowly descend, having intelligent
thought and purpose. Then the vision ended. (Note. we moved into a trailer
in 1997) Same deck, no star movement, but a heads up
What is interesting is in present time, our weather is that of 60's and 70s
during the day. It may dip down in the 20's over night, early morning.
Thought this might be of some interest considering the sightings

Abilene TX

The season is upon the nation. Because you have set the abomination before my eyes, I will set
judgment before yours!” When will these things be? said the voice, “After he will be sworn in.”

Another Visitation from the Lord – Pastor T.D. Hale Nov. 24th 2012
I was immediately standing in front of the desk in the Oval Office. Standing in the Oval office I
was in front of the president. A voice came forth and said, “Weep and howl for the misery that
shall come shortly….”
There on the floor of the Oval office was the eagle I saw him shoot back in Dec. He walks from
behind that desk with the same smirk I saw on his face and puts his foot on the neck of the eagle.
At this point he picks it up by its head and twisted it three times until his head came off from the
At that point that voice said, “The spirit of Rehoboam.” I knew what that meant and I knew it
rested upon the President.
The president of the United States was dressed in total black; Black suit, tie, shirt, shoes, pants,
total black. As I was standing in front of him looking directly at him, all of a sudden his chest
cavity began to open and his heart was exposed. As I was looking at his heart, thick black, dark
mist was swirling around his heart.
At this point he picked up a gavel in his hand which was part wood and part stone. Handle was
wood; head of the gavel was stone. He hits a document on the desk and when he did an
earthquake hit Washington .
All of a sudden I was standing above the White House and saw the earth open and it went
towards the Washington Monument then towards the Jefferson Memorial. At that point an odd
color rain started falling (color of fire) and it started slowly coming down and intensified little by
little until the waters started rising, the starting point was Washington D.C.
As the waters started rising, I went up a little higher into the atmosphere and saw the map of the
United States . The waters left Washington , and begin to flood across the nation. I seen it hit
MD, WV, OH, MI, KY, IN, SC and on and on until it covered America .
On the document on the desk of the President was written, “The Final Abomination.”
I begin to hear screams across the nation as if it was a mournful sound. I thought of Noah and
what it must have been like for the people outside of the Ark as the flood waters came in and
they knew they had not listened to Noah or the voice God gave to them to speak. The screams
were as if their lives were over and there was no hope.
As I was still in the air, and I am going to try and explain this as best I can. I saw America in this
state of being covered with flood waters and then all of a sudden I saw beams of light quickly
coming out of the flood waters like a speed of light quickly going up into the air. Millions it
looked like but at that moment I was taken above the earth and then I saw it around the world.
Possible the prayers of the saints.
After this point, now I was back to the earth as if I was back to the beginning of all of this. I
heard a voice say, “The shifting has begun!” At this point I was looking over top of mega
churches and like a flash a voice said, “A breeding ground for sin, the people know not me but
play around their calf.” I know that as we enter into the “time of the end” it will not be large
churches but homes meetings of where the saints will gather in secret where God will abide and
speak in the last days because of the persecution that will come upon this generation.
Then at this point I was looking again at homes of people I knew that loved and served God. I
saw the homes of men and women that were gathered together, praying in deep prayers across
the nation and a voice that said, “The season is upon the nation. Because you have set the
abomination before my eyes, I will set judgment before yours!” When will these things be? said
the voice, “After he will be sworn in.”

                                            Dec 23, 2012

I turned around and looked outside to see four huge fireballs coming down from the sky, and they hit
the ground one after another.
Steve, a dream from a week ago: It was night time and I was sitting in my
family room, facing a wall of windows. I noticed a flash of light in one
of the windows, so I walked over to it and peered outside. I didn't see
anything, and then I realized I had been looking at a reflection of a flash
from a window that was behind me. I turned around and looked outside to
see four huge fireballs coming down from the sky, and they hit the ground
one after another. The fireballs were about two blocks from my house.
During the flashes I could see the outline of people standing in the
streets watching these fireballs, but they didn't run or even move. They
just kept watching these fireballs. I heard "they are coming one
neighborhood at a time." I then found myself in some kind of small
enclosure while asking
G-d to protect me.

Thank you for your site, as it is an outlet for so many like me who want to
express a view or a thought, but don't have the support of a family who
believes in any of this.



Good morning, Steve Quayle...I've not ever contacted you before, but have been a listener for
about 9 months now. My whole family has had our heads pulled from the sand over the last year
and you have been the gentleman I've come to seek for insight and information most often.
Thank you for all of your devotion to the truth.
The reason I write is because when my 17 year old daughter jumped out of her bedroom when
she heard me scuffling around at 5:00 am this morning and told me what her "cool" experience
(her words) was, all morning I was simply "chomping at the bit" to tell someone. But, after
mentally indexing all my friends and family, church sisters, and brothers, there just wasn't
ANYONE I could think of that would be able to grasp, what I feel, is the immense meaning
behind what she told me.
My daughter is a spiritually mature, Jesus loving, normal teenage girl that God just seems to
show things to. I admit, I'm starting to get a little jealous :-), but deep down, I am truly honored
that He even chooses to use her. Anyway, I am rambling...last night, between 10 pm and 12 pm
eastern, she said she could hear drums...she even opened her window to see if it was the local HS
practicing, but no...she said they we loud and continuous and "tribal sounding" as if it were
something you would connect with the Indians when they portray them on tv.
I know what I'm thinking...but, anyway, I just had to share with someone I knew would give it
some serious consideration. Thank you again for all of your time and your effort that is put into
declaring truth.
                                          Dec 22, 2012



I woke up this morning having experienced a dream. I call it a dream, but it was something else,
but I lack the words to describe what it actually was.
My “dream” took place in the evening, outside, at dusk. People were all gathered around,
looking up at the sky and waiting. For what, I didn’t understand. It seemed as though nobody
could continue on without the sign that they were looking for. Then, an object appeared in the
sky. I refer to it as a craft, as it was lighted and looked like something from the old Asteroids
video game. At the same time, God pulled the sky back like a window shade to show me that this
“sky”, the sky everybody was looking at, was not the real sky. The real sky was above this
imposter sky, but nobody could see it. They were all still staring at the imposter sky, and craft.
At the next point in my dream, I was running from something. I remember I had to get to my
home, and feeling great fear. But I was also confused in my dream. Didn’t they tell me I was safe,
and didn’t have anything to worry about? Still, I ran. I decided I needed to hide in my son’s attic
on the third floor. When I reached the top of the stairs, I looked out the window, and there was a
blond man, who was foreign (Russian?), after me.
When I got to the attic, my husband and three children were already there. Next, my husband
was showing 3 men through our house, convincing them we were not a threat, and they had
nothing to worry about.
They did not kill us. Instead, because we passed that test, we were given job tickets. These
tickets were given to everybody, children too. My son was given a job ticket that would take him
to another country. We had no choice in the matter, either accept your assignment, or be killed. I
felt such sadness in my dream, knowing I would never see my son again.
Then, there was commotion in the street. A boy my youngest son attends school with was shot
dead in the street. His crime? He accidentally dropped his job ticket. I remember thinking, “they
are shooting him to install fear, and make an example of him.”

And then she was awakened by the Holy Spirit.

                                          Dec 21, 2012


Last night I had a dream. I was at a very large outdoor gathering with my husband and a few
others. We heard an unusual noise in the sky looked up and there were words being drawn (like
on a billboard) the words were written in the most beautiful colors. We knew instantly it was
God writing them. It was short instructions as soon as we read them they would fade away. The
message was for us to spread the word of Jesus as fast as we could at this gathering. No one else
could see the writing except the believers. We went around the festival spreading the word the
time was so urgent you could only tell the people "Either your going to Heaven or Hell" and to
get to Heaven the only way is Jesus Christ. Very few let us go past that they were just busy.
Every time God wrote another instruction for us there would be a slight rumbling in the sky
letting us know to look up again. We would read it then it would fade away. His messages were
very exact where and when to go and what to say. There had to be at least 10. Never once did
any of us fear. We knew he was guiding us.
I was telling a group that were sitting at a picnic table about Jesus it was under a very large tree.
A lady got up to get something leaving just her hamburger on her plate she turn to me and
spouted off about God with a smirk on her face. The limb on the tree above her seat curve down
and the leaf turned into the head of a reptile snatched her hamburger off her plate then went right
back to its shape. I yelled out God will not be mocked. Oddly enough no one at the table was
shaken by this.

We were told to step aside. We looked over at all the unbelievers and a darkness came over them
we never saw or heard anything it was to dark to see. We the believers were in such a wonderful
light stood still looked up to the sky knowing Jesus was coming. I have never felt such a anxious
I prayed before I even moved out of bed this morning to be sure I got this right. I believe the time
is so short we need to get the word out was part of it. The other part was God guided us, his love
was in all messages. He always had our backs and only his children could see his writings. Never
once was a hand laid upon us or any fear.


                                           Dec 21, 2012


On Monday night I received the following dream.

It seemed that I was somewhere in the American west. I was standing on a hillside, watching a
group of people walking away from me, across a plain or valley, towards a mountain. Somehow
I knew these people were Christians. As I watched them, helicopters came in from my left. They
began to fire on the people below without warning. The odd thing was they fired arrows instead
of bullets. It was like the scene from the movie '300'. The sky was literally darkened by the
number of arrows. In a very short time most of the people on the ground were either dead or
wounded. When the number of uninjured was reduced to no more than 20% a strange thing
happened. The arrows fired by the helicopters started to circle around and hit the choppers. This
stopped the men inside to stop shooting. The helicopters then flew off. Those who were
uninjured or at least still able to move continued their journey towards the mountain. I moved
down the hill and joined them.

Once the mountain was reached, the people broke up into small groups, each one headed to a
different place. One man asked me to join him. He said he knew a town where we would be
welcome. I went with him. We reached a small town in the mountains somewhere and he went
right to one certain house. I was a little behind him. He walked up the steps to the porch and
knocked on the front door, which was opened and he was greeted like a long lost relative. As I
went to the porch, I saw a giant lying on the ground, asleep. I had to step over his legs to get to
the house. Something, I don't remember what, caught my eye on the ground. I stopped to crouch
down and look at it. It was then that the giant woke up and stood up. He had to be twelve feet tall
at the minimum. For a moment he seemed to look right at me. Then I realized he was looking
through me. I was invisible to him. He had no clue that I was there. I went into the house.

When I entered the house, there were a number of people who were getting ready for some kind
of celebration. There were three women who came to me to show me a white cake that wasn't
quite ready yet, but they felt it important to show it to me. I was told by one of them, 'This is
your opha'. It was then that I woke up.

The word 'opha' was on my mind. I knew I'd heard it before, but couldn't remember where or
what it meant, so I looked it up. The word comes from the Greek. It is a kind of slang that means
'bravo' or more importantly, 'WELL DONE'. Maybe you have seen movies like 'Zorba The
Greek' where they are having a party with dancing and such. From time to time you will hear
them holler to one another 'Opha'. Once I understood the meaning of the word, I understood the
dream. This is my understanding.

We know from scripture that most Christians will not survive the coming persecution. These are
the people killed by the helicopters. The plain or valley is the valley of decision. Many will die
there. The mountain is the place or places of refuge and protection provided by The Lord. In my
opinion, simply reaching one of these places when the time comes is certainly a case of 'WELL
DONE thou good and faithful servant'. In my depression, The Lord has shown me that not
persecution, not military attack or even giants will stop me from reaching the place he has set
aside for me.

Yours in Christ,

Travis O. Dean

                                          Dec 19, 2012

Hey brother its Jason again. The Lord has given me another dream that after prayer I feel is of
importance. 2 nights ago I had been talking to a friend about the Lord and all the things that he
has shown us and how it was strange that the Lord hadn't shown me anything new for a while, so
I prayed about it that night and when I finaly fell asleep he gave me this dream. My wife and I
had been out that morning and had come to my mothers house to get some things together that
we were selling. And as we were getting everything ready my stepfather (who isn't saved) pulled
up in the driveway with his brother panicing. He came running into the house and came to us and
said that we had to leave and turn ourselves in or he would kill us and do it himself. I just looked
at him and asked him what he was talking about and he said that there were troops in town
saying that all christians were to be turned in and that any house they find one in that has not
been turned over, the family will be killed and the house destroyed. He then said that if we didn't
turn ourselves in that he would make us. And as he reached for his gun I pulled out my side arm
and shot the wall next to his head and told him that I didn't want to hurt him but that I would if I
had to and that I was taking my family and our equipment and that we were leaving and at that
moment his brother came in trying to warn us that the army was getting closer and started talking
about how all of this was in the bible and then the dream ended. Steve after I had this dream I
wasn't sure what to make of it and then the Lord started to deal with me and I thought about all
the other dreams and visions that the Lord had given me and noticed a pattern of prophecy being
revealed. And as I was reading tonighyt the Lord reminded me of Mark 13: 12-13 " then brother
will betray brother to death, and a father his child. Children will rise up against their parents and
put them to death. And you will be hated by everyone because of MY name. But the one who
endures to the end will be delivered." All I know beyond that is that I have felt a pressing on my
spirit to share this with you brother. I will be praying for you and the other watchmen. Stay safe
and God bless. JASON

                                           Dec 13, 2012


Hi Steve,
My name is Mari. I wanted to share with you a dream I had last night. I
dreamt there was what I thought was a ghost in my house, I was battling
with it (I was afraid) trying hard to cast it out in Jesus name, it
wouldn't go at some point I stopped struggling with him long enough for him
to ask me "Why do you cast me out in the name of whom I come?" It was not a
ghost, but an angel. All I could do was listen and a peace filled me and he
said "I bring for you a message." And he pulled out a scroll. As he
unrolled it I saw a picture of a horse. The horse was in a running stance,
determined. (The white horse in Rev. I believe) under his picture was words
written in Hebrew I could not read. He unrolled the scroll further and
there was the first trumpet and under it words written in Hebrew. Again he
unrolled the scroll further and I saw a second horse. It was angry, reared
up on his hind leg punch the air with his front hooves (the second seal,
the second horse, the fiery red one) and under him were words written in
Hebrew. One more time he unrolled the scroll and I saw a picture of a
second trumpet and under it words written in Hebrew. I looked up I could
not speak but the question in me asked what is this and the answer came to
my heart in unspoken words "It is where we are at; it is NOW!" when I awoke
The Lord lead me to Rev chapter 5 and I read from there through the
trumpets and understood what I had dreamt. M.

Steve~She should begin journaling her dreams and she will see a pattern emerging in the way the
Lord speaks to her and shows her of things to come.

Remember several months ago when I was awakened by two very long and very loud trumpet
blasts in this very quiet valley? She heard correctly! That time is here NOW! ~Romy

                                           Dec 11, 2012



I follow your writings and listen to your messages on various radio
programs. I want to thank you and pray God's anointing, leadership, wisdom,
protection, and blessing on you and your family in the name of Jesus.

I received this dream around the first of December and wanted to share it.
I fail to remember all of it, but felt compelled to write it out.

I was in a long hallway with numerous other people. The hallway was
something like you would see in a school or government building. We were
trying to reach the exit doorways, but there were large men who would
wrestle with each person trying to leave and throw them back into the
crowd. Eventually as these men were occupied with others, I was able to
sneak past and exit through the doorway.

The courtyard was dark and gloomy. In the middle stood an entity who
appeared similar to a Japanese geisha. The figure was very tall, dressed
in black with a white outline that was illuminated like neon light. I
couldn't tell if the entity was male or female, but it held a giant leaf
that was black and outlined in white neon. It was fanning the leaves in
the surrounding trees with the giant leaf, and a faint mist would blow
towards the leaves in the trees while the leaves fluttered from the wind.
At that point I had a realization, or I heard a voice that said "This is
why My people are asleep".

The entity turned and looked me directly in the eye. I felt a wave of
terror come over me and knew this thing was evil. I realized that this
thing perceived my presence, and I was afraid. It was then that I woke up
and realized I had called out in my sleep "Oh God in Heaven".

I have been astounded how Christians and Churches have been so silent
during recent times regarding the erosion of our liberties and the
expansion of sinful practices in our country. Our people embrace the
things God labeled abominations, and yet we stand silently by. I believe
there are super-natural delusional forces at work that are preventing
Christians from seeing the truth. I believe these forces are keeping
non-Christians in darkness too.

Thank you Steve for all that you do and for the words you continue to shout
from the hilltop.

May God bless you richly !R.J.

                                            Dec 11, 2012


Hello and thank you for all that you have done over the years and continue
to do. The dream section is very thought provoking and I have had a few
dreams and a few visions. I only feel released to share one and then an
actual event that might help others.
Two years ago I was having a regular dream when I heard a voice say, "Come
here." I opened my eyes and a being was standing there. He came over and
took my hand, I believe I was fully awake as I got up and was checking to
make sure my nightclothes were okay.We walked through the wall of my house
and I was astonished as it felt weird. We came outside of my bedroom window
and I was so taken aback by the experience that I started touching the
brick wall and wondering how this could be. The being admonished me to pay
attention several times. I finally got a hold of myself and paid attention.
The being said l,"look at the real foundation of your home." I looked and
it looked fine to me, I noted it was dark outside, my bare feet in the
grass and that I was outside my bedroom wall/window. The being said
"Watch." It was like I had xray vision, all of a sudden I saw the
foundation fill with water, then rot and mold appeared and then it
crumbled and then it vanished. I was disturbed. The being said "Look" and
he pointed and a massive crack appeared in front of me and it spread
rapidly, it was miles deep and fire was coming out of it and it spread
rapidly across the yard and park and I got the sense it was spreading
across America, that America was literally going to be split all the way
across. I was overwhemed and while standing there in pure shock someone
came up behind me and put there hand in mine and I was immediately filled
with peace and knew Jesus would be with each of us. I got the sense there
was a message for me about the condition I was in at the time-deep
depression over divorce, and a real one of what was going to happen to
America soon.

                                            Dec 7, 2012



On Nov 1st, before the election, and on Nov 9th, after the election I had dreams that were both
evil but very prophetic. I will describe the dreams and then give the interpretations as I received

lst dream: I was "imprisoned" in a "hanging", round "bird" cage; only enough room for 1 person.
A man was circling around and around the cage like an animal stalking a prey before the kill. I
knew his intentions were to "dis-member" and "devour" me. He reached in to touch me; the evil
in and on him was so heinous it awakened me. The room was filled with the evilness of this

2nd dream: I was in this massive hall, no end in sight, where laws are made. I was actually
standing on a wooden "catwalk" high above the room running the entire length/width. I was
standing in the middle, the "cross road" if you will. As I looked out in this massive expanse with
no end, I saw this sea of young people, Generation Y and Generation X. They were a mass, like a
school of fish, all pressing onto one another moving into one another, no form, just zombie like
bodies. I looked down and Obama was right under the "cross road" and in the very center of this
mass. He, too, "appeared" younger looking.....their age. I don't remember any one else on this
catwalk. However, someone spit on Obama's head! He looked up, with this arrogant, crap eating
grin on his face. Then someone spit again. He looked up again in the way way. However, this
time, I knew what he was thinking; no matter what you do, I have total control and power and
there is nothing you can do about spit away.

Next, in the center of this mass, a microphone on a podium appeared. Three (3) sisters appeared
at the microphone. This is what they said; "We 3 sisters new, are getting rid of the shrew".

I woke up sobbing in a travail. I was inconsolable because I knew the meaning of this dream.
The Lord kept me in this travail of prayer for hours.


1st Dream -
"bird" cage represents God's people.
Imprison- Through religion, propaganda, mind control, managed calamaties, law, etc. Anything
that will cause man to become isolated, anger and offended at God.
The evil "man" circling the cage represents the evil Anti-Christ spirit/spirit of Religion on this
earth. Note; a "religion" is a belief system; luciferianism, communism, socialism, Marxism, It's
defined as “belief in God or gods to be worshiped, usually expressed in conduct and ritual” or
“any specific system of belief, worship, etc.,"
circling - walks about 1 Peter 5:8
The plan is to isolate and "dis member" the Body of Christ. 1 Cor 12:11-13
"hanging" a form of capital punishment
Devour - totally annihilate any representation of God and/or His people. Also read Jer 12, see v.
8,9 and then v. 10 tells why.
2nd dream:
hall - gathering/containing of the masses in one place (think mind control)
sea of humanity - in this case, the vulnerable youth
A catwalk is any narrow platform on which people walk. Matthew 7:14
Obama at center under crossroad (which forms a cross) of catwalk - Parallel of "higher narrow
way" and his earthly choice
spit (spue) coming down from someone - "So then because thou art lukewarm, and neither cold
nor hot, I will spue thee out of my mouth. Rev 3:16
head - of this nation and the "system"
appeared younger - epitome of deception - counterfeit
3 sisters - satanic godhead (3) using Jezebel spirit to seduce youth and counterfeit "doing
something new" through youth
shrew- a scolding, nagging woman.
"getting rid of the shrew" - Israel - God's wife-(Isaiah 54) Ps 83:4
I also new incorporated into the plan was to annihilate an entire generation of seniors, Boomers,
veterans and or anyone who stands for God, Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit and Truth. Anyone who
will not conform to the system.
This will be accomplished by laws.
My intense travail was for the souls of men/women. Great loss of lives. Deep darkness. No
regard for life. A seduced and deceived youth carrying out the plans of satan.

Steve, I know this is lengthy. But it's vital information. It is imperative the Word keeps getting
out so we can pray into these potential situations. Yes, dreams can be God communicating and
also tools. They can be prophetic and many are words of knowledge. God trusts us not so we can
just experience and share a dream but ask our Lord how does He wants us to pray regarding what
He shows us. He said, He didn't do anything unless the Father told Him first. We must exercise
our hope in Him, He is our Hope, that when we pray, He hears us and He is listening. We are
overcomers only by the Blood of the Lamb and the Word of our testimony, His testimony
through us in word and deed, through our prayers and travails.

I humbly submit these and if you are shown anything else on them feel free to express that.
Whatever you decide, just get the word out.

Please continue to be a Watchman for us, the multitudes, that ARE listening. We need you in the
vocation you have been called. We are praying as armor bearers for you, your family and the
others (Hawk, Haagman's, Wiles, Jones, etc.) "For in the time of trouble he shall hide you in his
pavilion: in the secret of his tabernacle shall he hide you; he shall set you up upon a rock." Ps

A sister in Christ,
Pat H.

                                          Dec 6, 2012


Yesterday, thanksgiving day, prior to eating dinner I was sleeping on the
couch. I had a dream of the IRIS siemec monitor (in color) vivid detail.
There was nothing showing anywhere on the USA, suddenly, a red ring showed
up that was larger than the largest measurement ring. This ring was in the
middle of the California coast line.
Then I remember that a few days prior, in my morning prayer I had been
praying The Lord would send me dreams or visions of things to come. The
last time this happened I was given a dream of the Minneapolis, Minn.
tornado that wiped out north Mlps. about 6 weeks before it happened.
I didn't tell anyone about the dream which I felt was a mistake in I'm telling you about this one.

                                          Dec 6, 2012


Hello Steve,

I’m a Canadian Naval Officer and I wanted to share with you a dream I had in 2010. It was one
of only three dreams I’ve had in my life that I strongly feel was from God. I see you put dreams
on your website so I though I would share mine with you. The dream goes as follows.

I was on the bridge of a Canadian war ship and we were sailing with an American ship like we
do so often. Something was different about this time however. There was very little light outside
but it was during the day, like a dark black cloud had descended all around us. There was an
overwhelming sense of heaviness, darkness and anxiety in the air. The American war ship was
heavily armed. It looked like a battle ship, one with large heavy guns; which is strange because
battleships are obsolete in modern Navies. Nevertheless, I believe this symbolized the strength of
American military power. I felt safe knowing our heavily armed American Allies were right next
to us. Soon after I felt this, the American ship turned and sailed away, where too I did not know,
but it left us vulnerable as our ship had nowhere near the capabilities of the Americans. A short
time later I spotted a Russian war ship, it came out of what seemed like nowhere and surprised
all of us. It came up right behind us and boarded us quickly without warning. Before I knew it
the Russians had seized control of our ship and stormed the bridge. I was powerless to stop them
as it all happened too fast to mount any kind of defence against the surprise boarding. No shots
were fired, and our ship didn’t put up any resistance as we were caught totally off guard. No
communication or distress signal was transmitted before we were fully under Russian control.
The dream ended there.

I feel like this dream means that someday the Russians will take advantage of a time when
America is distracted or occupied with something else and will take control of Canada, or parts
of it, in order to launch a larger operation against the USA. Perhaps, as you suggest, as a staging
ground for the invasion of the USA.

                                           Dec 6, 2012


My wild dream:
Hey Steve, I have eyes to see and ears to hear and had this strange dream a month ago.
I was under a large highway bridge. There was 2 large duce and a half army trucks with armed
soldiers. They were yelling, “get on the truck” as they shoved some sheeple on the trucks. I said
to myself,” I’m NOT getting on that truck I know where it will end up.” I was about to run when
another guy ran. He ran about 10 feet and was shot in back by soldiers. I thought, “Oh man I
don’t want to die tonight.”

I snuck around bridge and hid among a group of civilians. A guy tried to stab me with a large
screwdriver. Luckily I know martial arts, was able to disarm him and take him out fairly easily.
His buddy saw and pulled a pistol on me. Thankfully I was able to disarm again but this time I
was able to get 2 pistols off bad guy. I snuck in small group in-between soldiers and mass
civilians. I saw a tough looking guy and offered 1 of the pistols to him. He gladly took it.
Then I heard, “what’s that??” I looked up and a cigar shaped UFO was quickly overhead floating
down. Soldiers stopped rounding up people and began to shoot at UFO. A spotlight popped on
and when it hit the people it sucked them up into UFO like a vacuum. I came across a 4 wheeler
and jumped on. A spotlight was trying to get me but I was able to dodge it for a brief minute.
When the spotlight hit me, the 4wheeler immediately stopped, and I screamed up at the UFO,
“You can’t have me, I belong to JESUS CHRIST!!!” Then the dream was over!!!
On top of this, 2 days later I found this YouTube vid that showed how over a dozen people saw
this and 2-3 cops also saw it. It was a strange UFO that looked EXACTLY like I saw in my
dream and even had a spotlight on it!!!!!

                                         Dec 6, 2012


Hi steve, enjoyed the show with pastor langford sunday. had a dream though
during a reply through the night. i was desperately trying to get away
from a very evil unattractive woman who was in persuit. i did escape but
can't help feeling she was symbolic of Mystery Babylon trying to ensnare me
into the world system. As i awoke to hear your signoff to the program, i
then had a vision where i was hovering over a flooded coastline covering a
great distance. i felt i was over the east coast. i felt great tragedy
had occured. perhaps that giant tsunami wave caused by Cumbre Vieja had
struck North America. i saw nothing but desolation.

                                         Dec 6, 2012


Dream about islamic Super Soldiers

Hello , Steve I had this dream about 8-9 years ago it was in 2 parts the first part i remember
being in the middle of down town Boston it was a normal night i looked up at the sky and saw
these black airplanes and i could see parachutes coming out of the back
and then one of these paratroopers landed near by and i could see boston PD surrounded him and
they began to shoot but he did not go down i remember them being very tall i would say about 7
to 8 feet tall very muscular they wore black BDUs black boots and a black balaclava like mask
with no cut out for the eyes and i remember they carried very large knives and they killed
everything in their path
The reason why i say they were islamic is because in the dream i understood that they were as if i
already knew

in the second part of the dream i remember ,I was running from one these beings and he was
chasing me and some people through the Boston subway system i just remeber being so terrified
at this creature and trying to get away but he knew where i was and he was chasing me and then i
awoke-- and its strange because since then I have had a lot of dreams terrifying and vivid as well
that i have forgotten about --but i could never forget about this one

God bless you Steve thank you for your time ,Ricardo

                                           Dec 6, 2012


Hello Mr. Quayle, thank you so much for all you do as a watchman for the LORD. You have
blessed my life and opened my eyes to so much over the past few years. I wanted to tell you
about a dream that I had about three years ago that causes me to think twice about places I
venture off to with my family and a particular friend of mine.
I had a dream one night that me and my children and this friend of mine and her children were
off on a field trip together. I remember being somewhere like a museum which would be a
typical place to take school children. We were all walking around looking at things and I stopped
to look out this huge was really large, floor to ceiling and wall to wall. Needless to
say I had a really good view of the sky. I was looking outside admiring the greenery all around
and the really clear blue sky. All of sudden I began to see these tiny white dots high up in the sky.
I continued to watch them fall down to earth and as they fell they increased in size and in number.
It became clear to me that they were white parachutes dropping soldiers down to the earth. I
remember yelling out to my friend..."Get the kids and run, they are coming for us." All I
remember is running and they next thing you know we were all captured, kids and all and being
herded into a wooden container of sorts, like a shipping container or a box car. The soldiers were
dressed all in black and they were foreign, not sure from what country.

Funny part is I had a falling out with this friend sometime after I had this dream. Fast forward
two years later and the Lord restored our friendship and we now have resumed our outings with
our children. I have told her about this dream a couple of times and we both get this nervous
laugh about us. Maybe this is silly but I try to avoid going to any places that resemble the place
in my dreams.
Just thought I would share it with you.

May the LORD set his hedge of protection about you and your family.
A sister in Christ!

P.S. I had another dream recently that involved really strange looking airplanes landing on the
rooftops of the houses in my neighborhood. If I combine my first dream and my second dream
together it looks like a scene from the remake of the movie "RED DAWN". I have never, ever
watched the first one and the second one comes out on NOV 21st I believe. I found this trailer on
the second one. If you pause it exactly at .39 seconds that is the EXACT same thing I saw in
each of my dreams....needless to say this really gripped my heart when I saw it. Again..just

                                          Dec 6, 2012


I am new to your site and was intrigued by your Dreams & Vision page. I
became a Christian about 15 years ago because I had heard some Christian
prophecy and wanted to see what the Bible had to say about it. I had read
some Christian fiction books and then started studying the Bible.
A few years ago while visiting my family where I grew up in Michigan, I had
two dreams. In the first dream, I was sitting in my dad's living room. He
was talking as I was staring out the front room windows. As he rambled on,
I noticed it started to rain but water was settling on top of the ground,
like a bowl being filled up. The water continued to rise, and I kept trying
to interrupt my dad to tell him. I couldn't get anyone's attention. When
the water got to window level, the water started pouring into the house
from cracks between the windows and the wood. All of a sudden everyone was
paying attention. That's where my first dream ended.
My second dream was a couple weeks later. I was still in Michigan and I
dreamt I was at the top of an open spire of the community church. (In
reality, it has no spire). I was overlooking the country neighborhood where
I grew up and my dad still lives, which is made up of about 15 houses.
There is a huge orchard across the street and a woods behind some of the
homes. I noticed it was raining and wild animals (including giraffes and
elephants) were running through the neighborhood from the orchard, through
yards to the woods. Once again, the ground was saturated, because the water
began to sit on top and fill up like a bowl. I was yelling down from the
spire warnings to my friends and family that lived in the neighborhood, but
I didn't see any people outside. That is where I woke up.
I never thought too much about these dreams until I read the dream about
the U.S. splitting apart. I have looked at different maps portraying an
event like this. Some of the maps containing a gulf of water, end up in
southwest Michigan, exactly where I grew up.

                                              Dec 6, 2012

Those that will hold to the rapture lie shall be beaten down by the truth.

Greetings dear Saints,
Today while doing a scripture study, the Lord was speaking to my heart about the many
Christians that will fall away and die in the tribulation (without salvation) and many others will
unnecessarily be martyred; all because of their belief in the “rapture” lie. This grieved my heart
heavily and I cried out to God to please use me and any other willing mouth pieces to warn all
that will have ears to hear to come out of the deception of the “rapture” lie.
The following prophetic word is what the Lord gave me for His people and following the word
are the scriptures I studied with what’s in parentheses being my words. I used to think that those
that believed in the rapture will just simply be sadly disappointed. But unfortunately, it will be
much, much worse for them. I put this out there for all that will have ears to hear. I know that
this will offend the many that still believe in the rapture and I do not wish to debate it. But if you
are one of these; please don’t simply disregard this. Read it all the way through and take it to the
Lord and test it with scripture to see if it is true. I pray that all will come to the truth and be
spared the horrible things to come.
Word of the Lord:
Oh My people, why, why do you still believe the lies of the serpent? Many still believe in the lies
of the devil that you will be raptured away and not face the persecution to come. Oh My people,
how I weep for you all that have put your trust in lies. For the day approaches that the
overwhelming scourge will cover the lands and peoples. And many of My people shall be
overtaken and beaten down when it comes. Have I not said this in My word? (Isaiah 28:18) Then
why do many of you still believe the false shepherds that tell you that you shall not see the
tribulation to come? Prepare yourselves, My people. Prepare your hearts before me and seek me
for your repentance in believing such lies. It is not too late for you. If you would seek Me now in
this, I will show you My truth and show you how you may escape the scourge to come. But it
will not be by a rapture in the sky as you have been told. For have I not shown you in my word
how I have protected My people in the midst of their tribulations? Was I not in the midst of the
fire with Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego? Did I not shut the lions’ mouths when My servant
Daniel was thrown in their den? Then why do you still think that I have somehow changed and
will not cause you to go through the tribulation with My protection upon you?
Oh hear Me, My people. You have been made fools of by the false shepherds. They have sold
you a lie and many of My people love it so. Why do you not seek Me in this? Is it because you
are afraid of learning the truth? Why, My people do you choose to believe a lie over My word?
How can you sit in contentment thinking that I will take you out of this world, when I prayed to
the Father to NOT take you out of this world, but to protect you from the evil one? Oh why, My
people, can you not discern the error of your ways? Do I not care for all those that are Mine?
Then why do many of you still believe that I shall take you out of this world and leave Mine that
are still lost for the wolves to devour? I tell you now, I shall have a people to walk in My
authority in the earth realm during this tribulation to come, and they shall speak My truth to the
masses. They shall be a judge to those that sit in judgment and a word of love and rebuke to
those that will hear and turn to Me. But for those that have chosen to hold on to their lie of the
rapture, woe unto you. For you shall be beaten down by the truth day and night and you shall not
escape. Many of you shall even lose your lives because you chose not to have a love for My truth.
Oh, My little ones. I do not come to you to be harsh this day. But I come to you with a sincere
and yet broken heart. Hear My heart crying over you all to come out from the lies you have
believed and seek the true Shepherd that will protect you with truth. Do you not see that the false
shepherds fatten themselves with your money and live lives of luxury as they fleece My sheep?
Well I tell you now that their judgment shall be ten fold when the tribulation takes over the earth.
And they shall suffer My wrath far more than those that they have deceived. Because they have
taken My sheep captive with their lies; and caused my people to put their trust in lies and not My
truth, so that they might escape the overwhelming scourge that shall try those on the earth.
My people, hear Me this day. I am about to do a wonder in the earth realm that will astound the
masses. Have I not said in My word that I shall save the best wine for last; and the glory of the
latter house shall be greater than the former? Therefore, those that have ears to hear, get ready.
For I shall now begin to seek out those that are Mine and have a love for My truth. These ones
have prepared their hearts to go through the great tribulation and I shall now begin to do a
mighty work in these ones and they shall become My great army in the land. They shall do many
mighty miracles in My name, sayeth the Lord.
But for those that have chosen to believe the lie instead, get ready for great destruction that you
shall not escape from. Oh, My little ones, do not take this as too harsh. For I have warned you in
My word of the last days. Did I not warn you that their would be many to come in My name and
they shall deceive many? Then why have you not tested these ones against My word? And it is
for your lack of knowledge of My truth that many of you shall now be destroyed, though it did
not have to be this way.
Eze 13:16 The prophets of Israel (new covenant Israel) who are prophesying concerning
Jerusalem (the Church), and who see visions of peace for her, even there is no peace, declares the
Lord Jehovah.
Eze 13:17 And you, son of man, set your face against the daughters of your people
(Christians/daughters of the Israelites) who prophesy out of their heart, and prophesy against
Eze 13:18 and say, So says the Lord Jehovah: Woe to those sewing amulets (band of lies) to all
joints of my hands (His ministry), and make long veils (deceptive covering) for the head of every
man of stature (big named ministers), to hunt souls! Will you hunt the souls of My people, and
will you save alive the souls for yourselves?
Eze 13:19 And will you profane Me among My people for handfuls of barley, and for bits of
bread (money), to cause to die the souls that should not die (those seeking truth), and to save
alive the souls that should not live (those who love lies), by your lying to My people who listen
to lies?
Eze 13:20 So the Lord Jehovah says this: Behold, I am against your amulets (bands of lies) with
which you are hunting the souls there, to make them fly (believe in a rapture). And I will tear
them from your arms, and will send out the souls, souls which you are hunting (seeking converts),
to make them fly (rapture).
Eze 13:21 Also I will tear your long veils (uncover your deceptions) and deliver My people out
of your hand. And they shall not again be in your hand to be hunted. And you shall know that I
am Jehovah.
Eze 13:22 Because you have saddened the heart of the righteous with lies, and I have not pained
him, and you have made the hands of the wicked strong (false teachings of grace and salvation),
so that he should not turn from his evil way, to keep him alive.
Eze 13:23 So you shall not see vanity, and you shall not divine any divination (their ministries
will be brought down). And I will deliver My people out of your hand. And you shall know that I
am Jehovah. (LITV)
Rev 17:16 And the ten horns which you saw on the beast, these will hate the harlot (apostate
Church), and will make her desolated and naked. And they will eat her flesh, and will burn her
down with fire (tribulation).
Rev 17:17 For God gave into their hearts to do His mind, and to act in one mind, and to give
their kingdom to the beast, until the Words of God shall be fulfilled. (LITV)
Isa 28:15 Because you have said, We have cut a covenant with death (we have an arrangement
with death, that those that are alive in the beginning of the tribulation period will not die, but be
raptured instead); and, We have made a vision with Sheol (we have created a vision where those
dead in Sheol will rise before the tribulation just prior to our being raptured when scriptures tell
us that the dead in Christ rise after the tribulation, at the sounding of the last trump (1 Cor. 15:52,
1Thessalonians 4:15-17 ), when the overwhelming rod (tribulation) passes through it will not
come to us for we have made THE LIE (rapture) our refuge, and we have hidden in falsehood.
Isa 28:17 And I will lay justice for a line, and righteousness for a plummet; and the hail (frozen
water which represents HARD TRUTH) shall sweep away the refuge of the lie (rapture); and the
waters (truth) shall overflow the hiding place (hiding behind the rapture lie).
Isa 28:18 And your covenant with death shall be covered (you shall not escape by a rapture); and
your vision with Sheol shall not rise up (your vision of being raptured with the dead in Christ).
When the overwhelming whip (tribulation) passes through, then you shall be for a trampling to it.
Isa 28:19 As often as it passes, it shall take you; for morning by morning it shall pass; and by day
and by night, it shall only be a terror to understand the message (message that the tribulation has
started and there’s NO RAPTURE).
2Pe 2:1 But false prophets were also among the people, as also false teachers will be among you,
who will secretly bring in destructive heresies, and denying the Master who has bought them,
bringing swift destruction on themselves.
2Pe 2:2 And many will follow their destructive ways, by whom the way of truth will be evil
spoken of (the true doctrine of grace and the cross of self is now called being under the law
instead of grace).
2Pe 2:3 And by covetousness, with well-turned words, they will use you for gain (they take your
tithes (which was only under the old covenant law and only for the Levite priests) and sell you
books, CDs and many more merchandises of lies (like the now popular “sow your seed of faith”
lie to get rich off of you), for whom judgment of old does not linger, and their destruction does
not slumber.
Rev 17:3 And he carried me away into a desert, by the Spirit. And I saw a woman sitting on a
scarlet beast, filled with names of blasphemy (many denominations), having seven heads and ten
Rev 17:4 And the woman was clothed in purple and scarlet, and being gilded with gold and
precious stones and pearls, having a golden cup in her hand, filled with abominations and
unclean things of her fornication.
Rev 17:5 And on her forehead was a name having been written: Mystery, Babylon the Great, the
Mother of the Harlots and of the Abominations of the Earth.
Rev 17:6 And I saw the woman being drunk from the blood of the saints (many die in the
tribulation from believing the lies of the Church leaders that make merchandise with lies and
therefore not preparing themselves), and from the blood of the witnesses of Jesus (many will be
martyred for their faith). And I marveled, seeing her, with a great marveling.
Hos 4:6 My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge; because you have rejected knowledge, I
reject you from being a priest to me. And since you have forgotten the law of your God (the true
gospel of obedience and the self cross), I also will forget your children.
Hos 4:7 The more they increased, the more they sinned against me; I will change their glory into
Hos 4:8 They feed on the sin of my people (they make a living selling lies); they are greedy for
their iniquity.
Hos 4:9 And it shall be like people, like priest; I will punish them for their ways and repay them
for their deeds.
Hos 4:10 They shall eat, but not be satisfied; they shall play the whore, but not multiply, because
they have forsaken the LORD to cherish
Hos 4:11 whoredom, wine (false doctrines), and new wine (made up doctrines and not the true
ancient path of the cross), which take away the understanding (knowledge of the truth). (ESV)
2Th 2:1 And, brothers, we entreat you, by the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ, and of our
gathering together to Him,
2Th 2:2 for you not to be quickly shaken in the mind, nor to be disturbed, neither through a spirit,
nor through speech, nor through letter, as through us, as if the Day of Christ has come.
2Th 2:3 Do not let anyone deceive you in any way, because that Day will not come unless first
comes the falling away (those that put their trust in a rapture), and the man of sin is revealed, the
son of perdition, (LITV)

Those that will hold to the rapture lie shall be beaten down by the truth. Posted on November 25,
2012 by Kevin Barrett Greetings dear Saints, Today while doing a scripture study, the Lord was
                  speaking to my heart about the many Christians that will fall

                                           Nov 25, 2012


Aloha Steve,

I want to tell you about a couple of dreams I had a couple of months ago.
The first dream started with me going to one of my local gun shops to order
a gun or something. After a day or two I went back to the shop to pick up
whatever I ordered. Right after I entered the shop and before I could walk
up to the counter a bunch of "police" in black riot type gear came pounding
through the door. I was frozen in place on the one side of the store as a
dozen or two of these men came into the store. I asked "what's is going on
here?" A voice from the direction of the entry said "We're closing this
place down, we're closing all of the gun stores down". This shocked me to
hear these words and I woke up.
I prayed about this dream and asked the Lord if it was from him. Well a
couple of days later I got my answer.
I had the same dream again but I got to finish it. So at the point where
the first dream left off I was looking around the store to see all that
was happening and suddenly there was a shot from the direction of the
entry. I looked and saw that one of the policemen shot the man in the head
(I think their commander) that told me they were shutting down the gun
stores, the man that shot him said "He can't do that" and all of the other
men stopped what they were doing.
Suddenly a light shown down from above me and took me up in the air and we
were suddenly over Washington DC. The Lord said to me "what do you see?" I
looked down and I could see the Pentagon so I said "the Pentagon" He said
"What do you hear?" and suddenly I could hear gun fire coming from there so
I said "gun fire".
Then He showed me inside the Pentagon and the soldiers were all fighting
each other, shooting each other it was chaos.
Then the Lord took me back outside and I could see more fighting and many
soldiers running toward the capital building and the white house in the
distance. Then I saw the helicopters taking off
filled with the politicians escaping for their lives.
Then I woke up with the distinct feeling that nukes went off at that
What does it mean? Is it literal? Why are you showing me these things?
These are the questions I always have to ask myself after one of these
dreams or visions. So I've started sharing them with others, many don't
want to hear these things including my own family.
Only a remnant will be spared. E.V.

                                          Nov 20, 2012



I just wanted to share something that came to me last night, I believe from God. Before bed, I
was praying to the Lord Jesus to help open my eyes wider so that I might better see and
understand just how the enemy is moving, and what is going on behind the scenes. What I saw
through a dream later that night I think said it all.

I can’t say it was a dream like regular dreams of mine. It was more like a waking vision while I
was asleep. What I was shown is that God has put MANY protective measures in place through
his love for us humans, and through His wisdom. These barriers are things I would compare to
something like “force fields” that you might see in sci-fi movies. These barriers that I saw in this
dream vision were blue in color, and there were several of them as if they were layer upon layer.
From what I was shown, I was led to understand that these barriers in place keep the forces of
hell in check. Whether it be fallen angels restrained, their giant offspring, demons kept in binding,
or even other harmful and dangerous things, these barriers you could say kept the things of worst
nightmares held at bay for our protection. But in this dream vision, satan, other fallen angels and
things of that rank and file were tearing these barriers away, making them ever more thin as layer
by layer, various barriers were destroyed. With each barrier being stripped away, some new
danger, some new monster was set free of restraint. And here is something of equal
disturbance…it was supposed to be the people (of God) who would defend these barriers by
clinging to God, continually worshipping Him and depending on Him to keep the barriers in
place as we cling to Him and rely on Him for our protection. But clearly, in this dream vision,
these people who were supposed to be standing guard were actually letting the enemy in at every
level, and many of these humans were actually helping the advancing horde to clear the barriers

I woke up and got out of bed right away. I knew it was something the Lord was showing me, and
I wanted to let it sink in rather than me rolling over and going back to sleep. So I began to pray
again, and I felt as though the Lord affirmed the dream vision to be something I was indeed
being shown. He reminded me that America (and world too) have been rejecting God, telling
Him to depart. We as a nation have let all manner of anti-christs to enter every facet of our
government, our military, and just about every civilian position on the map so to speak. We have
repeatedly told God to leave us alone rather than cling to Him as our surety. And He has honored
the free will He gave us. And as God has backed away, we as a people have turned on our own
blessing and protection, helping to strip it away layer by layer as we laugh and cheer at our
perceived progress. Of course, all the while satan is whispering the same lies in our ear that have
always worked. We will know the truth of everything and we will live forever. All we are really
doing however, is opening the door to the hell and the devil.

In my dream vision there were very few barrier layers left. The veil between what is to finally be
unleashed was very thin. And I knew in my spirit that once the last of those barriers were
removed, that we would see the reign of the antic-christ on earth, and the full wrath of hell
amped up for a time, and unleashed on everyone. I got the sense that this would be very soon.

As I got up from bed, I looked at my clock. It read 12:00am exactly. To me that was slightly odd.
In waking during other dreams from time to time, I have NEVER woke at 12:00am exactly. And
I asked the Lord about that too. I felt that his response was “I have shown you this dream, and
now it is a new day…you must understand that just as quickly as the day turns, so too is this
happening.” I got the sense that He was telling me just what He said in the Bible – that
destruction comes suddenly upon those caught unaware.
Then I heard in my spirit that all of us need to “Grab our sword and stand a post”. As I reflected
on that, I knew instantly that Jesus was telling me that we all need to cling to Him as our Sword
and shield. I also saw in my spirit that as we cling to Him, we need to be vigilant about listening
to how He wants us to move. I saw that it is quite easy to step out in front of one’s shield, and it
was clear that doing so would leave one vulnerable.

Well, I wanted to share that because as I said, I was praying before bed to better see and
understand, and I believe the Lord was faithful to grant what I asked. Also, as I was reminded in
the middle of the night, it is a new day. We cannot stop the wrath of hell that is coming. The
Bible prophesied it was coming and now it has and is nearly ready to explode into full swing.
But, we can still grab our sword and stand a post. Because as the days grow darker and shorter,
now more than ever, people are going to need to see the light shining if they are to come to God,
or if they are to get out of backslide mode and return to Him. Also, it is imperative that the
remnant STAND. The dream vision left no doubt in my mind – satan wants to
pacify/distract/destroy EVERYONE who would otherwise turn to God, because those people can
call down the power, the protection, and the blessings of God from Heaven. And without those
things, no human flesh can stand against satan, so he is hell-bent (no pun intended) on getting rid
of our defenses so that then, his forces can roll over anything and everyone. Personally, I say
no…I say I trust in Jesus.

Jesus is Lord!

                                            Nov 20, 2012

Wings of Prophecy A Special Anointing:There is no task more important than telling the lost of My Son's
work at the Cross and seeing souls saved.

A Special Anointing
By Glynda Lomax on Nov 18, 2012 01:54 pm

On November 6, 2012, the night of our presidential election, I felt a shift in the spiritual realm, as
if something had locked into place, as if something very important had changed. I began to
inquire of the Lord as to what the feeling meant, but until today, He has been silent. As I went
before Him today and inquired again, He spoke the following message.

There has indeed been a shift in the realm of the spirit, My Daughter, and many of My people
have felt it. The time upon you all is a grievous one, full of perils and dangers and you must be
ever aware as days pass, for the danger increases as you go. The Evil One roams about, seeking
whom he may devour and My people are his target.
There remains a little time yet before My Son's return to the earth, and many may yet repent and
be saved. I desire My people would be about the business of saving the lost. Yes, it is My spirit
that saves them, but it is My people who tell them of Me, of My Son's work on the Cross. To My
people have I given the work of evangelizing the world with the glorious gospel and at no time is
it more imperative than the time you live in, My children.

You will now see an increase in My Word coming to pass in the earth. You will see more and
more of the signs of My Son's return around you. Look up and know your redemption draweth
nigh as you observe these signs, My children, and know there is now no time for play. You must
be about your Father's business in the earth. The time is very short now when the lost may still
be saved.

(In my spirit I saw large earthquakes, people dying of terrible diseases, huge storms that kill

The signs of My Son's return abound around you, but the lost do not know how to recognize
them. I now release a special anointing on My people to go forth and spread the gospel like never
before. Now as this anointing spreads throughout the earth, you will see thousands saved where
before you saw tens. You will see masses come to know Me in a short time where before there
were none. You will see My anointing at work, making your task of evangelizing easier and
more effective than ever before. Do not waste this precious gift, My children, but go forth and
use it while it is available to you.

There is no task more important than telling the lost of My Son's work at the Cross and seeing
souls saved. There is no labor more precious to Me. There is no cause more dear to My heart.
Why do you waste precious time on useless projects I have not assigned to you? You know the
work you are to be about. Do it.

I reward those whose hearts are for the lost.

1 Peter 5:8: Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh
about, seeking whom he may devour:

Mark 16:15: And he said unto them, Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every

Matthew 16:27: For the Son of man shall come in the glory of his Father with his angels; and
then he shall reward every man according to his works.

                                           Nov 19, 2012

Hi Steve,

Thank you so much for being a faithful Watchman on the wall and for everything you’ve done
and continue to do to alert God’s people in this time.

In my meditation this morning as I was worshipping the Lord, I heard Him telling me to write to
you regarding a dream that I had seven years ago, just after a time of prayer and fasting. Until I
heard you this year for the first time on Talk radio, I thought I must be nuts with this dream, and
only ever shared it with my mom and my husband. You really made some things clear for me
and it confirmed the dream was from The Lord.

As for the dream…

I was somewhere in Europe standing on the balcony on the far end of a condo complex under the
night sky. It was a clear night, black velvet sky, and millions of twinkling stars lit up the night.
While I was taking it all in, from the other end of the complex (it was L-shaped) I saw an olive-
skinned man with dark hair walk down the hall until he came to the last door just down the hall
from where I was. He opened the door, and left it opened behind him, almost intentionally, and I
could see him turn and walk slowly up the stairs until he disappeared into one of the other rooms.

I could see straight into his condo in the glow of the amber light in the foyer. On the wall was a
peculiar mural. It was huge, and round like a medallion. I heard The Lord say, “Go and take a
look”. Before I knew it, I was at the door just inside the condo staring at that big round clay
mural on the wall. It looked like an ancient carving or something with what looked like a face in
the middle…strange, but I didn’t know what it meant. Then I heard, “Go back”.

Instantly I was back to my end of the balcony and continued to look up at the night sky. Then I
heard the Lord say, “Look up at the stars”. I could remember looking across the sky. There I
could see the constellations; I could see the Little Dipper and The Big Dipper. Right then I heard
Him say, “They’re coming back.” I said, “What?” And He repeated it, “They’re coming back.”

I said, “Lord, WHOSE coming back?” There was a pause, and then He said, “AS IT WAS IN

At that moment, I woke up immediately from that dream, startled and puzzled at the same time at
what I saw and what I heard. Immediately I grabbed my bible and went to Genesis to find out
what Noah had to do with all this. When I got to Genesis 6, I read how, “…The Nephilim were
on the earth in those days…” Needless to say that frightened the heck out of me! I said, Lord this
can’t be! Giants coming back, here to earth…AGAIN?!” I wanted to dismiss this, but I knew it
was from God, so I prayed to Him for understanding.

It wasn’t until late last year when I came across Tom Horn’s book Apollyon Rising 2012 that I
recognized the mural I saw on that wall – it was the Mayan Calendar, though I’d never heard of
it at the time of my dream back in 2005.

Earlier this year, I heard you both together on Talk Radio, and you talked about the Giants, and
how they’re coming back! It was shocking confirmation for me. I believe you, so I searched for
you on the net, and I’ve been listening to you ever since and praying for you always. You’re
Chosen, and one of the few standing for King Jesus.

Thanks for your obedience to Him Steve. I will always be interceding for you and your family.

Your sister in The Lord, G.

                                              Nov 16, 2012

Warning For Israel And America!

Pastor Dan Bohler on Trunews on August 20th, 2012 gives Israel and America a prophetic

                                              Nov 15, 2012

Woe to a people of stiff necks whose pride has left their God and entered into their bellies.

Whose store houses have you stored in? Yea though you have saved your enemies will trample.
Why partake of the corruptible seed? I AM the Bread of Life says God! When I thundered the
heavens and the earth into existence with a great explosion of power and might, each particle
went where I had designated to it. My laws were written into each molecule to be and produce
after its own kind. The mingling of the holy genetic compositions has transgressed my laws and
even the rocks cry out to me. How long will I be merciful, and how long will I stretch out my
hand to a people with hearts set against me. The rebellion extends further and further into
darkness. The chains of bondage have been custom made for each individual. Each individual
will either choose to remain in chains of Egypt or flee into the wilderness with the Almighty.
Can I not meet the needs of my people? Can I not take care of my own? I am creating an army
just as the enemy is creating an army. My army will be equipped with power from on High, and
mighty to overcome the strongholds of the enemy. Their army will be vicious and unmerciful.
Cry loud spare not. Fight the battle of love. Fight the battle with faith knowing that I overcame
death hell and the grave. The foot soldiers of the cross will march against the enemy, and we will
push back the power of the enemy. With great exploits we will overcome. Yea I am the God who
loves you and I will never leave you.
God Bless

Brother Steve
Can you feel the ubiquitous darkness? (A great heaviness)

                                         Nov 9, 2012


Hi Steve, I wanted to share a dream with you that I had about three weeks
ago. I have been studying prophecy and world events for many years now.
Your website has been very valuable to me and I pray that the Lord richly
blesses you contiually. Heres the dream...A friend of mine and I were
taking a trip to town on a normal, sunny beautiful day. For some reason I
had parked my vehicle and we had walked a short distance to a store. When
we came out of the store we noticed soldiers everywhere. They were taking
people in to custody and putting them on trucks. My immediate thought was I
had vowed to myself that I would never allow myself to be caught in this
kind of situation away from my family where I couldnt protect them. We both
realized we were gonna have to make it back to my truck somehow to get back
home. We tried to be stealthy and sneak to my vehicle but we got caught.
They took us to a camp. They had set up an area where they were giving
every person some kind of test to determine what they would do with them.
There was a commander standing at the opening of this area and they were
ALL foreign troops. They sent me to the opening and the commander asked me
a question that I could not even understand. Before I could even respond in
any way he screamed YOU FAIL and pointed me in the direction to walk. After
about 3 or 4 steps I looked to my right and saw 5 soldiers standing side by
side with automatic weapons. This is where the dream gets graphic in a way
that Ive never experienced. Im sure people can relate to how you have
graphic dreams but you wake up just before the bad happens. Well I didnt
wake up. I saw the soldiers raise their weapons. I turned to run and i felt
the numerous bullets piercing my body all over and I fell on my face flat
in the dirt. I knew that I was dying and the last thought I had was Lord
Please forgive me, and thats where the dream ended. I just wanted to share
this because the bible says that in the last days there will be dreams and
visions. I lay no claim to being prophetic or anything of the sort. I do
love Jesus Christ and strongly believe in him. But for some reason I had
this dream and wanted to share it with you.

                                         Nov 8, 2012

Hey Steve,
I listened to the Trunews broadcast last night. As I soaked in all that you 3 amazing Godly men
had to say, I couldn't help but remember a dream/vision (not sure what to call it) that I had about
2 months ago. I heard you all talk about the great divide of the nation, the liberty bell, the split,
and I thought, "I wish I could understand EXACTLY what the Lord was trying to tell me",
through this experience that I had.
About 2 months ago, I was sitting at a large table that seemed something I have
seen in old civil war movies..or war movies...and as I sat there in this warm, glowing atmosphere,
there was someone talking me through things that were about to happen to the US. I never saw
his face...but I sensed in my spirit that he was a prophet. I knew that I could trust him and the
information that he was sharing with me. I kinda' wanted to ask his name (I study names and
meanings, so I always like to know someone's name), but I never did. Almost like I knew that it
really didn't matter, because his job was to give me instructions to give to others and THAT was
the most important thing to be concerned about. As we sat at this table, he rolled out a huge map
of the United States. It covered the whole table. And he began telling me things that were about
to happen to the US. Most of which I can not repeat...but this ONE thing grabbed me in my gut,
and I couldn't stop focusing on it. He showed me a HUGE divide between Corpus Christi, Texas
ALL THE WAY UP to the Chicago area of the Great Lakes. It was TREMENDOUS! It gripped
my heart like nothing I can explain. I asked if this was a possibility, or was is GOING to be...He
said that it MUST be, That it was all part of the plan. It looked like this great divide was caused
by a horrible earthquake. Like NOTHING we have EVER seen! SO, that next morning, I looked
up fault lines and tried to attribute it to being a possible earthquake...didn't really see much that
would lead me to believe that it was a naturally occuring one. I have thought about this EVERY
day since. I knew that Corpus Christi meant "THe Body of Christ" I have even looked up the
meaning of Chicago, it is an Indian name meaning "Bad smell" or "Skunk weed". I am not sure if
it was actually Chicago that I need to be looking for meaning from...or just the Great Lakes Area.
I talked to a few trusted friends and one said something that grabbed my attention, " There was a
great gulf between the Body of Christ and the Great Lake."
Just wanted to share since you 3 men talked of the divided US. I pray for the Lord's Blessings
and Protection for you! Michelle from Texas

                                           Nov 8, 2012


Dear Steve,

A friend of mine who I have been trying to warn of what is coming, was
dining in a local restaurant. Something told her to look up and she saw
these two large men who she said were over seven feet tall and appeared to
be black or bronze in color. They were walking around not appearing to want
to eat anything. She thought it was strange because you pay before you
enter this establishment and they never sat down to eat. They appeared to
be looking around the place but never went to the food area. She wondered
why no one else noticed them because of their height and there clothes
seemed out of place for a buffet. One was wearing a shimmering black suit
and the other one had a shimmering grayish colored suit on with some gold
jewelry. They would walk by people but no one looked up and seemed to
notice. She then said she looked away and then looked up and that they were

When she arrived home she immediately called me and told me what she had
seen. I also thought it was strange so I prayed with here and asked the
Lord that if it was supernatural in nature, to reveal what happened to one
of us. That night I had a dream of these huge giant men in this great army
dressed in gray tunics with white trim around the edges of the tunics. The
tunics came down just below the knee and this army was marching down the
middle of the street. They must have been at least twelve feet tall and
frightening to see. I noticed that one of them had something wrong with his
left leg. I don't know what this dream means but I find it strange that
after my friend had seen this and we prayed about it, that I, also, had a
dream about it. Do you think it is a warning, Steve?

When I was thirteen, I had a dream about two suns in the sky. I never
forgot that dream and that was almost fifty years ago. In the last year I
have had, again, the same dream of the two suns in the sky. I have had many
dreams of what is coming over the years and two awake visions. The Lord
loves us and says he doesn't do anything until he reveals things to come to
his servants the Prophets!
I have been ridiculed, and laughed at and even asked to leave churches
because I have tried to warn people. But they do not want to hear the

Thank you, Steve, for telling the truth. You are truly a man of the Lord
and I continually pray for your safety.

God Bless you, Steve.

A sister in the Lord.


                                           Nov 7, 2012
AMERICA WILL BECOME LIKE AUSCHWITZ--Seek the Lord Jesus while he may be found!

Dear Bro. Steve,

For the last two weekends I have had two different troubling dreams last saturday I woke up
gasping with my heart literally racing it was so intense. But I will start with this one that I dreamt
this morning, So I am sitting up typing this asap.
Woke up from another troubling dream this morning 11/4/12, 1:00 am. and in this dream I kept
looking at top of this chain link fence and kept trying to focus what was on the name plate on
that fence. Which was written small and small name plate as to not get attention thats why I
couldn't see it at first) When I finally got in full view of the inscription on the name plate it said
"Auschwitz" then I heard America will become like "Auschwitz". Again I heard it and woke up
unable to get back to sleep so I began to ask the Lord what are we to do in this.
My first thought was we will have to flee this land. Then I was reminded of the Romanians who
were told by the Lord war was coming to their land and he told them to flee, during the night told
them what to take. I keep that in the back of my mind always ever since I read the story of there
escape. Many troubling woes are coming and the remnant must be on High Alert and listening.

This dream was last weekend. oct 26th,2012
1. I had a dream last night and the first part of the dream I dreamt my stepdad (who is no longer
alive) was telling me that I had to have my supplies in my backpack: outside of the house that I
needed in an emergency so that If I could not return I would have my emergency supplies.
2. Then He told me that there was an extra locker that I could use and I looked up and it was a
locker number nine.
3. Then I began to go up the stairs to my place to go get my backpack and turned and looked
over my shoulder only to see several men in green colored hunting type jackets begin to run up
the stairs. I got into my apartment and was looking for a place to hide, or jump out the window to
escape these terrorizing men I knew what they were going to try and do, I was absolutely
4. The men were rounding up all the people in this apartment building and focusing on the
women. I knew their intention was to harm these women in a sexual manner by raping them. I
begin to cry out in my spirit to God and asked him why didn’t you warn me these men were
coming I began to call out for help from the Lord.
5. Then instantly I was in the second part of the dream where I begin to tell my daughter that we
needed to have our stuff prepared and keep it outside the home in the event we could not return
to get our things. Then there was a mountain resort hidden in the forest, I turned and saw in the
woods a minibus with lightly tinted windows I went to the bus to get on and saw it was full of
these men that I recognized from the dream before that were terrorizing all these people. As I
went to get on and looked then I took off running in the opposite direction. Then in the dream I
saw them go after the other girl that was trying to get on the bus they had raped her and killed
another girl ran into a group of college students blending her self in with the students so these
men could not identify her.
6. Then I heard the several college students talking about this girl who had escaped their hands
Stating “she had dropped dead of fear” Students were freaked out.
7. Then I saw the same man from that bus began to plunder and murder innocent people for no
reason at all other than to strike terror into their hearts. I recognized the face of this one man.
This man saw me at the same time I saw him. I woke up with my heart palpitating in my head I
was out of breath and I realized that we are in grave danger of those who were pretending to be
Americans but they really aren’t and they are going to attack in common areas, hotels,apartments,
resorts. I realized God had given me a warning with in both dreams of what was going to happen
or could happen if we don’t pray and stand in the Spirit.
Thank you for your time,
I know you get alot of dreams and warnings but these two dreams I felt are really coming. soon .
I do have another sister and her husband that I share my dreams ,words with just to hold myself
accountable to since there are so many saying thus sayeth the Lord. Please read and discern of
which I know you will. Thank you for your bold Audicity to speak forth warnings ,giving
It was God's direction that got me find you on the internet.
you are a blessing, Stay strong in the Lord. the opinions of others pale in comparision to know
the rhema of God.

                                          Nov 4, 2012


I was watching Fox news and saw a church disheveled from it's foundation in New York. God
reminded me of the house that was built on sand and the house that was built upon the rock. The
church has left it's firm foundation of the rock of Christ Jesus and muddled/mingled with the
masses. The Laodicean/ mystery Babylonian church has begged others to join in its whoredoms.
The Bible says that my people perish for a lack of wisdom, and the churches have become a
place of watered down biblical and new age teaching. The Bible also tells true Christ followers
to come out from among the whore and be set apart unto God. We have loved the world and its
ways more than God many times. We are crippled by our sins and not living a overcomers life,
and the church has no power when under the influence of the world so nothing is accomplished
in the kingdom.

I also had a vision of churches being infiltrated by armies of hybrid soldiers with scoped laser
weapons in black gear. I know that the church has had tares for a while in them, but this was a
much bigger invasion. It was overwhelming and impossible to physically overtake them. Also in
my vision I don't remember any or much of any resistance from the church.

God Bless. D.P.

                                          Nov 2, 2012
I dreamt that a series of 3 violent earthquakes hit Los Angeles all within a very short window of time.


First off, I've been turned on to your site since I discovered John Moore and have been viewing it
daily. I appreciate greatly what you and John and those in your circle are doing.

Two nights ago, I had the most vivid dream in my entire life. I live in Los Angeles, which is
earthquake country. I dreamt that a series of 3 violent earthquakes hit Los Angeles all within a
very short window of time. On both the first and second earthquake, I kept trying to yell to my
housemate to get out of the house, as I was concerned that it might collapse. But, for some
reason I couldn't get up nor speak. I then called and asked a friend if he could believe what just
happened. He then told me that another one was coming and 1 or 2 seconds later, my house
began to shake for number 3, at which point the phone went dead. It was SO vivid, that I woke
very scared and it took me 10 minutes to actually realize that it was a dream.

The reason I find this significant is that HAARP has just now described its map as showing
earthquake intensity with a target of Southern California. They project seismic activity will occur
sometime between Sunday, November 4 and Wednesday, November 7.

Maybe your California readers like me ought to pay attention to these warnings. I will be
stocking up.

God Bless You Steve,

Marko from Los Angeles

                                              Nov 1, 2012

The Dream that Motivated Me to Go to Church by Rick Wiles -" THE GIANT ARMY REVEALED"

The Dream that Motivated Me to Go to Church

By Rick Wiles
President of Trunews
Vero Beach, FL

Copyright owned by Rick Wiles
October 2012
Used with permission

At age 24 in early 1978, my primary motivations were getting drunk and stoned on the weekends
with my friends and having as much fun as possible between Friday nights and Monday
mornings. I was known for having awesome parties at my house. There was no shortage of cool
people who came to my place on Friday and Saturday nights for all-night bouts of drinking
liquor, smoking hashish and pot, laughing, and acting crazy.

Something unusual, however, was happening in my life at that time. It was supernatural. It
happened more than once. In the middle of great parties with my buddies where the booze and
dope were flowing freely, I would hear an audible voice say my name. “Rick!” After a pause
during which I tried to convince myself I didn’t hear it, the mysterious voice would call my name
again. “Rick!”

I knew the voice was not inside the house. In fact, I instinctively knew it originated from the
night sky. I even remember thinking that perhaps the voice was transmitted by space aliens. Each
time the voice called me, I would go outside, stare into the dark sky and say, “Who are you?
Why do you say my name? Identify yourself!” There was only silence. Instantly, however, I
became sober. I would go back into the party and announce over the strenuous objections of my
buddies that the party was finished. I didn’t tell my friends about the voice because I knew they
would laugh hilariously at me. The party had to end, however, because I didn’t want to drink
more booze or smoke more weed. It was like I snapped out of my liquor/dope-induced stupor.

The strange, supernatural experience continued occurring over months. It didn’t happen every
weekend. I never knew when and where the voice would call to me, but it was always when I
was involved in sinful behavior. I had no spiritual awareness that my behavior was sinful. I
thought it was fun. The unknown voice from the sky, however, removed the fun factor. I felt
empty and unsatisfied. The voice reached deep into my soul.

Somewhere along the way in the early months of 1978, my wife Susan started attending church
services every Sunday morning. Although she didn’t drink booze and smoke dope with me,
Susan tolerated my immature behavior. We had a toddler daughter and Susan was growing
weary of my weekend parties with my buddies. She was yearning for a stable, normal family.
Somebody invited her to go to church and she was spiritually ready. Susan never pressured me to
go with her. I always had a hangover on Sunday mornings. She would ask me if I want to go
with her, but I merely shook my head, mumbled a few words, and went back to sleep.

The dream changed everything.

It happened in the spring of 1978 – perhaps April or May. In the early morning hours of a
Sunday, I experienced a bizarre dream that became the catalyst for a life-changing event on June
11, 1978.

In the dream, I was deep underground. It wasn’t a cave. It was an underground city. I never saw
buildings, but was fully aware that I was inside a subterraneous territory of enormous size.

I was standing alone on a paved street or highway. It was illuminated by some type of artificial
light source. It reminded me of the lighting in a long highway tunnel beneath a mountain or bay.
The paved road was quite wide. It was well lit, but I could not see beyond the outer boundaries
of both sides of the road. I had no idea what lurked beyond in the darkness. I was aware of a very
high ceiling above me.

From the darkness on both sides of the paved road came thousands of soldiers. They were lining
up in formation on the underground highway. My visual depth perception was perhaps one-
fourth mile in the long tunnel which appeared to extend for a long distance. As far as I could see
there were men coming out of the darkness on both sides.

I knew the men were soldiers. They were strapping on battle gear and weapons even as they ran
onto the paved highway. They numbered in the thousands. If I had to guess, I would estimate that
what I saw in the dream were 5,000 soldiers. I could see men coming out of the darkness as far
as my vision extended in the artificially-lit tunnel. There seemed to be no end to it.

I marveled at what I was watching. I was shrouded in the darkness. The soldiers were not aware
of my presence. I knew a great war was ready to commence. I was curious to know about it. Who
were they going to fight?

Standing in front of me was an officer. He was perhaps a hundred feet away with his back
toward me. He was barking out orders and commands to the soldiers. There was no doubt he was
the commander of the brigade. He would lead his men into battle.

I couldn’t remain quite any longer. I walked out of obscurity into the light on the underground
highway. As I walked closer to the assembled troops, I was shocked at what I saw. They were
not human beings! They were hybrid creatures. They had the torsos, legs, and arms of human
men. They were muscular and strong. Their heads and faces, however, were of another species. I
had no idea who or what they were. I was stunned by their appearance. They were half human,
half animal. Their faces resembled lions.

Despite the amazement of my discovery, I continued to walk toward the commander. He was
unaware of my presence and continued to loudly shout orders to his troops. The hybrid creatures
in the frontlines, however, became aware of my presence in their world. I could not resist the
urge to gaze at their faces and bodies. What was I seeing? Who or what are these men? Are they
men? Are they animals? They communicated with speech. They made eye contact with me. I did
not feel threatened or frightened as both they and I realized we were from two different worlds. I
had no idea what I was witnessing. I only knew it was both eerily bizarre and captivatingly

Finally, I tapped the commander on the shoulder. Before he could turn around to see who
interrupted him, I blurted out my questions. “Excuse me, sir! What is going on here? Who are
you going to fight?”

He whipped around and stared at me in wonderment. He had a fearsome lion-like countenance. I
can still remember his expression. It was a combination of frustration that he had been
interrupted, yet amazed by my questions. He appeared to be contemptuously angered by my
audacity to approach him at such a momentous time, yet willing to answer my sincere questions.
His fiery eyes glared into my eyes. We were face to face – only inches apart. Human vs. hybrid.

He said one sentence. The commander of the underground army thundered his answer in my face:
“Have you never read the Book of the Revelation of Jesus Christ?”

I woke up from the dream. I sprang up in the bed! My young wife was startled from her sleep too.
Susan asked, “What’s wrong with you?” I was confused. The room was dark. Was I still in the
underground tunnel? Susan reassured me I was having a bad dream. She asked me what I
dreamed and I told her about the hybrid creatures.

We stayed awake and talked until sunrise. Susan finally got out of the bed and said she had to get
ready to go to church. As always, she asked, “Do you want to go to church with me today?”
Instead of brushing off her invitation as usual with an excuse about a hangover, I quickly replied,
“Yes, I want to go too.”

Several hours later I was in the first church service since the days of my childhood. I heard the
Gospel of Jesus Christ. It wasn’t the Prosperity Gospel. It wasn’t the Social Gospel. It wasn’t the
Self-Esteem Gospel. Instead, it was the Gospel of the Kingdom of God. Each week the pastor’s
sermons were centered on the Three Bs: The Blood, The Book, and The Blessed Hope.

The breakthrough came on June 11, 1978 when the pastor asked the audience if anybody wanted
to receive the free gift of the Holy Spirit. I actually thought they were going to give away free
gifts! The pastor said, “This gift is free! All you have to do is stand up and walk down to the altar
and you will receive the free gift of the Holy Spirit.”

I wasn’t even a Christian, yet I went forward to the front of the church to claim my free gift. If it
was free, I wanted it! I planned to go home with something.

As I approached the altar, however, I suddenly became aware of my sinfulness. There was an air
of holiness in the church. It was the presence of God - yet I felt very unclean and unworthy to be
in this marvelous presence.

I uttered one sentence: “God, make me clean.”

Another supernatural experience unfolded. I physically died at the altar in the church. That’s
right. No heartbeat. No pulse. That’s another testimony to share at another time. Jesus lives!

                                            Oct 30, 2012

Hello Steve,
I read your 2 newest dreams/visions and felt like I needed to share this as
I have had a sick baby this very little sleep...and even wen I
could seemded like my spirit was WIDE AWAKE. In the wee hours of
Saturday morning (Oct. 27) I lay awake in bed wishing for sleep, but sleep
wouldn't come. My thoughts were about my sick little one who couldn't find
a peaceful rest because of an ear infection and I was calling upon the Lord
to touch her. Out of NOWHERE I heard the Lord speak these words..."Hold on
to the rope!" I quickly thought, "where did that come from Lord?" He
replied, "DO NOT LET GO OF THE ROPE!" and I said in my spirit...I WILL
NEVER let go of the rope Lord...I trust you COMPLETELY!" Then He began to
whisper these words to me..."Extortion, murder, immorality, deceit, abuse,
lawlessness know that I said that all of these things must be
judged. So, hold on to the rope...and you will be fine." I actually laid
there in the bed....envisioning that very thing...and shaking my
head...because I felt like He wanted to give me peace for the tough times
ahead. THank you for all that you to to warn and prepare the people. The
Lord bless you and keep you~ Michelle from Texas

                                          Oct 29, 2012


Steve, Very rarely does God press upon my heart.....usually it is in the
form of some sort of reprimand, but this is what happened last night and I
need to share it.

In the wee hours of this morning, these strong words were felt in my
spirit: Judgment has come to America..... The unending 'cries of the
Innocents' have reached the Judgment Seat of God...... For this reason, I
will execute a Just Punishment...Vengeance is Mine, saith the Lord of
Hosts. As it is 'written', 'so shall it be' ......

Thanks for letting me share this ominous warning, May God Bless You and
Keep You.

Kay, NH

                                          Oct 29, 2012

“None of My words will be postponed any more"

And the word of the Lord came to me, saying, “Son of man, what is this proverb that you people
have about the land of Israel, which says, ‘The days are prolonged, and every vision fails’? Tell
them therefore, ‘Thus says the Lord God: “I will lay this proverb to rest, and they shall no more
use it as a proverb in Israel.”’ But say to them, ‘“The days are at hand, and the fulfillment of
every vision.For no more shall there be any false vision or flattering divination within the house
of Israel. For I am the Lord. I speak, and the word which I speak will come to pass; it will no
more be postponed; for in your days, O rebellious house, I will say the word and perform it,”
says the Lord God.’”

Again the word of the Lord came to me, saying, “Son of man, look, the house of Israel is saying,
‘The vision that he sees is for many days from now, and he prophesies of times far off.’
Therefore say to them, ‘Thus says the Lord God: “None of My words will be postponed any
more, but the word which I speak will be done,” says the Lord God.’”
Ezekiel 12
I read this from Ezekiel last week and it echoed with urgency and certainty for now.
So many people assumed God would not respond to America's extreme violence,pornographic
media filth flooding the earth,their global homosexual and evil,brazen marriage agenda ,the baby
killing agenda ,cutting Israel up agenda,greed,pagan,cult worship, violence in the land,child rape,
murders, etc. and that everything would continue on as normal under the evil Obama regime.
Payday has arrived on the wicked nation.
From Sandy on out I see the many faceted judgments of God on the USA increasing in frequency
and severity.Already today a 3.9 quake just west of Memphis.
Have you noticed how the meteorologists are shocked and dumbfounded by the very unusual
massive Hurricane Sandy teaming up with a massive cold front ?
'Uncharted waters' is a phrase I've been hearing from them along with many other surprising
Eventually the honest ones will come to admit the hand God's judgments while the godless
continue with their lies of 'mother nature and global warming'.
The party is truly over for the whole nation, red and blue states.
one of many Watchmen

                                          Oct 29, 2012

My 2008 Dream About America by Dr. Daniel Daves
My 2008 Dream About America

From Dr. Daniel Daves: I had a dream in 2008 and I believe that it was from God. It was so real,
powerful, and convincing. It took me by surprise and the things I saw and heard in this dream
were amazing, shocking and hard to grasp. But then they began to unfold in front of my eyes,
and I began making preparations for the culmination of the dream and the future of America.
Some areas of the dream were set in stone. Other areas were left open.

I have been released to begin telling this dream publicly so people can determine for themselves
if they need to take action, take cover or disregard the dream. A person won't offend me at all if
they don't believe the dream or choose not to take action. This was my dream and I'm the one
responsible for it. However, I sense a compelling and a duty before my fellow man to reveal and
share the dream which I believe is a warning from God, so that my fellow man can carefully
consider the dream and then make a personal determination on how to use the information, if at
all. I for one have prepared and set the direction of my family, businesses and ministry in
alignment with the dream. I'm thankful that God was gracious enough to give me insight,
foresight and communication HSI (Holy Spirit Intelligence) into the future so that I might
prepare and help others to prepare.
And now for the dream exactly how it came to me. I would be driving 9 hours to a financial
conference that I was supposed to speak at in Poplar Bluff, MO in 2008. Early in the morning, I
would dream this dream, and then awaken suddenly, wondering which reality I was in upon
awakening. The dream was so real that I thought I had slipped into a dream when I woke up. It
was amazing and awesome.


I was standing in the downtown Dallas, TX area along with multitudes of people. Everyone was
standing and waiting for an announcement of some kind. I had a local friend standing beside
me,and our two boys were playing together off to the side, over by the street. There was no
traffic, as all the cars were parked. Everything was at a standstill and all the people were calm. I
noticed big screens up on a bunch of the large buildings and I sensed that an announcement was
going to be made. Then suddenly, a man who looked like a government official appeared on the
big screens and began to make an announcement. He said:

"Ladies and gentlemen, I have an announcement to make. America as you have known it has
ceased to exist. All property lines have been dissolved, and the U.S. Dollar is worthless."

When the people heard this announcement, they began to panic. I felt a deep concern inside my
being as I stood and watch the people began to frantically run. They ran to their cars and they ran
down the sidewalks. They all seemed to be headed West. I suddenly realized that our boys were
in deep trouble as a frantic motorist jumped in his car and tore out of it's parking place - heading
West. I ran over and grabbed both boys, pulling them out of the curb side area of street, as the
motorist shot past them. He would have hit and probably maimed or killed them if I hadn't gotten
to them in time. I was relieved to know that the boys were safe. The multitudes continued to
panic and run West.
Dream Scene 2

I was suddenly standing at a gas station/convenience store. I know exactly where it was, just
down the street from where I've lived for the last 6 years. This convenience store had changed a
little. It had a high fence attached to it with barbed wire across the top. Inside the fence was
tractors, power equipment, lawn mowers, chain saws and all kinds of different items that must
have been traded recently. I was standing beside an Indian man who was clearly the owner or
manager of the convenience store. Frantic people were pulling their vehicles up to the fuel
pumps and were buying gas. My guess is that they were heading "WEST?". Then an SUV pulled
up with an open trailer in back. An entire family was in the vehicle and they all looked woried.
They had thrown all of their belongings in the trailer and strapped them on top of the vehicle.
The father jumped out of the SUV and came up to the man. He said, "I need to get a tank full of
gas." and he pulled out his billfold to pull out some U.S. Dollars. The store manager said, "I don't
take U.S. Dollars." The father asked, "What do you take then?" The manager asked, "What do
you have?" The father and the manager both walked over to the trailer and started looking
through it - to find something of value that could be traded for a tank of gas.

Dream Scene 3

I was standing in a very modern war room which had video screens everywhere on the wall.
These screens were showing scenes from different places around the world, modern world events,
etc. In the middle of the room was President George W. Bush, who was nearing the end of his
presidency. He was surrounded by counselors and advisers, many of them had clipboards and
they were attempting to advise him of important issues. He had his hands up in the air as if to say,
"I don't want to hear any more! I'm tired!." I was standing beside a large man who looked like a
secret service agent. He began to speak to me, and he said, "The president has fought a long,
hard battle and is very tired." I responded, "Yeah, I can see that." He said, "He has been fighting
a very powerful enemy. Do you know who that enemy is?" I thought of all the enemies that it
could be, Al Queada, Islam, and more. But then I said, "Socialism?" He responded,

At that time, the dream ended, and I woke up sitting straight up in my bed. I didn't know for sure
if my conscience state was real, or if the dream was real. The dream had been so real as if I were
literally there, that it took me a minute to realize that I had just received a very powerful dream
from God. I then got up, packed my bags and drove towards the financial conference that I was
speaking at.

This was the dream. The interpretation that I've chewed on, sought out, considered and meditated
on - is deep, profound and ever-unfolding in my life. It has changed me, changed my direction,
and literally changed the future of my family - forever.

The Interpretation Of The Dream As I Can Presently See

My Interpretation Of The Dream, Scene 1a: The fact that I was standing in a large city, among a
huge crowd of people, and with my friend and our sons, tells me that the announcement that is to
come is going to affect:

1. A large group of people, or a body of people in America.
2. Not only will it affect myself and my friends, but it will affect our next generation as well. As
a matter of fact, because of the upcoming announcement, the next generation will be in deep
danger of being run over or aborted because of the fearful reactionary decisions of the
crowd/populace in this current generation.

The announcement that came from the governing official tells me that the three issues spoken
about are things that have already happened, and are set in stone. I don't believe that these three
issues can be changed, although I may be wrong. It's always possible for an intercessor to
activate the hand of God to stop anything - even the sun stood still for a day due to intercession
in the old testament. However, I think that these three issues are set in stone - and can be banked
on. That is the posture that I'm taking as of this point.

1. "America as you've known it has ceased to exist." The good ole days of baseball, hotdogs,
apple pie and Chevrolet are gone. We now are a melting pot of multi cultures, multi religions
(some very aggressive) and multiple powers who are at play to bring new orders, or if you will -
a one world order. The freedoms that we used to enjoy are disappearing quickly as we become a
nation of strict law and statutes, and there's a rule for everything that you can or cannot do. The
constitution has been absolutely shredded, openly, blatantly and on purpose. The America that I
knew was free. It was a nation of capitalism (the right to own land and do what you want on it
without being bothered). Those days are gone. They will possibly never return without mass
revolution and replacement of the current system/establishment/government as it stands today.
AMERICA AS YOU'VE KNOWN IT HAS CEASED TO EXIST. This was a hard reality for me
to swallow, but once I did swallow it, I was able to move on and prepare for the new America
"as I have not known it". Now I can mount up with authority, make some determined plans,
change course in some areas of my life, and prepare for the future with a New America. I had to
mourn the old America which had passed away. She had ran her race and had finished her course.
But now the old is gone, finished and buried.

I'm not being anti patriotic at all. I love my country. I'll fight for my country. I'll honor and
respect my country and those who fought and died to make her free and keep the light of
freedom shining brightly throughout the last generations. However, I am realizing that America
is now morphing. She has finished a stage, and is now moving into a cocoon stage, where she
will emerge (if she's successful, turns to God and trusts Him for the miraculous change) into a
new America, one greater and better than before. But in order to embrace the new America, she
(and we) must let go of the past. By the way, I don't believe that the new America can exist
without God, Christianity bedrock and the constitution. If any of those are removed from our
nation, America will die in the cocoon. Therefore it's important that we all work, pray and
resolve not to allow the light of God, Christianity or the Constitution to fade or be taken out of
America's bedrock.
embrace will mean that you are ready to move forward with God and His plan for your life, and
for your nation as we leave the old church age and begin to enter into the kingdom age. What is
this about ages?

Hosea 6:1-2 (NIV)
1 "Come, let us return to the Lord.
He has torn us to pieces
but he will heal us;
he has injured us
but he will bind up our wounds.
2 After two days he will revive us;
on the third day he will restore us,
that we may live in his presence.

                                         Oct 22, 2012


October 15th 2012 , My dream started me visiting people at their homes,
during the night time I notice noise was outside, so I walked outside and
it was a night sky with stars , that where very clear to see, then all of a
sudden I saw these Angelic beings by the thousands of thousands flying
through the sky but yet they were close enough to see. So in amazement I
shouted towards them "ARE YOU ANGELS".. they would not answer me, then as I
was watching I heard this Loud noise as of a Huge explosion in the heavens
as of Thunder and out of that noise came Hundreds of meteorites that came
from the Sky, and before they landed and hit the earth they were coming
down as Fire balls of rock.. and exploded on the earth causing great and
terrible damage to the earths surface, People where running around trying
to find places to hide but really there wasn't much room or places for them
to hide.. massive quakes started as they hit and massive explosions of fire
came as a result from them hitting. Then I woke up.

                                         Oct 18, 2012

Strange dream--Pan(demonium) headed for mainland USA...mentioned Russ Dizdar
I woke up at 2am this morning (October 9th) after having a really bizarre dream. I saw a large
ship out in the ocean. I couldn't immediately tell what sort of ship it was or where it was headed,
so I started looking around the ship to see if I could find any markings on it or people to speak
with. As I walked along one of the decks, something caught my attention at the top of a gray
steel staircase. It was a hideous creature that looked like a blend of a man, a pig, and some other
repulsive animal I couldn't quite make out. Oddly, this grotesque creature was wearing a nice
white dress shirt and came walking down the stairs toward me. It was half singing, half talking
and looked at me with a malicious grin. It said, "I'm Pan. Yes, as in Pandemonium." It then
started mocking Christians and Jesus, saying Jesus' name over and over again in a childish sort of
way like it was mimicking Christians who are calling out to the Lord. This disgusting creature
then suddenly stopped the mimicking and abruptly said, "I know Russ Dizdar." It said it in the
same sort of way that the demon in Acts 19 said "Jesus I know, and Paul I know about...". It then
started making grunting piglike sounds and cackled saying it was looking forward to 'engaging
Dizdar'. I could very definitely feel the extremely powerful and unmistakable presence of God
around me protecting me from this creature that called itself Pan. I had total confidence in God's
power, and I wanted to attack this evil entity on the spot and tear it to shreds. For some reason, it
was like God put a barrier between Pan and myself so that there could be no interaction/warfare
between us at that time. I knew with absolute certainty that I had no reason to fear this thing and
neither did Russ or anyone else who truly knows their authority in Jesus and the power of His
blood. Pan was aware of this fact too, and, knowing that he couldn't defeat Russ directly, seemed
to hint that his attack would be more of an indirect one. This creature was going to go after
lukewarm Christians and those who had any trace of fear, doubt or other weaknesses holding
them back. These people would include any friends and family members who are not fully
confident in Jesus. This is how Pan wanted to indirectly attack and hurt those he knew he
couldn't defeat antagonizing their loved ones. Pan then turned his attention to the
person who was 2nd in command of the ship (this person was completely oblivious to Pan at the
time) and started humming a strange, creepy melody. The eerie melody was blended with the
piglike animal sounds as well as what sounded like large engines revving. This evil humming
cacophony seemed to put the person into some sort of trance. Then, in his trancelike state, he
took Pan with him to try to find the captain of the ship and get him under Pan's influence as well.
As the 2nd in command of this ship was walking away with Pandemonium, he excitedly
mentioned that the ship is headed for the continental USA.

                                            Oct 9, 2012

Vision By A.C. Valdez - UBM

In 1929 I was preaching in Vancouver, British Colombia. I had gone to the 6th Avenue Church
that seats 1,000 people. The old building is gone. I sat down on the platform and looked down at
the congregation for the Sunday morning service. There were 18 people. I had crossed the
continent from Los Angeles to get to that meeting--18 people in my first service. My first
thought was, My Lord and my God, the nerve, asking me to come across the country to stand
here in front of 18 people.
Now, that was my first thought. Now, I no sooner thought that when God spoke to my heart and
said, "Son, I want you to comfort these people."

They needed comfort, Brother. He gave me the capacity to comfort them. I started preaching
comforting words. If I had given way to the human, Brother, I would have skinned them alive
and tacked their hides up on the wall. People in a condition like that don't need a skinning; they
need comfort. God helped me. He poured in the oil and the wine. He helped me to comfort those

They began to cry all over the place, as they needed comfort. The tears began to stream down
their cheeks. They had gone through a terrible trial in that city, and the name of "Pentecost" was
in the newspapers of that city, and it wasn't very good. The things that they had put into the
newspapers were enough to keep most anybody away. I had 18 people in the inside and
thousands on the outside.

God began to work, and the Spirit began to come forth. By the following Sunday the place was
well filled. The Holy Ghost began to bring them in. By the end of the third week they had to take
down the partition that separated the coat room from the main auditorium to put more seats in
that auditorium that seated a thousand. It packed out. They packed the place, standing up and
down the winding stairs and outside of the church building and out into the street. The glory of
God came down. Souls began to get saved, and the sick were healed.

We had a glorious victory over the world of flesh and the devil. The ministers were so happy.
They said, "Lord, in spite of that death, you've given us victory."

Right in the middle of that victory, I stood in 6th Avenue Church one day with the power of God
on me. All of a sudden the ceiling just disappeared.

Now, when I say "vision," my friends, I know that some visions are what the Bible calls "night
visions," like in a dream. You will find that in the Bible. Dreams are also called "visions."
Generally speaking, a vision is differentiated by what you see with your eyes open, that which
you see when you are not asleep.

In this particular case I was standing on my feet, when all of a sudden the walls and the ceiling
just faded right out. I began to see this vision, and the Lord showed me. I looked up and saw
what answers to the description of an ICBM (Inter-Continental Ballistic Missile), just as real as
any picture that you would see--or the real thing if you've ever seen one of those missiles. It was
just as real as you would look upon one if it were right in front of you, two or three feet away!

I saw it. It was passing over a skim of clouds, not heavy clouds, but a thin skim of clouds. I was
standing on the side of this mountain, a residential district. I was looking over into a bay area. It
would appear like I was in Berkeley, if you've ever been to Berkeley, and the Berkeley hills. I
was looking into the bay area toward San Francisco, the San Francisco Bay region, that direction.

I saw the freeway. I don't say that it was the Oakland freeway that is there today. I don't know
where it was, my friends. I do know this, that I was standing on the side of this mountain,
overlooking a huge metropolis, when I saw this missile directed toward the city; and suddenly,
being electronically controlled, no doubt, it plummeted right down into the city and then
exploded. Then I saw the fireball, which answers to the description of what I have seen in a civil
defense film release of the first hydrogen bomb explosion.

This happened in 1929! The atom was not split until 1932! Yet I saw it as clear as I see you here
tonight. There was a purpose in it. I have been warning people ever since that this thing is

As the day approaches, my friends, I feel more vibrant than ever before! I have got to bear
testimony to what I saw with my eyes! I have got to warn God's people that they must live in the
Spirit and walk in the Spirit and be filled with the Spirit if they want God's protection in these
last days!

I saw this thing blossom out in all of its beautiful colors. Did you ever see a picture of it? It is a
beautiful sight, but it is a horrible sight. All of the colors of the rainbow you can see in that big
ball as it swells out. Then the pressure that it creates following the explosion, it demolishes
everything before it. It leaves a crater over 300 feet deep and over 2 miles across. It is capable of
destroying a huge metropolis the size of New York City in one blast.

Even though there were no freeways in 1929, I saw freeways. I saw them run and jump in their
cars to escape, but there was no escape! I saw the aftermath of this explosion. I saw all of the

The Spirit of the Lord picked me up. Like St. Paul, whether in the body or out of the body, I
don't know! All I know is, my friends, that God took me and whisked me across that area where
the bomb hit in the midst of that huge metropolis. There was nothing left. The center where it
struck was molten, like molten glass. It wasn't, my friends, until I was carried way beyond the
residential area that I began to see any sign of debris.

Finally, I came to what looked similar to snow or sand drifts piled up against the fences and
buildings. I saw piles or iron, like broom straw, only much finer than broom straw. It was in piles
and in patterns--everything completely destroyed!

Finally, way, way out, beyond what I felt was the residential area, I began to find signs of human
beings, only in pieces--torsos, heads, hands, arms, and legs. They were scattered around

The Spirit of the Lord carried me out farther. I began to find signs of life. People were running.
Everybody was blind. (I didn't know in 1929 that if you are 35 miles away from the explosion
and you happened to be looking in that direction, you would never see again. I didn't know that
at that time.) Everybody was blind, my friends. They were running and screaming and bumping
up against this and that and the other, bouncing back, children blind and screaming and crying
out for their parents and parents for their children. The farther I went, the more the confusion,
and the cries increased.
My friends, even tonight, while I am speaking to you, I can hear those cries! I can hear those
cries, children and parents screaming out for one another! It was a terrible sight to behold! If I
were to live 10,000 years, I know I could just close my eyes and hear those screams and see the
terror that was written all over the faces of parents and children! A terrible sight, indeed.

Then, my friends, the Spirit of the Lord took me. Oh, I wonder how fast I was going. I could see
the mountains and the hills just passing before me. I came sweeping down over a large valley. In
the distance I could see, as I began to approach, a body of people that looked like tens of
thousands. I don't know how many were there. It was a sea of people. Long before I got there, I
could see. As I came down closer, I could discern them. They had their handkerchiefs. They
were wiping their tears from their eyes.

Then for the first time I began to hear heavenly anthems. I could hear the Hallelujahs, in bass and
tenor and soprano and alto, voices blending together. That mass of humanity was lifted together
by the heavenly music. I came right down in the midst of them. There they were, God's people.
This is what I saw, friends. They were all dressed up like they were ready for the Sunday service.
Their hair was parted. Nothing was disturbed. There was no soil on their shirts. They were cared
for so perfectly that everything was in order, my friends. Their faces were clean. Their clothing
was clean. Everything was in order!

The only word you could use to describe them would be "meticulous" Meticulous! Glory to God!
What a wonderful thing to be in the hands of God! I say that God is going to protect his people in
these last days IF. . .they live in the Spirit and walk in the Spirit and keep filled with the Spirit!


                                            Aug 3, 2012


My Vision of the Destruction of America By A. A. Allen July 4, 1954 Atop the Empire State

                             Click Here to Read A A Allen's prophecy

                                            Aug 3, 2012
                 ALLEN'S PROPHECY

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  My Vision of the Destruction of America By A. A. Allen July 4, 1954 Atop the Empire State Building

  As I stood atop the Empire State Building, I could see the Statue of Liberty, illuminating the
  gateway to the new world. Here, spread before me like an animated map, is an area 60 or 80
  miles in diameter. I was amazed that the Spirit of the Lord should so move me, there atop the
      Empire State building. Why should I feel such a surge of His Spirit and power there?

                                                          Giant Telescope

   Suddenly I heard the voice of the Lord. It was as clear and as distinct as a voice could be. It
 seemed to come from the very midst of the giant telescope; but when I looked at the telescope, I
knew it hadn't come from there, but directly from Heaven. The voice said, 2 CHRONICLES 16:9,
 "For the eyes of the LORD run to and fro throughout the whole earth, to shew himself strong in
 the behalf of them whose heart is perfect toward him. Herein thou has done foolishly; therefore,
 from henceforth thou shalt have wars." Immediately when I heard the voice of God, I knew this
was a quotation of scripture; but never before had a thing come to me so forcibly by the power of
                                             the Spirit.

                                                         Automatic Clock

  The ticking of the telescope stopped. The man before me had used up his dime's worth. As he
   stepped away, I knew that I was next. As I stepped to the telescope and dropped in my dime,
  immediately the ticking started again. This ticking was an automatic clock which would allow
 me to use the telescope for a limited time only. As I swung the telescope to the north, suddenly
  the Spirit of God came upon me in a way that I had never thought of before. Seemingly, in the
   Spirit I was entirely caught away. I knew that the telescope itself had nothing to do with the
distance which I was suddenly enabled to see, for I seemed to see things far beyond the range of
 the telescope, even on a bright, clear day. It was simply that God had chosen this time to reveal
these things to me, for as I looked through the telescope, it was not Manhattan Island that I saw,
                                        but a far larger view.

                                                 North American Continent
That morning much of the view was impaired by fog; but suddenly as the Spirit of the Lord came
upon me, the fog seemed to clear until it seemed that I could see for thousands of miles, but that
which I was looking upon was not Manhattan Island. It was all of the North American continent
 spread out before me as a map is spread upon a table. It was not the East River and the Hudson
River that I saw on either side, but the Atlantic and the Pacific Oceans; and instead of the Statue
 of Liberty standing there in the bay on her small island, I saw her standing far out in the Gulf of
  Mexico. She was between me and the United States. I suddenly realized that the telescope had
  nothing to do with what I was seeing but that it was a vision coming directly from God; and to
   prove this to myself, I took my eyes away from the telescope so that I was no longer looking
                    through the lens, but the same scene remained before me.

                                           Great Cities

  There, clear and distinct, lay all the North American continent with all its great cities. To the
   north lay the Great Lakes. Far to the northeast was New York City. I could see Seattle and
 Portland far to the northwest. Down the west coast there were San Francisco and Los Angeles.
  Closer in the foreground lay New Orleans at the center of the Gulf Coast area. I could see the
great towering ranges of the Rocky Mountains and trace with my eye the Continental Divide. All
           this and more I could see spread out before me as a great map upon a table.

                                         Gigantic Hand

    As I looked, suddenly from the sky I saw a giant hand reach down. That gigantic hand was
   reaching out toward the Statue of Liberty. In a moment her gleaming torch was torn from her
 hand, and in it instead was placed a cup; and I saw protruding from that great cup a giant sword,
 shining as if a great light had been turned upon its glistening edge. Never before had I seen such
  a sharp, glistening, dangerous sword. It seemed to threaten all the world. As the great cup was
  placed in the hand of the Statue of Liberty, I heard these words, "Thus saith the Lord of hosts,
  drink ye and be drunken and spew and fall and rise no more because of the sword which I will
    send." As I heard these words, I recognized them as a quotation from Jeremiah 25:27. I was
   amazed to hear the Statue of Liberty speak out in reply, "I WILL NOT DRINK!" Then as the
     voice of the thunder, I heard again the voice of the Lord saying, "Ye shall certainly drink"
(Jeremiah 25:28). Then suddenly the giant hand forced the cup to the lips of the Statue of Liberty,
 and she became powerless to defend herself. The mighty hand of God forced her to drink every
  drop from the cup. As she drank the bitter dregs, these were the words that I heard: "Should ye
     be utterly unpunished? Ye shall not be unpunished, for I will call for a sword upon all the
                  inhabitants of the earth, saith the Lord of hosts" (Jeremiah 27:29)

                                       War, , Destruction

  When the cup was withdrawn from the lips of the Statute of Liberty, I noticed the sword was
 missing from the cup, which could mean but one thing. THE CONTENTS OF THE CUP HAD
     BEEN COMPLETELY CONSUMED! I knew that the sword merely typified war, , and
  destruction, which is no doubt on the way. Then as one drunken on too much wine, I saw the
Statue of Liberty become unsteady on her feet and begin to stagger and to lose her balance. I saw
 her splashing in the gulf, trying to regain her balance. I saw her stagger again and again and fall
to her knees. As I saw her desperate attempts to regain her balance and rise to her feet again, my
heart was moved as never before with compassion for her struggles; but as she staggered there in
the gulf, once again I heard these words: "Drink ye and be drunken and spew and fall and rise no
           more because of the sword which I will send among you" (Jeremiah 25:37).

  As I watched, I wondered if the Statue of Liberty would ever be able to regain her feet, if she
 would ever stand again; and as I watched, it seemed that with all her power she struggled to rise
 and finally staggered to her feet again and stood there swaying drunkenly. I felt sure that at any
   moment she would fall again, possibly never to rise. I seemed overwhelmed with a desire to
reach out my hand to keep her head above water, for I knew that if she ever fell again, she would
drown there in the gulf. "Thou shalt not be afraid for the by night, nor for the arrow that flyeth by
    day, nor for the pestilence that walketh in darkness, nor for the destruction that wasteth at
                                     noonday" (Psalms 91:5-6).

                                       Black Cloud Rising

 Then as I watched, another amazing thing was taking place. Far to the northwest, just out over
Alaska, a huge, black cloud was arising. As it rose, it was as black as night. It seemed to be in the
 shape of a man's head. As it continued to arise, I observed two light spots in the black cloud. It
rose further, and a gaping hole appeared. I could see that the black cloud was taking the shape of
    a skull, for now the huge, white, gaping mouth was plainly visible. Finally, the head was
       complete. Then the shoulders began to appear; and on either side, long, black arms.

                                  Skeleton Destroys Multitudes

It seemed that what I saw was the entire North American continent, spread out like a map upon a
 table with this terrible skeleton-formed cloud arising from behind the table. It rose steadily until
   the form was visible down to the waist. At the waist the skeleton seemed to bend toward the
 United States, stretching forth a hand toward the east and one toward the west, one toward New
   York and one toward Seattle. As the awful form stretched forward, I could see that its entire
 attention seemed to be focused upon the United States, overlooking Canada at least for the time
    being. As I saw the horrible black cloud in the form of a skeleton bending toward America,
bending from the waist over, reaching down toward Chicago and out toward both coasts, I knew
                            its one interest was to destroy the multitudes.

                                          Mortal Agony

   As I watched in horror, the great black cloud stopped just above the Great Lakes region and
  turned its face toward New York City. Then out of the horrible, great gaping mouth began to
appear wisps of white vapor which looked like smoke, as a cigarette smoker would blow puffs of
  smoke from his mouth. These whitish vapors were being blown toward New York City. The
  smoke began to spread until it had covered all the eastern part of the United States. Then the
skeleton turned to the west and out of the horrible mouth and nostrils came another great puff of
 white smoke. This time it was blown in the direction of the west coast. In a few moments' time
            the entire West Coast and Los Angeles area were covered with its vapors.
   Then toward the center came a third great puff. As I watched, St. Louis and Kansas City were
enveloped in its white vapors. Then on they came toward New Orleans. Then on they swept until
they reached the Statue of Liberty where she stood staggering drunkenly in the blue waters of the
    gulf. As the white vapors began to spread around the head of the statue, she took in but one
 gasping breath and then began to cough as though to rid her lungs of the horrible vapors she had
inhaled. One could readily discern by the coughing that those white vapors had seared her lungs.
    What were these white vapors? Could they signify bacteriological warfare or nerve gas that
could destroy multitudes of people in a few moments' time? Then I heard the voice of God as He
    spoke again: "Behold, the LORD maketh the earth empty and maketh it waste and turneth it
 upside-down and scattereth abroad the inhabitants thereof. And it shall be, as with the people, so
with the priest; as with the servant, so with his master; as with the maid, so with her ; as with the
  buyer, so with the seller; as with the lender, so with the borrower; as with the taker of usury, so
    with the giver of usury to him. The land shall be utterly emptied and utterly spoiled, for the
 LORD hath spoken this word. The earth mourneth and fadeth away. The world languisheth and
   fadeth away. The haughty people of the earth do languish. The earth also is defiled under the
  inhabitants thereof because they have transgressed the laws, changed the ordinance, broken the
everlasting covenant; therefore, hath the curse devoured the earth, and they that dwell therein are
    desolate; therefore, the inhabitants of the earth are burned and few men left" (Isaiah 24:1-6)

 As I watched, the coughing grew worse. It sounded like a person about to cough out his lungs.
The Statue of Liberty was moaning and groaning. She was in mortal agony. The pain must have
  been terrific, as again and again she tried to clear her lungs of those horrible white vapors. I
watched her there in the gulf as she staggered, clutching her lungs and her breast with her hands.
Then she fell to her knees. In a moment she gave one final cough, made a last desperate effort to
rise from her knees, and then fell face forward into the waters of the gulf and lay still as . Tears
ran down my face as I realized that she was ! Only the lapping of the waves, splashing over her
     body which was partly under the water and partly out of the water, broke the stillness.

 "A fire devoureth before them, and behind them a flame burneth; the land is as the Garden of
Eden before them, and behind them a desolate wilderness, yea, and nothing shall escape them".
Screaming of Sirens Suddenly the silence was shattered by the screaming of sirens. The sirens
                       seemed to scream, "RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!"

  Never before had I heard such shrill, screaming sirens. They seemed to be everywhere to the
north, the south, the east, and the west. There seemed to be multitudes of sirens; and as I looked,
 I saw people everywhere running, but it seemed none of them ran more than a few paces, and
 then they fell. And even as I had seen the Statue of Liberty struggling to regain her poise and
   balance and finally falling for the last time to die on her face, I now saw millions of people
 falling in the streets, on the sidewalks, struggling. I heard their screams for mercy and help. I
    heard their horrible coughing as though their lungs had been seared with fire. I heard the
   moanings and groanings of the doomed and the dying. As I watched, a few finally reached
                          shelters, but only a few ever got to the shelters.

Above the moaning and the groaning of the dying multitudes, I heard these words: "A noise shall
   come even to the ends of the earth, for the Lord hath a controversy with the nations. He will
plead with all flesh; he will give them that are wicked to the sword, saith the Lord. Thus saith the
 Lord of hosts, Behold, evil shall go forth from nation to nation, and a great whirlwind shall be
raised up from the coasts of the earth, and the slain of the Lord shall be at that day from one end
 of the earth even unto the other end of the earth. They shall not be lamented, neither gathered,
              nor buried; they shall be dung upon the ground" (Jeremiah 25:31-33).

                                      Rocket Missile Attacks

    Then suddenly I saw from the Atlantic and from the Pacific and out of the Gulf rocket-like
  objects that seemed to come up like fish leaping out of the water. High into the air they leaped,
  each headed in a different direction, but every one toward the United States. On the ground the
sirens screamed louder, and up from the ground I saw similar rockets beginning to ascend. To me
   these appeared to be interceptor rockets although they arose from different points all over the
   United States; however, none of them seemed to be successful in intercepting the rockets that
   had risen from the ocean on every side. These rockets finally reached their maximum height,
slowly turned over and fell back toward the earth in defeat. Then suddenly the rockets which had
 leaped out of the oceans like fish all exploded at once. The explosion was ear-splitting. The next
  thing which I saw was a huge ball of fire. The only thing I have ever seen which resembled the
thing I saw in my vision was the picture of the explosion of the H-bomb somewhere in the South
           Pacific. In my vision it was so real that I seemed to feel a searing heat from it.

                                      Widespread Desolation

  As the vision spread before my eyes and I viewed the widespread desolation brought about by
the terrific explosions, I could not help thinking, While the defenders of our nation have quibbled
    over what means of defense to use and neglected the only true means of defense faith and
 dependence upon the true and living God the thing which she greatly feared has come unto her!
How true it has proven in Psalms 127:1: Except the Lord build the house, they labour in vain that
              build it; except the Lord keep the city, the watchman waketh but in vain."

   Then as the noise of battle subsided, to my ears came this quotation: "Blow ye the trumpet in
 Zion and sound an alarm in my holy mountain; let all the inhabitants of the land tremble, for the
 day of the Lord cometh, for it is nigh at hand. 2. A day of darkness and of gloominess, a day of
  clouds and of thick darkness, as the morning spread upon the mountains, a great people and a
  strong, there hath not been ever the like, neither shall be any more after it, even to the years of
many generations. 3. A fire devoureth before them, and behind them a flame burneth; the land is
   as the Garden of Eden before them, and behind them a desolate wilderness, yea, and nothing
shall escape them. 4. The appearance of them is as the appearance of horses; and as horsemen, so
    shall they run. 5. Like the noise of chariots on the tops of mountains shall they leap, like the
noise of a flame of fire that devoureth the stubble, as a strong people set in battle array. 6. Before
their face the people shall be much pained; all faces shall gather blackness. 7. They shall run like
  mighty men; they shall climb the wall like men of war, and they shall march every one on his
  ways, and they shall not break their ranks. 8. Neither shall one thrust another; they shall walk
   every one in his path; and when they fall upon the sword, they shall not be wounded. 9. They
shall run to and fro in the city; they shall run upon the wall; they shall climb up upon the houses;
they shall enter in at the windows like a thief. 10. The earth shall quake before them; the heavens
  shall tremble; the sun and the moon shall be dark,, and the stars shall withdraw their shining
                                         (Joel 2:1-10).

                                          The Silence of

  Then the voice was still. The earth, too was silent with the silence of . Then to my ears came
another sound a sound of distant singing. It was the sweetest music I had ever heard. There was
  joyful shouting and sounds of happy laughter. Immediately I knew it was the rejoicing of the
 saints of God. I looked, and there, high in the heavens, above the smoke and poisonous gases,
above the noise of the battle, I saw a huge mountain. It seemed to be of solid rock, and I knew at
 once that this was the Mountain of the Lord. The sounds of music and rejoicing were coming
                      from a cleft high up in the side of the rock mountain.

                                       Hidden in the Cleft

    It was the saints of God who were doing the rejoicing. It was God's own people who were
  singing and dancing and shouting with joy, safe from all the harm which had come upon the
  earth, for they were hidden away in the cleft of the rock. There in the cleft they were shut in,
protected by a great, giant hand which reached out of the heavens and which was none other than
                 the hand of God, shutting them in until the storm be over passed.

The Vision of George Washington

Warnings and predictions of future national destruction have been coming from many sources in
recent years. There are even those who now make a profession of such warnings. As the years
pass by, however, and no such events occur, most Americans have placed consideration of these
predictions on the back burner so as to devote their main energies to more immediate and
personal concerns. This is certainly understandable since the time predicted for many of these
events to mature has come and gone without major obvious catastrophe. However, we should not
become complacent. Those processes that concerned Dr. Clymer and other knowledgeable
individuals are continuing to move ever forward even if they have not come to the "kindling
point" as rapidly as many anticipated. The fuel for this national conflagration is now in place and
only lacks the proper spark to ignite it into a destroying, but cleansing, fire. To help establish a
proper perspective of our times in the minds and hearts of our internet friends we here present
the Vision of General George Washington. While this Vision was more or less well known at
one time, it little known today.

Various accounts of George Washington's vision and prophecy all agree in content. There have
been only minor variations in some details as the story was repeated over the years by those to
whom it was related by General Washington.

The place was Valley Forge, in the cold and bitter winter of 1777. Washington's army had
suffered several reverses and the situation was desperate. Food was scarce. The Continental
Congress was not sending supplies or money. Some of the troops did not even have shoes to
wear in the snow. Many soldiers were sick and dying from disease and exposure. Morale was at
an all-time low and there was great agitation in the Colonies against continued effort to secure
our freedom from England. Nevertheless, General Washington was determined to see the
struggle through.

These are the words of a firsthand observer, Anthony Sherman, who was there and describes the

The Vision of George Washington
"You doubtless heard the story of Washington's going to the thicket to pray. Well, it is not only
true, but he used often to pray in secret for aid and comfort from God, the interposition of whose
Divine Providence brought us safely through the darkest days of tribulation.

"One day, I remember it well, when the chilly winds whistled through the leafless trees, though
the sky was cloudless and the sun shown brightly, he remained in his quarters nearly all the
afternoon alone. When he came out, I noticed that his face was a shade paler than usual. There
seemed to be something on his mind of more than ordinary importance. Returning just after dusk,
he dispatched an orderly to the quarters who was presently in attendance. After a preliminary
conversation of about an hour, Washington, gazing upon his companion with that strange look of
dignity which he alone commanded, related the event that occurred that day."

Washington's Own Words

"This afternoon, as I was sitting at this table engaged in preparing a dispatch, something seemed
to disturb me. Looking up, I beheld standing opposite me a singularly beautiful female. So
astonished was I, for I had given strict orders not to be disturbed, that it was some moments
before I found language to inquire the cause of her presence. A second, a third and even a fourth
time did I repeat my question, but received no answer from my mysterious visitor except a slight
raising of her eyes.

"By this time I felt strange sensations spreading through me. I would have risen but the riveted
gaze of the being before me rendered volition impossible. I assayed once more to address her,
but my tongue had become useless, as though it had become paralyzed.

"A new influence, mysterious, potent, irresistible, took possession of me. All I could do was to
gaze steadily, vacantly at my unknown visitor. Gradually the surrounding atmosphere seemed as
if it had become filled with sensations, and luminous. Everything about me seemed to rarify, the
mysterious visitor herself becoming more airy and yet more distinct to my sight than before. I
now began to feel as one dying, or rather to experience the sensations which I have sometimes
imagined accompany dissolution. I did not think, I did not reason, I did not move; all were alike
impossible. I was only conscious of gazing fixedly, vacantly at my Companion.
"Presently I heard a voice saying, 'Son of the Republic, look and learn,' while at the same time
my visitor extended her arm eastwardly. I now beheld a heavy white vapor at some distance
rising fold upon fold. This gradually dissipated, and I looked upon a strange scene. Before me
lay spread out in one vast plain all the countries of the world-Europe, Asia, Africa and America.
I saw rolling and tossing between Europe and America the billows of the Atlantic, and between
Asia and America lay the Pacific.

'Son of the Republic,' said the same mysterious voice as before,'look and learn.' At that moment I
beheld a dark, shadowy being, like an angel, standing, or rather floating in midair; between
Europe and America. Dipping water out of the ocean in the hollow of each hand, he sprinkled
some upon America with his right hand, while with his left hand he cast some on Europe.
Immediately a cloud raised from these countries, and joined in mid-ocean. For a while it
remained stationary, and then moved slowly westward, until it enveloped America in its murky
folds. Sharp flashes of lightning gleamed through it at intervals, and I heard the smothered
groans and cries of the American people.

"A second time the angel dipped water from the ocean, and sprinkled it out as before. The dark
cloud was then drawn back to the ocean, in whose heaving billows it sank from view. A third
time I heard the mysterious voice saying, 'Son of the Republic, look and learn,' I cast my eyes
upon America and beheld villages and towns and cities springing up one after another until the
whole land from the Atlantic to the Pacific was dotted with them.

"Again, I heard the mysterious voice say, 'Son of the Republic, the end of the century cometh,
look and learn.' At this the dark shadowy angel turned his face southward, and from Africa I saw
an ill-omened spectre approach our land. It flitted slowly over every town and city of the latter.
The inhabitants presently set themselves in battle array against each other. As I continued
looking I saw a bright angel, on whose brow rested a crown of light, on which was traced the
word 'Union,' bearing the American flag which he placed between the divided nation, and said,
'Remember ye are brethren.' Instantly, the inhabitants, casting from them their weapons became
friends once more, and united around the National Standard.

"And again I heard the mysterious voice saying, 'Son of the Republic, look and learn.' At this the
dark, shadowy angel placed a trumpet to his mouth, and blew three distinct blasts; and taking
water from the ocean, he sprinkled it upon Europe, Asia and Africa. Then my eyes beheld a
fearful scene: from each of these countries arose thick, black clouds that were soon joined into
one. Throughout this mass there gleamed a dark red light by which I saw hordes of armed men,
who, moving with the cloud, marched by land and sailed by sea to America. Our country was
enveloped in this volume of cloud, and 1 saw these vast armies devastate the whole country and
burn the villages, towns and cities that I beheld springing up. As my ears listened to the
thundering of the cannon, clashing of swords, and the shouts and cries of millions in mortal
combat, I heard again the mysterious voice saying,'Son of the Republic, look and learn.' When
the voice had ceased, the dark shadowy angel placed his trumpet once more to his mouth, and
blew a long and fearful blast.

"Instantly a light as of a thousand suns shone down from above me, and pierced and broke into
fragments the dark cloud which enveloped America. At the same moment the angel upon whose
head still shone the word 'Union,' end who bore our national flag in one hand and a sword in the
other, descended from the heavens attended by legions of white spirits. These immediately
joined the inhabitants of America, who I perceived were well nigh overcome, but who
immediately taking courage again, closed up their broken ranks and renewed the battle.

"Again, amid the fearful noise. of the conflict, I heard the mysterious voice saying, 'Son of the
Republic, look and learn.' As the voice ceased, the shadowy angel for the last time dipped water
from the ocean and sprinkled it upon America. Instantly the dark cloud rolled back, together with
the armies it had brought, leaving the inhabitants of the land victorious!

"Then once more I beheld the villages, towns and cities springing up where I had seen them
before, while the bright angel, planting the azure standard he had brought in the midst of them,
cried with a loud voice:'While the stars remain, and the heavens send down dew upon the earth,
so long shall the Union last.' And taking from his brow the crown on which blazoned the word
'Union,' he placed it upon the National Standard while the people, kneeling down, said, 'Amen.'

"The scene instantly began to fade and dissolve, and I at last saw nothing but the rising, curling
vapor I at first beheld. This also disappearing, I found myself once more gazing upon the
mysterious visitor, who, in the same voice I had heard before, said, 'Son of the Republic, what
you have seen is thus interpreted: Three great perils will come upon the Republic. The most
fearful is the third, but in this greatest conflict the whole world united shall not prevail against
her. Let every child of the Republic learn to live for his God, his land and the Union.' With these
words the vision vanished, and I started from my seat and felt that I had seen a vision wherein
had been shown to me the birth, progress, and destiny of the United States."

                                   George Washington's Vision

                                            Aug 3, 2012

All Dreams and Visions of Dimitru Duduman and Michael Boldea

The Writings of Dumitru Duduman

In 1984, after years of intense persecution, Dumitru Duduman, a Romanian Pastor and the
founder of the Hand of Help orphanage, was thrown out of his country for smuggling Bibles into
Romania and Russia. With the help of the American Consulate, Dumitru and his family came to
America. Feeling abandoned and discouraged, Dumitru asked God why he had brought him to
America. God began to show Dumitru that he was brought to America to deliver a warning about
impending judgment upon the country. Hand of Help would like to offer the Body of Christ the
writings of Dumitru Duduman as a message of hope to all those who will stop sinning and turn to
Click on the Link Below to view All Dreams and Visions of Dimitru Duduman and Michael

               All Dreams and Visions of Dimitru Duduman and Michael Boldea

                                            Aug 3, 2012

All Dreams & Visions
Date                      Title

Sept 1984                 The Message For America

1984                      Mystery Babylon

August 1984               Sent To America

Feb 19, 1989              Angel On A Red Horse

June 1989                 The Vision Of The Mountain

June 1989                 Revolution In Romania

Dec 5, 1989               The Star

Jan 1990                  Return To Romania

Apr 1990                  Bird On The Plane

Jun 6, 1990               The Camp Of God

1991                      When Will It Happen?

Mar 1991                  Fear Me And Draw Closer

May 1991                  A Flicker Of Light

July 4, 1991              A Peaceful Heart
Aug 1991          Heavenly Visitors

1991              Clouds In The Skies

Jan 23, 1992      America The Falling Star

June 3, 1992      Man Holding The Moon

Nov 8, 1992       A Revelation

Dec 12, 1992      The Black Bird - (War Against The Christians)

Jan 1993          When Christ Returns

Mar 5, 1993       The Hand That Wrote On The Sky

May 7, 1993       The Black Army

June 19th, 1993   The Morning Sun

Sept 1993         A Call To War

Nov 7, 1993       Book Of The Gentiles

Dec 9, 1993       Examine Your Heart

Jan 1994          I Will Speak To Them

Jan 3, 1994       Fire In The Heavens

Jan 24, 1994      The Savior Returns As Judge

Mar 1994          Letters To The Churches

July 1, 1994      The 3 Scrolls

Nov 21, 1994      Numbered Days

Jan 2, 1995       The Beast Strikes

1995              Israel and America

Jan 1996          One Page Remains
Apr 22, 1996       China and Russia Strike

Jun 17-18, 1996    The Future Of Israel

1996               The Bear In Leopard Skin

Nov 29, 1996       Maybe Three More Years

Mar 29, 1997       Seven Moons

1997               A Great Bear

Apr 1997           The Lawless One

Apr 1997           Fight The Good Fight

Apr 1997           The Bear Awakes

2001               The Message About Iraq

Sept 11, 2001      The Final Warning

Pre 9-11           The Finger-The Fist

May 5, 2003        The Season of Sorrow Coming

Sept 2003          The Angel said,"This is the Church...."

Oct 2003           Blood On The U.S. Flag

Apr 30, 2004       God's word will be "An Anchor In The Storm"

Oct 15, 2004       The Eagle and the Serpents

Apr 19, 2005       A word of comfort for the pure and righteous.

Feb 3, 2006        A Great Earthquake Coming

April 6, 2007      A New War Is Coming

October 30, 2007   The Dream

December 2008      Deserter?
March 25, 2010              Three Men in a Wheat Field

June 2012                   The House That Stood

The Message For America
September, 1984

Late one night, I could not sleep, The children were sleeping on the luggage. My wife and
daughter were crying, I went outside and walked around. I didn't want them to see me cry. I
walked around the building, crying and saying, "God! Why did you punish me? Why did you
bring me into this country? I can't understand anybody. If I try to ask anybody anything, all I
hear is, "I don't know."

I stopped in front of the apartment and sat on a large rock. Suddenly a bright light came toward
me. I jumped to my feet because it looked as if a car was coming directly at me, attempting to
run me down! I thought the Romanian Secret Police had tracked me to America, and now they
were trying to kill me. But it wasn't a car at all. As the light approached, it surrounded me. From
the light I heard the same voice that I had heard so many times in prison.

He said "Dumitru, why are you so despaired?" I said, "Why did you punish me? Why did you
bring me to this country? I have nowhere to lay my head down. I can't understand anybody." He
said, "Dumitru, didn't I tell you I am here with you, also? I brought you to this country because
this country will burn." I said, 'then why did you bring me here to burn? Why didn't you let me
die in my own country? You should have let me die in jail in Romania! He said, "Dumitru, have
patience so I can tell you. Get on this." I got on something next to him. I don't know what it was.
I also know that I was not asleep. It was not a dream. It was not a vision. I was awake just as I
am now.

He showed me all of California and said, "This is Sodom and Gomorrah! All of this, in one day it
will burn! It's sin has reached the Holy One." Then he took me to Las Vegas. "This is Sodom and
Gomorrah. In one day it will burn." Then he showed me the state of New York. "Do you know
what this is?" he asked. I said, "No." He said "This is New York. This is Sodom and Gomorrah!
In one day it will burn." Then he showed me all of Florida, "This is Florida." he said. "This is
Sodom and Gomorrah! In one day it will burn."

Then he took me back home to the rock where we had begun. "IN ONE DAY IT WILL BURN!
All of this I have shown you" - I said, "How will it burn?" He said, "Remember what I am telling
you, because you will go on television, on the radio and in churches. You must yell with a loud
voice. Do not be afraid, because I will be with you." I said, "How will I be able to go? Who
knows me here in America? I don't know anybody here." He said, "Don't worry yourself. I will
go before you. I will do a lot of healing in the American churches and I will open the doors for
you. But do not say anything else besides what I tell you. This country will burn!"

I said, "What will you do with the church?" He said, "I want to save the church, but the churches
have forsaken me." I said, "How did they forsake you?" He said, "The people praise themselves.
The honor that the people are supposed to give Jesus Christ, they take upon themselves. In the
churches there are divorces. There is adultery in the churches. There are homosexuals in the
churches. There is abortion in the churches and all other sins that are possible.

Because of all the sin, I have left some of the churches. You must yell in a loud voice that they
must put an end to their sinning. They must turn toward the Lord. The Lord never gets tired of
forgiving. They must draw close to the Lord, and live a clean life. If they have sinned until now,
they must put an end to it, and start a new life as the Bible tells them to live."

I said, "How will America burn?" America is the most powerful country in this world. Why did
you bring us here to burn? Why didn't you at least let us die where ALL the Dudumans have

He said, "Remember this, Dumitru. The Russian spies have discovered where the nuclear
warehouses are in America. When the Americans will think that it is peace and safety - from the
middle of the country, some of the people will start fighting against the government. The
government will be busy with internal problems. Then from the ocean, from Cuba, Nicaragua,
Mexico,,.." (He told me two other countries, but I didn't remember what they were.) "...they will
bomb the nuclear warehouses. When they explode, America will burn!"

"What will you do with the Church of the Lord? How will you save the ones that will turn
toward you?" I asked. He said, "Tell them this: how I saved the three young ones from the
furnace of fire, and how I saved Daniel in the lions den, is the same way I will save them."

The angel of the Lord also told me, "I have blessed this country because of the Jewish people
who are in this country. I have seven million Jews in this country, but they do not want to
recognize the Lord. They didn't want to thank God for the blessing they received in this country.
Israel doesn't want to recognize Jesus Christ. They put their faith in the Jewish people in
America. But, when America burns, the Lord will raise China, Japan, and other nations to go
against the Russians. They will beat the Russians and push them all the way to the gates of Paris.

Over there they will make a treaty, and appoint the Russians as their leaders. They will then unite
against Israel. When Israel realizes she does not have the strength of America behind her, she
will be frightened. That's when she will turn to the Messiah for deliverance. That's when the
Messiah will come. Then, the church will meet Jesus in the air, and he will bring them back with
Him to the Mount of Olives. At that time, the battle of Armageddon will be fought."

When I heard all of this I said, "if you are truly the angel of the Lord, and everything you have
told me is true, then all you have said must be written in the Bible." He said, "Tell everyone to
read from Jeremiah 51:8-15, Revelation chapter 18, and Zechariah chapter 14, where Christ
fights against those who possess the earth. After His victory," the angel said, "there will be one
flock and one Shepherd. There will be no need for light. The Lamb of God will be the Light.
There will be no sickness, no tears, and no deaths. There will only be eternal joy and God will be
the ruler. There will be only one language. Only one song. And no need for a translator! ... And,
Dumitru," he continued, "a word of warning. If you keep anything from the American people
that you are told, I will punish you severely." "How will I know that this is for real -that it will
really happen?" I asked. "As a sign that I have spoken to you, tomorrow before you wake, I will
send someone to bring you a bed, and at noon I will send you a car and a bucket of honey. After
which I will send someone to pay your rent." The next day someone brought Dumitru a bed, and
at noon a car arrived with the bucket of honey. His rent was also paid, as God had promised him.
(See chapter 10, "THROUGH THE FIRE WITHOUT BURNING.") Then the angel left.

Excepted from:
Dreams and Visions From God
Copyright © 1994, 1996, 2000

What To Do

If You are a Christian

If You are not a Christian

God's Promises to Americans

Mystery Babylon

Why did God name America Mystery Babylon?

"Tell them, because all the nations of the world immigrated to America with their own gods and
were not stopped. Encouraged by the freedom here, the wickedness began to increase. Later on,
even though America was established as a Christian nation, the American people began to follow
the strange gods that the immigrants had brought in, and also turned their backs on the God who
had built and prospered this country."

Excepted from:
Dreams and Visions From God
Copyright © 1994, 1996, 2000
Sent To America
Dumitru Duduman August 1984

[Excerpt from Through The Fire Without Burning; this occurred soon after arrival in California
after being exiled from Romania for smuggling Bibles.]

When I eventually fell asleep, I had a strange and remarkable dream.

I found myself back in Romania. Maria [my wife] and I were there visiting an apple orchard. For
some reason we weren’t allowed to go in. The owner approached us and said, "What are you
doing here? Your rights are in America. Get out or I’ll call the police!"

I pleaded with the owner to let us walk through the beautiful orchard just one last time, but he
would not. As I stood waiting, I suddenly realized that it was getting dark outside, a strange
occurrence since it was only about 1:00 p.m.. I looked all around to see where the darkness was
coming from and was terrified to see a volcano erupting. Its lava spread over the nearby homes,
then began to rise across the ground.

"Maria," I said in the dream, "I guess you know we’re going to die." Maria smiled. "I am so
happy that I am going to die on Romanian ground." Then suddenly, an American helicopter
lowered to rescue us. When I got inside the copter, I looked into the familiar eyes of the pilot. He
was the man dressed in white; the angel of the Lord. He said nothing, just motioned for us to sit
down. When we were high over the ground, he finally spoke, "Look down." I looked and the
land of Romania was covered with an army of tanks, machine guns, and aircraft, all poised for
battle. [This occurred in December 1989 during the revolution in Romania.]

"See, all of this evil will eventually happen. This is why the Lord has taken you from Romania,
to save you. Now you are in a position to help your people from your new home. You will
provide tremendous assistance to your Christian Brothers and Sisters as well as to your loved
ones. This is why I have sent you to America. So be strong and trust the Lord fully. He will not
let you down."

Next, it seemed we were over California. The angel said, "There is San Francisco. There is
Sacramento and Modesto. Soon we will see Los Angeles." I had no idea there were such places
in California, or even in the world. But I still remember the exact names.

At last we were over Fullerton where we now live. "You can go home," the angel said, "but I
want to tell you what will happen. You have seen a number of cities. The day will come when I
will punish the citizens of those cities because of their sins. Their sin has reached into heaven.
God will punish them just as he punished Sodom and Gomorrah."
"How will this happen? Surely they are able to defend themselves against any imaginable

"That is your opinion, not the mind of God. The Russian government will have all the
information regarding the whereabouts of American missiles. They will have the exact locations
of the weapons factories. Even now they are preparing an attack against America. When America
believes there is peace and safety, the Russians will lead an all out attack. They already have it
planned! They plan to attack from such remote bases as Cuba, Nicaragua, Central America,
Mexico, and the ocean. They have had these plans for a long time, but God has not yet allowed
them to be fulfilled. Nevertheless, the day will come when America will be punished for her sins
by fire."

I was terrified. "Why did you bring me here to die? Why didn't you let me die where my parents

"Don't be afraid." He spoke calmly and quietly. "The pure in heart will not be punished. Those
who are untouched by the sins of others, and are faithful and true, will hear the trumpet of God
and the voice of God’s angel crying, ‘Wake up!’ They will be told where to go."

"Where will they go?"

The helicopter soured again. I caught my breath, for as I looked down my eyes swept across
beautiful cities. Two rivers flowed through one of them and growing alongside the other was a
vast, lush forest. "This is your refuge when the times of tribulation fall upon California. Your
family, and all those who hear the voice of the Lord, will understand the message of God’s
mighty trumpet."

Deeply troubled, I awoke from my restless sleep. The next morning I told my family the dream
and began fasting for 21 days.

Angel On A Red Horse
February 19 1989

I was asleep this afternoon, when I was awakened by the whiny of a horse, and a crack of a whip!
As I opened my eyes, I saw a man on a red horse. "Get up, Dumitru!" the man said. As I stood up,
I was immediately knocked down by his power. "Get up!" he repeated. I stood up, but I was
knocked down again. I got up, and was knocked down a third time. I asked him why he did that
to me. "To show you my power," he said.

The man was ready for war. He wore a helmet, had guns and knives around his waist, a machine
gun hung around his neck, and a sword in one hand. He said, "I am an angel, and have been sent
down by Gabriel. Why is your heart sad because many people don't accept the message? People
are happy because there is peace here, but in a short while it will change into war! I am sent to
take peace off the earth."(Revelation 6:3-4)

The angel went on, "In some places, wars will start. People will raise their swords against one
another." He continued, "Don't be worried, but be happy! Why are you worried about the money?
The cries, prayers, and fastings of the ones in your country (Romania) have reached God. Don't
be worried! Gold, silver, and wealth belong to God. He will not let you down. You see, some
people," said the angel, "don't want to believe the truth or the things that will happen. ONLY
REPENT! Fight hard, because the fight will be harder as you continue. It will be harder than it
has ever been until now," he said. "The days are numbered, and what I have told you will
happen." With a noise like thunder and a flash of bright light, he knocked me down a final time
and disappeared.

Excepted from:
Dreams and Visions From God
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The Vision Of The Mountain
June 1989

While I was in Wisconsin at a pastor's home, during a time of fasting and prayer, a sadness
flooded me. I went into my room and began to pray in tongues. Suddenly, a huge mountain
appeared before me. Half of the mountain flourished with green trees, and the other half was
barren and desolate. Then I heard a big explosion, and a powerful voice said, "California is
burning! California is burning!Climb to the to of the mountain! There you will be safe!"

I was desperate because my family was not with me, but in California. So I began to call for
them. I Saw California engulfed in flames. I began to climb the mountain, and when I looked
back, I saw my wife dragging my three grandsons by the hand. "Get up here faster so you won't
burn!" I shouted. Then I saw my daughter helping her husband along, because he was afraid of
falling. "Tell them not to look back," the voice called. I yelled his instructions to them, and told
them to hurry so they wouldn't catch on fire.

Finally, all of us were on the top of the mountain. "look down." the voice said. Looking down, I
saw fire bursting out of the ground, while trees and houses disintegrated before my eyes. People
were screaming in agony and pain. I saw some of them trying to climb up the mountain, but most
of them weren't able to. Then, two men dressed in white appeared. One of them said in a loud
voice,"Do you see how California is burning? This is how it will happen." Trembling with fear, I
reappeared in the pastor's backyard. Flames were erupting out of the ground, so I began to
scream, "Get out of the house and climb up the mountain so you won't burn! America is
burning!" Running out of the house, they screamed, "save us, Jesus!"

Confused, I saw the two men dressed in white appearing again. One of them said, "see what I
have shown you? This is how will happen. The mountain that you see before you is Jesus Christ.
Those who live a holy life will be saved. When the attack comes and the country burns, only
those who's names are written in the book of Life will be saved. Remember to tell everybody
what I have shown you." When the vision ended, I told my pastor what happened and called my
family right away. "Is there any fire? Has anything happened?" I asked. Hearing that nothing
happened, I was overjoyed.

By standing on the mountain, we will be saved.

Excepted from:
Dreams and Visions From God
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Revolution In Romania
June 1989

As we continued to pray, asking the Lord when these things would happen to America, I had a
message from God telling me, "Don't be afraid. First, there will be a revolution in Romania, and
then the troubles will come upon America. However, things will get better in Romania before
anything happens to this country."

Excepted from:
Dreams and Visions From God
Copyright © 1994, 1996, 2000

The Star
December 5, 1989

I had just returned home from Wisconsin. Every time I prayed, a very big star would appear in
front of me. This happened about sixteen times in a period of a few days. Every time the star
would appear, it would make a great noise and I would always tremble. For a few seconds it
would just stand up high and then, at great speed it would fall to the ground! I prayed together
with my family for an answer.

After the 16th time, the answer came. I heard a voice say, "Do you see this star? It represents
America. This is how fast the fall of America will be! As fast as that star fell!"

Then the voice said, "I love the Christians in this country because of all the good deeds they have
done, and for the help they have given those in need. I blessed this country so other people would
be fed from it."

The voice also said, "There will be a time of preparation for the people. The ones who need to
repent should do it now, before it is too late. The time without trouble will last until the total
number of the chosen is fulfilled." (Obadiah 1:4)

My prayer is that God will have mercy on this nation.

Excepted from:
Dreams and Visions From God
Copyright © 1994, 1996, 2000

Return To Romania
January 1990

I had resigned myself to the fact that I would never be able to return to Romania.

While I was sitting on my bed in a motel room in Michigan, a pillar of light appeared before me.
The light was very powerful. Inside the light I saw a face. A voice said, "You will be going to
Romania, but do not be afraid, for I will be with you and nothing will happen to you. You will
return to your home in peace."

Then he told me, "Do not cease to tell my people to repent, for a short time will pass, then I will
start judging the ones who now dishonor and disobey me." Then the light disappeared.

With joy and courage in my heart I said, "If God is with me who can be against me?"

Excepted from:
Dreams and Visions From God
Copyright © 1994, 1996, 2000
Bird on The Plane
April 1990

While coming back from Romania I was given this vision: As I was sitting in the seat, a white
bird with a golden and shiny beak appeared. In it's beak it had a letter which it opened with it's
feet and a voice said, "Read."

The letter said, "I was with you in Romania and I am with you now while you return. Because
you were not partial and you gave to everybody.... because you obeyed and did as I told you to
do... my blessings will be over you even more than they have been. Do everything that I put in
your heart to do, and I the Lord will help you. I will open the doors which were not opened until
now, and I will bless you so you can work for Me. I am with you." Then the bird closed the letter,
and waving good bye with it's wing, then disappeared.

Excepted from:
Dreams and Visions From God
Copyright © 1994, 1996, 2000

The Camp Of God
June 6, 1990

On the night of June 6th I couldn't sleep, but with troubling thoughts, the time passed fast enough.
When I looked at the clock it was already midnight. Getting on my knees I spent quite a while
praying, and afterwards I went to bed. The dream that I had that night made me shake all over. It
terrified me.

In front of me appeared a man with a handsome face, but he was very big. Standing, he could
reach the heavens with his head, but his feet were not on anything solid. There was thunder
coming out of his mouth. He took the stars, the moon, and the sun and put them in a tent. Then I
saw no more land or people, but only the skies which were like water. I became frightened and
asked, "What is happening here? Where are all the people?"
He then showed me a very big tent. Through the crack of the door I saw a very bright light. It
was so powerful that I couldn't look at it straight. Through the lightning I heard a voice that said,
"Behold, this is the camp of God, in which sit the chosen ones."

When I looked through the light of the tent I saw Christ. Then I heard a voice say, "These are all
my redeemed which are on the earth who have a clean life and who are washed in my blood."

After that I heard a loud clap of thunder. Then I woke up. I went and told my family and now I
wanted to share it with you.

Revelation 21:3, "And I heard a loud voice from heaven saying, "Behold, the tabernacle of God
is with men, and He will dwell with them, and they shall be His people, and God Himself will be
with them and be their God."

Excepted from:
Dreams and Visions From God
Copyright © 1994, 1996, 2000

When Will It Happen


So many people were asking, "When will it happen? When Will America burn?" I prayed and
asked God, "What will I tell people when they ask me when it will happen?" That night an angel
came and touched me on the hand and said, "Dumitru, wake up! Sit up! Get your Bible and read
Hosea 4:6-9 and Hosea 6:1-3."

"Tell the people of America that one day with the Lord is as a thousand years, and a thousand
years as one day. If they will repent and turn back to God, they will make it through the second
day to the third day. If they don't, they will not make it."

II Peter 3:8, "But, beloved, be not ignorant of this one thing, that one day is with the Lord as a
thousand years, and a thousand years as one day."

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Dreams and Visions From God
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Fear Me and Draw Closer
March 1991

Romans 1:18, "For the wrath of God is revealed from heaven against all ungodliness and
unrighteousness of men, who suppress the truth in unrighteousness."

The angel of God visited me two times in one week. The first visit was on the ninth of March at
about 5:00 p.m. Suddenly I felt a great weakness pass over me. I went and laid in bed thinking
that I was exhausted and needed to rest. At once a being appeared before me. He was dressed in
white, and his face shone so brightly that you could not see his features. He shook me and said,
"Wake up, for I must tell you something." When I opened my eyes I saw the angel of God had a
piece of paper that was written in Hebrew. He said, "Read". When I began to look at the letters
they turned into Romanian. The scroll read: "Do not cease to tell people to fear me and draw
closer to me..." That was all I had a chance to read because one of my grandsons jumped on my
legs, and everything disappeared.

I was very saddened, so I began to pray earnestly that the angel would return with the rest of the
message. I spent the next few days mostly in prayer. Then, a man dressed in white appeared. He
looked very strange to me because he looked like an ordinary man. I thought of asking him who
he was, but before I got a chance to say a word, he began to talk to me. "Everything I have
shown you, and told you are things that happened, are happening, and will happen. Do not forget
to tell everyone to worship God with all their heart." He continued with encouragement, and
some direction for me personally, and for my family. When he finished, I asked, "Who are you?"

"I am the one who is, and was, and will always be with you," he said. When he finished this
sentence he was suddenly surrounded by a powerful burst of light, and he disappeared.

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Dreams and Visions From God
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Flicker Of Light
May 1991

In my dream, the sun and the moon appeared in the heavens in a more powerful intensity than I
had never seen before. Suddenly two men came out of the light; one out of the sun, and one out
of the moon. The one in the sun began to speak. "I am the Son of Righteousness, and I will soon
come to judge the world! Get up and work NOW while it is still day, for night is soon coming
when you no longer shall be able to work. I want to strengthen you, for I still have work for you
to do. Look to your left."
When I looked to my left, I saw a black cloud furiously approaching, with lightning and thunder
booming out of it! It covered the horizon, and soon covered the sun and moon. A heavy smell
filled the place where I stood, making it very difficult to breath. "What can this horrible stench
be?," I asked.

"This is how nuclear fallout smells," He replied.

Then suddenly, in the darkness of the cloud, far away from where I stood, there was a little
flicker of light. The Voice in the sun said, "Walk toward the light."

As I began to follow the flicker of light, all of my family was suddenly with me. We kept
walking on a very narrow path, and after a very long and exhausting trip we arrived at the bank
of a big body of water. Again the Voice spoke, "You must get across the water!" I became
troubled, because there was no way we could cross. Then something like a ski lift appeared
before us. The voice again spoke, "Get on." Before we even had time to think, we arrived on the
other side of the body of water. Then the voice said to me, "Do not be quiet. Tell the people that
time is very short, and the trouble WILL come onto the earth. I will still allow a time for the
souls of those that I want to save. Tell the people that I am a jealous God, and I want them all for
me. Tell them to pray more and worship me with all their hearts in holiness, and cleanliness."

Then I awoke......

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Dreams and Visions From God
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A Peaceful Heart
July 4th. 1991

On the morning of July 4, 1991, I was counseled by the Holy Spirit who told me this: "What I
ask of my people is to keep peace in their hearts. I do allow trials to come over them. This is to
keep them humble. Do not wait, but try to get closer to God. For hard days are at hand when a
powerful darkness will set over this country. Wickedness and sin have reached their end, and the
Almighty and Righteous One will take revenge on the sin. Be holy, and draw near the Lord with
your life and a clean heart - with fasting and praying - so I can spare you in the days of trouble.
The day of the Holy One's terrible wrath is getting close, and everyone will receive their just
reward; for God is a righteous judge. Do not be lazy, but come before me on your knees more
Afterwards, the Spirit of God encouraged me, telling me to be strengthened because my fight
will get harder still, but God will make me more than victorious over everything.

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Dreams and Visions From God
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Heavenly Visitors
August 1991

It was hard for me to fall asleep last night. I prayed a lot. When I finally fell asleep, I had a

I was in a valley with mountains around it. Someone yelled at me, "Run and hide! Rain is

I thought, "I'm not afraid of the rain." I looked around and could not see anyone. Then I heard
peals of thunder! A powerful bolt of lightening passed right by me! Out of it came two beings!

They asked if I was afraid. I said, "Yes." They asked if I knew who they were. I said "No."

They said, "We are heavenly beings." Their clothes were white as snow. They had eyes that were
penetrating. There was a light in them so bright I could hardly look at them. Their hair was white
as wool, and it was long, going down their backs. One of them had a book and the other had an
ink well attached to his belt, and a large pen in his hand. There was an eraser on one end.

The one with the pen said, "I was sent to complete the book of the Gentiles. Do you want to see
your names?" I looked and saw that all the names of my family were written there, and they were
circled. I asked why the were circled. He said, "The devil doesn't like what you do and fights
powerfully against all you do. I have circled your names so I can give you extra protection."

He opened the back of the book and counted out 4 remaining blank pages at the end. "When
these are filled," he said, "the book of the Gentiles will be complete. Then I will return to my
people. Some of the names that are listed here will be erased. I will erase the names of those who
have mocked God and tested the Spirit of Grace. I will replace them with other names."

I started to ask what the 4 pages meant, but before I could ask the meaning, he thrust the pen into
the ink well, as though slipping a sword into a scabbard. As he did, there was such tremendous
thunder and lightening that I fell down. Then I woke up.
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Clouds In The Skies

After I prayed I went to sleep. While I was sleeping I dreamed someone was telling me, "Rain is

I looked around but saw no one. But suddenly there was thunder and lightening, and a red cloud
appeared. In it's midst were the hammer and sickle of Communism. On the other side was
another cloud, but with no unusual colors. Suddenly, an intensely bright star appeared out of the
cloud. Then the red cloud began to surround the cloud with the star, and tried to capture it.
Immediately, a white cloud appeared, bursting forth with great thunder and lightening. When it
appeared, the red cloud was dismembered. Then two men appeared out of the white cloud. One
had a face like the sun. It was so bright I could not look at it. The other had a humble face, and
had a book in his hand. He opened the book, and said, "Look." He began to count the blank
pages of the book. There were only three and a quarter empty pages! Then he said. "It won't be
long. Be prepared. When these pages are filled, The Grace will leave the gentiles. Draw closer to
me now, more than ever - and be holy, because hard times are coming." Then the man with the
book said ,"Look to the right." When I looked to the right, I saw a beautiful garden filled with all
kinds of flowers. But I had never seen ANY of these kinds before.

Then I woke up.

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America the Falling Star
January 23rd, 1992
It was late. After prayer I went to sleep. In my dream, I heard a loud noise. I began to look
around me. When I looked up, I saw a big star in the sky but, it's tips were bent. Suddenly, I
heard the sound of hoofbeats, which were getting closer and closer. When I looked where the
noise was coming from, I saw four horses pulling an old fashioned chariot. In the chariot were
four men. They were armed with heavy artillery and they began to shoot at the star. The star
began to burn. Then it fell from the sky. I woke up and told Mike the dream. He asked me what it
meant. When I told him I didn't know, he told me to pray, and if it was of God, He would let me
dream it again.

I prayed, and again tried to fall asleep. I was nodding off, when again I heard the noise and saw
the star with it's bent tips. Again I heard the hoofbeats. But this time when I looked up, there
were six horses; and six men were in the chariot. All of them had masks on and they were armed.
Again they began to shoot at the star. The star began to burn again and fell. Frightened, I woke
up. Being troubled, I prayed again and asked God for an explanation. I could not fall asleep for a
few hours, but when I did, the same dream came again. This time the noise was even greater.
Again the star appeared, with the same crooked tips. Again I heard the horses. This time though,
there weren't four or six horses. There were eight horses; and eight men were in the chariot.
Again they fired upon the star, and it fell. This time, when it hit the ground, it blew up. In the
same place where the star used to be, appeared a man dressed in white. He said, "The star
represents America. The reason the tips are crooked, is because America has fallen away from
the Truth, and the Way of God. The eight horses, and the men in the chariot, represent eight
kings that will rise up against America and will overcome her." Then the dream ended.

That same morning, during my prayer time, I saw a red flag with light blue and white in the left
corner. It was bleeding. May God keep us awake, and ready.

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Dreams and Visions From God
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Man Holding The Moon
June 3rd, 1992

I dreamed I was on the shore of a river. When I looked into the water I saw that it was very dirty.
I wanted to catch fish, but I couldn't because the waters were so muddy. I asked myself, "How
can I catch fish from this river? There is no clean water anywhere to clean up afterwards."

When I looked further up the river, I saw a large patch of clean water coming. When it came by
me, I checked the clean water with my hand to see if it was cold. When I felt the water, a
powerful ray of light came down surrounding me. The light enabled me to see many fish. I was
surprised to see how many fish were there.

When I looked up, I saw the light was coming from the moon. When I looked closer, I saw a
man in the moon. His face was so shiny I could not look long. I looked back into the water. A
voice told me, "Start fishing now, because the time is very short. Soon there will be no more
opportunity to fish." The voice sounded so close it frightened me. The man looked so far away,
but the voice was close. I looked up. Then I heard the voice again. The man said, "The ray of
light that you see is my voice."

Then he said, "Look how many fish are before you." When I looked down I saw many more fish
than before. The man said the second time, "Catch them now. Fish now. Fish while you can. For
in a short time the fishing shall be over." When I looked back toward the moon, it had changed
into a red arch, like a rainbow. The man was holding it in his hand by a corner. He said to me,
"See this moon? Soon it's light will go out." I asked, "Where am I?" Then I woke up.

Revelation 8:12, "Then the fourth angel sounded: and a third of the sun was struck, and a third of
the moon, and a third of the stars, so that a third of them were darkened; and a third of the day
did not shine, and likewise the night."

Isaiah 13:10, "For the stars of heaven and their constellations will not give their light; The sun
will be darkened in its going forth, and the moon will not cause its light to shine."

Isaiah 24:21, "It shall come to pass in that day that the Lord will punish on high the host of
exalted ones, and on the earth the kings of the earth."

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Dreams and Visions From God
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A Revelation
November 8th. 1992

(A prophecy) "Dark days and days of sadness are soon coming," says the Lord. "Not long will
pass and the One who is to come will come and He will not tarry. The days are coming when the
kings of the earth will wail loudly. The evil that you see being allowed over Romania is because
the people, in their greed, have become corrupt. They have started to practice wickedness and
they are proud. Even some of My people whom I have chosen have given in to sinful things
believing that they are fighting only for themselves. This is why I the Lord have allowed, and do
allow the hardships. Do not be astonished by what you see, for the poverty and hunger will grow.
The hardships will be even greater. But it will not be allowed for long because the prayers of the
hungry children have reached Me."

"Everything is prepared for the killing, the battles and the crimes. The plunders and the troubles
are close and shall come to pass in a short time. After all this, things will change in such a way
that you did not think possible. Those that are haughty, I the Lord will humble. You will receive
with the same cup that you give - if you are poor or if you are a king. God is no respecter of
persons. After all these things happen in Romania, the evil will turn toward the country that you
now live in." (USA)

"Tell my people to be prepared and be careful," says the Lord, "for everything I have decided
will happen. Do not say in your hearts that the Lord has said many things that have not happened
yet because all things are decided by Me and everything has it's appointed time. Draw closer to
the Lord your God and cease doing evil things that I may give you victory. I the Lord will work
in ways that you cannot even imagine, but be holy."

"The sin of the great whore has spread throughout the world. The stench of her sin has reached
me and it will not be long until I will raise the whole Arab world, the Russians and other
countries against her, that they may destroy her."

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Dreams and Visions From God
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The Black Bird
December 12th, 1992

In my dream it seemed I was in front of the apartment building where I live. As I was standing
and looking at the overhead clouds, a black bird, of a gigantic size, suddenly appeared. It was
coming toward the ground with great speed. As it approached, it spread its wings. When I looked,
I saw that something was written on the wings. It said, "Power has been given to me to be able to
come against the Christians in a short time."

On the beak of the bird was written, "I want to make war against the true Christians - those that
serve God with their hearts, their lives, and their actions not only in name. We'll see if they will
be able to stand up against me... We'll see... I am a warrior. I fight against Christ."

This bird, of undescribable size, was never calm. It soared up and down. As I watched, I was
able to see how terrifying and mean it looked. Suddenly, it dropped a ribbon which said, "It will
not be long before I will declare war against the Christians. I myself will fight with all my
strength." Again it began to soar upwards. Then, suddenly, a cloud of rain, thunder, and lightning
appeared! A lightning bolt hit the bird and it fell to the earth. To me it seemed dead. Feeling
great joy that it was dead, I went to study it more closely. As I was looking at it, it raised its head
and said, "Do you really think I'm dead? I just played dead because I did not want Christ to be
mad at me. In a short time, though, I will be allowed to fight against the Christians in this
country." Then it shot up like an arrow, and circled over me once. It dropped a letter, that was
written in English. I gave the letter to my daughter to read. It said, "I was given power on earth to
fight against all those that serve and do the work of God. I have succeeded in destroying some,
and others I have taken prisoner. In a short time I will be allowed to fight against you, and others
like you. -Lucifer."

Terrified and troubled by my dream, I woke up and told my family. Now I am also telling it to

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When Christ Returns
January 1993

While in a motel room in Florida, I had the most awesome dream I have ever had. I dreamed that
I woke up and I was looking toward a far wall. While looking at this wall I saw Jesus Christ
appear with many crowns. Legions of angels were surrounding Him. In the dream I must have
thought it was the returning of our Lord, because I began to cry out, "Lord, I thank you for
coming for me! Lord, I thank you for coming to take me home!" I was yelling so loudly that I
woke up from my own screams. I then realized that when that moment comes, I will have no
time to think about anyone else. I will just be caught up in the great joy that Christ has come to
take me home.

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Dreams and Visions From God
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The Hand That Wrote On The Sky
March 5th, 1993

In my dream, it was as if my family and I were in a garden and we wanted to pick flowers. We
were all looking around trying to see which flowers were the most beautiful. I looked toward the
sky. As I looked at the sky, I saw the head and hand of a man. As I continued to look I saw the
hand beginning to write: "Tell the people not to believe that the things I have said are fairy tales
and untruths. The day of terror is fast approaching: it is close. I will not let one word that I have
said go undone."

As I was reading what the hand had written, two men dressed in white suddenly appeared. They
positioned themselves on each side of the head and hand. One of the men began to speak. "Tell
the people to prepare, for the day of terror will soon be upon them. I will have mercy on those
who today obey me: those that depart from sin and draw closer to me. I will give victory to those
that will obey today." The second man spoke, saying the same words. Then everything
disappeared, and again I was aware of my surroundings. I was in the garden looking at the most
beautiful flowers I had ever seen. Their beauty was beyond words or description. Everything
began to fade and I woke up.

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Dreams and Visions From God
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The Black Army
May 7th, 1993

One night, while in Oregon, I dreamed the sky was getting dark. Then suddenly it turned pitch
black! It was as if the whole world had gone dark at that moment! All the people were in a frenzy!
They became disoriented, and some were even screaming. After some time, we heard the sound
of an army approaching. Soon, we saw them coming out of the black mist. All were dressed in
black, except one. That one seemed to be their leader. He was dressed in a red robe with a thick
black belt over his waist. On his head, he had a sign. As I looked, I saw that in his hand he held
the same kind of sharp spear as everyone else in his army.

"I am Lucifer!" he exclaimed. "I am the king of this world! I have come to make war against the

It looked as though all the Christians were huddled together in one big group. Some began to cry
when they heard this. Others began to tremble, while some just stood without saying anything.
Lucifer continued to speak. "All of those that want to fight against my army and think they can
be victorious; go to the right. Those that fear me; go to the left."
Only about a quarter of the group stepped to the right. All the others went to the left. Then
Lucifer ordered his army, "Destroy those on the right!"

The army began to advance and quickly surrounded the Christians on the right. As they began to
close in on us, a powerful light appeared and encircled us. Then, an angel of the Lord spoke.
"Take out your swords and fight. Defend yourselves and be victorious over the enemy."

"What swords?" A man in the group asked.

"The Word of the Lord is your sword," the angel answered. When we understood what the angel
meant, we began to quote verses from the Bible. Then suddenly, as if we were one voice, we
began to sing a song. Our voices thundered so loudly, that the Dark army began to retreat in fear.
They did not have the courage to come against us anymore.

Lucifer, then filled with rage, turned to those on the left. "You, who all of your life have been
trying to please two masters, because you could not stand against me; I have the power to destroy

He then ordered his army to attack. It was a total massacre. The ones on the left could not defend
themselves. One by one they all fell. This killing seemed to go on for a long time. After a while
we could actually smell the stench of the dead.

"Why could they not be protected also?" someone asked.

The angel answered: "Because all their life they have been lukewarm. Because of their hypocrisy,
the true church has been blasphemed. They have brought disrespect to the word of God. They
were not clean."

As we continued to look, we saw the sun coming over the horizon. The black clouds began to
break up. Then they disappeared. Only one was left - on which Lucifer and his army stood.
Lucifer looked at me shaking his fists and said, "I will destroy you even if I have to throw my
spear at you from here!" Then that cloud disappeared too.

As I looked around I began to see faces that I recognized among our group. I saw a pastor from
Bellflower - another from Indiana - one from Michigan - as well as many of my American
friends. This strengthened me greatly. Then I awoke. The first thought that came to my mind as I
awoke was that this had been the last fight of the devil against the church. If we remain faithful,
we will be victorious.

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Dreams and Visions From God
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The Morning Sun
June 19th, 1993

I dreamed I was in a field with some baskets of cherries, and strawberries. I was supposed to go
somewhere with them. Suddenly a huge sun appeared in the heavens. It was about three times
larger than a normal sun. It became so hot I could barely breathe. A very great number of angels
were singing around the sun. There was a very narrow strand of light coming from the sun, all
the way down to earth.

All of the angels began to sing with their trumpets. When they began to sing by mouth, the words
to the song were:

"My people, wake up! Do not tarry! Do not wait!
The time is very short! Until now many
have traveled on the wide path, but now you
must travel on the narrow path that you may be
saved. This is the final battle of the devil.
Wake up! Wake up! Now the enemy is making war
against all the children of God! It is the
final battle! Many have been taken prisoner,
but you must be strong."

Again the trumpets began to sound. The angels of God, began traveling up and down the narrow
strand of light while blowing their trumpets. One of the angels looked toward me and said, "Why
are you discouraged and sad? Do not lose your faith. I will repay all your work and suffering.
The eyes of many are looking toward your wife to see if she will be healed. In a short time she
will be."

"Where is the rest of my family?" I asked.

"Look. They are coming," the angel responded.

As I looked behind me, I saw not only my family, but many other people. All were dressed in
white robes, and were walking toward the narrow strand of light. "This is the way toward
salvation," the angel said. "The sun that you see is Christ, The Morning Sun that will shine so
brightly, all the world will see Him." Then I woke up.

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Dreams and Visions From God
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A Call To War
September 1993

(A prophecy) "Cease heading the way you have been going and turn to me," says the Lord.
"Lucifer, who is armed for war on his horse, is coming with a powerful army behind him to take
vengeance against the children of God. The day is close: a day of terror when Lucifer will try to
annihilate all those that live a clean life! A day of pain and terror is near."

"If you could see what is being prepared and what will happen, you would surely quit doing
everything you know in your heart to be wrong, and would seek peace more than ever. Be
prepared, be holy, and don't give in to the temptations and impulses of the enemy. Seek the Lord
your God with all your heart. Those who will be clean, those who will be holy, I will not forget. I
will save them," says the Lord. "The armies of the devil are coming with great fury against those
who worship Me, and truly seek Me. Pray that I may give you strength, so that before the storm
comes I may save you and give you the joy."

"Those that live in defilement, that meditate upon evil things, will have no escape. They will not
have My protection. I will destroy Babylon," says the Lord, "because of the wickedness and
blasphemy of this country. Not only here, but wherever there is sin, I will punish it harshly. Only
the righteous will I save; some even out of the midst of the fire."

"Again I tell you, a dark cloud is gathered. Lucifer, standing on his black horse, is ready for war.
The trumpets of the devil are sounding day and night, to all the demons of the deep to be
prepared to make war against those who truly live their lives for God. There will be such great
turmoil that only few will escape. Those that today only carry the name of "believer" will fight
with fury against those who worship Me with a clean heart. This is why I have revealed this to
you. Because the days are numbered."

"I reveal to you, I speak to you, I show to you," says the Lord, "but many do not want to
remember, saying to themselves, 'Is it truly the Lord speaking this?' Others become scared for the
moment, but then they forget and never become pure. Many of those who carry the name of
'Christian' are overcome by greed, fornication, drunkenness, and a pursuit for great wealth. There
is no time to lose. The day of destruction and terror is coming soon. The devil is agitated, and a
great deception is being prepared. But I tell you, do not fear. I have the power to protect those
who obey me. You must remember the word of God, for if you will not obey, the day of terror
will come and you will suffer together with the wicked and defiled. I will punish all the
wickedness of this world, and all the sin of this place. Be awake and waiting, because if you will
not, you will be punished as the wicked, and also lose your salvation for your disobedience.
Disobedience is punished more than anything," says the Holy Spirit. "Pray for your children, and
stop them from doing worldly things. Tell them that the wrath of God is coming, and that they
must be prepared for that day. Tell them to read the Bible and pray, that I may also save them."
"The great day, the day of terror, the day of affliction, of pain; the day of the punishment of
Babylon, prophesied in the Bible, is soon coming, and I will only spare the righteous," says the
Lord. "I forgive who I want, I make holy who I want, and I prepare who I want. Judge no one,
for Mine is the judgment," says the Lord. "Each of you judge yourself. Pray and draw close to
me, and if you will obey I will come to your aid. I will send a chariot of salvation and take each
one out in his appointed time."

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Dreams and Visions From God
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Book Of The Gentiles
November 7, 1993

On the 6th of November I had a dream, and the as usual I prayed and said, "If this dream is of
You Lord, let me dream it one more time." Then, on the night of the 7th, God gave me the dream
once again.

In my dream I heard a great commotion, and as I looked, I saw a black cloud coming. From this
great darkness a man was riding on the back of a dragon. The man was Lucifer. He was yelling
as loud as He could, "We are coming to make war against the holy! We come to be victorious
over the holy. We will beat the holy! Victory is ours!"

Then, I saw men, women and children - yelling - terrified - and running! I saw others whom I
knew were Christians getting on their knees, praying, "Lord, save us! Lord give us victory! Send
your glory! Save our lives Lord! Don't let us down! This is our last battle, when the devil wants
to defeat us!"

As everyone was kneeling, and praying, suddenly I heard the devil yelling, "Grab him!" I then
realized that he was referring to me. I tried to run, but I could not because my feet hurt. So I just
started walking. But from behind, I heard the voice which continued to yell, "Grab him! Grab
him, and let us tie him in chains because he has caused me much destruction!"

When I thought that they would grab me, all the people of God, although scared, began to cry out,
"Jesus! Jesus!"

Suddenly I saw the black cloud disappear. Then two men dressed in shinning clothes, appeared.
They were of gigantic size, because I remember I could not see their heads too well. They both
spoke with thundering voices; "Do not fear. Christ is the Victor." Each of them had a book in his
hands. The books, each the size of a table, were covered with gold thread. Then the two men put
the books down on a great table and spoke to me saying, "Open, and read!"

I opened the first book and was told, "This is the Book of Life." The man on my left said,
"Whoever finds his name in this book will be saved!" Then He said, "Open the second book!"
The words "Book of the Gentiles" was scrawled on it. I opened it and began to turn page after
page, upon which I saw all kinds of different names written. When I reached the end of the book,
I found that there were one, and three quarter pages left blank - unwritten. Then one of the two
men said to me, "when the total number of the gentiles is completed, the writing in this book will
be finished. At that time, what I have shown you will happen: it is then that the beast will try to
do battle against the Holy. Remember what I tell you - be prepared, live a holy life, and do not
think that you have much time to live on this earth! Jesus is soon returning!"

Then I began to hear a choir singing, "Jesus is returning! Jesus is returning! Be prepared, and be
holy. Be ready, for the victory shall be His!" When I looked, there was a choir of angels. Their
voice echoed stronger, and stronger, "Jesus is returning!"

While they were singing, the table with the books was lifted up and the two men spoke: "One of
us is the angel of the Gentiles, and one of us is the angel of the people of Israel. Do not be afraid.
Seek the Lord now. Time is very short and, as you saw the armies of Satan advancing, this is
how it will happen." Then the two men were lifted up. I looked around to see what was
happening. Everyone was crying. But they were tears of joy. Victory was ours. Then, another
choir of angels appeared which began to sing, "Jesus the Savior, wants to save the people, but
not those who have blasphemed, and cursed Him. Only those that have lived a clean life, and
have fought for Jesus, without holding on to this life, but giving it all to Christ."

The angels once again began to sing with all sorts of instruments. They sang so beautifully!
While the choir of angels sang, a garden of indescribable beauty appeared. It was very big, and in
it were all kinds of flowers which gave off a lovely fragrance. The smell of the flowers was so
strong it almost made me dizzy. At every corner of the garden there was an angel with a fiery
sword which he swung around. I tried to go in and see what was in the garden. When I got there I
was stopped and told, "No one, no foot of earthly man is allowed to enter here. Only the holy
will enter. It is not your time to enter now. When you are called, that is when you will enter.
Now, go back." The angel spun the sword before me, and this frightened me.

Then another choir of angels the size of children, appeared. While holding hands they began to
sing "Jesus is returning! Wake up, people; be holy, for your salvation is Jesus. He is victorious!"

Their voices - their song - echoed in glorious splendor, and while they continued to sing I heard a
loud noise. Everything disappeared, and I awoke.

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Dreams and Visions From God
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Examine Your Heart
December 9th. 1993

(A prophecy) "Many are those who sit neglectful loving the world and the things of the world.
Many seek the life of the earth, but they do not prepare themselves to meet the Holy One. Jesus
is coming! Do not be lazy! Terror and great pain is coming upon the earth. The devil will take
upon himself power, and he will attempt to make war with the holy. But Christ the victorious one
will come and will save His people. Proud men; all those who pretend to be teachers, yet never
living the life; all those who say they worship Me, yet their hearts are far from Me," says the
Lord, "I will make them part of the suffering, torment, and terror so they will call upon Me. But I
will not answer. Those that today humble themselves and seek Me with a clean heart, in that day,
the hard day, will be glad and will rejoice. The power of the devil will increase greatly in this
country, and many Christians will fall in it's chains, because they have dishonored Me with their
lives - in their pride, their arrogance and their vanity; thinking they are holy and worshiping me,
yet NEVER REALLY worshiping Me."

"The winds and the storms that will begin against the Christians in this country will take many.
Those who remain standing will be very few. Humble yourselves. Be holy. Seek Me more than
ever, kneeling before Me often, that in the hard days I may save you," says the Lord.

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Dreams and Visions From God
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I will Speak To Them
January 1994

One night, during a visit to Texas, I was unable to sleep because I was not feeling well. In my
frustration I began to tearfully pray to God, "Lord, if you want me to continue this work, and
travel where you send me, give me health, I pray. Give me strength because I feel like I can't do
it anymore."

I continued praying fervently with all my heart. Suddenly, a white-haired man with a meek
appearance appeared beside my bed. I became tense, but he looked at me with mercy. He put his
hand on my head and began to stroke my forehead saying to me, "It is hard for you. I know you
are suffering! But it won't be much longer before you will leave these places, because only in
this way can I protect you!"

Surprised by what I had just heard, I asked, "Lord! But there are so many in this country who
love you - who have devoted their lives to worshiping you - what will you do with them?"

"At the appointed time," he said, "I will speak to them, like I speak to you, as to what they must

Without really thinking about it, I raised my hand, and placed it on my forehead over his hand. I
felt him withdraw his hand from under mine. Then everything disappeared.

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Dreams and Visions From God
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Fire in The Heavens
January 3, 1994

It was past midnight. Unable to sleep, I got on my knees and began to pray. I do not know how
long I prayed, but suddenly I began to see a great fire in the heavens. It was so powerful that to
me it seemed like the sky was burning. Then a man dressed in shiny clothes stepped out of the
fire. On his head He had a helmet. In His right hand He had a sword out of which flames of fire
kept erupting. In His left hand He had a trumpet into which He began to blow. The sounds that
the trumpet made were actually words which were uttered in many different languages. I did not
understand what they were saying, but I caught some Hebrew words and also some English
words. When I was straining to understand and troubling myself over what the voice had said, I
heard it speak in Romanian. "This is the last warning," the trumpet blew, "The day of God's
vengeance is coming upon the earth and upon this place! Be prepared and be holy, My people,
that I may save you!"

After these words, arrows of fire began to dance on the sky. They were so powerful that I
became scared. Beginning to pray again, I saw the same thing all over. Then, while still praying,
the same thing was shown to me a third time.

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Dreams and Visions From God
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The Savior Returns As Judge
January 24, 1994

It was seven o'clock in the morning when I woke up. I still felt a little tired, so I stayed in bed
longer to rest. Then I fell asleep and dreamed that I was in an American church service, when the
building began to move violently. Because they did not know what was happening, the people
inside panicked and quickly began to run out. I succeeded in walking out also, but with every
step I tried to take, it seemed like I was sinking into the ground. I began to look around to find
something to support myself with so I could walk. I heard a voice that said, "Look up, and see
the heavens!"

I looked up. As far as the eye could see, all the sky was blood red. I said, "Lord! What does this
mean? Why is the sky red?" Then I remembered my father telling me that before the great war
the sky turned blood red.

As I stood looking toward the sky a cloud suddenly appeared. Three men came out of the cloud.
The middle one was dressed in shiny clothes and was of very great stature. He shined so brightly
that I could not look at him. The other two, one on his right, and one on his left, were prepared
for war. They had weapons in their hands that were pointed toward the inhabitants of the earth.
Trembling, I asked, "Lord, what am I seeing? What does all this mean?"

When the one in the middle spoke in a thunderous voice, all those around me were able to see
him: "I am Jesus Christ who gave my life for you. Many of those whom I gave my life for, today
dishonor me, living in sin and things that are wrong. The honor and glory I deserve is not given
to Me. For this I have no more mercy, but will soon return in glory and honor as judge to judge
all the inhabitants of earth. But first, I will judge those that carry the name of Christians, yet have
tried to deceive Me. Because of them My name was, and is, dishonored and blasphemed before
those that do not know Me".

"And about you", He said to me, "be awake! Be on guard more than ever, for you will go through
many trials. Now the battle will begin to get harder. The devil is ready to begin war against the
Christians, and I have allowed this."

Then the two men beside him began to fire their weapons. A salvo of fire came out, lighting the
sky, and it began to burn. The one who shone brightly stood in the midst of the flames, crying
out with a loud voice, "Do not fear! All those who worshiped Me and have lived a clean life -
those that suffered here on earth - will have joy. For I am the one who will judge all of the
nationalities of the earth. I will spare no one, and will not have mercy or grace for anyone. The
day when I will punish and condemn is coming. I tell these things for everyone to hear. Hard
days of suffering are coming to this place and over the whole earth. The hardships will be so
great that the minds of man will not be able to understand it. It will be so hard that men will kill
themselves. I will judge through torment, pain and suffering, and will take revenge with great
harshness for all sin. The Father has allowed me to avenge my spilled blood."

The other two began to fire their weapons again, but this time a blue flame came out. I fell with
my face to the ground. The one in the middle yelled, "Get up! I want to show you the judgment
of the people and the wicked. But the hardest judgment will be received by the church because
they knew My word and My power, but many of them dishonored Me, giving into defilement,
adulteries, wickedness, and dishonored My name before men who did not know Me. For this, I
am filled with rage, and I have been given the authority to take revenge against the inhabitants of
the earth - those who have dishonored Me."

The two that stood at either side of Him began to fire again. A heavenly choir appeared and
began to sing a song in the most beautiful splendor: "Jesus is alive. Jesus lives. Jesus is alive.
Jesus reigns. Jesus is coming in glory. Jesus is no longer Savior, but returns as Judge." I began to
cry. I cried with tears of joy. I was in an atmosphere of incredible beauty.

The choir continued to sing as the two men with the weapons introduced themselves. The one on
the right said, "I am the head of the Lord's armies, Gabriel". The one on the left said, "I am
Michael, the leader of the Lord's armies. We are at the Lamb's command, and wherever the
Lamb goes, we accompany Him." The choir continued to sing and everything began to fade. I
woke up with the words, "Jesus is no longer coming as a Savior, but as a judge".

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Dreams and Visions From God
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Letters To The Churches
March 1994

I had gone to bed early - about 8:00 p.m. I woke up between midnight and 1:00 a.m. I got up and
prayed, then went back to bed. I dreamed there was a lot of turmoil outside, and I kept hearing
everyone yell, "Jesus is coming! Jesus is coming!" I looked out, and saw a very large red cloud.
When I looked at it, it's outer edges could not be seen. As I continued to look, I saw a tall man
come out of the cloud. He was so tall that, although his feet touched the ground, I could not see
his head. Rays of light began to explode out of the man. When one would pass by me, I would
fall to the ground. I could not look at him with my eyes because he was too bright. He then began
to hand me letters. They were addressed to certain churches. I knew that these must be American
churches because I did not recognize the names as being Romanian. The first letter said, "My
people who are discouraged and beaten by the storms, many who have let themselves be beaten
by the enemy, stand up! Cry out before God, that He may save you!"
The man kept coming and giving me more letters with names of churches of different
denominations, and also independent churches. He gave me very many papers. Then he said to
me, "When you finish taking these papers where you are supposed to, you will see something
that you have never seen before."

There was a thunder and the voice spoke again: "Tell all my people to pray and to repent. The
days have been shortened because of all the iniquities. My people, repent, because the days are

I began to see the days passing by, but whenever the ray of light would pass by me, I would fall.
The days were passing so quickly that I could not count them.

The voice spoke again, "Tell my people that I tried to wake them up through powerful storms,
fires, floods and earthquakes, but even then they would not wake up. This is why I will pour out
my wrath when they least expect it."

The angel gave me a scripture: Joel 2:12-13, "Now therefore says the Lord, Turn to Me with all
your heart, with fasting, with weeping and with mourning. So rend your heart, and not your
garments; Return to the Lord your God for He is gracious and merciful, slow to anger, and of
great kindness; and He relents from doing harm."

After these things, the cloud, and the angel began to fade away.

When I awoke, I was wet with sweat...

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Dreams and Visions From God
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The 3 Scrolls
July l, 1994

It was past midnight. I could not sleep because I felt inside that God was going to speak to me, so
I began to pray. After I prayed, I went to bed and fell asleep. I dreamed that I began to hear
thunder and see lightning. The earth began to move and shake violently. I yelled to my family,
"Wake up, because something is happening outside!" When I got outside there was such a
darkness that I could not see anything. Yet, in that great darkness, I could hear the voices of
children, women and men screaming. I told my family to be careful of how they walked.
From the clouds that released this darkness on the earth, I heard a powerful voice say, "I am
taking revenge against the sin. I am taking revenge that they may see my power! With as much
as I've blessed them, that is how much I will send destruction! I will send storms, heavy rains,
flooding, earthquakes, hurricanes and tornadoes, because I want them to see my power, and
know that without Me they can do nothing. They trusted in themselves and in their own strengths.
This is why I will punish this place."

The earth moved as if it were on water. The people lived in a complete terror; each one yelling
louder then the other - not being able to understand anything. The earth shook so violently that I
was unable to walk. Suddenly, in the midst of all the tumult, a light appeared - more powerful
than any I've ever seen! In the shining light there were two men. One of them said to me, "I came
to talk with you. I will send great plagues over America and I want you to be aware. I am the one
who talked with you in the past and I am talking with you now. I told you what will happen in
this place. Be cautious, for the time is drawing near!"

After saying these words, he took out a scroll which began to unroll very quickly. It was so long
that I could not see it's end. On this first scroll of paper were written all kinds of names. Beside
each name was listed either "punish," a type of disease, (all kinds were listed), "trial," or
"torment." Those named will have to go through what is listed by their name, in order to be
cleansed and be able to stand.

That scroll was then rolled up and sealed, and a second one was brought out. On it was written,
"Peace, joy in the Holy Spirit, salvation or victory for those that loved Me and worked for Me
and kept their life clean - not for the hypocrites, the proud, the boastful, the hateful..." (...nor
others which I cannot recall.) The scroll continued to pass by slowly before my eyes until it
finished passing.

Then a third scroll was opened which had names written on it, also. Yet there was something
written only beside the names on the top half. From the halfway mark down by each name there
were flashing stars. I asked what this meant. One of the men said to me, "These are those with
whom the number will be completed. The seed of God has reached their hearts, and is even now
working toward repentance. When the total number will be complete, all of the devastation will
begin. Until then, I will send great plagues over America that they may wake up from the sleep
with which they are sleeping, and from their self reliance; that they may see their pride and

It then began to rain ice and hail. The people were scattering all over not knowing which way to
go. From the terror of the screams I woke up.

This dream was so real to me, that I went directly outside to see if it were not happening at that

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Dreams and Visions From God
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Numbered Days
November 21, 1994

(A prophecy) "Awaken my people", says the voice of the Lord. "Be passive no longer. Draw
closer today more than ever, for the day of my vengeance is ready to begin. I will shake the earth
from it's foundation, and I will require punishment of all those that say they do my will, yet
through what they do they blaspheme my name. I will punish prophets, preachers, singers, and
all those that do a work, yet they do it for their own glory. I will judge, and punish the entire
world. Only those that today sit at my feet in meekness, weeping, and worshiping me, asking for
my help, will rejoice in the protection of the arm of the Lord on that day."

"Forsake every evil thought, all the empty words, all covetousness, pride and hypocrisy, because
in whatever you are used, it is not you doing it but I the Lord. Where are my clean gifts that I
have poured among you; speaking in tongues, prophecy, and other gifts that were given unto you?
Where is my power?" says the Lord.

"Change your hearts today, my people, for the days are numbered until I will begin to avenge.
My eye sees in the light, as well as in the darkness, my people. There is no where you can hide
from the eye of God. Liars, impostors, those that are covetous, and all those that have only a
form of Godliness, but deny the power of God, I will judge them, and then I will judge the whole
world. I will shake it from it's foundations. In many places there will be massacres. Those that
today worship me with faithfulness will be the only ones protected on that day. The horn is ready
to sound for the start of the battle. The days are numbered until you will hear the sound, when
the armies of heaven will begin the battle against the inhabitants of earth. No army in the world
will be able to stand against the armies of heaven, and the army of hell will not be able to raise
it's head against the Lord's army. Yet, those that worshiped me in spirit and in truth, I will protect,
for I am God. Everything you see around you will be no more. Everything will be destroyed and
burn in fire. Do not be passive. Draw close to me, for I come to avenge, and fulfill all that was
said in the past," says the Lord.

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Dreams and Visions From God
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The Beast Strikes
January 21, 1995

(Brother Duduman was in Romania at this time)

I fell asleep sometime around midnight. About 2:00 a.m. I heard a loud voice saying to me
"Dumitru! Wake up! I must show you something!" Even though I was ill, I jumped to my feet,
without realizing that I was awake. Then I realized I wasn't even in Romania. I saw myself in

A powerful voice spoke sternly to me, "Why have you become discouraged? Why did you try to
question God, thinking in your heart that I have left you? Why do you keep so much sadness in
your heart, and such a great mourning because I took your wife? Why have you allowed yourself
to become discouraged so that you will no longer be able to work for me as you have until now?
This is why I have come to you, to show you a revelation, which you must tell the American

The voice boomed at me, telling me to look to my right. I was awake - not sleeping. I was
standing, and I turned my head as ordered. When I looked, I saw that there was a great flock of
black birds, with very sharp, large beaks. Out of the beaks came a blinding light, which you
could barely look at. From their tails I saw flames of fire shooting out. I became very frightened.
I rubbed my eyes, thinking I was asleep and dreaming. But I was neither sleeping nor dreaming.

This flock of birds suddenly turned into airplanes that did not make any noise. American
airplanes would go up, trying to attack. But as they would draw close, they would fall to the
earth in a blaze of fire.

Once again, I heard the voice, but I could not see who was speaking to me. The voice said,
"Look higher than the black planes." When I looked, above the planes, I saw a helicopter which
hovered above them. On the side of the helicopter there was a plank, like on a ship, where
soldiers were lined up, dressed in black, all armed the same, and of about the same size. From the
center of the helicopter, a platform began to raise up. It rose higher than the helicopter itself.

On the platform was a throne. The Pope was on the throne, yelling with a loud voice, "I have
been given the power to rule the earth and to fight against the Protestants, that I may overtake

As I watched him with terror and fear - because he was surrounded by a powerful force which
was formed by planes and personnel - suddenly a white cloud appeared and covered them, so I
could no longer see anything. Out of the midst of the white cloud came a man dressed in shining
clothes, wearing a shiny crown on his head. He spoke to me. His voice sounded like thunder.
When I heard his voice, I fell to the ground.

He said, "Remember everything you've heard, everything you've seen, and everything you will
hear. Tell my people, because once again I want to work with you more than I have until now.
The armies, and the planes that you saw, and the Beast that sat upon the helicopter - these are the
catholic powers which will overtake the holy, that the words prophesied in Revelation may come
to pass. A majority of my people will be overtaken and trampled because their lives are not clean
before their Lord. Tell this message to them! Do not be quiet! For if you are quiet, I will punish
you! The churches are fraudulent (counterfeit, fake). They live a life as their hearts desire, with
their hands stained in blood - in adultery, in sodomy, and worshiping strange and foreign gods.
Because they have forsaken the true God, He has allowed them to go as their hearts desired. Now,
tell them! Cry out loud! Tell them to stop treading the path their hearts desire - to repent with all
their hearts, that in the day of the Beast's anger I may be able to save them, so they would not
deny me. The time is very short, and the army of their salvation is already prepared."

Again, He spoke to me, "Look to your right." When I looked, I saw such a vast army that my
eyes could not encompass it. "This is the army I have prepared to save my people from the
Beast's grasp. Do not forget to tell them the words that I have told you. I will give you a spirit of
remembrance." The voice continued speaking to me, "I will come and bring you more
revelations about the times of the end."

Then again, I heard a thunder. Then the white cloud and the being disappeared. I was so terrified
that I was unable to sleep the rest of the night.

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Dreams and Visions From God
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Israel and America
November 22, 1995

It was as if, I was in Israel. A tall man came, took me by the hand, and said, "Come, let me show
you the Holy City." When we reached the Holy City, all of it was covered in a black netting,
from top to bottom. On top, at it's peak, the city had a black flag.

After seeing these things, I asked the man that was with me, "What does this mean?"

"Look up, and you will see the meaning," he said. When I looked up, I saw a black emblem, on
which there was gold writing. It said, "Israel! You dishonor Me and you mock Me. You trust in
the powers of men. Because you will not return unto Me, I have this against you, and I will
punish you with great fury. This is also to purify some who want to call upon me with a clean
heart. The shame and blasphemy that they have caused has reached heaven."

After I read these things, the man standing beside me said, "Let us leave this place, or we will be
caught in the wrath." It seemed I was suddenly on an American plane, which was about to land
with me in California. When I was about to disembark, I heard sirens which howled loudly, and a
great sound of many plane engines was heard. The man with me said, "The punishment draws
closer. Look closely and read."

When I looked up, I saw a written scroll appear before my eyes. The writing was in Romanian. It
said, "American people; those of you who have dishonored and mocked me; you who have
brought hatred and blasphemy against My name throughout the world; for these things My
vengeance draws closer. As for My children, those who have worshiped Me with all their hearts,
I will fight before them and I will give them victory and safety. I will separate those who have
worshiped Me from those who have not, as I separated Goshen and Egypt." I tried to read it one
more time, but I could not. The writing had gathered into the scroll.

The noise of the engines grew even louder. The man beside me turned to me and said, "These are
planes loaded with atom bombs, and no one, and nothing will be able to stop them." Then,
suddenly, a great number of black planes lifted off the ground like a flock of birds. I knew the
planes were American, but I had no knowledge of what their purpose was or what they were
supposed to do. Then the written scroll was thrown before me. I stepped closer to pick it up, but
when I drew near, I saw that it burned with a blue flame. The flame began to climb into the sky.
As I was looking at the flame, I heard a voice coming from it saying, "My Word is righteous. I
am the Christ who has brought this news to you. Do not be quiet. Tell the American people all
that I have told you, and all that I have revealed to you ahead of time; for the destruction which
is coming over them I did not allow to come unannounced. The punishment is even at the door."

The man beside me spoke again, "Look up." When I looked I could not see the sky because there
were so many planes. Then the man said to me. "Thank the Lord for what He has shown you."
Then, I began to pray and thank God.

While I was praying I heard a prophecy for myself. "Get ready, and sanctify yourself, you and
yours, that you and yours may not take part in the trials that are ahead. This is why I have shown.
you these things. I have shown you what is to come in a short while. All that you have seen is at
the door, because the sin and wickedness have reached the throne of God's mercy." Then there
was great lightening and thunder. I fell to the ground and was awakened from my sleep.

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Dreams and Visions From God
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One Page Remains
January 1996
As I was riding in the car from Kansas toward Nebraska, I saw a large star appear before me.
This star appeared, and disappeared before my eyes 4 times. I told my grandson what I had seen,
and he said, "pray, and see what God shows you.

The next evening as I was praying, I saw the star again. It shone with such intensity, that it took
my eyesight away. Two men walked out of this star, dressed in shining garments. One spoke to
me: "Dumitru, listen and remember. Your returning to America was my plan, and my decision. I
still have names to add to the number before all the things that I have shown you will happen."

They opened a great book and said, "do you remember how many pages were left to fill when I
showed you last time? Now, there is but one page left. When this is completed, what I have told
you will happen to America." The man proceeded to tell me that the time it would take for this
page to be filled, would not be longer, but shorter. He closed the book, and sounds of thunder

Frightened of what I had seen, I continued to pray.

China and Russia
A Vision Received by Brother Dumitru Duduman April 22, 1996

I prayed, then went to bed. I was still awake, when suddenly I heard a trumpet sound. A voice
cried out to me, "Stand!"

In my vision, I was in America. I walked out of my home, and began to look for the one who had
spoken to me. As I looked, I saw three men dressed alike. Two of the men carried weapons. One
of the armed men came to me. "I woke you to show you what is to come." He said. "Come with

I didn't know where I was being taken, but when we reached a certain place he said, "stop here!"

A pair of binoculars was handed to me, and I was told to look through them.

"Stand there, don't move, and look," he continued. "You will see what they are saying, and what
they are preparing for America."

As I was looking, I saw a great light. A dark cloud appeared over it. I saw the president of Russia,
a short, chubby man, who said he was the president of China, and two others. The last two also
said where they were from, but I did not understand. However, I gathered they were part of
Russian controlled territory. The men stepped out of the cloud.
The Russian president began to speak to the Chinese one. "I will give you the land with all the
people, but you must free Taiwan of the Americans. Do not fear, we will attack them from

A voice said to me, "Watch where the Russians penetrate America."

I saw these words being written: Alaska; Minnesota; Florida.

Then, the man spoke again, "When America goes to war with China, the Russians will strike
without warning."

The other two presidents spoke, "We, too, will fight for you." Each had a place already planned
as a point of attack.

All of them shook hands and hugged. Then they all signed a contract. One of them said, "We're
sure that Korea and Cuba will be on our side, too. Without a doubt, together, we can destroy

The president of Russia began to speak insistently, "Why let ourselves be led by the Americans?
Why not rule the world ourselves? They have to be kicked out of Europe, too! Then I could do as
I please with Europe!"

The man standing beside me asked, "This is what you saw: they act as friends, and say they
respect the treaties made together. But everything I've shown you is how it will REALLY
happen. You must tell them what is being planned against American. Then, when it comes to
pass, the people will remember the words the Lord has spoken."

Who are you?" I asked.

"I am the protector of America. America's sin has reached God. He will allow this destruction,
for He can no longer stand such wickedness. God however, still has people that worship Him
with a clean heart as they do His work. He has prepared a heavenly army to save these people."

As I looked, a great army, well armed and dressed in white, appeared before me.

"Do you see that?" the man asked. "This army will go to battle to save My chosen ones. Then,
the difference between the Godly and the ungodly will be evident."

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Dreams and Visions From God
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The Future Of Israel
A dream received by Brother Dumitru Duduman June 17th and 18th, 1996 in Tiberias, Israel.
The dream was first received on the 17th and then again on the 18th. For two days afterwards
Dumitru was physically sick every time he tried to recount this dream so it could be recorded.

After eight days of traveling through Israel, I asked myself: "Why did I come here? All I see is
land and a people that are wicked. Why did I come here? After I thought about this, I prayed and
fell asleep.

In this dream the five of us; myself, my two grandsons and the couple we were staying with in
Israel, were on the Sea of Galilee in Israel and we were looking around. We noticed how nice
and warm it was. A good place for a vacation. At once, I heard a voice from my left side. It said:
"You didn't come just for this. Look at me." I looked and saw a man in white, shining clothing.
He was crying with tears running down his cheeks.

"Who are you, and why do you cry?" I asked.

"I am Jesus Christ, and I am looking over my blood relatives and my people for whom I gave my
life. Their sins have put a wall between God and themselves. God has decided to bring back all
of the scattered people from the nations. Instead of thanking God for watching over them, giving
them safe passage, they have become even more wicked than they were in the nations they left. I
am crying because of the tribulation that is to overcome them. They say they keep the Sabbath,
but they don't. They say the keep my laws, but they do not. All the nations of the world have
their eyes on this place, thinking that this place is holy. They come to seek holiness, and see an
example in this place. This place is not holy, but has become defiled. Because of this, God has
decided to take peace from this country. They do not trust in the peace God provides, but seek to
make their own peace. God can no longer stand their sins. Because of their wickedness, look and
see how punishment will come upon Israel."

I then saw a cloud of airplanes, in formation from the left (Golan Heights*) and a large army
coming from a corner (Yarmouk River valley*) with every kind of weapon. They had horses,
carriages, cars, tanks, and soldiers on foot. I began to hear screaming from my right, and asked:
"Can you stop this?"

"Until they pass through hard times, they will not recognize me as God, and will not call upon
me for help." He answered. "You will be sad, and sorrowful when you leave this place," Jesus
said, "but after a time your heart will be full of joy. Tell those who love me, that I first loved
them. They will be saved. I am the eternal One. I do not change. Everything that I have told you
will come to pass."

"You will go in peace" Jesus said. Then there was a loud roar of thunder, and we were looking
for a place to hide because we thought that the war had started. A lightning bolt came down in
front of us, but Jesus said: "Do not be afraid, you will leave this place in peace. Tell the people
what you have seen."
*We were visiting the Galilee and I pointed in the direction where the airplanes and army came
from, and the people I was staying with identified these places.

Excepted from:
Dreams and Visions From God
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The Bear In Leopard Skin

After three and a half weeks of traveling throughout America, I finally made it back home.
Nothing out of the ordinary, other than being a bit tired. To my suprise, as well as my family's on
Halloween day, while shopping at a nearby supermarket, I couldn't breathe anymore. The
children were alarmed and took me to the emergency room. In a short time I was in a hospital
bed. According to what the doctors said, I was almost dead, having one diagnosis after another
confirm their suspicions. I now realize that if it wasn't for God's intervention, I would not be
alive today. The reason I am still among you, is that God still needs me. Satan's plan was to end
my life. This was shown to me numerous times while I was in the hospital. No matter how bad I
felt in my body, I was always aware of everything happening around me. As I was speaking to
one of my grandchildren, who was staying with me, I suddenly saw a great beast appear in the
doorway of my room. It leaped at me, with it's jaws open, ready to tear me apart. It looked like a
bear, covered in leopard skin. It was large enough, that I could stand fully erect inside it's jaws.
Then from my right, a man appeared dressed in white, with a sword in his hand. He thrust his
sword at the beast, saying: "Enough. You are not allowed to harm him." This was shown to me 3
times, and it terrified me. Nevertheless, I knew that someone was there to protect me.

Maybe Three Years
November 29, 1996

As I was laying in my hospital bed, looking over the faces of my family, three men appeared
beside me. One had a globe in his hand, and he began to rotate it and point out certain countries
saying: "This is where the destruction will come from." I don't remember all the places he
pointed to, but I remember I saw Mexico, Cuba, and the Alaskan border. Then one of the men
spoke to me; "we fought against dearth for you. It was a hard fight. Do not fear you will not
leave. You still have work to do."

Suddenly, 3 stars appeared behind them. One of them asked; "Do you know what that means?"

"No" I answered.

"We won't say exactly, but it probably means that in another 3 years a great massacre will
occur." Then the stars turned into blood, and everything disappeared.

Excepted from:
Dreams and Visions From God
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Seven Moons
March 29, 1997

I was fishing with Sergiu and Daniel, my two grandsons. We were in a place called Hot Springs.
Suddenly, a moon appeared, which shined exceedingly bright. Six smaller moons came out of
the large one. As every moon appeared it would cause winds, storms and tornadoes to start. The
people seemed very agitated; they would run from place to place. I then told my grandson, "We
have nowhere to run. There are mountains all around us and the storms are getting worse." Trees
were flying around, homes were being demolished and although the wind was blowing with such
intensity, we did not feel it. Daniel was very scared. A man appeared at the edge of the moon
holding a smaller moon in his hand. "These will be just some of the punishments this country
will endure" he said. "Through wind, storms, tornadoes and disasters I will weaken their
strength." Then I awoke.

Excepted from:
Dreams and Visions From God
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A Great Bear
Two days before taking my father to the hospital, I heard his voice in the early morning hours. " I
saw something." As usual I got my recorder and went to his bedside. He would not let me record
it. I don't remember everything he said, but I would like to share with you that which I do
remember. My father stated, "The Lord showed me a very large bear. It was as big as a building,
and it began to do battle with an unarmed man." "Do you see what I have shown you" a voice
said, "This is how it will be when the hardships come over America. No one will be able to
defend her. Only those that trust in Me will be spared. Everything will start as a heavy rain on a
sunny day. At a time you least expect it." There was more, but I do not remember the rest.

Virginia Boldea.

Excepted from:
Dreams and Visions From God
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The Lawless One
The first of 3 final messages given to Dumitru in 1997.

I have spoken to you as a father speaks to his own children. I have shown you what will be that you may
prepare your hearts and strengthen your spirits for the day of battle. Dark days are soon coming upon
the earth. Days of mourning and great sadness. I tarry for those that seek me with a pure heart. I give
strength to those who seek me continually. The lawless one has been prepared and he is ready to reveal
himself. He awaits his release. He will come with a lying tongue and deceiving words. I will protect My
own and I will deliver them even out of the clutches of the enemy. Those that will be strong until the
end, those that will be called to be living testimonies for my name’s sake will receive the crown of life.
Let righteousness be your banner and My word be your guide. Be rooted in the truth. As the dawn
comes to chase away the night, so will the darkness rule only for its allotted time. Be strong in the
knowledge that I protect and watch over all who are Mine. Amen.

Excerpted from:
Dreams and Visions From God
Copyright © 1994, 1996, 2000

Fight The Good Fight
The 2nd of 3 final messages given to Dumitru in April of 1997.

I was on a large plain; it seemed to go on forever. I couldn't see the edges, but I know I was
somewhere very high. The clouds seemed so close to where I stood that if I reached out, I could
see this plain covered with beautiful grass that was all the same height. The sky was calm and
beautiful and there was a feeling of peace in this place.

There were no buildings, no trees, no flowers, just the earth and the sky. As I continued to look
around me, I saw a change in the sky. The clouds began to roll to the sides, and I saw a city come
down from the clouds. It continued to descend until it reached the ground where I stood. I was
amazed by what I saw, and I began to study it intently. I have traveled the world a lot, but I have
never seen anything like what I was seeing.

The entire structure was so beautiful that it took your breath away. It was all white and it shone
so brightly that one could barely look at it. It was so large that if I stood at one corner and looked
to see the other end, I could not. As I was trying to find an entrance to this place, I studied the
walls and couldn't make out what they were built from. It seemed that it was built as a whole, all
from one giant mass. There were no bricks, there were no cracks in the walls, there was no

As I stood, to my left there was a building that was very tall, and smaller buildings continued
along the wall. It seemed like the entire city was under one roof. Although the buildings were
different, they were connected between themselves.

As I continued to look, I saw the stairs that led to an entrance, and they shone brighter than
anything I've ever seen. They were gigantic, as was the wall that surrounded the city. No one
would be able to force their way into this place. I don't know what sort of material it was built
from, but I got the impression that those inside, could see out. Wanting to find out what waited
inside, I began to climb the stairs. I didn't get very far, because I heard a powerful voice which
drowned out everything else. “Stop!” Even if I had wanted to continue walking I could not. It
was as if I was paralyzed. “Tell my people, that their worship toward Me must be not out of fear,
but out of love. Of what use will it be to them if I would tell them when the final hour will strike?
What they must do is worship wholeheartedly. I have already sent them a guide. They have My
Word. In My Word it has already been revealed that I will come as a thief in the night. Tell them
that concern over tomorrow should not be found in them. They must be faithful and fight the
good fight. Love me as I have loved them, living in love. Behold destruction is fast approaching,
but I will not hesitate to be protector for my chosen. Those that sow mercy shall receive mercy
from Me. Tell my people not to worry about the seasons, but meditate on how they will stand
before Me. Urge them to prepare for the day when I will show my power. Look!”

When I turned, I saw a small child that was trying to climb the stairs. He tried, but because he
was too small he could never make it to the next step. His laughter however echoed throughout
like a bell. Even though he kept falling, he showed no sign of sadness, but just kept trying. “Did I
not leave you this parable as an example?” Then everything disappeared.
Excerpted from:
Dreams and Visions From God
Copyright © 1994, 1996, 2000

The Bear Awakes
The last of 3 final messages given to Dumitru in April of 1997.

I knelt beside my bed to pray, as I do every night before I go to sleep. After finishing my prayer,
I opened my eyes but I was no longer in my room. Instead, I found myself in a forest. I looked
around and to my right I saw a man, dressed in white, who pointed his finger and said, “See and
remember.” It took me a while to find out what he was pointing at. It was a small bear who
seemed half dead lying on the ground. As I continued to watch this bear, it began to breathe
deeper. With every passing minute it seemed to revive itself, and as I watched, it also became
angrier. It then began to grow. Soon it was larger than the forest floor and as it grew larger it
continued to become angrier. It then began to paw the ground, so that when its paw would hit the
ground, the earth would shudder. The bear continued to devastate all that stood in its path until it
came upon some men with sticks trying to fend it off. By this time, the bear had grown so large
that it simply crushed the men underfoot and continued to rampage. I was stunned by what I saw
and asked the man standing beside me, “What does this mean?” “At first, they thought the great
bear was dead,” the man said. “As it will begin to stir once again, they will consider it harmless.
Suddenly it will grow strong once more with purpose and violence. God will blind the eyes of
those that continue to trample on the sacrifice of Christ’s blood, until the day the bear will strike
swiftly. This day will catch them unprepared and it will be just as you saw.” The man then said,
“Tell my people the days are numbered and the sentence has been passed. If they will seek My
face and walk in righteousness before Me, I will open their eyes that they may see the danger
approach. If they only look to the approaching danger, they too will be caught up and trampled
underfoot. Only in righteousness will they find safety.” Suddenly, I was once again by myself in
my room, on my knees, with sweat covering my face.

Excerpted from:
Dreams and Visions From God
Copyright © 1994, 1996, 2000

The Message About Iraq

Dear Brethren

2 Peter 3:9, "The Lord is not slack concerning His promise, as some count slackness, but is long
suffering toward us, not willing that any should perish but that all should come to repentance."

In the summer of 1991, my grandfather gave a word that we would once again be entangled in
conflict with Iraq. I remember it well, because after we put the prophecy in our newsletter, we
received many phone calls from angry people at our Fullerton apartment, calling us everything
from liars, to frauds because it had not happened. I was the only one that spoke English at the
time, so I answered the calls. I told my grandfather about the first one, and he said, "tell them
God is not on our time clock, we are on His." It hurt to have to answer those calls, because I
knew my grandfather had only spoken what God had shown him.

Eleven years later, it seems that word is coming to pass. I am not writing this to say we were
right, or to gloat, but because there are some overzealous ministries who have added to the
original word, and I don't want there to be any misunderstanding. The prophecy, was simply this:
That America would be going back to war with Iraq, and that Israel would involve itself in the
turmoil. There was never any mention of nuclear weapons as some have said.

With that having been said, due to the small size of our ministry, I have had the opportunity to
meet most of you personally. I have shaken your hands, I have looked into your eyes, and I know
you are men and women of prayer. I urge you this day, pray for America as never before. As in
the coming months we will discover more threats from within, and new enemies from without,
the uncertainty and turmoil will continue to grow. The conflict with Iraq will not be as easy, or as
quick as some would like to think, and as with any war, bloodshed is inevitable.

It is our duty as children of God, to pray for repentance, wisdom, and mercy. To pray for our
nation, and our leaders, that their eyes may be opened, and their hearts may turn toward God. He
hears the prayers of His children. May we, as Moses, stand in the breach, and pray the Lord turn
away from his wrath. If only for a season, pray that He terries, for there are many souls yet to be
saved, and many lives yet to be reached.

In His goodness, God has revealed all that is to be to His children. Not to bring fear into their
hearts, but to cause them to be& fruitful, and use the time that He has allotted them wisely. Let
us labor while it is still day, let us do all things as unto the Lord, and let us pray.

Ezekiel 7:12, "The time has come, the day draws near. Let not the buyer rejoice, nor the seller
mourn, for wrath is on their whole multitude."

Zephaniah 2:3, "Seek the Lord, all you meek of the earth, who have upheld his justice. Seek
righteousness, seek humility. It may be that you will be hidden in the day of the Lord's anger."

With love in Christ,
Michael Boldea Jr.

The Final Warning
September 11, 2001

It was September 11th and the world was at peace. Less than ten hours prior, I had hugged my
wife and said goodbye to my father who had driven me to the airport. After a two hour layover
and a three hour delay in Zurich, I was finally on my way to Chicago. Throughout this time, I
was struggling with myself. I knew I was going on tour to share and fellowship with fellow
brothers and sisters, but as yet I had no message. All I knew was that the urgency of God's words
to my heart concerning me touring grew with more intensity until I finally agreed to go. God had
not spoken to me concerning what I would share throughout my time in America. I shared this
with my mother, Virginia, before leaving, and all she said was "God will show you when it is
time." We were about four hours away from landing when the captain came on the overhead
speaker and said we would have to be returning to Zurich. He mentioned something about a
terrorist attack, a terrible accident, and that American airspace had been shut down. My heart
skipped a beat, and I felt sick. The only thought that came to my mind was, "God has it begun

A stewardess passing through the isles saw I was pale, and she came and asked me if I wanted a
sedative. I turned her down, closed my eyes, and began to pray. I knew something terrible had
happened, but was this it? Was this the time of which God has been speaking for the past fifteen
years? I continued to pray, while some passengers became agitated demanding information,
trying to call from the air phones without success, and guessing at what had happened. Finally I
heard a voice, and I opened my eyes to see who was speaking to me. The man sitting to my right
was engaged in conversation with another passenger sitting to his right, and I realized it was not
the voice of man I was hearing. I closed my eyes once more and began to pray. Then I heard the
voice again. It said, "Now you know why you must go. Be at peace, it is not yet the hour of
judgment. This is my final warning. The season is at hand. I will guide and protect those that will
draw unto me. Be bold and speak the truth. Plead with them and urge them to repent for the night
comes quickly. Speak the words that have been on your heart and on your lips since your youth. I
will guide you now as I guided my servant before you."

As I write this, it is September 12th. I am in a motel room in Zurich awaiting news on when we
can resume our flights. I have seen glimpses of the devastation, but this is only the beginning.
For fifteen years I have prayed this time would not come. I hoped against hope that my
Grandfather was just another Jonah, and that I would be mocked and laughed at for continuing to
speak this message of repentance and judgment. My family, and even Hand of Help, would have
gladly endured the ridicule if America would have repented and turned to God and in turn, God
would have held back his wrath. Time is running out dear ones. Repentance has been put off for
far too long. Today is the day we must stand before God with repentance not only on our lips,
but also on our hearts. You are all in my prayers, and as I travel I hope to fellowship with many
of you. Be at peace dear souls. God is still in control, He is King of Kings and Lord of Lords and
will be forevermore. May His Light shine upon you, and may His peace flood your hearts.

Michael Boldea Jr.

The Finger
Vision given to Michael Boldea.

I must relate to all who read our web-site the Revelations from the Holy Spirit as they were given
to our ministry prior to 9-11 and last fall. About a year before 911 Michael Boldea and I were
driving to the airport in Seattle Washington. Michael was driving and I was sleeping. It was
about 3:30 in the morning. I know that I heard the car almost go off the highway and as I woke
up Michael was alarmed and he looked very disturbed. I asked him if anything was wrong and he
said "I will tell you later." The next day I again asked Michael what happened as he was driving
and he said "I had a very powerful vision." "In the vision I saw a map of America and a finger
approached the map and dug itself into the map up to the knuckle of the hand." "A voice started
speaking..." I will allow a great event over this nation to try and wake her up." Michael asked
why, and the voice said "because of this!" and Michael was taken to the inside of a large Church
and he was in the foyer area of the church as they were having service. He heard alot of snoring
coming from inside the church and it was so loud he could hear it in the foyer. The voice spoke
again, "beacause many of my people are still asleep." "Many refuse to wake up, and this is why I
will allow this trial to come over America." The vision disappeared and Michael said it was all
like watching a movie. It was not long after this that 9-11 occured.

Bro Geno.

The Fist
Prophecy given to Michael in Romania.

I picked Michael up to start our fall 2002 tour from O'hare airport. I wanted to know if the Holy
Spirit had said anything about America while Michael was in Romania. It was clear God had and
Michael related to me about the vision with the finger in it and asked if I recalled that. I said I did
and Michael said the Holy Spirit is warning that if America does not repent it will not be a finger
that represents God's warning or judgement it will be a fist. This means the protection of God
will draw back and America will have a cataclysmic event take place greater then 9-11. We pray
this does not occur but God has seen what is clear to many of us that His warning on 9-11 was
only heeded by a small number of people and apostacy, indifference, sexual sin, divorce,
removing references to God from court houses, schools, and even an attempt to take "under God"
from the pledge all mean one thing. America is stubborn and proud and has not repented.

Bro Geno.

The Season Of Sorrow
May 5, 2003

Dear Brethren,

Jeremiah 10:12-13, "He has made the earth by His power, He has established the world by His
wisdom, and has stretched out the heavens at His discretion. When He utters His voice, there is a
multitude of waters in the heavens: and He causes the vapors to ascend from the ends of the earth.
He makes lightning for the rain, He brings the wind out of His treasuries."

It was May 5, and it had been six years since my grandfather had gone to be with the Lord. I
spent the day with my little brother Daniel, the only other member of the family currently in the
US, and we kept the memory of our grandfather alive by remembering. We remembered him not
as Reverend Duduman, or the Romanian man who had dreams, but as what he was to us, simply
grandpa. The man who bounced us on his knee while we were still toddlers, the man who
became our instant hero when he stood in the middle of a river on a hot summer's day, and
proceeded to catch fish with his bare hands. It was a good time of bonding for us as brothers, and
we both came away with the conclusion that even after all this time, we still missed him a great

That night, after prayer, I went to bed and I had a dream. I dreamt I was on a very high ridge,
with a great valley spanning out beneath me. The night was calm, the moon and stars shining
brightly in the sky. As I looked around trying to get my bearings, I was stunned to see my
grandfather standing next to me. He looked young and vibrant, his hands in his pockets, and a
smile on his face

"Interesting times ahead my boy, interesting times ahead," he said. For a minute I was so
shocked I couldn't say anything. Finally I blurted out the only thing that came to mind, "They've
been interesting ever since you left. Trial after trial, hardship after hardship."
"Now you know how Jesus felt when He walked the earth," he answered, "always doing good,
always in the Father's will, yet always mocked and rejected, always misunderstood and despised.
Besides, it was all a test anyway."

"A test of what?" I asked.

"For you personally, God wanted to see if you would stay true to your calling even when all
seemed lost. He was preparing you and purging you, refining you, for the time when He will use
you, and speak to you as He spoke to me."

Before I could say anything he lifted his hand to stop me. His fingers were no longer crooked
from his arthritis they were straight, and normal.

"I know what you're going to say my boy, it's not what you want, it's not what you asked for. But
you should know by now it is the task you were chosen for. In this you have no choice, besides
where can you hide from the face of God. Men have tried before, look how it turned out in the
end. To reject what God has planned for you is to deny God. You know what the consequences

Unable to find the words to answer, I simply nodded my understanding, and allowed him to
continue speaking.

"As for why the ministry had to go through what it went through, God has already spoken that to
your heart. You already know the answer. God wants all that know of this work, to be certain of
one thing. It is He who sustains it; it is He who blesses it, and not the hands of men or their
gimmicks. Do you think any of it would still be here after all that has happened if not for God?
Never doubt God's promises concerning this work, or His ability to fulfill them. Hope in God
never disappoints, hope in man always leads to disillusionment."

"Now for the reason I am here. I was sent to show you something. Look and see," he said,
pointing down to the valley below. As I looked, I saw the outline of a map of America then the
outlines of states began taking shape. As I continued to watch this map solidify, small lights
began to flicker on and off in some of the states. I recognized California, Illinois, Michigan,
Arizona, Washington State, Florida, and New York, among the states that lit up. The light was
rhythmic, almost like a homing beacon, constant in its progression. I continued watching the
lights go on and off, waiting for something else to happen, but nothing did. Finally I said, "I
don’t understand. What does this mean?"

"These are the places where those who were sent here long ago, to bring fear and cause chaos,
have situated themselves. They lie in waiting, planning and plotting destruction. They are as
coiled serpents, looking forward to the hour when they will be loosed upon this nation. If God's
children pray, once more he will delay the season of sorrow that is yet to come."

We stood on the ridge in silence for a long time. After awhile the lights stopped flickering in the
valley below, and the map began to fade away. Suddenly my grandfather turned his head toward
the east, and began to sniff the air as he used to do. "Storm's coming my boy, and it's a bad one,"
he said. "Now give an old man a hug, and let me be on my way. Be vigilant and work while you
still can, it's all God asks of any of His servants. If the Father wills it, we will speak again."

As I hugged my grandfather, I began to hear the rumbling of a great storm. The sky darkened
overhead, and the booming of thunder was now audible. In my dream I closed my eyes, and
when I opened them again, I was in my bed, awake. I wiped at my cheeks with the back of my
hand, and realized I had been crying. As my eyes began to adjust to the dark, I saw that my wife
was sitting up in bed, staring at me. When I asked her why she wasn't sleeping, she said I'd been
talking in my sleep for over thirty minutes. I tried going back to sleep but sleep would not come.
Finally I gave up trying, went into the kitchen and prayed until morning.

Over the past few days, I have spent much time in prayer as to whether I should share this dream
or not. I believe that I am supposed to, and this is why I have included it in this issue of the
newsletter. My prayer is that no one would perceive it as a reason for fear, but rather a reason to
hope. God hears the prayers of His children, and as long as He encourages us to pray, we must
do so without reservation. The day will come, a day I anticipate with great dread, when God will
speak to His children as he spoke to Jeremiah, and say do not pray for this people, or lift up a cry
for them any longer. For now, while we still can, may we ceaselessly bring our petitions before
the Lord.

May the grace of the living Savior abound in you, and may the peace of our risen Lord be ever
present in your heart. As always, your prayers are coveted, and our prayers are with you.

Jeremiah 18:7-10, "The instant I speak concerning a nation and concerning a kingdom, to pluck
up, to pull down, and to destroy it, if that nation against whom I have spoken turns from its evil, I
will relent of the disaster that I thought to bring upon it. And the instant I speak concerning a
nation and concerning a kingdom, to build and to plant it, if it does evil in My sight so that it
does not obey My voice, then I will relent concerning the good with which I said I would benefit

With love in Christ,

Michael Boldea Jr.

This is the Church
September 2003

Dear Brethren,
Matthew 9:36-38, But when He saw the multitudes, He was moved with compassion for them,
because they were weary and scattered, like sheep having no shepherd. Then He said to His
disciples, "The harvest truly is plentiful, but the laborers are few. Therefore pray the Lord of the
harvest to send out laborers into His harvest."

It had been the most trying two weeks of my life. While still in Romania, I woke up one morning
to the most excruciating pain I had ever felt. All my joints ached, my feet were swollen, and I
could barely move. The weather had changed, and it seems that as my grandfather I am prone to
arthritis. On my way back to the States, on September 9, while awaiting a connection at London
Heathrow airport, my laptop was stolen.

(Along these lines I would like to apologize to all the child sponsors. In the same bag I carried
my laptop, I had the new updated biographies of all the children, with their shoe and pant sizes,
as well as the new pictures. They too were taken. Although the staff in Romania is currently
working on redoing all the biographies it will be some time before they are finished.)

Finally having arrived in the US, while driving from the airport Geno filled me in on what had
been happening in the States. He told me of the openly gay bishop that had been ordained by the
Episcopalian church, and then of the battle over the Ten Commandments in Alabama, and by the
time we reached Watertown I was disheartened. It had been a long two days, and all I wanted to
do was take a shower, and get some sleep. I had been asleep less than half an hour when I had a
dream. I was in a hospital room; it was very clean, and freshly painted. In the room there was a
bed with a woman in it. I approached the bed, and took a closer look at the woman. She was
dressed in a gray robe, and she had a ring on every finger of her hand. From time to time, she
would raise her hand, look at her fingers, and smile. For some reason, that smile was the saddest
thing I've ever seen. It was crooked, and it exhibited no real joy. As I looked at her the sadness in
my heart grew to such intensity that it woke me up. Even awake I could still feel the sadness, and
as much as I tried I couldn't get back to sleep. For six days in a row I had the same exact dream, I
would see the woman lying in bed, I would be overwhelmed by sadness, then I would wake up. I
was so frustrated, not knowing what this meant that on the seventh day I decided to fast. That
night as I went to sleep the dream started again, the same as before. I looked at the woman, she
smiled, the sadness overwhelmed me, but I didn't wake up. The door to the room opened and a
man dressed in a white smock walked in holding a clipboard. Before he could say anything I
began asking a barrage of questions. "Who are you? Why am I here? Who is she? Why have I
been dreaming this for almost a week?"

"Because you waited almost a week to fast," he said. He must have noticed the stunned
expression on my face, because his eyebrows arched upward. "I am a friend," he continued, "I
was sent with a message, be at peace servant, all will be revealed in due time."

"How do I know you're a friend," I asked. "Because, Jesus is Lord", he answered. Then he smiled,
and I recognized him. I had seen that smile before. Suddenly I was eight years old again,
sleeping in the top bunk of the bed I shared with my grandparents, on a cold winter night in
Romania. I will remember that night for as long as I live. I had woken up to go to the restroom,
but before I could get out of bed I heard talking below me. My grandfather was talking to
someone, I went to peer over the edge, to see who it was, and found myself face to face with this
same man. He'd smiled at me, and I'd instantly gone back to sleep.

"I know you don't I?"

"Yes we¹ve met once before, but I see you often," he answered.

"Why am I here?" I asked.

"Because you murmur, because you have said in your heart that you are on a fool's quest,
because you think no one hears, that the message is falling on deaf ears. It is not for you to judge
the success the message has in the hearts of others, you were called to be a servant, serve. I was
sent to rekindle the fire of compassion in your heart. Compassion for the wayward and the lost,
compassion for her," he said pointing to the woman in the bed.

"Who is she?"

"She is the church," he answered me. "Content only with the things of this earth, absent of
spiritual strength. She is the reason you and others like you were called to forfeit your lives. The
sadness you feel when you behold her is nothing compared to the sadness the Father feels for her
condition. If she is to stand in the fire, if she is to be victorious she must be strengthened. She has
been in this condition of spiritual paralysis for so long, she believes this is her natural state. If
only she knew the power she has access to, if only she knew obedience. The wolves have
gathered unhindered, and soon they will strike at her with violence. What will she do if she is
unable to defend herself? What will become of the house of God?"

"Be faithful, for faithfulness is rewarded. Why do you say in your heart, that God should make it
easier, that He should ease your trials, would you rather that pride find its way into your heart
when the Father endows you with the gift He has promised? Keep humility as your constant
companion, for the humble receive an abundance of grace. Remember if just one soul is spared
from the eternal flame, if just one soul is reached and brought to salvation, it is worth a lifetime's
labor and sacrifice. One day you will know the number, receive your reward, and be astonished. I
must leave now, but whether in the waking hours, or in dream, we will meet again."

The man walked to the bed, looked down at the woman, smiled a sad smile and walked out. As
soon as he walked out of the room, and I was alone with her, the sadness began to invade my
heart, and I woke up. The reason I share this with you is to ask for your prayers. It is a difficult
thing to go to church after church, night after night, and speak a message of repentance that to
the hearts of many has become a foreign concept. The knowledge that if just one heart is reached,
if one returns to the narrow path of faith, it was worth it and gives us purpose and new strength.
May the light of God shine brightly in your hearts, and may you exhibit Christ wherever you are.

Revelation 3:19, "As many as I love, I rebuke and chasten. Therefore be zealous and repent."

With love in Christ,

Michael Boldea Jr.

Blood On The US Flag
October 2003

In early January our ministry was notified by a supporter in Florida that as her husband was
looking at the 2004 Marine Calendar February page he noticed a Marine standing by the flag. At
that moment he saw in a vision the flag drip with blood. There is great significance to the dream
Michael was given and we know before God allows judgments or warnings he always warns and
God always prepares his people.

Psalm 32: 6-7, "For this cause everyone who is Godly shall pray to you in a time when you
maybe found; surely in a flood of great waters they shall not come near him. You are my hiding
place; you shall preserve me from trouble; you shall surround me with songs of deliverance."

It was October 11th, and we had spent most of the day driving from Wisconsin to Overland Park
Ks. I was scheduled to speak at a church the next morning. We had planned to arrive early
evening that Saturday, but due to unplanned heavy traffic, and the fact that we got lost along the
way, we arrived at our motel just a little past midnight. I was exhausted, and after saying a prayer
I went to bed. During the night I had a dream. I dreamed I was kneeling by my bedside praying,
when I felt a presence behind me. I turned, and a man was standing there, dressed in white, his
hands clasp in front of him. It was the same man I had seen in a dream sometime earlier. "Why
didn't you say something, if you were standing there," I asked. ”I would never interrupt your
communion with the Father," he answered ". It was precious thing. Take my hand, I must show
you something."

I took his hand and suddenly we were standing in front of the U.S. Marine War Memorial. It is a
statue depicting a group of soldiers raising the American flag on Iwo Jima in WW2. I looked to
the man standing on my right, but he pointed toward the statue, and said, "Look at the flag."

As I was watching the flag flap in the wind, a red spot appeared in its center, it began to grow,
and spread turning the flag red as it went. It was like someone had spilled this red liquid in the
flag’s center, and absorbing it, the stain continued to grow. I watched, as the entire flag became
saturated, until it finally started to drip.

To my surprise, I realized the liquid dripping from the flag was blood. ”What is this suppose to
mean"? I asked the man. “The leaders of this nation have war on their hearts, and on their lips,
and soon they will have blood on their hands. The banner of war is upon this land," the man
answered solemnly.

Before I could ask anything more, I found myself sitting up in bed in a cold sweat. I shared this
dream with a friend that Sunday night, as I happened to be speaking in his church in Topeka. I
also shared it with Geno and the rest of the staff here at the Hand Of Help office, but in my heart
I decided not to make it public until after the holidays. The reason for choosing not to share this
until after the New Year is something I choose not to elaborate on at the present time.

Then 3 weeks after this dream I had another. I dreamed the same man was standing by my
bedside, but he was no longer dressed in white. Over his robe, he had a breastplate, and as he
stood I could see the handle of his sword protruding from behind his right shoulder. It was the
fiercest image I had ever seen in my life, but I was not afraid. Kindness still showed in his eyes,
and I knew he meant me no harm. As I looked up at him the one thing that struck me was that his
breastplate was not shiny. For some reason, I had expected it to shine, rather it was dented and
scarred, and looked as though it had seen much battle.

He looked down at me with what I could only describe as disappointment in his eyes. Before I
could speak, he said, “for a vessel to fulfill its task, substance must be poured into it, then that
same substance must be poured out. If it is never poured out, it will overflow, being of use to no
one. Do you understand?" I nodded half heartedly, although I knew what he was trying to tell me.

"When a vessel is chosen it is an honor," he continued, “be faithful in completing your task and
share what is given you without delay. Come I will show you once more."

Once again we stood before the monument and the same scene played out.

"When will this happen?" I asked before he could turn away.

"When the Father wills it", he answered. "His will be done."

"Can't you ask him?” I asked realizing only after the words had left my mouth how infantile the
question had been.

“You speak of the things your mind cannot comprehend". "You speak of time concerning the
One to whom centuries are no more then a blink of an eye. Be diligent in what you have been
shown, and more will be revealed. All things proceed as he ordains, that is all you are given to
know for now."

The dream ended, and I found myself in bed. I have had some time to contemplate this dream,
and if I was one given to speculation there are many theories I could come up with but I am not.

What I do know, is whether in retaliation for a certain action, or as a preemptive measure, this
nation will set out on a course that will eventually be the cause of innocents losing there lives.
This nation will, be perceived as having blood on its hands and it will stir the emotions of the
world against it.
I pray with all my heart this does not occur. That all who are denoting peace and safety for
generations to come are right, and I am wrong. Regardless of what some may think I do not want
to see the judgment of God fall on this land, but the path we have chosen as a nation is leading us
to it.

More then ever I urge you to pray for this nation and its leaders, because it is our duty as children
of God to do so. May he who ordains all things be with you and guide you, knowing that in him
there is perfect safety, and perfect peace. My heartfelt gratitude and thanks goes out to all those
who pray for and support this work, being more than certain that your reward will be great

Jonah 3: 8-9, "But let man and beast be covered with sackcloth, and cry mightily to God; yes, let
everyone turn from his evil way and from the violence that is in his hands. Who can tell if God
will turn and relent, and turn away from his fierce anger so that we may not perish.”

With love in Christ,

Michael Boldea Jr.

God's word will be "An Anchor In The
April 30, 2004

John 7:37-38, "On the last day, that great day of the feast, Jesus stood and cried out, saying, "If
anyone thirsts, let him come to Me and drink. He who believes in Me, as the Scripture has said,
out of his heart will flow rivers of living water."

It had been a busy four months. Geno and myself had been on the road since the beginning of
January, and the weekend of April 30, we were scheduled to speak in North Dakota. This
however, was a special meeting. It was to be held on an Indian reservation, plagued with
countless vices, and in recent weeks with the spirit of suicide as well. It was an open meeting,
where Christians and non-Christians had been invited. For the past two weeks I had been praying
for direction as to what I should speak. It was a new forum for me, and I knew I needed guidance
and direction. As the day drew nearer, I prayed even more, but had received no answer.

I had worked third shift the previous night, and had only had enough time to take a shower, and
put on some fresh clothes before we were scheduled to make the long drive. Since I was
thoroughly tired, I let Geno drive, and I went to sleep in the passenger seat, still troubled in my
mind over what I was to speak.
As I slept, I had a dream. I dreamt I was at the base of a tall mountain, with a beautiful waterfall
running down its center. As the water fell down the mountain, at certain intervals there were
gathering pools, where the water would accumulate, then spill over to continue its trek down the
mountainside. A great number of people were at the bottom of the mountain kneeling beside the
lowest gathering pool sipping the water. As I looked up the mountainside more people were at
the other gathering pools as well, but as the elevation grew, less and less people could be seen.
As I was taking in the scene, and wondering what it meant, I noticed a man dressed in white
standing beside me, his hands clasped behind his back. It was the same man I had dreamt in
previous dreams. He was looking at the mountain, and the running water as intently as I was.

Finally, I looked at him, and asked: "What does this mean. I do not understand."

"It is the answer to your question," he answered. Before I could say anything else, he began to
walk, turned his head and said, "Walk with me."

We walked to the first pool of water, and made our way through the crowd until we were
standing on the edge, people were still scooping up the water and drinking hungrily. "Taste it,"
the man said pointing to the water. It looked clean, but as I scooped a handful and put it to my
lips, I noticed it had an earthy taste. I winced, the man smiled, and he continued walking up the
mountainside. It was a rough and rocky path, and although the man seemed to have no difficulty
climbing, I stumbled a few times, slipped on a few stones, but managed to keep up with his pace.
Halfway up the mountain, we stopped at another pool. There were fewer people there than at the
bottom, so it was easier for us to make our way to the edge. "Taste it," the man said. I did as
before, and scooped some water with my cupped hand, brought it to my lips, and tasted it.
Although it tasted much better than the previous pool, there was still a tinge of a sour taste.

We continued to walk up the mountain, until finally, we reached the top. What had been
obscured by distance before was now very clear to me. At the top, there was no gathering pool,
but a constant torrent of water that came right out of the mountain itself. The rush of water was
so powerful that as it came out of the mountain, one could not help but get sprayed if they stood
close to it. Those standing at the top, much fewer in number than those at the bottom, were
already wet, and in a few minute’s time I was thoroughly soaked as well. "Taste it", the man
finally said after we stood and watched the beauty of the spring for some time. The water was
unlike anything I’d ever tasted. It was cool and crisp, and my thirst was quenched after a few sips.

Although it was a beautiful sight to behold, I was still confused, and after some time I asked the
man, "what does it mean?"

"You prayed to the Father, and asked what you should speak. It is the answer to your prayer.
This spring is the word of God. When at its source it is pure, and gives life, but as men continue
to twist it and interpret and dilute it, it loses its essence, it becomes bitter. Speak the truth of His
word, and the thirst of those listening will be quenched."

"What was the meaning of those at the bottom of the mountain?" I asked.
"They are those who are content with half truths, many know cleaner water is found on the
mountaintop, but choose not to exert themselves. It is a hard climb, and to know truth one must
be diligent in knowing the Word. For now the difference between those at the base of the
mountain, and those who stand here, nourishing themselves with the pure word of God is
negligible to the human eye. While the day abides, in the eyes of men they are all the same, but
the day will not abide forever."

As the man spoke those words, what had just an instant before been blue and sunny skies, turned
pale, then pitch black. In an instant there was darkness as far as the eye could see.

"Now behold the difference", the man said. As I looked I understood what he meant. The base of
the mountain was engulfed in darkness. Not one flicker of light was visible, but those standing
on the mountaintop began to shine with an inner glow that allowed them to see the path before
them clearly. The man who had been standing next to me shone brighter than us all.

"Only the pure truth of God’s word will be as an anchor in the storm, and as a lamp in the
darkness," the man said. "All else will fade away into nothingness. For the days to come are dark
days filled with turmoil and great anguish. Even upon this land toward which the Father has
shown such great mercy, the day is soon coming when its fate will stun the world. Be bold in the
truth servant, and work while you still may that your reward will be complete."

I woke up, thinking it had only been a short while since I’d fallen asleep. I was surprised to hear
Geno tell me we were only minutes away from our destination. That night, the meeting was held
in the ballroom of a casino, and as instructed I preached the truth of God’s word. It was a simple
message on Jesus being the truth, the way, and the life, yet this simple message stirred the hearts
of those listening. It was one of the most powerful meetings we’ve had on this tour, with people
being saved, delivered, and rededicating their lives to the Lord Jesus. Since then, I have prayed
much concerning whether or not to share this dream, and I felt in my heart it was time to do so.
God prepares His children in advance, and offers them sufficient time to cling to Him, and trust
in Him, that they may weather the storm, and see His victory through it all.

Revelation 22:17, "And the Spirit and the bride say, "Come!" And let him who hears say,
"Come!" And let him who thirsts come. And whoever desires, let him take the water of life

With love in Christ,

Michael Boldea Jr.

October 15, 2004
This is the message God gave Michael Boldea through a dream while he was in North Carolina.
Michael asked for a confirmation of this message and asked God simply to give him the dream
again if it was from him. The next night he had the same dream.

America had many chances to repent and individually some people are still repenting and asking
the Lord into their heart. We praise God for this. However, since 911 we can see many in
America have disregarded the warnings from God and efforts have been made across this land to
allow gay marriage, remove references of God from landmarks and buildings, and even the
pledge of allegience. America is on a collision course with judgement and this is why the
watchman are blowing the trumpet.

Michael has spent 18 years travelling across America 12 with his grandfather, Dumitru Duduman,
warning, sharing from the word of God, and speaking only what God shows him. May God give
us all ears to hear this message.

(Hand Of Help Ministries)

The Eagle and the Serpents
(The Angel said, "this has been revealed to you, that you may know, the first bite has been, the second is
yet to come, and the third will be its destruction.")

Psalm 34:7-8, "The angel of the Lord encamps all around those who fear Him, and delivers them.
Oh, taste and see that the Lord is good; Blessed is the man who trusts in Him! Oh, fear the Lord,
you His saints! There is no want to those who fear Him."

Upon my return to the United States in late August, I had a very vivid and troubling dream. I
shared it with the staff here in Wisconsin, and with a few other brothers, but continued to pray
and seek direction from God as to whether or not I should include it in the newsletter.

At the staff's urging, and feeling a release from the Lord, I have included this dream in this issue
of the newsletter.

I dreamt I was walking through a sparsely wooded forest, and suddenly my attention was drawn
to an eagle flying high above the tree line. It was a beautiful sight to behold as the eagle rode the
thermals, flying in slow lazy arks across the blue sky. I began to quicken my pace, and keep up
with the eagle's flight, all the while keeping an eye on it, noticing that it was slowly descending
toward the earth. I followed it for a long time, its descend not being sudden but very gradual.

Finally I came upon a small clearing, where there were no trees, just some bushes on the edges of
the green grass. The eagle landed in the clearing, and began to look around not seeming to notice
As I began to wonder what the relevance of this was, a man dressed in white, hands clasped in
front of him, appeared beside me, and said, "Be patient, in due time you will see the purpose."

I was silent as I watched the eagle, and was beginning to grow somewhat impatient, when
suddenly, it seemed out of nowhere, a brown snake lunged at the eagle, and bit down on its left
wing. The snake's strike was very quick and very precise. The eagle reacted without delay,
clawing and pecking at the snake cutting deep wounds in its underbelly, trying to defend itself
and ward off the serpent. Just as it seemed the eagle was winning the battle, and the serpent was
retreating, another serpent appeared, red and black diagonal stripes covering its body, and
without hesitation struck out at the eagle's right wing, biting down, and refusing to release. After
a momentary tug of war the serpent tore off flesh and feathers, leaving a large wound on the
eagle's right wing. The second bite was much worse than the first, and for an instant the eagle
was stunned. Then a serpent much larger than the previous two, made up of many colors,
slithered toward the eagle, opened its jaws, and lunged, taking the whole of the eagle's head in its
mouth before biting down.

The serpents retreated and the man who had been standing beside me, walked to the eagle, knelt
down, picked it up, and held it in his cupped hands. The look of grief on his face was beyond any
I have seen in my life. Just seeing the look on the man's face broke your heart.

The man continued to look down at the eagle, and with a pained voice said, "The true tragedy, is
that at any moment it could have sought the safety of the above, it could have soared toward the
heavens and would have found its protection. This has been revealed to you, that you may know,
the first bite has been, the second is yet to come, and the third will be its destruction."

I watched for a long time as the man held the eagle in the palms of his hands, the pained
expression never leaving his features. I was too stunned to speak, or ask any questions, what I
had seen having seemed so real. The feeling followed me into my waking hours as well, and
each time I closed my eyes I saw the entire scene play before my eyes throughout the day.

One thing that I feel I need to share with you is that the second bite seemed to come from an
unexpected place. Although I have my own opinion concerning this, I choose to keep it to myself,
because expounding on personal opinion is a dangerous thing when it comes to things that God

I was hesitant in sharing this dream, because I know some will perceive it as a reason to fear. It is
not a reason to fear, but a reason to be stirred, and emboldened for the kingdom of God. The
reality, is that these are the times we are living in, and I for one am thankful to God for his
forewarnings, knowing that His children will never be unaware of what the future holds. All I
can do is urge you to be watchful, and diligent in your prayers to the Father. This nation, today,
is more in need of prayer on its behalf than at any time in its history. It is the prayers of His
children that compels God to relent, and tarry. Stand in the gap, you are precious in the eyes of
God, and He hears your heartfelt supplications.

Joel 2:12-14, "Now, therefore, says the Lord, turn to Me with all your heart, with fasting, with
weeping, and with mourning. So rend your heart, and not your garments; Return to the Lord your
God for He is gracious and merciful, slow to anger, and of great kindness; and He relents from
doing harm."

With love in Christ,

Michael Boldea Jr.

A Word of Comfort
April 19, 2005

Dear Brethren

Isaiah 43:2-3, "When you pass through the waters, I will be with you; When you walk through
the fire you shall not be burned, nor shall the flame scorch you. For I am the Lord your God, the
Holy One of Israel, your Savior."

God has blessed me with an understanding wife. If it were not so, I could not do what I do. I am
on the road most of the time, and when I do get to spend a night in my own bed, I toss and turn
thinking about the next trip we are about to embark on and how many hours it will take to get

The first week of March we were in California, and after preaching in a friend’s church that
Sunday night, we returned to our hotel to pack for the flight the next morning. Throughout the
day my wife had been on my heart, and I felt more than a little guilty knowing that I would get
home that Monday night, pack, and Tuesday be off again for a ten day speaking tour.

That night as I went to bed I prayed for God to keep my wife safe, as I do every night, and fell
into a restless sleep. As I slept, I had a dream.

I dreamt I was asleep when suddenly I felt a presence in my room. I opened my eyes, to see a
man standing by my bedside, hands at his side, looking down at me. I was not scared, for I had
seen the man in my dreams many times before. I sat up and waited for the man to speak.

"The Father has sent me to strengthen you," he began. "You have said in your heart, 'I know
what is to come and do not fear it, but if it be your will, protect the one I love.'"

"Come, see, and be strengthened," the man said extending his right hand. I took his hand, and
instantly we were on a high plateau that was very large in size. As I looked and my eyes began to
adjust to the dusk, I realized we were not alone. A great army was standing at attention, all
dressed for battle, swords in hand, each one glowing it seemed from within. There were rows,
upon rows of angels, in armor, in perfect formation. It was a stunning sight to behold. I was
speechless as I scanned the great army, extending as far as the eye could see.

Suddenly the man standing next to me gave an almost imperceptible nod, and the entire army
ascended toward the heavens, like a million fireflies, and began to disperse each one going his
own way.

Still too stunned to speak I followed the lights with my eyes, until I could see them no more.
Before I could ask any questions, the man looked at me and smiled.

"They are the guardians," he said, "they are the protectors of the righteous. Soon all will see the
difference between the righteous and the wicked, between those pure of heart and those in which
darkness still resides. Soon it begins."

As he spoke these words, the ground began to shake under my feet, and I heard a powerful
explosion to my left, then another to my right. As I woke up, I could feel a searing heat on my

I share this dream today, in the hope that it will strengthen you as much as it has strengthened me.
As children of God we should not fear that which is to come upon the earth. We are His beloved,
and the angels of God have already been dispatched, to protect His Children.

Our duty remains what it has always been, to daily do the will of God, to daily crucify the flesh,
and daily press in and desire to know more of Him.

Psalm 34:2-3, "My soul shall make its boast in the Lord; the humble shall hear of it and be glad.
Oh magnify the Lord with me, and let us exalt His name together."

Psalm 34:7, "The angel of he Lord encamps all around those who fear Him, and delivers them."

With love in Christ,

Michael Boldea Jr

A Great Earthquake coming
February 3, 2006

Dear Brethren
Isaiah 24: 19-20, "The earth is violently broken, the earth is split open, the earth is shaken
exceedingly. The earth shall reel to and fro like a drunkard, and shall totter like a hut; Its
transgression shall be heavy upon it, and it will fall, and not rise again."

While I was in Romania, one night after my devotions I went to bed, exhausted and in need of
much sleep having ridden in a truck all day delivering food to families. It had been a hard day,
and we had to push the truck out of snow banks and ditches more than once. My body ached, and
all I really wanted was to get some good rest.

As I fell into a deep sleep I had a dream. I dreamt I was in a hotel room, asleep, when the bed
began to shake violently. I knew what was happening right away. Having lived in California in
the 1980’s I was keenly aware of what an earthquake felt like. Suddenly I was no longer in bed,
but high above San Francisco bay, looking down on the golden gate bridge. As I watched it, it
began to shudder, break apart, and fall into the waters below. I continued to watch the
devastation, seeing buildings collapse, and masses of people trying to find shelter. Then a voice
spoke out of the heavens, a voice I had never heard before, a voice of great authority. “I will
shake this land from its foundations, such as the eyes of this generation has not seen. The world
will stand in awe, and tremble in fear, as even the very geography of this nation will be
transformed. My wrath is ready to be poured out, for sin has overrun My temple.”

In my dream I began to weep, not due to the devastation I was seeing, but due to the great power
of the voice I was hearing. I woke up trembling, unable to breathe, and tired as I was I could not
go to sleep again.

Shortly before sunrise, my phone began to ring, and when I answered it, it was my brother
Daniel. “Are you awake?” he asked, “Yes”, I answered.

“I had a dream last night,” he continued, “it was a terrible dream. I dreamt of a big earthquake
coming to America.”

When I told him I’d had the same dream, he was silent for some time then said, “I’m coming
over so we could pray.”

He had just arrived at my apartment, when my phone rang again. It was a brother from 200
kilometers away, who is prophetically gifted, and has spoken many words over me that have
come to pass.

“Is this Mike?” when I answered in the affirmative, he said, “I had a dream last night, and I felt I
needed to call and tell you about it. I dreamt of a terrible earthquake in your country, I saw a big
bridge that just collapsed I saw destruction as I have never seen before. Does this mean anything
to you?”

It took me some time to find something to say. I was speechless, and could find no words. On the
same night, three different people had the same dream, with the same vivid details. Knowing that
the brother had a prayer group that met nightly, I asked him to remember America in their
prayers whenever they prayed, and he said he would. Before he hung up he said, “Mike I’ve had
many dreams in my life, the Lord willed it so, but none has scared me as the dream I had last
night. Only God can protect someone through something like that, there is no other hope but to
run to Him.”

No matter what may come upon this land, we know that God abides with His faithful, keeping
them, guiding them, and protecting them. Events will begin to unfold upon this earth, that will
make even the mightiest of men tremble in fear, but knowing that we have a shelter from the
storm, a sovereign God who watches over us, fearlessly we press on faithful in all that He asks of

Psalm 91:7-11, "A thousand may fall at your side, and ten thousand at your right hand; But it
shall not come near you. Only with your eyes shall you look, and see the reward of the wicked.
Because you have made the Lord, who is my refuge, even the Most High, your habitation, no
evil shall befall you, nor shall any plague come near your dwelling; For He shall give His angels
charge over you, to keep you in all your ways."

With love in Christ,

Michael Boldea Jr.

A New War Is Coming
April 6, 2007

Dear Brethren

Jeremiah 50:22, “A sound of battle is in the land, and of great destruction.”

James 5:8, “You also be patient. Establish your hearts, for the coming of the Lord is at hand.”

One of the most important lessons I learned as a young man traveling with my grandfather, as
being his interpreter, is that one must always prepare for battle, before he is faced with it. Just as
a soldier must know the weapons of his warfare, train with them, and be comfortable with them,
so must a servant of God know his weapons, and prepare himself before he ventures out into
enemy territory. It was so ingrained in me, that a servant of God must be prayed up, and fasted
up before he goes out to minister, that before every tour I begin, I take a couple weeks to simply
fast and pray, and draw close to God, and see what He would have me share at the upcoming
I was still in Romania the first few days of February, about halfway through a two week fast,
when after having spent some time in prayer, I went to bed, and fell into a restful sleep.
Sometime during the night, I began to dream. I dreamt I was hearing what were at first faint hoof
beats, but the closer they got, the louder they grew, until it was a thundering roar of not one or
two horses but what seemed like hundreds. I felt as though the ground beneath me was shaking
from the onrushing horses, and the sound of them became so loud, that I suddenly awoke in my
bed. As I blinked a few times, adjusting to the darkness in my room, I noticed a shadow at the
foot of my bed. I blinked again, and there stood the same man I have seen on previous occasions,
dressed in battle armor, his hands resting atop each other before him, on the hilt of his sword.

“What is the meaning of what I just dreamt?” I asked, somehow knowing he had come to give
me the interpretation.

“What you heard,” he began, “were the chariots of war, and they are swiftly approaching. A new
war is coming, but it will be unlike this present one. Speak as you have spoken, pray as you have
prayed, and walk as you have walked for dark days will soon come upon the land to which you
are returning. Even now their enemies plot, even now their enemies unite under one banner, and
soon they will make their intentions known to the world. There is no refuge but in the Father, and
He will guide and protect those who know His voice.”

I blinked again, and the man was gone, and I was left to ponder the words I had heard. I
struggled with whether I should make this dream public, for I know the reaction that some will
have to it, and the last thing I desire is to stir fear in the heart of any man. After much prayer I
felt I was supposed to publish the dream, and though some may receive it as a reason to fear, the
true children of God will receive it for what it was, the forewarning of a loving Father, preparing
His children for what is to come. God’s desire for us is not ignorance, but rather knowledge, that
we may prepare our hearts, in prayer and fasting, that we may draw closer to Him, that we make
Him our place of refuge long before hardship forces us to seek one. The wise man prepares,
while the foolhardy is caught unaware.

As always my prayers continue to be with you and yours, and with a grateful heart I thank you
for all that you do on behalf of those less fortunate.

Jeremiah 19:15, “Thus says the Lord of hosts, the God of Israel: ‘Behold, I will bring on this city
and on all her towns all the doom that I have pronounced against it, because they have stiffened
their necks that they might not hear My words.”

With love in Christ,

Michael Boldea Jr.
The Dream
October 30, 2007

Dear Brethren

1 Thessalonians 5:4-5, “But you, brethren, are not in darkness, so that this Day should overtake
you as a thief. You are all sons of light and sons of the day. We are not of the night nor of
darkness. Therefore let us not sleep, as others do, but let us watch and be sober.”

1 Thessalonians 5:8, “But let us who are of the day be sober, putting on the breastplate of faith
and love, and as a helmet the hope of salvation.”

I had a dream last night, and if not for the specific instruction to share what I saw, I would have
preferred to keep it to myself. I had gone to bed late, having waited for my wife to get home
from work. After seeing that she had arrived home safely, and saying my prayers, I fell into a
restful sleep.

I dreamt that I was sleeping, when a hand touched my shoulder, and a voice I recognized said,
‘wake up.’

In my dream I opened my eyes, and my breath caught in my throat as I saw who had awakened
me. It was the same messenger, the angel I had seen on previous occasions, dressed in full battle
armor, standing by the side of my bed.

“Take my hand” he said, “I have been sent to show you something.”

I barely touched the hand that was extended toward me, when my bed and my bedroom
evaporated, and I found myself standing before a white oblong building, that looked allot like a
barn or a horse stable. Two large doors made up the front of the structure, and as I looked they
began to swing open.

I knew wherever I was it was not of this earth, because everything shone, everything was white,
pristine, immaculate.

I also knew that whatever the reason was for being shown this, was about to be revealed, so I
stood in silence, holding the messenger’s hand.

As soon as the doors were fully open, I saw an angel that looked very much like the one standing
beside me, except without the armor, leading a white horse by its reins. The horse was large and
muscular, but he followed the angel obediently, with its head bent low. The angel’s countenance
was somber as he led the horse away, and for some reason this registered with great clarity.
I looked up to the messenger whose hand I was still holding, but he merely nodded toward the
white building and the open doors, and said, ‘witness.’

Another angel soon appeared in the doorway, holding the reins of a red horse, following after the
first. I began to realize what I was seeing, and in silence watched as two more angels appeared,
each holding the reins of a horse, one black, one of no discernable color, just pale. All four
angels were dressed alike, and had the same somber, sorrowful countenance.

I stood and watched as all four horses were led out of my sight, and finally when they had
disappeared from view, the messenger turned to me and said: ‘Go an tell what you have seen.
The riders prepare, the horses are ready, and soon they will descend, soon they will be loosed.
Remember what you have witnessed, and do not hold back a single word. Soon they descend on
wings of fury; soon turmoil will shake earth’s very foundation. Prepare yourself, for many will
fall and few will stand. Fulfillment is at hand, go and speak what you have seen, and what you
have heard. The Kingdom awaits the righteous, the holy will soon see the Lord.”

I only realized I was still holding his hand when he let go of mine, and suddenly I was back in
my bed, sitting up, fully awake. I am still unsure whether or not it was a dream, or if ‘dream’ is
the right word for it, but for simplicity’s sake I will call it a dream.

I tried to go back to sleep but could not, vividly remembering the sorrowful look on the faces of
the angels who were leading the horses out of the stables.

It seems the world is seeing, what the church is refusing to acknowledge, the fact that we are on
the cusp of great upheaval not only in this nation, but also throughout the world. These are the
days of which the prophets spoke, the days of which Christ warned, the time of distress, of
sifting and of separation.

My prayer is that we remember always, our hope is in the Lord, and He is faithful to those who
are faithful to Him. If one word stands out from this entire dream, it is the word ‘prepare’ and we
must do so with diligence. The children of God must steel themselves for what is coming,
prepare their hearts and settle within their souls that the day in which we will have to stand for
truth is soon approaching.

1 Thessalonians 5:23-24, “Now may the God of peace Himself sanctify you completely; and may
your whole spirit, soul, and body be preserved blameless at the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ.
He who calls you is faithful, who also will do it.”

With love in Christ,

Michael Boldea Jr.
December, 2008

                                           Dear Brethren

2 Timothy 2:3-4, “You therefore must endure hardship as a good soldier of Jesus Christ. No one
engaged in warfare entangles himself with the affairs of this life, that he may please him who
enlisted him as a soldier.

Shortly before I was scheduled to leave for a weeklong missions trip, a trip that had been planned
months in advance with the pastors of many churches bringing their congregations together
under one roof to hear the word of God, one of the staff members here in Wisconsin reminded
me offhandedly that we would soon be celebrating twenty five years since Hand of Help’s

A quarter of a century is a long time no matter how you slice it, or what angle it is viewed from.
To be honest, I was not in what one might call a celebratory frame of mind. In these twenty five
years I have laid to their final rest a grandmother, a grandfather, and a mother, I have known
betrayal at the hands of men I considered brothers in Christ and friends fueled by something as
unoriginal and despicable as greed, I have preached messages few wanted to hear, and have been
despised for my stubborn unwillingness to compromise the word of God.

Throughout the entirety of the mission trip, one question kept nagging at me, always somewhere
in the back of my mind. Even though the trip turned out to be an encouraging and reenergizing
blessing, and I saw hunger in the hearts of the people for the truth of God’s word, feeling the
presence of God in a deep and powerful way, I took no pleasure in the thousand plus crowds or
their hearty applause. This one question kept echoing in my ears, and as yet I had received no
answer. The question was simple: Is there still a need for a prophetic warning ministry once a
nation has entered the season of fulfillment?

To me, a warning is a counsel or admonition to desist from a specified undesirable course of
action. When someone is warned, that which they are warned against is avoidable. Take for
instance the ‘reduce speed, winding road ahead’ signs. One is warned to reduce their speed, due
to the fact that tight curves are just ahead, but if they refuse to heed the warning, then they will
suffer the consequences of their actions. I believe God has stopped warning for some time now,
due to this nation’s unwillingness to heed His warnings. His judgments are no longer avoidable,
and the fulfillment of what has been spoken is visible even to those with no prophetic

I arrived back home after the weeklong tour, and still the initial thought would not leave. As I
began to further ponder this question, I began thinking to myself that maybe this was God’s way
of telling me I in fact could go back to my homeland, that I had done my duty, I had fulfilled my
mission, I had preached, I had warned, I had shared the dreams and visions, and now I was free
to have a normal life, to spend time with my wife, have some children, maybe even buy a dog.

One thing that those who know me have grown to understand is that I am not in ministry to get
rich or famous, to build a kingdom on earth or have my own face staring back at me from a
bookstore shelf. I am in ministry out of obedience to God, and will not be in it one day longer
than God desires me to be. Obedience keeps me; it’s just that simple.

Two days after arriving home I had pretty much talked myself into believing that I had received
my release to move back home. Since I was flying back for Christmas, to be with the family, I
began thinking ‘why not just stay? Twenty five years is a long time, no one could blame you if
you stayed.’

That same night I had a dream. I dreamt I was standing at the edge of a cliff, overlooking a
valley that stretched out below me. Although it was night, the valley was not dark due to the
dozens of fires that were burning all around the valley. Large white tents peppered the valley
floor, and men dressed in white were hurriedly preparing. Some were sharpening swords, others
were polishing shields, but the selfsame look of purpose and determination was evident in the
countenance of every one.

As I continued watching I was startled when a hand touched my shoulder. I turned and stood face
to face with the same man I had seen in my dreams on previous occasions.

“What do you think they are doing down there? he asked pointing toward the valley and the men.

“It looks like they’re preparing for a war, I said gazing back at the valley.

“And what do you call a soldier that flees the battlefield on the eve of battle?

“A deserter, I said.

“A deserter he echoed. “Why would the Father train and equip you for the coming battle only to
release you as the battle is about to begin? You think this is the end but it is not. The need for
light is multiplied as the darkness grows, not diminished; the need for truth becomes more
necessary as deception consumes the innocent, not less relevant. In these dark hours the children
of light must shine, in these evil days the truth must be proclaimed with boldness. You can
choose to flee, but it is not the Father’s will. You can stay and fight, and thus receive your just
reward. The world has tainted many who ought to have stayed pure, and many have defiled
themselves who ought to have remained undefiled. They have gorged themselves on
Nebuchadnezzar’s delicacies, thereby disqualifying themselves from being used in these days.
The hosts of heaven stand ready even now to do battle on behalf of the righteous. Do not fear the
coming days for they have been foretold. Walk in the authority that has been given you, and do
your duty as a faithful soldier ought to.

As the man finished speaking, I opened my eyes and was surprised to discover I was in my bed.
Some may wonder why I share this dream, because well, it is not very flattering. In fact I got
taken to the proverbial woodshed as the saying goes, but lest we forget the Lord chastens those
He loves, and I am ever thankful that He loves me, and suffers my frailty.

I do not know how, but I know that God will make a way. The need for truth is evident. Not my
truth, but God’s truth, not the truth of any particular denomination, but the truth of God’s Holy

As human beings, men and women made of flesh and bone, we make plans, we have hopes and
we envision a certain kind of future, but all our hopes and dreams, all our plans must be
surrendered, in perfect harmony with the will of God for only in His will are peace, joy and
comfort abundant and ever present.

We are on the precipice of volatile and troubling times, witnessing a rapidly changing world.
There is a great upheaval coming in the spiritual, just as in the physical, and God will sift those
who call themselves His children first and foremost, separating that which is righteous from that
which is defiled. We must stand in the righteousness of God, having His Word as our standard
and our foundation that we might not be swayed by the winds, or uprooted by the storms. In
order to overcome one must face conflict and not flinch from battle, but an unprepared soldier
whose armor is not on, and whose weapons are unknown to him, is easily overtaken by an enemy
whose bloodlust knows no bounds. Our faith and obedience will carry us through the darkest of
nights, because when faith and obedience are present the light of God shines brighter than the
sun, dispelling the darkness.

Romans 16:19-20 “For your obedience has become known to all. Therefore I am glad on your
behalf; but I want you to be wise in what is good, and simple concerning evil. And the God of
peace will crush Satan under your feet shortly. The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you.

With love in Christ,
Michael Boldea Jr.

Three Men in A Wheat Field
Posted March 2010

Shortly after returning to the United States I began having a recurring dream. I have prayed
many nights as to whether or not I should share this dream, and I finally received confirmation
that I should. There are some dreams or visions that I receive wherein I know instantly that it
was either meant for me personally, or that it was intended to be shared. This was not such a
dream. After seeking the Lord on the matter however, I know I was supposed to make this dream

I dreamt I stood in front of a large wheat field. By the golden hew the wheat stalks had taken on,
in my dream, I knew that it was close to harvest time, either late summer or early autumn. It was
beautiful and peaceful watching the wheat sway gently in the breeze under a picture perfect blue

As I grew familiar with the scene before me, I began looking around and saw three men, evenly
spaced at the edge of the field. One man stood on the left corner of the rectangular field, the
second man stood in the middle, and the third man stood on the far right edge.

All three men were dressed in white, and since I was seeing them from behind I could not make
out their faces. Each of the three men held something in their right hand. The man on the left
held a burning torch, the man in the middle held something that looked like a wineskin, and the
man in the far right corner held an old fashioned sickle, and a basket lay on the ground next to
him. I recognized the sickle, because I used to play with one in my adolescence while living in

As I stood and watched this strange scene before me, the man on the far left tipped his torch
slightly, and touched one of the wheat stalks with the lit torch. Suddenly about one third of the
entire wheat field burst into flame. The fire went out as quickly as it began a sudden burst of
flame, followed by the scorched remnants of a once beautiful wheat field.

As I continued watching, the second man uncorked the wineskin, raised it about shoulder level,
and tipped it slightly. One solitary drop of water poured out of the wineskin, but as it made
contact with the wheat another third of the field was leveled as though a great wave had just
swept through it.

I did not understand what I was seeing but I continued to watch the scene unfold. I was expecting
the third man to do something as dramatic as the first two, but instead he simply bent from the
waist, grabbed a handful of wheat stalk with his left hand, and with a practiced swing of the
sickle cut through it. He then laid the wheat he had cut in the basket. Although there was a
solemnity in the actions of all three men, the gentleness and care with which the third man laid
the wheat in the basket stood out for some reason. The man continued the process of cutting
wheat and putting it in the basket until it was full, then with practiced ease, tied the wheat into a
small bushel with a piece of twine he removed from his waist. He laid the bushel aside, and
returned to swinging the sickle and filling the basket. This went on for some time as the man
methodically and quickly made bushel after bushel of wheat.

For the first two nights, this is where my dream ended, and as I knew this could not be the end of
it, I began to pray that I might either see the conclusion of the dream, or receive the interpretation.

On the third night, the dream began as the previous two nights, with the first man setting fire to
one third of the field, the second man flooding one third, and the third man meticulously
harvesting the last third, I thought it would be the same dream yet again, until the man with the
sickle turned, looked at me and said, ‘the world will know hunger, the faithful will know the
power of their God.’ I recognized him; I had seen him in both my dreams and my visions before.

I woke up, and went about my day thinking that I would have the dream again that night, but the
dream did not return. I received no further insight or interpretation, but this is what I believe in
regards to its meaning:

I believe that a worldwide food shortage is imminent. Whether due to too much sun and not
enough rain, or too much rain and unprecedented weather patterns, global agriculture will suffer
a severe blow very shortly. I also believe that God has already prepared provision for His
children, that He will provide for them, and miraculously so. I do not believe God reveals
coming events to His children that they might grow fearful or panic, but rather that they might
learn to trust Him, knowing that He who is already into tomorrow, has already made provision
for it.

Matthew 6:25-26, Therefore I say to you, do not worry about your life, what you will eat or what
you will drink; nor about your body, what you will put on. Is not life more than food and the
body more than clothing? Look at the birds of the air, for they neither sow nor reap nor gather
into barns; yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not of more value than they?

Matthew 6:31-33, Therefore do not worry, saying, ‘What shall we eat?’ or ‘What shall we drink?’
or ‘What shall we wear?’ For after all these things the gentiles seek. For your heavenly Father
knows that you need all these things. But seek firs the kingdom of God and His righteousness,
and all these things shall be added to you.

With love in Christ,
Michael Boldea Jr.

The House That Stood
Posted June 2012

Since I heard through the grapevine that a friend’s church was taking a few days of fasting, (and
since all of the Hand of Help staff go to this church, and I knew there would be very little risk of
them calling and asking if I wanted to go to lunch if they were all fasting), I decided I would join
in, and fast along with everyone else.

Maybe it’s just me, but I always feel odd trying to explain the fact that I’m fasting to someone
who calls and invites me to lunch or dinner. On the one hand, I feel like I’m bragging about
something we ought not to publicly declare we are doing, and on the other hand I feel like I’m
making the individual feel bad about not fasting themselves.
I have always found fasting to be a great bringer of clarity, and given the times and the seasons
that are upon us, who among us couldn’t use a little more clarity?

The first day of the fast, I had picked my brother Sergiu up from the airport in Chicago, brought
him home, and gone to bed, when I had a dream.

I dreamt I was walking down a street, but to the left and the right of me everything was utterly
destroyed. If not for the foundations sticking out of the earth, one would not have known
anything had once stood there.

I have seen the aftermath of earthquakes while living in California in the eighties, I have likewise
seen the aftermath of tornadoes live and in person, and this looked like neither of the two. The
best way I can describe it, is that the entire street seemed to have been razed. From trees, to
homes, to fences, everything had been flattened and annihilated.

The street curved to the left, and as I followed it turning the corner, I was surprised to see a
house standing a couple hundred yards ahead of me on the right. There was nothing special about
the house. A single story home, with a porch and a porch swing, once painted white by what I
could gather, but having taken on a charred look.

I quickened my pace, as even in my dream this seemed odd and surreal, and as I approached the
house I heard what could only have been prayer coming from inside.

This was no typical prayer. It was passionate, and fervent, and the only time I remember having
heard prayer like this, is when we would have prayer nights in our home in Romania during the
Communist occupation.

This was anything but a restrained prayer gathering, and the voices coming from inside the house
were praising God, and giving glory to Him.

I stood just short of the front step, and listened to the prayers coming from within the house, until
in my dream, I woke up.

As I awoke from my dream within a dream, the man I have grown accustomed to seeing was
standing at the foot of my mattress.

‘Do you understand what you’ve just seen?’ he asked without prelude.

‘I believe I do’ I answered somewhat confidently. The man gave me a look one might give to a
slowwitted individual and said, ‘perhaps in part’, then reached out and touched my shoulder.

Suddenly I was back on the same street, and I realized this only because of the house with the
porch swing, now a pristine white. It was the only thing that was the same as in my previous
dream, because now there were trees, and homes, up and down the block. It looked and sounded
like a typical neighborhood, but above the din of chirping birds and barking dogs, I could hear
prayer coming from inside the home with the porch swing. It was the same kind of fervent,
passionate prayer I had heard on the previous occasion. I strained to hear what they were praying
for, but I could only hear snippets from time to time. As I made to climb the first of three steps, I
was back in my bed, with the man standing patiently by my mattress.

‘Now you understand’, he said, ‘tell them not to fear, but to draw close to the Father in whom is
shelter from the storm, and protection from destruction.’ I then woke up, disoriented, wondering
for a while if this was yet another dream within a dream. Realizing that it was not, I knelt beside
my mattress and started to pray.

I have not released a dream or a vision in two years, and if not for the specific instruction ‘tell
them’ I would have been hesitant in releasing this dream as well. As I explained in a recent radio
interview, the reason why I have not released any visions or dreams is because many within the
household of faith have become, for lack of a better term, prophecy junkies. At every gathering,
at every meetings, there is always the inevitable ‘what’s the Lord been showing you lately’, as
though He hasn’t shown us enough, or as though His word is not clear enough.

I specifically asked permission of God to withhold what He was showing me for a season, and
have single-mindedly focused on preaching Christ, and Him crucified wherever I was asked to
preach, because our safety, our shelter, and our protection is in Christ Jesus our Lord, Savior and

Our refuge, our shelter, our place of safety is not a geographical location; it is in the arms of
Jesus, in the will of God, in fellowship and intimacy with Him. If we are walking in the will of
the Father, then we have nothing to fear. If we are being obedient to His word, His guidance, and
His leading, then wherever He will guide us will be a safe place, and wherever He will lead us
will be a place of shelter. Our safety is found in obedience. If God has told you to go to a certain
place, then do as He has commanded. If however God has not spoken, then be at peace where
you are, for God is able to protect you in the midst of the storm.

It is time to draw closer to God than ever before, to come before Him in prayer, and fasting, in
righteousness, and purity of heart. The day draws near when we will behold the miracle working
power of our God firsthand, when we will see what our God can do, and glory in His

Psalm 18:25-30, “With the merciful You will show Yourself merciful; with a blameless man
You will show Yourself blameless; with the pure You will show Yourself pure; and with the
devious You will show yourself shrewd. For You will save the humble people, but will bring
down haughty looks. For You will light my lamp; the Lord my God will enlighten my darkness.
For by You I can run against a troop, and by my God I can leap over a wall. As for God, His way
is perfect; the word of the Lord is proven; He is a shield to all who trust in Him.”

Psalm 25:4-5, “Show me Your ways, O Lord; teach me Your paths. Lead me in Your truth and
teach me, for You are the God of my salvation; on You I wait all the day.”

With love in Christ,
Michael Boldea Jr.

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