Promoting a Cleaner and Healthier Environment by nicholasmcculloch01


									Promoting a Cleaner and Healthier Environment

                                                            In order for everyone to enjoy a
                                                            healthier and cleaner environment, it is
                                                            very important to know how to manage
                                                            used materials or waste. Recycling
                                                            and      waste     management      are
                                                            techniques that can help lessen the
                                                            amount of waste people throw and
                                                            dispose on a regular basis. Recycling
                                                            process transforms waste items into a
                                                            new product, reducing its harmful
                                                            effect to the environment.

                                                          This process starts from collecting
                                                          waste material from different places
                                                          like homes, roads and shops. Then,
                                                          such waste materials will be sorted out
according to their type, size, shape or weight. The most common materials that can be recycled
are plastics, paper, glass, tins and many others.

Recycling as a solid waste management technique is advantageous. This helps reduce the
pollution of air and water caused by poly bags and other wastes. It is also advantageous in the
sense that it helps save energy since those products made from recycling consume less energy
than those products generated using raw materials. This then provides people with a healthier
and cleaner environment while saving the space that can be otherwise used for landfills. In
some countries, recycling offers employment to many people.

Recycling process is economic in nature because waste can be easily collected. When people
are aware of this process as well as its advantages, it would be easier to motivate them to
recycle rather than just dispose their waste without thinking that they can actually be useful in
other ways. Landfills should not be the ultimate destination of these waste materials. This is one
of the most important things everyone should know about if the welfare of the environment is
really important.

Although not all wastes are recyclable, it matters a lot if you are exactly aware of those waste
items that can actually be recycled. Even kids can recycle because it is very easy to do. If you
instill in your children this habit and they are well informed of the benefits of recycling, you will
surely contribute to making the environment a better place to live not only for today’s generation
but also in the future.

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