Alternatives to Traditional Waste Disposal Methods

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					Alternatives to Traditional Waste Disposal Methods

                                                   With the rising concern about being green and
                                                   environmentally friendly, recycling and proper
                                                   waste management is becoming a very
                                                   important issue. Industries and households are
                                                   beginning to realize that the things they use as
                                                   well as the ways they dispose them have huge
                                                   impact to the environment and the health of

                                                   Waste management involves proper collection
                                                   of waste material and reprocessing it or
                                                   recycling it. It can have implications both on
                                                   health and the environment. Households and
                                                   industries are constantly in search for the best
                                                   and most cost effective ways of handling this
                                                   ever growing issue.

                                                   Wastes can be in the form of liquid, solid and
                                                   gas. Some are hazardous while others are not.
                                                   The handling of waste materials differs from
                                                   one specific area or location. For instance,
some cities deal with waste disposal issues differently. Waste in the city is handled in a different
way from the rural. Aside from that, there is this major difference between residential waste and
industrial waste.

There are various solid waste management ways that can help in dealing with waste. Landfills
are the most common and if handled correctly, they can be very effective and cheap. But with
the rapidly growing population, the space available has become a problem for landfills in some
places. Another popular technique in managing solid waste is incineration. This works perfectly
in areas where there is limited amount of available land space. Material is heated as a way of
getting rid of it. But the possible danger of emitting hazardous gas is one of the disadvantages
of this technique.

An increasingly popular alternative and solution is recycling. With materials being reprocessed
and used again or made into a usable form, the amount of waste can be greatly reduced without
causing harmful effects to the environment. There are many recyclable materials all around us
that we consider waste and they include glass, steel, newspapers, plastics and many others.
The best thing about it is there are many benefits of recycling which make them a more
preferred option especially in major countries and cities all over the world.