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					                                                                                                                                            SUMMER 09

                                                                       BRIGHT SPOTS
                                                Fresh Ideas Growing
venture creation.
                                                                    Delphi Technologies, Inc. Newsletter

                                                         Keeping baby safe and more secure —
                                                         Delphi introduces
                                                         a new Breathing Monitor…                          PATENTS FOR SALE
                                                         Unlike existing baby monitors that provide        DTI has identified technologies in
                                                         sound or video feeds to monitor a child’s         business transition and is interested in
    Through this newsletter, Delphi Technologies hopes   well being, Delphi has developed a moni-          discussing the sale of these intellectual
    to give you some insights into Delphi’s innovative   tor that provides accurate and continu-           properties with interested individuals.
    technologies and how we are partnering to put them   ous monitoring of breathing. The monitor            To learn more about these technologies
    to use in both automotive and non-automotive         uses an ultrasonic transmitter and receiver       or for additional information, contact the
    markets around the world. We are actively seeking    along with a microcontroller to analyze the       Delphi Technologies, Inc. licensing
    technology partners and would welcome the            transmitted and received signal against           executive by e-mail.
    opportunity to talk with you.                        pre-set reference values, to determine if there
    Delphi Technologies, Inc. (DTI) is a                 is breathing and movement or a change in
    wholly-owned subsidiary of Delphi Corporation.       breathing and movement; providing a rapid
                                                                                                           Meeting tougher emissions standards —
                                                         alert if the child stops breathing.
    Our mission is to create, manage, protect, and                                                         New Diesel Reformer
    leverage Delphi’s intellectual property.                                                               Delphi has developed a novel new solution
      The DTI venture creation and licensing teams                                                         to the age-old problem of diesel engines
    work with Delphi divisions to select technologies                                                      producing Nitrous-Oxide (NOx) emissions.
    that have the highest potential and proactively
                                                                                                           Conventional systems require having a
    pursues opportunities with external partners in
                                                                                                           tank of liquid urea on the vehicle to reduce
    licensing and venture creation.
                                                                                                           NOx in the exhaust system. Not only does
                                                                                                           the urea have to be stored on the vehicle, it
     We hear you —                                                                                         must be refilled when empty. Delphi’s new
     Monarch Antenna headed to the moon                                                                    Diesel Fuel Reformer provides hydrogen
     Monarch Antenna was recently notified that                                                            enriched reformate and uses the vehicle’s
     its Phase II proposal to develop a wearable         …and Child Restraint Monitor                      own exhaust gasses to generate ammonia,
     smart antenna for astronauts during NASA’s                                                            and then sends the ammonia back into the
                                                         According to a random survey by the
     mission to the Moon starting in 2014 has
     received continued funding. The antenna             National Highway Traffic Safety Adminis-          exhaust stream to reduce the NOx.
     template is based on Monarch’s Self Struc-          tration, seven out of every 10 car seats are
                                                                                                           It’s simple and brilliant – completely self
     turing Antenna technology.                          utilized with critical errors.
                                                                                                           contained and never needs refilling!
     According to the NASA press release, “These         Since incorrect use of a child restraint system
     proposed smart antennas offer a high per-           can lead to serious injury to a child in the    To learn more about Diesel Reformer tech-
     formance-to-cost ratio and may reduce the           event of a crash, Delphi has developed a        nology, contact the licensing executive.
     cost of mobile communication antennas.”             monitor that reduces the instance of child
     Purdue University is Monarch Antenna’s              restraint system misuse and improves the
     research institution partner on the wearable        effectiveness of child restraints by providing
                                                                                                            Please feel free to pass this on to a
     smart antenna project and will be devel-            feedback to the driver/user. The device can
                                                                                                            colleague. New subscribers can click here
     oping the RF MEMS switches for dynamic              alert the driver/user to the 15 most com-           the Real our e-mail
                                                                                         Innovation forto be added to World list.
     configuration of the antenna.                       mon problems with position of the seat and
                                                         tightness of the restraints.                      To learn more about Delphi
     To learn more about the possible technology                                                            Technologies, Inc. or any aspect of
     applications of Monarch’s Self Structuring          To learn more about either of these
                                                                                                            our operation, call (248) 813-8065,
     Antenna contact the Monarch licensing               proprietary new technologies, contact              or visit
     executive.                                          the Delphi licensing executive.

                                                                                                                   Innovation for the Real World
                                                                       BRIGHT SPOTS 2
                                                 Fresh Ideas Growing

                                                                       Delphi Technologies, Inc. Newsletter

                                                                                         DelphI TeChnOlOgIes pOrTfOlIO
                                                             Our portfolio is composed of over 7,000 patents, software and trade secrets from
                                                             the following technologies:
                                                           engineered Materials
I see you —                                                   Delphi has developed an extensive array of material and processing technologies through the
Breakthrough Infrared Technology                              manufacturing of automotive components and systems.
Delphi Corporation and Symetrix Corporation are               • Ceramics • Fluids • Coatings • Polymers • Nano Composite Materials
jointly developing an infrared focal plane array (FPA)     sensors & Actuators
that uses a patented silicon-based ferroelectric ma-          Delphi is a leader in the development and design of automotive and non-automotive sensors.
terial and improved sensor performance for infrared
                                                              • Chemical • Mechanical • Micro Electronic Mechanical Systems (MEMS) • Optical • Thermal
detection and imaging.
                                                           Mechatronics & Control systems
The Delphi/Symetrix Infrared FPA promises                     Delphi’s leadership in Engine Management Systems has resulted in expertise in developing
significant cost savings since it eliminates the need         highly reliable and robust mechatronic systems as well as the electronics that control them.
for several additional components. The system also
                                                              • Smart Connectors • Motors/Actuators • Solenoids
generates performance advantages long sought by
                                                           Communications & Wireless
the imaging industry.
                                                              Delphi communications technologies are platforms for the multimedia applications of
For more information, contact the Focal Plane Array           tomorrow – allowing our customers to offer new levels of productivity, convenience and
licensing executive.
                                                              entertainment. • Antenna Systems • Navigation • Human Machine Interface • Fiber Optics •
ADVANTAGES OF INFRARED FOCAL PLANE ARRAY                      Smart Connectors • Satellite Digital Radio • Wireless Communication
• Lower cost • Reduced complexity                          lighting & Displays
• Improved reliability • Improved performance                 Delphi’s lighting and displays technologies employ the state-of-the-art in LEDs, fiber optics,
                                                              LCD, holograms, etc., to create unique user environments and increase functionality of human-
A shining update —
                                                              machine interfaces. • Fiber Optics • LCD Displays • Edge Lighting
Corrosion Resistant K-AlloyTM
Millions of parts have been produced since Delphi          Manufacturing processes & logistics
introduced its high corrosion resistance aluminum             By concentrating on total manufacturing costs, Delphi’s advanced processes reduce the
alloy; K-Alloy, in 2003. This proprietary alloy provides      number of parts, fasteners and materials, while optimizing labor, part orientation and material
die-cast, sand and permanent mold casting parts               handling. • Assembly Technology • Machine Vision • Machining • Material Processing
with superior protection from environmental                electronics & electronic processes
conditions that deteriorate components produced               Delphi is a world leader in the production of automotive wiring harnesses and connectors for
with traditional aluminum alloys like A380, A360
                                                              electrical power and signal distribution. • Electronic Packaging • Controllers • Flip Chips • Logic
and A413. It may also be less expensive by avoiding
                                                              Circuits • Power Supply • Electronic Cooling Technology • Thick Film Electronics
the need for corrosion protection processes like annod-
izing, chromating, powder coating and painting.            safety & security
                                                              Delphi has been an industry leader in developing safety and security technologies. It has
To learn more about using K-Alloy in your
                                                              provided occupant protection technologies to manufacturers for over 50 years. • Obstacle
application, contact the licensing executive.
                                                              Detection • Anti-Theft Sensors • Monitoring System Integration • Occupant Detection Systems
ADVANTAGES OF DELPHI’S K-ALLOY                             software & Databases
• Excellent corrosion resistance • Enhanced                   Delphi develops software tools, algorithms, control systems and methodologies to support the
product durability • Eliminates costs associ-                 design of automotive components and systems. Many have application outside the automotive
ated with other corrosion-resistant treatments                                                Innovation for the Real World
                                                              industry. • Simulators • Controls
• Alloys available for die cast and sand and
                                                           energy & environmental systems
permanent mold castings.
                                                              Delphi takes an aggressive role in protecting the environment by developing technologies that
To learn more about Delphi Technologies, Inc.                 reduce emissions, mass, and increase fuel economy. • Recycling • Vehicle Emissions • Energy
or any aspect of our operation, call                          Storage (Fuel Cells) • Engine Management Systems (Sensors, Actuators, ECU)
(248) 813-8065, or visit

                                                                                                                        Innovation for the Real World

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