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					                   Mobile Tech Tools For REALTORS®:
                                 Smartphones, iPads,
                                    Tablets And Apps
                          A mobile professional’s guide to knowing
                          Which wireless technologies work for you

G. William James                   Handheld Computer Solutions
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The smartphone & tablet
have changed the course
      of real estate

  Clients and colleagues demand a more immediate response

  Provides instant access to MLS online- increase sales opportunities

  Networking with office computers, update calendars and contacts

  Manage personal and business email from wherever you are

   Send & receive documents and contracts right from the smartphone

  Multimedia (photos and video) features offer mobile marketing
The Primary Mobile Device

•Wireless Internet
 MLS access, Web searches, news and information
 Instantly delivered whenever, wherever
                                                             New Blackberry
                                                              (2013 release)
 For calendar, contacts, documents and information storage
 Photos, video, listings, marketing materials
•Text Messaging
 The preferred messaging style for young consumers
How these features are delivered
makes the difference:

•Screen Size and Resolution
•Internet Browser
•Virtual vs. Physical Keyboard     Apple iPhone 5
•Easy-To-Use Design
•Camera Features
•Processor Speed
•Flash vs. Non-Flash Capable
The latest technology Features

•Faster Processors
Increased speed, added functionality

•4G Data
Download speeds up to 7x faster than 3G

•Larger Memory                              Samsung Galaxy III
More applications and functions

•Multimedia improvements
Up to 8MP cameras, HD Video

•Cloud Apps
Easy connections to apps via the Internet
How To Make Your

     Mobile Technology Investment

                     Become A Dividend
 Choose the right
smartphone for your
  specific needs

  Begin with a focus on the three things your
   device will perform for you most:

  Phone Calls?
  Email?                                        Nokia Lumia 920

  Web Searching?
  GPS Navigation?
  Fun and Games?
 Choose the right
smartphone for your
  specific needs

  What makes it a smartphone? An Operating System (OS)

     Apple iPhone OS                       Windows Phone 8

     Blackberry OS                         Android


According to IDC:

The Android operating system from Google Inc. (NASDAQ: GOOG) is expected to grab a 61% share of the
market this year, with iOS from Apple Inc. (NASDAQ: AAPL) accounting for 20.5% of shipments, followed
by the Blackberry OS from Research in Motion Ltd. (NASDAQ: RIMM) with 6%, and the Windows Phone
7/Windows Mobile operating systems from Microsoft Corp. (NASDAQ: MSFT) with 5.2% share. Nokia
Corp. (NYSE: NOK) will no longer support the Symbian operating system, and shipments of Symbian-
based phones are expected to approach zero by 2014.
   iPhone OS

Apple iPhone raised the bar for smartphone technology

Pro: Considered the best screen experience
      ●600,000+ available apps
      ●Very Cloud compatible
      ●Very easy to set up and use

Con: Typing on keyboard can be a challenge – at first
      ●Focused more on entertainment than business
      ●No removable battery
      ●Limited user control of device
                      iOS 6

For iPhone 3GS iPhone 4 iPhone 4S iPhone5; iPad 2 , the new iPad and the 4th gen iPod Touch .

 New features: Replaces Google Maps with their own Maps application
                 ●Wider knowledge and language base Siri. Now iPad compatible
                 ●Facebook integration throughout the OS
                 ●Facetime now works over both cellular and Wi-Fi
                 ●Send calls to a reminder or Ignore with a message in Phone
                 ●Easier to add photos to email
                 ●Customizable “Do Not Disturb” feature
                 ●Camera now shoots in panorama
 RIM Blackberry

Still one of the most popular smartphone devices used
for business
                                                        Blackberry Curve 9380
Pro: Email Pushed automatically
      ●Calendar, Contacts, Email well integrated
      ● Easy to set-up and use
      ● Not too “Techy” appeals to many people

Con: Internet speed concerns
      ● Not many real estate apps
      ● Limited “cloud” apps
      ● Company slowly innovating

Google’s open source OS delivers impressive
new features to mobile
                                                    Samsung Galaxy Note 2
Pro: Designed for “cloud’ computing
      ●Fastest growing mobile platform
      ●Easy to setup and use
      ●Over 675,000 apps to date
      ●No need to sync with computer - ever

Con: Memory management is the key to dependability
     ●Can run slowly if you don’t maintain the caches
     ●Customers complain of freezing devices- a lot
  What could this mean to Samsung and Apple? To the industry?

Apple: Bold, brash, with $1B extra dollars

     ●More Patent lawsuits vs Samsung in 2014
     ●Will go after HTC, Motorola, maybe even smaller players
     ●Will demand some products be removed from sale
     ●May even try to get Google in court

Samsung: Reeling from a decisive blow

     ●Have to pull back on devices scheduled for near future
     ●Re-design of devices takes time. Can they afford it?
     ●Appeals will have them in court for some time
     ●Have to do it all again in 2014
Microsoft comes in late but strong with a Powerful OS and affordable


     Microsoft comes in late but strong with a Powerful OS
     and affordable devices
     New features: Contact integration to social media, communications
                   ●Native email client is Outlook Mobile
                   ●Cloud connectivity for photos from phone to PCs
                   ●Live tiles on the Start screen
                   ●Xbox Live running natively
                   ●Microsoft Office is cloud based
                   ●Bing search engine and maps
                   ●Internet Explorer Mobile for its browser
Regardless of choice,
 three rules to make
 the best use of your
                  Rule 1:
           Commit to the

Make your smartphone’s productivity features as common to you as your phone features.

      Put all of your calendar events into your phone. Keep it current, use it daily.

      Create a CRM, or Client Relationship Management System

      Save notes and memos in the phone instead of on paper

      Prepare a “show listings anywhere” photo presentation
           Rule 2:
    Take full advantage of
         the features

Learning to use the advanced features will increase productivity
and increase sales

       Take the time to setup the options for each application.

       Bookmark your MLS site and other favorite websites in the browser.

       Practice taking photos and video capture with the camera

       Add third-party software applications as needed

       Create shortcuts to make navigation easier and faster
             Rule 3:
         Customize your
         device- make it
         uniquely yours

Personalizing your smartphone will improve and speed navigation, increase satisfaction

      Set speed dials and application shortcuts

      Customize the screen and each application for optimal navigation

      Get yourself hands-free with a headset and Bluetooth car kit

      Customize your device for a unique look, sound and response

      Add accessories to extend battery life, or add functionality
            Get Creative!

Imagine ways you can deliver first rate services and impress your clients

       Use the camera and videocam to record and send updated photos and video

       Share the most up-to-the minute listing information with your Twitter followers

       Always remember special dates (birthdays, anniversaries) for past clients

       Use MMS to host a “remote showing” when a live presentation isn’t possible

       Have your showing addresses pre-programmed into the GPS or Mobile Maps
How To Avoid Being One Of These People
 Regular maintenance can keep you and your phone running smoothly

Treat your smartphone in many ways as you do your computer
Managing the memory of your smartphone is key
Simple steps will avoid frustration, and perhaps embarrassment

Clean out your email and text messages
See the smartphone as a convenience for email, and save email on computer instead

Move all media (photos, video, music) to the memory card if necessary
Organize media files for quick access, especially listing photos

Delete temporary Internet files, cookies, clear history
Can typically be found in the Web browser settings menu

Reset your smartphone at least once per day
Removing the battery is best, if possible. This also refreshes your wireless network connection

Delete and reinstall Supra eKey application (if applicable)
MLS update cache files grow over time, and can cause major problems with your smartphone
iPhone/ iPad        Blackberry 5 and 6        Android

                     •Web Browser
                    •Menu > Options
  •Settings        •Cache Operations
   •Safari            •Clear caches         •Web Browser

•Scroll down         •Press Escape          •Menu > More

•Clear Caches   •Alt + LGLG > Menu> Clear     •Settings
                                            •Clear caches
(For Power- Challenged Devices)

 Turn off wi-fi and bluetooth
 Manually activate the wireless radio when you need faster downloads or you have weak reception

 Turn down the screen brightness
 The high-resolution screen is the biggest battery user

 Delete those apps you’ve installed but don’t use
 Lots of memory can be restored if you get rid of useless apps

 Shut down automatic notifications by apps (Polling)
 Facebook, Twitter, and other apps that update during the day are draining your battery
                                                                Advanced Task Killer, a
          Maintenance                                           free third-party app closes
                                                                apps running in the Task
              Tips                                              Manager

  (For Memory Challenged Devices)

Kill running apps in the background
to save battery
Advanced Task Killer (Android)
Task Manager (Android)
Double-tap Home button (iPhone 4)
                                       Press and hold the
                                       Home key to launch the
                                       Task Manager. Open
                                       the manager and close
                                       apps individually.
Your Mobile Strategy
Top Mobile Devices For Real Estate
The Latest Smartphones
The Latest Smartphones
The Latest Smartphones

Apple iPhone 5
Operating system: Apple iOS 6.0
CPU: Apple A6 Chip
Storage: 16, 32 or 64 GB built-in
Screen: 4.0 inch diagonal widescreen, retina display
Camera: 8MP w/LED flash and HD video, panorama
Price: $199- $399 on contract
The Latest Smartphones

Moto Droid Razr M
Operating system: Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich)
CPU: 1.5 GHz dual-core processor
Storage: 1GB built-in, Micro SD slot
Screen: 4.3 inch diagonal widescreen, 960 x 540
Camera: 8MP w/LED flash and HD video
Price: $99- $149 on contract
The Latest Smartphones

Nokia Lumia 920
Operating system: Windows Phone 8
CPU: 1.5 GHz Snapdragon processor
Storage: 1GB built-in, Micro SD slot
Screen: 4.5 inch diagonal widescreen, 1280 x 768
Camera: 8.7MP w/LED flash and HD video
Price: $99- $149 on contract
The Latest Smartphones

Samsung Galaxy Note
Operating system: Android 4.0
CPU: 1.5 GHz Snapdragon processor
Storage: 16GB/32GB storage, 1 GB RAM Micro SD Slot
Screen: 800 x 1280 pixels, 5.3 inches
Camera: 8 MP, 3264 x 2448 LED flash
Price: $299
        Model               CPU       Memory       RAM         OS          Cam       Display      Price

 Samsung Galaxy SIII      Dual Core   16/ 32GB     2GB         4.0         8 MP     1280x720      $199+
 Galaxy Note 2            Dual Core   16/ 32GB     2GB         4.1         8 MP     1280x720       $249
 HTC Droid DNA            Quad Core   16, 2GB      2GB         4.1         8 MP      1080p         $199
 HTC One-X+               Quad Core    64 GB       1GB         4.1         8 MP     1280x720       $199
 Moto Razr Maxx           Dual Core    32GB        1GB         4.0         8 MP     1280x720       $179
 Google Nexus 4           Dual Core     8GB        2GB         4.2         8 MP     1280x720       $299

      Model                CPU          Memory      RAM              Cam          Display      Price

 Nokia Lumia 920         Dual Core       32GB        1GB        8.7 MP        1280x720         $99
 HTC Windows 8X          Dual Core       16GB        1GB         8 MP         1280x720         $99
 Samsung Focus 2        Single Core      8GB         1GB         5 MP         480 x 800        $49

      Model               CPU          Memory        RAM             Cam          Display      Price

 Apple iPhone 5         Apple A6X     16/32/64GB     1GB             8 MP     1136 x640        $199
 Apple iPhone 4S         Apple A5     16/32/64GB     1GB             8 MP     960 x 640         $99

       Model                 CPU         Memory      Size            Cam          Display       Price

Apple iPad 4th Gen        Apple A6X    16/32/64GB    10in         5 MP        2048 x1536        $499+
Google Nexus 10           Quad Core     16/32GB      10in         5 MP        2560x1600         $399+
ASUS Transformer          Quad Core     16/32GB      10in         8 MP        1920 x 1200       $499+
Samsung Galaxy Note       Quad Core     16/32GB      10in         5 MP        1280 x 800        $399+
Microsoft Surface RT      Quad Core     32/64GB      10in         720p         1366 x768         $499
Amazon Kindle Fire HD     Dual Core     16/32GB      9in         1.2 MP       1920 x 1200        $299
Apple iPad Mini           Apple A6X    16/32/64GB    8in          5 MP        1024 x 768        $329+
Google Nexus 7            Quad Core      16/32GB         7in     1.2 MP       1280 x 800        $199+
Amazon Kindle Fire HD     Dual Core      16/32GB         7in     1.2 MP       1280 x 800        $199+
                    The Latest Tablets
                               10 inch

                   Apple       Samsung        Microsoft      Google
                   iPad 4      Galaxy 10     Surface Pro    Nexus 10
OS / Processor      iOS         Android      Windows        Android
                  Apple A6     Quad Core     Quad Core     Quad Core
 Resolution      2048 x 1536   2560 x 1600   1920 x 1080   2560 x 1600

  Available      16/32/64 GB    16/32 GB      32/64 GB      16/32 GB
   Screen           9.7 in       10.1 in       10.6 in        10 in
 Rear / Front       5 MP          5 MP          N/A           5 MP
  Camera            3 MP          3 MP                       1.9 MP
 Price (From)       $499          $349          $899          $399
                    The Latest Tablets
                               7 inch

                    Apple      Samsung         Amazon         Google
                  iPad Mini    Galaxy 7     Kindle Fire HD    Nexus 7
OS / Processor      iOS         Android      Windows          Android
                  Apple A5     Quad Core     Quad Core       Quad Core
 Resolution      1024 x 768    1024 x 600    1280 x 800      1280 x 800

  Available      16/32/64 GB    8/16 GB       16/32 GB       16/32 GB
   Screen           7.9 in       7.0 in         7.0 in         7.0 in
 Rear / Front       5 MP         5 MP
  Camera           1.2 MP       1.2 MP         1.3 MP         1.2 MP
 Price (from)       $349         $349           $199           $199
  The UltraBook
Notebook Computer

Ultra-thin, Lightweight, Powerful

Full sized notebook computers
Intel processors (Intel owns the name)
Flash drives instead of HDD
Super-fast loading time
Battery life ~ 9 hours
Reasonably priced (starts at $999)
40% of the laptop market expected to be Ultrabook by Dec 2012

A netbook is a mini-laptop computer designed
for wireless communication and access to the Internet.

Netbooks are designed primarily for:

Web Browsing
Web-based applications
Directed at “Cloud Computing” users who work on web-based
 applications rather than hard drives or servers.

                                                Samsung Chromebook 550

The Full Google experience- right out of the box

•7.0 -in.; 1024 x 600 pixel resolution
•Instant-on like a tablet or UltraBook
•1GHz dual core processor and 5.5GB of memory
•Wifi and USB enabled
•Seamless integration with Android devices
•Cloud storage built in with Google Drive
•Starts at $199

Apple’s tablet computer is designed
to bridge the smartphone and the laptop

Design is based on Apple iPhone, using downloadable
apps to drive its functionality

9.7 inch screen
WiFi and GPRS Internet
1GHz processor, 16GB, 32GB, or 64GB flash drive
Supports HTML 5
Dock connector to VGA adapter
95,000 apps in the App Store
       Galaxy Tab

Samsung’s tablet computer is the Android OS
Response to iPad and PlayBook, with all the
features Android fans appreciate

7 inch hi-resolution screen – Now offers a 10.1 inch, 1280 x 800 dpi version
1mhZ processor and 2GB of RAM
Wifi and 3G enabled + SD card up to 32GB
Supports HTML 5 and Flash
1.3MP front and 3MP rear cameras

Motorola’s Android tablet is the first to run OS 3.0 “Honeycomb”

•10.1-in.; WXGA (1280x 800 pixels; 150 pixels / inch), HD 720p
•1GHz dual core processor and 32GB of memory
•Wifi and 3G enabled
•Supports HTML 5 and Flash
•2MP front and 5MP rear cameras
•HDMI out to digital televisions and micro USB
        Kindle Fire HD

The Affordable tablet is powerful, feature-filled, and portable

•7.0 -in.; 1024 x 600 pixel resolution
•1GHz dual core processor and 5.5GB of memory
•Wifi and USB enabled
•Supports HTML 5 and Flash
•Could use a brighter screen
•1.9 MP Front Camera
   The Issue Around
    Flash Support


  Apple devices DO NOT support Adobe Flash or Shockwave on their devices.
  This is a problem for many who frequent websites that run Flash content or video.
  HTML5 is a similar technology that is supported by Apple, but not yet used
  Some MLS systems are Flash supported, so BEFORE you buy a tablet, make
  sure the applications you use will work on the devices you are considering
                  Mobile Productivity Tools
                 Useful Apps for Smartphones and Tablets

Docusign – Docusign is a service that allows for the
electronic signature of documents.

Tech Savvy Agent – The Tech Savvy Agent app
keeps you posted and up-to-date with the latest
technology for real estate agents.

DropBox – DropBox is a cloud app that allows you
to save everything to a special file on the DropBox
server – is a mobile marketing application
to make online property listings accessible via the
mobile web. This is a great tool for agents to use
with QR codes – design the QR code to direct
people to the property listing you’ve set up for the
mobile web through
                  Mobile Productivity Tools
                 Mobile Apps for Smartphones and Tablets

Level and iHandy Level is a useful Agents’ tool to
do exactly what it says: a handy level.

Area and Distance measurement - Use your
phone’s built-in GPS to measure the area of a room
or acreage.

Mortgage Calculator PRO makes it easy to
calculate monthly payments for fixed rate loans.

SMS Backup (Android) –saves all of your SMS
texts in a folder attached to Gmail. A great way to
store texts to print and use later.
                    Mobile Productivity Tools
                                           ZipForm Mobile

●Create a new transaction
● List the forms within a transaction (sort alphabetically)
● Add one or more forms to a transaction from one or
  more licensed libraries
● List and modify transactions (sort ascending /
 descending by modification date or by name)
● Fill in all fields on every form with the ‘Edit’ feature
  and information will automatically cascade throughout
  the forms within the transaction
● View forms in PDF or PNG format on your device and
● navigate forms by scrolling through the pages or
● Email one or more forms in PDF format to one or more
  email recipients, complete with any comments
                    Mobile Productivity Tools

● Designed for notes and archiving
● Free storage up to 60 MB/month
● Easy to organize system
● Cloud app for phones, tablets and computers
● Lots of useful add-ons in “The Trunk”
● Easy to add notes with various methods:
 oText Notes
 oVoice Memo
 oPhoto Capture
 oWeb clipping
 oFull website
 oHandwritten notes
     Mobile Productivity Tools
QR Codes- the latest innovation in Mobile Marketing

      A QR Code is a two-dimensional barcode readable a scanner,
      mobile phones with a camera and smartphones.

      The information encoded can be:
      •Text (contacts)
      •Website URL
      •Phone Number
      •Social Media
     Mobile Productivity Tools
QR Codes- the latest innovation in Mobile Marketing

      A QR Code is a two-dimensional barcode readable a scanner,
      mobile phones with a camera and smartphones.

      •Used by airlines for paperless check-in
      •Deposit checks using phone camera
      •Capture contacts at conventions
      •Property recovery?

                            Try Quickmark for
                            iPhone and Android.
                            Scan barcodes and QR
                            codes, scans, etc.

                            QR Droid is good too!
 Smartphone Marketing Tools
                         Flickr and Picasa                    
                                               Upload your images remotely
                                              Free service from Yahoo!
                                              Organize and share with anyone

                                              Geotag compatible
                                              A great way to keep up with business
                                               and personal photography

Upload and organize hundreds of photos into personal galleries.
Invite viewers and clients to see your slideshows with an email attachment-
no more attaching multiple photo files to an email.
Premium accounts with larger storage available.
      The Google Universe

                     •Gmail      •Talk
                     •Calendar   •Picasa
                     •Maps       •Earth
                     •Voice      •Drive
                     •RSS        •YouTube
                     •Search     •Reader
                     •Latitude   •Google+
      The Google Universe

                     Add this app to
                     your Blackberry
Have You ICED Your iPhone?

            How to save your own life

            Emergency first responders are trained to
            look for your mobile phone, hoping that the
            person has “ICED” their phone

            Here’s how to do it on a smart phone:

            1. Create a new contact

            2. Name the contact ICE Emergency

            3. Place the emergency contact
               information under “notes” instead of
               where phone numbers would go.

            4. List allergies, meds, blood type as well.
 Handouts and Downloads

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             Hooked On My Blackberry
        Getting A Finger On The iPhone
        Master The Android Smartphone
Smartphones, iPads, Tablets and Tech Tools
                 The Google Universe
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