Finding “The Right Girl” Isn’t the Hardest Part by mcclainmy


While Finding the perfect girl is hard enough it isn't quite the hardest part. That comes after you have decided to get married that being planning the wedding.

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									Finding “The Right Girl” Isn’t the Hardest Part
Finding the right girl takes complete control over every man’s mind at some point or another. They
begin long to share a lifetime companionship with a special someone.

The Perfect Girl
It can take some time for some to grow into the idea, but it does come eventually. With it comes a lot of
worry and a lot of speculation as to what makes the right girl.

                                  The task of dating and choosing one to spend your life with becomes
                                  increasingly difficult with every piece of advice you get. Every person
                                  values something different in a spouse.

                                  Some want their spouse to be intelligent and beautiful. Others care
                                  more about how the person cares for other people.

Still others might be attracted to a very good cook. Everyone wants to tell you what they thing, and it
can be hard to pick and choose the attributes that matter most to you.

Once you figure that out, finding the right girl to fit those aspects seems an impossible task. What many
don’t think about is that when it comes to wedding planning, finding the right girl can often be seen as
the easiest part.

The Wedding
Every wedding involves a number of things. First you have to find the venues for the wedding and the

Next you have to begin working on getting the invitations ready: which
involves taking hours of pictures; printing invitations; hand addressing,
sealing and stamping every envelope; and getting them to the mail box.
Next you begin working on the food and decorations.

Only the best food and the finest decorations are to be used. The theme of
the wedding and reception must match perfectly with the image your bride
to be is imagining in her mind.

All the decorations have to be the right size, in the right quantity and
placed in the right areas. On top of all that, the colors have to match.

Every bride has a very specific idea in mind for the colors she will use in her wedding. These colors are
hardly ever your simple greens, blues and purples.
Instead, she wants the periwinkle, color coded RGB: 170, 170, 255, and cinnabargreen, color coded RGB:
97, 179, 41. Should the flowers, the bridesmaids, the ties, the food or the decorations not match this
very specific color scheme, the wedding is ruined and your disgruntled bride will let you know about it.

It’s at times like this that you can easily fall to doubt that this relationship will last longer than the
reception. The stress that comes can hurt a couple’s relationships for months and the man is often
amazed at how many things matter to make this Las Vegas wedding work.

And many a man has risked a premature death when he suggested that it didn’t really matter if the cake
was colored periwinkle, RGB: 170, 170, 255. The best way to handle these situations is to focus on
getting her through it.

She doesn’t need a fix and she doesn’t need advice. What she needs is your comfort and support.

Help her by being there for her. Your Las Vegas wedding will still be stressful, but you will strengthen
your relationship during this time as opposed to compromising it.

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