on the front foot - Groote Schuur Primary School by liuhongmeiyes


									                                                   126 Campground Rd            ON THE FRONT FOOT

                                                   Fax: 021-685-3247
                                                   Tel: 021-685-7295
                                                   Rondebosch 7700

                                                                                 2 IMPORTANT MATTERS PLEASE
                                                                                 CAMPAIGN: HELP ERADICATE POLIO & ELIMINATE
                                                                                 An official from the National Dept of Health will be visit-
                                                                                 ing schools during April and May to make the necessary
                                                                                 arrangements for the mass immunization against polio
                                                                                 and measles of all children aged from 0-15 years. Kindly
                                                                                 fill in the consent form (on attached letter) if you want
                                                                                 your child to be immunized against polio and measles.
                                                          RUBY TUESDAY

                                                                                 CHILDREN NOT KNOWING IMPORTANT NUMBERS
                        - home of new beginnings

                                                                                 Does your child know your cell phone number or home
                                                                                 number off by heart? We have so many learners coming
                                                                                 to the office who need to phone a parent and when we
                                                                                 ask them for the number, they don’t know it. What if
                                                                                 your child gets lost in the shop or in case of an emer-

                                                                                 gency? Who is he/she going to contact? This applies not
                                                                                 only to the little ones, but senior learners too. Please
                                                                                 make sure that your child learns your numbers.

                                                                                 We are commencing the HELP TO READ programme at our school next week.
                                                                                 We currently have three volunteers who are able to assist five learners. We ap-
                                                                                 peal to parents who are willing to volunteer two hours per week to assist our
                                                                                 learners to please come forward. Kindly contact the office for details. All volun-
                                                                                 teers are required to attend a free one-day training course in Claremont. Thank
                                                                                 you for helping our children to improve their literacy at school.

                                                                                 PROGRAMME FOR THE WEEK
                                                                                 9      Tue U/9 Cricket vs St Joseph’s
                                                                                            U/12 Cricket vs Rondebosch (home)
                                                                                 10     Wed U/11 Cricket vs Sunlands (home)
                                                                                 11     Thu U/13 Cricket vs Sunlands (home)
                                                                                 12     Fri Tennis vs Pinelands
                                                                                 15     Mon U/10 cricket vs SACS (home)
                                                                                 16     Tue Mini cricket vs Grove

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LOST PROPERTY                                                               LIFT OFFERED
Marked: Drawstring bag – Davin Smit & Demi Daries,
                                                                         From Greenhaven,
Stretch shorts – Liaam K, Boy’s bather – Jordan S, Togbag –
                                                                    Surrey Estate, Primrose Park,
Azhar Lewis, , P&P bag – Thaafir Chilwan, Drawstring bag:
                                                                      Heideveld, Newfields & s
D. Wyngaard & Amy le Roux, Blazer – Robyn.
Unmarked: drawstring bag, pink towel, tennis racquet cover                 Please contact
bag, 2 odd shoes, grey shorts 7-8 & 6-7, Blazers age 9 and 12-            Moenieba Galant
13, Blazer with red shoe inside, blazer from School & Leisure,              0824496658
dress size 69cm,

The following deposits have been made into our bank account without proper references
and cannot be posted to the correct accounts, kindly contact the finance office and pro-
vide proof.

26   February R 7740 reference Jason 3E
01   March R 860 Cash deposit Cape Town
01   March R 860 Cheque deposit Lansdowne
01   March R 1400 Ref Gen Next

I again appeal to parents to make sure that the correct references are being used when
making payment into the bank account and thus avoid any confusion. There are many
children with the same first names and surnames.

Gr. 7 Tour Fundraiser 2010                   PTA News

                                             Reportback from the Fun Run/Morning Market
The Gr. 7’s of 2010 will be under-
taking an educational tour along             Here are the details of how we made our money at the
the Garden Route during Septem-              Fun Run/Morning Market on 13 February:
ber / October. Our fundraiser for
this term is an Easter Egg Raffle –          Fun Run entries R3 940
your child will have received a let-         Stalls - Gr R    R1 398
ter and a raffle form today. There              Gr 1       R1 170
                                                Gr 2       R2 490
will be one prize per grade. We                 Gr 3       R 800
look forward to your support and                Gr 4       R1 573
thank you in anticipation thereof.              Gr 5       R 625
Gr. 7 educators and learners.                   Gr 6       R1 329
                                                Gr 7       R2 083

        FLOWERS                              After expenses, we made a profit of R12 562!!!

THANK YOU TO DANIEL                          Grade Twos, you own the bragging rights on the biggest
                                             sales this year – congratulations!
 PEARSON and his family
                                             Well done and thank you again to everybody who made it
  for the lovely flowers                     such a fun-filled and fruitful morning!
       in the foyer.
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We played 2 matches last week.
On Tuesday we played against Bay Primary. We only played doubles and beat them 4
– 0. Congratulations to Nikyle, Jenna, Matthew and To’feeq. You did extremely
Friday 5 March we played against Sweet Valley Primary. We lost 2-4.
Well done to Nikyle and Jenna who both won their singles matches 6 – 3 each.

Our next match on is Friday against Pinelands.


The u/9 cricket team played against St. Josephs Primary on the 2nd of March. Everyone played extremely
well and we won the match. Liam Arendse was man of the match. He scored 11 runs from only 8 balls.

U/10 Cricket vs Golden Grove. On the 8th March the u/10 cricket boys played a match against Golden Grove
Primary School. The day was extremely hot and a warm wind didn’t add to the conditions either. We lost the
toss and bowled first. We started off well with our bowling which lead to very few extras and with some vi-
cious bowling by Jaco, 2/6 and Amir, 2/7, we managed to constrict the opposition to 79/5. We came in to bat
trying to overcome the heat and the extremely good bowling attack from Golden Grove. Unfortunately the
opposition got the better of us and we only managed 49/9 in 20 overs. The awards went to: Amir Varachia –
Bowling, Jaco Barnard – Batting and Sportsmanship and fielding went to Matthew Robberts. Thank you par-
ents for the great support.

U/11 Cricket vs Rosebank. We were sent in to bat and made 72 runs. Good batting by Yusri 27 and Yasin
13*. We restricted them to 48/9. Good bowling by Yusri 2wickets for 5 runs and Keane 4 wickets for 2 runs.
Man of the match: Yusri. WE ARE STILL UNBEATEN!!

Under 12 Cricket vs SACS. SACS kindly filled in a Bye for us allowing the boys to have a game. They have
an Under 12 A to D team. All the boys who couldn't make those teams were given a run against our Under
12's. So don't read too much into the result.
Groote Schuur Batted first and made: 145 runs in 20 overs. Tariq Fillies scored a stylish 50 not out - great in-
nings. Yanga Tolashe scored 27 good runs. Tashriq Salie made 17 while Spencer Hammond made 10. Reece
Bretteney and Rudo Makonco scored 5 and 3 not out respectively. The balance was made up by no balls,
wides, and byes!!
We bowled next and got them all out for 27. Bowling Analysis: Tariq Fillies 3 overs 3 wickets for 3 runs;
Yanga Tolashe 3 overs 3 wickets for 12 runs; Tashreeq Salie 3 overs 1 wickets for 3 runs; Reece Bretteney
FOUR overs 3 wickets for ZER0 runs; Hishaam Damon 2 overs 0 wickets for 6 runs. EXTRAS: 10.
Men of the match: Tariq Fillies and Reece Bretteney. We have now won 5 out of 5 - Well done boys. Their
manners were excellent and they were well dressed.

U/13 Cricket against Rosebank Primary. On Thursday 4 March we played against Rosebank Primary on a
very, very hot day! We lost the toss and were sent in to bat first. We scored 85 runs for 3 wickets only in 15
overs, with Sive scoring 50 n.o.! It was a brilliant display of powerful batting by Sive!
We restricted them to 17 runs for 7 wickets in the allotted 15 overs. Our bowlers all did very well with Allan
taking 3 wickets and he was also involved in a run-out! Although the opponents are on a learning curve with

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                                    Vele hande maak ligte werk!

On Saturday 27 February a group of volunteers arrived at school to fix our dilapidated cricket nets.
They worked very, but had some energy left to bowl a few overs and score some runs in our
friendly cricket match. Thank you to the families who were present. The 2nd innings will follow
                                                            in April. Will keep you informed.
                         McFarlane             Jaffer
                                                             Thank you!

          Anthony                                              Perin


         Swanepoel                                                                   Kamunga



                                                              Oom Neels

                      Africa                                   Mr Claassen

                      Van Tonder                                  Griqua

                                    Varachia                  Tannie Deonie

  Arise, shine, for your light has come!

  anton meyer
  Chief Learning Officer.…

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