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    Dustin Senger

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    William R. McLeod

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                                                DM58: New year in Qatar
                                                THE WIRE
                                                n Off-post sponsor boosts respite program success              3
                                                n Stryker repair facility shifts focus  (continued from below) 8
                                                n USO Qatar recognizes greatness in uniform                   10
                                                n Qatar dining competes for repeat honors                     11
                                                n Reserve general visits Soldiers in Qatar                    12
                                                n ASG-QA Soldier and NCO of the Quarter                       13
                                                n Rest and relaxation                                         14
Commander’s corner
n USARCENT       4-5                            n Celebrity support during 2008                               16
n ASG-QA         6-7                            n Spiritual fitness                                           18
      Qatar base
                                                n MWR events schedule                                         19
    competes for
       Connelly                                 n New year party                                              20
                                                n NCO induction                                               22
   Sports teams
    attend Qatar
  military games                                n   Soldiers run from Qatar to Kuwait                                   24
                                                n   Soldier Strong – Fitness Q&A                                        26
Edition 58
This Army magazine is an authorized
publication for members of the Department
                                                n   Walker            (trip to Islamic museum; continued from page 3)   28
of Defense. Contents of the Desert Mesh
are not necessarily the official views of, or   DOHA LIFE
endorsed by, the U.S. Government or Depart-
ment of the Army. The editorial content is      n   Qatar military sports history                                       30
the responsibility of the Area Support Group
Qatar public affairs office. General comments   n   Qatar sports strengthen connections                                 31

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or call 011-974-450-2714 (DSN: 318-432-
                                                n   Seasonal concerns for driving in Doha                               32
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by Dustin Senger. Comments should be ad-        n   Record-breaking safety period in Qatar                              34
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call 011-974-450-2714 (DSN 318-432-2800).
                                                Styker repair facility
                                                shifts focus
COVER PAGE: (Top) U.S. Central
Command rest and recuperation pass
program participants line up for a
photograph with Fatima Al Hamadi at the         By DUSTIN SENGER
Museum of Islamic Art in Doha, Qatar,
Dec. 20. From left to right: U.S. Marine
                                                ASG-QA public affairs
Corps Lance Cpl. Kerby Telemaque, from
Coral Springs, Fla.; Army Spc. Daniel           C A M P A S S AY L I YA H ,          repair facility at Camp As
Zimmer, from Chicago, Ill.; Hamadi; Army
Pfc. Anthony Arnette, from El Paso, Texas;      Qatar – “We want to work             Sayliyah, Qatar, Dec. 23.
Army Sgt. 1st Class Otis Walker, from
                                                ourselves out of a job,”
Miami, Fla.; Marine Corps Chief Warrant                                              “When we don’t get damaged
Officer Jeff Moxley, from Louisville, Ky.;      s a i d R i ck H u n t , f r o m
                                                                                     vehicles, it means people are
and Marine Corps Lance Cpl. Matthew
Shimmel, from Phillipsburg, Penn. (Cover
                                                Newark, Ohio, inside the
Photo-illustration by Dustin Senger)            Stryker battle damage                        (Continued on page 8)

                                                             Desert Mesh :  : December 2008/January 2009
Camp profile: Walker leads in off-post sponsor hours
Off-post sponsor boosts                  personalized experience. According    installation. In December 2007, he
                                         to program officials, Walker has      became the Area Support Group
respite program success
                                         sponsored nearly 80 trips off the     Qatar noncommissioned officer in
                                         Qatar base since March. Over          charge of the Camp As Sayliyah
By DUSTIN SENGER                         recent months, he has volunteered     transportation motor pool. He is
ASG-QA public affairs                    more sponsorship hours than           responsible for hundreds of non-
                                         anyone on the installation.           tactical vehicle distribution plans
DOHA, Qatar – U.S. Army Sgt. 1st                                               and three vehicle lease contracts.
Class Otis Walker, from Miami, Fla.,     “They know to call me when the        Walker must respond to any accident
sponsored five servicemembers,           R&R desk gets really crowded with     involving government vehicles.
each participating in the U.S. Central   people trying to go off post,” said   Furthermore, he implemented a
Command rest and recuperation            Walker. “It depends on my work        revised driver’s training program
pass program, to travel off the U.S.     day, but when they call, I know       for installation residents.
military installation in Qatar, Dec.     they’re desperate.” According to
20. Walker maintains a reputation        Walker, he also makes an effort       “I ask people what they want to
as the person to call when troops        to support tenant units requiring     do – what they have heard about
want to leave the confines of Camp       sponsorship to travel off post.       – and I always attempt something
As Sayliyah, to absorb the genuine                                             cultural. I try and show a different
Arabic atmosphere found in the           Walker’s off-post activities do       side of Qatar; which, if anything,
Gulf state.                              not distract him from meeting         gives everyone a little more to brag
                                         mission requirements on the           about. If people were only able to
Since 2004, over 175,000                                                       take pictures of shopping areas,
USCENTCOM war fighters have              “  They know to call me               they’d miss out!”
participated in the respite program      when the R&R desk gets
in Qatar. Several group shopping         crowded with people trying                         (Continued on page 28)
and cultural tours are offered, but      to go off post.” Army Sgt. 1st
an off-post sponsor provides a more      Class Otis Walker, Miami, Fla.

                                                                    U.S. Army Sgt. 1st Class Otis Walker
                                                                    (center), from Miami, Fla.; with U.S.
                                                                    Central Command rest and recuperation
                                                                    pass program participants in Doha, Qatar,
                                                                    Dec. 20. (Official Army Photo/Dustin Senger)

              Desert Mesh :  : December 2008/January 2009
                        James J. Lovelace
                        Lieutenant General
                        Commanding General

                        T hetime tooftake New Yearthe
                              start   the
                                          stock in
                                                    is           While we continue to transform
                                                                 ourselves and prepare for challenging
                        previous year’s accomplishments          missions, our Family Readiness
                        and set goals for the months ahead.      Groups have remained engaged.
                        We have a great deal to be proud of      The strength of USARCENT relies
                        here in U. S. Army Central and a lot     significantly on the strength of
                        to look forward to as we move into       our Families. The volunteer leaders
                        2009.                                    and members of our FRGs constitute
                                                                 an essential component of our
                        The dedicated professionals, that        readiness.
The state of USARCENT   serve our command each day,
                        have been the reason for our             We conducted our inaugural Army
                        many successes. Our Soldiers are         Family Action Plan Conference
                        executing their tasks with energy        as a direct reporting unit to the
                        and excitement… proudly wearing          Department of the Army in 2008. This
                        the USARCENT patch on their left         is a powerful program… an attitude
                        sleeve. Our noncommissioned officer      within the organization… that gets to
                        corps has truly been the backbone of     the heart of taking care of people.
                        the organization. Officers are leading
                        from the front, promoting teamwork,      I applaud all your efforts, as it has
                        and providing the guidance in our        indeed been a combined effort which
                        pursuit of excellence. Our Civilians     has made us endlessly successful.
                        have contributed immensely to            Take a moment to revel in the
                        our success as they faithfully and       accomplishments of this incredible
                        loyally take care of Soldiers and        year… we should all be very proud.
                        Families. Our Family members and
                        volunteer leaders have made critical     Our command… a command
                        contributions to our command’s well-     full of exceptionally dedicated
                        being and quality of life programs.      professionals… will continue to work
                                                                 hard and maintain a quick pace in
                        This past year brought historic          2009. We must take this opportunity
                        changes in the character of              to rededicate ourselves to our
                        this organization. Patton’s Own          commitment to do the mission;
                        celebrated 90 years of service by        protect the force. Together, we will
                        going through a defining period.         continue to make USARCENT the
                                                                 premier Army Service Component
                        Our Command has moved rapidly            Command in the United States
                        towards Full-Spectrum Operations         Army.
                        capability. We reorganized our main
                        and operational command posts,           As we “ruck up” and prepare to
                        postured the Early Entry Command         move out on another year, we
                        Post forward and adapted our battle      can confidently say that the state
                        command processes. After two             of ARCENT… has never been
                        successful FSO rotations, we are         stronger. We’ve had an incredibly
                        well on our way to JTF certification     successful year and it has been
                        in 2009.                                 on the backs of each of you. The
                                                                 Soldiers, Civilians, and Family
                        We have become expeditionary;            Members of our great command
                        capable of deploying forward “one        are truly making a difference. You all
                        ocean closer to the fight” to conduct    make it a pleasure to come to work
                        Full-Spectrum Operations. The Army       each and every day.
                        and U.S. Central Command are now
                        realizing the untapped capabilities      Thank you for all you do.
                        that can be leveraged from this
                        powerful headquarters.                   Patton’s Own!

                                      Desert Mesh :  : December 2008/January 2009
                                         John D. Fourhman
                                         Command Sergeant Major
                                                     Command Sergeant Major

“I comrade.” This is the afinal part
    will never leave         fallen      harassment and assault prevention
                                         for the Nation, and how we will
of our Warrior Ethos that each one of    accomplish this through our Army
us lives by everyday while we serve      Values.
our great Army.
                                         “We will create a climate of zero
Never leaving a fallen comrade           tolerance for gender-based
is more than just taking care of         misconduct – in attitude, word,
those wounded on the battlefield;        and deed, and become fully, as our
it extends to never allowing harm        values demand, a band of brothers
to come to our fellow brothers and       and sisters,” said Geren, during his     Sexual assault prevention
sisters in arms, in the barracks, on     speech.
or off duty.
                                         Stopping sexual assault begins with
Sexual harassment and sexual             every Soldier doing the right thing at
assault are crimes that eat away at      all times. Leaders must inform their
the very core of our Army Values         Soldiers of the importance of a good
and our Warrior Ethos. Right now,        sexual harassment and assault
the rate of sexual assaults in the       prevention program and enforce the
Army is twice the rate of the other      standards to prevent these heinous
services. The worst part behind that     acts from occurring.
number is that experts estimate
on average only one in five sexual       U.S. Army Central has proposed
assaults ever get reported.              several steps in bringing awareness
                                         and prevention of sexual harassment
It is the responsibility of everyone     and assault to the attention of the
in the command to look out for their     command.
fellow brothers and sisters. We must
create a positive environment where      These steps include, publishing
everyone knows that they can count       results of Article 15/Court Martial
on their fellow Soldiers to do the       actions, to send a message that
right thing … every Soldier is his       these actions will not be tolerated;
brother or sister’s keeper.              maximizing media potential to
                                         proliferate the field with command
As Soldiers we are bound together        messaging on I. A.M. STRONG;
by our values, which help us             implementing roving patrols for
distinguish ourselves from the rest      high risk areas; and creating an
of society. That bond to the outside     on-line communication access link
eye is something some will never         for individuals with questions about
comprehend – such as the sacrifice       sexual harassment and assault.
of one Soldier giving their life for a   The on-line system will also allow
total stranger simply because they       individuals to report incidents of
share the same uniform.                  sexual harassment and assault.

The Secretary of the Army, the           This is a very serious problem in our
honorable Pete Geren, spoke at           Army and something the command
the Association of the United States     takes very seriously.
Army annual meeting and exposition
last in October, discussing the          For more information about the I.
Army’s continued effort to eradicate     A.M. STRONG campaign, go to
sexual harassment and sexual             the following Web site: http://www.

He spoke about how the Army              Patton’s Own!
will become the model for sexual

              Desert Mesh : 5 : December 2008/January 2009
                         David G. Cotter
                         Area Support Group Qatar

                         T his edition of theyou theMesh,
                           should reach
                                                                  challenges, and tournaments
                                                                  offered on the installation. Getting
                          week of January. We had a great started is easy. Go to the gym
                          celebration at Camp As Sayliyah; and ask how to join the next
                          see pages 20 and 21 in this edition MWR Fitness Mania challenge, an
                          of the Desert Mesh. As we embark installation-wide event that allows
                          on our journey into 2009, we must participants to track individual
                          all resolve to do some old things efforts to increase physical fitness.
                          better and some new things for Fitness Mania occurs every other
                          the first time.                         month – January has already
A message from the                                                started but another will begin in
installation commander    Area Support Group Qatar is March. Capt. Luis Martinez, ASG-
                          committed to the safety and QA finance officer, earned the
                          security of every resident at Camp most points over four consecutive
                          As Sayliyah. I need everyone competitions. He redeploys this
                          to be familiar with I need everyone                  month in great shape,
                          installation policies to be familiar                 leaving the coveted
                          a n d p r o c e d u r e s with installation          lead position in
                          concerning off-post policies and                     Fitness Mania open
                          travel, dress and procedures                         to the possibility
                          behavior. Adhering concerning off-                   of a new reigning
                          t o t h e s e p o l i c i e s post travel, dress champion. Resolve
                          ensures safe and and behavior.                       to be in fighting shape
                          secure enjoyment of                                  throughout 2009.
                          Qatar ’s numerous
                          attractions. Furthermore, applying Camp As Sayliyah is starting the
                          and advocating these policies new year with an outstanding
                          will help exhibit yourself as a safety record. At the end of
                          great ambassador of the United 2008, the safety office tallied 247
                          States. Resolve to be a model of days without incident – the most
                          excellence to our host nation.          consecutive days ever recorded
                                                                  to date! I want to send a heart-felt
                          Opportunities to improve physical “thank you” to every Soldier, Sailor,
                          fitness are abound at Camp As Airman, Marine and civilian team
                          Sayliyah. Aside from using the member who continues to uphold
                          two outstanding gymnasiums, safe environments throughout the
                          the ASG-QA Morale, Welfare installation. Congratulations! We
                          and Recreation team provides must continue to support this strong
                          many community activities – from momentum by never allowing
                          challenges in resistance training ourselves to grow complacent, on
                          to group aerobics sessions. If you and off duty. Resolve to continue
                          have not experienced aerobics safety excellence throughout
                          with Gina, I think it’s safe to say 2009.
                          you have not pushed yourself
                          yet!                                    Patton’s Own!

                          You can achieve the best shape of
                          your life by taking full advantage
                          of all the fitness equipment,

                                        Desert Mesh :  : December 2008/January 2009
                                    Michael D. Howard
                                        Command Sergeant Major
                                                   Command Sergeant Major
                                                   Area Support Group Qatar

F irst of all, Group to wish Area
               I want
                      Qatar, and
                                        endeavors – that’s great news!
                                        The problem is the use of certain
all the tenant units of Camp As         fat-loss supplements offered at the
Sayliyah, a wonderful new year!         AAFES Post Exchange, as well as
I want to thank everyone who            online. Before you try a product
supported mission accomplishment        to augment your weight-loss or
and troop welfare during 2008.          muscle-building efforts, check
                                        with Maj. Bascom Bradshaw, troop
While moving into 2009, continue        medical clinic director, and his
to display superior Soldier             team of health experts to identify
discipline, workplace motivation        personal contradictions. Be sure        Commit to new year
and team efforts. As forward-           to ask about concerns with mixing       resolutions in Qatar
located servicemembers and              specific pills, powders or drinks.
civilians, we must always take          Most importantly, seek help before
great pride in every day efforts        spending your hard-earned money.
ensuring the success of Operation       If it’s likely to deliver more harm
Enduring Freedom and Operation          than good, you don’t need it. Read
Iraqi Freedom. Furthermore, we          the labels.
must never forget the sacrifices
made by our family members back         In case you missed the grand
home.                                   opening, AAFES revitalized the
                                        post movie theater on Jan. 6. The
After earning the prestigious           upgrade projects movies using 35
award last year, Department of          millimeter film, allowing first-run
the Army Connelly Award program         movies to be presented on a huge,
officials returned to evaluate the      theater-size screen. Ask for a
Camp As Sayliyah dining facility        movie schedule from the ASG-QA
on Dec. 10. I want to thank the         Morale, Welfare and Recreation
dining facility team for presenting     team.
another great run from Southwest
Asia. Although we didn’t earn           To the Noncommissioned Officers:
consecutive honors, we did make         always remember, you are the
the top six for large garrison          bearers of standards. You keep
dining facilities. Outstanding job!     everyone pointed in the right
You are number one to each U.S.         direction on the installation. I need
Central Command war fighter who         your help to ensure everyone
walks through your doors while          reviews recent policy updates.
participating in the R&R program        A lot has changed over the past
in Qatar. They are the big winners      month. Take the time to guarantee
for the efforts you put forth at each   compliance within your respective
and every meal.                         unit.

As ASG-QA command sergeant              Soldier First, Leader Always!
major, I am seeing a horrible trend
on the installation. Many of you are
becoming increasingly more active
in community and personal fitness

              Desert Mesh :  : December 2008/January 2009
                                            THE WIRE
Barack Obama
• Jan. 20: Inaugural Ceremony
in Washington, DC

                                             Stryker                                    contained a mixture of eight
                                                                                        Stryker variants: infantry carrier
                                             (Continued from page 2)                    (most common), motor carrier,
                                                                                        medical evacuation, engineer
                                             going home in one piece.”                  support, fire support, command,
                                                                                        reconnaissance, and anti-tank
                                             Hunt is the General Dynamics Land          guided missile vehicles.
                                             Systems site manager at the Qatar
                                             site, responsible for receiving,           “The vehicles we received are the
                                             repairing and returning Stryker            oldest in the Stryker fleet,” said
                                             combat vehicles protecting U.S.            Hunt. “They spent most of their
President-elect Barack Obama                 Central Command war fighters.              ‘lives’ in battle – they look nasty first
and President George W. Bush                                                            getting here.” Strykers were first
walk the Colonnade to the Oval               A recent decrease in combat-               introduced to combat in 2003, but
Office Monday, Nov. 10, 2008,                damaged Strykers led to discussions        several were constructed as early
as the President and Laura                   about the fate of the repair facility at   as 2001. According to Hunt, many
Bush welcomed the president-                 the U.S. military installation in Qatar.   vehicles missed their regularly
elect and his wife, Michelle, to             A new mission was needed to retain         scheduled reset dates by two years,
the White House. (Official White             the team of experienced mechanics,         due to operational requirements
House Photo/Eric Draper)                     welders and material controllers. In       and unit transitions.
                                             November, discussions between
CAS in the News!                             U.S. government and GDLS                   “We intend to do a ‘reset plus’ on
DVIDS provides a                             officials shifted the focus of the site    each vehicle,” said Hunt, “taking
timely connection                            to refurbishing, or “resetting,” worn      them beyond reset requirements.”
between media organizations                  out Strykers on the battlefield.           Reset procedures consist of
around the world.                                                                       completing annual service tasks,
                                             Strykers urgently needing the reset        installing upgrades, steam cleaning,
See ASG-QA public releases at:               service were removed from combat           as well as removing and servicing all         operations and sent to Camp As             hydraulic pumps, wheel drives and
                                             Sayliyah. Recent shipments of              gears. At the Qatar site, Strykers
Content in this Desert Mesh                  the light-armored combat vehicle           are also repainted, inside and
was picked up by the following                                                                      out, to give passengers
agencies (source: DVIDS 360                                                                         an increased sense of
distribution report, Jan. 7):                                                                       security and comfort.
v Associated Press;
New York, NY                                                                                 An onsite warehouse
v Bloomberg News;                                                                            of nearly 4,000 parts
New York, NY                                                                                 fuels a fast turnover
v Dining Out Magazine;                                                                       tempo. Mechanics have
Denver CO                                                                                    immediate access to
v Getty Images;                                                                              nuts, bolts, drive trains,
New York, NY                                                                                 shocks, transmitions
v;                                                                              – if something is not
San Francisco, CA                                                                             available, a forward-
v Museum Magazine;                          Gabriel Byers, a welder from Utica, N.Y.,         repair area in Iraq can
Washington, D.C.                            completes repairs on a Stryker vehicle inside usually provide it within
v Reuters                                   the battle damage repair facility at Camp         two days. If not, parts
v Runner’s World;                           As Sayliyah, Qatar, Dec. 23. In November,         are expedited from a
Philadelphia, PA                            discussions between U.S. government and           logistics center in the
v USO;                                      General Dynamics Land Systems officials           United States.
Arlington, VA                               shifted the focus of the site to refurbishing,
                                            or “resetting,” worn out Strykers on the          “The hardest thing to do
Contact Dustin Senger, ASG-QA public
affairs specialist, for more information.   battlefield. (Official Army Photo/Dustin Senger) is getting everyone to

                                                            Desert Mesh : 8 : December 2008/January 2009
slow down,” said Hunt, pleased by
the enthusiasm in the facility. “They
are used to ripping Strykers apart
to repair battle damage.” Extensive
damage in combat requires roughly
60 days for repairs, but a basic reset
is accomplished in 10 days: one
day prepping, two days welding,
one day for suspension and
preassembly, then the remaining
time spent in assembly and road
testing. A quality assurance and
control supervisor inspects the
entire process as it unfolds.
                                         Rick Hunt, from Newark, Ohio, talks with Malcom Monroe, from
“This vehicle will grow based on         Deridder, La., next to a worn out Stryker vehicle outside a battle
what we have learned on the              damage repair facility at Camp As Sayliyah, Qatar, Dec. 23. Hunt
battlefield,” said Malcom Monroe, a      is the General Dynamics Land Systems site manager at the
senior wheel vehicle mechanic from       Stryker repair facility in Qatar. (Official Army Photo/Dustin Senger)
Deridder, La. “The reset Strykers
all have common stress fractures,        chemical-energy rounds, such as         would put their own children in, or
broken bolts and bent brackets. The      rocket-propelled grenades.              get into themselves.”
engineers are learning which areas
need to be beefed up.” Damage            “I have zero disciplinary issues with   On Dec. 21, the Qatar site’s first
trends made slat armor a required        my team,” said Hunt. “They just         four refurbished Strykers were
addition for each vehicle in 2003.       want to work and have proven their      returned to troops in Iraq.
The cage armor wraps around              flexibility. Most of us here either
the hull to protect occupants from       have family in the military
                                         or served in the military
“  We intend to do a ‘reset-             ourselves. Everyone
plus’ on each vehicle -                  is motivated to send
taking them beyond reset                 out a product they
requirements.” Rick Hunt,
Newark, Ohio

A refurbished Stryker vehicle
outside the battle damage
repair facility at Camp As
Sayliyah, Qatar, Dec. 23. The
vehicle recently finished a reset
process after spending most of
its “life” in battle. (Official Army
Photo/Dustin Senger)

              Desert Mesh :  : December 2008/January 2009
                                 THE WIRE
U.S. Army Central
Standards Book

• Army Values
• Military
Customs and                       USO Qatar                                 Of those, most are participating in
                                                                            the U.S. Central Command rest
• Soldier Conduct
                                  recognizes                                and recuperation pass program
                                                                            at the Qatar base. “Since we’re
• Wear and                        Greatness in                              often focused on the R&R, this
Appearance of the
                                  Uniform                                   is an outreach to our permanent
                                                                            community.” USO Qatar plans to
• Safety/Force Protection                                                   select one servicemember each
                                  By DUSTIN SENGER
• Various References                                                        month.
                                  ASG-QA public affairs
The 3rd Edition (May 2008) is                                               “I enjoy my job,” said Frederickson,
now available. Download here:     C A M P A S S AY L I YA H , Q a t a r     a ground communication repairman     – U.S. Marine Corps Sgt. Mark             who volunteered for assignment in

                                  Frederickson, from Linda Vista,           Qatar as a liaison officer who helps
                                  Calif., earned the first United Service   facilitate the USCENTCOM respite
CAS in the news!                  Organization Qatar Greatness in           program. Since its 2004 inception,
                                  Uniform award at Camp As Sayliyah,        over 170,000 USCENTCOM war
Find Camp As Sayliyah news        Qatar, Dec. 13. The presentation          fighters have participated.”My
on the DVIDS Web site at:         was created to recognize positive         command asked for someone to           influences on others at the U.S.          fill an individual augmentation billet
                                  military installation.                    in Qatar, so I raised my hand for it.
                                                                            I had recently returned home from
                                  “The Greatness in Uniform award           Iraq and had never been to Qatar
                                  gives us an opportunity to support        before.”
                                  our installation’s permanent party,”
                                  said Larry Cooke, USO Qatar center        USO officials presented Frederickson
                                  manager. According to Cooke, each         with the first Greatness in Uniform
                                  month nearly 4,000 customers seek         award for his exceptional performance
                                  out the ambience and services in the      and conduct while stationed in
                                  USO lounge at Camp As Sayliyah.           Qatar. After the presentation, he
                                                                            was handed a gift certificate to the
                                                                            installation day spa, a 300-minute
                                                                            phone card and a $25 gift certificate
                                                                            for Operation Mail Call, an Internet-
                                                                            based greeting card service that
                                                                            sends personalized mail to loved
                                                                            ones. Furthermore, USO staff
                                                                            recorded the presentation onto a
                                                                            DVD to send home. Time is provided
                                                                            for private comments, as well as
                                                                            remarks by the individuals who
                                                                            nominated the award recipient.
Officials from the United Service Organization Southwest Asia               “It feels good to be recognized
stand beside U.S. Marine Corps Sgt. Mark Frederickson (center),             for having a positive effect on
from Linda Vista, Calif., after the first Greatness in Uniform              others,” said Frederickson. “If
award presentation at Camp As Sayliyah, Qatar, Dec. 13. The                 R&R participants look for positive
award recognized Frederickson for his positive influence on                 opportunities, they always have a
others at the U.S. military installation. From left to right: John          great time here. The other day I
Robertson, USO Kuwait duty manager; Jonathan Matthews,                      took a Marine lieutenant, who just
USO Southwest Asia director of operations; Frederickson; Larry              graduated from Texas A&M, to the
Cooke, United Service Organization Qatar center manager; and                campus in Qatar. We got a tour and
R. Kevin Meade, USO Southwest Asia regional vice president.                 everything. He said it really made
(Official Army Photo/Dustin Senger)                                         his trip worth it.”

                                                Desert Mesh : 10 : December 2008/January 2009
Qatar dining                              gains experience and learns the          “There is such a wide variety here,”
                                                                                   said Williams, while observing lunch
                                          tricks of the trade,” said James
competes for                              D. Riddle, International Food            time service in the Qatar facility.
                                                                                   “They cater to just about anything
repeat honors                             Service Executives Association
                                          committee chairman. The IFSEA is a       you’re after. People walk up and
                                          professional organization dedicated      say ‘this is the best dining facility’ or
By DUSTIN SENGER                          to raising food service industry         ‘we need more of this’ – I have not
ASG-QA public affairs                     standards. Riddle was joined by          heard one negative comment.”
                                          two Army evaluators: Chief Warrant
CAMP AS SAYLIYAH, Qatar – A               Officer Jack C. Van Zanten and Sgt.      “Camp As Sayliyah has a great
Department of the Army Philip             Maj. L’Tanya Williams, from Fort         chance at earning the Connelly
A. Connelly Award committee               Bliss, Texas. They visited finalists     again,” said Chief Warrant Officer
evaluated the Area Support Group          in Hawaii, Germany, Korea, South         Eunice Buffington, from Memphis,
Qatar food service operations             Carolina, Maryland and Washington        Tenn. In September, she assumed
at Camp As Sayliyah, Qatar,               – Qatar is the committee’s seventh       duties as the installation food service
Dec. 10. The command earned               and final stop.                          officer. According to Buffington, the
the Connelly Award in 2007, for                                                    dining facility is under continuous
providing the best large garrison         According to the evaluators,             scrutiny to find ways to improve.
food operation in the Army. It was        areas of interests for an award-
the first evaluation, and subsequent      winning program include: command         “The staff here works hard to
win, for dining facilities in Southwest   support; administration; headcount       make each diner feel they have
Asia. Although two-year winning           procedures; receipt and storage;         personalized service,” said
streaks are uncommon, they intend         sanitation and food handling; training   Buffington, a three-time veteran
to repeat the honors.                     and management; appearance;              of Connelly competitions. “To me,
                                          serving; equipment; and food             that’s what a successful food
“The Connelly competition gets            preparation.                             service operation is all about.”
stiffer each year – everyone
                                                                                   Many customers are participating in
                                                                                   the U.S. Central Command rest and
                                                                                   recuperation pass program. Since
                                                                                   2004, ASG-QA has recharged
                                                                                   over 170,000 USCENTCOM war
                                                                                   fighters. According to Buffington,
                                                                                   the dining facility staff provides
                                                                                   “a restaurant feel, with a taste of

                                                                                   “The food looks really good,” said
                                                                                   Spc. Justin Clark, from Bremerton,
                                                                                   Wa. Clark left Iraq to participate in
                                                                                   the R&R program in Qatar, along
                                                                                   with Marine Corps Cpl. Darius
                                                                                   Brown, from Ashburn, Ga. “This
                                                                                   food looks much better than what
James D. Riddle, International Food Service Executives                             we get in Iraq!” said Brown.
Association committee chairman, and U.S. Army Sgt. Maj.
L’Tanya Williams, food services evaluator, inspect fresh produce                   “I have been eating here for the last
at Camp As Sayliyah, Qatar, Dec. 10. In 2007, Area Support                         four years,” said Robert Hamilton,
Group Qatar was recognized for providing the best large                            a contractor from Tampa, Fla.
garrison food operation in the Army. It was the first evaluation,                  “During that time, I have seen a
and subsequent win, for dining facilities in Southwest Asia.                       lot of transformations. They keep
Although two-year winning streaks are uncommon, they intend                        getting better each year!”
to repeat the honors. (Official Army Photo/Dustin Senger)

              Desert Mesh : 11 : December 2008/January 2009
                                       THE WIRE
Optical Fabrication
The optical fabrication lab
provides: glasses and inserts;
repairs and adjustments; and
replacement parts.                      Reserve general                       installations in Southwest Asia, an
                                                                              effort to demonstrate support for
• Monday thru Thursday:                 visits Soldiers in                    deployed Soldiers during a holiday
                                                                              season away from home.
9 a.m. to 4 p.m.
• Friday:
Appointments only                                                           Capt. Christopher Spencer, a
• Saturday:                             By DUSTIN SENGER                    reservist from New Braunfels, Texas,
Closed                                  ASG-QA public affairs               provided a detailed overview of the
• Sunday:                                                                   U.S. Central Command rest and
9 a.m. to 3 p.m.                        CAMP AS SAYLIYAH, Qatar – U.S. recuperation pass program at Camp
                                        Army Lt. Gen. Jack C. Stultz, Army As Sayliyah. In June 2008, Spencer
Contact SPC Armond Alphabet, 427th      Reserve commanding general, deployed with the 350th Human
MLC optical lab specialist, for more    and Command Sgt.                                  Resources Company,
information.                            Maj. Leon Caffie, Army   “   We recently          a reserve unit from
Troop Medical Clinic                    Reserve command received his                      Grand Prairie, Texas,
                                        sergeant major, visited   holiday message,        to manage the respite
Sick call supports acute injuries
or illness requiring treatment or a     various reserve units so it was an honor          program in Qatar. Since
disposition for duty status – E-6       at Camp As Sayliyah, to see him too.”             its 2004 inception, over
                                                                  Army Staff Sgt.
and below must present DD form          Qatar, Nov. 25. Stultz                            170,000 war fighters
                                                                  Diana Carter,
689, signed by their first-line         a n d C a f f i e w e r e Jonesboro, Ark.         were recharged at the
supervisor.                             touring U.S. military                             Qatar base.
• Saturday thru Thursday:
8 a.m. to 11:30 a.m.                                                          Sgt. Bill Belanger, a reservist from
4 p.m. to 6 p.m.                                                              Kennesan, Ga., met the leadership
• Friday:                                                                     duo at a work center deep inside a
No sick call sign-in (EMS                                                     medical warehouse. He was busy
coverage only)                                                                repairing an infusion pump, equipment
                                                                              needed to deliver intravenous
                                                                              medication for USCENTCOM troops
Routine appointments
                                                                              receiving emergency medical care
are for evaluation or re-
                                                                              in contingency areas. Belanger
evaluation of chronic medical
                                                                              explained how the skills developed
conditions, medication refills
                                                                              during six years in the Army reserve
and post-deployment health
                                                                              resulted in greater opportunities
                                                                              in civilian life. Back home, he is a
• Saturday thru Wednesday:
                                                                              biomedical technician at St. Joseph’s
1 p.m. to 4 p.m.
                                                                              Hospital. Belanger deployed to Qatar
7 p.m. to 9 p.m.                                                              last summer with the 427th Medical
                                                                              Logistics Battalion, a reserve unit
Contact Maj. Bascom Bradshaw, TMC
director, for more information.
                                                                              from Fort Gillem, Ga.

                                       U.S. Army Lt. Gen. Jack C. Stultz,     “We recently received his holiday
                                       Army Reserve commanding                message, so it was an honor to
                                       general, meets mobilized               see him too,” said Staff Sgt. Diana
                                       reservists at Camp As Sayliyah,        Carter, a reservist from Jonesboro,
                                       Qatar, Nov. 25. Stultz joined          Ark, after explaining the process of
                                       reservists for a lunch buffet, which   medical supply stock control at the
                                       was immediately followed by a          Qatar base. Carter is part of the
                                       discussion regarding training,         427th MEDLOG team responsible
                                       leader development, mobilization,      for maintaining a substantial
                                       employer support, family               inventory of medical materials
                                       readiness and quality of life.         at the prepositioning depot. The
                                       (Official Army Photo/Dustin Senger)    supplies are eventually distributed

                                                     Desert Mesh : 1 : December 2008/January 2009
throughout the USCENTCOM area
of responsibility. “I was excited – I
had never met a three-star general

Prior to departing Camp As
Sayliyah, the Army leadership joined
reservists for a lunch buffet, which
was immediately followed by a
discussion regarding training, leader
development, mobilization, employer
support, family readiness and quality
of life. Caffie, well known for his
dynamic enthusiasm, closed the
dialogue with a motivational speech
highlighting the importantance of
military service and leadership         U.S. Army Command Sgt. Maj. Leon Caffie (right), Army Reserve
responsibility.                         command sergeant major, meets mobilized reservists at Camp As
                                        Sayliyah, Qatar, Nov. 25. (Official Army Photo/Dustin Senger)

  :: ASG-QA Soldier and NCO of the Quarter

 U.S. Army Sgt. Bernina Blackwater, Area Support Group Qatar chaplain assistant, Col. David G. Cotter,
 ASG-QA commander, Command Sgt. Maj. Michael D. Howard, ASG-QA command sergeant major,
 Pfc. Crystal Miller, human resources specialist, at Camp As Sayliyah, Qatar, Dec. 31. Blackwater, from
 Shiprock, N.M., and Miller, from Auburn, N.Y., were recognized as the ASG-QA Noncommissioned
 Officer of the Quarter and Soldier of the Quarter, respectively. (Official Army Photo/Dustin Senger)

             Desert Mesh : 1 : December 2008/January 2009
                                         THE WIRE
Rest and Recuperation
Pass Program

Help R2P2
enjoy the
                                         Rest and                                     going on one of the several
                                                                                      daily trips offered by the R2P2.
program’s                                relaxation
opportunities                                                                         Service members have the option
by donating                              By Spc. ELAYSEAH                             of signing up for trips that offer
your new or                                                                           an opportunity to get off post
used items.                                                                           and experience the culture and
                                         20th Public Affairs Detachment
                                                                                      scenery that the country has to offer.
• Call the R&R front desk
                                         CAMP AS SAYLIYAH, Qatar -
for more information.                                                                 Some of the activities include a trip to
                                         Located within the Arabian
                                                                                      Al-Saflia Island, where participants
Contact Capt. Christopher A. Spencer,    Peninsula, on the coast of the
                                                                                      can enjoy a variety of water sports
ASG-QA rest and recuperation pass        Persian Gulf, is a little known retreat
program officer, for more information.
                                                                                      such as jet and water skiing.
                                         called Qatar, where servicemembers

                                         can take a few days to rest and relax
                                                                                      “The most popular trip is the water
 Camp Policies                           while deployed to the Middle East.
                                                                                      sports because [servicemembers]
                                                                                      get to ride on the jet skis and swim
 Policies are posted on the              Qatar is home to Camp As
                                                                                      in the Persian Gulf,” said Spc.
 ASG-QA Intranet Web site:               Sayliyah, where troops stay
                                                                                      Teddy Thelwell, R2P2 assistant,
                                         while visiting a country with*                                                             A r e a S u p p o r t G r o u p Q a t a r.
 *ASG-QA domain access required.         beaches, shopping, dining, golf
                                         and year-round tropical weather.
                                                                                      Those who enjoy activities on both
Equality Observance                                                                   water and land can take advantage
                                         Even with all the country has to offer,
Participate in base celebrations                                                      of the Inland Sea Picnic, where
                                         the minor inconveniences that come
of our country’s heritage and                                                         a caravan of vehicles chauffeur
                                         with travel time and the transportation
historic periods.                                                                     service members to a camp located
                                         process to get there keeps many
                                                                                      next to the beach. Once they arrive,
                                         servicemembers from going.
Martin Luther King Jr.                                                                they can eat, play sports or rest in one
Birthday celebration                     “There’s a couple of Soldiers in
                                                                                      of the furnished Arabian style tents.
• Jan. 19: Obervance at 11               my unit who have chosen to take
                                                                                      “Once you get to the picnic area
a.m. in community activity               their four day pass [and stay on the
                                                                                      it’s awesome,” said Toldoya.
center.                                  forward operating base],” said U.S.
                                                                                      “There’s volleyball, swimming
• Jan 19: Observance at 7                Army Sgt. Victor Toldoya, who is
                                                                                      and hookah pipes. It was a
p.m. in R&R briefing room.               currently deployed to Iraq. “I’ve had
                                                                                      good four or five hours spent.”
                                         some bad transportation issues;
Black History Month                      but once I got [to Qatar], everything
                                                                                      Other trips offered by R2P2
                                         I’ve done in the last two days
• Feb. 4: Opening Ceremony                                                            include, a tour of the capital city
                                         really makes up for the two days
at noon in large dining facility.                                                     of Doha, which offers a chance
                                         inconvenience it took to get here.”
• Feb. 18: Observance at noon                                                         to learn more about the culture,
in community activity center.                                                         shopping, and a trip to the Doha
                                         Although getting to Qatar may
• Feb. 18: Finale at 7 p.m. in                                                        PGA style golf course or a cruise.
                                         be a hassle for some, the military
Top-Off Club.                            offers a rest and recuperation pass
                                                                                      Many of the trips offer an entire
                                         program, in conjunction with the
Contact Sgt. 1st Class Tammy Theis,                                                   day of activities, but for those
                                         United Service Organizations and
ASG-QA equal opportunity advisor, for                                                 that do not want to dedicate an
                                         Morale, Welfare and Recreation,
more information.                                                                     entire day off post, there are many
                                         to help make Qatar worth the trip.
                                                                                      options on Camp As Sayliyah.
                                         A c c o r d i n g t o To l d o y a , o n e
                                                                                      “I was really stressed out when I came
                                         of the things he enjoyed most
                                                                                      over here and now I am relaxed,” said
                                         during his first two days was
                                                                                      U.S. Marine Cpl. Dalton Vaughn,
                                                                                      who is currently deployed to Iraq.

                                                        Desert Mesh : 1 : December 2008/January 2009
                                                                                    USO Qatar
                                                                                    The USO Qatar offers
                                                                                    servicemembers at Camp As
                                                                                    Sayliyah movies, games and
                                                                                    reading corners in the warm
According to Vaughn, his first two        pillow room, where many people            ambiance of a traditional Arabic
days in Qatar were spent bowling,         go to relax, sleep or watch a movie.      setting.
eating at Chili’s, watching movies
and communicating with family.            “We have Soldiers who come in             USO is
                                          and spend four days in the USO, a         seeking
The bowling alley and many other          lot of times sleeping,” said Pamela       volunteers
activities are all centrally located in   Russell, duty manager, USO. “There        • Everyone is eligible to
the building that houses the “Top Off”    are a lot of great opportunities for      volunteer at the installation
area, which offers food and beer in       Soldiers to get off post and relax and    USO.
a Bourbon Street-atmosphere. Here         do things, but a lot of what we are       • Commit to assisting visiting
you can also find a large open area       offering is just a little bit of home.”   war fighters once per week –
with pool tables, darts and a large                                                 flexible schedules are available.
stage where MWR hosts karaoke             The R&R, MWR and USO staff
nights and live performances              are focused on giving back to             Contact Larry Cooke, USO Qatar
                                                                                    director, for more information.
by popular entertainers.                  servicemembers by working to make
                                          their R&R a pleasant experience.
The R&R building is also the
home of a USO, which aims to              “This is very rewarding,” said
provide a calm environment.               LaVerne C. Haynes, MWR director.

Everyone must take off their shoes        According to Haynes, many
before entering the dimly-lit, carpeted   servicemembers express that they
USO lounge where servicemembers           are thankful for what they do for
can play board games, X-Box 360           them, yet she responds with, “I am
and Playstation 3; troops can also        thankful for what you do for us.”
visit the comfortably furnished

                                                                                    The Camp As Sayliyah
                                                                                    command access channel was
                                                                                    upgraded to it’s third revision.
                                                                                    Turn your on-post television to
                                                                                    channel 36 (may vary).

U.S. Navy Petty Officer 2nd Class Javont Whitt, from Detroit, Mich.,
looks around a shopping area in Doha, Qatar, Oct. 11. Whitt was
enjoying a four-day pass from military commitments in Kuwait, by
participating in the U.S. Central Command rest and recuperation
pass program. With help from a sponsor familiar with Qatar                        Television
culture, he joined two other respite program participants to visit   Contact Lakia Clarke-Brown, ASG-QA
the Gulf state’s oldest and most famous shopping establishments. public affairs coordinator, for more
(Official Army Photo/Dustin Senger)                                  information.

             Desert Mesh : 15 : December 2008/January 2009
                                          THE WIRE
New AAFES movie
Visit the new AAFES movie
theater adjacent
to the large dining
facility. All movies
shown using
                                           :: Celebrity support during 008
professional                                                              t U.S. Army Pfc. Evangelina
35mm reels!                                                               Martinez, from Dallas, Texas, is
                                                                          surrounded by Jimmy “Mouth of
                                                                          the South” Heart, Diamond Dallas
Showtimes                                                                 Page and Nikolai Volkoff at Camp
• See page 19                                                             As Sayliyah in Qatar, Jan. 21. The
                                                                          legends of wrestling began their
Contact Teresa Barrett, AAFES service
business manager, for more information.                                   tour of U.S. military installations

                                                                          in Southwest Asia to show their
 Photography Support                                                      support for deployed troops.
                                                                          (Official Army Photos/Dustin Senger)
 Photos are available on the
 ASG-QA Intranet Web site:*
 *ASG-QA domain access required.

 Eagle Cash
 Eagle Cash eliminates the
 need to carry paper pogs, loose
 change or pay costly ATM fees.

 Eagle Cash kiosks:
 • Finance
 • Large dining facility
 • Large gym                              p U.S. Secretary of Energy Samuel W. Bodman greets
 • Post exchange                          servicemembers at Camp As Sayliyah, Qatar, Jan. 22. The
 • R2P2 front desk                        secretary arrived with his wife and daughter.
                                          u Minnesota Vikings
                                          cheerleaders greet U.S. Army Sgt.
                                          1st Class Jeremy Myers, from
                                          Coon Rapids, Minn., at Camp As
                                          Sayliyah, May 14. The football
                                          cheerleaders were visiting troops
                                          at U.S. military installations
                                          throughout Southwest Asia.
                                                                              t U.S. Air Force Staff Sgt.
                                                                              Bonifacio Tee, from New Castle,
 ASG-QA Finance
                                                                              Del., poses for a photograph
 • Monday thru Saturday:
                                                                              with Kelly Hu at Camp As
 8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m.                                                          Sayliyah, Qatar, March 11. The
 Closed from noon to 1 p.m.                                                   actress joined Maria Menounos
 • Sunday:                                                                    and David Proval to greet
 8:30 a.m. to noon                                                            troops serving in Southwest
                                                                              Asia during an Ambassadors
 Contact Capt. Luis Martinez, ASG-QA
                                                                              of Hollywood Tour. “I work
 finance officer, for more information.
                                                                              night shift and woke up just for
                                                                              this opportunity to see them,”
                                                                              said Tee. “I saw Kelly in ‘The
                                                                              Scorpion King.’ It’s great seeing
                                                                              her in person. I am glad they are
                                                                              able to do this here.”

                                                     Desert Mesh : 1 : December 2008/January 2009
p Justin Guarini, a former “American Idol”
participant, signs autographs for U.S. Army             p U.S. Army Master Sgt. Kieth Caraman, from
Maj. Shelia Phillips-Hicks, from St. Robert,            Tampa, Fla., takes a photograph with Yau-man
Mo., at Camp As Sayliyah, Qatar, Aug 6. He              Chan, Eliza Orlins and Cirie Fields at Camp
was beginning a support tour of U.S. military           As Sayliyah, May 20. Chan, Orlins and Fields
installations in Southwest Asia; also on tour: Gina     are former participants in the popular reality-
Glocksen, Brandon Rogers and Nadia Turner.              television series “Survivor.”
                                                        t U.S. Army Capt. Randy Sherman, from
                                                        Marshall, Mo., meets Charlie Weis, University of
                                                        Notre Dame head coach, at Camp As Sayliyah,
                                                        May 22. Weis and four other National Collegiate
                                                        Athletic Association football coaches were
                                                        touring U.S. military installations in the Middle
                                                        East, to include: Jack Siedlecki, Yale University;
                                                        Mark Richt, University of Georgia; Randy
                                                        Shannon, University of Miami; and Tommy
                                                        Tuberville, Auburn University.

u Dan “the Beast” Severn, Ultimate Fighting
Championship hall of famer, Travis Lutter, former
UFC fighter, U.S. Army 1st Sgt. Robert Myers,
from Lawton, Okla., and Mark Coleman, UFC
hall of famer, pose for a photograph at Camp
As Sayliyah, Qatar, Aug. 20. The UFC celebrities
were touring U.S. military installations in the
Middle East to show support for war fighters.

p Nate Holland, a professional skier and snowboarder,
U.S. Army Lt. Col. John Kizler, from Louisville, Ky., and
Danny Kass, two-time Olympic silver medal champion and
seven-time Winter X Games medalist, meet at Camp As               p U.S. Marine Corps Sgt. Sergio Jimenez,
Sayliyah, Qatar, June 23. Holland, Kass and Grete Eliassen        from Fresno, Calif., takes a photograph with
were visiting various U.S. military installations in the Middle   members of the St. Louis Rams Cheerleaders
East during an X Games tour.                                      at Camp As Sayliyah, Qatar, June 18.

            Desert Mesh : 1 : December 2008/January 2009
                                        THE WIRE
Chaplain Services
Attend the installation ministry
team’s spiritual support services:

Spiritual Fitness
• Jan. 28: Monthly prayer
                                        Spiritual fitness                         every store in town, dodging horses
                                                                                  and pedestrians filling the streets.
luncheon at noon in the large                                                     My five-minute fuel stop turned
dining facility.                        God’s Grizzlies                           into a 40-minute, white-knuckled
• Feb. 25: Monthly prayer                                                         ‘adventure.’
luncheon at noon in the large           By Col. DOUG CASTLE
                                        Installation ministry team                Muttering thoughts chaplains have
dining facility.                                                                  no business thinking, I was finally
                                        I had been driving for 13 hours,          back on the road. Glancing to the
Contact Col. Doug Castle, ASG-QA
chaplain, for more information at DSN   and looking seriously for a motel.        right, I saw something and jammed
432-2198.                               If I didn’t find one soon I was going     on the brakes. Ambling along the
                                        to have to pull off on a side road        banks of the Yellowstone, its long
                                        and sleep. I was on I-90, heading         hair gently waving in the wind was
Family Readiness                                                                  a Grizzly!
                                        east from Fort Lewis. I’d spent the
Group Web site                          summer there as a chaplain for
• USARCENT magazines                    ROTC Advanced Camp, and I was             I had always wanted to see a Grizzly
• ASG-QA news and photos                heading for my home in Missouri.          in the wild, but despite many years
• Contact information                                                             in the woods and mountains, I had
• Important links                       I was in a particular bad mood            never come across one. Watching
                                        because I’d made the mistake of           the bear, no more than fifty yards    stopping in a small Montana town          from me playfully stroll out of sight,
                                        for gas. It was the annual parade,        I got back in my truck with a grin and
Contact Capt. Thomas Crane, ASG-QA      and traffic returning to the interstate   drove away.
HHC commander, for more information.
                                        was diverted into endless loops past
                                                                                  But immediately I stopped. God
                                                                                  was gently speaking to my heart,
                                                                                  and He had my full attention. I had
                                                                                  always wanted to see a Grizzly,
                                                                                  but would have missed this one if
                                                                                  not for the unexpected Livingston
                                                                                  ‘tour.’ What I had experienced as an
                                                                                  inconvenience and an interruption in
                                                                                  my agenda was in actuality an event
                                                                                  positioning me for something good!

                                                                                  God was reminding me, in a way, I
                                                                                  will never forget that He views my
                                                                                  life from a much higher and clearer
                                                                                  perspective. I get lost in the smoke of
                                                                                  battle immediately around me, but He
                                                                                  sees the pathway He has picked out
                                                                                  for me to travel. Important lessons
                                                                                  and valuable benefits are hidden
                                                                                  in even the every-day irritations I
                                                                                  encounter. I really CAN trust God’s

                                                                                  “Trust in the Lord with all your heart,
                                                                                  and don’t depend solely on your own
                                                                                  understanding of things. In every
                                                                                  part of your life keep your attention
                                                                                  focused on God, and He will put you
     Illustration by Dustin Senger. Submit ideas for future CAS-toons to
                                                                                  on the path He has laid out for you.”
                                            Proverbs 3:6

                                                      Desert Mesh : 18 : December 2008/January 2009
 MWR events schedule
 w   Martin Luther King 5K Fun Run
          Jan. 19 • 6 a.m. • CAC
 w   Bicycle Relay Race
          Jan. 25 • 1 p.m. • Large Gym
 w   NFL Super Bowl Sunday Tour
          Jan. 29-30 • TBD • Large DFAC
 w   Professional Rodeo Tour
          TBD • TBD
 w   Billy Blanks Tour
          TBD • TBD
 w   WWE Tour
          TBD • TBD
 Contact LaVerne Haynes, ASG-QA MWR director, or Tony Randall, MWR program manager, for more information.

AAFES Movie Theater
Visit the new AAFES movie theater adjacent to the large dining
facility. All movies shown using professional 35 millimeter film reels!
Quarantine                                Eagle Eye
Jan. 7 • 7:30 p.m.                        Jan. 10 • 5 p.m.

Pride and Glory                           The Day the Earth Stood Still
Jan. 8 • 7:30 p.m.                        Jan. 10 • 7:30 p.m.

The Express                               Nothing Like the Holidays
Jan. 9 • 5 p.m.                           Jan. 11 • 5 p.m.

The Day the Earth Stood Still             Max Payne
Jan. 9 • 7:30 p.m.                        Jan. 11 • 7:30 p.m.

                                          The Express
                                          Jan. 12 • 7:30 p.m.

                                          Eagle Eye
                                          Jan. 13 • 7:30 p.m.

                                          Contact Teresa Barrett, AAFES service business manager, for more information.

                  Desert Mesh : 1 : December 2008/January 2009
Dec. 31, 2008 – Official Army Photos/Ding Alcayde

                                               Desert Mesh : 0 : December 2008/January 2009
Desert Mesh : 1 : December 2008/January 2009
Dec. 18, 2008 – Official Army Photos/Ding Alcayde

Sgt. Nimchie Alce                  Sgt. Brian Given Jr.               Sgt. Jeleen Pedro
Sgt. Byron Beltau                  Sgt. Amaris Henry                  Sgt. Naomi Richardson
Sgt. Jeremy Crutchfield            Sgt. Devon Joseph                  Sgt. Tisha Slade
Sgt. Yvonne Davis                  Sgt. Braxton Kehr                  Sgt. Brian Thompson
Sgt. Demetrice Elmore              Sgt. Russ King                     Sgt. Carlos Valerioalgarra
Sgt. Tabitha Gilchrease            Sgt. Mia Lampley

                                               Desert Mesh :  : December 2008/January 2009
Desert Mesh :  : December 2008/January 2009
CAS Bowling Alley
               Come enjoy the
                Top-Off Club’s
              bowling alley.             Soldiers run
                                         from Qatar to
Free Bowling
• Fridays, from noon to 4 p.m.
Free Tuesdays                            Kuwait
• Jan. 6: Open bowling from 6
p.m. to 8 p.m.                           By DUSTIN SENGER
• Jan. 13: Moonlight bowling             ASG-QA public affairs
from 8 p.m. to 10 p.m.
• Jan. 20: Open bowling from             CAMP AS SAYLIYAH, Qatar - U.S.
6 p.m. to 8 p.m.                         Army 1st Sgt. Donald Williams,
• Jan. 27: Moonlight bowling             from Houston, Texas, completed
from 8 p.m. to 10 p.m.                   a two-month endurance challenge
                                         at Camp As Sayliyah, Qatar,
Contact Tony Randall, ASG-QA MWR         Dec. 13. The 357-mile fitness
program manager, for more information.
                                         event simulated running from
                                         Qatar to Kuwait, by adding up
                                         distances completed on indoor
                                         treadmills, from Nov. 1 to Dec.           “The hardest part is staying
                                         31. Williams, one of almost 70 to         motivated,” said U.S.
                                         take on the challenge, was first to       Army 2nd Lt. John Santos,
                                         finish the massive test of stamina.       from Carson, Calif., while
                                                                                   participating in a two-month
                                         “Finally,” said Williams after            endurance challenge at Camp
                                         completing the race. “I never             As Sayliyah, Qatar, Dec.
                                         thought I would get there. I was only     13. “Sometimes I feel like a
                                         hoping for 250 miles. But after going     hamster running in circles;
                                         250, what’s another 100 miles?”           going nowhere while watching
                                                                                   re-runs of football games
                                         Participants in the competition were
                                                                                   and 1980’s music videos on
                                         separated into four age brackets:
                                                                                   the televisions. (Official Army
                                         20-29, 30-39, 40-49 and 50 and
                                                                                   Photo/Dustin Senger)
                                         over. Williams, 44, won the overall.
                                                                                   get back up and keep going.”
                                         “I usually ran five to seven miles,
                                         twice a day,” said Williams. “A           “The hardest part is staying
                                         younger person could do more but          motivated,” said 2nd Lt. John Santos,
                                         anyone in their 40’s should stay          from Carson, Calif. “Sometimes I
                                         under 10 miles in any one session.        feel like a hamster running in circles;
                                         Otherwise you’re flirting with danger.”   going nowhere while watching re-
                                                                                   runs of football games and 1980’s
                                         “The race forces you to adhere to         music videos on the televisions.
                                         proper nutrition,” said Williams. “I      I’d rather run under the desert
                                         lost 18 pounds before I started to        sun than on these machines.”
                                         get some weight back. I started           Santos is trailing 130 miles behind
                                         eating four times per day to keep         Williams in second place for all
                                         from seeing stars. People using this      age groups. He intends pass the
                                         challenge to lose weight probably         357-mile finish line, by Dec. 31.
                                         won’t make it to Kuwait, by Dec.
                                         31. If you don’t eat right, you’ll feel   “I am back in the rhythm of running
                                         it. Also, the race builds confidence.     about 10 miles each day,” said
                                         Like long road marches, sometimes         Santos. “My highest so far was
                                         you have to rest, but you always          25 miles; although, I have never

                                                       Desert Mesh :  : December 2008/January 2009
taken the ‘run’ part literally. I       “I am going to start training for
did that in two-and-half hours. I       the powerlifting competition in
found out these treadmills restart      March,” said Williams. “I want to
themselves after 60 minutes,”           demonstrate a 500-pound bench
he said, smirking at the thought.       press.” Most people would shun
                                        the thought, but not Williams.
“It’s hard to run this                             He has accomplished
much without anything
                            “  It’s hard to run    the impressive lift
to reach for - so this      this much without several times in the
gives us a goal at least.   anything to reach      past. In October
It is improving my run      for – so this gives    2007, he did it while
time outside by allowing    us a goal at           weighing 205 pounds.
me to focus on my form,     least.” Army nd
since I don’t have to       Lt. John Santos,       “It’s important to break
worry about tripping        Carson, Calif.
                                                   things up to stay in
over rocks or anything.”                           shape between annual
                                       physical training tests,” said
A similar event is scheduled           Williams. “If I can do all this at 44
soon, using a combination of           years old, then anyone younger
treadmill and outdoor running,         than me can do it too.”
but the winner of the race to
Kuwait challenge already has his
                                       U.S. Army 1st Sgt. Donald Williams, from Houston, Texas,
attention set on something else.
                                       completes a two-month endurance challenge at Camp As
                                       Sayliyah, Qatar, Dec. 13. The 357-mile fitness event simulated
                                        running from Qatar to Kuwait, by adding up distances
                                         completed on indoor treadmills from Nov. 1 to Dec. 31.
                                          Williams, one of almost 70 to take on the challenge, was
                                           first to finish the massive test of stamina. “Finally,” said
                                            Williams after completing the race. “I never thought I
                                                        would get there. I was only hoping for 250 miles.
                                                                    But after going 250, what’s another
                                                                            100 miles?” (Official Army
                                                                            Photo/Dustin Senger)

             Desert Mesh : 5 : December 2008/January 2009
U.S. Army Capt. Luis
Martinez, Area Support
Group Qatar finance officer,
scored 2,707 points to win the
November fitness challenge at                                                 athletes due to inadequate and
                                                                              unnatural resistance, whereas free
Camp As Sayliyah - scoring four
                                                                              weights allow plenty of long-term
consecutive wins! According
to MWR officials, Martinez
earns his points as a regular                                                 Machines may look appealing,
participant in MWR tournaments                                                particularly to new gym patrons, but
and fitness challenges.                                                       they don’t offer the serious lifter a
Sign up for January’s Fitness Mania
at the large gym’s front desk.
                                      Fitness Q&A                             lot of options. One benefit they do
                                                                              provide the dedicated: they remove
                                      By 1st Sgt. DONALD WILLIAMS             less serious individuals away from
                                      ASG-QA HHC                              weights the serious lifter needs.

                                      Q. Why use free weights when Q.               What’s a good way to
                                      machines are much easier?               get back in shape after being
                                      A.   There are several reasons
                                      people choose free weights over         A. A good way to get back into
                                      machines. Machines may appear           shape after being inactive is to take
                                      easier but they have drawbacks.         your time. Remember, Rome was
                                                                              not built in a day.
                                      For gym owners, machines
                                      consume a lot of floor space and        Start off by allowing your joints to
                                      increase equipment costs. Since         adapt to an increase in activity levels.
                                      they isolate specific muscle groups,    Work with lighter resistance until the
                                      several machines are required           strain on your joints becomes more
                                      to work the entire body. On the         comfortable. Previously trained
                                      other hand, free weights can train      muscles may be ready to get
                                      multiple muscle groups. Adjustable      back to work but prematurely
                                      benches or squat racks can be used      overloading joints and connective
                                      for countless exercises other than      tissue can result in injury, and
                                      bench presses or squats; such as        even more inactivity. You may feel
                                      curls, extensions, military presses,    “beginner’s pain,” but please don’t
                                      deadlifts – the list is extensive.      let this stop you – keep training
                                                                              and the discomfort will subside
                                      Free weights are highly portable too!   soon enough. Stretching can help
                                      If the gym is crowded, you can move     you complete workouts with less
                                      barbells, dumbbells and benches         soreness.
                                      to areas with less congestion.
                                      Machines are much more difficult        When you’re ready, set goals
                                      to move, considering their weight,      based on previous fitness levels. If
                                      complexity and dimensions. To           your last training goal was to push
                                      make matters worse, popular             or pull a specific load, try to do it
                                      devices tend to attract a crowd of      again! Progress will be faster the
                                      people waiting for a turn.              second time around since muscles
                                                                              have memory. In other words, with
                                      Free weights will always provide        proper rest and nutrition, strength
                                      greater functional strength gains       levels can quickly return to handling
                                      than machines, as long as               loads previously rehearsed. It
                                      proper form is practiced while          won’t happen over night, but be
                                      applying a progressive overload.        ready to see dramatic increases
                                      Machines limit advanced strength        up front. Just remember: when
                                                                              you observe the rebound, reward

                                                   Desert Mesh :  : December 2008/January 2009
yourself by increasing training loads   Once you return to a previously         EDITOR’S NOTE: Williams has
accordingly. Your workouts must         held fitness level, take the steps to   over 34 years of powerlifting
continuously provide a sufficient       reach a higher echelon. Progress        experience. While stationed at
level of intensity to keep improving    helps maintain interest in an active    Fort Polk, La., he set a state
– when the load is no longer heavy,     lifestyle. It can be defined by         record by bench pressing 350
the training stimulus is no longer      increases in strength or changes        pounds, while weighing only
sufficient. If 100 pounds suddenly      in body composition. Hopefully, your    170 pounds. He retired from
seems light, graduate to 105 pounds     progress will encourage others to       competitions, but continues to
or more.                                focus on becoming more fit too!         coach individuals interested in
                                                                                ways to increase their strength.

  :: SOCCENT takes the cup

 p Special Operations Command Central earns the
 fall season’s commanders cup at Camp As Sayliyah,              p Basketball between Medical Logistics
 Nov. 8. To earn the cup, they competed in 14 events,           and Area Support Group Qatar, Nov. 7.
 played over two days. They obtained the most points
 at the installation’s premier fitness challenge.                                              TOP 5
                                                                                           SOCCENT (36)
                                                                                            ASG-QA (35)
                                                                                           2-43 ADA (32)
                                                                                            25th SIG (24)
                                                                                             JPOTF (23)

p Flag football between 25th
Signal Battalion and 2-43 Air             p Combined Media Processing Center runs during a morning
Defense Artilery, Nov. 7                  one-mile relay race, Nov. 8. (Official Army Photos/Ding Alcayde)

             Desert Mesh :  : December 2008/January 2009
Rest and Recuperation
Pass Program
Sponsor an R2P2 participant to
give them an opportunity to see
the local culture and atmosphere
while enjoying a break from
                                         Walker                                 Especially the way the dome on
                                                                                top looks like it’s spinning as the
operations.                              (Continued from page 3)                sun hits the different shapes during
                                                                                the day.”
• Call the R&R Desk for                  Walker ’s trip started with the
more information                         Qatar Museum of Islamic Art. The       “The Book of Secrets shows the
                                         museum first opened its doors          foundations of everything we have
Contact Capt. Christopher A. Spencer,                                           in our mechanical world today,”
ASG-QA rest and recuperation pass
                                         to visitors Dec. 1. The buildings
                                         strong elegant design is nestled       said Marine Corps Chief Warrant
program officer, for more information.

                                         within the Gulf coastline; creating    Officer Jeff Moxley, from Louisville,
                                         a vivid contrast of colors, from       Ky., on pass from Iraq. “It proves
 Desert Mesh online!
                                         the warm desert sand to the            they had a real thought process for
                                         cool ocean waters. The museum          how to do things.” The 11th century
 The Desert Mesh is                      holds fragments of Islamic history,    manuscript describes more than
 available on the Internet:              such as manuscripts, textiles and      30 machines and devices – many              ceramics. Many exhibits originate      not seen in Europe until after the
                                         from Turkey, Egypt, Iraq, Iran and     13th century. “It has diagrams of
                                         India.                                 battering rams, and even how
                                                                                to keep water cool. The ancient
                                         “The Qatar emir gave the architect     artifacts found in the United States
                                         unlimited funding to build this        often date way back to cavemen
                                         museum,” said Army Pfc. Anthony        times. The things out here are more
                                         Arnette, from El Paso, Texas,          relevant to our era, with religious
                                         after listening to an explanation of   significance.”
                                         the construction of the museum.
                                         Arnette was on pass from Kuwait,       After departing the museum, the
                                         participating in the USCENTCOM         group elected to go shopping in
                                         respite program in Qatar. “It’s        one of Qatar’s most popular malls
                                         amazing how everything is put          and then journey through the gold
                                         together – it’s very creative!         shops. The evening ended with
                                                                                a dimly lit dinner in a Moroccan

                                                                                “I didn’t know what to expect…
                                                                                but camel meat is delicious!” said
                                                                                Marine Corps Lance Cpl. Matthew
                                                                                Shimmel, from Phillipsburg, Penn.,
                                                                                on pass from Iraq. Shimmel decided
                                                                                to try the Arabic delicacy while the
                                                                                possibility presented itself. “I don’t
                                                                                know when I’ll have an opportunity
                                                                                to have it again. The meat’s texture
                                                                                is like prime rib but I can’t compare
                                                                                the taste to anything – I liked it!”

                                                                                “This is the first time I have really
                                                                                enjoyed myself since I have been
                                                                                in the military,” said Marine Corps
Army Pfc. Anthony Arnette, from El Paso, Texas, glances over                    Lance Cpl. Kerby Telemaque, from
exhibits at the Museum of Islamic Art in Doha, Qatar, Dec. 20. The              Coral Springs, Fla., while on pass
museum holds fragments of Islamic history, such as manuscripts,                 from Iraq. “Seeing and getting
textiles and ceramics. Many exhibits originate from Turkey, Egypt,              involved in the culture helped me
Iraq, Iran and India. (Official Army Photo/Dustin Senger)                       understand Islamic society. I never

                                                     Desert Mesh : 8 : December 2008/January 2009
                                                                               Qatar Museum of
                                                                               Islamic Art
                                                                               Masterpieces from three
                                                                               continents and 14 centuries
                                                                               celebrate the dazzling diversity
                                                                               of Islamic Art. “Beyond
                                                                               Boundaries: Islamic Art Across
                                                                               Cultures,” the first exhibition,
                                                                               runs through Feb. 22.
                                                                               Free admission to museum
                                                                               and first exhibition. Guides are
                                                                               available for large groups.

                                                                               • The Museum of Islamic Art’s
                                                                               opening hours are Saturday,
                                                                               Sunday, Monday, Wednesday
                                                                               and Thursday from 10:30 a.m. to
                                                                               5:30 p.m., and Friday from 2:00
                                                                               p.m. to 8:00 p.m.
                                                                               Call the Qatar Museum of Islamic Art
U.S. Army Spc. Daniel Zimmer, from Chicago, Ill., and Marine                   at 422-4444, for more information, or
                                                                               visit the Web site:
Corps Lance Cpl. Matthew Shimmel, from Phillipsburg, Penn.,                    qa/english
depart the Museum of Islamic Art in Doha, Qatar, Dec. 20. The
museum first opened its doors to visitors on Dec. 1. The buildings
strong elegant design is nestled within the Gulf coastline; creating
a vivid contrast of colors, from the warm desert sand to the cool
ocean waters. (Official Army Photos/Dustin Senger)

Fatima Al Hamadi reveals an interactive exhibit explaining the
Book of Secrets at the Museum of Islamic Art listen to in Doha,
Qatar, Dec. 20. The museum first opened its doors to visitors in on
Dec. 1. U.S. Army Sgt. 1st Class Otis Walker (right), from Miami,
Fla., takes photographs of the demonstration.
expected all the similarities and I     stationed in Qatar.”
feel they know our culture. This is a
recharge that gives us experiences      “I tell everyone: ‘if you’re having
to talk about for a lifetime.”          a bad day, go sponsor the R&R,’”
                                        said Walker. “After you hear stories
“I was here trying to travel off        about Iraq and Afghanistan, you
post in 2006,” said Walker. “The        realize there isn’t much to complain
sponsored just dropped us off and       about here. For me, it’s about them.
left. My friend and I said, ‘if we      I take pictures of all the groups
ever get stationed here, we’ll take     I sponsor and meet new friends
the time to show people things.’ A      every day.”
little more than a year later, I was

             Desert Mesh :  : December 2008/January 2009
                                             DOHA LIFE
Qatar Armed Forces
The annual Qatar armed forces
competitions are underway. Take
part of an outreach
effort to build friendly
relationships between
                                             Qatar military                          found: sports competitions.

the U.S. and Qatari                          sports history                          U.S. Army officials were excited
military.                                                                            by the positive relationships that
                                                                                     succeeded the events in 2003. On
Armed Forces                                 By DUSTIN SENGER                        May 11, 2004, they sent a letter to the
Marksmanship                                 ASG-QA public affairs                   host nation military headquarters to
Competitions                                                                         request opportunities for continued
• Jan. 11-28                                 Qatar Emir Hamad bin Khalifa Al         semi-annual sports competitions.
Commander-in-Chief Shooting                  Thani has actively supported athletes   Qatar military officials responded on
                                             and major sports competitions since     July 17, 2004. U.S. servicemembers
Competitions (officers)
                                             he succeeded his father’s rule of the   were officially invited to join them in
• Jan. 20-22
                                             Gulf country in 1995. International     the nation’s annual military sports
Chief of Staff Marksmanship
                                             athletic events helped build world-     competitions – as the only non-
                                             wide awareness for the rapidly          Qatari participants. The military
• Feb. 1-25                                  developing and prosperous Gulf          sports competitions included:
Military Run                                 emirate. The 15th Asian Games           marksmanship, basketball, soccer,
• March                                      Doha in December 2006 presented         volleyball, table tennis, cross-country
                                             Qatar as the first venue for a major    and a challenging military run.
Contact Capt. Thomas Crane, ASG-QA
HHC commander, or Raed Barghouti,            Olympiad event in Arabia.
ASG-QA civil affairs specialist, for more                                            Topping the score cards, U.S.
information.                                 In June 2003, Qatar military            servicemembers earned 3rd place
                                             officials asked Qatar-based U.S.        during the first season marksmanship
                                             servicemembers to join them in          competition. At the 2005 to 2006
                                             athletic activities – a major success   military sports competitions, they
 Permanent Off-Limit Areas                   of sociable interaction between the     earned 2nd place in a cross country
 in Doha for Camp As                         two nations’ military forces. Prior     run. The following season, Air Force
 Sayliyah Military and DOD                   to the athletic events in 2003, U.S.    Capt. Benjamin Washburn, from
 Civilians:                                  servicemembers had limited, low-        Colorado Springs, Co., achieved
                                             level, military-to-military relations   1st place during a pistol competition
 • Iranian souqs                             with their Qatar counterparts. To       against eight Qatari military teams.
 • Industrial area                           bring the two diverse cultures          According to Washburn, he had
                                             together, a common interest was         never shot pistol one-handed before
 • Al Wakra
 • Marine House located at the
 US Embassy
 • Establishments serving
 alcohol, except full-service
 restaurants located in: Four
 Seasons, Ritz-Carlton,
 Intercontinental, Sheraton,
 Marriott, and Ramada hotels
 • Local residences of
 employees of private
 corporations or other civilian
 organizations under contract
                                U.S. Armed Forces battle their Qatari counterparts during a volleyball
 with the U.S. government       championship game in Doha, Qatar, Oct. 23. In June 2003, Qatar
                                            military officials asked Qatar-based U.S. servicemembers to join them
 Contact Capt. Mark Singer, ASG-QA
 deputy provost marshall for more
                                            in athletic activities – a major success of sociable interaction between
 information.                               the two nations’ military forces. (Official Army Photo/Ding Alcayde)

                                                          Desert Mesh : 0 : December 2008/January 2009
– in competition or otherwise.              doubles table tennis competition.
However, he was provided a helpful          Events still on the schedule include:
range coach by the host nation’s            basketball, marksmanship, cross-
military.                                   country and the military run – as
                                            well as various other competitions
“It’s nice to see an American               that are dependent on troop
standing in formation to receive a          availability.
trophy,” said Qatar Army Brig. Gen.
Khalifa Al Khulaifi, Qatari Military        “The Qatar military takes extra
Sports Association deputy director,         pride in their sports competitions,”    U.S. Air Force Capt.
minutes before the award ceremony           said Hani Abukishk, Area Support        Benjamin Washburn, from
honoring Washburn with a gold               Group Qatar civil affairs officer.      Colorado Springs, Co., is
medal on Jan. 20, 2008. Qatar               He was part of the first negations      congratulated by members
Army Lt. Jo’an bin Hamad Al Thani,          to bring the two nations together       of the Qatar military, Jan.
military police officer, son of the emir,   in sports competitions. “Especially     30, 2007. Washburn earned
was present to congratulate the Air         the marksmanship events, since          the first gold medal since
Force security forces officer.              they specifically showcase a military
                                                                                    U.S. servicemembers began
                                            skill, unlike basketball and soccer.
                                                                                    participating in Qatar military
The 2008 to 2009 season is still            The Qatar rifle and pistol teams
                                                                                    sports competitions in 2004.
underway. So far, the U.S. Armed            generally don’t expect us to beat
                                                                                    (Official Army Photo/Dustin
Forces earned 2nd place at the              them,” he said.

Qatar sports                                Ambassador LeBaron remarked
                                            that the U.S. Embassy supported
strengthen                                  the vision of Qatar’s leaders in pro-
                                            moting sporting activities as part of
connections                                 a healthy lifestyle, and there were
                                            no people better placed than our
                                            military service members to help us
U.S. Embassy Qatar
                                            achieve that goal.
Press release
                                            The Qatari and U.S. militaries,
DOHA, Qatar, Nov. 23, 2008                  which enjoy a long tradition of co-
– U.S. Ambassador to Qatar                  operation in all fields, take advan-
Joseph LeBaron and Brig. Gen.               tage of the cooler months to field
Khalifa Al Khulaifi, Qatar Military         teams in friendly competitions in a     U.S. Army Sgt. Lumbala
Sports Association deputy director,         number of sports.                       Walumbala (right), from
inaugurated a friendly soccer game                                                  Sacramento, Calif., runs
between teams from the Qatari and           Prior to the soccer match, Raed         toward an opposing goal
U.S. militaries. The early morning          Barghouti, coach of the American        during a championship soccer
match, which was played at Al Sadd          team, observed that his side was        game at Al Sadd stadium
stadium, highlighted the successful         taking on a big challenge by facing     in Doha, Qatar, Nov. 27.
collaboration between the two               the strongest Qatari military soccer
militaries in the sports arena.                                                     Walumbala joined several
                                            team this season. The coach’s con-      other members of the U.S.
                                                    cerns were borne out by the     Armed Forces to play against
                                                     results, as the U.S. team      their Qatari counterparts
                                                     was soundly defeated.          during the nation’s annual
                                                                                    military sports competitions.
                                                    Speaking before the game,       (Official Army Photo/Ding
                                                    Brigadier General Al Khu-
                                                    laifi said he welcomed fur-
                                                    ther sports collaboration
                                                    between the U.S. and Qa-
(Courtesy Photo/U.S. Embassy Qatar)                 tari militaries.

              Desert Mesh : 1 : December 2008/January 2009
Education Center
The Army Continuing
Education System offers a
variety of programs to assist
servicemembers in obtaining
their college degree, GED,                   Seasonal                            Other; 18 percent).
certification or licensure
– through a variety of distance              concerns for                        At Camp As Sayliyah, it’s ex-
learning programs. Visit                     driving in Doha                     tremely important for leaders to
                                                                                 impose a strong vehicle safety
the education center for
more information on ACES                                                         awareness program within their
                                             By ISIDORO A. GEVEROLA              respective units. Statistically, ac-
programs and services.                       ASG-QA safety manager               cidents occur more often while
                                                                                 off-duty. Off-post travel can be dif-
  • Tuition assistance                       The U.S. Army Combat Readi-         ficult, especially for an unfamiliar
  • GI Bill                                  ness/Safety Center fiscal 2008      driver finding their way in a foreign
  • Distance education                       end-of-year review reported a re-   traffic environment.
  • eArmyU                                   duction in Class A accidents on
  • Promotion points!                        ground. Army Motor Vehicle and Qatar weather conditions and
                                             Army Combat Vehicle Class A ac- local aggressive driving habits,
Contact Annette Whitaker, education          cidents significantly decreased. compounded with treacherous
center director, for more information.

                                             Class A accidents for AMV and roads, offer significant challenges
                                             ACV vehicles accounted for nine for all drivers. The sun sets quick-
 Drove a Little Fast?                        percent and three                                  er during the cool
                                             percent, respectively.
 Check traffic violations at the                                     Statistically, accidents season and fog
                                             However, privately- occur more often while appears in the
 Qatar e-Government portal:                  owned vehicle and off-duty. Off-post travel early mornings               motorcycle accidents can be difficult, espe-       with     airborne
                                             and fatalities are cially for an unfamiliar
Vehicle Accidents                                                                               sand settling in
                                             continuing problem driver finding their way the air. Take your
All accidents, on and off post,              areas for the Army. in a foreign traffic en-
must be reported to the military                                     vironment.                 time and learn
                                             POVs accounted for                                 measures to en-
police desk, no matter how                   55 percent of total
minor: 460-8214                                                                                 sure you arrive
                                             Class A accidents in fiscal 2008, safely and avoid becoming an
                                             far eclipsing the second most Army loss statistic!
• Call your supervisor                       common cause (Personnel Injury-
• Report the five W’s
• If damage is minor, move your
vehicle off the road.
• DO NOT move the vehicle
after a major collision
• DO NOT leave the scene
unless instructed by an official.

Put these
numbers in
your mobile phone:
Off-post emergency: 
On-post emergency: 11
ASG-QA Civil Affairs: 588-

Contact Capt. Mark Singer, ASG-             U.S. Army Chyna Williams, from Crestview, Fla., attends tactical
QA deputy provost marshall, or Hani
Abukishk, civil affairs officer, for more
                                            vehicle training at Camp As Sayliyah, Qatar, Dec. 19. (Official Army
information.                                Photo/Ding Alcayde)

                                                         Desert Mesh :  : December 2008/January 2009
Driving in the dark                    during the cool weather season.         avoid having to use emergency
                                       Exercise caution and avoid ex-          driving tactics.
It’s important to remain alert and     cessive speeds when driving dur-
ready to react while conducting        ing these periods of limited vis-       You can prevent skids by driving
off-post missions at night. Driv-      ibility – pedestrians, bicycles and     slowly and carefully, particularly
ing after sunset is challenging        motorcycles can become difficult        around curves. Steer and brake
- sometimes dan-                                      to spot!                 with a light touch; avoid hard
gerous. According Losing control of your                                       breaking when you need to stop
to the U.S. National car on wet pavement              You may use low-         or slow down. If you start to skid,
                          is a frightening experi-                             remain calm and ease your foot
Safety Council, traf- ence. Skidding and hy- beam headlights or
fic death rates are droplaning can happen fog lights to indicate               off the gas – only apply the brake
three times greater unless you execute                your position on the     if your car has an anti-lock brak-
at night than dur- timely defensive and               road to other driv-      ing system. Carefully steer in the
ing the day. In fact, preventive measures             ers. But do not use      direction you want the front of the
nighttime      death to adjust your speed             your        high-beam    car to move. Steering into the skid
rates are more than       during wet conditions.      headlights or your       will bring the back end of your car
two times higher.                                     hazard lights as a       in line with the front.
Why is it so dangerous? Dark- means of being seen. Although
ness and fatigue are the primary this is a popular practice here, it           Hydroplaning occurs when the
                                        can easily lead to traffic accidents   water in front of your tire builds
                                        by creating poor visibility and dis-   up faster than your car’s weight
                                                                               can push it out of the way. Water
Qatar streets are often poorly lit, tractions for you and other driv-
                                                                               pressure causes your car to rise
especially in the industrial area. ers. Be better prepared to react to
                                                                               up and slide on the wet road. Your
Ninety percent of a driver’s re- sudden changes by leaving plenty
                                                                               car can lose contact with the road
action depends on vision. After of space between you and other
                                                                               and drift out of your lane. Do not
sundown, depth perception, color vehicles.
                                                                               brake or turn suddenly if you find
recognition and peripheral vision
                                                                               yourself hydroplaning. Ease your
are all compromised. Along the Roads soaked by rain
                                                                               foot off the gas until the car slows
streets in Qatar, people frequently
                                                                               and you can feel the road again.
wear dark clothing, ride bicycles According to historical averages,
                                                                               If you need to brake, do it gently
with no lights or reflectors, as well Qatar’s rainy season emerges             with light pumping actions. You
as walk across busy streets and in December and continues until                can brake normally if your car has
intersections with little warning.      March. In December 2006, resi-         an anti-lock system; a computer
                                        dents witnessed record break-          mimics the pumping action when
Sleepiness slows reaction time, ing down pours. The roads filled               necessary. To avoid hydroplaning,
decreases awareness and im- with water during this uncanny                     keep your tires properly inflated,
pairs judgment – just like drugs or wet season and many drivers                maintain good tire condition, slow
alcohol. Driving after a long, hard, found themselves unprepared.              down on wet roads and stay away
mentally demanding day can be So far we have had few showers                   from puddles. Try to drive in the
very risky. You are at serious risk in 2008, but it’s likely we will see       tire tracks left by the cars in front
for an accident if you work long or widespread down pours over the             of you.
odd hours, drive a great deal each next month or two.
day, suffer from a sleep disorder
or have been prescribed medica- Losing control of your car on wet
                                                                               Be aware of high winds
tion with sedatives.                    pavement is a frightening experi-      Driving in windy conditions can
                                        ence. Skidding and hydroplaning        be another test of driving skills.
Finding your way in fog                 can happen unless you execute          You need to be extra cautious and
                                        timely defensive and preventive        maintain good control of your ve-
Qatar is in its inclement weather measures to adjust your speed                hicle by driving defensively,
season. Heavy fog frequently during wet conditions. Precau-
unfolds in early morning hours tionary driving habits will help you                         (Continued on page 34)

             Desert Mesh :  : December 2008/January 2009
Safety/Fire Training
Attend the installation safety

Unit Safety Representative and Fire
Warden/Prevention                        driving                                Be extremely careful when open-
                                                                                ing vehicle doors while parked in
• Jan. 15: 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Confined Space Training                  (Continued from page 33)               windy conditions. Strong winds
• Jan. 20: 9 a.m. to noon                                                       can easily whip the door right out
First Aid Training                       reducing your vehicle speed, in-       of your hand and damage the ve-
                                         creasing your following distance       hicle parked next to you.
• Jan. 21: 9 a.m. to noon.
CPR Training                             and giving yourself plenty of
                                         room to react to blowing objects       Driving in Qatar can be difficult
• Jan. 22: 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.                                                     without any adverse environmental
                                         and debris. Be careful of upcom-
Fire Extinguisher Training                                                      conditions. Stay aware of your sur-
                                         ing traffic situations – even when
• Jan. 27: 9 a.m. to 10 a.m.
                                         you maintain proper control, other     roundings and drive to arrive.
HAZWOPER Refresher                       drivers may not.
• Jan. 27: 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.
HAZWOPER Supervisor
• Jan. 28: 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.
                                         Record-breaking                        awards in 2008 and continues to
                                                                                present itself as a premier instal-
Contact Isidoro Geverola, installation
                                         safety period in                       lation for safety excellence.
safety manager, or Daniel Guzman,
installation fire chief, for more
                                         Qatar                                  During 2009, the safety office
information.                                                                    will focus on in-house training,
                                         By ISIDORO A. GEVEROLA                 identifying hazards and an even
                                         ASG-QA safety manager                  more proactive composite risk
                                                                                management program. The goal
                                         CAMP AS SAYLIYAH, Qatar                is to achieve safety excellence in
                                         – Camp As Sayliyah residents           every possible mission-oriented
                                         achieved 247 accident-free days,       endeavor.
                                         Dec. 31, marking the longest inci-
                                         dent-free period ever recorded at      Safety first! Senior military leaders
                                         the U.S. military installation. This   demand it and military personnel,
                                         safety milestone is evidence of su-    civilians, and contractors live by it.
                                         perior safety awareness, training      Why? Because it’s the right thing to
                                         and enforcement throughout the         do! Safety is of utmost importance
                                         U.S. military installation in Qatar.   in every military environment.
                                         A strong safety culture is evident
                                         throughout the base – from
                                         top senior military leaders,
                                         to enlisted ranks and instal-
                                         lation contractors.

                                         “Safety first” is the safety
                                         call for Area Support Group
                                         Qatar – echoing loud and
                                         clear for everyone work-
                                         ing on Camp As Sayliyah.
                                         Since ASG-QA provides
                                         base operation services for     Lt. Gen. James J. Lovelace, U.S.
                                         the installation populace,      Army Central commanding general,
                                         the safety program is fo-       presents the Secretary of the Army and
                                         cused on individual wellbe-     Chief of Staff of the Army Exceptional
                                         ing and over-all installation   Organization Safety Award to Col.
                                         safety. As a result of numer-   David G. Cotter, Area Support Group
                                         ous efforts, ASG-QA accu-       Qatar commander, June 21. (Official
                                         mulated Army-level safety       Army Photo/Dustin Senger)

                                                      Desert Mesh :  : December 2008/January 2009
                                                                             New traffic law
                                                                             For minor accidents, drivers
                                                                             must move vehicles to avoid
                                                                             traffic congestion and a 1,000
                                                                             Qatari Riyal (roughly $275) fine
You can take several effective measures to minimize after-                   as articulated in the new Qatari
dark dangers by preparing your car and following special                     traffic law:
guidelines while you drive. The National Safety Council
recommends the following tactics:                                            • Qatari Traffic Law,
                                                                             Article : “Not removing
• Prepare your car for night driving. Clean headlights, taillights, signal   the vehicle from the
lights and windows (inside and out) once a week, more often if nec-          accident’s site to the
essary.                                                                      nearest parking after
                                                                             non-casualty accident if
• Have your headlights properly aimed. Misaimed headlights blind             it is possible to move it
other drivers and reduce your ability to see the road.                       and report to the police
• Don’t drink and drive. Not only does alcohol severely impair your          Contact Hani Abukishk, ASG-QA civil
driving ability, it also acts as a depressant. Just one drink can induce     affairs officer, for more information.

• Avoid smoking when you drive. Smoke’s nicotine and carbon mon-
oxide hamper night vision.

• If there is any doubt, turn your headlights on. Lights will not help
you see better in early twilight, but they’ll make it easier for other
drivers to see you. Being seen is as important as seeing.

• Reduce your speed and increase your following distances. It is
more difficult to judge other vehicle’s speeds and distances at night.

• Don’t overdrive your headlights. You should be able to stop inside
the illuminated area. If you’re not, you are creating a blind crash area
in front of your vehicle.

• When following another vehicle, keep your headlights on low
beams so you don’t blind the driver ahead of you.

• If an oncoming vehicle doesn’t lower beams from high to low, avoid
glare by watching the right edge of the road and using it as a steer-
ing guide.

• Make frequent stops for light snacks and exercise. If you’re too tired
to drive, stop and get some rest.

• If you have car trouble, pull off the road as
far as possible. Warn approaching traffic at
once by setting up reflecting triangles near
your vehicle and 300 feet behind it. Turn
on flashers and the dome light. Stay off the
roadway and get passengers away from the

• Observe night driving safety as soon as the
sun goes down. Twilight is one of the most
difficult times to drive, because your eyes
are constantly changing to adapt to the growing darkness.

           Desert Mesh : 5 : December 2008/January 2009
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