Organisational Structure by yq8B2o


									                       Malvern Hills District Council
              Organisational Structure as at 31st October 2012

HR Services                                                      31st October 2012
                                 Senior Management Team

                                        Chief Executive

               Head of    Head of Planning,        Head of Policy and   Head of Resources
              Community    Economy and                Governance
               Services       Housing

HR Services                                                                                 31st October 2012
     Commissioning Authorisation                        Community Services
      for Regulatory Services and
           Customer Services
                                                            Head of Community Services

                    Operations Manager                                                   Community Services

                See Team Structure Charts   Neighbourhood           Community             Community
                                             Coordinator          Services Officer       Development            Community             Community
                                                                                           Worker             Services Officer       Development

                                                                                                               Sport Inspired

HR Services                                                                                                                      31st October 2012
                                                        Operations Manager

    Transport and Logistics     Departmental Services    Recycling and Waste   Streets and Amenities Officer    Streets Scene Manager
           Officer                     Officer           Management Officer

  Refuse and Recycling Driver                                                   See Streets and Amenities      Street Scene Wardens x 3
         /Supervisors                                                                 Team Below
             X 11

     Refuse and Recycling
             X 21

    Cage Driver/Loader x 1

HR Services                                                                                                       31st October 2012
                                    Street and Amenities Team

                                          Operations Manager

                                          Streets and Amenities

              Grounds Maintenance                                      Street Cleansing
                   Supervisor          Public Convenience Operatives   Driver/Supervisor

                                                                       Street Cleaning Driver
              Grounds Maintenance
                   Operatives                                           Sweeping Operatives

HR Services                                                                        31st October 2012
    Commissioning Authorisation
   for Building Control Partnership                         Planning Economy and Housing

                                                                  Head of Planning & Housing

       Housing Outcomes               Development Control        Planning Policy Manager           Building Control           Economic Development
           Manager                         Manager                                               Partnership Manager                Manager

                                      See Development              See Development               See Building Control
                                       Control Below                  Plans and                        Below
                                                                  Conservation Below

     Housing Strategy Officer          Private Sector Housing                                  Tourist Information Officers      Economic Development
                                               Officer                                                (Malvern TIC)                   Officers x 2
                                                                                                                                  Departmental Services
                                                                                               Tourist Information Officer               Officer
                                                                                                     (UPTON TIC)

HR Services                                                                                                                            31st October 2012
                                                                Development Control

                                                                   Development Control Manager

                                                Enforcement Officer
           Registration Officer                                                                       Area Planning Officer   Area Planning Officer

                                                                                                 Senior Planning                     Senior Planning
     Registration           Technical Support   Investigations Officers                              Officer                             Officer
      Assistants               Assistants
         X2                       X4

                                                                                                  Planning Officer
                                                                                                                                      Planning Officer

                                                                                                  Planning Officer
                                                                                                                                      Planning Officer

                                                                                                  Planning Officer
                                                                                                                                      Planning Officer

                                                                                                 Assistant Planning
HR Services                                                                                                                      31st October 2012
       Development, Plans and Conservation                                                   Building Control

                                                                                                   Building Control Partnership
                    Planning Policy Manager                                                                  Manager

                                                                                       Building Control             Technical Admin Team
           Senior Planning              Senior Planning                               Operations Manager                   Leader
        Officer (Conservation           Officer (Policy &
            & Landscape)                   Research)

                                                                     Building Control Surveyors (Qualified)             Technical Assistants
        Landscape Officer              Assistant Planning Officer
          Conservation                        (Planning)                              X7                                          X3

     Assistant Planning Officer           Planning Technician       Building Control Surveyors (Unqualified)
          (Conservation)                                                              X2
                                      Technical Support Assistant

HR Services                                                                                                                31st October 2012
                                                                     Policy and Governance

                                                                      Head of Policy and Governance

(Additional reporting to Head
of Resources)
                        Performance &                        Business Support Team           Electoral Services   Legal Services         Democratic &
                        Policy Manager                              Leader                       Manager            Manager            Committee Services
-----------------                                                                                                                          Officer

                                                                                                                                         Democratic &
                                                                                                                                       Committee Services
                                                                                             Electoral Services   Senior Solicitor
      Corporate                          Document Services
    Communications                                                                               Assistant                               Democratic &
                                             Manager                                                                                   Committee Services
                                                                                                                      Solicitor            Officer
                                         Document Services
        Web                                   Officer
    Communications                                                      PA/Management Secretaries:
       Officer                           Graphic Designer                         X2
                                                                              Support Officers:
                                                                                                                  Services Officers
                                                                                 Cleaners:                              X1

     Senior Performance &           Information & Risk                       Custodian/ Usher
         Policy Officer            Management Officer

       Intelligence Officer

HR Services                                                                                                                           31st October 2012
   Commissioning Authorisation for:                            Resources
  Human Resources including Payroll
  and Heath and Safety
  Internal Audit                                              Head of Resources
  Revenues and Benefits
  ICT, GIS and Land Charges

     Estates and Valuation                Finance Manager               Technical Services Manager           Performance & Policy
            Officer                                                                                                Manager

          Accountant                  Technical Accountant    Creditors/Debtors        Financial Systems       See Performance &
                                       FS263 FTE 0.80            Supervisor                Developer                 Policy
                                        Helen Radcliffe                                                           team above

          Accountant                  Accountancy Assistant   Creditors/Debtors       Systems Technician –
                                                                 Assistants               Development

HR Services                                                                                                              31st October 2012

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