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General Charter Information _in an Acrobat pdf_ - SV Cutty Sark


									                                               GENERAL INFORMATION
                                                           Æolian Ventures, Ltd
                                                        Sailing Vessel CUTTY SARK

                                               or damage to your property, our liability
PRICES INCLUDE                                 will not exceed $100 per passenger.                       HEALTH & DISABILITY
·   Transportation as indicated in             EXTRA COST PROVISION
    itineraries.                                                                                Passengers must notify us in writing at the
·   All meals & beverages aboard ship          As on any trip, inclement weather and            time of booking of any physical or mental
    and where indicated.                       other conditions beyond our control may          illness, disability or other conditions for
·   Transfer of passenger and one piece of     prevent or delay departure. If, as a result,     which special accommodations or the use of
    baggage at all points during the cruise.   you must book an additional hotel night, all     a wheelchair is necessary or contemplated.
·   Excursions ashore.                         added costs are solely your responsibility.      Also, we must be notified of any medical
·    All taxes, port charges, and fees.                                                         treatment that may render the passenger un-
                                               RESPONSIBILITY                                   fit for travel or constitute a risk or danger to
                                                                                                the passenger or anyone else on board. Pas-
PRICES DO NOT INCLUDE                          Æolian Ventures, Ltd. is not responsible for     sengers needing any form of assistance and
                                               personal injuries, illness or death resulting    those who are physically disabled must be
·   Transportation from your home city.        from any peril of the sea or cause not           accompanied by someone who will take full
                                               within Æolian Ventures, Ltd.’s sole and          responsibility for any needed assistance dur-
SUGGESTIONS                                    direct control, or not resulting from the sole   ing the cruise and in the event of an emer-
                                               and direct negligence of Æolian Ventures,        gency. We reserve the right to refuse passage
Prepare for warm weather, bring:               Ltd. Æolian Ventures, Ltd. is not respon-        to anyone who, in our sole opinion, may af-
·   Sun screen, the higher the SPF the         sible for injuries, illness or death occurring   fect the health, safety or enjoyment of other
    better.                                    off the vessel or during shore excursions.       passengers. The vessel is not designed to
·   Shorts or sun bathing attire.              Certain other limitations on liability apply.    accommodate wheelchairs, though some ac-
·   Sunglasses with 100% UV protection.        Written notice of claims against Æolian          commodation may be made with sufficient
·   Hat with visor.                            Ventures, Ltd. for injuries or death must be     advance notice. Passengers requiring a
                                               given within six months of the day injury        wheelchair must provide their own collaps-
Prepare for cool weather, bring:               or death occurs, and suits must be               ible wheelchair.
·   Sweater or sweatshirt and wind-            commenced within one year from the day
    breaker.                                   injury or death occurrs. Suits must be filed     Please note: some of the inns and restaurants
·   Long pants and socks.                      in Federal and/or State courts in the State      are a short uphill walk (no more than 5 or 10
·   Layers of clothing.                        of Washington. Æolian Ventures, Ltd. may         min.) from where the vessel moors for the
·   Light rain gear.                           refuse to transport or may disembark any         evening.
·   Nonskid, rubber soled shoes (boat          passenger for, among other things, illness,
    shoes).                                    disease, injury, mental problems, vulgar or                MEDICAL FACILITIES
                                               improper conduct, illegal substance
Additional items to consider:                  possession or abuse, refusal to obey             Each cruise sails with a trained First Re-
·   Chums or croakies to secure eye            regulations or for endangering self, other       sponder and First Aid Kit. Please be aware,
    glasses.                                   passengers or the crew. Passenger to bear        we will often be hours from the nearest medi-
·   Camera and lots of film.                   all expenses. Æolian Ventures, Ltd. may          cal facility.
·   Motion sickness medicine for those         substitute vessel and change itineraries for
    prone to such ailments.                    just cause and will not be responsible for                    CONFIRMATION
·   Though we dine in fine restaurants,        any loss or expense caused by reason of
    casual dress is “the uniform of the        such change. Each passenger is responsible       Bookings are confirmed on receipt of full
    day.”                                      for arriving at the vessel at least 15           charter fare by cash, check or credit card, if
                                               minutes before departure, with passage           space is available. Bookings are not con-
BAGGAGE                                        hire fully earned if the departure is missed     firmed unless the full fare is received and
                                               unless caused by the the sole negligence of      processed. A written confirmation will be
Each passenger may bring one soft-sided        Æolian Ventures, Ltd. Passage contracts          sent soon after the booking is processed.
bag, no larger than the size allowed by        are not transferable. Æolian Ventures, Ltd.
major airlines as a carry-on bag (i.e. 44-     may cancel or withdraw any cruise or                       CANCELLATION FEES
inch cumulative measurement & weighing         portion thereof with refund based on actual
no more than 40 lb.).                          cost or unfinished portion of cruise. Right      <35 days prior to departure – 100% of gross
                                               is reserved to assess fare and charges in        fare forfeited.
Passengers traveling from and to other         effect at the time of booking.                   35-85 days prior to departure – 50% of gross
points with additional luggage, may keep                                                        fare forfeited.
luggage not needed for the cruise in storage              SMOKING POLICY                        >85 days prior to departure – $100 per
at the Captain Whidbey Inn, by making                                                           person.
prior arrangements. Losses due to ordinary     Smoking is allowed aboard CUTTY SARK
wear and tear, perils of the sea and other     on the leeward side, weather deck only.
causes are not reimbursable. If due to any     Many of the inns and restaurants visited are
cause whatsoever we are liable for loss of     non-smoking.

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