LDM Academic field trips offerings for Summer 2012 _June and July by liuhongmeiyes


									LDM Academic field trips offerings for Summer 2012 (June and July sessions), divided into
LdM-Florence offerings (Novevie Travel agency), and LdM-Rome/LdM-Tuscania offerings
(RSI travel agency).


Students can select any of the field trips prior to their departure to Italy and pay $330 per field
trip directly to the travel agency, as follows:

JUNE 2012

1) Rome and the Vatican

2) Assisi, Siena and San Gimignano

3) Hiking the Alps and Garda Lake

JULY 2012

1) Pisa and Elba Island

2) Venice

3) Rome and the Vatican

Payment to: NOVEVIE TRAVEL (with bank transfer net of bank transfer fees, cashier's check
payable to “Novevie Travel”, or credit card)

Bank account information:

Name : Novevie Travel s.r.l.

Account # 052891343250

Bank: Banca Sella

Address: Succursale Q4 Firenze 2 Viale dei Mille 9-11 – 50131 Firenze - ITALY

ABI code: 03268

CAB code: 02801

IBAN code: IT 73 T 03268 02801 052891343250

Cashier’s check payable to “Novevie Travel” mailed to LdM:

Istituto Lorenzo de' Medici

Att. Administrative Office

Via Faenza 43

50123 Firenze - ITALY

Payment with credit card (only Visa or Master Card accepted; a 2% administrative fee will be
added to the total amount due):

Please send email message to Novevie Travel agency info@novevietravel.it to the attention of
Luca, and copy Francesca Gatti at LdM franci@lorenzodemedici.it , with the following
information: 1) credit card type (Visa or Master Card) 2) credit card number 3) credit card holder
4) expiration date 5) name of student participating in field trip(s) 6) academic session
(semester/summer) 6) selected field trip(s)

Students can also sign up for field trips upon their arrival in Florence and pay on site. The cost in
this case is 240 euro per field trip.

Please note that no advance reservations will be accepted unless students present proof of


JUNE 2012

Umbria and Lazio

JULY 2012

Sorrento and Amalfi Coast

Students can sign up and pay the cost of $330 to the travel agency RSI prior to students' arrival
day. Payment is accepted with either bank transfer or credit card (see details below); no checks
are accepted.

If paying with bank transfer:

Name: R.S.I. srl

Account # 1628436
Bank: Monte dei Paschi di Siena - Agenzia 90

Address: Galleria Caracciolo, 16/A – Roma – ITALIA

IBAN: IT 47S0103003268000001628436


If paying with credit card:

Please add a 1.5% credit card fee. In this case, please fill out RSI credit card authorization form

No checks are accepted.

Students can also sign up and pay on site after arrival and the cost is 240 euro (cash is also
accepted in this case). Please note that no advance reservations will be accepted unless students
present proof of payment.

Please note that the field trip departure and arrival point is in Rome, and therefore students
enrolled at LdM-Tuscania should make their own transportation arrangements to and from
Rome. The LdM-Tuscania staff can help students make such arrangements by suggesting the
best transportation options and hotel accommodations if needed.

For sign-ups and payments, please contact Francesca Gatti atfranci@lorenzodemedici.it

Best regards,

LdM staff

Blythe Antonelli
LdM Student Advisor


Office Hours:
Mon-Thurs 8:30 AM - 5 PM
Friday 9 AM - 1 PM

Istituto Lorenzo de' Medici
Via Faenza 43, 50123 Florence - Italy
Tel. +39 055 287360 / 055 287203
Fax +39 055 2398920


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