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									                                    454         U.S. GOVERNMENT MANUAL

                                    Fairfax, Loudoun, Prince William, and Arlington Counties and the city of Alexandria
                                    in Virginia.

                                    The National Capital Planning                           However, the Commission continues to
                                    Commission was established as a park                    serve as the central planning agency for
                                    planning agency by act of June 6, 1924,                 the Federal Government in the National
                                    as amended (40 U.S.C. 71 et seq.). Two                  Capital Region.
                                    years later its role was expanded to
                                                                                               The Commission is composed of five
                                    include comprehensive planning. In
                                    1952, under the National Capital                        appointed and seven ex officio members.
                                    Planning Act, the Commission was                        Three citizen members, including the
                                    designated the central planning agency                  Chairman, are appointed by the
                                    for the Federal and District of Columbia                President and two by the mayor of the
                                    governments.                                            District of Columbia. Presidential
                                      In 1973, the National Capital Planning                appointees include one resident each
                                    Act was amended by the District of                      from Maryland and Virginia and one
                                    Columbia Home Rule Act, which made                      from anywhere in the United States, but
                                    the Mayor of the District of Columbia                   the two mayoral appointees must be
                                    the chief planner for the District.                     District of Columbia residents.

                                    For further information, contact the National Capital Planning Commission, 401 Ninth Street NW., Suite
                                    500, Washington, DC 20576. Phone, 202–482–7200. Fax, 202–482–7272. Internet, E-mail,

                                    NATIONAL CREDIT UNION ADMINISTRATION
                                    1775 Duke Street, Alexandria, VA 22314–3428
                                    Phone, 703–518–6300. Internet,

                                    Chairman                                                          JOANN JOHNSON
                                    Vice Chairman of the Board                                        RODNEY E. HOOD
                                    Board Member                                                      CHRISTIANE GIGI HYLAND
                                    Executive Director                                                J. LEONARD SKILES
                                    Secretary of the Board                                            MARY RUPP
                                    Chief Financial Officer                                           DENNIS WINANS
                                    Director, Office of Small Credit Union                            TAWANA Y. JAMES
                                    Director, Office of Corporate Credit Unions                       KENT D. BUCKHAM
                                    Director, Office of Examination and Insurance                     DAVID M. MARQUIS
                                    Director, Office of Human Resources                               SHERRY TURPENOFF
                                    Director, Office of Capital Markets and                           MARCIA SARRAZIN
                                    Director, Congressional and Governmental                          JOHN J. MCKECHNIE III
                                    Special Assistant to the Chairman/Director of                     NICHOLAS N. OWENS
                                        External Affairs
                                    Director, Office of Chief Information Officer                     DOUG VERNER
                                    Director, Office of Training and Development                      LESLIE ARMSTRONG
                                    General Counsel                                                   ROBERT M. FENNER
                                    Inspector General                                                 WILLIAN DESARNO

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                                                                               NATIONAL CREDIT UNION ADMINISTRATION                             455

                                    President, Asset Management and Assistance                            MIKE BARTON
                                    [For the National Credit Union Administration statement of organization, see the Code of Federal Regulations,
                                    Title 12, Part 720]

                                    The National Credit Union Administration is responsible for chartering, insuring,
                                    supervising, and examining Federal credit unions and administering the National
                                    Credit Union Share Insurance Fund. The Administration also administers the
                                    Community Development Revolving Loan Fund and manages the Central Liquidity
                                    Facility, a mixed-ownership Government corporation whose purpose is to supply
                                    emergency loans to member credit unions.

                                    The National Credit Union                                   and to assist credit union management
                                    Administration (NCUA) was established                       and operations.
                                    by act of March 10, 1970 (12 U.S.C.                         For further information, contact the Director,
                                    1752), and reorganized by act of                            Office of Examination and Insurance. Phone, 703–
                                    November 10, 1978 (12 U.S.C. 226), as                       518–6360.
                                    an independent agency in the executive                      Share Insurance The act of October
                                    branch of the Federal Government. It                        19, 1970 (12 U.S.C. 1781 et seq.),
                                    regulates and insures all Federal credit                    provides for a program of share
                                    unions and insures State-chartered credit                   insurance. The insurance is mandatory
                                    unions that apply and qualify for share                     for Federal credit unions. State-chartered
                                    insurance.                                                  credit unions in many States are required
                                                                                                to have Federal share insurance, and it is
                                    Activities                                                  optional for other State-chartered credit
                                                                                                unions. Credit union members’ accounts
                                    Chartering The Administration grants                        are insured up to $100,000. The
                                    Federal credit union charters to groups                     National Credit Union Share Insurance
                                    sharing a common bond of occupation                         Fund requires each insured credit union
                                    or association or groups within a well-                     to place and maintain a 1-percent
                                    defined neighborhood, community, or                         deposit of its insured savings with the
                                    rural district. A preliminary investigation                 Fund.
                                    is made to determine if certain standards                   For further information, contact the Director,
                                    are met before granting a Federal                           Office of Examination and Insurance. Phone, 703–
                                    charter.                                                    518–6360.

                                    For further information, contact the appropriate            Supervision Supervisory activities are
                                    regional office listed in the following table.              carried out through regular examiner
                                                                                                contacts and through periodic policy and
                                    Examinations The Administration
                                                                                                regulatory releases from the
                                    regularly examines Federal credit unions
                                                                                                Administration. The Administration also
                                    to determine their solvency and                             identifies emerging problems and
                                    compliance with laws and regulations                        monitors operations between
                                                         Regional Offices—National Credit Union Administration
                                            Region                         Address                        Director         Telephone         Fax

                                    CT, MA, ME, NH, NY,       9 Washington Sq., Washington Ave.     Mark A. Treichel      518–862–7400   518–862–7420
                                      MI, RI, VT                Ext., Albany, NY 12205
                                    DC, DE, MD, NJ, PA,       Suite 4206, 1775 Duke St., Alexan-    Edward Dupcak         703–519–4600   703–519–6674
                                      VA, WV                    dria, VA 22314
                                    AL, FL, GA, IN, KY,       Suite 1600, 7000 Central Pkwy., At-   Alonzo A. Swann III   678–443–3000   678–443–3020
                                      MS, NC, OH, PR,           lanta, GA 30328
                                      SC, TN, VI
                                    AR, IA, IL, LA, KS, MN,   Suite 5200, 4807 Spicewood Springs    Jane Walters          512–342–5600   512–342–5620
                                      MO, ND, NE, OK,           Rd., Austin, TX 78759–8490
                                      SD, TX, WI

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                                    456         U.S. GOVERNMENT MANUAL

                                                 Regional Offices—National Credit Union Administration—Continued
                                            Region                      Address                        Director      Telephone         Fax

                                    AK, AS, AZ, CA, CO,     Suite 301, West Washington    St.,   Melinda Love       602–302–6000   602–302–6024
                                     GU, HI, ID, MT, NV,      Tempe, AZ 85281
                                     NM, OR, WA, WY

                                    Sources of Information                                  NCUA’s central and regional offices.
                                                                                            Copies of the listing are available at a
                                    Consumer Complaints The
                                                                                            nominal fee from NCUA, Publications,
                                    Administration investigates the
                                    complaints of members unable to resolve                 1775 Duke Street, Alexandria, VA
                                    problems with their Federal credit                      22314–3428. Phone, 703–518–6340. A
                                    unions. Complaints should be sent to the                listing is also available electronically
                                    Office of Public and Congressional                      through the Internet at
                                    Affairs, National Credit Union                          indexdata.html.
                                    Administration, 1775 Duke Street,                       Publications A listing and copies of
                                    Alexandria, VA 22314–3428.                              NCUA publications are available from
                                    Employment Inquiries and applications                   NCUA, Publications, 1775 Duke Street,
                                    for employment should be directed to                    Alexandria, VA 22314–3428. Phone,
                                    the Office of Human Resources,                          703–518–6340. Publications are also
                                    National Credit Union Administration,                   available electronically through the
                                    1775 Duke Street, Alexandria, VA                        Internet at
                                    22314–3428.                                             Starting a Federal Credit Union
                                    Federally Insured Credit Unions A list                  Groups interested in forming a Federal
                                    of federally insured credit union names,                credit union may obtain free information
                                    addresses, asset levels, and number of                  by writing to the appropriate regional
                                    members is available for review at                      office.

                                    For further information concerning the National Credit Union Administration, contact the Office of Public
                                    and Congressional Affairs, National Credit Union Administration, 1775 Duke Street, Alexandria, VA 22314–
                                    3428. Phone, 703–518–6330. Internet,

                                    NATIONAL FOUNDATION ON THE ARTS AND THE
                                    The purpose of the National Foundation on the Arts and Humanities is to develop
                                    and promote a broadly conceived national policy of support for the humanities and
                                    the arts in the United States, and for institutions which preserve the cultural heritage
                                    of the United States.

                                    The National Foundation on the Arts and                 Council on the Arts and the Humanities
                                    the Humanities was created as an                        assists the Endowments in coordinating
                                    independent agency by the National                      their programs and other activities with
                                    Foundation on the Arts and the                          those of Federal agencies. Each
                                    Humanities Act of 1965 (20 U.S.C. 951).                 Endowment is advised on its respective
                                    The Foundation consists of the National                 grantmaking and related policies,
                                    Endowment for the Arts, the National                    programs, and procedures by its own
                                    Endowment for the Humanities, the                       National Council, composed of the
                                    Federal Council on the Arts and the                     Endowment Chairman and other
                                    Humanities, and the Institute of Museum                 members appointed by the President and
                                    and Library Services. The Federal                       confirmed by the Senate. Members of

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