Better treatment for cataract- Can-C Eye Drops or Eye Surgery

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					     Better treatment for cataract- Can-C Eye Drops or Eye Surgery

As we age, the oxidization level of our body also increases and there are bounty of side effects resulting
from oxidation of the human body. However, this oxidation of the human body is stoppable, yet the side
effects resulting from oxidation can be cured. The most common side effect resulting from age induced
human body oxidization is cataract. As we all know, Cataract affects the cornea of the eyes, which cause
eye sight problems as the vision gets foggy and impaired. Living with a cataract is no less than a curse,
hence the patients prefer to get rid of this disease. However, till few years back, eye surgery was the only
solution for cataract. In the surgery the doctors replace the natural eye lens with an artificial one. The
artificial lens allows light to enter into the retina through a proper passage, which offers clear visibility.

But, at present surgery is not just the only option for cataract. Cataract eye drops are also the effective
cure for cataract and it takes away the need of surgery. In the market or medical term these drops are
known as Can-c eye drops. Its main ingredient is NAC, which is present in 1%.

How Can-C eye drops help in curing cataract?

Cataract happens when excessive protein gets deposited over the eye lens. This creates a thick layer over
the eye lens hampering the flow of light from reaching the retina. Can-c eye drops help in clearing the
protein deposition, which can eventually cure the cataract.

NAC is the key ingredient that clears the protein layer deposited over the eye lens. Curing cataract usi8ng
these eye drops is a slow process when compared to eye surgery. But using these drops cause no side
effects, whereas surgery may lead to certain complicacies like eye infection. Approximately these drops
are to be used for around 6 months, but overall the process is very affordable. Also can-c eye drops save
the patient from the long recovery process that is a sure aftermath of an eye surgery.

People are not that aware of this possible option for cataract treatment, hence they blindly go for the
surgery. Although the Can-c eye drops don’t offer an instantaneous cure to cataract, but these are very
much safer and better than eye surgery. Extensive research has been done on these eye drops in the last
one decade and it has been confirmed that there is no as such visible side effects.


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