Getting Exposure as a Starting Photographer

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					Getting Exposure as a Starting Photographer

                                               A lot of people catch the photography bug at some point
                                               in their lives. Something happens that makes them realize
                                               that they 1) want a camera, and 2) want to take good

                                               Difficulty of Photography
                                               Whatever the reason, they get the camera in the long run
                                               and learn that they love taking pictures. They start looking
                                               on websites and finding photos that are deeply

So they take a picture or two here and there, looking for beautiful shots and angles. You look online to
find out how to take good pictures and begin practicing.

This is the point where some people get bored and find a new hobby. They find out that these pictures
aren’t as easy to take as they seemed initially.

They have to learn about f-stops, shutter speeds, apertures and lighting. It’s going to take a lot of work
to bring them up to par.

Another Wall
For those that get through this education though, the process is well worth the time. They learn all the
skills necessary to be a good photographer, but they hit another rut.

How can they get people to buy theirs services? How can they sell their product?

Many have never started a business
before and have no clue how to get
people to pay for them. The question
becomes, what can a starting
photographer do to better market their

If you have these same questions, then
take heart in realizing that you have one
of the most creative hobbies in the
world. Photography is beautiful, and if
you can get your name out there, you
can get real business.
It’s going to take a lot of hard work, but if you’re serious about it, then take a look at a couple of these
ideas to get you started. The number one tip to give is to show off a bit.

This means that you’re going to have to extend yourself a bit. Go to local events—with permission—and
take pictures of people and the event as a whole.

Hand out cards to people that you take pictures of and tell them to visit your website to see them. If you
can get them up that night, then tell them to check for them tomorrow and keep your promise.

Since you took a picture of them, they are likely to visit soon to see themselves. Make sure that your site
is set up to easily accommodate the accidental discovery of more of your beautiful pictures.

Business Model
They should also know that they can buy a full-sized print or digital version of their picture. Place a price
and a “purchase now” button somewhere near their picture (either below or to the right of it).

Even if they don’t buy, you’ll have accomplished 3 things. First, you have exposure—someone came to
your website and saw what you could do.

Second, they know that they can hire you to do custom shoots. Third, you handed out business cards
that could bring in new business.

Be sure to give a card or two to the organizers so that they can think about hiring you to be their official
photographer of the event in future. Also ask them to send out an email, reminding attendees that they
can see their pictures on your website.

This reminder will bring people to your website and value to the organizers. No one loses here.

This is the number one thing that photographers can do to start getting exposure right away. You get
people to your site by appealing to their love of their own pictures.

You also get business cards placed—and cared for since people will want to remember the website. You
build network connections with event organizers.

Do this as often as possible. Find events and become a part of them and you’ll get the same results
every time.

Sell to What They Love
People love pictures of themselves, and even if you don’t like taking portrait photos, they’ll help you get
the exposure you need so people will find your other work as well. If marketing talk gets your blood
pumping, then consider finding out more about pursuing a degree in marketing.

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Photo Credit: Thomas Leuthard, Luis Hernandez

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