Rules And Regulations

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					                  Rules And Regulations

      Fees, times and dates of operation for the park are as follows:
       Weather permiting the park will be open on Saturdays and Sundays 9:00 am till
dusk. (always check the web site or call before coming out incase of inclemant weather
      Cost for entry is ten dollars per day.
      Rules and regulations:
        No alcohol or mind altering substances are allowed on the property.
        No pets allowed, unless on a leash
        Everyone that enters the park will get a copy of park rules and must sign a release
of liability waiver each time they come to the park. This includes drivers, passengers and
        Anyone under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian who
must sign a release of liability waiver in the presence of a park staff member. If the parent
or legal guardian do not accompany the minor, the waiver form must be given to a park
staff member before entrance to the park and it must be signed by the parent or legal
guardian and notarized .
        Helmets are required at all times for anyone driving on any race track.
        Firearms and explosives of any kind are not permitted at the park.
        There is a 5mph speed limit in parking lot areas and roads.
        All speed limit signs must be obeyed.
        Spectators must stay a safe distance from participating vehicles.
      Seatbelts are required for all vehicles operators and passengers.
      Obey all signs. There is no driving on grass areas.
      All vehicles must stay on roads or designated areas.
      Stay within the boundaries of the park. Do not enter any property not owned by the
park. Do not enter any posted areas that are not open to the park.
      Be courteous at all times.
      Litter laws are strictly enforced. Place litter in an appropriate trash receptacle or
"Pack it in, Pack it out".
      Excessive speed and reckless driving is not permitted.

       Recovery is available at most times. However a fee may be applied if to excessive.
       In case of an emergency, contact park staff. Ambulance and AirEvac service is
       Failure to comply with park rules and safe operating procedures can result in your
being temporarily or permanently banned from using the park or participating in any future
park activity or event.
       HAVE FUN!!!

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