Liverpool John Lennon Airport Review – April 2007
                                                  AIRPORT NEWS/LATEST DEVELOPMENTS

                                                         Runway Resurfacing Complete

The £6 million improvement scheme to resurface Liverpool John Lennon Airport’s runway is now complete. The runway had been closed at night
from 23:30 until 06:00 for the last six months while a 200-strong workforce carried out the essential work. The work included the laying of a high-
grip asphalt on the surface of the runway and the renewal of the “shoulder” areas, which had been breaking up over recent years, leading to the
ban on heavier 4-engined aircraft such as Boeing 747s and Airbus A340s. The runway lighting has also been renewed.

Although the airport is planning further upgrades to its runway, including an extension as outlined in its 25-year Master Plan, the current upgrade
will once again allow Boeing 747s to visit. This is very good news as, thanks to Liverpool FC’s success in Europe, we will not have to wait long to
see one of these rolling down the runway again! In addition to the runway, taxiway Alpha (the parallel taxiway) is also being resurfaced, complete
with new taxiway lighting. This phase is expected to be completed by June.

                                Passenger "Eggstravaganza" at Liverpool John Lennon Airport during Easter

The Easter Bank Holiday weekend was forecast to be the busiest Easter ever with record numbers of passengers using Liverpool John Lennon
Airport. Around 61,000 passengers were expected to travel through JLA between Good Friday and Easter Monday - an increase of over 5%
compared to the same period last year. Recently confirmed by the Civil Aviation Authority as still one of the UK's fastest growing regional airports,
the Easter weekend at JLA was set to continue this trend with passengers from the North West and beyond setting off to sunnier climes or taking
in a spot of sightseeing over the holiday period.

Robin Tudor, General Manager - Corporate and Community Affairs at Liverpool John Lennon Airport commented: "This year we have an even
wider range of destinations available to suit a cross section of travellers. Already this week we have seen increased numbers of passengers using
the Airport as passengers from throughout the North West take advantage of the low fares and great deals available with airlines flying from

                                                          SCHEDULED SERVICE NEWS

                                                     CURRENT AIRLINES/DESTINATIONS:

EasyJet Alicante, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Basle, Belfast Int., Berlin, Cologne, Faro, Geneva, Krakow, Madrid, Malaga, Nice, Palma, Paris/CDG
EuroManx Isle of Man
Flybe Jersey (commenced 28/04), Southampton
Ryanair Aberdeen, Alicante (commenced 19/04), Alghero, Ancona, Bergerac, Carcassonne, Cork, Derry, Dublin, Girona, Granada, Grenoble
(ceased 17/04), Inverness, Kaunas, Krakow, Limoges, Milan, Murcia, Nimes, Oslo/Torp, Palma, Pisa, Porto, Poznan, Reus, Riga, Rome, Salzburg
(ceased 17/04), Santander, Santiago, Seville, Shannon, Tampere, Venice, Wroclaw
VLM London City
Wizz Air Gdansk, Katowice, Warsaw

Ryanair commenced their three times a week service to Alicante from the 19th. As mentioned last month, this service is due to go daily from the 7th
May following the cessation of the four-times a week service to Tampere. Two destinations lost this month were Grenoble and Salzburg, which
both ceased on the 17th. The month saw quite a few different Boeing 737-800s, with five first-time visitors, namely EI-DPB, EI-DPK, EI-DPL, EI-

EasyJet has had another fairly quiet month, although from an enthusiasts point of view, the turnover in based Airbus A319s seems to have
increased, with 30 different examples appearing over the month. The main alteration this month has been to the Geneva flights, which have
reverted to easyJet Switzerland Airbus A319s being used f&t Geneva as EZY1483/1EX.

Flybe continue with their daily Southampton service, operated by ERJ-145s from Sunday to Friday and Dash-8s on Saturdays. The 28th saw the
service operated by G-JECV, which was making its first visit to Liverpool having only been registered just over a week before. Also on the 28 th, the
weekly Jersey service recommenced for the summer, the first flight being operated by Dash-8 G-JEDP.

EuroManx used a number of Aer Arann ATR-72s on the Isle of Man service during April. The normal aircraft EI-REJ operated for the first two
weeks of the month, but was noted passing through from Dublin to Sonderborg in the early hours of the 14 th as REA100M/101M and was not seen
again for the rest of the month. Instead, we had EI-REH (3rd, plus 17th – 20th), EI-RED (13th & 14th), EI-REF (14th – 17th), EI-REG (20th – 27th) and
EI-REI (27th – 30th). The Company’s own Dash-8s OE-HBB and OE-HBC also appeared during the month.

Nothing much to report from VLM for April, although the company has been continuing to push its Liverpool – London City service with a series of
adverts in the local papers. Wizz Air continues its successful operation and announced a fourth destination in early May. The airline stated that it
will start a three-times a week service to Bucharest from 1st October, with flights operating on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

                                                           CHARTER/IT. FLIGHT NEWS

Starting with Liverpool FC’s European games, the team flew out to Eindhoven on the 2 nd using Titan Boeing 737-300 G-ZAPW, returning from
Brussels on the 4th aboard G-ZAPM. Supporters flew t&f Brussels aboard Monarch Airbus A300-600 G-MONR, which departed on the 3rd and
returned in the early hours of the 4th. The return leg at Anfield saw PSV Eindhoven and their fans using three different Transavia Boeing 737-800s.
PH-HZA brought the team in on the 10th and visited again on the 11th with fans. The 12th saw PH-HZD take the team out, while PH-HZV collected
the fans. Having overcome PSV Eindhoven, it was a case of deja vu, as Liverpool faced Chelsea in the semi-final. It would appear that the team
used Eastern Airways SAAB 2000 G-CDEA for their trip to/from Stamford Bridge. For the return leg, Chelsea arrived from Farnborough aboard
Blue Line Fokker 100 F-GNLG on the 30th. The match day was actually 1st May, so details of fans charters will appear in the next edition.
Staying with football charters – full credit must go to Charlton Athletic, who offered their fans subsidised flights to see the team’s crucial relegation
match against Blackburn Rovers on the 28th. As more and more supporters took up the offer (£65 return Gatwick – Liverpool), “Operation Ewood”,
as it became known, produced three wide-body Monarch Airbuses, namely A330-200 G-EOMA and A300-600s G-MAJS and G-OJMR.
Unfortunately for the fans, they witnessed a drubbing at the match, but the airport certainly benefited from the operation!

A charter to Lourdes was operated on the 8th by Monarch Airbus A321 G-OZBF. The return flight on the 15th was operated by G-OZBL. One
charter associated with the Grand National was Flightline MD-83 G-FLTL, which operated f&t Dublin on the 12th as FLT3341/334P. The return
flight on the 15th was operated by OE-LRW as FLT337P/3374.

The Tuesday Thomsonfly Alicante service was operated by Boeing 767-200 G-BYAA on the 17th, in place of the normal Boeing 757-200. The last
day of the month saw Boeing 757-200 G-BYAR position in in preparation for the commencement of their summer charter programme from 1 st May.
It has been reported that this will be the last year that we have a based Thomsonfly aircraft, with services being greatly reduced in summer 2008.

 Transavia Boeing 737-800 PH-HZA was one of three to visit in connection with Liverpool FC v PSV Eindhoven. Photograph – Adrian Thompson

                                                                   FREIGHT NEWS

There were very few freight movements during April. Most notable was AeroVis Antonov An-12 UR-CFB, which visited f. Tallinn t. Shannon as
VIZ2385/2386 in the evening of the 5th. Arcus Air Dornier Do 228 D-CAAM visited f. Lahr t. Valciennes on the 12th as AZE22M/23M. Aero Nova
Metro III EC-GVE night-stopped on the 18th, routing f. Rotterdam t. Hanover as OVA K33/F31.

The TNT flights continue to be operated by Atlantic Electras during the week. The Friday evening TAY526H from Edinburgh to Liege did not
operate on the 6th due to the holiday, but it was flown the rest of the month by Spanish registered BAe 146s. There was also a Saturday morning
operation from Liege to Dublin on the 14th, 21st and 28th, operated by Belgian registered BAe 146s as TAY329V.

                                              GENERAL AVIATION & OTHER VISITOR HIGHLIGHTS

                         Pilatus PC-12 N660WB visited on Grand National Day, 14th April. Photograph – Adrian Thompson
We had seven Manchester diversions on the 7th – the most interesting one being Air Malta Airbus 9H-AEO. The others were a British Airways
Boeing 737-400, Ryanair Boeing 737-800 and two Flybe Dash-8s and ERJ-145s. Other Manchester diversions during the month included Aurigny
ATR-72 G-BXTN on the 5th and bmi British Midland Airbus A319 G-DBCK on the 14th. The latter, a relatively new delivery, diverted due to the
runway at Manchester being blocked by an aircraft with burst tyres.

The rather anonymous Hercules, N3755P, often associated with CIA activity passed through the airport again this month. It night-stopped on the
16th, routing f. Athens t. Stephenville – the reverse route to which it took when it previously passed through in January.

We had a total of forty biz-jets this month, including the returning resident Citation G-VUEM (see Resident News). The undoubted highlight was the
appearance of a Mexican registered aircraft, which is a very rare sight at Liverpool and has got many people questioning just when we last had a
Mexican aircraft through Liverpool. Unfortunately I do not have a definitive answer! The aircraft involved was Challenger 601 XAJZL, which arrived
from Gander on the 14th and was the highlight of the Grand National Day visitors, although it was a pure coincidence and actually nothing to do
with the race meeting! It remained at Liverpool until the 16 th when it departed to Geneva. Other biz-jets of note included Swiss Challenger 604
HB-JRC (6th) and Canadian Learjet 35 C-GRFO (10th – 12th) Irish Gulfstream V EI-GDL was here for the duration of the Grand National meeting,
whilst other Gulfstreams this month included CS-DKC (1st) VP-BNE (16th – 17th) and the now regular N699HH (30th – 2nd May). We had two Falcon
10s this month – EC-HVV (10th – 12th) and SE-DYB (16th). Another biz-jet worthy of note this month was Citation X G-CEDK, which visited on the
20th, routing from Hawarden to Biggin Hill. The aircraft is set to be a regular, having just been registered to the Duke of Westminster as a
replacement for Citation VII VP-CGE.

Foreign GA visitors this month included a pair of PC-12s. HB-FOW night-stopped on the 7th, routing f. St. Moritz t. Zurich, while N660WB visited f&t
Waterford on the 14th in connection with the Grand National. We also had a pair of PA-46 Malibus this month. PH-RHB paid two visits on the 10th,
while N417RK appeared on the 12th. Former resident Mooney M20R OY-ELW arrived from Hawarden on the 27th and was still here at the time of
writing. Moving to UK registered aircraft in this category, the highlight was DH Dove G-OPLC, which visited f. Biggin Hill t. Cambridge on the 13th
and f. Elstree t. Biggin Hill the following day. Helicopter highlight this month was Bell 222 N40EA, which night-stopped on the 29th, routing f.
Shannon t. Den Helder.

Mexican registered Challenger 601 XA-JZL was the highlight of the month. It was here from the 14th to 16th April. Photograph – Adrian Thompson

                                                              MILITARY VISITORS

There were very few military movements during April, although we did have a few Tornados down the ILS (see main log). RAF visitors this month
consisted of a couple of helicopters. Puma HC1 XW226 visited f&t Cranwell on the 4th as SHF010. Sea King HAR3 ZE370 visited f&t Valley on the
15th as SRD122. Another unidentified Sea King visited in the early hours on the 26 th, routing from Barrow-in-Furness to Valley using the same
SRD122 callsign. Our only other military visitor this month was Irish Air Corps King Air 200 240, which visited f. Le Bourget t. Baldonnel on the

                                                                RESIDENT NEWS

German Cessna 172 D-EAGC, which departed to Mainz/Finthen in February, returned from there on the 9 th, presumably having been away for
maintenance. We also had some other returning residents this month. Schweizer 269 G-CEAW, which was briefly resident last August/September
returned to Liverpool on the 14th and is now operating from here, having previously been based at a location near Warton. The helicopter is owned
by Aerocorp Ltd., the same company that has R-44 G-CCTL based here and also G-CEMC, which visits from time-to-time.

Also returning this month was Citation 501 G-VUEM. Although not having been at Liverpool in its current guise, the aircraft is the former G-FLVU,
which departed to the USA in February 2006 and was re-registered in April of that year. The aircraft arrived via Reykjavik on the 22 nd and sports
the same livery as G-VUEA and G-VUEZ. Another potential returning resident this month is Mooney M20R Ovation OY-ELW, which arrived from
Hawarden on the 27th. The aircraft was based at Liverpool a few years ago and it may well be again – hopefully we will know more next month.

There were two brand-new residents arriving this month. Cirrus SR22 N902SR arrived from Weert on the 16th – and possibly has some connection
with Extra 400 D-ELRN, which often visits from that location. Our second new resident this month is Cherokee Archer G-BSIZ, which arrived from
Aberdeen on the 27th, The aircraft has been bought by the two CATS members who own Cessna 152 G-JONI, which is now reported as being up
for sale. Based Eurocopter EC120B Colibri G-FEDA has now acquired a very smart metallic blue and silver colour scheme.
          With the arrival of G-VUEM, there are now three Citations operating within AD Aviation fleet. Photograph – Adrian Thompson

                                      LIVERPOOL JOHN LENNON AIRPORT VISITORS – APRIL 2007

Reg.       Type                        Arr.      Dep.      From               To                  Callsign            Notes

1st April – Sunday
G-ERJA ERJ-145EP                       11:28     14:02     Manchester         Manchester          BEE018T             Crew training
G-….        Grob G115E Tutor           14:04*    -------   Woodvale           ---------------     UAM82               *Go-around only
CS-DKC Gulfstream V                    14:42     16:45     Brize Norton       Helsinki            NJE034W/5PM
N203CD Cirrus SR20                     16:48     17:36     Tatenhill          Manchester
G-JMXA Agusta A109E                    17:54     18:12     Blackpool          Blackpool           Jaymax 2
G-LKTB PA-28-181 Archer III            20:44     21:14     Manchester         Manchester                              Plus circuits
G-EEBB Sikorsky S-76C                  21:01     21:19     pvt site           Norwich             NBK76

2nd April – Monday
G-ZAPW B737-300                        08:42     09:44     Stansted           Eindhoven           AWC793Y/793A        Liverpool FC outbound
G-CLUX Cessna F172N                    08:54     11:40     Hawarden           Hawarden                                Plus local
N409SA Cessna FR182G                   10:27     16:51     IOM                IOM
G-GOMO Learjet 45                      15:34     16:39     Guernsey           Biggin Hill         GDA30C/30D
G-GZRP PA-42-720 Cheyenne IIIA         16:39     17:43     Perpignan          Oxford              MCD53
G-FPLA King Air 200                    17:46     10:04+    Hawarden           Durham/TV           CLB865              Locals 3rd. Out 4th
N745HA Agusta A109A                    18:04     20:22n    pvt site           pvt site
G-CTWW PA-34-200T Seneca II            22:02     05:48n    Belfast Int.       IOM                 CLF82/83

3rd April – Tuesday
G-FIJR      L188C Electra              06:01     22:27     Liege              Liege               TAY19J/21B
G-MONR Airbus A300B4-600               07:36     09:09     Gatwick            Brussels            MON416P/9416        LFC fans outbound
G-TAIR      PA-340200T Seneca II       11:37     19:17     IOM                IOM                                     Plus local
G-BYAT B757-200                        14:53     17:01     Alicante           Alicante            TOM6924/6923
G-CTWW PA-34-200T Seneca II            21:53     05:54n    Belfast Int.       IOM                 CLF82/83

4th April – Wednesday
G-MONR Airbus A300B4-600               00:57     01:54     Brussels           Manchester          MON9417/417P        LFC fans inbound
G-ZAPM B737-300                        01:47     03:31     Brussels           Stansted            AWC793B/793W        Liverpool FC inbound
G-FIJR      L188C Electra              05:52     22:37     Liege              Liege               TAY19J/21B
XW226       Puma HC1                   09:52     10:26     Cranwell           Cranwell            SHF10
G-CEMC Robinson R-44 Raven II          10:00     17:23     pvt site           pvt site
D-IORE      Cessna 404 Titan II        10:02     11:12     Antwerp            Nauen
G-JAJK      PA-31-350 Navajo           10:08     12:24     Bournemouth        Belfast Int.        CWY08B/08C
G-LIDE      PA-31-350 Navajo           11:24     13:47     IOM                IOM                 CWY999Z/999Y
G-SMDJ AS350B2 Ecureuil                12:07     13:16     pvt site           pvt site
G-CTWW PA-34-200T Seneca II            21:58     06:06n    Belfast Int.       IOM                 CLF82/83
5 April – Thursday
G-LOFE L188C Electra                   05:30     22:35     Liege              Liege               TAY19J/21B
G-FANL Cessna R172K                    08:35     16:45     Haverfordwest      Haverfordwest
G-LIDE    PA-31-350 Navajo             08:52     10:23     IOM                IOM                 CWY999Z/999Y
G-BXTN ATR-72                          09:24     12:19     Guernsey           Guernsey            AUR670/671          Manchester wx divert
VP-BFC Citationjet CJ2                 09:33     10:04     IOM                IOM
G-PFFN King Air 200                    09:47     10:20     Leicester          Cork
G-BJCW PA-32R-301 Saratoga SP          10:29     15:04     Fairoaks           Fairoaks
G-ONAL King Air 200                    11:48     12:27     Durham/TV          Toussus Le Noble    GPO24
G-GMAB BAe 125 1000B                   12:09     14:51     Farnborough        Northolt            GMA21
G-JMAX BAe 125 800XP                   16:11     16:55     Blackpool          Farnborough         Jaymax 1
OY-JRO King Air B90                    16:14     16:45     Southend           Southend            TRJ904/900P
G-JMXA     Agusta A109E           16:26    16:53       pvt site           Blackpool            Jaymax 2
G-BZOG     Dornier Do 328         19:22    23:16n      Farnborough        Gatwick              SAY371/372
UR-CFB     Antonov An-12          20:26    22:19       Tallinn            Shannon              VIZ2385/2386
G-CTWW     PA-34-200T Seneca II   21:38    05:57+      Belfast Int.       IOM                  CLF82/83       Out 10th
EI-DLX     B737-800               21:49    22:40       Stansted           Stansted             RYR2756/2757   Blackpool wx divert

6th April – Friday
N745HA Agusta A109A               10:27    11:11       pvt site           pvt site
EC-HJQ B737-800                   11:30    12:54       Tenerife           Tenerife             AEA285/286
G-CCGS Dornier Do 328             15:41    17:57       Edinburgh          Heathrow             SAY400P/401
HB-JRC Challenger 604             21:47    13:38n      Bamako (Mali)      Zurich               SAZ462/463

7th April – Saturday
G-DOCW B737-400                   08:30    13:50       Gatwick            Gatwick              BAW34CA/2903   Manchester wx divert
G-JECL DHC-8-402                  08:37    10:01       Exeter             Exeter               BEE371/041W    Manchester wx divert
G-ERJC ERJ-145EP                  08:41    10:35       Glasgow            Glasgow              BEE271C/043W   Manchester wx divert
G-JECO DHC-8-402                  08:46    10:08       Norwich            Norwich              BEE441/044W    Manchester wx divert
EI-CSW B737-800                   08:52    10:22       Dublin             Dublin               RYR552/553P    Manchester wx divert
G-ERJF ERJ-145EP                  08:55    12:42       Edinburgh          Edinburgh            BEE221J/042W   Manchester wx divert
9H-AEO Airbus A320                10:07    11:12       Malta              Manchester           AMC138         Manchester wx divert
G-BFZD Cessna FR182               12:00    13:12       Sleap              Sleap
G-EMBJ ERJ-145EU                  14:46    16:34       Manchester         Manchester           BEE018T        Crew training
HB-FOW Pilatus PC-12/45           19:25    08:08n      St. Moritz         Zurich
G-CCGS Dornier Do 328             19:57    20:29       Heathrow           Edinburgh            SAY402/700P
8 April – Sunday
G-OZBF Airbus A321                13:41    15:26       Birmingham         Tarbes               MON112P/9112   Lourdes charter o/b
G-JBIZ    Citation 550 II         14:46    15:55       Bournemouth        Biggin Hill

9th April – Monday
OE-FCY Citationjet CJ2            09:28    10:02       Pau                La Mole              JAG204
G-JPAL      AS355N Ecureuil II    09:32    09:38       pvt site           pvt site
G-BXWP PA-32-300 Cherokee Six     14:48    16:55       Weston             Barton
N745HA Agusta A109A               16:56    17:09       pvt site           pvt site
G-JMAX BAe 125 800XP              20:22    20:43       Biggin Hill        Blackpool            Jaymax 1

10th April – Tuesday
G-LOFE L188C Electra              05:08    21:28       Liege              Liege                TAY19J/21B
C-GRFO Learjet 35                 06:23    10:13+      Keflavik           Heathrow                            Out 12th
G-NFLA Jetstream 31               09:15    13:40+      Cranfield          Cranfield            CFD1           Plus locals 10th, 11th,
                                                                                                              12th. Our 13th
XX…        Hawk                   09:41*   --------    Valley             ------------------   VYT58          *Go-around only
EC-HVV     Falcon 10              09:46    12:55+      Malaga             Birmingham           MYO721         Out 12th
G-LIDE     PA-31-350 Navajo       11:07    13:50       IOM                IOM                  CWY999Z/999Y
PH-HZA     B737-800               11:09    11:45       Eindhoven          Eindhoven            TRA8911/92     PSV Eindhoven i/b
PH-RHB     PA-46-350P Malibu      12:43    13:52       Jersey             Biggin Hill
G-BYAS     B757-200               15:19    16:55       Alicante           Alicante             TOM6924/6923
XX…        Hawk                   15:45*   --------    Valley             ----------------     VYT44
ZK451      King Air 200           15:56*   --------    Prestwick          -----------------    CWL66          *Go-around only
PH-RHB     PA-46-350P Malibu      17:10    17:31       Biggin Hill        Blackpool
EI-SQG     Agusta A109E           19:52    17:30n      pvt site           pvt site
G-CTWW     PA-34-200T Seneca II   21:18    06:05n      Belfast Int.       IOM                  CLF92/83

11th April – Wednesday
G-LOFE L188C Electra              05:34    22:46       Liege              Liege                TAY19J/21B
G-TGRZ B206B JetRanger III        09:34    16:21       Cardiff            Cardiff
EI-DIF      PA-31-350 Navajo      12:17    12:49       Weston             Weston               VAT01/02
PH-ILI      Citation 560 V        14:40    07:54n      Enschede           Enschede             SOX861
EI-GDL      Gulfstream V          14:42    19:00+      Shannon            Shannon              EFF5           Out 14th
PH-HZA B737-800                   14:46    15:18       Eindhoven          Amsterdam            TRA8373/92     PSV Eindhoven fans i/b
CS-DFC Falcon 2000                15:25    16:15       Farnborough        Norwich              NJE2RK
EI-DIF      PA-31-350 Navajo      15:58    17:31n      Waterford          Waterford            VAT04
G-ORJA King Air 200               16:26    23:32       Bristol            Bristol              CLF3
G-CDLT BAe 125 800XP              16:55    07:04n      Hawarden           Bratislava           GMA217
G-IWRC Eurocopter EC135T2         17:05    12:14n      pvt site           pvt site
XX…         Hawk                  17:18*   ---------   Valley             --------------       VYT68          *Go-around only
G-SMDJ AS350B2 Ecureuil           18:05    19:38       pvt site           pvt site
CS-DNY Citation 560 XL            18:40    07:58n      Shannon            Dublin               NJE6KF/986B
G-YEOM PA-31-350 Navajo           18:45    19:22       Oban               Bristol              JFY1
N836TP Beech A36 Bonanza          19:06    18:03n      Melbury            Melbury
G-CTWW PA-34-200T Seneca II       21:43    05:54n      Belfast Int.       IOM                  CLF82/83
12 April – Thursday
G-LOFE L188C Electra              05:09    22:31       Liege              Liege                TAY19J/21B
EI-PEL    Agusta A109E            08:39    09:28       pvt site           pvt site
G-LJRM Sikorsky S-76C             08:40    09:07       pvt site           pvt site
G-FLTL    MD-83                   08:43    09:40       Dublin             Dublin               FLT3341/334P   Grand National charter
G-OBAM B206B JetRanger III        08:53    18:25       pvt site           pvt site                            Plus local
PH-HZD B737-800                   09:11    10:37       Eindhoven          Eindhoven            TRA93/8912     PSV Eindhoven o/b
EI-WJN    HS.125 700A             10:03    10:27       Shannon            Dublin               EFF2
PH-HZV B737-800                   10:14    10:57       Amsterdam          Eindhoven            TRA91/8374     PSV Eindhoven fans o/b
G-BVYF PA-31-350 Navajo           10:32    11:22       Waterford          Haverfordwest
G-OBSM Robinson R-44 Raven        10:50    11:42       Panshanger         Panshanger
G-SCPL PA-28-140 Cherokee         12:24    13:39       Gloucestershire    Cambridge
G-EGLL PA-28-161 Warrior II       13:09    14:26       Wycombe Air Park   Welshpool
G-FLTL     MD-83                     13:35     14:24       Dublin               Dublin              FLT343P/345P
G-OOIO     AS350B3 Ecureuil          15:25     15:57       Elstree              Stansted
G-PFFN     King Air 200              15:44     15:57       Cork                 Leicester
N629RS     PA-44-180T Seminole       16:03     16:38+      White Waltham        IOM                                   Out 16th
N417RK     PA-46-350P Malibu         08:30     16:15       Hoeven               Hoeven
N23KY      Cessna P210N              16:23     18:58+      Abbeyfeale           Co. Neath                             Out 14th
G-SCIP     TB-20 Trinidad            16:30     17:53       Southampton          Welshpool
G-LIDE     PA-31-350 Navajo          16:33     18:09       IOM                  IOM                 CWY999Z/999Y
G-ETAT     Cessna 172S               17:19     14:59+      Shoreham             Shoreham                              Out 15th
G-PZIZ     PA-31-350 Navajo          18:24     19:01       Grenoble             Brize Norton        MCD78
…..../FR   Tornado F3                18:30*    ---------   Leeming              ----------------    Javelin 26        *Go-around only
ZE887/XI   Tornado F3                18:55*    ---------   Leeming              ----------------    Javelin 25        *Go-around only
G-BURS     Sikorsky S-76A            19:42     10:12+      pvt site             pvt site            PGL13/Premier 1   Out 15th
D-CAAM     Dornier Do 228            20:11     21:56       Lahr                 Valciennes          AZE22M/23M
G-CTWW     PA-34-200T Seneca II      21:43     05:46n      Belfast Int.         IOM                 CLF82/83

13th April – Friday
G-LOFE L188C Electra                 05:35     21:23+      Liege                Liege               TAY 19J/21B       Out 16th
D-EAOB PA-28-181 Archer II           09:17     11:14       “Northern Ireland”   Co. Neath                             Tatenhill diversion
N745HA Agusta A109A                  09:19     09:46       pvt site             London/Westland
G-ORJA King Air 200                  10:17     20:01n      Cardiff              Cardiff             CLF10
G-DERK PA-46-500TP Malibu            10:59     17:31       Denham               Denham
EC-HZS B737-800                      11:17     12:38       Tenerife             Tenerife            AEA285/286
EI-DUN      Agusta A109E             11:19                 pvt site
G-TAIR      PA-34-200T Seneca II     13:07     16:24+      IOM                  IOM                                   Out 15th
G-OPLC DH.104 Dove 8                 13:19     18:46       Biggin Hill          Cambridge
G-BFZD Cessna FR182                  14:21     14:48       Denham               Sleap
N450BK Learjet 45                    15:06     17:32n      Edinburgh            St. Petersburg
CS-DNR Falcon 2000                   15:54     17:13       Geneva               Waterford           NJE2GY
G-EEBB Sikorsky S-76C                16:23     16:51       Fairoaks             pvt site            NBR76
N65JF       PA-28-181 Archer II      16:28     17:39       Nottingham           Weston
VP-CSN Citation 560 V                17:35     18:07n      Edinburgh            Biggin Hill
G-CTWW PA-34-200T Seneca II          21:38     22:05       Belfast Int.         Bristol             CLF82/7
EC-HJH BAe 146F                      21:47     22:21       Edinburgh            Liege               TAY526H

                          DH 104 Dove 8 G-OPLC visited on the 13th and 14th April. Photograph – Adrian Thompson

14th April – Saturday
EI-REJ      ATR-72                   04:24     05:10       Dublin               Sonderborg          REA100M/101M
OO-TAE BAe 146F                      05:04     06:03       Liege                Dublin              TAY329V
D-CNAG Metro 23                      09:30     19:30       IOM                  IOM                 JFK817/JFK181
G-REDS Citation 560 XL               09:52     08:32n      Hawarden             Nice                G-‘DS/GOJ006A
G-CEAW Schweizer 269C-1              10:26     --------    pvt site             -----------------                     New resident
G-GFEY PA-34-200T Seneca II          10:39     17:51       Weston               Weston
N660WB Pilatus PC-12/47              11:02     18:53       Waterford            Waterford
EI-WJN      HS.125 700A              11:08     17:46       Dublin               Dublin              EFF2
G-BIFA      Cessna 310R              11:13     18:04       Wycombe Air Park     Wycombe Air Park
EI-DIF      PA-31-350 Navajo         11:21     15:53+      Weston               Dublin              VAT1              Out 17th
G-WDKR AS355F1 Ecureuil II           11:40     12:18       Hawarden             pvt site
G-OPLC DH.104 Dove 8                 11:43     17:38       Elstree              Biggin Hill
G-EDCS Beechjet 400XP                11:49     12:48       Edinburgh            Dublin
CS-DHN Citation 550 Bravo            12:03     13:43       London City          Jersey              NJE1XP
G-JMAX BAe 125 800XP                 12:07     12:51       Blackpool            Heathrow            Jaymax 1
G-IANV      DA42 Twin Star           13:35     18:52       Coventry             Coventry            AAG52T
XA-JZL      Challenger 601           13:47     09:13+      Gander Int.          Geneva                                Out 16th
G-DBCK Airbus A319                   14:18     15:12       Heathrow             Manchester          BMA588            Tech (MAN r/wy closed)
G-BVYF      PA-31-350 Navajo            16:04    18:41       Haverfordwest    Waterford          PYN4
G-EDCS      Beechjet 400XP              16:38    17:35       Birmingham       Edinburgh
G-MOMO      Agusta A109E                17:08    17:18       pvt site         pvt site           Jockey 7
G-MOMO      Agusta A109E                17:37    17:47       pvt site         pvt site           Jockey 7
CS-DMM      Beechjet 400XP              18:25    11:00n      Farnborough      Shannon            NJE4XQ
G-CITY      PA-31-350 Navajo            18:42    19:08       IOM              IOM                CWY1/01A
EI-WJN      HS.125 700A                 19:15    19:39       Dublin           Shannon            EFF2
N46PJ       Citation 551 S/II           23:04    23:25       Dublin           Dublin

                      Diamond DA42 Twin Star G-IANV visited f&t Coventry on the 14th April. Photograph – Adrian Thompson

15th April – Sunday
N46PJ       Citation 551 S/II           00:57    01:14       Dublin           Dublin
G-JJMX Falcon 900EX                     07:41    08:05       Bridgetown       Blackpool          Jaymax 3
G-GNTZ      BAe 146 200                 11:58    13:03       Gatwick          IOM                BEE332X/733A
N65JF       PA-28-181 Archer II         17:29    18:26       Nottingham       Nottingham
G-OZBL      Airbus A321                 18:03    19:17       Tarbes           Manchester         MON9113/113P       Lourdes charter i/b
ZE370       Sea King HAR3               18:21    18:49       Valley           Valley             Rescue 122
OE-LRW      MD-83                       19:03    20:15       Dublin           Dublin             FLT337P/3374
G-BWWT      Dornier Do 328              19:33    20:18       Stansted         Stansted           SAY611P/611
G-REDS      Citation 560 XL             19:43    09:45n      Nice             Hawarden           GOJ006B/G-‘DS

16th April – Monday
G-ONPA PA-31-350 Navajo                 02:25    04:59       Fairoaks         Fairoaks           SYG816
G-RAFP King Air 200                     11:37*   --------    Cranwell         ---------------    CWL73              *Go-around only
SE-DYB Falcon 10                        13:44    17:30       Belfast City     Brussels
240         King Air 200                13:58    14:43       Le Bourget       Baldonnel          IRL240
N3755P L382G Hercules                   15:32    11:00n      Athens           Stephenville
VP-BNE Gulfstream 550                   19:49    07:30n      Geneva           Luton
N902SR Cirrus SR22                      20:00    ---------   Weert            ---------------                       New resident
G-CDLT BAe 125 800XP                    21:06    07:21n      Alicante         Hawarden           GMA711
G-CTWW PA-34-200T Seneca II             21:38    05:57n      Belfast Int.     IOM                CLF82/83

17th April – Tuesday
G-LOFE L188C Electra                    05:24    22:25       Liege            Liege              TAY19J/21B
G-OBAM B206B JetRanger III              09:28    18:02       pvt site         pvt site                              Plus local
N8523Y PA-30-160 Twin Comanche          09:58    17:44       Weston           Weston
G-RUSI      TB-9 Tampico                12:31    16:32       Caernarfon       Caernarfon
G-LAID      Robinson R-44 Raven II      13:08    16:10       Denham           Denham
G-BYAA B767-200                         14:53    17:00       Alicante         Alicante           TOM6924/6923
G-TBSV TB-20 Trinidad                   15:02    16:53       Abbeyshrule      Abbeyshrule
G-LIDE      PA-31-350 Navajo            17:02    19:34       IOM              IOM                CWY999Z/999Y
G-CTWW PA-34-200T Seneca II             21:30    05:51n      Belfast Int.     IOM                CLF82/83

18th April – Wednesday
G-LOFE L188C Electra                    05:24    22:21       Liege            Liege              TAY19J/21B
G-GMAB BAe 125 1000B                    09:08    09:53       Northolt         Farnborough        GMA22
G-PZIZ      PA-31-350 Navajo            10:09    10:42       Oxford           Northolt           MCD81
G-CITY      PA-31-350 Navajo            10:19    12:05       IOM              IOM                CWY1/01A
EI-PEL      Agusta A109E                13:19    13:42       Belfast City     Belfast City
G-LIDE      PA-31-350 Navajo            13:27    14:46       IOM              IOM                CWY999Z/999Y
G-PZIZ      PA-31-350 Navajo            15:13    17:12       Oxford           Enstone            MCD81
EI-PEL      Agusta A109E                20:26    20:56       Belfast City     pvt site
EC-GVE Metro III                        21:10    11:19n      Rotterdam        Hanover            OVA K33/F31
G-CTWW PA-34-200T Seneca II             21:35    05:50n      Belfast Int.     IOM                CLF82/83
G-LIDE      PA-31-350 Navajo            22:37    00:19n      IOM              Belfast Int.       CWY999Z/999Y
19th April – Thursday
G-LOFE L188C Hercules                 05:23    22:16      Liege               Liege              TAY19J/21B
XX196       Hawk T1                   08:45*   --------   Valley              ---------------    VYT29           *Go-around only
N846MA Citation 560 V                 14:32    17:48      Newcastle           Luton
ZD748       Tornado GR4               17:10*   --------   Marham              ---------------    Spartan)        *Go-around only
ZA612       Tornado GR4               17:10*   --------   Marham              ---------------    Spartan)        *Go-around only
G-CTWW PA-34-200T Seneca II           21:20    06:38n     Belfast Int.        IOM                CLF82/83
G-OMRH Citation 550 Bravo             21:51    05:54+     Malaga              Edinburgh                          Out 23rd

20th April – Friday
G-LOFE L188C Electra                  05:40    22:46+     Liege               Liege              TAY19J/21B      Out 23rd
EC-IDA      B737-800                  11:03    12:39      Tenerife            Tenerife           AEA285/286
CS-DMI      Beechjet 400XP            11:37    14:29      London City         London City        NJE4QG
G-SVSB Citation 680 Sovereign         13:14    10:28n     Hawarden            Glasgow            AVB4SB
G-CEDK Citation 750 X                 13:52    14:49      Hawarden            Biggin Hill
G-GMAB BAe 125 1000B                  16:20    18:04      Farnborough         Northolt           GMA23
G-ODMG AS350B2 Ecureuil               19:14    19:38      Wycombe Air Park    pvt site
G-CTWW PA-34-200T Seneca II           21:25    21:45      Belfast Int.        Belfast Int.       CLF82
EC-FVY BAe 146F                       21:36    22:20      Edinburgh           Liege              TAY526H

21st April – Saturday
OO-TAJ BAe 146F                       05:11    05:55      Liege               Dublin             TAY329V
N745HA Agusta A109A                   09:33    10:16      pvt site            London/Westland
G-GDAV Robinson R-44 Raven II         12:31    14:20      pvt site            pvt site
G-TBSV TB-20 Trinidad                 14:38    19:34      Abbeyshrule         Abbeyshrule
G-EWRT Eurocopter EC135T2             15:14    17:49      pvt site            pvt site
G-MAJY Jetstream 41                   19:54    20:35      Stansted            Newcastle          EZE1736/736P    Everton FC i/b

22nd April – Sunday
G-ONAL King Air 200                   09:18    10:12      Durham/TV           Farnborough        GPO27
G-FRYI      King Air 200              09:21    10:32      Stapleford          Stapleford         LNX422Y
G-FSEU King Air 200                   11:05    11:28      Aberdeen            Bristol            CLF4
G-MRMR PA-31-350 Navajo               16:34    16:55      Stapleford          Stapleford         LNX423M
OE-HBC DHC-8-300                      17:52    08:50n     London City         IOM                EMX86L/86A      IOM wx divert
N745HA Agusta A109A                   18:01    18:16      London/Westland     pvt site
G-ONAL King Air 200                   18:21    18:38      Farnborough         Durham/TV          GPO27
G-OODM Citationjet CJ2                18:44    07:11n     Manchester          Cork               HGR855M
G-JMAX BAe 125 800XP                  19:49    20:10      Palma               Blackpool          Jaymax 1
G-VUEM Citation 501 I/SP              20:04    -------    Reykjavik           ----------------                   New resident (ex –

23rd April – Monday
G-JMXA Agusta A109E                   08:06    11:51      Heathrow            Fairoaks           Jaymax 2
G-HTRL PA-34-220T Seneca III          08:39    09:09      Oxford              Southampton        MCD78
N745HA Agusta A109A                   11:26    08:00n     pvt site            pvt site
G-SASD King Air 200                   11:53    14:10      Prestwick           Glasgow            GMA464
G-OODM Citationjet CJ2                16:17    09:02n     Cork                Oxford             HGR855M
G-SVSB Citation 680 Sovereign         16:57    17:18      Glasgow             Jersey             AVB4SB
G-HTRL PA-34-220T Seneca III          18:05    08:33n     Southampton         Hawarden           MCD78
G-CTWW PA-34-200T Seneca II           21:56    05:53n     Belfast Int.        IOM                CLF82/83

24th April – Tuesday
G-LOFE L188C Electra                  05:12    22:31      Liege               Liege              TAY19J/21B
G-JMXA Agusta A109E                   08:43    09:22      pvt site            pvt site           Jaymax 2
G-ISLB      Jetstream 31              11:02    13:25      Jersey              IOM                XAX831/BCI835
G-SPOR King Air 200                   11:04    13:44      Newcastle           Gamston
G-OBAM B206B JetRanger III            11:28    16:06+     pvt site            pvt site                           Out 27th
G-CDEA SAAB 2000                      11:39    12:19      IOM                 Gatwick            EZE953P/1953
G-BYAS B757-200                       15:10    16:54      Alicante            Alicante           TOM6924/6923
G-JMXA Agusta A109E                   17:11    17:23      London/Westland     Blackpool          Jaymax 2
XV301       Hercules C3               18:07*   --------   Lyneham             ----------------   RRR650          *Go-around only
D-IFSH      PA-42-720 Cheyenne IIIA   18:31    19:51      Hanover             Leipzig
G-CTWW PA-34-200T Seneca II           21:50    05:54n     Belfast Int.        IOM                CLF82/83
25 April – Wednesday
G-FIJR    L188C Electra               05:05    22:31      Liege               Liege              TAY19J/21B
N745HA Agusta A109A                   07:35    08:14      Sherburn-in-Elmet   London/Westland
G-CEMC Robinson R-44 Raven II         11:31    13:20      pvt site            pvt site
G-LIDE    PA-31-350 Navajo            20:03    20:29      IOM                 IOM                CWY999Z/999Y
N745HA Agusta A109A                   20:54    21:13      London/Westland     pvt site
G-CTWW PA-34-200T Seneca II           21:52    06:50n     Belfast Int.        IOM                CLF82/83

26th April – Thursday
?????       Sea King HAR3             01:44    02:17      Barrow              Valley             SRD122
G-CDEA SAAB 2000                      01:09    06:54      Heathrow            Humberside         EZE1954/954P
G-LOFE L188C Electra                  04:56    22:53      Liege               Liege              TAY19J/21B
N745HA Agusta A109A                   07:11    07:29      Sherburn-in-Elmet   London/Westland
G-OPSS Cirrus SR20                    08:25    12:46      Coventry            Coventry
G-CDKB SAAB 2000                      08:40    17:25n     Dublin              Dublin             AAG101/102
N745HA Agusta A109A                   15:04    10:08n     London/Westland     pvt site
G-GALA PA-28-180 Cherokee             15:27    17:21      Cranfield           Cranfield
G-BTAW PA-28-161 Warrior II           15:48    16:35      Gloucestershire     Gloucestershire
N25GG       Challenger 604            16:01    12:03+     Luton               Southampton                        Out 28th
G-PSNI      Eurocopter EC135T2        19:21    20:07      Oxford              Belfast Int.
G-WHIN Eurocopter EC135T2             19:22     20:07      Oxford             pvt site
D-IONE PA-42-720 Cheyenne III         20:14     21:20      Prague             Siegerland
G-CTWW PA-34-200T Seneca II           21:49     05:46n     Belfast Int.       IOM                 CLF82/83

27th April – Friday
G-LOFE L188C Electra                  05:41     22:48      Liege              Stansted            TAY19J/AWC32W
G-CDLT BAe 125 800XP                  08:08     08:35      London City        Luton               GMA497
G-LIDE      PA-31-350 Navajo          08:48     10:06      IOM                IOM                 CWY999Z/999Y
G-SCIP      TB-20 Trinidad            09:47     16:02      Fairoaks           Fairoaks
G-OMJC Premier 1                      10:56     11:40      Dublin             Dublin              MHN47B
OY-ELW Mooney M20R Ovation            11:52                Hawarden
EC-HBN B737-800                       12:52     14:17      Tenerife           Tenerife            AEA285/286
G-LIDE      PA-31-350 Navajo          13:11     14:51      IOM                IOM                 CWY999X/999W
G-OMJC Premier 1                      13:41     14:24      Dublin             Farnborough         MHN47B
D-IFSH      PA-42-720 Cheyenne IIIA   13:46     15:17      Luxembourg         Leipzig
?????       Tornado                   14:10*    -------    Leeming            ----------------    Javelin 22         *Go-around only
G-BSIZ      PA-28-181 Archer II       17:30     --------   Aberdeen           -----------------                      New resident
G-CCGS Dornier Do 328                 17:58     18:31      Manchester         Southampton         SAY470P/471        Liverpool FC outbound
G-LIDE      PA-31-350 Navajo          18:17     18:41      IOM                IOM                 CWY999V/999U
EC-FZE BAe 146F                       21:25     22:19      Edinburgh          Liege               TAY526H
G-CTWW PA-34-200T Seneca II           21:48     22:05      Belfast Int.       Belfast Int.        CLF82

28th April – Saturday
OO-TAF BAe 146F                       05:07     06:29      Liege              Dublin              TAY29J
G-LOFE L188C Electra                  05:36     22:37+     Stansted           Liege               AWC32P/TAY21B Out 30th
G-TBSV TB-20 Trinidad                 10:36     16:50      Abbeyshrule        Abbeyshrule
G-EOMA Airbus A330-200                10:42     20:45      Gatwick            Gatwick             MON9468/9469       Charlton Athletic fans
G-OJMR Airbus A300-600                10:45     19:52      Gatwick            Gatwick             MON9506/9507       Charlton Athletic fans
G-MAJS Airbus A300-600                11:07     20:14      Gatwick            Gatwick             MON9434/9435       Charlton Athletic fans
G-HTRL PA-34-220T Seneca III          11:04     16:01n     Biggin Hill        Biggin Hill         MCD78
G-TAIR      PA-34-200T Seneca II      11:35     19:27      IOM                IOM
G-GMAA Learjet 45                     11:40     15:01      Luton              Luton               GMA513
G-FJET      Citation 550 II           12:30     18:50      Stansted           Stansted            LNX427F
G-GDAV Robinson R-44 Raven II         13:29     15:14      pvt site           pvt site
N745HA Agusta A109A                   17:55     18:25      London/Westland    pvt site
N25GG       Challenger 604            19:14     15:46+     Southampton        Montreal                               Out 02/05
G-CCGS Dornier Do 328                 21:08     21:38      Southampton        Newcastle           SAY472/670P        Liverpool FC inbound

 Monarch Airbus A330-200 G-EOMA was one of three aircraft bringing in Charlton Athletic fans on the 28th April. Photograph – Adrian Thompson

29th April – Sunday
G-LIDE      PA-31-350 Navajo          09:15     12:22      IOM                IOM                 CWY999Z/999Y
G-EMBO ERJ-145EU                      11:02     15:36      Manchester         Manchester          BEE128T            Plus circuits
G-CEMC Robinson R-44 Raven II         11:38     12:35      pvt site           pvt site
G-OBAM B206B JetRanger III            13:47     14:26      pvt site           pvt site
C-GTDL Airbus A320                    14:19*    -------    Manchester         Manchester          MYT7097            *Go-around only
G-HWAA Eurocopter EC135T2             15:38     16:04      pvt site           pvt site            HLE06E
N629RS PA-44-180T Seminole            19:11     19:41      White Waltham      IOM
N40EA       Bell 222                  20:08     07:44n     Shannon            Den Helder
G-REDS Citation 560 XL                20:37     09:24n     Geneva             Hawarden            GOJ006A/G’DS
30th April – Monday
N699HH Gulfstream IV                     09:16     10:22+     Raleigh              Teterboro                                Out 02/05
G-JUDE Robin DR400/180                   10:41     11:31+     Woodvale             Woodvale                                 Out 03/05
G-CITY      PA-31-350 Navajo             11:13     14:34      IOM                  IOM                 CWY999Z/999Y
F-GNLG Fokker 100                        12:15     00:37+     Farnborough          Gatwick             BLE422/423           Chelsea FC to play LFC
                                                                                                                            Out 02/05
G-SKYW AS355F1 Ecureuil II               15:21     09:39n     pvt site             pvt site
G-CTWW PA-34-200T Seneca II              21:43     05:51n     Belfast Int.         IOM                 CLF82/83
G-BYAR B757-200                          22:14     09:58n     Paris/Orly           Alicante            JFU3580/TOM6923 For start of summer

“n” alongside departure time = aircraft departed the next day
“+” alongside departure time = aircraft was here for more than one night – see Notes column for departure date.
The appearance of any “blank” departures in the Visitors Log indicates that we do not have the outbound details to hand at the time of uploading
the review. Details will either appear next month or in an amended version of this review uploaded at a later date.

Just a reminder that diversion details and arrival/departure locations that are not actual registered airfields are no longer included in the source
material used in compiling the airport log. Therefore, this information is now only included in the log where the details have been recorded and
verified from other sources. Go-around activity is now recorded again, but military serials can often be erroneous at source.

                                            REGISTRATIONS – SCHEDULED PASSENGER FLIGHTS

The registrations of aircraft operating scheduled passenger services during April were as follows: -

BEE       Flybe                     Dash-8               G-JECG/JECK/JECV/JEDN/JEDP
                                    ERJ-145              G-EMBI/EMBK/EMBP
EMX       EuroManx                  ATR-42/72            EI-RED/REF/REG/REH/REI/REJ
                                    Dash-8               OE-HBB/HBC
EZS       EasyJet Switzerland       Airbus A319          HB-JZH/JZI/JZK/JZM
EZY       EasyJet                   Airbus A319          G-EJJB/EZAD/EZAF/EZAH/EZAI/EZAJ/EZAK/EZAN/EZAU/EZAW/EZAY/EZBC/EZBG/
                                    B.737-700            G-EZJA/EZJB/EZJC/EZJH/EZJL/EZJN/EZJX/EZJY/EZKA
RYR       Ryanair                   Boeing 737-800       EI-CSE/CSF/CSV/CSZ/DAC/DAP/DAR/DCF/DCJ/DCK/DCR/DCT/DCV/DCX/DCZ/DHB/
VLM       VLM                       Fokker 50            OO-VLE/VLJ/VLK/VLL/VLM/VLO/VLQ/VLR/VLS/VLV/VLX/VLZ
WZZ       Wizz Air                  Airbus A320          HA-LPA/LPB/LPC/LPD/LPE/LPF/LPH

                                               LIVERPOOL AIRPORT STATISTICS – MARCH 2007

This feature operates one month behind the actual review month. Passenger, Freight and Aircraft movement details for March 2007 were as
follows: -

                                                                             Jan-Mar   Jan-Mar                       M.A.T.       M.A.T.
                                     Mar‘07         Mar‘06       Change        2007      2006          Change         06/07        05/06 Change

Total Terminal Passengers            437294         380436     + 14.9%       1174763    1032682    + 13.8%          5111971       4646217    +10.0%
Transit Passengers                     1141            144     +692.4%          1209        208    +481.3%             2563          1642    +56.1%
Total Passengers                     438435         380580     + 15.2%       1175972    1032890    + 13.9%          5114534       4647859    +10.0%
Total Freight (tonnes)                  296            743     - 60.2%           886       2015    – 56.0%             4663          8600    –45.8%
Total Mail    (tonnes)                    -            586     -100.0%             -       1575    –100.0%             2668          4302    –38.0%
Total Freight & Mail                    296           1329     - 77.7%           886       3590    – 78.1%             7331         12902    –43.2%
Total Aircraft Movements               7233           7571     - 4.5%          19367      21111    - 8.3%             89730         95210    – 5.8%

Another exceptional month, with well over 400,000 passengers carried in March, showing a rise of over 15% in comparison to March 2006 and a
10% rise overall for the last twelve months. Unfortunately there is little more to shout about with the freight figures dropping and actual aircraft
movements continuing to decline – although this is mostly due to less light aircraft activity at the airport.


This month’s airliner highlights were the US Hercules, Ukrainian An-12, Flightline MD-83s, Transavia Boeing 737-800s and the Monarch Airbuses
(three A300s and an A330 in total). The biz-jet highlight was the Mexican Challenger, which must be a candidate for movement of the year. We
now look forward to May, which thanks to Liverpool FC’s success in getting through to the Champions League Cup Final in Athens promises us a
few days of movements which may eclipse the “Turkish Delight” operation of two years ago – and we now have a nice smooth runway that will take
Boeing 747s! All that, plus the start of Trans-Atlantic services, flights to Malta and all the summer charter flights – it’s going to be a busy month!

CREDITS: - Many thanks this month to: Simon Montgomery, Adrian Thompson, Margaret Thompson, Graeme Thompson, Liverpool John Lennon
Airport and the NWAN Forum.

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