Chapter 1: Exercise

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					                    International and Foreign Legal Research:
                                  A Coursebook

                         Marci Hoffman & Mary Rumsey

                               Chapter 1: Exercise

1. Looking at
   monde.php, what type of legal system does Angola have?

2. In a civil law system, which type of legal authority probably has more weight—a
   regulation, or a decision of an appellate court?

3. In legal systems that include customary law, which of the following subjects is
   likely to be regulated by customary law
        a. intellectual property
        b. marriage
        c. crimes

4. The legal rules governing business transactions between parties from different
   countries are likely to be determined by
      a. private international law
      b. comparative law

5.    The concept of “supranational law” applies mostly to
        a. the United Nations
        b. the European Union
        c. the United States

6.    General practices of states and intergovernmental organizations, recognized by
     most states as legal obligations, are called:
        a. customary international law
        b. general principles of law
        c. transnational law

7.    “Soft law” is usually based on
        a. Treaties
        b. Non-binding documents such as UN resolutions.

8. Using the University of Michigan’s Government Gazettes Online,, what is the official gazette of
9. True-False: Decisions of courts from civil law countries are more likely to be
   published only in commercial sources than those from common law countries.

10. Using the Cardiff Index to Legal Abbreviations, for what publication
    does the abbreviation “B.C.L.C.” stand?

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