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									June 1, 2010
As a Council member/Committee Chair of the ABA Criminal Justice Section, I noticed that you
are interested in criminal justice but you are not a member of the Section. We are pleased to ask
you to join our Section and thereby gain access to practical, need-to-know information that
more than 19,000 criminal justice professionals receive as a benefit of membership in the
Section. Visit our website,, for information on Section member
benefits and our full committee list, as well as a complete list of updates, upcoming events, and
The Criminal Justice Section is the steadfast and balanced voice for criminal justice from
prosecutorial, defense, judicial, academic, law enforcement, and victim perspectives. At a time
of increased public interest in our field, it is important to access the knowledge that unites the
criminal justice community. Our goals are to make the Criminal Justice Section useful,
interesting and meaningful to you.
Membership in the Section can help you and your colleagues to stay abreast of emerging
practice issues, to shape policy, and to improve the criminal justice system. It also provides a
unique opportunity to interact with players in all parts of the criminal justice field. We have
several committees that may interest you. View the full list at
In the Criminal Justice Section, policy initiatives are generally formulated at the committee
level. The Section has sponsored, or co-sponsored with various other entities,
recommendations in your practice area which were approved as official ABA policy. Visit to view all Section-sponsored policies. Additionally, the
Section has produced several volumes of ABA Criminal Justice Standards, which can be found
ABA members who join the Criminal Justice Section now will pay only $45 and receive an
additional three free months of membership through August 31, 2011. You may enroll online at, or call the ABA Service Center at
800-285-2221. You will need your ABA member ID number and password. Please consider
joining us in this important work.
Very truly yours,

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