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					                                             maricopa county attorney’s oFFice
                                           DecemBer 2012 newsletter

        Our job is
        to ensure
  the guilty do not
  escape justice
  and innocence
  does not suffer

From the Desk oF Bill montgomery
Dear Citizen,
                                                                               in this issue:
Your County Attorney is ending the year on a high note. Working with
the Board of Supervisors, we have been able to hire additional prosecutors     MCAO in Veterans Day Parade
and support staff to fill a number of openings and to enhance our efforts to
hold criminals accountable and see that justice is done in each and every      New Technology for Anti-Graffiti
                                                                               MCAO on 48 Hours Mystery
These additional resources come at the right time. The latest figures from
                                                                               Educational LEGO Booth at the
the FBI’s Uniform Crime Report show a slight uptick in overall crime
                                                                               State Fair
in Maricopa County; however, the number of violent crimes continues
to decrease – down 5% from the previous year. With our continued               Calendar of Upcoming Events
commitment and focus on violent and repetitive offenders, I look to see
this downward trend continue into the New Year.                                Court Briefs
In this month’s issue, we tell you about new technology aimed at fighting
graffiti. We also have highlights of the MCAO’s participation in the recent
Veterans Day Parade and Arizona State Fair. Later this month, we’ll
be honoring the winners of the “My Message” teen video competition,
which drew numerous entries from talented young people who created
compelling videos encouraging their peers not to abuse drugs, alcohol or
prescription medications.

As usual, we also have some high profile cases to share with you,
including one which will be featured on CBS 48 Hours Mystery later this

We are looking forward to 2013 with a renewed dedication to serve our
community with integrity and ensure justice for all.

Wishing you and your family a joyous holiday and happy New Year,

Bill Montgomery
Bill Montgomery, Maricopa County Attorney
                           mcao in Veterans Day paraDe

The Maricopa County Attorney’s Office participated in the 2012 Phoenix Veterans Day parade, winning
second place in the military vehicles float category.
“Healing Wounds, Honoring Their Sacrifice” was this year’s parade theme and floats showing field medics
throughout U.S. history marked the route through Central Phoenix. Medics have aided soldiers on the
battlefield and have helped win wars and reunite soldiers with their families back home.
Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery was on hand - a veteran himself - and volunteers from the
office dressed as combat medics from past and current wars. They rode in a five-ton standard cargo truck
provided by the Arizona Army National Guard. MCAO Volunteers also walked alongside the float and
handed out patriotic pins to thousands of spectators.
The MCAO is proud of the military veterans we have working at the office, including County Attorney Bill
Montgomery who served as a tank platoon leader during Operation Desert Shield and Desert Storm.

                          MCAO Volunteers with County Attorney Bill Montgomery

 Left to right: Tony Novitsky, Tyara Wade, Saira                County Attorney Bill Montgomery &
               Saravia, Jason Stelling                         Administration Division’s Saira Saravia
                       hanDling graFFiti wall By wall
                          Valley cities are turning to new technology

Homeowners are regularly frustrated when they see an alley
wall, power pole, fire hydrant or street sign spray painted by self-
proclaimed graffiti artists or tagged by gang members. Efforts to
remove the damage have been ongoing both by local governments
and private businesses working with organizations like Graffiti
Busters from the City of Phoenix.
The Maricopa County Attorney’s Office regularly sends out
volunteers to paint over graffiti and tagged walls in alleys and
neighborhoods. The office also continues to prosecute graffiti
vandals and hold them accountable for their criminal damage
to private property. Prolific Phoenix tagger Joel Delgado was
sentenced to one year in Arizona prison followed by four years
of supervised probation after he left his “tag” on more than 360
individual sites. Phoenix Tagger “MAWD” (William Barajas)
confessed to more than 300 acts of graffiti and Maricopa County prosecutors were successful in securing a
two and a half year prison sentence for him.
Several Valley cities have begun using current technology to speed up the process of eradicating graffiti
blight. Mesa is one of the cities using a cell phone app to directly report the location of graffiti or tags to
their City Transportation Department.
The app, called “MyMesa,” is available to iPhone and Android smartphones,
services/mymesa.aspx. Once downloaded to a smartphone a citizen
can report the location of the graffiti. Users also snap a photo with
their phone to show the graffiti. The information and the photo
along with a GPS map location are all submitted to City of Mesa                  mcao on
Transportation Department.                                                 48 hours mystery
Within 24 to 48 hours the graffiti or tag is removed. Some of the
                                                                                 A young Phoenix woman, conned
damaged locations may belong to one of the major utilities serving the
                                                                                 by her boyfriend, disappears…
East Valley and in those cases removal may take up to two weeks.                 what happened to Jamie Laiaddee?
In Mesa, the city uses a contractor, Graffiti Protective Coatings (GPC)          The answer unfolds in an
to respond to locations that need to be painted or cleaned. The process          upcoming episode of CBS 48 Hours
is accomplished quickly, a good thing given the volume of calls they             Mystery, titled “The Stranger
                                                                                 Beside Me. ” Correspondent Erin
are experiencing.
                                                                                 Moriarty tells the story behind
A GPC employee uses a special mixture to remove the graffiti. The                State v. Rick Wayne Valentini, one
mixture is applied and quickly scrubbed. After a minute or two the               of the MCAO’s most compelling
damaged area is sprayed with high-pressure water and the graffiti or             cases of 2012. Tune in to CBS on
tag is totally removed.                                                          Saturday, December 29th at
                                                                                 10:00 p.m. You won’t want to
The MCAO graffiti squad continues their monthly clean-ups too.                   miss it!
Volunteers spend two early morning hours each month cleaning up
graffiti all over the Valley.
               mcao anD Bonanza eDucational host
                   lego Flag at state Fair
The Maricopa County Attorney’s Office and Bonanza Educational, LLC hosted a booth along with the
Arizona Centennial Flag and the U.S. Flag tour at the Arizona State Fair from October 12th through
November 4th. The U.S. Flag built with 125,000 LEGOs was an attention-grabber and during the three-week
event. Volunteers from the MCAO office engaged kids who stopped at the booth, asking them safety-
related questions and helping them sign more than 1,300 Safe Kids pledges.

upcoming eVents calenDar
    my message awarDs ceremony
    FriDay, DecemBer 14th
    12:00 p.m. - 2:30 p.m.
    Tempe Marketplace
    2000 East Rio Salado Parkway
    Tempe, AZ 85281
court BrieFs
Qui Tu Truong Receives 36-Year Prison Sentence for Attempted Murder, Aggravated Assault
               The Honorable Susan Pineda sentenced Qui Tu Truong to 36 years in the Arizona
               Department of Corrections for a brutal attack that has prompted a call for stricter sentences
               for violent crimes that cause serious or life-altering injuries. Under Arizona’s sentencing
               statutes for dangerous felony offenses, Truong will be eligible for release after serving 85%
               of his sentence with credit for time served.
              “Although this defendant received the maximum allowable sentence for the crimes
              he was convicted of, it pales in comparison to the unthinkable physical suffering and
              emotional anguish he caused two innocent victims,” said Maricopa County Attorney Bill
   Montgomery. “This case highlights a troubling disconnect between the degree of harm caused and
   the punishment that can be imposed. I look forward to reviewing this issue with legislators in the
   upcoming legislative session,” he added.

Michael Jakscht Sentenced to 26 Years for Fatal Dump Truck Collision with Motorcyclists
               Michael John Jakscht has been ordered to spend 26 years in the Arizona Department of
               Corrections for killing four people and injuring five others in a March 2010 collision with
               ten motorcyclists and three other vehicles. Under terms of the sentence imposed by the
               Honorable Joseph C. Welty, Jakscht will receive credit for approximately two-and-a-half years
               of incarceration time already served.
               “While today’s sentence provides a measure of justice for the survivors and families of the
               victims of this horrible event, nothing can erase the suffering or replace the loss of innocent
               life caused by this defendant’s criminal actions,” said Maricopa County Attorney Bill
   Montgomery. “This case underscores the determination of my office to vigorously prosecute and hold
   accountable people who drive while impaired and cause such irreparable harm,” he added.

Mario Chavez-Tavena Receives Multiple Life Sentences for Sexual Conduct with a Minor
              Mario Chavez-Tavena will spend the rest of his life in prison for repeatedly raping and
              committing other sexual acts with his 10 year-old stepdaughter. Chavez-Tavena was
              convicted last July on five counts of Sexual Conduct with a Minor and one count of
              Molestation of a Child, all of which are classified as Dangerous Crimes against Children
              carrying a mandatory life sentence. The Honorable Sherry K. Stephens sentenced Chavez-
              Tavena to five consecutive life sentences plus an additional ten years.
                 “This is an appropriately severe sentence for an especially brutal series of offenses that robbed
                 a young child of her innocence,” said Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery. “As a
   civilized society, we simply cannot tolerate those who harm the most vulnerable among us by violating
   the sacred trust a child places in a parent,” he added.

                        maricopa county
                        attorney’s oFFice

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