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									Thomas Bryan M. Gagaoin
Our Lady of Fatima Building,
Sangi, New Road, Pajo
Lapu Lapu City, Cebu,

Phone: +632 2349682
Mobile +63 915 7737515

Email Address:


Career Objectives:


Highly organized, enthusiastic & motivated IT Professional seeking the position of Data Center Administrator. A Graduate of BS
Computer Science, backed by solid hands-on experience & training in Hardware, Software, and Microsoft Desktop Applications &


Institution: Saint Paul University, S.N.C., Surigao
City/Country: Surigao City, Philippines
Qualifications: BACCALAUREATE – BS Computer Science.
Completed: 2003

Institution: STI College, Las Piñas Metro Manila
City/Country: Las Pinas, Philippines
Qualifications: Computer Programming & Operations I
Completed: 1999

Technical Proficiencies:

1). Platforms:

        MS DOS / Windows 95 / 98 / XP / 2000 / Advanced Server / Vista.

2). Networking:

        TCP/IP, Ethernet, Structured Cabling, File & Printer Sharing, Lap Link, VPN, Lease Lines, DSL, Wireless LAN, &
         Client/Server Networking & Network Security.

3). Hardware:

        Installation, Configuration & Repair of the ff:

         a)      Intel (Socket 478/LGA775, Dual Core/Quad Core)
         b)      AMD x2
         c)      Asus / ECS / MSI Main Boards
         d)      AOC LCD Monitors
         e)      EPSON Dot Matrix Printers
         f)      Dell Desktops
         g)      IBM/PC Compatibles
         h)      IBM ThinkPad Laptops

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4). Tools:

        Norton Anti Virus Utilities (Corporate Edition), Norton Firewall & Ghost,
        Lotus Notes Client, Lotus SameTime Messenger Client.
        Microsoft Office Suite (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook), Publisher, FrontPage, Visio.
        Adobe Professional, Illustrator, PhotoShop.
        Nero OEM
        PowerQuest Partition Magic
        3CDaemon
        Microsoft Netmeeting / Remote Desktop / Remote Assistance
        Windows Terminal Services / Virtual Network Computer (VNC Client/Server)
        Microsoft Shared View
        Oracle Developer Applications
        Oracle JInitiator
        Active Directory Services (Directory Server) - Users and Computers

Employment History:

1). MCL / Systemantech Incorporated

Start Date: Jun 2005
End Date: Currently Employed

Position/Title: Technical Support Personnel - Aboitiz Transport System & 2GO Express


        Assigned by MCL / Systemantech Incorporated, Inc. as one of the Technical Support Engineers for ATS & Aboitiz 2GO
         Visayas & Mindanao.

        Responsible for providing technical support by answering phone calls, assistance via e-mail or by personally visiting the
         end users located in the Visayas & Mindanao region through branch support request.

        Gives technical support through remote desktop connection, analyze & solve problems with regards to software
         applications, hardware/software installation, configuration & other technical problems that end users experience with their

        Knowledgeable on the technical aspects of the company's business applications, productivity tools, procedures and

        Documents issues and shares information with other departments for product/service improvements or recommendation.

        Escalates to top-level Senior IT Administrators for technical problems, requests or on-line queries given by end users.

        Logs all I.T. support calls & Services to IT Helpdesk Online for IT Service monitoring & reports.

        Responsible for the 1st level administration of ATS Data Center Cebu.

        Performs IT Services & Maintenance that includes:

1. Troubleshooting, diagnostic tests, and correction of frequent Personal Computer and printer concerns, and other problems in
terms of:

         a)   Video Display Problem.
         b)   Disk boot failure.
         c)   Keyboard & pointing device failure.
         d)   Virus related problems.
         e)   Corrupted system files in the Operating System.
         f)   Corrupted system files in Oracle Developer Application.
         g)   Corrupted office applications.

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         h)   Corrupted Lotus Notes e-mail client.
         i)   Printer Malfunction.
         j)   Troubleshooting/repair of Network Equipments, Active Directory Servers, & Lotus Notes Domino Servers.
         k)   RACFID Lockout / Lotus Notes email account Lockout.
         l)   Lotus Notes mail lockout.

2. Local Area Network

        Troubleshooting and correction of frequent LAN Connectivity fault / problem which includes:

         a)   Defective LAN / NIC Card.
         b)   Defective patch cable of PC to the LAN Node.
         c)   Wrong configuration of NIC & Internet Protocol in Windows 98/XP/2000.
         d)   Wrong configuration on Wireless Connection - for laptop users.
         e)   Troubleshoot Siemens (PABX) Equipments.
         f)   Hardware troubleshooting and monitoring of Network Equipments, Active Directory & Lotus Notes Domino Servers.
         g)   Establish additional LAN Connectivity.
         h)   Coordinates with the Network Administrator in the implementation/connectivity of the Local Area Network & wireless
              connectivity for mobile users.
         i)   Setup / layout LAN Cables.
         j)   Install Network Switch, Enterasys Routers, & Modems.
         k)   Establish WIFI/3G/HSDPA connections for laptop users.

3. Preparation / Configuration of newly acquired Personal Computers & IBM Lenovo ThinkPad Laptops.

         a)   Testing / burn-in of newly acquired Desktop PC’s, laptops and peripherals.
         b)   Installation of hardware & software.
         c)   Configuration of Standard Office and Business Applications, email client and other Productivity tools used by ATS &
         d)   Inventory of Personal Computers and peripherals to be turned over to Purchasing Department for dispatching.

4. Installations / Configurations.

         a)   Hardware components for Desktop & Server PC.
         b)   Application programs used by the Company. (On-site or through remote desktop connection).
         c)   Installation of Anti-Virus & AV Definition Updates.
         d)   Installation of Symantec Anti-Virus Corporate Edition & SAV Definition Updates
         e)   Installation of Lotus Notes 6.5 / 7.2 email client software.
         f)   Configuration / Setup of Lotus Notes Location & Connection settings based on the user's network connectivity.
         g)   Microsoft Windows 98/XP/2000 & Microsoft Windows Advanced Server (if used as a Server).
         h)   ATSC.COM Domain Migration.
         i)   Lotus Notes Domino Server (if used as a server).
         j)   Microsoft Office Standard/Premium.
         k)   Oracle Developer/JAVA Applications.
         l)   Printers, Scanners, network connections, GPRS/3G/HSDPA Wireless Cards, other accessories & peripherals.

5. Maintenance

         a)   Cleaning of the internal hardware parts of the Computer such as the CPU Chassis, Processor, power supply,
              motherboard & other accessories like printers, scanners & other peripherals.
         b)   Software Maintenance using Windows Utilities like Scan Disk, Defragmenter, & Disk Cleanup.

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        c)   Performs backup of necessary files & documents using other Windows utilities like Backup, File & Settings Transfer,
             & System Restore.
        d)   Updates program versions and patches of applications & utilities like Oracle Developer, SAVCE, Lotus Notes & other
             Application Programs used by the Company.

2). INNODATA XML Content Factory, Incorporated

Start Date: Jun 2004
End Date: Dec 2004

Position/Title: Production Associate (XML TAG FORMATTER / SCANNER)


       To Analyze the Law-book Documents of the Securities and Exchange Commission, and encode or format the necessary
        XML Tag Code to each and every pre-qualifying language (based on the XML Tag Specifications for the Law-Book SEC
        Documents) mentioned in the document.

       Checks and verifies each and every line of formatted Law-book Documents to ensure that it is 100% free from errors (e.g.
        XML tag errors, grammatical and typographical errors).

       Scans each document with the use of four, XML Error-checking and data processing software namely: SRPattern,
        iChecker, Parse-it, and LBK-Validate to produce the required output and generate results.

       Corrects and edits XML Tag Errors found in the document with the use of a Windows program called Notepad, and an
        XML tagging software called iTag.

       Saves and uploads the error-free document to the network drive for XML conversion and loading.

       Records the production output to a worksheet program from Microsoft Excel.

       Operates these procedures on Windows 2000 Operating System, on the Local Area Network.

3). Saint Paul University, San Nicolas Campus, Surigao

Start Date: Jun 2003
End Date: Dec 2003

Position/Title: Technical Support Staff, Computer Laboratory


       Installs operating system, software applications and programs needed in the computer laboratories and other computer
        facilities of the school.

       Maintains and updates the school’s website.

       Mediates between technical people and the school personnel, translating technicalities into layman’s terms.

       Assists external programmers making sure that he understands the process of the program and can be able to attend to
        the program’s future troubles or problems.

       Informs software updates that the instructors are using in their teaching modules.

       Safeguards the computer system against illegal installations of software.

       Reports violators of software installations to the administration to be able to give them the necessary warning or penalty.

       Finds means to cure or exterminate viruses and other destructive programs that may affect the computer’s internal
        software installations.

       Evaluates newly introduced software by internal and external sources for the administration or the concerned office before
        purchase will be made to assure to avoid wrong software investment.

       Controls the software installations of the computer laboratory.

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       Checks the expirations of software licenses and informs the computer laboratory head of expiring software to anticipate

       Conducts regular software inventory.

       Gives Technical Support Services on both Hardware and Software to all the office personnel of the school. Gives
        consultation services and solutions to technical problems that they experienced with their computer system.

       Reports directly to the Computer Laboratory Head.

Experience/skills gained:

       Gained an excellent knowledge in both hardware and software installations, configuration, maintenance and
        troubleshooting. Especially on Intel based PC’s and Microsoft Operating Systems.

       Has experienced maintaining 300 Workstations in 5 Computer Laboratories.

       Gained more knowledge and experience in UTP Cable Installations on a Local Area Network.

       Gained intermediate knowledge and experience in Web Programming and was able to administer a Web Server under
        Windows 2000 Advanced Server.

       Has gained experience in technical support services for both hardware and software to the office personnel of the school.

4). Time Express Depot Internet Cafe, PC Sales & Mktg.

Start Date: Nov 2002
End Date: Mar 2003

Position/Title: ON-THE-JOB TRAINEE


       Assigned as a Junior Technician and Assistant.

       Maintained optimization and configuration of Hardware and Software components across the Local Area Network.

       Voluntary Assistance on customers for desktop publishing, word processing, and tutorials.

       Has mastered the installation of application software and the system software particularly the Windows family of operating

       Obtained a good knowledge and understanding in the installation and configuration of PENTIUM IV based PC’s.

       Experienced the installation of a Parabolic Satellite for use with the 400 kbps IP VPN Internet Connection.

5). Greenwich Pizza-Pasta Restaurant, Surigao

Start Date: Aug 2001
End Date: Feb 2002

Position/Title: Service Crew


       To give Total Customer Satisfaction based on high quality standards which is the FSC or Food, Service, and Cleanliness

       Assigned as one of the crewmembers for Dining, Flavor, and Fry Station.

       Became one of the Pioneering Crews for Greenwich Surigao City.

       Experienced trainings in different areas of station service namely: The Dining area, Flavor Station, and Fry Station.

       Had passed a series of examinations, which includes the Quality Standards for Total Customer Satisfaction.

       Had improved a great effort and management in dealing with school and as well as the part time job in Greenwich.

       Had achieved discipline, personality development and time management due to experience.

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Non-Technical Skills:

Ability to independently plan and organize one’s own activities and delivers output with high level of professionalism, hardworking,
patient, has a good working attitude and willing to work beyond the normal working hours, and has strong human relations and
communication skills.

Languages Spoken:

English, Tagalog

Interests / skills:

Hardware / Software Maintenance, troubleshooting and installation. LAN Connectivity, Network Troubleshooting, basic router
configuration, Network Cabling, Network Administration, TCP-IP, Windows Administration, Desktop Publishing, Digital
Photography, Photo Manipulation and Image Editing (Adobe PhotoShop). Ubuntu Linux 7.10, Intermediate skills in Web & Flash
Designing, and Computer Programming. I.T. related customer service and Technical support Skills for Windows Operating
Systems, and Desktop Applications.


Lito Pono
Phone: +63917 5149440 / (032) 2349688
Team Leader
IT Branch Support - Aboitiz Transport System, Cebu

Belle Pacetes
Phone: +63917 8866954
Industrial Relations Manager
H.R. Department
2GO Express, Manila

Reena Bugayong
Phone: +63917 8178566 / (082) 2343771
Branch Manager
Aboitiz 2GO Express - DVO/GSS/BXU/SUG

Beth Escalicas
Phone: +63918 9279980 / (082) 2341981
Branch Finance Officer
Aboitiz 2GO Express, Davao

Paul Dabalos
Phone: +63922 8168457 / (02) 5287946
Network Engineer
I.T. Department
Aboitiz Transport System, Manila

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